Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 29, 1973 · Page 21
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 21

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 29, 1973
Page 21
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Golesburg Register-Moil, GdjffeMjfl # HI. Tuesday, May 29, %1 Profit From Job (Continued From Page 16) Egyptian tombs, which the villagers were profitably looting through shafts sunk from their own houses. (Grave robbing in Egypt is as old as the pyramids themselves. In many cases when a particularly fine piece Is found, the robbers keep it and use ancient materials to make skillful copies, which they sell to eager foreign collectors or museums.) In Thailand, a collector finds it easy to get around a law prohibiting the export of prehistoric pottery from the north; he, simply uses a few dollars to bribe a local gov* ernment cultural representative and walks off with a fabulous assortment of prehistoric urns and vases. Some art works and antiquities are too well known to be sold but that doesn't seem to inhibit the thieves. "A thief, of course, can't expect to sell a Velasquez like he would sell a piece of cheese," Sojet says. "But the value of things which have not the renown of a Velasquez has been increasing, too." THE FOCAL POINT for all this artistic light fingering appears to be Italy, where more than 5,000 major art' works disappeared in 1972 and where a Roman Catholic priest, a retired general and two high school teachers were among those arrested recently for trafficking in contraband art works. A small proportion of the stolen objects are recovered by Italian police but most of WHICH ARE THE BEST SELLING CHILDRENS PRESCRIPTION SHOES? AaW AMff th$ tttt mtliM mi mut pmcribti kruti af tMlm 'iftuerlfikg ftttwtf tim» Hit. ABCU, rton. 'Til 1 :30 p.m. wrBM. Fri. 'TU I p.m. ROTHE Cm$tom Fitfi Shett 33 140 EAST MAIN ST. Two Doors West oi Walgreens them are believed to be shipped across the Atlantic to the United States via Switzerland, which has no inconvenient export laws governing antiques and works of art. The Boston Museum last year returned to Italy a Raphael painting after learning it had been smuggled out but that kind of thing is the exception, as the controversy over the NeW York Metropolitan Museum of Arts Greek vase shows. Rodolpho Siviero, head of the Italian government commission that seeks to recover art works that have left the country illegally, describes the Situation as "catastrophic." THINGS ARE bad enough that the Vatican has given orders for tightened security —including electronic burglar alarms—around its most valuable works. But stopping the thefts and smuggling is complicated by Italy's multi-level police system and the fact that honest citizens who turn in archaeological finds usually are paid less than five per cent of what they could get Other countries have had mixed success trying to stop illicit art exporting. Israel, for instance, allows foreigners to obtain licenses to export ancient artifacts but if someone shows up at the government antiquities department with an object that makes the curator's eyes light up, he simply offers to buy it for a competitive price. (Israel still has a law prohibiting Israelis from giving archaeological finds to foreigners as gifts, however.) India has passed a new Antiquities and Art Treasures Act aimed primarily at foreign and Indian diplomats who have been carting artifacts off to profitable parts unknown. EGYPT, WTIH more historic treasures than it knows what to do with, has been trying to sell some of its duplicates,, though political considerations have kept this from working as well as it might. Two countries that have nearly solved the art smuggling problem are China and Greece. The Chinese government assembled everything it wanted from private collections and dealers, who had no choice but to sell to Peking, which started rounding up its national collection soon after it took power in 1949. Tight controls remain. THE MILITARY dictatorship in Greece has instituted strict enforcement of laws against smuggling of antiquities and while some archaeologists are not convinced that the smuggling has been completely stopped, Athens art dealer Constantine Hari- kiakis, whose clients include Aristotle Onassis, says it is now almost impossible for art criminals to slip anything past the border, It is just as well, he adds: "Otherwise by this time the Parthenon would have been transported elsewhere, piece by piece." The modern calendar was established by Pope Gregory XIII on Feb. 24, 1582. By FRANCES DRAKE Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. 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