Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 28, 1963 · Page 39
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 39

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1963
Page 39
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irtkday Is Observed At Ophiem 12thB OPHIEM — Mariam Klundt served her 12th birthday anniversary Wednes w . mother, Mrs. John Klundt, entertained friends at supper in her honor. Guests were Mrs. A. J. Anderson of Orion, formerly of Ophiem, and Rev. and Mrs. Paul G. Johnson and children, Phillip and Paula. En route home they left Thursday for a 1 -week visit with his parents, Rev. and Mrs. Cecil G. Johnson of Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs. Anderson accompanied the John­ sons home to spend the winter months with her cU family, the Johnsons Mrs Ophelm Briefs lerbert Johnson Pleasant Valley area entertained eight boys all of the same ball team in observance of the 11th birthday anniversary of her son Harlaad. hamburger fry was Friday Mr. and Mrs. Pat Swanson were Crescent Lake Thursday supper guests of Mr. grandson, Daml Skantz. Tuesday evening guests of Mrs. Ruth Thompson were her aunt, Mrs. Clara Painter, 92, of Cham* paign, and brother, Harold For* dyce of Roseville. Mrs. Painter is visiting relatives in Roseville. The 600 Club annual family at Mrs. LeRoy Skantz in J ig the eighth birthday Mrs. Paul Carlson SOMETHING about bothersome bills burdensom instalments any other money need tertained Sunday at a family dinner. The entire family was present. They are the Lloyd Carlsons, Raymond Carlsons, and the Harry Carlsons, of Woodhull; Larry McKinleys, of Cambridge; Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Luker o! Viola and Harvey, Robert and Wesley at home. Also Mrs. Carlson's mother. Mrs. Almeda Samuelson, of Ophiem. Phyllis Rehn, RN, and Mrs. Patty Butler of Iowa City, came Saturday to spend the weekend with Mrs. Hilda Peterson. Miss Rehn came to attend the Moody reunion Sunday at the Andover Lake. Sunday dinner guests of the A. E. Ossiafls were their son and family, the Lyle Ossians of East Moline. Mr. and Mrs. John D. Anderson of Rock Island and Mr, and Mrs. GAIESBURG FINANCE 121 S. Prairie 342-4810 Eric Streed of Alpha, were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Ada Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Streed left in the afternoon for New Boston, where OUR MCl&'ltlKS "These new bathing suits let you get a really nice Look how dark my wrists arsl" tan. they will spend the week boating and fishing. Mrs. David Edmund was admitted to the Moline Public Hospital Auer. 25. Eighty per cent of the 200,000- citizen city of Skopje, Yugoslavia, was destroyed in the July 26 earthquake. Coffee House First of the famous coffeehouses in Vienna was established about 1683 by a Polish mercenary, who found a sack of coffee left by the Turks after their unsuccessful siege of that city and decided to venture into business. The Doctor- (Contomied from pagt 4) queftftK at a later period, they wouM often fall asleep and have a continuation of the same dream. ALTHOUGH during dreams there were rapid movements of the eyes, there wad no mdverrtent of other parts of the body. When the dream was over the arm* and legs might move. This suggests that, even when you dream that you are running down a steep hill, it is as though you were sitting, enthralled, watching yourself from a distance —and only when the dream is fin* ished do you stretch yourself, THE REASON some people say they never dream can now be explained. If you are awakened in the middle of a vivid dream you can remember most of its details. If you are awakened when the curtain has just come down on the last act, you remember the dream more vaguely and, if you are not awakened until four or five minutes after the end of the dream, you cannot even remember that you had been dreaming. When an attempt was made to distract sleepers by ringing a bell or letting cold water drip on them, these external stimuli were woven into the dreams. The student dreamed that the telephone or doorbell was ringing, that the roof was leaking, or that he was walking in the rain. Similarly, if the room was sud­ denly chilled, he might dream he was walking in the snow. THESE modifications of the dream suggest that one function of dreaming may 6e to protect your sleep. Instead df waking up and losing sleep, you dream you have answered the ringing bell and go right on sleeping. (Continued is atothef eehnmi.) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! Old Custom The misttetoe-hanging custom comes from the ancient Druids, who regarded the plant as a symbol for hope and peace. When, ever enemies met under the mistletoe, they would drop their weapons and embrace. You can substitute strips of cooked corned beef for the ham traditionally called for in chef's salad. TFDRICir!? WH NEW Inwi's tonais Csllcge FALL TERM Career Courses' Ixtcutive Accounting Accounting Ixecutive Secretarial Secretarial Butineit Machines Special Features: Nancy Taylor Finishing Couna Spoedwriting IBM Koy Punch September Sept PHONE 343-1618 fc or person Brown's Business College Celebrating 100 Years In Business Schooling 119 SOUTH CHERRY GAIESBURG, ILLINOIS SANTA'S USED CAR SPECIA 1962 MERCURY MONTEREY 4-Dr., V8, auto., radio, $Q^QC P. Brakes. Low mileage JLMtOJ 1962 MERCURY COMET 4-DR. 6 cyl., auto., radio, $1 /LQ C deluxe accessory group [\JJ J 1961 FORD GALAX IE 4-DR. V8, auto., radio, Power $1 AQC Steering. Low mileage IU7J 1961 MERCURY COMET 4-DR. 6 cyl., auto., radio, $lS#%^ Deluxe accessory group IJQJ 1961 BUICK SPECIAL 4-DR. V8, auto., PI 7ft ft Power Steering, radio I / SJj 1960 FORD FAIRLANE, 500 4-Dr., V8, auto., radio $1 OQC Overhauled— IW/*J 1960 MERCURY COME 4-Dr. Station Wagon. $| |QC 6 cyl., S. Shift, radio I IO J 1959 MERCURY MONTEREY 4-Door Hardtop $11 Qfl V8, auto., radio I I7U 1959 CHEV. CONVERTIBLE V8, standard shift, $1 OQ C radio ; 1*0 f*J 1959 VOLKSWAGEN 2-DR. Real sharp $OA car 7U/ 1959 LINCOLN PREMIER 4-DR. Auto., radio, P.S., P.B.. P.W., Air Conditioning, $1QQC Premium Tires | O # J? 1958 PLYMOUTH CONVERT. V8, auto., $AQ(1 Power Steering U/ V 1958 FORD FAIRLANE 500 V8, auto., radio, $/l Power Steering HT JU 1957 LINCOLN 2-DR. H.T. Everything but air. $COC A Real Buy J J J 1956 MERCURY 4-DR. . V8,auto., ^Qfi 1 * radio vUJ 1956 PLYMOUTH 4-DR. 6 cyl., standard shift, $900 radio £mi \t 1956 DeSOTO 2-DR. H.T. V8, auto., radio, Power $QQC Steering 00 J 1955 FORD 2-DR. V8, auto., $1 Or radio I 0 J 1955 OLDSMOBILE 2-D_ w A _ V8,auto., ^10^ radio 1954 MERCURY MONTEREY 2-Door Hardtop, $10'% V8, auto., radio 17 J 1 (MEET US AT THE CORNER BROAD celebration when present remaining Mercurys! practically make Christmas! MERCURY MONTEREY Custom 4 Door Sedan Auto. Padded Dash Wheel Covers the star of the line, complete with Breezeway Rear Window . . . full factory equipment! Yours for just Marauder 390 V-8 engine REG. '63 MERCURY MONT. PRICE 2 Door Sedan. 3201.20 Automatic ~ Wheel Covers, WSW Tires, $ SALE PRICE 24 REG. PRICE 3662.90 '63 MERCURY MONT. Custom, Auto., Radio, PS-PB, Tutone, Tinted Windows, Padded Dash, Wheel Coven. $ PRICE 3162 REG. '63 COMET CUSTOM PRICE 4 Door Sedan, 6 Cyl., 2533.70 Automatic, WSW Tires, Wheel Covers. SALE PRICE $ 70 REG. '63 COMET CUSTOM PRICE 4 Door Sedan. S Cyl., 2824.00 Aut0 " WSW TireB * Power $ Steering, Radio, Padded Dash, Wheel Coven. SALE PRICE 2474 JIM SHERWOOD'S MERCURY COMET 4-DOOR FERRIS) Gene Swanson - Harold Thompson - Dick Welry

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