Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 7, 1947 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1947
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BEPOE1 Mlclnij-'ht 3 B. ni: f, ii. ni. 9 a. rn. I" n. m. 13 10 32 "A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" THE WEATHER " Connecticut, — Cloudy with Intermittent light nloct or freezing- rain except rain on coant tonight hnd Wednesday. Not BO cold tonight. Eastport to Block Inland—gouth- wostoi-ly wind* 20 to 30 mile* per hour tonight and Wednesday. Occasional light Know. Vol. LXXI, No. 5 ESTABLISHED 1885 TUESDAY, JANUARY 7, 1947 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Cent! LATE Cabinet Joins Truman As He Goes To Address New Congress lily t'nltfil rrrvO \VAIl OVKB fWiiwii—Tin- Ciiiiadiiin mi nl unm'lHirr.i tlutt, fur i,,. r ;n. ll'-l.l, i> t" *«• ofll- il IIH >Vnr ... oOo-- • tVOOl.WOKTH ScruntiHi, l j a.~ Nim-iy-your-old niai'if* WuCilworth '-chain stort.' ii'iii'k'nuti 1 " IKl philanthropist- Uifil :>( hl.t home in Kcrunlon, I-;,., tculuy. Mi' hud bi'i'u ill I'm,.,,mi- limr. ••oOo • • AIAIISIIAI.I. XTATKMK.NT WiialiinKlt"! Ui.'niTiil George Marsluili fun- («•«<:.• .-nviiy in l.nitm hus ehai'Ui'd t hut 1>is ''''' inil.-t In si-tin- thi- civil Win- hud ),,,,'J1 fi -iisLi'.iti'il lime unit ugtml |,y I'MI-IMUlSt i'l,THI'lltM II n bOtll nidi'*. Miir.-tmill i* i'X|ii'i:lfil In yavr I'm 1 I'l-Miii' tomorrow, Ills ,;luU-mi-nt w:m ivk-.-iNi'.; by tin•.till" U«;|ini'tnii'nt. . uOu — • NO TI!.\(!K Al,ii:iril I'. S. S. Mniiiit Olyui- i* Htlll |iM)lliiiii Family Of Three Perish In Burning Cottage At Lake Zoar, Southbury War, Peace Potentials Of A-Bomb Told Woman's Club |i:irently in (,'ood spirits nicinlxTs <if his Cahlnet join Pi-esidont Truman and his family as the Chief Executive starts for tln> Capitol to lriw. tl:c jiilnt sessiiin of Cnnuress in tht; Chumber of the Housd in Washington, IX C\ Left to rijflit arc: Si:cretur.v of Niivy James Forlul: Altiirni'.v Onernl Tom Ch'.rU; Secretary of War Robert PitttcrNon; Secretary of State James F. Byrnns; Mrs, Truman, President IIII:II>, .'Miss ^Iiii'Kuret Trillium: Secretary of the Treasury .lames Snyder; Secrolury of Interior Julius A. Kruir; Senrotary of Agriculture Clliiitmi Aiulersrin; Seerirtury of Commerce Averlll liiirrlmnn; ami Secretary of I-ahor J-ewis Schwellenlmch. (Internationul) I rare of tin- tiyril I-N- tin); limit iiiiu.NiiiJC with nl,i,. iiit'ii iilmuril silniM 1 DiTi'in- lirr Mi. !>»'• '" '"" ••ri'iir In. traiw- miwli'ii "I u mi'S'iaH' 1 from thi' di'i'p Antarctic, ;i report hail IHTII Iwiii'd I'lirlli'r l7ial Iriit'iw of tht) likini' had IIITII (omul, —oOo IMBK "(.iOOIl" ; New York—Doctors at French hMpiiul say that fcabe Ruth's condition is good lifter yester- duy'.i r.tick operation. They say Lit: ex-.Sultaii of -Swat may be ubii: to luavi- the hospital in two week* if he eu.itinut'S hi.s present rut t' of recovery. oOo IIKIKKNS ci,.\i;.: Mi'iuinl, III—William llclrrns —ivlm n .vrur IIKII today brutally iniir<liTr<l iintl mutilated «ix- ji'ur-olil Suxiiiuir JH'K'i'i't I" C'hl- i'ii«o—~,is n^iiln rcpiidluti'd his rinifl>*iun. llrlrrns—-now^ ill _lht' p.«.vi!hliitrl<: brunch at tho llliiiiil* xMv (irlxun—plans ti> ol'Icr a .Slli.Odo reward me (he cnpturv lit whiit ht- cull* the rciil murclcr- IT, . --oOo- - IIOTKI. I I HI-: .Vow York Police report thai a fire which started this morniiu; ir, thi' Capitol hotel, at street unil 8th avonue, was only ii.srmill blaxi'. confined to the bull muni, It H-II.S (|uickly put out, And patrons .-illt'l'oreel no other ill cl'li'Ctti iiuin being forced lc> i i LOCal Catholic Churches Rearrange - _ ~ . /* • Cribs lo tommemorate tommg O f Magi To Visit Christ Child Pil dents Of Hig'h School j Cribs in tho borough's three ! the Kin;,', because he too wished to I CaUiolic churches were rearranged i adore. J yesterday for a special reason, | Tht cribs are put up at the be"Good Citizenship! pinning of the Christmas season « ~ to represent the birth, or Christ in Among' otU-].! stab!,,- at Bethlehem. They contain statues representing the Babe in the manger, Joseph, Mary . , ; shepherds with their sheep Mws Audrey .V.van.,-on. student a,.,' ' animllls mentioned'in the bible. Naugatuck High school and i uuKh- j VcBW1 . dftVi „„ - slalues| ter c:-l Mr. and Mrs. Oscar tiwan- • • . , ,. ,.. . h , ir • lect moved except those of .:un u. .ia> suiA... u..- . -• - F£|mijy . im) thc Mag i Ju.:i. 0 is the feast of the Epi- YMCA Offers Electronics, Art Courses However, Herod's real reason for wantinjr f locate the newborn : , _ _ . Kin K was to eliminate a possible -I Program Secretary LaPomt for the throne by murder. •jil "Gooil Citii'.onship Pil^ri.n" in a con:e.i't Hpon.-ioi'L'fi by tlic were . l . ho rival The Wise Men found the Baby in ' Bethlehem and gave Him gifts of ' thc j gold,. frankincense and myrrh. An j and | anj.rel warned them in a dream . not to 'go back to Herod, so they [ returned to their country by a dif- I Announces Program • Start February'3 To ,. c . Amori'iir, Revolution, Mrs. ] phany. which commemorates the Vur:cn~ la-;il chairman, an- I comin?r of the Magi, the three Wise iiixim'tt! today. -Miss Sv.-anson was Men from tTTe East ..who were selected on Uie basis of depend- ffuidcd by a jJtar....Thcy.,.stopped at nbliity. service, lendi'i-ship uncl psi- • Kir.R Herod's and inquired of a triotlsm. , i newborn Kinp. expinining- they Thri-e' !<.-«iulicl.!:r-.'i wore chossn ] ! « icl c°™ " ' l ' Jol ' p Him. 'Herod •rr,m the entire hi;:h school enroll-! *™v.- nothing of such .a One. but nient. hy student Mrs. Nor- j consulted his rolijrlous advisors ic.n, imd ti'acho:s at 'ihu school \ who snid the King, was to be born selected the "Good Citinenship Pi:-j in Bclhlehom. Hoi-od told this to' I run troiii Ihc-wt tl-.rtf. i the Wise Men. He asked them to | ! Miss Sw:,nr,on will now be on- | ™ ia ™ to Mim afta '' theyjiad found ' len.'d .RH thc reprosen'.ative from Niuif:utuck Hi^h school in u state- t'erent route. Foiled in' his intention of-find- .ing the Child. Herod gave orders that '.ill babies born within the year should be put to death. However, an Angel appeared to Joseph in a dream And warned ' him' to flee Joseph, being an obedient man, Look Mary and Jesus and fled into Sgypt. This is the story which the ro- ai-rnr/led cribs symbolize and which they attempt to call to mind. Cribs are usually taken down shortly after the feast of thc Epi phany. .Profcam Secretary Wilfred J. L.-iPoint nf the Nuujraluck Y. M. C. ^ announced today thai two edu- Committee Named To Submit Slate, Of Three Officers At ~ March Meeting Lawrence Duryce, electrical engineer, in an address to the Nau- inatuck Woman's club yesterday at ;lhe Lefrion Memorial Home stressed that the ato.iiic bomb c^n be the greatest force for peace, saying, "Peace-time efforts are of no nvail until we banish thu atomic bomb us >.i weapon of warfare and use this frrcat force of nature • for the benefit of mankind. The utter destruction and chaos resulting from a single aiom bomb, such as those that were used in Japnn, was described by Mr. Duryee, who sjid that New York city (could easily be reduced to rubble j by thi? bomb. Mv,' urged th'.it the audienca rejlize the im* portance of effective control of the bomb.. Mr. Duryee believes in a "one world-government ithat will keep pace with science and government and maintain world security." A graduate of Stanford university, Calif., where ho majored in joleclrical engineering, Mr. Dur- ;yec taught industrial electronics : during the war at Yale's, war training program. He is presently working for the. Connecticut Light and I A brief business meeting, prc- j ceeded the talk , ut, which plans were submitted for the annual membership bridg-e to ,be held Jan. 20 in the. Legion Home. Mrs. An- of the cational courses, one in industrial electronics and the other in com- morcijl art would be offered at the Joes) Y. M. C. A. through the co- opi'iation of the. Xi.-.v Haven State I dr . cw Watson ig chn.irmttn Teachers ..collepn- ijrnvhled ehotiph i committee in charge. stiHlcnt'i ; '"are- infre.s'.cd. Tho courses I T llc business .meeting also ap- will hf open to men and women, PaJnlfd a nominating committee to - with i-uproscn£o-;lves f i 'imneutiuut lilfth winner- of the statewick: selection v.'ill be uwtu-ded a ! ,.i-ip tu WushiiiKton. D. C., from j oOo TO LIFT CONTROLS — Tin- Office nl lPNi|Hirnr.v (,'ixitrols Is i-cpnrtnl ri'iidy li> i.sMir mi iH'ilrr ri'- ni(i\'iix priee luintroli* fruni aomi- iPiii'-inillloii-iiiKl-u-hlllf Imti'l "Minis, Itul tlu< nrdiT N nut cx- pt'i'ti'il ID rnviT ri'shlrntliil hotels. oOo •••• VKdKS I./MIOK C't'JIBH f'hllaili'lphiii -• The one-time chii'f of tin- NiiA Donald Klch- IIITK-- says thi'ri' Is danger of fivil wur unli'ss ntronK curbs urn pliici-d <;n Inbor. Rlchboi'X iipoki; at u ini-Rtin^ fif the Poor Rlnhiii'O dub in ['hiladi-lphlti. oOf) NO l-ATKIt •Mliinil, I''l».—Thr vacation cll.v of Mliiinl IN In IN third iluy wllh- »»f u liiciil in'»-s|iii|H.r. I'ri'.iMnicii fi'liMi- tn work mi Ihc two iliilllcx until Ilii'y j,-cl n MI.\V imliiii Odll- nOo I'AKJS ON THIAL New Yiirk Twiiiity-seven-yenr- "lil Jli'rli- Unfits Mtiir buck ti; the pior.'N.siunal N'ew York Giants foutbull ti.'iun- says he was lavishly i-niiTtaini'd in New York "iKht clubs before he was of- '«rpd ;, jj.500 bribi- by Alvln Purls, fin-In is on trial t'cir at. "'mpit'ci bi'ihi'i-y, oOo DKI.IKKK.YTK ATTACK H'iishin>;Hiii — ITi'.sldt'iit Trii- Wiin's envoy tn Chlmi, Gi-ni-nil Oi'iirjrc Marshall, vhurgi-it Hint ""• ('liiin's,. conruiinlsts drill)- "f«l«'l.v Ullli'd ihn-i- |J. S. Marlni'i* h «»ii .iiii> an. .'.i.-iy I!' tn .'J. Postmaster Green i Heads March Of Dimes Campaign Artillery Salute To Herald Start Of McConaughy's Term Gold Star Post Plans New Quarters, I :-r -••."- Ki-'nk T. Hi nnnotinf.-fd lhat tho March of Dimes campaign fur -the benefit of victims j ^..^ o 1 .' infantilw paralysis will Kcl •" ' | tli-r way Ideally. .lariun'.-y Ifi. I' I (By tliiitctl 1'ress) I A pre-war custom will be re- I vivnd who:-! James L. McConaURhy ; is sworn in tomorrow as Connceti- ! mil's new jiovornor, | A 13-grun salute to the new chief I executive wil be -fired at the state 1 capUol by men of the nowly-ruor- iKanixiid <13rd inf.mtry division. The I artillery salute will be timed .to ?r\ has | .,[;,!•(, a t, the end of the f jvcrnor's address to the state Members of the General Asse.-n! bly today will start converging on the stjte capito! whore their, biennial xesaion gets under way tomorrow. The law-makers hove been warned they should adopt new methods of procedure which will Kivc tho public a better chance, to know what, goes on in the legislative mill. The warning was sounded by Executive Director Garter W. Atkins of the Connecticut Public Expenditure association. Atkins say; thut. rules' should be revised so that more publicity is given bills being considered—especially in tho last hectic days of Uie session. Officers Induction A diseussion of plans for the purchase of new quarters, and arrangements for installation of officers, will be special features of a meeting of Gold Slur Post, Catholic War Veterans, Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Commandci Henry Racki announced today. The meeting will be held at St. Hedwig's church pavilion. Commander Racki urged 'all members to attend and participate in the important discussions. Members interested in bowling are asked to report Sunday at the Palace alleys. The All-Vets league games are rolled at 2 p. m. Chesky Reports No Portal Suit Planned Here NAUGATUCK NEWS BROADCAST oday — 5:45 P. M. Monday Through Friday from the Editorial Booms °f The Naugatuck News Station WATR '•'BO OX YOUJI DIAL J master Green h;is been appointed i i»tm" - h o;' Dimes chairman for the i local district for the 30th consecu- I tive year. Mr. Oman is forming a commit- • , , , j:oe to help him r;.|se the quota of j morning that there was n o portal! S'J.GCO which has been set for local ' to-portal pay I territory and lie expects to have a i ''nil liyt of members shortly. Local I stores and factories will he fur- i niuhed with cnntalntM-s ior dona- | tions on the (lay tin; .drive opens, Mr. Green announced this Anthony Chesky, president of Local .1568. CIO,- United Steel. Workers of America. said t.hi that there \v< suit" contemplated the 'Eastern Malleable Iron Company in Nnugatuck. Mr. Chesky -was questioned con- '111! i AOH Auxiliary ; Meeting 1 Tonight | The Ladies' Auxl'lary, AOH, will j hold a regular meeting this ovc- ; nlng at S o'clock in St. Cecelia's I Hull, Church street. Routine husi- , ness discussed. Miss Catherine Noldc 1 will preside. — Ml .ViinrillMc-k l> liilklnir .nliiiiu tno 11117 Slllllrl>iil(,'r, till' MHItl Itr'iuitlflll .'II r In II. rii'lil. Si'c II 111 NilllKillll IlillliMj * Aiilu Srrtli-e.—.AUV. cerning Uie local plant after it became known that o. retroactive morn- :' portal-to-port.fil wage suit for three : <mcl onc-h^ilf million dollars had .'been filed against the Eastfirn Iron Company plant in Wilmington. Del. by Auto Workers. the CIO United TO ATTKN'D SCHOOL Three Connecticut polirc exenn- t.ivos will attend .the 34th session of the F-B-t National acadc-ny. Thos" nttonding will Include Cap- ruin Jnmcs P. Hcalev of Greenwich. Chief James Kranyilwnf Pairfield. ;ind Chief Henry L. Mathurin c-r Putnam, Saturmin Chmielewski Of Beacon Falls, Dies Saturmin Chmielevski. GO, of Cold Spring road, Beacon Falls, died late 'ast night nt St. Mary's hospital. Wa'crbury, following a week's illness. Born in Poland, Mr. ChmieJcw- ski had been a resident of Beacon Falls for the past 29 years. A- former employe of the Beacon Falls Shoe Co., he retired 15 years ago. Surviving a.v his wife. Mrs. Pel- .iiria Chmielewski; three daughters, Mrs. Edward Quinn of Beacon Falls, Mrs. John Flammia and Mns. Robert 7<ieratf>d. both of Waterbury; one son, Walter of Beacon Palis, and three grandchildrcsn. Funeral services will be held Thursday morning a.t 8:15 o'clock PI the Buckmillcr Funeral Home, 22 Park place, to St. Michael's church, Beacon Falls, where a requiem high Mass will be celebrated nt fl o'clock. Burial will be in St. James' cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral homo tonight 'from 7 to 10 o'clock, and tomorrow-afternoon and evening from 2 to'10 o'clock, : i •—Fur oiiulily T.lciuarM, \Vini»»i. nivrn. Me,, . SH01 1 FIRST ill till' City I'ni-k- ii?r»' S(.ori'. fifi Jtr!iJi:f> xlri'i't. Prompt dc- livcr.v, iinYWlu'ri? Ill lOWII. Tf U'llllllllP submit a slate be presented t o tn ,, ec tO MRS. GEORGE CARROLL President the fiist meeting in March. On the committee are: Mrs. Martin Lynn. Mrs. John Wrinn, Mrs, Cecil Grant, Mrs. Donald Fowler and Mrs. Wesley Coe. The offices for which the slate will be drawn are: Treasurer, recording secretary and corresponding secretary. At the present time these positions are held by Mrs. Chester Gavin. Mrs. John O'Don- ncll and Mrs. Armstrong Durr, The Literature and Dramatic Art department was in charge of the meeting. ,Mr. Duryce was introduced by Mrs. Hysell Borolts. The business session was- conducted by the members at Mrs. George W. Carroll, president. I E AC O N FALLS Chester Dobosz On Leave From Navy, Expects Discharge In February VVILFIiKI) A. I.APOINT members .<ind non-members of the V. Af. C. A. Instruction will start the beginning ol 1 the second semes- ler Feb. 3, 10-17, a:id will consist of fifteen periods, one each week beginning at. 7 p. m. Instruction will be on tile college level a.rd two college credits for each c:>urs,i successfully completed :iro allowed. Emii Nyitray, a graduate of Hai- vard and M. I-. T. a Yale and a!: present with the J. B. T. {Instruments Co. of New Haven will he. the instructor in industrial electronics. The. course will cover different types of electronic de- (Conlimued On Page 8) Bank Announces Resignation Of Claremont Tolles Tho resignation of Claremont I. Chester E. Dobosz Ph.M. 3-c. son of Mi: and Mr*. Walter Dobosz o', j Railroad aven'.io. Beacon Falls, is jenjoying a le.ive of 50 days from his j duties at the Niiva; Receiving (Station, Boston. Mass. | H« entered the service December II. 19-1-1 and received his bajic training at Sampson, New York. He spent 12 weeks training ni To'les as a dii'ector of the Nauga-itiio Hospital Ooi'ps School in Bain- tuck National bank has been unanimously accepted, according to an announcement today by bank officials. Mr. Tolles resigned due to his leaving the borough to take permanent residence, fn Clear-water Fla. Mr. Tolles served QB a director continuously since his election Jan M. 1919. He is the son of the late Fremont W. Tolles who was elected an original incorporate!' May 19, 1883, a director June 26,-1883, vice- president June 28, 1883 and president Feb. 10, 1914, succeeding the ate George A. Lewis. He-was named chairman of the board Jan. 8, 1929, an office he held until his resignation in January of 1930. Governor Snow, Leaving Office, Opposes Sales Tax, Horse Betting Hartford, Jan, 7—(UP)—Governor Wilbert Snow, who leaves office tomorrow after serving a 12- day- term, says he is opposed to raising new stale revenue by imposing- a sales tax, or by legali?- ing horse betting A sales tax, he s.'iys, is a soak- the-poor tax; • As for legalized horse betting, Governor Snow says that it would meet only a fraction of the new revenue needed lo operate the state. Furthermore, ho said, it would be detrimental to business 'because "people who are placing their money on tho races cannot and do not pay their bills." Governor Snow declares that a tight lid should be kept on gambling and,that children should be brought up In the sound tradition that they must work for what they got." . . , He suggests that the tobacco industry should, be examined as a possible source of new and that it should bo as any other corporation, and taxed as such. • / Governor Snow also criticized the so-called 'rotten borough system' which, he says, allows representatives of eight per cent of the people to over-ride, the- wishes of the other 92 per cent. However, he says he expects the General Assembly will do nothing to correct this situation. After tomorrow—when the new idministration comes Into office— Governor Snow says that he will retire "to the academic shades and watch from -Die sidelines." • bridge, Maryland and -,vas trail* ferred to duty at the U. S. Nava Hospital in ^'ewport, Rhode Ts)an< He has b"on at the Nnv.i! Ro ceiving Station in Boston for mar than n year where he was connect ed with tho Medical Depnvtmen and was i-. charge of all mcdicin and medicnl supplies. He expels to be disc^m-god carlj in February. Legion Supper American Legion Post 25, and th Auxiliary arc holding a supper foi members tomorrow evening, start ing at 6:30 o'clock. The affair wil be held in the town hall. All members of the Legion and Auxiliary are invited to attend. The semi-monthly meeting- of PCS'. 25' will be held this evening in White Eagle Hall at 7:30 o'clock. Home Today Wiliam Lee. Jr., of Cook Lane expects to return from Waterbury hospital today. He was hospital- zed for an operation. Ringo Tonlffht Tho woskly Ulngo party of St. Michael's church will take place thiK cvcnlnp in the church hall nt 8 o'rloclt. Delivery Service A helicopter from Hartford waj supposed to land on Highland av cnuc last Thursday. However, the affair was postponed until Saturday, to deliver a package to Mrs Milton Smith of Bethany road. SLIGHT ACCIDENT Edward T. McGrath, 374"Hillside avenue, and the Rev. Henry C. Cartson, Fein Circle, Wolcott, were involved in an automobile collision on Route 63, near the. Peter Paul factory yesterday. Damage was slight and no charges were preferred. The Rev. Carlson was on his way revenue !. to Texas where he plans to reside considered in the future. Vaccine Available The Naugatuck Red Cross will sponsor a "well child" conference tomorrow afternoon n,l 2 o'clock at tho Beacon Palls Recreation club. Influenza vaccine will be available for children between the ages of 3 to 6 years. Bodies Of Peter Galligan, 22, His Wife And Young Son Recovered, State Police Report A family of three has perished in a burning cottage at Lake Zoar, Southbury. The bodies of PeterGal- ligan, 22. his wife-, 23, und thflir nine month old son were found early today in -the ruins of th» place. A medical examiner said Gal-" i;iftan had evidently made an at- 1 tcmntcd rescue before he was overcome. The fire was discovered at 2:1:5 a. in. by State Trooper Joseph Jas- onif as he was making a regular patrol. He radioed State Police barracks .'or aid and the barracks police called out the Southbury Fire •Dep.Hrtmont. The heat of -the fire was so intense that Trooper Jn-)- onif could gel no closer than ten feet to the three room cottage. Tiie Galligan's according to ncljfh-- bcrs, were believed 10 have bt>cn visiting relatives in New York. However, a Stole Police check showed that they returned home laet night. The cause of the fire has not been deici rained. It fs believed to have sin reed from an overheated spuce heater. Mr. Galligan was believed to have been an employe of. the Plastic ing Company in Sandy Hoolc. Warden Brophy Says Post "Saved" For George Kogut Although the nuirtber of names appearing on the police department's •oster was termed . "inconsequential" today.J>£jVa.rdcn. Leo J. Bro> phy, ho explained the reason of l:!s .•iiatement thut only two vac.-in| cies exist duo to the status of former Patrolman George Kogut. Kc s.iid lhat as the charier calls for 36 men on the. police force, to ,)lace 36 men on it no\v would eliminate Mr. Kogut in the even* he was able co return lo duly in the future. "It is for Mr. Kogut's protection." the warden said. Some montljs ago Mr. Kogut was placed on the retirement list due to -.11 health, and at that time in the opinions presented the board of warden and burgcBses it was re- .•caled Mr. Kogul would never resume his duties on the police force. His retirement was . believed to .iavc created a. vacancy. Mr. Brophy said today lie was "upset" because he beieves he was nnsquoicd yesterday. He said nieet- 'ngs of the board now are "tame in comparison" to those held in years past when he was a burgess. He asserted ho does noi believe "whether there arc 3S or 34 members of the police force is a. national issue." On tho Koput matter he said' "it is the opinion of Borough. Any. Martin L. Calne t:ia'. Mr. Kogut should be protected." Asked whether ihe "opinion" was formal -nd in wri'tinR. the warden declined lo answer. Polish Falcons To Elect Sunday The annunl meeting and election or officers of the Polish Falcons will be hold Sunday afternoon, Jan. 12 at 2 o'clock in Falcon hall. President Leon Moraski will conduct the business session. * Frederick Stahl, Past Noble Grand, Dies Suddenly Frederick William Stahl, 77, died suddenly last night at his home. 66 Oak street. Born June 18, 1869 in New Haven, he was the son of the late Charles and Marie (Richards* tab). Until a year apo he was employed UK janitor of the Oak street school, resigning due to ill health, "i- to that time and until his retirement 10 years ago, he wss an employe of the U. S. Rubber Co. A member of St. Michael's Episcopal church, he was past noblo eiand of Centennial lodge. No. 100, O. O. F., and a member of Shep- lerd lodge, A. P. & A. M. Surviving are his \vif«, Mr*, -izzie (Terry) Stahl; a son, Fredrick T. stahl of Chicago, III., a aughter. 'Mrs. Oustav A. Anderson f Middlebury, and two grand- hildren. Funeral services will be held. Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Alderson Funeral Home, 201 Meadow street, with the Rev. Winfred B Langhornt, rector of St. Mi- » chad's church, officiating. Burial will be in Grove cemetery at. the convenience of the family* Friends may call at the funeral home tomorrow afternoon and evening from S to S o'clock and 7 to 3 o'clock. An Odd Follow* ••rvice. will bo held tomorrow evening »i' the funeral home at 8:30 o'clock. —A utml Ililnt lo 4n wild <r**r Xm»» money—on. * pnlr «f Him* «Mlltr Khar* nnri prninnbrr r»nr tlvrr all rnw nuatf. IHckH. Ht H*«k 81., Wtky.— Ail.

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