Belvidere Daily Republican from Belvidere, Illinois on September 6, 1901 · Page 4
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Belvidere Daily Republican from Belvidere, Illinois · Page 4

Belvidere, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 6, 1901
Page 4
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THE DAlIiY BEFUBIiICAN, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1901 i 1 t M) FjlEIGII T 53 DENT SUWWLR ...OXFORDS. AND THEY ARE THE BEST. To Connect Roads Entering Rockford. ASSASSIN FIRES TWO BULLETS INTO BODY Must be closed out inside of two weeks at a great reduction in order to make room for big fall shipment that will soon arrive. - ' ELECTRIC: EllGltlES . AS HE SHAKES HANDS I 1 1 Bo Sure and See Thorn. Will be Used by the Rockford-Bel-videre Line to Haul Freight. J. F. HIS WOUNDS ARE FATA JUDGE I AYLIESS TALKS. BOS 8. State 8t BELVIDERE BLOCK. HIS Repairing and all kinds of measure work made to ordei. Rips on ray own shoes sewed free of charge. School Tablets AT Lewis' BOTH PHONES. 415 So. State Street I CRUSHED COKEJ Did you ever use any for fuel? I have for five seasons and can recommend it to be used in any stove or furnace that hard coal can be used. It will last longer and give more heat than the same weight of hard coal and is no more liable to damage the stove or furnace. At the present price of hard coal CONNERSVILLE CRUSHED COKE is the coming fuel, and in every case where it was used last season I have their orders for this. I will deliver it at $6.60 per ton until further notice. j E. A. CLEAVELAND. Call Bell Phone 143. j N. B. One ton of Connersville Crushed tons of Gas Ready for Business At 0ur NL Location. We are prepared to give our patron the finest VAPOR BATHS. KLAIN BATHS, MASSAGE TREATMENTS, i - ALCOHOL RUBS. We have larger and better rooms and can give better attention than ever Ideal Ladies' Special departments have been ana inese oatns ana massage treatments as nne as given any wuere Mr. and . LOCAL LACONICS. "The Octoroon tonight: C. M. Church is on the sick list. " Nielsen Sjsters at Denhicks tonight. Opera house tonight Nielsen Sisters. Glen Pettit returned to Chicago at noon. James Walsh is over from Rockford today. Nielsen Sisters at Derthick's tonight. . A. J. Hyndman spent the day in Chicago. Jacob Edelstein was oat from Chicago yesterday. Lee' Lnndgren is up from Marengo this afternoon. 1 Nielsen Sisters at Derthicks theatre 10, 30, SO cents. Frank Whitman is np from Elgin for a few days visit. George Schlenck left for Chicago on business at noon. ' Courtney Wiffen was a passenger for Free port at noon. H. C. Coxe left for Chicago on a business mission. Mr. Dooley of Rockford is visiting his son John Dooley.--: The Nielsen Sisters will be at the Derthick this evening. Earl Spooner returned today from a brief visit at Rockford. Miss Katie ' A skin of Chicago is vis iting relatives in the city. .auss uiive Juewey or Harvard is visiting friends in the city. B. Eldredge left this morning for Dela van Lake via Chicago. . Miss Maude Cohoon of -. Marengo is 'visiting friends in the city. Misses Mattie and Bess Holland are visiting friends at Rockford Frank Johnston and Will Ray wood are Forest City visitors today. Miss Ellen Cunningham of Rockford is visiting relatives in the city. Peter Gabel- of Sycamore was the guest of his son H. A. Gabel jester day. ; rers ueonz oi uunson, wis., was calling on friends in the city yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Seaver left today for their new borne in Parsons, Kan. Jerry Stapleton of Chicago is visit-ins relatives in the city for a few days. .- James Patton returned to Chioag i this morning after a short visit in the city. ' i - ' Cbaal Johanson who has been visiting in the city returned to Chicago at noon. Rov Thomas returned to St. Louis today after a visit with relatives n town, ' . ' ' Pharmacy. Coke Is estimated to be- worth' three house coke. . . i I Bath Room. arranged for the ladies and lhey wilt Mb. Phillip.-Lampcrt. Over People's Bank, South State St. 'I J Mrs R. V. Tuosley and son of Los Angeies, uaiiiornia, are visiting in the city. - j - i Mrs. Chas. Roderick of Woodstock is the guest of her sister Mrs. Chris Juehrs. ! John E. SullivanJeft last evening for Plankmton,' S. D., on a business mission. Misses Rose Ham ill and Maude Con-ley are spending r the afternoon at Rockford. j Drs. , Alden and Annie Afaruire have returned from a vacation trip at points in Wisconsin, j Mr. and ' Mrs-jD. E. Porter of West Chicago are visiting in the city for a couple of davs. j Mr. and Mrs. W. S Brown will leave this afternoon for a ten days stay at Lake Geneva. J. Babst of Naperville, who has been visiting his brother George Babst returned home today. Capt and. Mrs W. R. Newton of Beloit spent the day yesterday at the home of J. M. Humphrey. Willis Benger returned to Lafayette, Ind., today to resume his school duties. His mother accompanied him to Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Thomas who have been visiting relatives in the city returned , to fbeir home in La- Crosse, Wis., today. J ' Mr. and Mrs.; John Eldredge, :JIr. and Mrs. : N. S. Sanger, Mrs. Viola Eldredge and j daughter Miss Louise went to Delavan today ' . Mr. and Mrs. Robert Horan left this morning for Chicago where they will meet ...Mra, ... N.l Wixon and go to the Pan-American exposition. ' Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Fox left this morning for a trip to the Pan-American exposition and a visit of several weeks in New York Btate. Mr. and Mrs. George Palmer and children -returned to Chicago today after a short visit with his parents Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Palmer. Mrs. Rob Starr and Miss Powers of of Harvard, Miss McCauley of Woodstock and Miss Barton of Chicago are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. O'Connor. Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Morse and daughter of Jersey City, are visiting at the home of nis brother Aid. S. E. Morse. Mr. Morse is Assistant Supt. of the Jersey City Central railroad. E. L. Heath of Binghamton, N. Y., Mrs. Robert Heath of Brodhead, Wis., and Mr,; and Mrs. Rowe of Marengo were visitors a the borne of Fred Whiteman - Wednesday and Thursday and attended the fair. A Fair Proposition this week in boys' cloth ing 13.50, 14.00 and $4.50 suits to close St t3-50, Wheeler & Slater, it Head of the Enterprise Sajrs That It la the Intention at the Company to De liver Freight From All Roads Central Point iu Belvidere. Rockford, I1L, Sept 6 (Special to Tne "Republican) Judge Bayliess, pres. ident of the iRockford-Belvidere Eleo- tric Railway, stated here today that plans are under way to give Belvidere freight (facilities and rates equal to those in force at Rockford. ' .- In an interview with a newspaper representative he said:"Weexpect to place electric engines on our line for the purpose of hauling freight trains between Bel videre and Rockford. Negotiations a -e pending with the Chi cago, Burlington & Quincy, Chicago, Milwaukee & , St. Paul and Illinois Central con ponies to make direct con nections with their roads and have their freight rates in effect in Belvi dere."':. ! I -t- : i This announcement by Judge Baylies means thai the new electric . railway will give shipping facilities out of Belvidere on four competing lines. The freight rates in effect by the Northwestern company are understood, however, to be as low as given where lines compete and the only advantage if this is true ' will be the different lines upon which shipments can be made, ' . ' '- REFUSES TO TALK Frank Kingsbury Will not Discuss the Reconciliation Story. Omaha, Sept. 6. Frank Kingsbury, the husband of Marie Nielsen, the ac tress, was interviewed by a World Herald reporter today concerning the report that a reconciliation had been effected between himself and wife tnrough the dying plea of the daugh ter. : Mr. Kingsbury is a prominent business man here and the published story seemed to put hiui in bad bu mor. Be said there had been two deaths in the family as reported but denied that a reconciliation had re suited from the death of the daughter. He refused to talk about the subject. Story is Probably ira. .. -.: Despite Mr. Kingsbury's denial as reported in the above special there ia every reason to believe j hat the story of the reconciliation is . true as pub lished in The Republican. Miss Marie Nielsen i i very reticent on the subject but it is understood that she said her plans for the future included a trip to New York to visit her mother before going to Omaha to live with her hus band. Tikis is the story told by mem bers of this company. ; Mr. Kingsbury probably did not want to be inter viewed. :'?" i The exclusive storv published in The Republican has been published all over the country. The Associated Press took up the story and sent it broadcast. Nearly everoyne of The Republican's exchanges copies the article, GETS FARMER'S C0II1 Thieve Loot a House While Pro prietor is at Fair.- George Hines who lives near Cherry Valley yesterday went to the Win nebago county fair to spend the after noon. - wniie ne was gone some one broke into his house and nfled the drawers of : bureaus, etc , sec uriug valuables to the amount of aoout $40, HAD COOP CROWD. And Will Present Old Favorite This Evening. ? i The Nielsen company played to a large audience last evening, present-in)? "Under Two Flag-." The play was pleasing to the audience and put on well. " This evening the company will again present ''The Octoroon,' one of the best plays in their reper toire Miss Ilortense Nielsen will take t he j art of Zoe. ? ! Bennett's fresh cottaee cheese for sale on the Wagons Saturday. : It Our Agencies. We n&lve made arrangements to have bundles and orders left at the following places : G. P. Keuyon's barber shop; Wagner & Andrew's barber shop and nes .depot, .. Smith & Henderson Evans House barber shop. tf I THE TROY LAUNDRY. TO LATK T ULASS1F. POSITION WANTED Girl conipitfni to do gea- Call at 1M Wont Locust at. oear Wrifihi'w fiata. 83 UMNTEp At once, kitchen help at the Jnlien I House. linquuB M. M. Ajer k Sou at tha botvL . .068 BOAUHtBS WANTED A few boarders can find aocuuiiiuodvuoiis ij calling at 8 12 E. Ferry at., a.rtn axis. UFXT LolsTA black TeWet blt. 9 63 tcimnied with u steel lHad8 and buckle. loKt betweB M. Bow. k"' iemnliy atcre aod Belvidere creamery. Find. er will confer a faror on owner by leaving iu at tbia office. s Crank Named One NATION WILL DEEPLY j Buffalo, Sept. 6 (Special)President William McKinleyj was shot twice by an assassin in the Pi American expo- i afternoon. sition grounds this It is believed thAt be wiU die. The dastardly : crime was committed by a stranger who is now under arrest. . President McKiinley was in the Temple of Music when - he was approached by a man wearing a silk bat and a fashionable suit.' The man advanced to the president, shook bands with him thrust his left hand for ward and shot twice. The first bullet struck the president in the breast just below the shoulder. The second entered the abdomen, and the latter is believed to have inflicted a fatal wound.! The president staggered back with . i - . " , -- a look of agony on bis face and traces of blood : on the band which . he had ' - i ' - thrown to his breast where the first bullet" struck.: The next moment he fell into tne arms of a gentleman who stood behind him. ( Aaaaaain Arrested. Before the horror stricken people could take any action the assassin was in , the hands, of the exposition guards and was hurried Tawtty to the police station. The frenzied crowd followed as Boonas the president was removed to the exposition hospital. The bullet was removed from the president's breast where it had lodged in the bone. The Other cannot be lo ! cated and it is feared that it will prove fatal as it cannot be removed. Aaaaaain li I'nkoaai. The assassin has hot been Identified. He will say nothing and is being closely guarded - by the police. The streets for blocks about the jail are packed by a frantic crowd. Wound Will be Fatal. Buffalo, Sept. 16 Special) At 4:30 the president was resting quite com- fortably but there is believed to be no hope for his recovery from the wound in the abdomen The city is in a frenzy of excitement. MAY BE NIEMAM. Assassin Believed to be Man From Detroit. Buffalo, Sept. 6 (Special) It is be lieved that the assassin of President McKinley is a man named Nieman of Detroit, Michigan. The identification is not complete. He is supposed :to be a crank of the man killing type. ' The tragedy took place in the Tem ple of Music where the President was holding a reception. The shooting was. the most cowardly act imagin able. While holding the .president's right hand in a firm grasp the villain shot the helpless chief executive twice with a big revolver in his left hand. PRESIDENT WILL DIE. Special to the Chicago Journal Says There is no Hope. Chicago, Sept. 6 (Special) A special from Buffalo to the Chicago Journal hat thre is no hope of the president's recovery. ' Anothjer Telegram. ; ... Buffalo, Sept. 6 (Special) President William McKinley was shot twice at the Pan-Ameripan exposition grounds this afternoon. Both .bullets tookjffect t in totn Niem an of Detroit Did the Bullet Removed From President's Breast Only ach and breast. He has been removed to a hospital, and eminent physicians are working over him. It is reported that his condition is rious, and it is feared , that the wounds will be fatal. ! The greatest excitement prevails i 1 'jflEH a m, mmm. , mmmm , : 1 . PRESIDENT VVILLIAA ArKINI FY J! j - I Shot By An Assassin At Buffalo Today. :- ' jj '. I' I '.Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt. .4 Who Will. Succeed To The Presidem y. here. Thd streets for blocks about the packed with people held the building by a cordon of Profound Sensation. jail are back from police. , A The news of the shooting of Presi - -dent MoKiinley produced the profound- a Few Hours MOURN FOR est sensation. The excitement on the ! - -" " - ." , ' -.- - f- . exposition grounds was beyond description. . i A panic ensued. People were breathless with excitement. The suspense as to the presi dent's condition is awfuL. AH kinds of reports are out. One that he died an hour later. More reliable reports say he is seriously and perhaps fatally shot but in the excitement it is impossible to confirm anything. President McKinley came to the ex- position to give 'an address Thurs- j Deed and is Quickly Arrested. Distant. A BELOVED His address was one of the most notable he has ever delivered. . Grief Is General. - The news of the dastardly crime has been received In Belvidere with the keenest regret and sorrow. At first people could not believe it to be true. After the firs Hidings were received at The Republican, this . office was be sieged with inquiries. Every avenn of information was used to secure the facts in the case. Among the tele grams recevea bv tnts paper was one from W. 6. Wiliard, who is in Buffa lo. There will be no political lines in the sorrow , for President William McKinley. ; SUFFICIENT WINS 1 "Li- " "-.- First Money in Mixed Race Re- ) ceipts Yesterday Vary Large. ) The officials of the Boone county fair association state that the gate receipt yesterday were $200 grea-er than for Yates Day, Thursday of last year. - ; Sufficient Wins Mixed Race ' In the mixed race this afternoon Sufficient, George Blake'n horse, won two straight heats and the race. Jo seph P won second money . The green , race for Boone county liorses-was on when The Republican went to press. Harold T, Engineer Charles Mackey's horse won the first heat with Charles Fergus n's Ilex Onneral second. The attendance is good. , REFUSE TO MARRY. Genoa Couple Back Out on the Public Ceremony. William loote and Miss 'Jennie Leonard of Genoa who were to have been married publlely at the Winnebago county fair today refused at the last moment to be spliced. The fair officials charge that there were not enough presents in sight to satisfy the young people. ' W The Rockford people claim an at tendance yesterday of 20,000 people.. Death PRESIDENT START Steel Corporation will Open all Mills. TAKE Oil NEW MEN Declare That Negotiations With -Amalgamated Are at an End. STRIKERS, REFUSE TERM'S.' And the Corporation Deelare That ltWlll ; ooKer Treat; With Them -Will , Make a Oetermlaed Effort toStart All Milla at Oaoe-WlU Take Striker Back. i Pittsburg, Sept. 6, (Speciai). The Demnilertin plat works of McKees-port resumed wirit this morning. seven of the mills started with nearly a hundred, men, many of them' j being old employes. - Five hunderrl iueii'nave-Dccn set lo work at the National Tube company's works, making 1000 in all. lp is positively announced in steel corporation circles in this city that as the last offer bad been rejected by the . Amalgamated board all negotiations are at an end. - Orders have been given to start all, idle plants at once. Preparations have been made for resuming work Ij ! with non-union men and such strik-r era as desire to resume their places . WHEN SHOPS OPEN. Day is Announced by Officials-of the National. The officials of the National Sew ing Machine Company authorize the announcement -that; the -shops will open on Wednesday, September 18, and that full time will be put in from that date. - f SELL SEWER BOIIDS. ; I ' - ' ' j ' - Second National Gets Union Avtnue Bonds. The board of local improvements met .last evening to open the bids on the Union avenue sewer bonds. The task was not long for there was only one bid that of the Second National bank which.receiyed them on. a premium of S7.77 or a total of 707.77. ; Sara Tulli ver became nvolvid in a quarrel with a man at the fair grounds this afternoon and in the melee the other man's face was cut with some blunt article. The injury was not at all serious though the in jured man bled considerably Working Day and Night. The busiest and mightiest little thing that ever was made is Dr. King's New Life Pills. These nilla chance weakness into strength, Ustlessness into energy, brain-fag into nift'VLjwwer. They are wonderful in boC.g op the health." Only 25c. per box. Sold by John G. Foote. 9 - Apprentice Girls Wanted. To learn the millinery business. Call at once. tf . Mrs. Brill & Miss Inclednn. No sense in Buffering with constipa tion. Brazilian Balm cures nnif-t at - any stage. Tell everybody and stop the plague Kills every bacilli in 48 hours. tf Bennett's fresh cottage cheese for sale on the wagons Saturday. It They can't help it: crabbed old bachelors end disappointed girls over 30 need Rocky Mountain Tea; carries them back to childhood's happy home. 85c. Lewis' Pharmacy. !.'.( - : '

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