The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 5, 1955 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1955
Page 21
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Next Sunday is Mother's Day. I It's a day when flowers and gifts at"e given to Mother and we'll a'll dd ; a little thinking abbut what , pur Mom has ^meant to us in the past, and if' we are fortunate enough to still have her with us, 'we; can tell her so in person. . ' * * . 1 * ' Some of us are privileged io observe Mother's Day from both sides of the fence. We have our own mothers to honor and we are mothers ourselves, This \ is a \ highly satisfactory state of af- 1 fairs for the time when we appreciate Mother most, often does not come until we have children ; of our own. Then we can speak With-more sympathy and gratitude about the things, big and little, that she did for us in rearing us to adulthood. And we don't' wonder so much that she made a few little mistakes as we marvel at the fact that she managed to live through it at all. • . * * * I have my Mother's 'Day celebration all planned. I'm going to sleep late in the morning >and when I awake I'll slip into that glamorous new housecoat someone is going .to give me. Daddy and the kids will bring me breakfast in bed. The eggs will be just right,- the bacon crisp and the 'orange juice properly iced. When I get around to going out in the kitchen I'll find the dishes all washed and everything as neat as a pin. Father will accompany us r to church and the kids will be nicely turned out without my so , much as sewing • on a button, 'C.urling a lock or polishing a shoe. We'll have dinner at a restaurant DAVIS Colorful Red COWBOY BANDANNA and our fellow diners will marvel at our ybunister's beautiful table 1 manners. The remainder bf the day will be spent reading and resting with the family gratifyihg my slightest wish. There'll be' no cjuarellinj^and they'll &\l express, in flbwery teems, just how. rnucli I mean to them. Who do I think I'm kidding? *, It doesn't hurl Io dream a little/ but I know'that in reality er's Day^ at .our house will ^go quite differently. It's pretty, apt to "be just a normal day—very hectic. Take -today, for, instance. It -was, normal; everything was all fouled up. It wasn't Mother's Day but it was a day'in the'life of one Mamma.. ' .•••'• •*•',• » I awakened Io the soothing sounds ,ol little .ArbidfiS' shrieking in the kitchen. They; were' getting their own breakfast -and, they were fighting over wh'd )Was to get the. last individual.' pack of Sugar Corn. Pops.-1 staggered into the fray -ahd ; found'thai'-they had been•>making popsickles,,by^ freezing orange juice. They'd spip led it' all -over the refrigerator while testing to 'see .if they were done. All the cupboard doors were open.and Wienie was licking ,V" the spilled milk from the'fib" She keeps quite well-no.urisr, that way. * * * . ' ..-' One hour and several free-for- alls later, the eldest two mounted their bikes and were off to school. •Jeanie went outside to see what mischief she could -.^remote With the neighborhood' small-fry. Blessed peace descended and I tackled the ironing—the second .big basketful this week. The quiet, was. short-lived for Jeahie and company returned arid started to .play Beauty Parlor in the bathroom. Business was interrupted .by an old dross Mamma who objected to nail floor.. . polish decorating' the ' Fri., and Monday ii'mit 2 to * Customer Each You'll wan* o couple''of these cheery Bandannos for your own Junior Cowboy or Cowgirl They're bright red with attractive bucking bronco and corral design in gay contrasting colors. And they're color fast wash again and again without fading. Buy today ot this special low price DAVIS PAINT ASSOCIATE STORE Mr. & Mrs. Bill Amon Toward noon there .was'the food'to be packed for Bill's week r end camping trip with the Boy Scouts—about a ton of bread-ancl- butter, fruit and knick-knacks, to, supplement the main fare provided by the Troop.'Although Bill is a very inexperienced camper, I'm not worrying about him for he's in. good hands. But if I know our son, he'll eat all the potato chips, orangos and candy the Ih'Sl night and be oh slim rations; for the rest of -the outing. • '•;.', \•••. In ihe afternoon'I went to school. A good mother always attends every function in which'her child participates unless.she has den attack of rigor'mortis,, a broken leg or a case of leprosy: Today it was Mary Ann's .third • grade who showed us what they have been learning and the trip was both, enjoyable and profitably. Home again and a business call from a night-crawler customer. You didn't know that counting worms is a part of being a moth" er? I didn't either,,but a promise is a promise and I committed my.- self to tending Bill's worm bus-, iness while he's camping. Hjs two biggest orders to data have been for 10 dbzen each. Both times Bill was not at home. Guess who got to do the counting. Mary Ann was invited to spend the weekend with Marcia on the farm. We scurried around to find clean clothes. 4eanfe felt left out at this development «* She in. Wted- Charlotte J0 4 |«.-fo<?? Srtt &vih>ftfdht ftrelt. They at* ufjltalfs now, in bed but stffl glgi glirig; though 'it's lofig past timds for them to sleep. * * . * No- ffloiher's day Is complete Without a list of those things' she Waftned to ddlJUt didn't get done. Today it was the groceries that didn't get bought, the May Bas kets to be made for the children to give and I fully meant, to wash my haif. Thank goodnessj there's always tomorrow. * * *. Tomorrow is a wonderful wpr'd. 1'Ve always a great many things saved-up for that day. Tomorrow -i-1 great many of them hence*-* is when I'm going to have my ideal Mother's Day. By that time, I'll be the sort of saintly creature spoken 'of in'the sentiments. On Mother's 'Day cards. My hands Will be folded like Whistler's Mother instead of plunged elbow- deep in the dishwater and I hope by that time' to convince somebody that, "Mother knows best." The children will speak of me as their, "angel niother" instead-of yelling at me, "Hey, Ma!" Our youngsters will be like Cornelia's kids. She spoke of them as "heV little jewels." Right now, Ours are' more like diamonds in the rough. When this tomorrow comes, if I should live so long, I'll be rid of my bad habits, my patience will be infinite and I'll be very worthy of the high' title of, "Mother!" * * * ! This version of tomorrow has very little chance of coming true. If by some wild stretch of likelihood it ever should, I don't think I'd like it! I strongly suspect I'd look back to this time I'm .living through right now and call them, the best years of my life. .-• * * » Being a mother is a small miracle and most of us appreciate the fact when we can take time out from the rlnties involved. I'm glad its an every-day miracle, though, sb you and-I can get in on it. Most of us take quite seriously the joys and responsibilities of motherhood but it's a little difficult to keep our. halos polished and our wings neatly plucked and still do the wiping up, the running after and the setting things straight connected with rearing a family. .. * • * * A couple of weeks ago. Woman's World had a story about a teen-ager who spent her .evening- dress money for shoes for her brother and sister. So many .of Buell & WInMt, Eno. i *«5.3« Advartce Publ. Co., Ugals ..*. 47.01 Upper DM Molnes Publ. CS., . Utflaft j.**..... *-.^^- 3MO low* State Bank, IftttrvM -,-j.. 101.25 Airport fund Municipal Utilltlas, Water .<.- 4.03 h. J. Cewah, Bal. on Hangar ._ 2925.00 Funk & Deini, Supplies 5.60 Hflll-Strahorn, Supplies . 30.66 Swarfz Hdwe., Supplies - 16.27 Parking Meter Fund es Egll, Salary - 80.39 Ernest Hutchison, Salary 122.50 la. Erfip. See. Comm., Tax . i 37.37 la. Pub. Emp. Retirement, Tax _ 64.33 Advance Publ. Co., Legal ie.80 Upper DCS Moinos Publ. Co.,/ Legal /. 5.40 Municipal Enttrprlsei Fund Cemetery Association, .Taxes ... 1307.53 Meeting adjourned to April 22, 1953 at 7:30 P. M. Linda B. Clapsaddle, Mayor .Attest: Ivy D. Seuffham, City Clerk. Published In the Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, April 26, 1955. Thursday, May 5, 1955 Algeria (!„.} Upper Dos Molnes- 5 "I've already bought my g«s and oil at .another place, but 1 like the way you people wipe the windshield and : check the water, tires and battery!" Council Minutes fJee<d More & you called to ask about her and there were several offers to loan or give her a dress. I'm glad to report that the young lady got the formal and went to the dance. She looked very pretty, too. . •* » » *This week's recipe is for Easy- Creamy Pineapple Ice Cream. 2 eggs . . ; "".!%< cups- sugar—- • ^..Wi.;,?, ..u- 1 tablsp. cornstarch 1 cup milk 1% cups pineapple juice (1 No. 211 can) 1 cup (% pt.) heavy cream 3-'drinks''^SJriGn cut"?.?*— ,.....*•...*•, Turn the freezer control on your refrigerator to coldegt setting. In a double boiler, mix .together the eggs, sugar, cornstarch, milk, and pineapple juice; cook stirring until smoothly thickened. Chill thoroughly. Then whip the crearn, flavor and fold it into the chilled pineapple custard. Pour into refrigerator tray and freeze until very firm. Turn out into a bowl and beat with mixer until creamy. Return to tray and re-freeze. Makes over a quart or 6 generous servings. » • » • If you like, you can make this ice cream with a no. 2 can of crushed pineapple instead of juice. Follow the above recipe using 1 cup of syrup, drained from the pineapple, plus 3 /.\ cup sugar in place of the 1 Vi cups sugar called for. Freeze as directed, but after the firm ice cream has been beaten,-fold in l 1 /^ cups of the drained crushed pineapple. Grace * * * I hope none of you have tried the Rhubarb Cake recipe which appeared in last week's column for its suposed to have 1 cup of sour milk in it. Mrs Roy Walrod of Wesley who gave it to me :hought it was her mistake, but I looked it up and she has the sour milk listed all right. Just add it to the rest of the ingredients which are listed O. K. COUNCIL MINUTES v.?. The' City Council met In adiourned session April 14, 1955 at 7:30 o'clock P. M. with the Mayor and all Councllmen present. Builder's permits were granted to the Boss Hotel Co., Harry Irelarid, George Kohl, E. G. Roepke, Vivian Egel, LeRoy Ditsworth, Merle Chamberlain, J. S. Thompson, Paul Newsome, Sid Spear,- Mrs. Vallle Tribon, B. P. Richardson, Harold Voigf, M. F. Amfahr, Milton Dettman.^E. J. Hough, Ferman Heinen, Gordon Kuhn, Pat Doerning, Wm. i Dora Salisbury, itM Jcrscsnion and Dor. Chr!5tens*n..;.- A plat and Schedule for improvement ot Harriet Street between Chubb and Far Streets w'as filed by Engineer Vern Miller. - ' A motion was passed to proceed with the original program for blacktop and that the.tost of curb, gutter and blacktop in excess of be paid by the City. . ' / , Engineer Vern Miller was asked make a further investigation of Church Street. - . .' Fire Chief Ira Kohl v/A authorized to purchase more hose for the fife department. ,, A cigarette permit and a class 'C' bser permit was granted to Raymond J. Miller operator of the Diagonal Grocery and class- 'B' beer permits were granted, to the V. F. W. and Moose Lodge. > Street department employee Jack Mears salary was set at $215.00 per'month arid Custodian of the Dump Albert Baas salary was set at jjl'IO.OO per month. The following claims were allowed. General Government Fund Nancy Sands, Salary $ 67.16 \ 4.80 9.20 69.62 30.24 53.40 3.75 Lewis Ferguson, Eng. Iowa State Bank, Tax ------la. Emp. Sec. Comm., Tax ---la. Pub. Emp. Retirement, -Tax Mason City Blue Print, Supplies "" 16.77 32.30 70.44. 123.2? 36.30 ?S!v 73.97. * Jack Mears, Salary :-Lewis Ferguson, Eng. ».....« - 132.30 Harry Ward, Labor . ' Iowa State Bank, Tax 65.90 la. Emp. Sec. Comm., Tax 222.41 la. Pub. Emp. Retirement, Tax 385.04 Algona Ins. Agency, Audit 13.40 Keuffel & Esser Co., Supplies _ Arnold. Motor Supply f Supplies _ Botsford Lumber, Supplies 19.15 H. J. Cowan, Repairs ... 24,00 Greenberg Aulo Supply, Supplies 9.33 Kent Motor Co.,'Repairs.------ 16.65 L. S. Muckey, Repairs 4.95 Percival Motors, Repairs 43.15 Pratt Electric, Repairs ..- 87.50 Upper DCs Moines Publ. Co., Legals * . Gibbs-Cook Equip. Co., Repairs Algona Implement Co.,'Repairs - Citiss Scrvlie Oil Co., Oil Hilton's Super Service, Repairs _ Hovey Implement, Repairs Kossuth Oil Co., Gas *___.> 149.59 Russ & Ky's, Grease —. 3.45 Schultz Bros., Repairs . 3.50 Skelly Oil Co., Gas • 101.93 Taylor Implement Co., Repairs .. 13.82 Public Safety Fund A. C. Welshaar, Salary 134.75 Albert Boekelman, Salary 159.25 Raymond Krebs, Salary J45.19 Richard Groen, Salary 177.89 Leo Counley, Salary 161.52 Iowa State Bank, Tax -' 48.50 Ernest • Hutchison, Cloth Allow. . 75.00 la. Emp. Sec. Comm,, Tax 194.98 la. Pub. Emp. Retirement, Tax _ 323.71 Cook Scrap Iron, Supplies 26.35 Gene s Radio & T. V., Supplies , , 16.55 Groenberg Auto Supply, Supplies .4.64 Long's Studio,- Supplies .—. 2.65 Kent Motor Co., Repairs .... 47.84 Schultz Bros., Service 1.00 Ira Kohl, Salary »_ :...:. 20.00 Algona Fire Co., Service -.. 276.00 Hilton's Service, Gas .3,64 Sanitation Fund Harry Ward, Labor - .-, . ,7.56 ORDINANCE MO. 363 AN OnDINANCE ESTABLISHING CURB GRADES FOR A PART OF SOUTH HARRIET STREET; PROVIDING THAT THE UNITED STATES COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEY LEVEL SYSTEM IS USED IN THIS ORDINANCE AND DETERMINING THE DIFFERENTIAL BETWEEN THE ESTABLISHED CITY DATUM AND THE UNITED STATES COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEY LEVEL NETWORK. WHEREAS, the City Council is considering Improvement of South Harriet Street by rneans of a curb and gutter and bfacktopplng program and it is necessary in connection therewith hat grades be established for said street proposed to be improved, and WHEREAS, existing Ordinance No. 20 established .a datum line for City streets of Algona and sincp the enactment of said Ordinance No. 2!) the United States Coast and Geodetic Sur> vey Level System which is based on sea level has been extended through out the City of Algona, Iowa, and elevations and reference points-establish, ;d and said datum lino -c'u'i.ii.'ili!l by said Ordinance No. 29 can be converted to United States Const and Geodetic Level System by adding to said established City datum a certain factor, and WHEREAS, « new and detailed set of levels has now been taken for part of South Harriet Street, Algona, Iowa. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT OR' DAINED by the City Council of thd City of Algona, Iowa: Section 1. That the elevations appearing In this Ordinance are based on the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey Level System. Section 2. It Is hereby determined that there Is an elevation in feet above sea level of 1212.42 to the top of the northwest bolt Irt the cap of thfl water hydrant at the intersection of Hall Street and Call Street. " Section 3. The grades established lercin are to the top ot the curbing, Section 4. The following grades nrd lereby established. > .,.„,. Harriet Street from Chubb Street south to Fair Street. Sta. 17.1,31-7 at tlie Intersection of Harriet Street and Chubb street. Sta. East & West Curb • lit! "IS ' ±50 23X50.5 1201.60 Section B. The differential b«twe«n existing City datum line established by existing Algona ordinance No. 28 nn,d the United States coast and Geodetic Level System -is hereby determined to be 1007.81 feet. The da- No. 20 can be converted to the United turn line established by said Ordinance No. 29 can be converted to thfe United States Coast and Geodetic Level System by adding to City datum line established by said Ordinance No. 29 the ractor of 1007.81 fe«t. Section 8. All ordinances or parts of ordinances Inconsistent herewith ate hereby repealed. Section 7. This Ordinance shall be In full force nnd effect from and alter Its passage and publication as required by law. Passed, adopted and approved this 22nd day of April, A.D., 19B5, Linda B. Clapsaddle Mayor ATTEST: Ivy D. Seuffham City Clerk AUTHENTICATION The foregoing Ordinance No. 363 which was passed and adopted by the City Council and approved by the Mayor on the 22nd day of April, 195B, is hereby duly nuthcntlcated. i Linda B. Clapsaddle Mayor Ivy D. ScuffHam City Clerk MORE VALUE I MORE STONE I LESS COST When You Select Your. Diamond at Private Showing Room I Open Evenings! 46.25 18.75 . ... ........ . Advance' Publ'." ; Co., Legals ---Upper Des Moines/.iPubl. Co., . ... waajs . ,.iBt.-u.,, — i — - — M. RrWagheC Refdhd ; ------John Spencer, Audit _________ 345.00 Street Tund Jess Lashbrook, Salary .^ ------ 119.75 Fred Gronbach, Salary ____ --.-- 92.91 Albert Pergande, Salary _______ 108.67 Herman Kruckenberg, Salary .. 107.97 P.cakus Helmers/- Labor Reiner Helmers, Labor George Weig, Jr., Labor* Is Fmn. Snc. Comm.. Tax --_"la. ; Pub; Emp. Retirement, lax _ Mason City Blue Print, Prints .. Botsford Lumber, Supplies Frank's Service, Gas Hilton's Service, Gas Central Motors, Repairs John Bahr, Salary -L. S. Muckey, Repairs Pratt Electric. Repairs James Egli, Expenses Richard Franibach, Salary aymond Metzen, Jr., Salary .. '*.f P»? n k. Tax . 92^9 I James Egli,' Sal. 87.29 I Engineering " Salary ng Extension, Courses 9.80 14.70 11.02 89.39 r 33.1 2 14.62 , 9.70 ) 4.12 10.50 10.37 7.35 4.3 2.91 33.63 7.00 / 40.00 DOCTORS'OFFICES WILL BE CLOSED SATURDAY AFTERNOONS EFFECTIVE MAY 7 OFFICES OPEN THURSDAY AFTERNOONS AFTER MAY 7 MEDICAL ST. ANN O ALGONA You'll without teen/ing the ground 'We have PIONEER on hand For accurate planting, strong" germination and big yields, see us for Pioneer seed corn. Still a good choice of hybrids and kernel sizes in early, medium or late maturities. R. |. Mawdsley -.-.Algona-C, L. Bailey - Algona * Aaron Steussy - Algeria iugene Kollasch ••-• Bode Harold Jones - SweaCity . IV O, Johnion 7 Swea City Wm. Martinek - Weilty Walter Vaudt - Whittemore HOSPITALS April 20—Mrs Lillian Schenck, Algona, medical; Mrs Burdette Kinseth, Goldfield, surgery- April 21 — Donna M. Thilges, Algona, tonsillectomy. April 22 — Mrs Howard Bierstedt, Fenton, girl, S-S'/a; Amey B. Cnerland, Lone Rock, surgery; Mr? Nora S. Kain, Algona, medical; Mrs Nicolas Dangelser, Algona, medical; Mrs T. E. Gronbach, Irvington, medical; Donald P., Morriss, LuVerne, surgery. April 23 — Mrs Stanley Black, JJurt, medical; Mrs Joseph Kenne, Whittemore, girl, 6-4 Vi; Lawrence Faber, Ottosen, medical; Mrs David Harper, Storm Lake, boy, 8.1%. 'April 24—Mrs Orville Gardner, Lone Rock, boy, 7-3%; Michael L. Kohlhaas, Bode, tonsillectomy; Mrs Robert Stephenson, Algona, maternity: Carl Johnson, Lakota, medicaj; William Degl$er, Whittemore, accident. April 26 — Mrs Dale Yunge- berg, Algona, boy, 8-2 Vi; Nancy B, Berber, Algona, medical (expired); Gerald P. Frankl, Irvington, medical; Mrs Merlin Walker, Algona, girl, 7-7 V4; Mrs John Capesius, Bode, girl, 8-1. ?q YEARS Ben Lake, of Manly, i has recently completed 50 years of service with ike Bock Isloud Railroad. Just wait till you switch th& pitch ofBu/cif's new Dynaflow*/ Here's Ihe new hit in hard- lops that's taking the counlry by storm - Buick':; pioneering and pact-setting 4-Door Riviera. Tha "convertible" look, with no center posts in Iho side- window areas - but with separata doors (or rear- seal passengers. Shown here in tho low-price SPECIAL model-also available in tlio hlgh-powored CENTURY Series. Both now in volume production Io insure prompt deliveries. H OW would you like to take the wheel of a high-powered Buick and feel an experience you never felt before in any earth-bound vehicle? How would you like to do- just by pressing down the gas pedal - what a pilot doe's whei> he's ready for take-off? And how would you like to drive with the happy thought that you're getting plenty of miles per gallon in normal cruising-and the electrifying action of the world's first airplane-p/incipled transmission whsu you need it for split'Second getaway response? 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Drop in this week, won't you? *Dyiiafluiv Driie is standard on Roadmaster, optional at extra cost on other Serits, Thrill of the year is Bu/cte -WHIN BETTER AUIOMOBILW A8JE BUIIT WICK Will 8UIU) THEM- 105 H. Hall BRANDT BUICK Algona, Iowa

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