Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 29, 1973 · Page 14
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 14

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 29, 1973
Page 14
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14> Golfetteuffl ftfojsfcfrMqff, flolesburg, 111. Tuesday, May 29, 1973 HOSPITAL NOTES Cottage Miss Hutti 3. Eiker, ?1 N. dttfrtbers St. Mrs. Ndnm F. (Ml, m In&am Ave. Dr. George L. Nulph, •1305 N. Oiwry St. Wayne Wfllianwon. Bushel Harold V. tfeLong, 1821 Newcomer Or. Fred E. Anderson, 158 Silver St. Robert L. Biggiam, 1731 Willard «• . DISMISSALS SATURDAY: Mrs Mollis M. Powell, Avon Elmer E. Burr, St. Augustine K. Marlene Perry, Knoxville Robert I. Atafiahamson, 816 N. Academy St. Mrs. Sharon K. Weaver, 116 Cedar Ave. Mrs. Genevieve E. Linn, 849 Lincoln St. Orvai A. Gafoes, Knoxville Thomas J. Epfey, Monmouth Mrs. Goldie M. Must, Kiewanee Wyman R. Simians, London Mills LaVeme O. Gabrieison, 85 Phillips St. Mrs. Esther R. Graves, 670 S. Academy St. Miss Eunice Adcock, 367 N. iBroad St. ' Robert P. Grafan, AJitona John H. Oliver, 1536 Grand Ave. Mrs. Sue Ann Hendei, Roseville Mrs. E. Jane Guemther, Knoxville Mrs. Kathleen R. Conley, Knoxville Mrs. Oaithy S. Johnson, Maquon Mrs. Sharon J. Price, 793 E. Main St. Saul R. Inlterial, 1095 S. Academy St. Mrs. Elaine R. Gustafson, Waflaga Mns. Virginia L. Counter, Knoxville Mrs. Ella M. Dowell, Knoxville Mrs. Cora E. Hurr, 1145 Frank St. ADMISSIONS SUNDAY: Donald E. Whitman, Altona Mrs. Mildred L. Franklin, 1639 E. Fiemont St. Mrs. Edythe B. Johnson, Knoxville Foster A. Bradford, 729 Monmouth Blvd. Harry E. Young, 664 W. Grove St. Mrs. Mable L. Palmrose, 1161 Bateman St. Mrs. Catherine L. Clayton, 1437 Hollycrest Cr. Mrs. Elsie Coyle, 144 N. Highland St. Mrs. Charlotte A. Baumgardner, Altona Mrs. Cheryl D. Martz, Abingdon Bradley L. Flatt, Media Donald R. Ensley, 1328 Moshier Ave. DISMISSALS SUNDAY: Dustin A. Frazier, j 941 E. Knox St. Dale E. Bolin, Alexis Mrs. Cynthia M. Williams. Gilson Linda L. Baxter, Wyoming Mrs. Charlotte J. Frankhauser, Avon Kenneth W. Coble, 1692 Brown Ave. Mrs. Mabelann Randall, 1216 N. Kellogg St. J. Michael Jones. North Henderson Mrs. Gertrude H. Schienbein, 40 Circle Dr. Mrs. Doris R. Kniss, 92 Kimberly Terrace Miss Esther E. Anderson, Abingdon Mrs. A. Jean VanBeveran, 1046 Frank St. Mrs. Sally A. Kohl, 976 Beecher Ave. Mrs. Leita B. Bonney, Gilson E. Donald Schrechengost, 433 Knollcrest Dr. Mrs. Christine M. Engels, Wataga Mrs. Cheryl K. Tucker, Altona ADMISSIONS MONDAY: Mrs. Jeanette Osborne, Bushnell Wendy E. Warning, 815 Harrison St. James H. Powelson, 2060 N. Broad St. Mrs. Linda Foutch, Knoxville Mrs. Esther R. Graves, 670 S. Academy St. Mrs. Carole L. Webber, Knoxville Mrs. Merle R. Bryant, Oneida Miss Hazel A. Peterson, 115 N. Chambers St. Mrs. Editha L. Huddleson, Smithfield Mr?. Ethel P. Mustain, Hotel Custer Mrs. Margaret P. Parson, 213 Pine St. Allen P. Christiansen, 9 Fairway Rd. Albert H. Nail, Macomb Mrs. Nettie J. Ericson, Bishop Hill Gamble J. Duncan, 867 Michigan Ave. James S. Fugate, Roseville Mrs. Barbara J. Basley, 560 Iowa Ave. Mrs. Joanne L. Dahmm, Bushnell Mrs. Violet C Meadows, 1492 Grand Ave. William L. Jones, St. Augustine Mrs. Vera E. Funk, Abingdon Robert G. .Gardner, Cambridge Mrs. Mary L. Johnson, Abingdon DISMISSALS MONDAY: Mrs. Belle Noble, Joy Mrs. Bonnie J. Smith, 1189 Maple Ave. William H. Schultz, Avon George L. Nulph, 1305 N. Cherry St. Mrs. Beverly J. Morrow, 948 N. Seminary St. Gertrude P. Longcor, 261 Pine St. Mrs. Martha J. Gilson, 202 N. Arthur Ave. Mrs. Patricia A. Dorethy, 414 E. North St. Gas Shortage Latest Blow To Struggling Gas Station St. Mary's ADMISSIONS SATURDAY: Mrs. Ida Barber, 1017 W. Second St. Mrs. Mildred Duden, 980 W. Losey St. Mrs. Nellie F. Davis, 700 S. Chambers St. Mrs. Dixie F. Garrett, 217 Phillips St. Miss Susan M. Pogue, 1488 N. Prairie St. Michael Thompson, Wataga DISMISSALS SATURDAY: Mrs. Marie L. Duane, 994 E. Beriren St. . Mrs. Betty Howard, Abingdon Robert J. Burke, 2045 Newcomer Dr. Mrs. Mabelle M. Hall, Maquon Miss Cheryl L. Smith, Toulon Miss Kathleen E. Masters, Galesburg Route 2 Miss Paulette E. Reed, East Galesburg Mrs. Sarah K. Roberts, Fairview Ralph L. Brashear, London Mills Mrs. Carole K. Welch, 1750 Bluebird Dr. Mrs. Myrtle L. Darrah, Moon Towers ADMISSIONS SUNDAY: Wyman Griffin, Galva Mrs. Margaret Likes, Maquon Mrs. Lillian P. Pople, 820 E. Fifth St. Mrs. Connie M. Smith, 160 Cedar Ave. Miss Muriel Shannon, 1157 E. South St. Miss Trudy Thierry, 379 W. Tompkins St. Ottie C. Webb, Abingdon DISMISSALS SUNDAY: Bradlev P. Larson, Abingdon Mrs. Carol Unger, 660 E. Knox St. Ronald Ferris. 1230 Sonice St. Mrs. Carol A. French, 2228 Daniel Dr. Mrs. Grace W. Davies, 616 W. South St. Miss Susan M. Pogue, 1418 N. Prairie St. ^'r E. Rockwood, Sturbridge, Mass. PERRY, Fla. (UPI) - For the better part of 20 years James Dandridgie and his wife have been trying to make a living pumping gas for the tourists arid fishermen. Business started picking up at the Dandridge's filling station when the government finally finished four-laning the Finance Aid Resigns Job; Irregularities (Continued From Page 3) assistants contacted him and they discussed his charges but Walker had neither accepted nor rejected his resignation. However, Loukas said he con* siders his relationship 'with the department severed. Loukas said he would detail his charges to "law enforcement agencies," including the office of Attorney General William Scott, perhaps as early as today. Montgomery said, "I would be delighted at an investigation of the department "because ttoat is the best way to counteract this." Loukas said he knew of one case in which a department auditor discovered a $100,000 embezzlement from a credit union several months ago and did not report to the proper authorities. He said another credit union was involved in a $1 million defaultation that has "been going on for some time." Says Not Qualified Loukas charged that Montgomery did not have the statutory qualifications to hold the job of department director and that his only credentials for the position was a job as an insurance company adjuster. "I'm categorically saying his credentials did not meet the statutory requirements," Loukas said. highway through this quiet town, which stinks of a paper mill. Perry is the place many came to watch a solar eclipse a few years back, but most tourists don't stop here for any length of time. It's on the road to St. Petersburg, however, and that was good enough reason million annual cost-sharing program to help improve the productivity of their woodlands. —For beekeepers, extension of an indemnity program to pay for bees accidentally killed by pesticides. for the Darrdridges to open a gas station. Their first setback came wheh Interstate 75 was completed, luring motorists on a faster route through the middle of the state and nway from the lush loneliness of the Gulf Coast. Then Came the Gas Shortage Then came the gas shortage. It was Monday morning and Dandridge was ringing up a dime for a lime soda an elderly tobacco farmer was chug-a- lugging. "All these years these people have struggled on this high- Also, the bill would require , waV) » he said. "It looked like applicants for export subsidies;we were gonna have the best "I don't know, what I'll do then, I guest I'll just sit in here and sell groceries and beer." They Salt Other Things The Dandridges have a small trailer park in back of their station, located on the south side of Perry where U.S. Highways 19 and 98 and Alternate 27 have merged. They also sell fishing tackle, men's stacks, big sacks of dog food, Indian moccasins, Western hoots, hot peppers in unlabeled fruit jars, and a few other groceries. In Chiefknd, a hour's drive south of Perry, an attendant at a Union 76 station refused to sell a motorist more than $2 worth. "That's been our rule for three weeks now," he said. although their Standard Oil distributor allows them only the amount they sold in the same month last year. "Theyt ell us to take Care of our regulars first," Mrs. Dandridge said. "But we've got to take care of the tptifists and the people who come in here to fish in the Gulf.. The local people can always find a little." to report, for quick publication, where they expect to ship the crops. This provision, growing out of last year's information gap during wheat sales to Russia, Is currently academic because no export subsidies are currently in effect for farm crops. Other provisions would set up new grain research programs, create a new export market development unit in the Agriculture Department, and require the Council of Economic Advisers to monitor developments affeciting food costs. summer we've had in years, since 75 opened. Now this. Maybe it's the Republicans." Dandridge, a short man who wears a straw hat rolled cowboy style, has been in poor health lately. His wife works the pumps and checks the oil and wipes the windshields. Already, she said, they have borrowed well into next month's gasoline allotment from the local distributor. "If they hadn't told me I could get some June gas, I would have give out last Saturday," Mrs. Dandridge said. "Now, if I pump as much as I did last June I'll be out by the 20th. PAY YOUR TAXES THE EASY WAY RIGHT HERE WITH US1 i Personal Property Taxes > Real Estate Taxes (1st Installment) Delinquent After July 2! First National First Galesburg National Bank &. Tiust / Established 1863 / Member F.D.I.C. New Program Is Written In Clear Terms (Continued From Page 3) ADMISSIONS MONDAY: M»-=. Ka'-en J. Asmire, Abingdon M r\ Bessie L. DeWolfe, Wi'i'amsHeld Miss Jane Maupin, Galva Mrc Alviros R. Miller, Abingdon Mrs. EWle Motz, 1145 Frank St. T ?rries Park Jr., 1 *92 Mr Master St. N 'fk P . Poulos. 1.^ W. Tnmokins St. WCMISSALS MONDAY: **"<:. *?oso M. Crouch, 101 Duffield Ave. Neal Ray Dollar, Galesburg Route 2 Mrs. Carole Louise Benge, 625 Indiana Ave. Miss Diana Elliott, Galesburg Route 2 some of them controversial, include: —For dairy products, a temporary hike in price supports to 80 per cenlt of parity; limitation of dairy imports to 2 per cent cf domestic consumption; new marketing order provisions which the Justice Department charges would "unwisely" strengthen giant cooperatives currently facing antimonopoly charges, and expanded indemnities for milk contaminated by chemicals. —For wool, a five - year extension of the current support program. —For cotton, a five-year extension of grants of up to $10 million annually to a private promotion - research program, plus government funding for a new cooperative boll weevil eradication program. —For owners of monindustrial forests of up to 500 acres, a $25 DU PONT 'acron I POLYESTER 'DuPont Registered Trademark Mrs. Lila L. Hobbs, 1146 E. Berrien St. Armohdo Freeza, 1173 W. 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