Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 6, 1947 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1947
Page 8
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l*/\r.rc «—fVAI/CiATUCK XKWfK (COXN.). MONDAV. .TAN. 6. 1M7 State Law-Makers Convene Wednesday Confronted With Major Tax Problems Veterans Bonus, Legalized Horee Racing, Sales, Income, Payroll Taxes Studied ' Hartford—The law-makers gather on Cnpltol Hill Wednesday to convene the 1(M7 session o( the Connecticut General Assembly — and to '.nckle for the first time tile post-war problems of the state. The problems actually cun be summed up in one eight-letter word—Hn-.incca. You may bo bothered by tho high co.-a ot living—but not any more so than the State of Connecticut, In fact, very few—If any— of you .arc faced with cuts in Income—but the state is. Many tax naurccs—which poured millions Into the state's coffers (luring lush v/ir years—are dwindling. It b estimated that the state may bo in the rc.-l as much as $'1,000,000 by July, Thnt's the dlsmul picture that confronts Governor-elect Janics £-•McConaughy who Is laboring over tho inaugural address which he'll deliver Wednesday. McConaughy promises that thlc address be an all-inc'tl«lvc that the state finds itself in such j that facca the 1947 legislature—dl- flnanciiil straits. But it is true | m inlshlnB tax returns in face of '.hat McConaughy will be solely . ,-cspansihlc after next Wednesday because he will have the solid support of both Houses of the Republican-controlled legislature. His mounting expenses. Everything else that takes place on Capitol Hill — squa'bbles over patronage and the like—will be just so many path has been groaned — and he j .side-shows. must lead tho way. Finances will be starred in tho So that's the principal problem | mnin tent. Free Parking for Disabled Vets - Church Notes - St. Mary's No vi) mi devotl'ins in honor of Our Lady of the Miraculous Modal will be held this evening at 7:30. The High School Study club will St. Francis' Masses next Sunday will be cclc- Councilmon Al Rocheiter, left, «ponior of a recent amendment fo the city 1 . --•-•— " ° tla ffi e sod, givins diiabled veferani free parking ri S M« in all unre.trict«d areai. her. upervi«, i.&lhrfion of the firlt winAfcWd >tiek«r on tomob, . ofom« Currit right who lo»t both legs on Okinawa. Rochester, a World War I veteran, bratcd at the regular hours: 9, convene after the devotions A requiem high Mass for Maurice bunday. 9 downstairs, 10 and 11 o'clock. There will be no 8 o'clock Mas, next study of the stain's'problems. "I've gone into the whole matter thoroughly," tho governor-elect says, "and I foci that I know tho various Ins nnd outs of the task that lies ahead." McConaughy has been consulting with HUUC officials 1'or nearly two months, listening to their budget request. 1 ). Just what recommendations tho governor-elect will make In his Inaugural addresj, he doesn't uny. It would seem likely that he'il hnvc to urge some new foim of taxation — but us yet ho hasn't hinted how ho propose.-; to remedy the state's ftruincial ifl.-i. As he sits In his Cornwall homo todiy, he must bo pondering: "Would legalized horse-racing ho more of a curse than ,-i bone-lit? Would more howls be caused by a sales tax than an Income tax? How about a payroll t ixV Mayor th;it wouldn't be no'-iced as much." And ns he blue-pencils the rough draft of his message, he must ho wondering, "how are we going to pay tho veterans the SfiO.OOO.OOO bonus we promised them? How can we piy state employes their mine in salaries? How can w-j hnnclli) tho Increased ot" sup- plica for state Institutions? And ! how ctin we provide new services and facilities which are being sought?" No. It's not <i very peaceful d'.iy In this particular section of Cornwall. For .Tame* U McConaughy | knows thai the people of the stale [ have put the questions squarely up ' tt> him. Trim, it's not his fault Cowan, requested by the Holy Name society will bo celebrated tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock. The Carnival ant) Eingo committee will hold a special meeting tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock In the church basement. The Altar society will hold its regular monthly meeting Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. Catechism classes will be held for children of the public schools ^ Thursday afternoon at the usual 'I'luirsday morning at 8 o'clock. An anniversary Mass for Mrs. Mary L/engcllo will bo celebrated tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock. A second anniversary Mass for Mrs, Margaret Dohcrty will bo cele- Abduction Suspect brated tomorrow morning ot 8 o'clock. A -third anniversary MOBS for Mrs. Mary Carroll will be celebrated Wednesday morning at 8 o'clock. A month's mind Mass for Mrs. Mary Triano will be celebrated ' time. Tho parish entertainment wll! take place Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. The senior choir will rehearse tomorrow evening at 7:30 o'clock. The junior choir will rehears; Trim's- St. Hedwig's day evening at 7:30 o'clock. Weekly bingo will bo resumed I this Friday evening at 8 o'clock ! The CYO basketball team will meet the St. Augustine team of The Hi-h School study club will Bridgeport a-t Columbus Hall this evening at 7:30 o clock. The St. Francis Rams basketball -noft this evening at 7:30. Co'd Post, Catholic War Veterans, will meet next Sunday at- team will meet the V. S. Quicks of ternoon at 2 o'clock at the church ! Watcrbury at Columbus Hall Wcd- pavilion. , nesday evening at 8 o'clock. Polar Flier Missing it Von H'nnt »n liny or Sell REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Parrar Tel. 4233 Funerals Charles S. Myers Funeral services for Charles S. ,-Myers, 718 Rubber avenue, former assistant treasurer and secretary of the U. S. Rubber Co. footwear plant, who tiied Thursday night in Walerbury hospital of pneumonia, were hold this morning at 11 o'clock at the Aldcrson Funeral Home, 201 Meadow street, with tho Rev. Win trod B. Langhorst, rector of St. Michael's Episcopal churcli, officiating. Burial will bo at the convenience of the family in Hillside cemetery. "ACE 1 ' Aluminum STORM WINDOWS Protective Insulation Co. flH Avon Avc., \Viili-rlinr.v, Conn, Tel, n-OIWI Kvu. 4-2^«7 ONI OF SIVBN crew members ^^ aboard a PBM Mariner seaplane missing after o flight over the south polar wastes is Chief Photog- Two Fined In Borough Court j Wiiltor Ogonow.-:ki, fio, 108 Nortli ; itain street, was (Inod ,?10, and j Walter Sikorski, 37, Bridge street, WES fined $20 on breach of peace charges Saturday In -borough court by Judge Martin L, Cairn;. The two were alleged to have engaged in a fight Dec. 23, in a Union C:tv tavern. Police; in Cleveland, ()., h:ivu :ir- restcd ex-convict Itolivrt II. Humming (above), -12, after Miir.v Kinihtirly, 20-ycnr-old Ohiu State University stiulont, :tc- cusc'.l him .of forcinq; her to au- company him on a two-dii.v ""-- tor trip. Tho pretty co-erl Miiil that Hc.-iimiiig, the .f:il,hfr of one of her girl friends, hud drugged her. Mrs. Rocco Sabia (C.ini.inund From I'.'igr; T-.vo) to - |\ ' I *l 1 iDepression Likely, FOR YOUR FAMILY NEEDS!! NAT'S 41U North Main St, Union C'ltj TKL. HIM AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE HO SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 Cnnii. Adm, Byrd Expedition, was on a , survey flight. (.International') \ IMITTLM SHOUTA<;iS j Soft drink manufacturers in | Connecticut ar«: up ag:i| a ! tough problem—a shortage of bot: tic.-:. Home of the manufacturers ' XH.V they will r.'ivc !o suspend op- onitiunM Lfni poriu'ily '.inless containers c;in be .•fcournrl. The shortage |i bkim'od on tiie conHumct'H— wh-i liny soft drinks nnd then neglect to return the bot'-^es. n:if;K DOWN New ICngl;i.iiclt^ry can subtract two cents from their cost o? living. t'Yir heavy cream has been cut that amount us result of a move by the Aftsocialion ut 1 New England Milk Dnalci-M. Other price reductions arc in the oiling, according to olllcials. UtilU-d ChuiT.h Eighth graders are invited join the United Fellowship. The pot luck supper of Ihe Ladles' Aid, postponed frum last week will bo held at the church at G p. m. Thursday. The Loyal Daughters will meet a.t S p. rn. Monday, Jan. 13. at the home of Mra Frederick Smith, The Sunday school touchers of the United chu:ch sponsored the pur- chui.o of new copies <if t.'ic Pil.rrriir: Hymnal. The books wcru dcdicnt- Rd at Sundny aervines. FOKTtNK FOUNU When police searched the ovor- ,-illii of Andrew Sopstyle — a mill worker found ctesid In hia cabin fit Thompsonvlllc—they found n sin ill fortune In bills wrapped in eiKarotto jv.i|iers and tin foil. Moat- ly t^ti ;cnrl tu-nnty dollar bills, they jidrteil up l'i $'1.020. The money will ho turned over to lily two daughters and a son. About 'I 1-2 qtuu'ts nf milk arc needed for a pound of cheese.- Children Enjoy Winter Sports When They Are Strong And Sturdy Those with strong bodily reactance ure better fortified to nghl colds. '' When Vitumin A M lucking, Father John'? Medicine wilt aid in building strung resistance lo colds due to lack of that vitamin. It also soothes coughs and |iiro«t irriiHtion due to coldt. The nutritive ingredients of Father John's Medicine lire pure and wholesome, •y , Mi"' r 'n» have used it iuccosffully during 90 years. Berkeley, Cal, (UP)—.Every economist in the nation expects sonic kind of depression within two to five years If present conditions continue, according to Dr. Robert A. Brady, professor of economics at '.he University of California. "',""'-'",, "A dangerous .situation has dr.- evenir.;.;. vclopcd In the United States, with ""'• anli .Tack Honvnns .'inrl his '.il-riirstrn will furnish the music for the Beacon l-'allH l.''iic Dupl. i!:ui"C to be helfl ,-n. the Rocrratloi] Club, Jan. IS. Beacon HHKO Co. %vill hold its regular ino;H/)ly m<:eLing Alondijy economic autocracy nnd political democracy existing; side by Hide," Brady said, "Thi.s state of affairs has prvnr Instrd fot' long." Brady warned when and if a depression occurred, the United States would face tho same situation "which Jed to the rise of Hitler." "Wo have all the elements here," he said, "including racial animos- '•ty, which led to internal disorder In Germany." Physical Therapist Offers Advice Stanford Unvorsity, Oil. (UP)—If your child suffers from curvatuv of the Hpine to the r-ijht ho should learn to play g:ol-f left-handed, even though hn is nHturnlly rifrht-hand- cd. is the advice oC Beatrice Woorlcocli, San Francisco physical therapist, in a book ontitlert "ScoliojiiB." released by Stanford LfnlvorsUy Press. British-born Missi Woodcock also advises persons s^uCforing from curvature of tho' .spine to the riRht. to play tetmi.s, table tennis, baseball an<J miniature ftolf left-handed. Mrs. Raymuiid Kais;or entertained at their home. 37 Hijjh- .anu Avc.. recently in celebration of their first wedding .•inniversu.i'y. Tlcli^ious ins-!.)-ucticns J'or t'.io. children of St. Michael's Parish were hold Saturday morning at the church. Tax Collector Ralph Tucker will i be at the town hall ".very Friday i cvotiinK frum 7 to 8 o'clock .throuBh-' out the month of February to collect taxes. 1'LANK 1'LEASICS HKIl AT !)() Fitclibui 1 },'. Mass, —(UP) - Mrs. Klopi G. Macomber had her first airplane ride at 90 and found it S'oocl jroinfr. "It- was just like riding on the elevated trains, only more comfortable," she said. Truman (Continued from Page One) Next Mr. Truman asked Congress to prevent abuses from the other side of the economic fence— I'rom big business. He said that positive action must be taken to curb a growing trend toward monopolies. Balanced Budget The President then notified Congress and the nation that he soon will submit a balanced budget— the first since 1030. And he urged Republican congressional leaders not to j-.rcss their announced program of sweeping tax reductions. The President said that the forthcoming new budget will provide a small surplus of federal income which can be used to retire part of the huge national debt. In- stc.'icl of reducing taxes now. he said, the wartime rates of excise taxes should be extended past their present, expiration date of next July 1st—to provide evon more surplus to be used for debt retirement. Implicit in his nnliro speech was the warning that Mr. Truman vvlll oppose '.iny Republican nkive to cut personal income taxes by 20 per cent. As the i'ourth and fifth points in his economic program, Mr. Truman advocated an aggressive program of new home construction, and measures to assure farmers a continued fair level of return for their produce. Leaving the realm of nconomie problems, Mr. Truman asked for congressional cooperation in a number of other programs which he culled essential to n:itionai wcl- l)rj»ft Law He ngain asked for legislation providing for universal military '.('•Lining. He said iL may lie ncces- ;;iry l.o extend the draft law unless Mir Army c:ir. iron out its present difficulties in getting enough men through voluntary recruitment, '.-(e ii.'-gerl once again that t'nn arm- eel forces be unified in a single de- partmont. of national defense. And he uskcd for :i now dcpnrrrr.ont of cabinet rank—a department q£ i welfare, to administer a program j of national hc-ili.h insurance. Mr. Truman indicated his opposition to ,1 votera.ns bonus, by saying that except for minor adjustments, he. c-jn^iders the nation's program of veterans benefits now complete. Tiir president tolr! congress that this nation tins not ynt done its PMI-I. in .'ih^orbing the displ iced persons of Europe. And he asked that i immigration Inws be relaxed to permit tnous.inds or hornless war victims lo_ come to America. The chic!' executive tils-'O indicator! that row fedi-rfil Icgisliflon may bo needed to protect tho rights of minorities in this country ngainst the outbreaks of racial and religious bigotry -.v-hk.-h he said have been numerous lately. Additional Classified NOTICE Skating Is good at Paulson'n In WoodbHdge. It's two milca from Seymour, eight from.New Haven, iiist off cement surfaced Route 67, Parties Invited, Electric lights for night skating. Tel. Seymour 009. GUITAR —Instructions for beginners and advanced pupils. Instrument loaned free. Fred Bredlce, Guitar Studio, 24 Grand St. Tel. Wtby. 4-0130 or 3-9120. Employment Help Wanted—Male WANTKD---News Carriers in all sections of town. Inquire Mr. H, T. Dillon, News Office. RECENT College 'graduate chemist or chemical engineer for work as an assistant chemist in Rubber laboratory of a plant located In southwestern part of Conn. Statf in detail in first hand-writ- j ten* letter, age, education, experience if any, and remuneration expected. Write Box A, Care of Naugatuck Daily Newa. CAB IJIUVKRS WANTKD—Apply Independent Cab Co., 106 S. Main. Tel, 028S. WANTED—Man for office work; excellent position for- middle aged mini or disabled veteran. Apply Independent Cab, 106 S. Main, Help Wanted—Female HIGH SCHOOL Student for gcn- • oral office work. Must be familiar with typing and good, at figures. Good opportunity fot- ambitious person. Reply in own handwriting to Box ,'G," care of Nau- patuck News. GIR1< for olllce work with knowledge of typing. Experience not necessary. Call Free Motors, Naugatuck 2211. WOMAN OR GIRL to stay nights with children while mother works. Tel. 6561, •TA«USHI» UK? GOOD OLD JANUARY IN NEW ENGLAND BUNDLED UP IN OLD ENG-i LAND'S BURBERRY ULSTERS. Then let the snowflakes fall 'where they may/ on the just and unjust alike, and you can go your way as snug as a bug in a rug inside a London 'tailored British fleece that's as hospitably warm and comfortable as a crackling fire in your hearth to welcome you home after the day is done, $88 and $100. Atlantic Hi-Arc Gasoline for Quick Starting POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Avc| Tel. 4935 For A Snack, a Sandwti or a Full Meal, Try DUFFY'S Restaurant WATER STREET FULL LIQUOR LICENSE WANTED—Girl or woman to take care of small child at my home. Box "B," News Office. WAITRESS WANTED —Apply at Stratum's Restaurant, 18 Park PI., Naug. For Sale 3 Mouses for Sale FOR THE prudent investor, wo of- j for an excellent 3 story apart- | mcnt houbc, containing 9 fur- j nished apattmcnts and a multiple car garage with additional storage space over tho garage. Located in a most desirable section, within walking distance of the center. The house and each apartment is in first class condition. Hardwood floors throughout with oil burning hot water heat. This property returns S69CO in annual gross income and shows a return of better than 35 per cent after expenses. Details furnished upon request. LUDDY BROTHERS REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE '20 East Main St. Wtby. Tel. 3-0177 or 3-2560 FOR SALE—7-ycar-old pre-war G room 1 family house and garage. Ail improvements. Immediate occupancy, located West side, back of High school. Patsy Labriola, Real Estate Agent, 172 High St. Tel, 3458, Established 1870 Deposits* Fully Guaranteed Starting a budget for 1947? The best medicine for any budget is consistent savings. Then should any unexpected expenses arise, you have available cash. Even a small sum deposited regularly soon grows. Naugatuck Savings Bank Naugatuck, Conn. GUS SMOKE SHOP \ 402 North Main St. Union City \ GUN Klimaszeuski, L'rop. J MODEL AIRI'LANKS > HALF PRICK ? Fined $15 In Borugh Court HOUSE FOK SALE —11 room, 2 family houne in good condition. Two furnaces. No nffcnts. Call 4157—336 Scott St. iM.*n-;niATE, VACANCY—.11 room, two famiy house on Millvillc Avo. in A-l conditinn. For further details call A. Shcp.'ey. Tel. 2133. WALTER H. HART, INC. REALTOR — INSURANCE John C. Kicrnan Eve. Nanp. 5707 20 East Main St., Wtby. 4-3123 IMMKDIATE OCCUPANCY — Six room one fnmily dwelliiiR with pH.nn-y and Inrpc open veranda, in pood condition. Apply John M. Sutherland. Tel. 217G. FOK SALE—Curtiss St. 3 family, 32 rooms, store, 2 car parapc. Four room house with larpe piece of land. Scott St., two family house, 11 rooms. New Haven Rd— one family house, one car praraRe, large barn and seven acres of land. JOHN HEALY, Tel. S031. I Real Kstate Wanted Highland Package Store 93 Highland Avc. — Tel. 3983 Anthony Fnrrar, I'ron. FRKK DELIVERY All Parts of NuugaluoU WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CABKAL, Prop 8 South Muln SI. Tol. M<M SALT and FRESH WATKK FISH of AJ.L KINDS ^•••P^^^^^^^**^^'^^™^^^^^^^ FOR SALE Ten room home, G rooms fin floor, 9 rooms second floor, I bath-rooms, hot air fu electricity, 2 car (rareice. Formerly Z tenement and ownar will re-convert to) tenements and (five ImmnJ occupancy to flrat floor. Ivocnted cant Ride of town I may be Inspected In af<crn««». | F.W.EATOI Room 9 Neary Build Church Street TRY AD« Charlos MeloR'inlcs. C3. i21 Hill street wns fined $10 on a charpc of intoxication and given « 30 day sentence in the Now Haven County jail, the latter sentence suspended for thrcn months, when nrraigncd in lioroujrh court this morning' before Jurijro Martin Salem Next 3 Days Uind For Sale L.OT on Rivarsidc Drive—lyinR between two Highways—1,420' front- afro, 75 to 100' (loop. Must be sold immediately. Price $2,000. Louis Taylor, 75 Huntingdon Rd., Stratford. Tel. 7-3625. NEVER MIND THE LUMBER Watertown, N. Y.— (UP)— Jefferson County's first saw and grist mill, built In 1802 at nearby Burr- vllle, is still operating today, pro- j ducir.g 300,000 to -100,000 board feet I of lumber and several thousand gallons of cider annually. DODGE Hotchkiss St. Garag-e 47 HOTCIIKISS STREET Tel. S7I7 ,';•). L, MAZILAUSKAS, Plop, SALES — SERVICE SOOD level lot on High St. Call or BCC Joseph V. Rosko, 'i Union St. Tel. 4028—2952. Bill's Danbury Hatter 67 SOUTH MAIN ST. VVn>. Mnrlann, Prop. Men's Hats CIcaiiRfi, Blocked; Factory Mcthodit NBW HATS FOR SAM: Made to Order Van Joluihon, as a proud papa, gets ready to liund out the cigars to Marie Wilson and Keenan Wynn In a merry sequence of "No I«eave No I<ovc,"' M-C-MS new musical THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Building Conn Germany's Ruhr region is rated I as one of the most important coal i mining and Industrial centers of the i European continent, Oldest Established Body Shop In Naugatuck \ EXPERT BODY REPAIRS and PAINTING- We have had many years experience repairing and painting automobile fenders and bodies. A complet* shop equipment of hydraulic and electric tools with scientific paint mixing to match the color of your car insure satisfactory results. Work done by appointment, on predetermined con-1 tract, under the supervision of Kenneth E. Johnson.] The Naugatuck Fuel j Company 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE 5236 Try NEWS Want Ads-they bring rei

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