The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 5, 1955 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1955
Page 11
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ST. JOE NEWS Mrs Lcjjjiard |McGuire<i)eturned : to her hdrhe hete oh Wednesday' &«m ffc$*«!RWS Mercy jhbspitaT; m FoHaJodglt where'sTw had* been a patient the past 2V* weeks. . Virgina Bormann, daughter of Mr and Mrs Nick Bormann, and . Carol Wagner, daughter of Mr and ! Mrs Ted Wagner, both students) at St. Joseph's School of nursing spent the weekend here with ' home folks. K. C.,, St. Joseph's Council, will have its Father-Son banqueUpn Monday evening at 7 o'eflodk* Rev.' Nick Becker: pf Grattyille witl'be the'trfajrt,speaker. 'Gijth' blic Daughters'of ^America, Cdrfrt St. Joseph, are preparing''and serving the meal,; in St. Joseph's parish hall. . '• . ' ' ' •Albia has ah official city flower, far the first time. It'S the petunia. ; - ,, : SO PROMPT! SO SO. DEPENDABLE! Oirjlfce'lob soon after you call. : * (faioMdeens clogged sewers' and drain without mess. • Relied on by more homeowners tbai aiy other sewer service. • < ONE YEAft GUARANTEE / / A NATIONAL SERVICE AVAILABLE LOCALLY COWAN'S ROTO-ROOTER ' .5 i' \ ,' ' ••.. Serving Kossuth Coujity : < i , Phone 980 Collect l.i-i - FULLY-AUTOMATIC fcf CHB18REEM A tlUU Of TM», • Uitl* , of Thai) Hot Moeh talk about ear .iraific— wrij, we do have s6me in our home town, Algona, at times. 'Twas Saturday night that -I done some arithmaticing as to the traffic on the ?Main f drag ; and so i leaned up against & light post on Dodge and State, and done some counting of the cars that, entered the Dodge and State iritersection and ,1 admit 1 was somewhat astounded, so to speak. The time was for ten minutes, ,8:20 to 8:30, and it might i be;, that • those particular minute's! are) not the busiest '-ones of an 'evening. I do know this, that the -parKing on State street Was filled completely, and I was told by, seyeral. 'that there just wasn't any 'picking within- the loop, so ! to speak: And then '!' started counting* &nd there tyere ib.4 /cars , entered Jthe -Dodge\and *tate ' irtterVectidn ; in the 'ten inuteilantti'l.piesumfe that they mostly hunters for parking es. Jiist think- Of it, 194 'pars in 1 ten miiiiites 'eted the intersection and, supposing ;that was a continuous number .that w&uld mean that 1,164* caVs -crossed 'that iiutiVsecuon per hbur. >. And Just think what tnat 'would mean by. way of traffic after: supper, 'from 6:00 to 9:00 p,m.| 3,490 qars traffic- ing by way of the main- drag in three" 7160x8,' so 'to speak. ^ \i was. WUBur .Courtney , Who stopped me 46 -question as to just When tne" 'straty hat Reason happens. f And; the; 15th; of -May is straw hat day, according? to. law, so to speak.-' J f - Wafe Jf>st VJSBJ* mat a straw hat committee $<(rved and kept; on] the noh-strawhat Wearer's^ '; And ;l;suggest€Jd. to. Wil- tiur'that We; call; a meeting of Ithe strawlhat 'Wearers' 6f Algena and again fcrfgiahJze 'the Algpria Straw- hat Clulj and .elSctbf facets as was done -last iyejuj.. ' :if ' J .f'emernber correctly' She stra^hat wearers of last year' all toenefit.ted by mfem- bership in' tWe >club as welL; as .doing. th.eir. pates a lot of good and • SUDS-MISER — built-in, patented soap and hot water saver. ' • GUIDE LITE CONTROL for at-a-glance.operation. • DUAL CYCLE-TONE tells when wash is done. • AGIFLOW WASHING ACTION - gentlest, most thorough washing known.: : •-.•-. i • 7 RINSES leave clothes sparkling clean. • FREE-FLOW DRAIN carries water away from clothes— not through them. ' ' • 3-TEMP WATER SELECTOR for just the right washing temperature. • BIG FAMILY-SIZE CAPACITY - washes full 9-lb. load. • 5-YEAR WARRANTY on sealed-jn transmission. COM! IN-SEE IT-IT'S TOUR BI60EJT VALUE! H ALL-SIR AHORN HDWE. "The Hardware Store On The North Side of the Street" year in hair'numbers, that jthe straw "Hat "sure 'proved plenty benificent, so 'to speak. If I ]am Mfbrmfd' correctly there is a state law backed up by all angles of hair doers and hair dressers that straw hats Should be worn from May 15th to September 1. J'yrtbeenj tqldt that ;the ; sun 1 'ac" W^ pfite ^t tihiefe'are real" '-'•'••'' v ' '•••• '"•" '"^irig " ie se str^aw hat day andiSOiOn till September ist *- ^-.ioi^ - r .It'w^S^ujrday-.that I drove lo Sibley, Iowa;-in Osceoia euuiuy, and just 101 miles from the court house her.e ,tq the court house tHef?.f' But the pavements were not bad after I got off No. 18 west of Spencer and drove northwest. But I sure will be glad when the pavedf highways are widened -'a bit and' patched up a bit,'as our governor : told us the other .day they would be now that the gas tax has been raised a cent. Why there are spots in highway 18 that aren't much better than a worn graveled road, so to speak. But I'm sure not going toiholler about that cent gas tax raise if it is put right to work to give us some better driving lanes on our highways. . <.: ' '.'.. Well, it finally looks as if winter Had passed us up because on account of we've had no snow or Ice cold winds for mor'e than a week and the thermometer has been registering in the high 70s and into 80 the past week and maybe 1 can now take 6ff the winter underwear and hunt up some lighter material. for warmer weather -wear, so to speak. But it must be admitted that we sure suffered chills and chills way into April. I have heard many gents remark that they believe the s.ea- sons are-, dragging longer and longer and maybe' iri another -few years we'll enjoy summer into November and winter into May, so to speak. According i to > a xe-, port by the statfe weather bureau it is agreed that the . seasons of fall, winter and spring were .carried over an average of 21 days beyond their regular limit time in 1954 and so far in 1>)55. I agree .with the bureau and I am reminded of the years going; back to the 1920s that weather conditions were early .enough so that farmers ! could db field work in late February and many, times seeding was 'done in late February or early? March.- -Yes, that's quite a number' of years past 'but i's a cinch 'there 4 hasn't been: any early farm field work taken care of this year or e.ven. A the past several years, so to speak. , However, •• it looks like now' I can finally do away with the heavy but. warm undies and take on summer, duds, t hope, because on account of I don't care -to suffer perspiration conditions brought on by, winter underwear as long as- 1 really do have lighter wear .'for summer use. Anyway, I'm sure glad .winter has finally adjourned, before May 1), so ,to speak., ' , / Small, Yes- But But Busy, Says Sextofr By The' Village Gossip '• ' ' • ' Sexton — ' • We may b^e small but it would .take ,the .prjze for being ,the busiest, lit,tle- place. The activity fpr one day included, loading a new , hog shed at the lumber yard, laying a drive , at the. elevator, unloading Ipgs on a freight car and 'a-j check up by the track inspector car. : There. scales and it was drying too fast in the high wind. The new man around the elevator so much is Only a feed company representative giving ,a new dealer a lot Of attention and not a new as 1 - sistant. • ,"' Anyone rieeding a kitten might try stopping at Mack's Market in a few weeks because a cat has added a big batch of kittens to the Wise family. Mrs .Fred Jennings is getting around a little more in this warm weather. She enjoys company since she can't work in her flower gardens as usual. Dubuque Rites For Kossuth Woman, Apr. 26 . * , Funeral services for Sr. Mary .Matilda, 50, were held at Mt. Loretta Chapel at Dubuque,'Tuesday, April 26 at 9:00 a.m. with Rev. Victor Kollasch of Royal, a cbUsin, and ReV. F. A. Grady of 'ttiimboldt officiating. Burial was n Key West Cemetery ' tit' Dubuque. Sr. M. • Matilda, .passed- away 'April 23 at Mercy hospital in DubUque'following a six week? illness. . ;'Sr. M. Matilda, daughter of the late Mr and, Mrs Michael Koll- Bsch of Whittemore, was born •Nov. 24, 1905, She entered Mt. Loretta convent, which is the Presentation Order, on March 25, 1935. She , was preceded in death. by her parents and one brother, Anthony, Kollasch. . > Survivors include four brothers: Peter F. of Ruthven, Charles. R. and Michael of. Whittemore and John P. Kollasch of Algona; .and four sisters: • Anna (Mrs Simon Elbevt), 1 'Chriijteild ' (Mrs 1 .'GiWl'e's 1 Salz), Kathryn' (Mrs Leo Elbert) all ; of Whittemore, and Helen (Mrs Andrew Laubenthal) of Lu- Verne. • • ' ••,,:• Immediate relatives attending the funeral were Sr. Deloris .and Sr. Benedict' of Sioux-City, Sr. M. Pierre -. of Waukon, Sr. M. Marita of -Farleyj Sr. Ann Marie and Sr. Presentation of Dubuque, and Mr and Mrs Simon Elbert, Mr and Mrs Gerald Elbert, Mr and Mrs Edmund Elbert, Mr and Mrs Francis Mullins, Mr and Mrs Charles Sal*, Mr and Mrs Leo Elbert, and Mr nnd Mrs Charles R. Kollasch, nil of \^hiltemore. Mr and Mrs Peter FV Kollasch and Alvina of Ruthven, Mr and Mrs Geo. Kjar of West Bend, Mr and Mrs John P. Kollasch and Moreen, nnd Mrs Pat Murphy of Algonn, Mrs August Berte of Bancroft, Mr and Mrs Ralph Kohl- hons of Livermore, Mr and Mrs Andrew Laubenthal, Merle and Irma of • LuVerne, Mr and Mrs Maurice Laubenthal of Wesley and Mrs Kenneth Krieger of Mason City. • Pallbearers were Maurice and Thursday, May 5, 1955 Algeno (lo.) Upper DM MolflM-3 ADVERTISING ih the Algoni Merle Laubenthal, Gerald nnd Upper Des Moines reacnes more Edmund Elbert, Francis Myllins, and Rnlph Kohlhaas. CABIN At the Henderson form five miles northeast of Sidney is n well-preserved relic of pioneer days, a log cabin. No bne knows just how old the cabin is but in 18B4, 91 years ngb, it was moved to its present location from a previous site in that vicinity. UDM Want Ads Pay Dividends families in Kossuth county thai) any other publication FOR GRADUATION! RAPID South Phillips St. GAS RANGE Only 30 x 25%", yet Big and Roomy Never before such comfort-cooking and convenience. Features you've always dreamed of are,here NOW on the NEW .ROPER "SPACE-MASTER". A full line if ROPERS awaits your Inspection. '* 'COMPANY Algona, Iowa GIVE A Smith-Corona Light in weight but strong in performance. Full-size key- .board and many other features for smooth, fast action. Como in, see this "most portable portable" and try it. It's a gift your grad will treasure and use for a lifetime! •Plus Fed. Excilt To* ONE USED Completely Overhauled SKYRITER Specially Priced For Graduation At $37.50 Upper Des Moines i Publishing Co. Phone 1100 ; Algona Algona Implement AgtHORIZEP rowa MOWER • wwo curra Algona Implement Phone 52 Commercial St. CHICKS CHICKS SPECIAL f 3.OO DISCOUNT on day-old Hamilton Leghorns if ordered before May 10th for delivery after May 20th, HAMILTON HATCHERIES & PRODUCE Algona Wesley . .were . .slsn , tbe , .niOal , .v.mnwwt. .ftf. grocery supply trucks ; unloading at, thej store, car parts, trucks at the garage,, mail, (trucks at the post office and trucks with other commodities for the corner station. By -the end of the day the school bus only adds to the confusion by leaving quite a bunch pi youngsters. With ail this there is still a lot of time for just visiting.: ,C. N. Beisch' is'put of the hospital and recovering at a rest home in Burt. , Mrtand Mrs F.raijk Wise of Mason ' City' spent . Sunday at the Mack Wise home where a celebration was held in honor of Frank's birthday. Mrs Carrie Olsen's home should sparkle since her daughter, Mrs Leslie Huff, has been doing a real house cleaning job the past week. There was one less cleaning job as Mrs Olsen's African violet collection is gone. She was well covfered and warm but the flowers weren't when the fire went out one cold night last winter. It's quite a surprise when someone other than Marie Loman comes around for donations for some fund. Mrs Leo Kirsehbaum was canvassing for the Red Cross recently and last week Mr and Mrs Arnold Danielson were out for the cancer fund. With the farmers busy season here, Art Olsen has picked a poor time to be sick. After being married for fifty years Arch Burger still only admits to being over 21 on his birthday this week. If he could touch up his hair like spme of the ladies he might look it too. August Kirschbaum, local garage owner, underwent ^surgery at St. Joseph's Mercy hospital in Mason City Monday morning. He is expected to be there for some time yet. His son, Leo, wjll continue to operate the business. The Friendly Club met at the home of Mary McMahun with Mrs Ambrose Licktieg assisting with the delicious lunch. Members volunteered for their working hours for the Kelley Open House. Miss McMahon told of her trip through the southwest and showed souvenirs. She remembered her neighbors by brining a Mexican toy for each instead of sending cards. In Texas she was able to see a showing- of Cinerama. Among the guests present were Mrs Lawrence Wieg and Jo Ann Lick- tieg of Sexton, Mrs Julia Taft of Fairmont, and Mrs John McMahon of Corwith. The next meeting will be May 26 with Mrs Leo Kirschbaum. Mothers are very pleased with the new school bus driver in this area. There is now a lady driver, Peggy Naylor, and its surprising how well a woman can make the children mind on the bus. If you have attended a mother- daughter banquet you may agree with Mrs Joe Namer's opinion. She certainly enjoyed the Catholic Daughters banquet at St. Benedict but it was sura" a bother to get a meal for the rest of the family first. That bucket brigade wasn't to put out a fire at the elevator. and M,cMahon poured a te th« a«w / ; , • ;rr»biie 80 — Aigona st of Courthouse ,.; ,,'' . 20 NEW BUICKS IN MAY IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON BUYING A NEW CAR COME IN AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR VOLUME SALES... WE NEED USED CARS, SO FOR T MEREST DEAL IN IOWA, COME TO BRANDT BUICK DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN OWN A BRAND NEW $ 188 H. P. BUICK FOR 2328 M - DELIVERED IN ALGONA ( * Model 48-ineludes directional signals, oil filter, oil ba»h air cleaner, cigarette lighter, tubeless tires, 2 sun shades, arm rests ) ' COME IN AND DRIVE A BUICK - THi THRILL OF THE YEAR - AND SEE FOR YOURSELF WHY BUICK IS AMERICA'S 3rd FASTEST SELLING CAR IN 1955 ... OR PHONE 80 - THE BUICK NUMBER Evening Appointments ,or Demonstrations If Desired — After 5 p.m, Call HAROLD BRANDT Home Phone — 395-J JOHN LAVIGNE Home Phone — 96W DICK SORENSEN Home Phone — 876 BRANDT BUICK Phpne 90 West of Courthouse Algona, la. L •«*.

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