The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina on October 3, 1968 · Page 18
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The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina · Page 18

Greenwood, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1968
Page 18
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J, C. J, S. C, T1-tj., Cct. 3, V. r.Icn In Uniform it 4. J K: Ik Lie RC2ZXT CROWE -EIXOU, Miss. - Second Lieutenant Robert N. Crowe, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Crowe of Rt 2. Hodees. S. C. ; has been graduated at Keesler At a. Miss., from the trahung coune for U. S. Air Force air traffic controllers. " ' Lieutenant Crowe, who ' learned to direct air traffic control and communications operations, 'is being assigned to Vance AFB, Ola., for duty with the Air Force Communications Service. . i The. lieutenant, a graduate of Greenwood (S. C.) High School, attended the University of Maryland and Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kan.1 He earned his B. G. S. degree from the Municipal University of Omaha (Neb.) and received his commission in 1SCS upon completion of Officer Training School ... .; y. '.;'.;: '. His wife, Nora, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. .Waters of Rt 2, Hodges, S. C PAUL BOWIE ' SAN DIEGO Seaman Apprentice Paul R. Bowie, USN, 20, soq of Mr. and Mrs." William C. Bowie of Rt 1, Ware Shoals, S.C, has been graduated from nine weeks of Navy basic training at the Naval Training center here. ; . lt In the first weeks of his naval ' service he studied military sub jects and lived and worked under conditions similar to those he will encounter on his first ship or at his first shore station. In making the transition from civilian life to Naval service, he received instruction under vet eran Navy petty officers. He studied seamanship, as welt as survival techniques, military arm ana otner subjects. EVERETT EUTLDt USS BORDELON, at sea -Commissaryman Second Class Everette Butler, USN, 25, son of Mr. and Mrs. M.L Butler of Rt 1, Ninety Six, S.C, and husband of Mrs. Eleanor M. Butler of 718 E. Cambridge St, Greenwood, S C., is serving aboard the destroyer USS Bordelon operating in the North Atlantic in support of Operation Silver Tower. Operation Silver Tower is a large scale NATO maritime exercise with more than , 100 ships from nine nations participating. Purpose of Silver Tower is to exercise NATO and national forces In their defense tasks on both sides of the Atlantic CECXGE KOENIG in USS CONSTELLATION at sea Aviation Boatswain's Mate Airman George H. Koenig II USN, 21 son of Mrs. R. P. Snel-ling of Rt 4, Greenwood, S.C., is serving aboard the attack aircraft carrier USS Constellation. , The San Diego-based carrier Is engaged in her third series of operations off the coast of North Vietnam. During her second cruise "on the lln?' at Yankee Station, Sllots from the Constellation ew air strikes against enemy supply lines in North Vietnam. Over 300 trucks were destroyed or damaged in day and night raws ana over m carpi were crippled or sunk In the water ways north of the Demilitarized Zone. The pilots also destroyed a 15-mile Jong petroleum pipeline. With the pipeline inoperable the enemy was forced to transport the petroleum over bombed out roads and bridges. Courthouse (Sept 21 Oree-ft Sept i ) ' PROPERTY TRANSFERS . W. D. Tinsley, executor of esH ute ot Mrs. Uzae a. McKeuar, to Mrs. Alice Scott Beaudrot, lot on Watson Court. $5,500. William McCombs to C F.I Rickenbaker and Lula Creswell Rickenbaker, L25 , acres . on McCormick highway. $3,000. w. D iinsiey, executor or estate of Mrs. Lttzie H. McKellar, to Dan Byers Construction Co, Inc., 3.8 acres on Cokesbuiy Street, 115200. Fred J. Wadford Jr. and Margaret May T. Wadford, to Foy L. Chiles Jr., 48.51 acres in Callison section. S17.500. ' Separate deeds to Greenwood Commissioners of Public Works for sewer line right-of-way from Guy Butler,' T. E. Stephenson, Don Childs, Lonnie McManus Jr. end W. T. McAllister, II each. Campbell Construction - Co., Inc., to Donald Lewis Henderson and Bonnie Wade Henderson, tot la Clendale Eclats, $1359. ' William Lee Witt Jr. to William Lee Witt Sr, lot in Brook-aide, SS, love and affection. Jones It Culbertaon to Bobby M. Allen, lot in Pinehunt, 8400 and assumption of mortgage. "" Bobby M. Allen to John T. E. Brooks, lot in Pineharst. KCS.81 and assumption of mortgage, ' i Chester Johnson "to William Chester Watts and Jode Mae Watts, one acre at Goosey, 85, love ana anecuon. ' Chester Johnson to Doroh Watts and Amis Watts, we acre at. Goosey, xs, love ana ai- foci ion, i. . ; Wilbur S. Smith to Duka Pow er Co, right-of-way, JIJMO. - - Austin R. McEIhaney. probate Judge and ex-offido master, to William A. Moore, lot near dty.l 83,79, high bid in cast of Mo-' tual . Savings and Loan Aiso-' dation against Joe J. Arnold, George' BaDentme and North American Acceptance Corp. ' Alvin D. Manley to'Royce Leopard and Ruth P. Leopard, 1.85 acres near Hodges, 85, love and anecoon... .:-.. i A. R. Drummond to John W. Burns and Peggy M. Burris, lot I in Greenwood Shores. 8500. - tlermaa Cobb to -Marvin R. . Boatwrigbt, tot on Laurens hlgh- ' wty, 85 and assumption of mort- tare,-' Anna C Brown to Bertha Cl Tipton, one-half interest in two lost on Keiiler Drive, 83, love ana anecoon. t Floris Courser, EfGe C Thur- Tnrad, JElizabetlu C. Sharpton,! William, O. C and J. T. Coursey io Anna C Brown and Bertha C. TV ton, right, title and Interest la two lots on Keisler Drive, S3 an otner consueraoona. i j, . l ay H. CoviL and na W. Cc-.l to Paul E. Walters -and l Aey J. Walters. 133 acres on t: I Abbeville highway, $3,000. I 'JoraM-CastiebenytoMrs. U M. Willis, tot on Florida t rue. GV . ; bby M. Allen to Jack B r :HiW" JrJ:1ot-T' Ware I :t, $2,0.5S and assumption I! -.ortrace. . . O D. Blackwell to B. B t iwell and Helen S. Black , 3.23 acres in Stony Point 'm. 83a. r al EsUte. Inc.. to United traction Co.. Inc. lot in I Meade. 12.1.3. : . a, r-" : t s-1 fir:' Records Soldier Of Month PFC (JErZ) David H. Roberts was awarded recognition as Soldier of the Month for the 547th M. P. Platoon, U. & Army Reserve' Greenwood, at ceremonies following drill recently. Roberts was cited for his exceptional soldierly quel ities which he constantly demonstrated, for constantly exhibiting a high degree of miU-tary knowledge and military bearing during all phases of training ; His ... proficiently, leadership qualities, and pro fessionaljsm m tan . duties earned him-, recognition, as Soldier, of the Month. . Roberts is employed in the Pro auction Planning department of.Abney Mills.. -CHARLES HOIXOWAY SUMTER.' S.C. i SerMMt Charles W. Holloway, son of Mrs. Mattie M. Coode of 1827 pranswics: orive, Columbia. 5.C, has arrived for duty at Sergeant Hollowav. ia KmI mrm. cialist, is assigned to a unit of we iacucai Air command. ' He V Dreviouslv eened t I n Thailand. ' X" The ser dgewooc Six. S.C nt is a craduate of High School, Ninety His wife. Bettv. u' thl daughter of Mr.; and Mrs: Fur- nwa inompson or Rt 2, Ninety Six. and Korma loan Bryant, lot in Ware Shoals, $3,200. ; John E. Bryant and Norma Joan Bryant to Gary L Buice ana Miiarea a. Buice, lot m Ware Shoals, 88.500. Nell Rasor. Mary R. Aenew and Rum A. Rasor to B. D Luker, 2X38 acres along Dunn's creeav$5M. i Mrs. Miriam, E. Dudley and John B. Dudley to Town and Country Real Estate. . lot in Ninety Six, 82.500 and assump tion or mortgage. W. W. Fouche Jr. ' to Mary Ellen S. Fouche, lot in Timber-lake, 85 and assumption of mort gage.. i. D. weiborn to T. J. Aiken. tot in Ninety Six, 81.500. G. D. Bell. Gladys Park Es- telle and. Hunter Park to East Highlands Co., 68 acres in Cam- bridxe section. $1060. Albert Robinson to East High lands Co., quitclaim deed to 331& acres In Scott Robinson' tract, 85 and wemlses. " : Robert H. Stockman to Frank Partiow and Johnnie Mae Part-tow, tot on Watson Court. $1,200. Abney Mills to Duke Power co rignt-or-way, 81. Shirley H. Southerland ' to Raiph L. nottscuw and Jan C Holtzclaw, lot on Abbott Street, $9180. - - ' Austin x. KcEaattey. probate Judge, to Lawrence Haulbrook. right, title and one-half interest of Mary Evelyn Haulbrook in lot on East Grendel Street, $81$ and assumption of mortgage, court decree in case of Lawrence Haulbrook as estate adminis trator. ? M. W. Davis to Evelyn R. Da vis, right, title and interest hi tot on Blyth Road, $5, love and af fection, i Mrs. J. C Lomas to Jerry L Davis, tot on West Creswell Ave nue, 813.050. i- Town and Country Real Es tate to' Mrs. Miriam E. Dodley and John B. Dudley, tot in Emerald Place, $396.04 and assumption of mortgage, s Town and Country Real Es tate to W. M. Creswell Jr., lot in Emerald Place, $8,293.71 and assumption of mortgage. STEPHEN STOWE U.S. AIR FORCE ACAnrnuiv Colo. Cadet Steohen n Sfmm' son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Stowe. Rt 1 Hilda Park. Rmnn. wood, S.C., is one of more than 700 cadets Who hava tmtmt their senior year at the U.S. Air Force Academy, . it As he beean his fourth the academy, Cadet Stowe was named J1IOD At 4 Vayj ROSES I I: j r zrx 1; ::CASH LAY-AWAY Ml K V J 3 Wl. jF -x5 'J .,7 n. y J V '4., f.-.'v ' ,1,. t -J ... .. ...... -'.;t - ';.' ' , ( (, . j MyeyMlMkanarewedr MynwithmevHulaatl O7 My cheeke nova as I Burstl babts HtimRyi Fasclnatini look-alive doll futures rullatic chewing and faedlns t actlonl Magic milk, water bottiasl ; Pteatfc seoee enltoethlna rtnal 17JTtan. ROSES LOW PRICE 1 6 MARRIAGE LICENSES Kenneth Claphan . and Sherryl D. i Henning, both of Greenwood, f David Larry Nlckles and San dra Louise Brown, both of Hodges. Barrett Nadeu Bonero. Greenwooa, ana Lillian Earline Smith. AbbevUle. Hugh D. Bradberry. Green wood, and Gladys M. Henry, ureenvuie. Karl T. Oorley and Victoria Ann Hawkins, both of Green wood.. - . Donald Richard Henderson. Greenwood,? and Linda Gail Rowe, Ninety Six. ' . , oar koss jr. ana can Gil christ both of Greenwood. William Felton Roper HL Laurens, and Elizabeth Ann Owens, Grey Ceert - Bobby James Campbell, Nine ty Six, and Gloria Louise Booier, Greenwood, i S. Ji Frank Charles Busterna, San Francisco, Calif.,' and Martha Virginia Gambrell, Ninety Six. .DIVORCES Blanche B. Ledford and Rob ert Criedford. , 1 1 Carolyn Arversoa and Howard to the Deaa'a List for his outstanding academic achievement He i'wd the granted spe cial prtvilezes and wear a sil ver ; star m- ngnia' ; recognizing the bon-.ot .? accorded him bv the acaoemyaean. ,r;-t The cadet whl serW during the fall term as a flight commander with the rank of cadet captain. He was aelectal far th position, because of his demm- strated leadership abilities end eiiecDveness ratinM. - --, . r. , Durinj the past summer, Cadet Stowe was amon nmr. classmen who served as senior staff officers for the rimmiu oastc ; training program for memoers of the ecademv'i in coming freshman class. He was chosen for the special duty because of his ' leadership and teaching abilities. The training is designed to prepare basic cadets for entry into the cadet wing. The cadet also narticiMted fai the three-week academy "Third Lieutenant' program, He observed applied Air Force operations and gained practical experience while ' performinc Air orce junior onicer amy. urcet rowe win m com missioned a second lieutenant and recieve his B.S. dezree unon graauaoon irom tne academy. Ho is a 1965 graduate of Greenwood High School, where ne was a member of the Na. oonai Honor Society. . " i- - , . TED LONG , .Ted Long, manasep of Green wood Rental Agency, was cited touowmg a recent M7tn M. P. Platoon drill for meritorious service. - Long has completed his six- year obligation in the U.S. Ann Reserves. During his tour he has served as squad leader in the 547th M. P. Platoon. I -He nas ffisonguisbed himself as an outstanding soldier and is a credit to tne UJS. Army," says Lt Hugh Gray, commanding oxueer. . Long was one of the first men to ne appointed as acting ser geant in tne unit j VUNG TAU. Vietnam - Armv Private First Class David P. Ourts, 23, whose parents, lit. and Mrs. Wallace OuzbL and wLe Linda, live on Rt 1, Ninety iix, s.u, wu assigned as a radio mechanic ' in ' the 2Ud AvktJon Battalion" war Vurz Tau, Vietnim, Sept 5. . i ANTHCNY DUNLAP HI DAK TO,. Vietnam Army Sergeant Anthony Dunlap III. 1$, son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dunlap II, Rt 1, Bradley, S.C, asst ened September $ to the 4th Infantrv Division near Dak ' ' " J ' .... "" f-l ; i , , TUFF DOY -6 O Motorized Battery Operated " ,0 Forward Reversed Starring . ' 'O TrocICith'Cran 1" ; t : 7 O Tractor with- Wr;:'XT ; O ;lractor; with Flat Bed XJEI' O Tractor with weight trap O Tractor with Snoke Fence I i. -.i-r- - , . ." v i - 4 . .i v ' .. . a. ; ; : - D r Regular $12.99 f ROSES LOW PRICE C:n Towo SITS: O. World Supreme Quality" '. I;".-: '"v'V; ';"'. .".'' O A perfect gift for Christmas O Layaway Now Whlla They Lost ' ' v , v - O Rtj. 124.95 ROSES LOW PRICE RADIO ; RED Large : Size 34"xl5" 14- . , Wife 1 ROSES , riM7& J LOW DURABLE STEEL O Red Enamel Finish t O. Other 5ixes" Also Iri Stock ' ' i 'a :. POOL . I- v . . . I. . TABLES .Three Sixes . . , , 2lMx40" Reg. 25.9S i Rag, 35.95 Reg. 45.9? i V ...Xa. O Ueal Far Whole ? ' VsJi 3 Femily ' . ;' ' '.'l ;'. ' av " nt'..,. I - .-m I .." .. - tfaC3, I 1 , ""Jons?! ;'J " ..t 1 IP etttplsshlng bsbydoll ;.f.chttp!sdict - : a!lbyh:rts!f! t I Complete wTm ....tun-,- towel . ' tany robe rime ..etuxover , Of ROSXS LOW PRICE 1 cms.? U r- - , ?p f;. 7y .' . ' ' X , . o , , f . i ':. ; ' - " WILL LAYAWAY ANY DOLL OR WHEEL TOY AT ROSES BUY NOW FOR CHRISTMAS i ' - - e v T CJs eO S C. l.t ! taiwtJaif.faeaat,aiJtoavaLiatiVo'mTari FWt llak Io4 CtVaJ Htfwrla; Coclief Cmou! if ff Fretaria; Isxa; Gaad WIS wiU a sett 4 i FAST A EAST: Bakse h 4 to 18 aunnte..Wbu one pea fctia, another coda, L Jt-adJ-wir mlxw, SAftj Ne ve door to rrea. Ne3 expoe&i bnxMn. BothUliiaqa i , ooliaf chambem enclosed.' .1 rr." YOUU FIIID VIIAT YOU'K-LC0i(i::G: F0I ATpSES-OTEfhOF-FACTplVPLLiiELPrYOUr IL Alversoa. . ' I- to, Vietnam, u a team fcaicr. ! -; 1 " V

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