Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 28, 1963 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1963
Page 20
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20 Golesburg Register-Moil, Galesburg, III. Wed, Aug, 28, 1963 (6) How Long Should You Study? Steel Firms By The Reading Laboratory Written for Newspaper Enterprise Association "I STUDY five hours a night!" Have you ever heard anyone make that complaint? Lots of students do "study" that long, too. Maybe you do yourself. But notice the quotation marks around the word "study"? It should be phrased: Lots of students think they study that long. Sure you can point to the clock: "I sat down with my books at 7 o'clock, and I stayed there (except maybe for snacks) until midnight!" But the fact is that five clock hours rarely add up to five hours of studying, because most students don't study in the right environment. Their atten­ tion is constantly distracted, their minds wander. Check up on yourself the next time you study. For all the time you spend on your books, how much of it is really effective, concentrated studying? We'll take a look at the study environment you should have. If it's not the kind of study environment you do have, you can be sure that much of your time is being wasted. There are two kinds of environment — the external and the internal. First the external: • Study in a quiet room by yourself. NO television, NO rock 'n' roll records and NO radio. (It's actually better to have a slight, regular background noise than none at all. A slight noise will make you raise your whole level of concentration.) News Items Of Shanghai SHANGHAI — Mr. and Mrs. Lee Clute entertained the Good Time Club in their home Sunday for the club annual picnic. Mrs. Harold Noonan spent Friday with her mother, Mrs. Vera Gibson at Monmouth Hospital and found her improving. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Peterson spent Sunday at Lake Warren as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Morris of Alexis. A fish fry with other employes and their families was served at noon. Mr. and Mrs. Peterson visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ahlstrand of Lake Warren before returning home. Mrs. Phil Moberg, who had been a patient in Cottage Hospital after having surgery has returned home. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hunt and sons James and Ronnie went to Omaha, Neb. to spend several days. James left from there fgr his position of teaching near Colorado Springs, Colo., and the rest of the family returned home Saturday. Mrs. Charles Swank accompanied their son Bill and family to the home of her son Theodore and family near Downing, Mo., where she visited the Bill Swank family and later went to Arkansas to visit relatives. Lee Albright, who had been visiting relatives near Clarence, Mo., returned to the Ralph Gilmore home last week. Miss Sherry Gilmore entered St. Mary's Hospital Friday and had surgery on her foot Saturday. She later came home. Miss Diana Gilmore of Tri-Cities spent the weekend at home. • There should be a good light, at least 100-watt, coming over your shoulder. If it's in front of you the glare will tire your eyes. • Use a straight chair; a kitchen chair is perfect. In an easy chair, you'll relax too much and start daydreaming. • Hold your book about 14 inches from your eyes and on a 45-degree angle from the table. (Your eyes will tire quickly if the book is laid flat, because then your eyfes are closer to the bottom of the page than the top, and you'll be constantly changing your focus down the page.) The internal environment: • If you have any problems or if anything's worrying you, get it off your chest before you start studying. For example, if you 're wondering whether so-and-so will go out with you Saturday night, call her up and find outl There's no point in sitting down to study if you 're going to think about something else the whole time. • If it's not the kind of problem you can take care of with a phone call (you might be waiting for him to call you), a good trick is to write down whatever is bothering you. Once it's down in black and white, you'll usually be able to stop worrying about it. Besides problems rarely look very serious once they're written out. • Or if you have a headache or if you're sleepy, take an aspirin or take a nap and hit the books later. Don't waste your time studying unless you're going to get something out of it. The importance of study environment — external and internal — cannot be overemphasized. If a lot of your study time has been unproductive, your study environment has probably been at the root of the trouble. Recover From Strike Scare By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK (AP) — The steel industry is starting to recover from the strike that never was. Orders are a bit higher than in previous weeks when customers were living off stocks built up while unions and management were negotiating a new labor pact. So production has turned up, too, for the first (NEXT: How to budget your time.) real gain since May. And confidence is growing that this summer's slump will prove to have been exceptionally mild. Part of the credit goes to the general gain in industrial activity. But part also goes to the manner in which the labor parleys were conducted this year. The threat of a strike was less pressing this time than in previous years. Therefore, customers built up stocks at a less urgent pace. Labor contract years traditionally put the steel industry through a fever and chills cycle. First, the customers over-order as a hedge against a possible strike and the mills work feverishly. Then, if there's a strike, much of the economy is thrown out of joint. If there's a settlement, steel users live off their out-size inventories, and the mills are chilled by few orders and little output. DR. I. ERNSTEIN OPTOMETRIST CONTACT LENSES EYES EXAMINED LIVING SOUND HEARING AIDS GALESBURG OPTICAL CO. »3i B. Mate Hoursi s KM. to » P.M. Fridays: • KM. to S :M PJ*. Wednesday's TU Noon. MS4317 Ot S42-N1T This happened in 1962. The pattern was different in 1913. The patt*™—rtow being tried or considered in other industries —was to keep a negotiating committee working more or less around the calendar on points of differences as they arose. The aim was not only to make a strike less likely, but also to bring the final critical negotiations to a head without working under the gun of a strike deadline threat. But while reports of progress were frequent, many steel users weren't taking any chances. They put in hedge orders anyway. The build-up in stocks wasn't as large as the year before. Still, there was a considerable let down in steel ordering and production this summer. That may be ending now. A number of mills report a pickup in new or- .tiers and inquiries, looking toward a better fall business. The American Iron and Steel Institute reports that last week the mills poured 1,742,000 tons of steel, up l.l per cent from the previous week, and nicely ahead of the 1,611,000-ton output of the like week of 1062. With the exception of one week in July, a fluke, this was the first rise since May. The metal working trade weekly, Iron Age, says earlier predictions that fourth quarter shipments would be about 16.5 million tons are now being jumped in some industry circles to as high as 18.5 million tons. Rent Electric Carpel Snampoeer FOR ONLY »1 Now you can rent the new Blua Lustre Electrlo Carpet Shampooer for only 91 per day with purchase of famous Blue Lustre Shampoo. Save big with this easy to use "do It yourself" equipment. You'll be amazed with the new look of your carpeting. Available at SCANDIA BAKERY & LUNCH 121 E. Mala St. Ready for your busy fall sewing season... the exciting new fail & winter '63 issue of Bail our complete pattern magazine. Featured are the smart, easy to sew styles readers of FASHION are accustomed to seeing; plus special designs that won prizes in dress design contests at UCLA and the Art Institute in Chicago. Our exclusive Fashion Originals share the spotlight with these winners. Also, there is a gift coupon that entitles you to a free pattern with the purchase of three or more in the same price range. Send now for your copy of this book of pattern treasures;—it's just 50 cents. To order send 50 cents in coins for each pattern to Creative Woman, care of Galesburg Register-Mail, 319 W. VanBuren St., Chicago 7, HI. Add 10 cents for first- class mailing. Print name, address with zone, style number and size. Plane Display Only extensive outdoor display of historical planes in the United States adjoins the Air Force Museum located on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. The Danish Faeroe Islands lie 400 miles north of Norway. Of their 35,000 inhabitants — mostly fishermen and shepherds — many descend from Norse settlers of a thousand years ago. 4 tasted great., and you didn't gain an ONLV 1 CALORIE PER SERVING Real cola flavor plus famous pinpoint carbonation, but only 1 calorie per serving Itfcw46 ounce bottles at popular prices •OTTUP IT CANADA DRY BOTTLING CO. NO LOOSE INNER BAND GREATEST CONVENIENCE SINCE SLICED BREAD! *af*. ^OSED ! NEW PONYTAIL WRAP! (At your request, Madam) 11963, INTEBSUTf BAKERIES COB».

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