Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 6, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1947
Page 5
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Lmi Muster His Orcliestrn Exceptod) DA.VCIXO Kvi-ry Xi.i?ht •ffrr+rr~-rf+-r* i ffffffj .Dilettante of thb Piano JACK OAMl'liE^L, Your Fuvorltc Selections ~ JW ~~~~* > Jim I KK.MUMBMK, t lie flnrat luncheon In town v. ith Chef Arnato's Dally £!|<ecial. It's Melody Lunc For Choice Food •2'i HARRISON AVE. Wat or bury Just Off Leavenworth BU/INE/S PER/ON A LITIE/ AND VOUK 1'LAJVS NOW • ESTIMATES SUBMITTED • NEW CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING Matty J. Karbowicz Off !<-..; l'j;t ICnhlwr Avc Tol. 3805 New Car Owners Check Frequently At Prospect Garage Lord's Servicenter ******************** ** **• GAS — OIL MUlKIC/VnON PARTS A. * K. SKBVICK STATION 176 Miipln Sfrt'wt JANUARY SPECIALS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS OF THK STORE KEJinEDY I>KV GOOnS STORK im; <;inirrh st. — T.-I. :HBI U'AI.TKR MOMCAr. Masonry of nil Ttl. fil!>2 Lord's Servicenter •Htirvli:o for Everyone" LUBRICATION - TIRKS RANGE and FURNACE OIL llti'N. Main St. Tfll. 4H9S EGGS MORA'S POI-'I.TRV RANCH ;j Kttnhllshfd 1030 FI.ORA K. PINKIIAM \ 1'lnM Hrldc« '- Bcuoon Full« )ttr**,***r***************+***** | Duren Roofing Co. J i I'.nonnj; - Stillng - Insulation J I 4» RAMO.VA AVICXVE J ? Wuti-rtiiiry — Tol. X-WA X f ******************************* **f *********************** ****** : RODMAN Convalescent Home 159 Meadow St. TFL. 3354 Fortunately new car owners should have learned a very good lesson dm- ing the past t'e-v vrn-s »">ii>n 't necessary for them to take painfu' care with their old . models. Ho' •ell tills If-sson is tfoin(; to ca:r;- is, oC course, entirely up to the individual..' It's practically like floating on lir riding Jn a nnvv automobile af- or bumping nlcns in one that you weren't always sure would hoi .ii.-'.UHh uiiolhcr coiiplft of months i:t the ov/nci- took pride in caring or .thc.oa: 1 , novoc no^luoUn/r ro^r- 'lar "ohc'cl'.ups and keeping all purlr ntuct. .- • Your.nev.- car-, isn't poin<? to tu';p xtcnslvc abuse. For a while it cari :iol( oart' und: frenuent inspection'-:' .lit it won't porjslbly last anywhero '"!• n.s lonp us the one you just hod to get along with when thero were .no cars being 'manufactured. No one long piospor- r.y will reign, and it might be hrouKh circums;ances beyond youi control, this new car will have to •isi mnny years. Don't let any trouble go, wheth- •r it is v/ith the motor or some ] inull uecpssory. Drive immodlalc- / to the Prosjiect street gtirauc at 'i« corner of Prospect and Locusl ilrof.'ts, whurc- e.xperii'ncet! mi: :huniuB will check and double check •very part of tho c;ir'.s eqiiipmo Trouble prevented or corrected n tho early stuKf.s will save not uily money, but alHo numerouj New Stock TABLECLOTHS $1.39 A up BOSTON STORE Dry r.ftniN 7n CHURCH ST. TKI,. 583 f*************** j I V TO WINTER GARMENTS? Call 3^55 For Free Plck-Up nnd Delivery D. LIEBERMAN CHURCH ST. r»IAL 3233 D. Thurston's Sons Ice Company OIL BURNERS SHAKER'S AUTO Maintenance Complete Auto Service Body Work Day and Nlffht Road Service l.'JKS SOUTH MAIN STRKKT Wntvrbury Fhono 5-1238 Nl(jlit Calls - I'lionf! ,-i.«708 \ FUEL OIL U il'UIIKU AVKNUK NiniKudick 2MD ****** ********* *f^* Vic's Smoke Shop , | t -.- Cmini, Soft llr'-ik* ai;:i7ln<-i, Toys • ST. Niuicntuck I-;AT IN COMFORT In Our Dininv Ruom TEDDY'°sl)INER South Main St. Tel. 4890 FRANKIE'S ROADSIDE INN Fi-uturlng KriiiiUfiirt<-r» • SO.IU, • Cnnr.( silcx Coffro Cn-am Rouil Joe's Restaurant *'!•>'»: FOOIl and I.HJUOK •^I'fclal AH.'ntiion 'or \Vi-dilliiK I'lirtlrsi 1.W M,\I.V ST.. SKYMOUR Till. 2«;is DiNAPOLI'S RESTAURANT nl5 BANK ST, FREK rARKING V A) THE BEST IN FOOD 4) THK BEST IN MUSIC • THE BKST IN SERVICE DANCING TIIDRS., FKI. AND SAT. WITH TIFE KEN THOMPSON HAMMOND ORGAN TRIO FLOOR SHOW SAT. NIGHT Cuti-rluK (it Hummel* iiml I'ar- *li'»—l-*«r rrm'rvuKoHH Cull U-WH74 Paradise Inn Suited For Year Around Patronage Just because the holiday scasor is over doesn't mean that people -rcn't going to eat. In .fact, in some : a s e s it' might promote ilininp iway from homo 'on occasion, fo: the treat received during, the sou :on nhitfht make you realize that ;ou "should try it more 'Often. One of the finest dinners ma;. S>e obtained nt Paradise Inn, WnUe- lee terrace, Ansonia, found by driv- 'ng south on the main hiirhway bn twcen here and BridBeport. In :asc you don't cave to operate your jwn car-during the winter months, ' here is good bus service right past .he.."Inn's door. ' A visit to Paradise Inn and you vill not want for a nicer spot. You have everything there, including a cozy cocktail lounge, pleasant din- ng room and spacious quarters to lance d'jriiifr or after dinner. Because of the lai-Ru quarters :uiny weddns 1 receptions, anniver ary dinners and other parties are 5lar.ncd at the Inn. Only the best luality -foods arc- served and cho ct .vines, liquors and bcera conipk ir"l tile attractive menu. Operated by William Pottbccker he inn lias an adequate personnel ,.0 insure you good service and .-oui-tcsy. 'An ideal location, it h •> i-;ivf.-n n rendezvous for organization events or just a quiet cveriinj.; tor a iwoeomo. VVliatever the mood /DU'll find Paratlise Inn suited to /our taste. Food Costs To Drop, Grocery Head Says Nov.- Yorl; (UP)—Food prices art •it their peak an'J should drop earlj 'his year, l.iccordinfj to Paul ^ Willi?, president of the Grocery .vlunul'acturcrs of America. Willis told a hearing of the Now York State legislative- committee on nutrition that "greater quantities of food and lower prices" could be expected in 1947 if the food industry had industrial peace. "ICddii"' I.'irdV, Ki-rvifinnter nt 11(1 North street, si imp Kl.tS has 'had the motto, "Service for Everyone", anil Ims meant just that, which is provitn by the large cifentelu hi: ha.s drvelopud during those 13 years. Assisted by his brother, Paul Lord,, and .Jiich banners, veter- uri of (he U. s. Navy, In- conductn his business with careful consldcru- tnn to each and 1 evi-ry customer. Di-iili^rs of Sunoco products, the station also docs nil excellent business in the re-pairing of tiros .-mil other rubber accpssorii-s. With all around <>xperlencw the pcrsniuicl will sr.rv;ai» your vehicle to its host operating powvr. Excellent Winter Gar Service Found At Charlie's Station Service with a smile is most nee- An n.jj<;ncy of Socany products, issary d.ur!r.K- these cold winter | the suui-jn is reaJy to service you days, for even people with most •locilc ptrsonnlitie.s and disposi- ions rire apt to become Irrit-alile vhen theii 1 automobilos bccjmo »U If y. It mijTht be your trouble is of a •linov nature, nr.d n. drive into Charlie's Service Station, 10!) South VInin street, will 'toll you immeJi- •tnly whether or nat .vouVo in for •e:il problems. If it's on-!y fi oasc of n cold mo•or due to your negltgc-nce iji put- with j:aso!im', oil and lubrication service. Another J,-ootl phase of 11-,-.- ;tatior ; 's business is that it is -Jlways equipped to render immediate road service. It's not a bat! ich>a to keep Char- .'ie's in mind when ffoinK for a regular checkup, for after investi- t'ntinjr all parts of your car's or/uipmfnt, the station is equipped '.o ;,'ivc the ostc'rioi- o£ your Vehicle an excc-Ilent beauty treatment. Wnshinf:, polis'hinp and 'injr somi? sort of nn anti-freeze in i waxing ;ilso is a specialty at the 'ho radiator, Inck of oil or gaso-j station, and even though the inc. or some trouble with the bat- ! weather might not. be conducive to ;ory, Charles Juxina, Jr., and his ' a cnr \vash constantly, you sti trow of oxpcrier.ccrt attendants , want to retain the vill calm,your tirade in no time, i ones of tho r.uto. you nice -appear ! Home Beautiful Articles Obtained At The Kennedy Store Walking- into a beautiful home is like taking; a big deep breath of fragrant spring- air, and many Limes what is known as the name 'Gautiful comes about merely by •he 'iccessories and incidentals placed in the 'home. The difference a. pair of draper.'os makes when placed over win- •l:w curtains is amazing, or may- 130 it's only a valence to make the window appear slightly larger. Then there are the sm^ll knick- knncks placed in appropriate ipots, Al'raclivcness to H room is in its plainness, but at the same time :t must, have the various iacces- •.ories to highlight its better points. , One- of the best stocked stores in the borough, where these home iccessories may be obtained is the '-Connady Store, ]86 Church street, .iwncd and operated by Mrs. Anna Warren, Here you will find all the neccs- s.'ties for each and every room in •our home from the kitchen to the upstairs sleeping: room. For •.he bu'throom there are the pretty land towels for the family or quests, heavy bath towels, colorful ;cts of shower curtains, rugs and ilhcr articles. For the bedroom the store carries complete lines of sheets and pillow cases, blankets, spreads, bureau runners. And for the living room there'are various and sundry items making for beauty. The Kennedy Store alao has a quantity of articles which may be used as gifts- ********** *ff*r+**f*****n**4 RELIABLE GRAIN and FUEL CO. IMMEDIATE IHiMVIiHV ON IIAZLKTON LKIHUIl VALLBY PREMIUM COAJ, and KOri'BBS COJVN. CORK I'ilONK VOtlR ORDER 5 Church St., Naugatuck „************** ************** Phone 3070 \ Fine Wines and Liquors Imported and DomcNtlc LIQUOR •STORE 72 CHUKCII ST. PHONE B«4 ; PAIS It's Worth a Trip to V&J Market For F 51 Spring- St. Phone F>;ods Union City 4070 THE Telephone 2226 SIXC15 Bob^s Garage DODGE and PLYMOUTH Service and I'urtH Factory-Truiiifd Mi-chanlc-t 1ST -N. Main St. NaiiRiiluck LEYNARD'S GIRLS' and BOVS' WINTER OUTFITS Uw Our I-ay..\w»y Plan 170 CHURCH ST. Quality DYERS and Our Modern Cleaning Plant ANHUreN 1'ou Better Cleunlng- 5 No. Main St., Naugatuok **********4 JACK'S AUTO BODY JOB So. Main St Tel 0158 Accommodations At Their Best, Try Green Acres FACED BY DSRE-APER SHORTAGE £yes Photographer THESE IITTIE LADIES staged a dishabille demonstration in New York t* impress upon everyone in general the necessity for diaper conservation. It seems there's been a bit of « shortage in three-cornered panto and little Judy Werner. 15 months, Florence-Bennett, 18 months, and EllM Rubin, 15 months, are fearful that they'll have to wear old potato Mck •r Jeopard skin diapers lik« Hiose.above. (International) BfLBO EN.*..^ SENATE CHAMBER George J. Demers 01- AM, TVI'KS M7 CITY HIM, ST. Tnl. 31MI3 Fred's Grocery Finest FrnltM und Vt.-);ct« hit's 37 HIGH ST. Tel. 491)8 V. E. OUSTAPSON - Ico Cream enxlnM Fh one 40M I? IVf RADIO SERVICE I . MM.* „,, y cl|r8 Experience Pickup und Delivery 1780 EAST MAIN ST. Hamilton Theater Hiilldlng- Wutermiry — Tel, 3-M07 ?*•***************************? KUBBELL'S SERVICE STATION t..\8 . AV... RKHAIRINO Te) . 494, LOG'S BAR and GRILL AO BRIDGE STREET Tel. 4897 FOCUSING ON the cameraman, Harry Gretske, president of the Meade Distilling Corporation, rolli : his eyes as this photo was taken on i his way into the U:s. Court House 1 in Chicago. Meade had just .surrendered to federal officers who wanted him tor conspiring to violate the Selective Service Act. He is out on bait Regardless of whether you are seeking a full-course dinner or a sandwich you'll find the food quality and service the same at Walsh's Green Acres. And maybe you don't even want food, so in accomodatlon the restaurant is equipped with a pleasant bar and cocktail lounge. Whatever will appease your appetite Denis Walsh's restaurant i has it. One of the fastest developing- dininfr spots in Nauffatuck Valley, it has progressed by leaps ar.d bounds during f.he year it has been in Mr. Walsh's, possession. A veteran of World War II, he returned to civilian- life and as- s'Jmod ownership of the enterprise in December 1S45. Located conveniently between Seymour and Derby on the main thoroughfare, the patronage is increasing- daily, and few arc the nights when you won't ses scores o'f vehicles in the spncious parking: lot. And speaking of spacious quar lers, regardless of the size of thi crowd, there always seems to be plenty of additional room in the restaurant. Good food, liquor and service has been the main selling point of the spot, and..-what more could a customer desire." While traveling 'through the Valley, try Walslj's Green Acres. We'll per" yju'l! keep it in mind the next time you're planning a large affair, for there's nothing more •you').) want once you have seen Walsh's. **************** PHONE DERBY !H8B Walsh's Green Acres Catering to Wcddfnpt, lionqtictn, Partle*, Choice Food* und Llquorw . Derby Avenue Seymour JSAVE .... As You Buy WE GIVE Green Stamps With Every Purchase ISAACSON'S INC. QUALITY DRY GOODS SEYMOUR. .,f 9f999fmf "Now ih«r the winter Hea»on ap. proache.>t t The ITamwii, Shop can supply your every want In gloves and mlUenii for dree*, driving or work In wool, Imported and domestic cape, D!Kikin, horKehide and toe old r*. liable Saranac BuckuWn, un- lincd and lined in fleece, wool and fur. VUlt the IlarneM Shop when In need of glove* and mlt-! tens," ' JOHNJ.CONNOLE TO Grand St Wtbry. Tel. HOMJG COOKED FOODS B«er — Wine — Uquora Valley Grill 168 No. Main St. Tel. Charlie's 109 So. Main St. Ph. Naur 49081 RAYON OVERSUBSCRIBED Louisville, Ky. (UP)—The Wa'- Assets Administration hns fo\md lr-it hard-to-gret items really move fast. It offered for sale more than 500.000 yards of pure rayon. Veterans, using their priority, placed orders for more than 6,000,000 yards. KNEW WHAT HK WANTED New Castle, Ind. (UP)—An industrious thief in the night knew what he wanted. He went to tho trouble of unfastening a set of bolts on a model "A" Ford and lifted off i.hc rnginc cylinder head to make away with the distributor. MOVING and TRUCKING Moving to All Conn. Point* Peter Moruska NACG.VTl'CK. CONN. PHONE 2386 or 5112 Sloven Moved Refrigerators Moved • Clyne Glass Shop ™~~ - ""'~~ T*We Lkttipc $7.05 up ;.--• Bed, Boudoir l*uut» 9&M np Gift* of AH DencrlpMona ; Reallittc Arttriclal Flower* - Jotephlaa MMIUO. Prop. ; » HARRISON AVK. '< Waterbury THK White Meat Market and GROCERY FKIJITS — VKGETABLE8 John Gaipar, Prop. 157 RUBBER AVK. DIAL 3UO AIRPORT DINER At Bethany Airport Operated by E\-G.I. MAURICE .1. JOI.1-Y Amity Koad, Bethany • Radiator* Flushed • Oil - GreMlnr Tire R«p«lr • Wachlnc 15 BRIDGE ST. CNION CTHr Naiumtuck «8W False Curvature of Spine HORNBECKER'S Buck'H Hill Tel. 4-8420 Wtby. HOMK /COOKED FOOD We Cater to Family Dlunorm ; Office Parties, BfinqueU, j Showers. Ete, « PAUSING MOMENTARILY before entering the Senatt chamber in Wash. iflSlun, Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D-Miss.),-turns about and is snapped by a pholofirupher. Shortly after, a Kix^hdur Democratic filibuster agjinst barring Bilbo bilked tormal'org'anizatior. ol the upper legislative body. Onljr «M new lenator took offlc* before the rncps*. 1 7»< a nm PARSONS SCREW PRODUCTS CO. Quality Hrndi-d and Aulonmtle Screw Machine Proilticts RUBBKR AVE - XAUGATUCK SELRITE Juvenile . Furniture Co. TOYS - GIFTS 4TO-I72 South Mnln Street Wut«rl»iiry, Conn. Tel. 4-4724 VALLEY WELDING and Fabrication Works The Portable Welding Service Tel. 5492 \ BANQUETS WEDDINGS 5 Phono MM PARADISE INN i Win. Potthocker, Prop, J FINEST FOODS Choice Wine • Mquor* Tcrrac«>, Anxonla, Conn. By DR. J. B. WARREN Whpn there is just one long curve in the spine, usually with the curve to the left, it is because the youngster has the habit of standing on ihe right foot. ' This nuts the 1-ff ;hou!der high and right shoulder i low. Try this in fi'int " f - ' •or. If the youngster bendo forward with hands-.tihovo ni- arms against his ears, the "curve" disappears as the spine become per- Octly straight. By hanging a few times, night and morning on a iwir of rings with ring on low shoulder side higher than the other, anil standing on opposite leg whenever ubout it, this false type of curvature can be corrected in a tww months. (Released by The Consolidated News Features, Inc.) Prospect St. Garage At Prospect St. and Locutt Darra^Jatnei Corp. MILL SUPPLIES POWER 22 Savings St Waterbury Tel. 5-2241 The V & H Trucking Company Excavating — Trucking- — Driveways — Road Construction The Seymour Sand & Stone Company Washed Screened Sund — Washed Crunhcd Gntvol Ouaiticd Granite Building Stone 482 NO. MAIN ST. — TEL. SEYMOUR 25S1

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