The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 21, 1955 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1955
Page 19
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Tc- fall in love, get married, 'Settle down, raise a family and live happily ever after is the theme of both fairy stories and much of modern fictidh. Boy meets girl, boy chases girl until she" catches him, they say, "I Do." After a reasonable amount of time, the stork hovers over and they settle down happily" ever after. It'.s the great/romantic dream. . * * * I'll buy that dream. Although I'm not so'Sweet, simple and girl-' ish as I once was, J siill believe in love, marriage and babies. • I even think that a couple may quite conceivably live happily ever after! What I can't quire swallow is the part that goes, "settle down and raise a family", for it seems to me the two don't go together at all. If you are bringing up a batch of youngsters, you don't dare settle down. ' •, ' * * * "Settle Dowhl" becomes more of a command or battle cry once you have a family. It's what I yell at the kids when they are fighting, what I tell Daddy when he's ' fussing over, missing buttons and what I try to get myself to do when I'm upset and jittery. Settled down, is seldom an apt description of either the house where we live or the people who occupy it. * ;*,*-.* A family pretty much precludes the gay, mad .parties, .under v ,the 'b'rigrif lights, but this doesn't mean you get more sleep than you did in your single days. In fact, I don't believe daylight ever found me still up and around until I had a sick baby to keep me up all night. With our youngsters all beyond the di'aper stage, the night life around our house isn't so hectic as it once Was, bub we are still waiting for *the-time when, we can settle down. This seems especially desirable in the hours between 8 .and 10 p,mK > * *' *;: : , v •' -(';; You have to be on you* loes in .'self-defense if you are a parent. Take the matter of juvenile finance, for instance.. If a. parent isn't real careful,! the kids could talk us out of our last cent. First you give them their allow^ ances—ample enough, it seems and even luxurious compared to what we got when Wtfwefe kids. Then they need ah /extra comic book, a candy bar .to .take the place jbf the dessert we didn't have, a gift to. take to a birthday party or they are all out of tablets and penotls at school. -'According to the small-fry, it's inhuman tc expect them to pay for.any 6J these out of their base pay. The arguments .they use sometimes make me wonder if we aren't raising a bunch of budding prosecuting attorneys. ' * » ' *• i When I'm on my loes, I :can be quite firm in the financial''de- partment, but our kids have discovered a vunerable spot. They wait until I'm concentrating on my writing or engrossed in a radio or teleivsion program and then sneak in there with 'a, "Mamma, can I have a dime?" I don't really remember whether I say yes, or no, but it usually turns out with some child < or ot^er yelling, "But you promised, Mamma."' arid fhi 'fdrce'd % "iMy ,word of honor to shell out with the money. •.»••• • . . Bill is doing quite Well in the financial department righ;t now for he has gone into business. The firm is Sigsbee and Sands and the product is-night crawlers. .The THESE WOMEN! Byd'AlessIol , t "I «xptct Ronnie any minute. Soon a« he comes up the w«lk, Mother, may I take over the vacuum cleaner?" For the best looking house on the street Paint with Super quality and new modern colors in this fine paint can make your home the best looking house on the street. And it will keep its new look longer because Pratt & Lambert House Paint stays clean as it withstands time and weather. HOUSE PAINT Building Supply Co. I Phone 275 - Algeria 2K> E. State St, Fisherman's Special—lOc per doz., was a sell-out over the weekend. Bill asked me to mention this project in the column and I expressed surprise' at the request for he usually doesn't like to - have me talk about him in Woman's World. "Well," said Bill, "that was before I wanted a'ny free advertising." .' . -.,*.*.»,._ Night crawlers are funny creatures and, I don't remember hear- ing'about them until after I was all grown up. It was angle worms they used for fishing when I was a child. Night crawlers are. fatter, faster and more slippery.. You Have'to'shine "the"'flash'light' on them and then grab real quick or they go'back to their haunts in the ground. Qften you end up with half a worm 'in your hand, but' that .doesn't make much difference. . The worm doesn't know whichi end his head is on and both parts go on living even after he's divided up. • • • * » * Some nights you can pick up night crawlers by the. bucketsful and then it will be a long time that you don't see a single worm. If you are in the night'crawler business, you utilize this fact of nature for every worm it is worth. You pick when the pickings are good, store them in a bin on the back porch and tend them carefully. Then when your competitiors are all out of worms, you really clean up, And if you can convince your parents it is ethical, you raise your prices. Sometimes children learn io talk too plain, too young. A former Algona woman now living in another Ipwa town found that out recently when she asked her two year old daughter to answer the telephone. It was the minister calling about the Easter music and the little'girl said, "Mommy can't answer because she's busy. She'/ in the bathroom." What's more she told the Reverend exactly what Mommy was doing! The minister evidently is a parent liimself for although he sympathized with the mother's embarass- ment, he got a big laugh out of' the incident. * * * The stories in the newspapers tend to emphasize cases of delinquencies in teen-agers but, of course you and I know that for every juvenile who steals a car or holds up a filling station there are thousands and thousands of young people leading good, useful lives. Often a teenager exhibits strength of character that would be remarkable even in an adult. * * * The case I have in mind right now concerns an Algona girl who has more trouble than should happen to anybody, especially to one so young. None of these troubles are of the girl's own making. Her mother has been terribly ill for a ong. time and her father is out of^work. A., bright spot for this girl came when her boy friend invited her to .the prom at his school. It was the first formal dance anyone had ever asked her to and the only thing that kept her from accepting was the lack of an evening dress. The answer to the problem came when a sympathetic relative sent her a check. The-girl spent the check, alright but it didn't go for the purpose intended, The glamorous dream of a party dress almpst came 't'r'iie;" 'buV.'her' 'brother' 'arid' sister needed shoes very badly so she spent the money for that: * * • . * This week's recipe is for Pizza Snacks and it came to me from Val Williams. They went o^er real'well at our house, only the kids have taken to calling them Piece of Snacks. Buns . • : thin tomato slices ••.;.. salt, pepper and catsup hamburger patties • ' ' strips of cheddar cheese oregano spent several clays last week with ''iis uncle Clair Robinson and ffftn- ilyv Mr Wilcox wears a body cast as the result of a car crash several months ago.; , Mrs Ed Farnum and children returned Friday to her home at Shenandoah, .following a visit at her parental, P. C. Hriynes home. Mr and Mrs Lael Root and family and her parents, Mr and Mrs George Sheridan WPVO Knslpr Sunday guests at the Norman Allison home in Mason City. Mr'and Mrs Oscar Swanson of Alexandria, Minn, were guests at the Guy Dimond and Henry Svvanson homes Thursday and Friday. • Mr and Mrs Glenn Smith entertained .23 relatives at a party Saturday afternoon in honor of their son Terry's third birthday. 1 Guests in the Orville Smith linme Anril 7-11 wore her pnr- ents, Mr and Mrs Peter Render and" hei; brother Tony Render, wife and family all of Chicago. , Russell Hansen of Des Moines spent the Holiday weekend at the parental, Lawrence Hansen home. Ted Hansen of Ames visited home folks over the weekend. '. Mrs Leo Bleich and Lorraine of DCS Moines spent the Easter Weekend here. Mr and Mrs J. L. Walker anc children went to West Point, Neb. Saturday evening and spent the Easter weekend with Mrs Walker-'s parents. They returned home Monday evening. Mr and Mrs Del Rogness, and children were Tuesday evening, April 5 dinner guests at the Marin Hamilton home. Mr and Mrs Philip Goetz, and 'amily were Easter Sunday quests of his parents Mr and Mrs Mike Goetz and family at Saru eant, Minn. They brought home their daughters, Janice and Mary, who had spent several days with their grandparents. Carol Hemmingsen, student at Waldorf college, Forest City; Billy Loebig, student at Loras college spent their Easter vacation at the parental, H. E. Hemmingsen and Wilfred Loebig homes y .. Mrs- Cavla-J.ihsio.rt.and .son.Bob of Rockford, 111., were guests at the Henry Swanson home Friday. The Alvin and Russell Swansons joined them in the afternoon. They called for the funeral of Sidney Wallburg of Algona. .Easter weekend guests at the Henry Swanson home were Ruth, Wilm'a and Olivia Rawson and Maynard Svvanson all of Minneapolis. They were entertained at the Alvin Swanson home Saturday evening and on Sunday the Alvin. and Russell Swansons and the Minneapolis folks were dinner guests at the'. Henry Swanson mnrk, .Too Goctz and Lester Blain pent Tuesday in St. Paul. Mr and Mrs Ernest Sheets and nmily of Des Moines were,Easter weekend guests at the parental, tfrs Anna Reno home and with ither relatives. : -Will Frimml was taken again to Mercy hospital, Fort Dodge Wednesday evening. Mr and Mrs Clarence Dornbier, nnrl Mrs Joe Miller went to Was- cca, Minn.,. Tuesday, April 5 ,to visU their sister, Mrs John (Lena) Spangler, who is seriously ill in " Waseca hospital. Mr and Mrs Dnvid Kleinpeter and two children of Des Moines spent the Easter weekend at the parental, L. H. Kleinpeter and Joe Miller homes. Methodist women cleared $30.00 at the bake sale held in the Kraus Store Saturday, April 9. Mr and Mrs Hay Smith spem Thursday, April 21, 1955 Alaona (la.) Upper De» Molnai~9 April 7-10 in Davenport with their son, Ralph Smith and family. Betlie Ricke spent the weekend at the parental LeRoy Ricke home. She is employed by the Burlington Railroad Company in Chicago. MORE VALUE ! MORE STONE I LESS COST When You Select Your Diamond at DRUGS Private Showing Room I Open Evening* t . Split the buns and toast them, fflace thin slices of. tomato and thin hamburger patties on. them. Season the hamburger with the salt, pepper and catsup. Cross the slices of cheese on i top and sprinkle with'oregano. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 20 to 25 min. Be sure .you don't broil these for you want-the hamburger to get done all the,way , through. T.oast- ng the iSii'rJs*'keeps' them from jetting soggy. Oregano, the Italian spice, used to ,be hard to find' around these parts but you can now get it in several local [rocery stores. —GRACE. home. George Gbetz, Howard Funne- ANNOUNCEMENT DURING THE SUMMER MONTHS THE BANKS OF ALGONA WILL NOT BE OPEN ON SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, STARTING MAY 7, 1955 IOWA STATE BANK AND SECURITY STATE BANK ALGONA • WESLEY By Mrs. Viola Studer Here are the Three Greatest i i • . New-Car Values in America! INTRODUCING A DELICIOUS NEW ICE CREAM -«^^ - m *ir *f 9 WW Wr V ^r ~^ Butterscotch ^S^fcp *• • ^^jSr ^BJRP ^BP^ '^f'i^^&li^^b Creamy Ice Cream...Smooth Butterscotch...Fresh Rested Pecans. You'll Home For Easter Betty Ricke, who is employed at the Burlington Railroad office in Chicago, spent the weekend at the parental, LeRoy Ricke home. Jim Mullin and Lorraine Bleich, students, at Drake University, Des Moines; Marlene Bauer, a studept at the State University; Harriet Beenken, a student nurse at Albert Lea, Minn.; and Tommy Forburger, a student at State College, Ames spent the holiday weekend with home folks. Mr and Mrs Jack Hanseh of Fairmont were Easter weekend guests at the parental, Ray Hansen home. Mr and Mrs Harold Tuthill and family of Mason City were Saturday guests in the Glenn Fuller and, Richard Smith homes. Mr and Mrs Leonard Studer entertained their 500 Card Club Monday evening, April 11. * Mr and Mrs Franklin Bode had as their Easter Sunday dinnei guests her parents, Mr and Mrs Roy Kollasch and family. Mr and Mrs Reese Martin 'and family spent several days ovei the Easter weekend in Milwaukee visiting their daughter anc sister, Sharlene Martin, a studen at St. Mary's' Academy. Mr and Mrs Jack Hays anr family of Storm Lake were Easter weekend guests at the parenta John Richter home. Other children, who were Easter Sunday dinner guests there were Mr and Mrs Edmund Otis and family, Mr and Mrs Frank Richter and family and Jack Richter and two sons. Mr and Mrs Henry Haverly, Hugh, Audra and Paul had as their Easter Sunday dinner guests, Mr and Mrs Ed Cink and family of Woden, Mr and Mrs Kenneth Haverly and family and Mr and Mrs Dennis Haverly and family. Mr and Mrs Stan Johnson, David and Steven spent the Easter weekend at the parental, V. O. Johnson home at Albert City. Mr and Mrs Clarence Ackerson and Lawrence Fox were admitted to membership in the local Methodist church recently. Zack Gibson, former Wesleyan, now of the Good Samaritan Home in Mason City, was 93 years old March 17. His daughter-in-law. Mrs Elmer Gibson of Austin, Minn, baked a'cake with 93 candles which was served at an open house for him $t the home. Mr and Mrs Robert Wilcox and daughter Roberta ol Waterloo THI FABULOUS STAR CHIEF— It's luxury- sized. The roomy body is mounted on a 124* wheelbase. It's luxury-powered. The Strato-Streak V-8 puts 200 horsepower up front. It's luxury-styled. Fabrics and interior appointments match those of the highest- priced cars. It's beautifully distinctive—way out front for future-fashioned smartness. And it's a Pontiac —which means topmost reliability, thrift and resale value. THE FUTURE-FASHIONED 870-Here'ii ft «* outstanding in every way. Outstanding in pw- formance with exclusive Strato-Streak power,' Outstanding riding ease with a long wheelboM unmatched at the price. Especially outetandinf in the wonderful way it handles and reeponda with passing power. For luxurious driving •! modest cost you simply can't do bettet. , THE SPECTACULAR 860 Here's a king-sized car with a 122* wheelbase, and 200 horsepower, for less than many models of the lowest-priced lines and much less than stripped economy models of higher-priced makes. Beauty? Just look! And remember—you can choose from 4 luxurious interiors and tome 86 modern color combinations. AH with the hUtory-maklng 200-H.P. Strato-Streak V-8 Engirt*! Every Pontiac has the Strato-Streak V-8, on* of f* efficient power plants ever developed. Hen's mor» ta punch, more passing drive and more years of smooth perform* once than you have ever enjoyed in any ear within hundndl of dollars of Pontiac's low price range. And that qfylto whether you decide on 180 horsepower or specify tht opMo*al power-package for 200 horsepower. Eithar way J«W fit topmost power per dollar. SEE AND DRIVE HISTORY'S f ASTEST-SEUHTC flri&tt ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. 1407 Commercial Street, Algona '••>

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