The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 21, 1955 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1955
Page 16
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§~A!gOtta (la.) Upper Pe» Motn»s Thursday, April 21, 1955 • G61 a new telephone book this weeft'and I got a big kick out of doing some arithmaticing in the ATTENTION GARDENERS Our Biggest Stock! of Top Quality Bulbs Just Arrived! Canna Threb'Colors 7 for $1.00 Dahlias Four Colors 4for98c Gladioli;' Four Colors Doz. 59c Tuber Roses 7 for $1.00 Amaryllis * 3 for $1.00 Regal Lilies 4 for 98c 2-Year Stock Climber Roses Special 89c 9HHB^ffilfiMwflHnKCR9IBffl^n9 A Special Selection of Shrubs Lilacs, Hydrangeas, Honey Suckle, Spirea and Quince each 98c book as to long names and short names and Dane names and Irish names and so forth. I was always Under the impression that this heck of the woods was somewhat Scandihoovian but I find according to the phone book hstr ings that we Scandihoovians are Hot so numerous. I checked the names I thought to be Scandinavian and there were only 97 of them and of Which 33 were Danes, so to speak., There were ten Anderson names, five Ericksons, five Hansons, 16 Johnsons, five -Larsons, 11 Nelsons, six Petersons, all spelled to indicate they were Scandinavians, Norwegian or Swedish. And then I counted the Scandinavian names which were Danish, likewise with me, so to speak. . —o— And here ihey are and 1 hope they are all familiar with the good old Dane song "Forgangen Nat Vor Sultne Kat." Andrew M. Hanseh, Cart Hansen, Ed Hansen, Erhil Hansen, Erman H. Hansen, Forrest C. Hansen, P. W. Hansen, Wade Hansen, Charles Hansen, Charlie Hansen, Christian Jensen, Duane E. Jensen, H. E. Jensen, Vernon E. Jensen, W. L. (Pat) Jensen, C. M. Knudsen, Jens Knudsen, Robert Knudsen, Jewel M. Larsen, Arthur A- Olsen, George H. Olsen, Darrell F. Petersen, Dick Sorensen, Clayton R. Sorensen, Leslie Sorensen, Chris Reese and Chris Wallukait. Now I'm taking it from the way the names are spelled that these gents are Danes and here's hoping they are as 'proud of being Dansk as I am. I fbund listed in the book only five eiven names which were as rrnne," "Ch'ris," and they were Chris Alt, Chris J. Long, Chris J. Miller; Chris Reese and Chris Wallukait. So it may be that my name of Chris isn't as popular as some others, take the.- name of John, for instance. I checked and found that John led all the given names out of the several thousand given names listed. And ihere are 14 of the shortest pames listed in the book and they are names of three letters, Harry Alt, Melvin Alt, Chris Alt, Donald M. Asa, Fred Asa, J. B. Asa, Melvin Bay, Mrs J. M. Cox, Wm. C. Dau, Wm.'F. Dau, Jr., George Lee, Thomas Leroy Lee, O. W. Ott and James E. Utt. Of course there's an advantage in having three- letter names because on account of just look at the lead and ink they save when they sign their names, whether on check or legal scripture, so to speak. There are many, many names counting 10, II and 12 letters but for long names Harold Kuchenreuther seems to lead in the book with a name of 13 letters and just think of Harold's pen and pencil usage, so to rj-ts-k. ~ And I found the name of Harvey N. Peck but there was no name of Bushel. And there were listed T2 T Walker names but not a single Runner name. There was one name, Mack Wise, but there was no Dumb name. There were two, names of Young, but I didn't find a single, here were six names listed spell- d Long, but I couldn't find a ingle Short. And listed were Gene Hood' and W. J. Hood but lere was not any names of either Hat or Cap. There was Jess Hill sted but he has no opposition jecause on account of there was ot any Valley listed. I'm not ure just how all Irish names are pelled but I've been told; that usually where an Me precedes a name they are Irish. I sure ouldn't say but if all the names isted with a preceding flfc are rish then that nationality is well ined up because on account of there are 61 names listed with preceding Me. I am personally acquainted with many of them and I do know this, that they are not all Irish. It was really fun this arith maticing of the over 2,000 names in the new telephone book. Anc 1 checked several pages as to the number of letters in a name anc all indications are that names o live and six letters top the list For instance with 137 names lisle; STRICTLY BUS!NESS, ty Bartlett was elected to attend short course- and David Stewart and Andrew Harms to attend dis* tflct camp. PFCRoskampln Army Maneuvers , FORT LEWIS, WASH, r- Pfc, Arend N. Roskamp, 20, son of Arend Roskamp, Titonka, I6\va, Is among 26,000 soldiers Slated to participate in Exercise Apple'Jack during May at the Yakima'Firing Center, Wash. , • Private First Class Roskamp entered the Army in May 1964 and received basic training at Ft. Bliss, Tejf. He is a 1952 graduate of Titonka Consolidated 'High School. < Visit In Livermore '• Liveware — The 'ChSrles and Roy Shaffer families of near Lake City were Suriday morning Visi» tors at. the Claude L.awrence home. They were-enroute to Sexton to attend a family birthday dinner. ' Sir Walter Raleigh, an'Erfglish courtier of Queen v < Elizabeth's ;ime, paved the way for the settlement of America. Slagway'* trouble is no get-up-and-gol" under "W" there were 50 of them of six letters or almost a third. And when you stop to think of it there surely must be a busy bunch of operators on that switchboard, so to speak. With over 2,000 names and numbers and usually you use the phone at least two or three times a day (and of course business firms do much more) that would mean the calls would run well into the 40, 50, 60 thousands every day and that's going some. Yep, our telephone talking is a major proposition every day and I got to give it -to the local office—they are doing a good job hooking you up^with the party you so to speak.' want to talk to, Bleeding Hearts and St. Joe C.D.A. Host To Ten Courts, Apr. 17 By Mrs Syl Wagner St. Joe—Plans for a Mother- Daughter communion service on May 1 and a banquet on May 24 in the Algona K. C. hall were discussed when the C. D. of A. mot here Wednesday evening in he parish hail", iviis iVank 2">r mann presided. The group also discussed the Knights of Columbus Father-Sort janquet on May 2. Election of C.D.A. officers will be on May 11. On the committee in charge of unch at the Wednesday meet- ng were: Mrs Frank Reding, Mrs iVilliam Becker, Mrs Johanna imith, Mrs Alvin Lenertz, Mrs' leorge Thul, Mrs Delmer Red- ng, Mrs Albert Thilges, Mrs Clarence Thilges and Mrs Sylvestei Wagner. Court St. Joseph was host on Sunday afternoon to a "Work Shop" with 10 neighboring courts represented. State Grand Regent tfrs Anna Baxter of Dubuque and Mrs Ann Williams, Garner, state secretary, were main speakers. District Deputy Marcella Fandel of Whittemore and Grand Regent Mrs Frank Bormann and past Grand Regent Mrs Joe Sinn well of St. Josephs Court here also gave very interesting talks. Visiting grand regents also spoke a few words. Mrs Vi Glaser, Grand Regent of Algona, was awarded a prize for the largest visiting group attending. Miss Josie McEvoy of Algona received a prize for being a Catholic Daughter the longest number of years. Elizabeth Williams of Bancroft was awarded the door prize. Mrs John Altman and Mrs William McGuire and their committee were in charge ot the coffee hour with Mrs frank Reding and Mrs Raymond Kohlhaas pour ing. Thilges, Mary Lou Wagner, Richard Welter, Kenneth Krpelding, Ronald Friders Marilyn Kellnerr Ronald Kohlhaas, Florence- McV Guire, Victoria McGuire, Linda Thilges, Virginia Thul agd Delores Zeimet. Carol Wagner, daughter of,Mr and Mrs Ted Wagner, student nurse at St. Joseph's School of Nursing in Sioux City spent the weekend here with home folks. .JoAnn Reding, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ralph Reding, fractured a bone in her left foot on Friday morning and is getting around on crutches. Mr and Mrs Vernon Plathe and family of LuVerne were Sunday afternoon visitors here in the Ralph Reding home. Mrs Plathe and Mrs Reding are sisters. Agnes Berte of Livermore is assisting with the household duties in the home of her sister Mr and Mrs Cletus Streit here. Mrs Leonard McGuire is patient in Mercy hospital in Forl D.odge.. Need More Seed Corn? Portland 4-H Picks Delegates The April meeting of the Portland 4-H club was .held at the Portland Community Hall with the Harms brothers as hosts. NThe group decided to' have a hay ride May 13. Each member is to invite a guest. David Stewart, '/Vadrev Harms, and Merlyn Bartlett were** on the cunuyrJlict; to prepare the party. Merlya Clematis each 98c Come In Today While Stocks Are Complete! ROVN'S VARIETY We Give S & H Green Stamp OUR "80-20" AUTO INSURANCE PAYS 80% OF THE COST No matter how nnafl the collision accident, under this poHcy, you pay only 20* of each j 1.00 on the first $250 of each Ion. Above that amount, State Farm payi everything. Call and learn mow! about "80-20" today. RUSCO WINDOWS GALVANIZED STEEL SELF- STORING COMBINATION gives you more convenience And com- : ort than any other combination window 1 RUSCO DOOR HOODS AND WINDOW CANOPIES add greal- y io the beauty of your home 1 Charles Miller RUSCO SALES Phone 741-W after 6 p.m. Display at 116 So. Dodge, Algona We have PIONEER on hand You can get it immediately. Popular hybrids and kernel sizes. Strong germination.*.. * High yields. CALL Or SEI R. I. Mawdsley Ajgona C. L. Bailey ... Algona Aaron Steussy Algona Eugene Kollasch Bode Harold Jones Swea City T. O. Johnson Swea City Wm. Martinek Wesley Walter Vaudt Whittemore iiii'iiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifliiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiniiiii"""'^ ., , Jonathan Logan Princess Pam Gdy New dolors and Fabrics /^ix'n oK Match'n! Yiftiill/bV delighted with' our confptt* selection iri'Wj^lt** of bright dnd'ctflftrful •;v BLOUSES > .,' SKIRTS ' •'" JACKETS KNEE-LENGTH SHORTS PEDDLE PUSHERS Across From Algeria Theatre Jonathan Logan SWIM SUITS The first time in Algona I,., over our wonderful selection 'now ! iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiniii IIIIIIIIIIUIIIHIIII iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii minium iiyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniii""" iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii v H P*f> It STATi FARM Three Baptisms Joseph Charles Erpelding, infant son of Mr and Mrs Alvin Krpelding, born April 5th in St. Joseph's Mercy hospital in Fort Dodge, was baptized Sunday in St Joseph's Church by Rev. Leo. C. Schumacher. Sponsors were Carol Wagner and Donald Wagner. Theresa Ann Kohlhaas, dauahter "f Mr and Mrs Wilfred Kohlhaas, born April 4th in St. Ann hospital in Algonu was baptized Sunday in St. Joseph's Church bv Rev. Leo C. Schumacher. Sponsors were Mrs William Specht and Lurry Gi.^ch both oi Algona, Linda Mary Streit, infant dau- ".liter oi Air and Mrs Cletus Streil born on April 3 in St. Ann hot> piifi in Algona, was baptized lasi Sunday by Rev. Leo C. Schumacher. Mr and Mrs Bernard Streit were sponsors. New Arrival Mr and Mrs Ed Moser of Bokchito, Okla., are parents of a daughter, bally, born April 3. Mrs Vloser is the former Martha Thil- jes, daughter of Mr and Mrs Will Thilges Sr., formerly of here, now of Algona. The Mosers now have girls and one boy. Harold C. Sundet 300 E. Elm Si. Phone 841 Algona It leaves the commonplace far behind!" First Communion On Sunday, April 24, at the 7:30 o'clock Mass 23 boys and girls will make their first Holy Communion. Communicants will be Charlene Becker, Helen Berte, Thomas Capesius, Nicholas Erpelding, Rose Marie Freilinger, Betty Friders, Rosa Lee Illg, Donna Kayser, Randall Kollasch, Lucille O'Brien, Carol Strunc, Jerald Coma LEAD The Fmhlon Parad* in the beautiful Chrysler Windsor Deluxe V-8.., the most excitingly iiew-atyled car you coulcl possibly be seen in. It's the car that is justifying the enthusiasm of style-conscious motorists everywhere by ringing up sales as never before. Longer, lower, leaner, the all-new Chrysler is designed and engineered to whisk you completely away from the stodgy and commonplace! It *tan<!« Out, Too, When Y»M OBIVI It! You'll foel younger, more vital, as you treadle its ^reat new Spitfire V-8 engine to its full breathtaking peifonnftiice. You'll learn what take-off zip really is with Power* FUte Automatic Prive. You'll leave "raw* cle work" for the car to do ,.« with F»U» time Power Steering and Chrysler fowep Brakes. 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