Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 6, 1947 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1947
Page 4
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TAPE •!—N.VTTr-ATPCK NT3W3 <CONN.), MONDAY. JAN. 6, 1947 QTftt JBaflp <£eta>* Hubllfth«d Every Evening (VCxcept Sunday) by THK NAUOATUCK NEWS CORPORATION N4MOATUCK. CONN. M HKNNICK. President ani f\iDllsh«r Telephone* Wi* und !m»—All ntuartinents Kiit«r«d us ««cond clans matter at the poit office ID Naugatuck, Conn. bUBSCKIPTTUN RATES puynbl* ID Advance I month ... ...... ll.W 1 Year $12,00 Uvmbcr: Am«»''can New«:>aper Publishers Ass'n N, E, Dally Newspaper Pub, ASS'D Tb» ronn. Newspaper publsbers Aai'r MONIlAV, .JANUARY R, 11)47 Again, The Appointments The fact still stand* out like, a sor> tlniinh—and after nil these months—that the police department is four men shoil of ant homed regular st reii,n'l h, ami the fire department, fey.' in personnel at host, is lucking one im-mher. \Villi ani.ther irieetiiii;' of the hoard of wai'den and Imrjjesses scheduled tomor- i-(,w nijdit, the ofl-re[H'Htcd ipiestion is making the rounds: 'Will the appointments he made.' Important future polili- enl developments hili.U'e upon the answer Warden l.eo .). Brophy has issued ;• I'oirnal stalerneii! vigorously denying that police protection has liven impaired because of failure of the hoard to act. The statement was made, the warden said, for the purpose of correcting "erroneous impressions that mi.yht have arisen diir'm.n' the past month." I'erlmps residents of the West Side Community Clnh created some of these "impressions" hy callini;' ripon the Warden and Police Chief .John .1. (iormley to demand better police protection. Perhaps policemen themselves, nnahlc to take off free lime due them have added fuel t.o the fire: it's even possible that The News, dcscriliin.u' the last regular meeting of the board as a "comedy of emus" and ur.n'iiiji;- individual members to ifi-t on with the functions of office they are duty bound to perform had a hand in it. We hope so. Significantly. Warden Hropliy points out that lie has, "several limes nr^ed the board to promote three supernumerary police to regular duty and to consider HIP promotion of an additional regular who would do relief duly on the 'days off,' illness periods, and vacnrioir' 1 imp allowance to which regulars are entitled, ami for which funds were appropriated last May." And not a member of the board will deny the need of the four regulars. I'olicc Chief (iormley has repeatedly voiced the plea, "(five ns the men and we'll do (lie job." The job is becoming more difficult, as reflected in his annual report for l!'4'i, showing 401' arrests, as against W2 jn 1045. Thus we have a paradox: all agree that the appointments should be niafh yet, we're assured, the department functions adequately withonl idem. The taxpayers should he further enlightened. .Meanwhile, the four vacancies exist, and failure of I he hoard to make the appointments has resulted in an unsettled condition in both departments. Tnv- payers and voters no longer look upon the matter lightly. They don't look to the borough's administrators for humor, IT the present board of warden mid burgesses won't function, perhaps another will—and the borough election is only four '1110111 hs hence. Peg In Right Hole Tlit. 1 prolili'in of .u'ivint;' preference- to war vi-renms in civil service appointments was jiiri'tl :it n recent ^ovcmment • seminar nl 'the PuMif Administnit-ion Olenrini;- ffonse in ('liu-a'ro. Unless laws iiro framed' \vitli threat cure, some veterans, fininii^- them the disabled, will £-et jobs (hey are unfilled for, applicants better fitted for curtjiin jobs will lose out and public service will deteriorate. As a general rule ex-service men and •women are entitled to preference over citi'/.eiis who did not lose time in the military. But they should not be pven such priority il'-they are incompetent, if unfitted for specific tasks, nor at the expense of public service, Trying to fit. tlie square peg into the round liolp does no i;'ood either to the square veteran or to the roiun'l situation waiting for its worker. "Who wants to ^o swimming in the Antarctic Ocean ' The army will conduct tests with special rubber swimming- suits which lire supposed to kep off some of llie chill. Afii^'ht have been ,n'oocl prvpnra- tion for a coal-less winter. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Pfc. James S. Becker returned home after more thon two years in the army. o—O—o Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Lewis, 235 South Main street, announced the birth of a son. 20 Years Ago Robert McGrath, of New Haven, spent the weekend at the home of his mother, Mrs. Margaret McGrath of Orchard terrace, o—O—o Miss Mai'jorie Fahoy spent the holiday and weekend in New York city. o—O—o 30 Years Ago Edward Anclorspn und Eugene Stockton returned to their studies ut Pratt Institute after a visit with relatives here. o—O—o Thomas Reilly returned to his studies at the University of Cincinnati after spending the holidays with his parents, Ml', and Mrs.-Thomas Reilly of Curttes street. THEN GAME THE DAWi Around The Clock Mr. iintl Mrs. Jesse F. TX'ivis mid family hnve re-turned 1'rom ;i holiday visit to N"cw l-himps'liii-e. . . . They visited Mr. Davis' parents at .Hampstcml, and Mrs. .Davis' parents at Fit/.willinm. . . . Ilnppy hirlhdny to Bill S\veeney, one year ouior today. . . . Pat Regan is coni'ined to his home liecanso of illness. . . . Come on John \\, let's K c>t '"' shape for ili'e soft- hall season. Nordhill Nauges says that the volunteer firemen will award some lucky person a car in connection with the convention of over 400 volunteer firemen's, .groups from all over the state which will be held in the borough in August. Mr. and Mrs. Bob MacFarhuid hnvo loft To]' their homo at Martin's Ferry, Ohio, \vlierc Boh is assigned as a Boy Scout executive. . . . Bob look to scouting while in Xaugiituck and left his local employment Tor a position that gives him a chance to work with boys. . , . Bob jjciifl M visit to our cubicle, and passed a few plo.'is'.'iiit woi'ds. WALTER WINCHELL Coast-To-Coast (Copyright, ltH6. by. Th« Hearst Corporation) MAN ABOUT TOWN Walter Jablonski, A-S, has returned to his station at Bainbridge, Maryland, where he is taking- Navy boot training. Seaman JaWonski had' returned to trie borough on a three-day emergency leave. He expects to be home on leave again in the near future when he completes boot training. , fodder for '-.he klansmen. the Ger- i.akl Smithites and antl-Seir.iKs'who M the hlory Humphrey a-n-d .p 0 i nt to the radio, night club and L-uren are supposed to release theater "clowns' 'and say: "Well, from. Ho-o,u,u7.W««,ry .uthori-i = . ^n^are'^ef^ ties say those Eva (Mrs. Hitlar) j-^ Bl . ORX . .The Anti-Defamation Br-iun memoirs have . u strong, K ,. oupg have been. ask-up on this odor...Broadway exile A. C. Blu-1 obnox j ous enemy, menthol (n-ho prospered in Mexico) warned the "Luce Publications of "a big .'suit,"', if they published a- story. They will anyway ..F. John Phillips, William Phillips, Teddy Kackowski and Alan Hormonal, Y juniors, are coming along nicely as swimmers, according to Physical Director Vr'itK Klambt.. Joan Scranton, Bomice Tarnovich and 'Rochelle Burette li'avo also displayed considerable aquatic progress', Fritz siiys. Several groups of boroughites found diversion in watching the street department's snow removal equipment in action on Church street Thursday afternoon. Prank Zuccarelli operating the tractor, Sam Mariano on the loader and Bill Lester driving the truck formed an attack team which cleared snow from the gutters in jig time. Officer Harris Burke rendered assistance by regulating' traffic. Mr, and Mrs. Charles Mariano, South Main street, celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary recently. . . . Charles Slade, former principal of the high school, is contemplating a vacation in Florida to .start very shortly, acco7'ding to reports. Sinatra, and his ciggie sponsor will hnve- it' Rcnopotiated ..Insiders say "nothing to the Farley -boom" Nickel swindle case Jimmy Collins' cell was next to the nine mcr, who escaped. .. .Kay Francis will- undergo hospitalinution a;r/ii:;. She has Pa.ul Leviton as No. 1 comforter. ...A famed multi-millionaire is "financially embarrassed" for forty .million. Seeking Gov't agency help to keep his empire' from fndiiis:. .Ear-witnesses who watched Bing and Jolson record their ABC program for Jan. 15th say "nothing over like it in show business" . . . Sophie Gimbel's boy, Jay. and Louiss Jarvis have it hod. Been going steady for 1 'two nights new. Add Hiiimm.v Interest Storlos: When Mrs. Koranic, the v.'ife of the stricken .ma'nl. offered- Jioncy to Norman Dash, jr. (the "Tad' first varik's life), he declined !t, '-saying: with his blood that .saved Ko- . The Knthryn Grayson - Johnny Johnston- merge;- has baen deferred until August, when his final decree is' due.; . .David 'O. Selznick CwJio escorted Jennifer Jones to a coast cvent( gave his former, wife, Irene, a diamond bracelet ...Eddie Jnffc. popular exploiter, is still at the French Hosp with Virus pnou '...Promoter M. Jacobs is improving- but seriously ill... The j;reot- grnndotter of Crane (the ln'K biith- looin man)' nnd her groom will divide. She'll scex alimony. although her parent -bequeathed millions to her in '-l-l. .P. K. Wriprlcy's Girl Friday (Evelyn Winlaml) is now Mrs. Richard Price .Is Pearl Bailey .consiclni'ir.g a melting during 1 hi;i dole at a. Midwest spot? How Tlmi'S Chiinpp Dept: Dwindling payrolls und no jobs are sending more vets hack to school than ever. 1947 will be ton most educated year of all. rimes starting next month....One of the execs of a famed midtown "swank" Woolworth's on -Mill and Broadway is now offering toy trains at ;?2J .. Dime store, eh? The Damon Kuiiyon .Memorial Fund (for cancer research) contributors from all. over the nation are listed twice, weekly in the N. V. Journal-American. Dan Parker's donora appear on the Mirror sports pages. Thanks'.to the many, newspapermen from coast to coa^'t for relaying offerings A Bro.-Jd.way store just sent- SG.-'JOO, requesiing it be listed "'In Memory, of Elizabeth Becker, .of Chicago" Marty Gross pave 57,500, W which 55,000 ' was donated"" by- the makers of Blue Swan Lingerie. : The top contribution -so war is $10,000 from Ohio .Bunches'of contribs arrive daily (at.-Rndio City) from sucli tiny towns we- can't locate them c;i any map.' Wo'll list nil _to date'soop. varik's life), he declined it. saying: j spot was groaning' about the "very "Thanks very much, lady. But 11 bad New Year's Eve"—and "our never had any money - o'nd so I black market trade has vanished." The owners, he ndded, are considering cutting up the property in>to shops... .Another famed girl show place'had so few patrons (Christ- never, miss, it." Pete Brennan and George (never miss) Schuster recently played an exciting pool match at the local Y. A large crowd watched George win, 25-22, Don Heavens and Robert. Grotty have been spending most of their after school hours at Banmmer's skating rink. It's said they enjoy themselves giving skating ]c.vsons, Pappy Wooster reports a pearl earring- found at Odd Fellows Hall after the Marine Corps League dance New Year's Eve. . . . The owner may have the piece by calling Mr. Wooster. Yes, knowledge is spreading. A lad next door wants to know what he should do to get some or' that porta) business. Prlnop Troube'txkoy. of Zoocicty and Mary Schoedcr 'are That way .. ..Broadway play-ange! Edgar Luckenbach is clogging ' up the long 1 distance phones (to Leila Ernst) from Palm Bench. ...'.El Borracho. closed over New Year's when • the owner gave his entire food supply to institutions. Took two days-to retrench . Mnq West's shw, "Come on Up," will open next month under Shuberi auspices. The threat • 'that it wouldn't bfl passed by censors faded. .. .Sylvia Sidney end Carlton Alsap have applied for Lohengrinsurance. .. .. Dempsey's (on the .i5th) wilt pay the Korn Kobblers lop salary for a B-piece crew for 17 weeks' guarantee. Almost 3 Gs... The Juckie Milesas and the Moward .Hoyts are maging .Joan (Blue Angel) Nic- lols, the town's latest "find." has J film firms and .CBS on her team, •ilreadv Garwood Van weds Dyle (Republic Films) Madison in .Detroit aTiv d.iy. .Ox Nelson says, -the White '-' House is suffering from "Ike- f rig-lit." i Thn column's next campaign will be to fight the many comics (and vomics) who make it difficult to combat 'the anti-foreign antagonism. We refer-to the'.'.alleged comedians who tear down the effort to bring 1 , people together — with 1 so- called gigs' that hold all races up to scorn and ridicule. .Some comedians with talent and class .have enlisted in this campaign. They do not need, such material, which was amusing .(perhaps) before • Hitler poisoned thn world. But it is now j mas Eve) it cancelled its performance 1 . ..'.Another on 57th Street had 7 patrons ...Excerpt from Nevada: "Business here dropped terribly in. oil lines. Our bar fell off 100 -per cent. Likewise dining dep't I am now sole owner and may become Jani-tor, too. Hear it's quiet all over the country. For what reason I do not know." Is Marlon Snowden in Cuba to win her marital freedom?. .. .The Eugene Reynals (he's the publisher) have reached a verdict. .. .The Frank Maxwelli have written an unhappy ending. He was in ths Chi version of "Dear Ruth," and i she is Rita DeMarco of the musi- i cals. .. .Boston clergymen protest-I ed the new dime .fare there. They ' argue fewer people go to church i on the Sjbbath as a-result. .. .Cur-1 rent hair.-do-rage in :«'.iami Beach I 3 credited to Maurice, in -his 20th I Bari;l::,v \Varburton. Ill, .and | Maggie-' McKean: Reed of Eahstin are getting- used" to each other . . i Who'? ttie tall British gont who sends .'Annabcila <Ty Power's] used-to-was) a gardenia daily from j that 601!-, and Madison florist's?. .. I Kenny Delmar is to be sued for -Ifi | per cent of his- earnings over the Clajrliirn kerrickter by his forme:-1 best buddy, Dayton Alien... How true can tli? buzz be that Anita Colby will wed Mcrvyn LcRoy in April?. ..Headline in the Times: "Stocks,-due to Economic Ills, had. Erratic Course Last Year". And all the time we thought it wjs me! . The Paul Millers (he's in charge' of AP in Washington) named the I baby Kenper, which is Ken (AP • boss) Copper's coble address. Hah! I ..B-ilb-O's case isn't one of North) vs. South. Or Black vs. White. It's Right vs. Wrong. BUS MYSTKHY XJNSOIA'EIl /Indianapolis (UP)—Police were puzzled by,the disappearance of a 2-1-passenger bus from the terminal depot in downtown Indianapolis. The bus was recovered after a citizen reported it parked at a busy intersection where "it had no business being." Police wrote off the episode as another unsolved mystery. GET A JEEP Your \Vll,I,YS-OVKRI.ASr> TV-nlfr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. 14 UarrlKon ATMIUC Off Kicimuee f'liir*. tVutM-boir •I'hone S-ftSi)2 THE RIHT FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 BAY or NIGHT Independent CaV Co. ; " lOB South"'Main St. from a film and stage cnlcrtainei .Reductions On NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEABT BCrLDINO , TEL. 5212 Dcndix Table Model . Radii) - Phonograph EASY TEBMS ARRANGED NOW AVAILABLE AT 413 No. Muln St. Union. City Tel. G491. Open Krl. eve; till 8 p. in. Byrn>* May Owl» Port I Sfat» Secretory Afltr Tf«o«y * Signing •''.:',' I Ti $»tp D«wn Special to Central Press • WASHINGTON—-Despite frequent disclaimer*, those who htv* followed Secretary of State Byrnes' activities In shaping th* p*tct treaties believe he may resign once the document! for Europe at* drafted. There is no direct evidence to support this theory, but rue***) are baaed largely on the fact that Byrnes twr devoted his time ao assiduously to the overwhelm, ing- task of dealing with Moscow. Byrnes undoubtedly. U consulted on other nut,, ters of broad policy. But. it i* poinUd out. In has very little contact with other routln* attain, especially In connection with Latin America a*i the Far East. Even when Byrnes is in Waaft-tgton, he leavn much detail work to Undersecretary Achciw. The undersecretary, for Instance, handled all tW political work in connection with the recent vtau of Greek Premier Constantino Tsaldaris. H» : also conferred with Prrnch Ambassador Bej.' net when the latter was called to the tuite 4*. Secretory Byrnoi partment to discus* troubles in Indo-Chlha; Because of this the. phopheu have Byrne* st«* pinff out after the Moscow conference If he meets with miccta* la settling European problems. The more .conservative, however. t«, Byrnes remaining to work out the Jap peace treaty because of pq*. sible clashes with Russia. * • • « « FEW GIRLS NOWADAYS have to worry about politic* InUf, foring with their prospects of marriage unless their father* art die-hard Republicans or Democrats. But Princess Elizabeth of England 1* finding her road to mitfti mony liberally strewn with the prickly thorns of the British policy In Greece. British court circles make no secret of the fact that PrlMl Philip of Greece is Elizabeth's leading suitor. He 1* *een at put.; lie functions with her frequently and he will get hi* British pltlat*. ship in February. However, the government 1* divided over his eligibility to tw tut prince consort. Some accuse him of being a monarchist; othwi think that Britain's monarchal system is under adequate content' and Elizabeth should be permitted to choose her own husband. But parliament still U racked with widespread critlcUm of tki government's policy of keeping troops In Greece. And It I* thougit that announcement of their engagement would give the oppo* tionists more ammunition. * * • « THE CONSENSUS on Capitol Hill is that any universal train* Ing program that includes instruction in military tactic* will f*t nowhere in Congress. ..'....• t? Members privately expressed .the opinion that President Tni- £ man's new approach to the problem, creation of an advisory eon* |" mittee to study the question, would not change the situation. f, Republicans, who are taking over the 80th Congreo, are won j* opposed to universal training than were the Democrat*, who du » little on legislation requested by the president despite their COB- troi of the 79th Congress. ' « K House Republicans are committed to back a plan advanced ty fe, Rep. Martin (R). .Mass!, the new speaker, calling on " the president to negotiate with other nation* for world disarmament. Legislation to the effect wa* Introduced by Martin at the last cession. Those in Congress who favor universal military training express the view that the Army, its chief advocate, lost its last chance for adoption when it failed to pr*»j the issue during the "Battle of the Bulge," two year* ago. Afttr that, sentiment for the legislation rapidly sloughed off. UnlvMMl Train) m, Hlii SHOP HERE ! AND SAVE! . ; • CRIBS • CARRIAGES ! • HIGH CHAIRS ' • KOCKERS '• •) PLAY YARDS I • TAYLOR TOTS ) BENSON'S ! KIDDIE SHOP i ISO SOUTH MAIN ST. Wuterbury REMINGTON and SCHICK Er.KCTRIC SHAVEHS SCHICK SHAVEKS^rS G. K. Table Model Radio* Portable Klectrlc Record Ylayen. G. E. Electric Kitchen and Mantle Clock* HAWLEY HARDWARE IDS CHURCH ST. 1947 Marks Our 104th Year of Successful Rubber Footwear Manufacturing With This Record of Achievement Behind Us We Look Forward to Future Security and Prosperity For Our Company, Our Employees and the Community UNITED STATES RUBBER CO, "Serving Through Science" Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naugatuck Conai MOIST CORN SYRUP GRAIN FOR DAIRY CATTLE IMMEDIATE AND STEADY DELIVERY For Information Write or 'Phone GRAINS Colchester, Connecticut Telephone Colchester 554 or 484 .Also Wet Brewers' Grain . V 1

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