The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on August 26, 1865 · Page 1
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 1

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1865
Page 1
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: ' : " rm . - -vr- r- She ?antagaph puuusaiD Diat, ucipt ividat, Mm able. BY STEELE. CARPENTER & CO PA8SKMQIR TRAINS PASS BLO0MIN8TON os vsi oaioaso A alto a. a . Jbprut jratl rVara Julaaoctu arrlTaa -ilo r u I e-iu north arn.a. :40 r e Uoluj.oiitb dsparu lau m Oolna north aap'r t.W r. Tight Aayrast fnm 9oIbx ssath arrives 1:36 i.a I Saint north arrW lOUWr IKS un. on Uj d.paru 1:4 i.a Oulun north dsp'ta lU:a8r.a os iu iluhois onnu a. a.: aolnjN., 8:00 t.,.8:4S P.M. Oolug 8..IW0 l.a. 4:6 r m JeigM Solliadapt9:tOFMaS:IWia OolsgNil.ptT:14r4:2lr H O. L. STIILS, . 3. B&1GU8, . B. OiaPINTI. . . Al'EA&I. TEBMS I Dalirered by ttaa C&rrisr. in ttaa city, par week,- 8snt by mail Ou Year, paj able in advance. Sent by mail Six Months, Sent by mail Three Months, to ao , 10 oo , t oo . a so IX.-N0. BLOOMLNGTON, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY JI0RN -26, 1865. NO. 2570. IIVG. .UGUST. lUTta UK AlHkUllM.M IN TBK UAltll Vim. i I . r i , S(iU .lL'iUiLi aiwj l , a o.i I aw o I '" 60 14 S days I itf I 4tT.TT75 I 8 0(1 I 4 60 I 6 26 I 0 00 6la,- -i Q 3 60 t.iys 2 20 I 4 ml B 60 60 r 4 ;6. 0 OO o 76 11 00 6 00 8 60 T 26 VI 60 "ii7TT6oj3T0JJJ0jJWJ S wk 4 0J 8 00 7 76 I 10 Oil 00 W i I ' l7nu"TTuT)' 7 00 I 8 76 I U 00 I U 00 24 00 i 2ni( 6 SO 0 00 11 26 14 60 10 oo J a"nTr7T6o I lo oo 1 13 60 1 10 oo 1 20 00 1 88 00 1 4 mm I 8 oojj2 00 I 16J25JIMMJ 24 00 XL?0-!8? li mu.f "9 25Tl6 0 i 1 00 I 23 00" I SilJiX0 76 V iuu. I U 011 I 18 "00 I 21 PC I al 00 I 40 00 I 76 00 160 fvsarTliOl' piO 'HI 3D 00 4U 00 66 00 06 00 flTtf a-Htu wu must not format ttiat what may be mercy to iiiiJiviiliwb,!. oruuity to we sute. Anarem jumuon TllK 1KIE STUIU Of THE RICHMOND ELKCT10N. from the Naw York Erasing Post, We leant from a trustworthy source that the uotiuu ot General lurner, in annulling the recent election at Richmond, win based chitUy, if nut eutirely, upon tbe fact that tlui iiiuVtta of the election, while they ad lutttej the vole of Virginians who bad nerved in the rebel armies, rejected to one of Yiruiiiiuus who bud nerved in tbe Union unities. One uf tun votor thus reported was that of a ciliziii, a resideut and merchant of Kiehiiwnd tor at leant bve years before tbe, a strong Unionist, the Secretary of tlio lust oneu Luion meeting held in the ciiv before tho war beirnu. This gentle. man, when troops were called for, left bis home in Kichtnond where they wcreru not eulistiuir uiuu for the Union armies at that lime and entered tbe three month's service. When bis term there expired, . he re enlisted and served dnnug the war. lie fought in the first battle of Hull Run, at Williamsburg, Fair O-tks, (inines' Mill, Olondale, Savage Station, Malvern, Second Bull Run, Cbantilly, South Mountain, Aniiotutn, Frederiukburg, Clmtibellorsvillo, Gettysburg, Madison Court House, Jack's Shop, Raccoon Ford, at the seie of Wagner, Olustee, lrury's I! In If, aud was at last wounded at Cold llurl-or. 1 hat is to say, he was in twenty-cne battles, and when be returned to Richmond his vote was rejeoted as a "non-resident." Xow this is a liule too strong. Tbe men who have served in tho Southern armies are per-uiitied to vote but they must not ex-jioot to k"ep their loyal neighbors froin the p.. lis. There is a limit to human patience aud a Southern Loyalist who returns to his home from a Inch he was ejnolled by the enemies tr bis oountry, and returns nltfr serving in the army during the war, is md to be denied bis vote on sny quibble of noo-resident. We hear that this case was presented to the President, with tbe proper affidavits and testimony lo prove all its parts, and that lis immediately ordered that an election Ooa-dutled on such principles should be annulled, lie did riiilil ; aud Ins action in this eaao should be a warning to others in the Suih who may be inclined in a like manner to s.-t a peuJ'T "P'U loyalty. A S ..mhetn Uui"" ' . i at least as good as a . ( oral opinion of the country h i i a i Kid d better; if be has served iu the army. By Uu lUinoU f Miuistipvi Trlrftrayh tympany. Ofict o Jinn St. A. T. HcELUlNKI, Operator. Burial of our dead at Ander- sonville. Cholera Badiiic iu Constanti nople. Another Steamer Sunk 200 Lives Lost. 7-SO's, and that the banks have charged a discount in redeeming them,' tho, making large sums for both banks and himself. 1' U stated that be has thus made from thirty to fifty thousand dollars. He has been ordered to Washington to be eiuiulueil. - A Rascally Paymaster. Aug. 25. The Tribune's (UtKKiTb KKPOKT. In tho release of certain rebel yra pa t!i i.rre ( Missouri, on condition of resid ing nu'sidii the State, they were required to roporl to the l'MVost Marshal weekly. Une of them recently leported 10 tbe follow-tn eliecrlul atraiu : T . II.- fi -! .V.iiIj.I. toirlsui of Mlawari I - Ir.a l am alive and kicking. I am ut r on a Ijnu l .ur miles north-east of ij.iiney. III., i the r.teof per mouth, t Maioii iii i;re.i,acks I am at work for fin- old ueniieiiiaii, and be has a rbr rating uu.ikuI"-. I !' her and she says she ..,-a mo, a.ily the next time I "report" I -hall t !! you bw 1 have wade it. CUOIHS. A voung man dianl in New Vork last . " I I U. U.. 1.1 wn'k liotn rxeeaai.e lauautrr, i. naia vuuiu bae li. Hi . 1 lief so T 'Why did Joseph's brethren rat him in the I'll! lU auw th'V did not want him iu the J,imily ritrlt ' Kr long time it baa baffled tbe ni lieal authordirs to aiHuut lor the fon with wlneli I he waves heel against the shore and it has recenllr come to light that it ana. ths lai-t of there being 'muscles' iu the at a, The lows I'iiv Republican is advising iu readers to ' h id on Wil. " HtruMio l'r-iiin s remarks t That's what our ami amendment men in Kentucky are trying to d KrL'Imin is altogether the coolest defaulter ol modern lime. After stealing twuor three millions from b's arti I him a n .te saving t " f leaae take care (. niy wiin aud child; I Lavs taken care vf ol inyaall. raid old Hyson to 1 ixy, I ta a man lai night at the gymnaeeum, put up two li.lV ai wiin pvrl.vl ease." "I'ooh," r. .ied I'uy, "that's nothing. I know a man in Wall street, who for a ttier, put up r'lve-iwtilma and i rn -forties, to tbe top of the market." lernsndu MwkI has been visiting Cardinal Antonelll and lien. MeClellan al li me. He apent a short time to I'aris. but a kn .wlnlga ,,f Krnn. h not twing among bis oilier hiar. rlloua allainnients, bt did Hot mike any cuis,derlile stir there. The last Wolidrrlul diskivery Oiade is ly a Irenehui4n, that elsvtrieiiy applied to e-rtn.ti amnll apparalus iu his cane, which he h o l aiiv bia head, when the rain poure i' IT in all dire.Mi.-ns. Tbs pe.ple ol the " in hi-h he lives gas al him, it is said ih a a rt id awe, aahe walks in the midst "f rsiu wi ll ui bing wetted. The days ol unl.ielUs are g.-ne, A il ffixer, who was taking a i ti-ner Irom Saginaw in the rare. I. r i rata miouipa -i g, intnanothri li-ii !, . .i, u, t,,f cnm ())i n(j w lean tela, ng to pay ber fair, he put ' " ti. tram. The i-Ri- ... li. I'tisoOtr, Hill -f iw York, special says : Capt Jag. M. Moore, asssitant Q. M., who left here on the 8th of July last, Tor An. dersonville Ga for the purpose of giving decent buriel to the remains of our murder ed heroes, returned to this oity this morn ing, having successfully accomplished the ohjeot of his visit. Tbe Cant, reports that he arrived at Andersonville on the 25th u It, after having experienced considerable dim culty in procuring transportation for him self aud bis party of niechauioe aud clerks, The work of painting and lettering the head boards for tbe graves was immediately commenced and fiuisbed, occupying nearly the whole time of their stay, There were 13.0U0 neat bead boards set up, all appropriately lettered, giving tbe names, aud as far as known, the regiment and oompany of the deceased. The Capt. found the graves nearly all marked with a Dcatly painted stake num. bered, the numbers on tbe stake oorrespon ding with a record kept in the hospital of the prisou, giving tbe names of those buried Tbe cemetery is about fifty acres in ex. tent and nearly three hundred yards from the stockade. The dead were all buried in trenches, and in many cases over one hun dred in a trench. Mouuds were created over each body, thus forming graves. A neat white fenoe has been erected around tbe cemetery, and tbe place made to look as neat as possible. 1'leaaaot walks are being laid out, which are tj be shaded by trees. Cap. Moore says the country lor miles around is almost devoid of verdure of aoy kind except rank weeds, stuuted pines and live oaks, Tbe climate be. cousiders ex treinely uubealthy. Tbe heat is iu tense du. ring the day, the heavy dews falling at night penetrating tbe tents of the party aud saturating tbeir blankets Just before tbe party left a flag staff was planted and tbe American colors were thrown to the breeie. A trustworthy superintendent lias been appointed to take care of the cemetery, and perfect the ideas of Capt. the lay ing oi tuis modern Uulgotba and the sur rounding grounds. A sulBoieut guard baa been placed over the grounds by (ion. Gibbon, commanding the military forces in tbie region, and every care is to lie laxeo that the remains of our braves shall real undisturbed. There were, witoin the enclosure of the stockade, sheds about fifty yards in length aud eigbleeu feel in width. There were do sides to these so-called tenements, but there were merely upright poles supporting the roof. The slxkade with all the buildings are tore main standing until they fall by decay, fit monuments of the hideous crimes commit ted withia their limits. Miss Clara Karu-u, the philanthropist who accompanied the expedition for the pur- poee of collecting the evidence of the where abouts of any missing men, returned with Capt. M-mre's party. One of the party, clerk, died from typhoid fever aud was buried io tbe cemetery. There were about five hundred buried by the rebels of whom oo record was kept, aud oncuently their names could Dot be identified. Tbe remains of only one body was found uu buried, tbe rest Laving been interred, io the trenches. The llsrald's special aaysi Judge Lachraoe and other Georgians represent the work of reconstruction in Georgia progressing satisfactorily lo Union men. lie is confident that the people of tieorgia will aueede lo all conditions and settle Ibe principles of Drgriajs rights to vole suljoel to such restrictions as are im peratively demanded. Tbe Southern men at Washington coin ide iu the belief Ihae'the transition from slave to free labor will produce but little trouble. Mtjor Ueoeral Cro-ker of Iowa, ii riously ill al Willard'a, Ueo. hpinner, of the Treasury Ipart- menl baa taken t month's leave of absence for the first lime for four years. Nxw York, "Aug. 2&. The Herald's ipeoial says : fix-Congressman P. B. Van Halkehlorg, Aoting Commissioner in the absence of Judge Cooley, of the Indian Bureau, acooui-paied by Gen. Curtis, one of the delegates appointed to visit the North Western Indiuu tribes, loft for New York last- evening "for the purpose of selecting a suitable number of presents to be given to tlio Iniliun dele-' gates at the approaching council to be held with them. The Constantinople correspondent of the Tribune, under date of Aug. 2, says : When I wrote two weeks since it had just became apparent that we were to be scourged witb the Asiutio cholera. The oflioiul returns then reported fifteen cases a dny. The epidemic is now fairly upon us with ull its horrors. The official reports give the number of deaths now at 2"0 a day, but it is plain enough from the number of dead and dying seen in the streets that this is fur below the roal mortality in the city, and although it does not include at ull the mili tary garrison of some C0,0(hJj men, among wnom it is unuersiooo. io oe raging, zi , :. i.,.,!..,,, ,un,l l..,.li. .... nu.rln l 1.. . ..IK... . " v...v- "v """ J I troops against leruuy. n uui woum ue me uionumy in New York, the population of which is less than that of Constantinople, if "j d. .l bodies were carried in a day through Lafayette Place alone for example. I do not think the deaths can full far short of 500 to 000 a day. They probably exceed this Dumber. Additional from the Heiald's Richmond correspondent. Gen. Custar, commanding at Lynchburg, i has ascertained the whereabouts of f7(,M K io bullion, formerly belonged to the socalled rebel government. It appears it was appropriated by two ageuts to whom it was entrusted to take it to the interior, who have been arrested, but they bad succeeded in spending all but about fourteen hundred dollars. The Times' special says i Muj. Gun. Wilson, the cavalry leu ler ol the south-west, is txpected iu U'ushiugtoti on Friday. came from northern papers, aud aim, ioed his intention of burning every Aut, icnn vessel he could find. Ater, de,tso$ the ftunan, the pimto went towards UtliiingsM Sirait. At the Foot of Lawronoe Inland, he burned the ship Gen. Williams, of New London, and next moruiug burned ' fiie uuire vessels. . ,' The bark, Geu. Pike, bad arrived at San Francisco with the crows of the seven e sel. uamelv ; . .. . i Brig Susnu Anigial, Ship Gon. Williams, Bark W. C. Nye, of New Bedford, Bark Gipsey, of New Bedford, Barks Pathariufi Niniriid, Isal-ella, all of NewBord.: J Nv Tetiuintea.tisputeli sf the Jth of July, announces tho arrival of Col. Chas. S. Buckley, and party, who woujilooon pro-ooed up the coati.' ' The Pacific Warehouse in Sun Francisco, was burned on the 2d. Loss a quarter of a million. .( i t.:tlf- ; A Salt Lako dispatch of July tbe 30th, Tbu telegraph operator reports that the Indians have curried off five miles of wire west of Platte Bridge. ii,.U ! " On the 2lith ult., some two thousand Indians attacked the post at Platte Bot'om. , There wn henry skirmishing all the morn ing. MiinyaIndiuna being killed, 'Lieut. Collins of Co. M. 11th Ohio, and 27 meu I. : 1 1 j ,- . ii . . LM1..1 I were allien. Lieut. L.iiins was amen a cbsro by 200 Kansas some (iiH) Iudiuus. Tbe Indians have gone south. " A regiment of cavalry was soon expected to pursue tne iiiiiiuns. 1 tie telegraph line h will be repaired us soon as wire can be procured. Gen.Mosecraiis received a most enthusiastic welcome at San is.-o. JEWELRY. i9 rices no If.V . ON WATCHES! DRY COODS Ntw York, Aug. 2-'i. The steamer Ooean tjoeen, brings nearly a million of treasure and a large uuuiher of passen gers. .ST .V a' --,IHWELRY!' TO SUIT THE TIMES. . V now iiffor al Wltol-iaale and i n 1 n1"'11 " ; .'k .( his ,va k..II.i... fnuid Is Ilia JUl,tl,, "r".' .triii..vAT TIIK VKftV LOW K,if l-HU'KH and as 111. rl.a on I liua y.H- l. , w uf ail. Mla la ua, au nIihII ' .' a.l.. IIS.- he f-.t Iu til , ,. . ( wa..Ba). j-aisll tkiat;laaif AMERICAN & GENEVA WATCHES IN BOTH GOLD AND H1LVKK CASKS. FINE' 0 JEWELRY ! SKT WITH DIAMOND AND OTIIHU PHK A ' iouS,'stoni;s ! ' ral; pkakl A man iu Boston, one day last week, nought a tliiirmometer lor Iweiity-nve cents, and be I or o be reached home it rose to ninety. t'atao, Aug. 23. Three hundred bales of The Toronto (,'lobt ny aulhoritively thst the CHiilederulion project has been post-j. iii.-d I,, tbe next M-ssiun, to give the people ol New B: untwiek lime lo review and revise their aotion in opHisitiou lo tbe scheme The (,'luhe seems to doubt whether confederation cun be allotted cveu at tho next sfl.-sioii. "Want to see Grant mighty bad, Jo cotton arrived here yesterday, ajso -U-J bules y(,t.. , ,,11Blllltl,j vutcri k,lie lor Kvaiisvi'le, IM for Louisville, and l!4ii pie rrowding ale-urd the cars at a Maine for M. Louis. Cincinnati, Aug. iiV Tbe liiinM-raic Slate Convention assembled al Columbus yesterduy and orgauiied by el-uting Itulu. P. Ilanny president. The following ticket was noiniiialc-l : For Governor, Gen. G V Morgan ; Lieul Governor, VYni Long: Supreme Jul'--, P of ehkh were Van Trump and Thomas M Key ; Slate Treasurer.tie.irgo Speoee; Attorney (i-orral Daniel M Wilson Seles. I I'ouiuiisioiier II 11 Barney; Board of Public Wurk., C B-srsil ; Clerk uf Supreme Court, II S Di ner. Tbe resolutions oppow a eoiia-di-laiion of. all power io tbe bands jf the Fe-leral tiov- ernuieul, maintain tbe Joclrme of Stale KighU as laid down in the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions of IT'JH, dnulare the ordinance uf secession oeing void the S-iuihern States are aliil in the t'nii-a as Statm, and eu.illed lo all respectful rights and lotheir due representative, io Coi.grrs., denounce all elT rts to conferiug ofsuflrag' upon Ibe negriM, discouiage ii--gro ruiigra-lioo into the Stale, coiui-liineiil the ...irs for their Valor aud lrliludn, regard the na tional debt as a national curse, and d' liianJ Ih exercise of the m i rigid ec m .my, re commend that the national Into. l.a c-iltet-ed by county treasurers as far aa p-.a.lMe, and thai Ih militia ciuuiuiati n lax be re pealed, denounce arrests uf ciliseua l.y unit - lary auilmriliee in stntea wb r civil tribunals are unmolested, dndar that I unoon- stitutional su.penaion uf lii" wnl -f bahe-ta corpus since Ih leruiiuatiuii of the war and lb denial of the right of trial by jury, ail 1 interference with ele.-ii.-na by military pow er as io recent ina'anoe in Kentu-ky and Tennessee are revolutionary violations o tht Constitution. The last resolution declare thai wh.U we will resolutely C-iu l-iiuii all inlracii-nia of the constitution, and while we rgri thai Ibe term of pacification agreed to by lieu. Sherman in April laat, were n -I at one ratified by the Federal Kxeculiv. ws will . . . . ., .... lisTeriosii-aa staii'i uy I r'S-Jctil j,iiua-.ii in all lonatituiio al eti-.ri t rr-furn 'hSii.-, lo lli exrcie uf iheir right and powers within the I'nion. Speerhe were m U by Gen. Morgan Vailsudigheai aud I'ugh. hnilroud station, on their way lo get i, iKjuiulat our famous General. "W-a-al', by hi thunder didu't voti oomii dowu to l the Iront, when he wauled to see you, ncy 7 f A French pn-er tells a story of a du"l between two gentlemen, wbo were so eipiallv matched with Ibe sword and pistol Unit they decided lo I'ulit w lUi ciirars, two iiritiarmi exlortially alike but on was to be loaded so as to explode ana prove mortal to tbe smoker. Lois were drawn and the weeds were lighted, After a few puff, an exploti in U.k place aim ina uuoiisi le on in i,act. " lie wss presently picked up, und with the exunp ion oi a niaotencij eve, was louoe lo lie un hurt. Tin-seconds bad only put in little piece of gun cotton, and the all a it toded a it bad begun in smoke. ( "i A correspondent of a iiirnrt 9lcr b-ii(s oi - me Disgnitioriit Astu-iulvi llo-iii of Kiigliiii l, known all over the w.rld aa 'liod save lb luwii " The writer is uol probably aware that Ibe Words uf thai anthem are the veriest d.-ggervl imaginable. nee, iicr is a specimen : Hall I isl olraa. 'H(rt SSsf saw a a -u-'usii a . vf a- Tl.ank U-4 O.-f. at , s-.-f a. It -U Sat. IkalMaaar (0- A N D GAUNKT. with WIIITK AND BLACK tiKNYX, IN SKTS COMPLETE. ASHLEY & CO, Promises to pay particular at tention to all customers, and to supply them with more DRY GOODS AND rm ii i s hi ii Goods DRY COODS. (.OLD AM) SUAEU, til AIVS, " I'llAIN IIIUt'KI.KrS. llll AIM. Ms. Ool.ll SI-KI'TA-l l.KS. MI.VKH.-l'KCI tl.l.kS, 1 bi- .'ill all' tli-f. dla In rl.l.-n, uol. Ii AMI Sll.l r:H TIIIM-HI.K.x. H.II.III SI 1. 1 Kit a.U Kit II I LAI all oisilis, ar- lanla-l. Fine Table Cutlery, CAHTi I IIS, f'AKK llIIKl,ii.l w mi. a i a, t saiw, WIN : CAl-T'llllI, TllA, rlc, olc SETH THOMAS CLOCKS 11 OHSAl V41HKTT Sol, AOKMli' SIM JOHN FO LEY'SOOLU FENS Till. II ..-! aTkk liAUg. , .IT1,I If-.lly call Ilia alluli"tt u' ll. in,... -f ll.ia l laily l--tiir s--l.a.iS l.r-fi-liy ii.vis 14..-aw I" rail ad aiai.. aa.iMiae Mmm thai U.U.IO? iifilll, ait-l, v.4' i asy. VliUV LATI&T BY TELECRAPH. Nsw V .sa, Auj. ljud inatead de- iiiiiihI f..r vu.l-.iii iwHiHom-s laren, hut the p't'ulntiie llloteiiisot ie merrlr nominal I'rie ranged durinc the morniua: al about li:, Xiw Voa, Au. 2.1. Ilelurns friro No. I Jireeient in Prince (ir's Co., M. I. ah..w Ibal IJUout of l Totrr bae been disfranchised j the war. i pwar is oi ii (ofernmenl pris-inen al Ihe South bare applied for a renewal of Iheir pensions, slopped dorm the war, hut only three hare teen framed. ew pension agnte are sam W be ap- p-nnled in the Southern S la toe, Ntw Vosa, Aug. 21. The Kiehmmd eorroaM-n.eiil of the Herald stales that detetvipmenls art partlt made wlneh bIIpk quealionahle Iransaetiobs hate been made with (loremnisnl Funds no Ihe part of Lieut. Col. Dinner, I'atmMler of the 1 arUumU li it ilc4 It Las paid nta In Nsw V"a, Au. 2V The sisamsr UeorKe Croinwtll, from Naw Oin,,t f,,, trrired. The steamer Ooean li'in brings $n Franciaao papers of Au;. 3d. The .Htearaer Ilrulher J.-i.ailian fi-.m San Frsneiaeo Jul -Mil, f.-r Portlan-I, Ort -n an I, with heiamn Jmi and 3ij i-atavamoaf . r, was u.talljr la near Cap Llneoln, Or-x-n, June .'l"th. Only Union and women were eared, Aei .tig; the ps n(r wre llrif. Men. Wright and (am 1 jr. Lieut, nail, rur-..a A. Iiigham of Ihe arm, Capt. Chadderlt k vf Ibe resi,. aerrice. .o particulars rerirte-l. si. Wright was snrouie to take eominand uf Ihe Ilepartmenl of Columbia. Tb Pirate Shenandoah had d-strred 'Ii- bark Susan Abigial, near ihe gulf of An-a. lair. It seems the 9uau bad $n Plan- eisou papers ol the J 'tli of July, eontamln ar mnU of Ibe eoll we uf the llebnllion, bui n eujeu wuiua n-ji sroait luia a tbj j .' loss, Aug. .J. Among the pae- aelier ou lbs loat sti-ainer llMlher Jolia- iiimii, was James .sbili, lor many years ,.ne i.f the editors uf Ihe Hmu I'rsuuiwu llulitttn. The New Oil-ans p-rs mention lb .inking i, tot- sirsmer liJa Ji, Iroui Surieerl, lit New Orlian With 5Vi hale ol Colloll. Passengers snred, ; Tli I' ys the exienl ol ibe aUlra. ti .ii ui luiol- and 'he l-.rgry tl g .Id cbei'ks l.jr Ket. linii, aggn gate four millions two linii lr-l ll. uand dollar. Tli Post's spwial aaysi The Irienda of Alei. II. Stephen are making atrenu-ius slT.rta f -r his pardoa. M ij. Waileck deiue that be r-fuaej lu il-ey ibe l of t'ongr eotuog; a4l the Isim f-rc.l-rsl a-h s.Is. A raliinel meeting was held litis mora ing, all tli meinlier l-eing presenl sxeepl Mr. Niant.-n. , a. it. (.hi i n vV io., ASIII.KY HOI'S K BLOCK, -Af-.llil ii BOOTS & SHOES CLOSING SALE SUMMER GOODS. . . HMO I HI I ORGANDIES: Printed Organdies, and Cambrics, all reduced to 50c per yard. RENADINES: All Lenos, Grenadines, and Mozambiques reduced to 37 l-2o pr yd ur Jio., Ac, &o., FOIl OVE II t DBEI DOLLARS or smaller sums, than any house In (own. u. -ai f air., aaslil. liw-e I.... i -ur' l-r e lew. t.ii. simi j9v 4 N U .ei'u. 'Ebb CATION A I'llOMI'KCTirs or rim ACADEMY OF'THE SISTERS Of ' (T. JOSEPH. BLOOMLNGTOaX, ILLINOIS irw iftwuisiii.i fipetna ,.nJf ui mmn m liVhlsMI til Li ... sa.. .(( n Mt ! mk. TDK (III KMC or MSTKKTHH I WaPKIlKii t 7bi-l.t, K-lo,s. w.uios. c.h,iii.hi. ilr.a -a, l.-.,, a.l" ---. allli lbs naa .4 lb. iii.i-;. eia.i.. . Hi..ik. a... ...nm-T.t(. .I,t.i. n-.-fl BM-I'l'lf. f-W.1 a.,'1 I.MI.S-. ...1 Mu. c, ru.a a.Ml or..u...lal Nm4I W-rk,Ta- s 1. Ku.w,, ate. Ilia ri.uik laasaaaa II fa. sail. .... ti; HstU4 itailj.., rUhsl H4 tlHtsC 1 s)stM( OiJ ', i i ) hi , ao 'm I erf cJsTsM. f Mli Another Invulee of Ihone ravorlte BLACK SILKS, Al Popular Prices, at ASIILKF 4 ( ITS. New Style Delaines Just reeeltedat AAIILKY A (U'tU Aewnljle of BALMORAL SKIRTS: Handsome Summer Skirts at $2.00. CLOTH & SILK S1C0UES : 100 Cloth and Silk Sacques at prices to mut tho trado. CURTAINS Lace Curtains in great variety. SILK MITTS: Ladies' ami Children's Silk Liu'o Mitti, at latently reducixl prices. PARSOLS: Sun Shades aud Par sols, without regard to price. riuur ll UlOlnS, We W leave Ui state that 'I c . . KtlM'K is (heap, at AhllLKV & (0"S. our VERY L.1RUE! in all kinds of ear . -sea ear- s- m m fj W a- St ASHLEY k t'0'8. I)UiA If Ika rlaa Ik prlr aM w a4.aalaa la a .hall .... as I all MM, a. ail k. ka 4a,suM u aa g-aala, at Tk la.; apk.'la.a I gl&-l.? lu II 4u bs Ik lf.aaalaa eilk a ! a. - " imsms -raw sm8 im witos. "' aa.aaiwajr. ial4Ml Iv Sum aa I l- '" ' aa.IJr.ul lima kaa km. kaa.. a fl-wa-iaw , WW. U SSMilM! Ial LMiOVIIMON f KM ILK SKU1.N.1UY. THE TENTH YEAR i)t Uu. Inalilalrt will a-.taM-iKa im MONDA V, Aim. !..., r. T-wti-f and T - !. jmr Bloomingfon ; Female College NEW ADVERTISEMENT!. id . O V3 1 fn O Jill ,! . 1 iV. uunuti to 2 X I.H. IM . a T.ST. t lliniil iil-ATIIKra. W ... r'-ka' I Ihrt. . s iu. jalw.l, .. m . .r J.,,.m- a-4t's St. aarraat Slu M.n-I!r Marh-s. 1-t asia i.n, . .... h-, .., . si.rlr OMrsstnH, tus.H IMtvvl U'Ssa, aiavK.asWa, 111. Tit. I ..iUstala r-4 -ll avtnsifc On Monday -Seiileinher till. Tk. Is llu ka. b-a Ikur-aafkly rapalfaal, hI le awasw. r.a-ai I I a4 a-aipMaal ni a.l N.n.a.a, aa.a bwa sua4. aa a. at. ks-tl.t. ,' kaiT,fUI I. a. iUi,-. . l Malta TlH-aaiskias I amr Ua.JIn la Ik. laalilaiH, ak-s.l-1 a. !. a-.lira..-a t' a a-.-i w m ll.-r aiin a. tm'lf al Ika m-m " -"-'. '- M'-H j v, a. r-MiM. aa eiaalai ,,. , , II 11 11.1S, f.lS'l-al Till; SIXTH YI.AH or tua, " WK MiLls TOO ClIKAl'l" w vi.l.t b. ka.a awk amaplaia raikar Ikaa er . ""i -aMa ksaauvrkM-aiaa lK,s." 'Prints, Cottons, Delaines, ' Tickings, Alpaccas, Cassi me res, Ladies' Cloth and Water Proof Cloakings, etc etc., etc. W 1 1 IS ETI NGN, Woolens LINENS, Ac, Ac, Ac, Bought at the most advan tageous Umc3 during the fluctuations in prices, WILL CQKMSSCE SEPT. eih. W kakk stasia, 14 I, II. MILltR HI a-ellaa wn maw. as rrn- a. Ms. I ta.lll kasaa kafsa al Ika tlaasas I Dfa And we shall give every udvan Wholesale & Retail. tM89tothetr,u,ot,mtcan.-M,8si biy oo Becureu any wnuro in itiu West. Ohieauro Xiiuoa Oar ttaal alaj ll ka la ! allaav4l i .... I. fm aa. a. , aa4 II n as raf ranetae ia anas w.u s .aaavrau rar. a ... e S .n4 -SI l-aml. a last, a MlLllll k.rh tk. IT ar. a.aarl - laviawai an.i .1 ika .laMi-l. at la kai I alaaa.-l J U Spaai lis ui.m , . ...s . av a, priauiuai. """c; LA TTk " liA 1 1 N Alt Y nmtsi vu tmtrii.K ii nrra SOLID 4 QRN AMEHTAL BRANCHES lis Vi.aik Ireropr. srs4rker (ik. aH. b aal lam m la tv,q, -a R'.n.k IV) aa. larta. St. aa. aar, S jt U.lal.--. a-l Irau Ik Prla-aipal. U. W.ltlikaSSU. MfcjMUkra-a aarws, UI. ASHLEY & CO, (SsiMssura t Aaklar a WaltaJ Xo. 2 Ashley House Block. III. H. In all crises 'competed with. Tu the Wholesale Trado, Soliciting Examination, U.rWtfuIly. - r . & CO touti

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