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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois • Page 13
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois • Page 13

The Pantagraphi
Bloomington, Illinois
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TOSSED IN HUDSON RIVER aum 1 au'M i I --JM I X--rr, nii: nt.ooMicTo. uunok tumTnr. jtr i IHt, As Silk herxiod tf Uo rts ahcd ci him Joe Louis is the hie "if tnrfa as he moved into a defense at hi heavyweirht crown. On of Louis marches his remM nf belting out ev--.

ery opponent in I the returcfr- maicn. un tr.e -r ther side. however, stalks the ghost of dvancinc years and soft living. The man who has held the title! longer than any other ma must reach the Mix Baer Hw-r-T" 1 Ml rx tWI "TV. I loi ifittiuTji -100I5CXJ I unontwx iirtsTigma 9QMrntwa 'O It i tea J' I mu some day.

Many profess to believe that the car stops at Yankee sta aP vfe-v? M'W' POLGHKEEPSIE, N. Y-Bobby Lee, winning University of Washington coxswain, rets tossed In the Hudson by victorious teammates after the Pacific coast crew won the PourhkeepMe regatta Tuesday, AP Wirephoto direct to the Pantaxraph Gunther Johnny Roberts, Chuck Marshall wiicA I ON TEAM TO BEAT IN CCI THIS AUTUMN dium tonight. Max Baer. once the madcap champion, now tour-ine the countrr refirwinar wrest ling matches, says Walcott is due. "Walcott is hungry.

Max says. "He has six little Walcott who need shoes. He has come close to big money. He had Louis on the floor. He knows he was a rhumn not to follow it up.

He will not make the same mistake again." One suggested that Walcotfs big mistake was ever ee-ttinff into the ring with the champion. waicou wia win this one by knockout Baer sars 'Whih round? That's for clnrk don't know fighting. Any round vwui li you xag mm." Did Baer think Walrntt afraid of Louis? Max wa jslumped by a questicn involving isuch an elementary trick as read ing a man mind. Max declared: aicou is sure to whip Lonls because he thinks he did in th ril nine inrj lOHjni. I me irresistible Baer rtnrwtt a minoritv.

Mnc Knv. ters, reporters, barren. -J painters, both active and retired think Louis will win. They firurt Walcott never wa, America's Two Top Teams Victorious CHAW second rate fighter Ther aermiteiy that result can be re- that Louis lonf cfn this year. The score Western BULLETIN.

NEW YORK. The Joe Louis-Jersey Joe Walcot fight was postponed until Thursday night in Yankee stadium because of rain and threatening weather. Rule Stielow Ineligible To Perform Here Oscar Ezzersnn of On in rv state chairman of the Youth Activity commission of the American Legion. Wednesdav ruled Pitrher Dick Stielow ineligible to repre sent jlouis Davis post on the diamond, since he resirfps in the Normal CHS school district, al- inougn a resident of Blooming-ton community. Stielow had been counted on as the mainstay of the Davis post nine curving corps and his loss came as a solar plexus wallop to the coaching staff.

Play in the county tournaments Scheduled tn rteoin nivt nreet and the following week the district playoffs will be staged with the division fol lowing. Winners of the four division titles clash at BHS Fred Carleton field nn 93 91 end for the downstate crown. The winner nf the rfnnmttate title meetc fVie roTYiniAn 1 cagoland the following weekend Alton, I1L I Municipal League Eureka-Williams vs. Legion at 7:30 p. MeCormick field.

Municipal Results Dick Burns. 5: Hawks. 4 (8 Innings). Moose, 7: Normal Merchants. 6.

Standings NATIONAL LEAGUE. Games I I I i BY FRED YOUNG. rafttafraph Sports 14: toe. WHEATON HUa on an un-windy hsll on the yonder side of the campus. Harvey Chrouser.

Wheaton college's grid rr.entor is forming what ma v. 4 tig TiJ out eleven cf the 1943 CCI grid Ciir'P41Rn- crusaders lor.e de- feat last autumn was at th han.ia of Nort- Central collese. who to wm their co con- co crown and Peaton lumni very fni. 7 to L. Jve cre of lh ttim a history this year.

LL 'L iica cany, incyre oue in Bloomington Oct. 2 and that tsn't too far away as Herr Chmuscr views the proceedings. You kr.ow v. s- 'r' K' uu coacn always cour.i- uic n.c unui ce a ctuj i or i.iS. Ends Only Problem.

TV mrA t'iatifn the most perplexing at Wheaton xor v.oacn lost Durham, cr.e cf the best ends and a North Carolina bey. to Memphis, Tenn Don Tows, an Idaho boy and Art Johnson, a track man from TPs-it rt tV five ends that he used regularly a year ago. Hlrw hit fnf ff.rw4 tirV' In the returning TYirlr Sim. mons of Seminole. Okla who tips ir.e scales at pour.its; Dale at rt'll rs Springs.

N. who ts and Connelly ISO. Of the four rjrds. only Doug Babcock. Seattle.

was graduated, leaving Wendell Loveless. Wheaton; Chuck Hol-smger. Walnut Grove. Calif, and Bob Nelson, as a nucleus here. Don Bunks.

Wheaton. remlar Southwestern at Memphis, Tenn Sid Scott, a Glourhester. i Jim Gardner, anotner capaoie wing, is conterr.r'ating entenr.g; er.Kir.rrriris it.iwi. ir.i itaitii Ss'Dr. Peak, but hard rll slumped to Walcofs humb place Louis himself character, says 'he ha, lrt speed in mnrhini.

slower buThe "ft? ,71 Walcott out anrf krock wasting ume. 1 To Louis the nuhli.v. a. if iz to 5 seem ahnut hm I favof. -o" iiu State Normal will gain the services or Jim Lawrence, co-captain of Drummer Township's nnbeaten Greyhounds next falL Lawrence is a comer and wis an important factor In Gibson City wlnnlnr the Wanseca football championship and a ro-champion-ship in basketball.

Bill Gross, Drummer's ether outstandine athlete is stiM nJ- cided where he will matriculate. has the "inside-right now but Micfeiran. Tllini. Illinois college and George Washington are all in the i-imnn tv. Colonials recently flew Gross to rt asr.mgxon lor a week of entertainment and rushing.

Bill Posorske. the P.erlin trie iaa wno won a letter two years it I I i i I i Si I 11 JOHNNY ltI.TNIK the rhlllles aa faihUnrd tohcr chetatnc ballpUjer. The Tplf etiKletder'a left cheek bsltes as If tee mere suffer Inc from a monunvrnu! th ache, but all ItUUi pan4 so cf chaw. Brady's udi ii aiaie iNormajioi ir.e ia e.even ana and completes work for his mas- nelly. Wheaton.

Geyh South Africans Bow to Parker, Bob Falkenburg d-Ki tlc tea 1 -1 t- V. -n tennis Ue i-eiiT ai ta -i V. yor-tn lrr-i f. f.rit r-A'ei. CV.r tf, ii Aff 9.x I t-i cf x-n fi cf 5 an rrar.cuuM.

-i'rrrl s-. t-'e i tcr i a f- rir I In i i l. -n A-r, ---we Cafry Sin 2t tirr- r. rh.e AO.r A rrt hf rt IS JJ t. forrr-J ct at evre Fa mons NEV P0VERI 7a Patty Berg, Advance in Babe Zaharias Over Par Again But Wins Easily BY JERRY LISKA CHICAGO.

UP) Four fnrmor champions and the meet medalist Tuesday stroked into the second round of the 19th women's West- tjTln ltflf Aiimflw ae rTs1tr AnA mua upset was recorded in the 16 match inaugural payoff session. Most one sided triumphs were a pair of 7 and 6 decisions turned in by veteran Patty Berg of Min neapolis, one of four contending professionals and two time open champion, and another former champion, Helen Dettweiler, In-dio, CaliL Miss Berg had the day's best performance over the 6,434 yard Skycrest Country club course which was swept by gusty winds. Dettweiler Routs Kanrich. The sturdy MinneannHe red head. Open winner in 1941 and 1943, was only two over par for the 12 holes she needed to eliminate Mrs.

Jac Ochiltree of St. Charles, 111. Miss Dettweiler, 1939 champion, loomed to a six stroke lead at the nine hole turn in her walkaway over Mrs. Nathaniel Kan rich of Glencoe. Margaret Gunther of Memphis, Monday's top qualifier with 76, erased Dot Kielty of Long Beach, 1948 Curtis cupper 7 and 5.

Favored professional Babe Did-rikson Zaharias of Denver, seeking her fourth Open title, belted out Carol Diringer of Tiffin, Ohio, 5 and 4, finishing three over par for the 14 holes. Lindsay Bows, 2 and 1. The fourth ex-champion to win was professional Betty Jameson of San Antonio, Tex, who came back after a feeble qualifying 85 Monday to wWp Peggy Kirk of Findlay, Ohio, 2 and 1. Miss Kirk had a qualifying 79. Miss Jameson, who also was three over par for 17 holes played, won the Open in 1942.

Beverly Hanson of Fargo, N. wnose qualifying 77 gave her top spot in the lower bracket, turned back Marjorie Lindsay of Decatur. 2 and 1. The one match which provided the closest semblance to an upset was the 1 up setback of Catherine Fox Park of Glen Ridge, N. by Mrs.

E. S. Blanton of Oklahoma City. Ann Lewis of Bloomington brushed aside her initial first flight rival, Lucy Row of San Antonio, 6 and 5. Miss Row was one of six entrants who fired 9's in Monday's qualifications, but lost out in the playoff for the S2nd berth.

Second round pairings: CPFER BRACKET. Miss Gunther vs. Miss Wall. Miss Jameson vs. Miss Dettweiler.

Mrs. Zaharias vs. Miss McMillin. Miss Riley vs. Miss White LOWER BRACKET.

Miss Hanson vs. Miss Spork. Mrs. Blanton vs. Miss Lenczyk.

Miss Berg vs. Mrs. Germain. Miss Row vs. Miss Doran.

Logan Mission Group Sets Rally LINCOLN. (PNS) Annual rally of the Women's Ti societies of Logan county will be neia at iu a. m. uuT) Wednes day in Elkhart H. Potee, a missionary from India, will be the guest speaker.

Reservations for the luncheon are to be sent to Mrs. Donald Lanter man at Elkhart My All-Star NATIONAL lb 2b Sb ss If rf Name Address Game is scheduled Jnir ia st is 25 at St. St. center, will be around another'. vit 'yy-year as his relar at 'ts, ct ets.c; W.

L. Pet. Benin Boston 34 24 .586 Pittsburgh 32 24 .571 1 Louis 32 25 .51 IV, New York 29 26 .527 3W Philadelphia 27 32 .458 7W Brooklyn 24 29 .453 7V Cincinnati 26 34 .439 Chicago 23 33 .411 10 AMERICAN LEAGCE. Cleveland 35 19 New York 33 24 .579 3'i Philadelphia 34 26 .567 4 Boston 28 26 .519 7 Detroit 28 29 .491 81 Washington 26 32 .448 11 Louis 22 33 .400 134 Chicago 17 34 .333 16la SET SPECIAL HOURS TO SIGN WITH GUARD unccln. irr.s) a-.

t- rx cf r.rr.U i- Ns'-ejt! ef C-- at C'H r. i at i 1 -e -i a t. 12 t. i f. i I f.

Ij i r. hi)f. Hrinn Your Film, fn united photo shop fti Hal. rvs. Expert Drrelopinj Prtntlne 5 ATI 0 A I- MIDGET RACES Every Thursday Nile Farmer Cily t1inr.

1Wa Mrik4it Deer tTin era yta irttk trr. is lam Jrrl4 faw. fee Ua rcavaa4. QUALITY flAVOt UMIfOtMirr far-ry. eegr- ta tt'jt NOT ti ew r-a'eriav'a srl; -j k.

tr act i atX i tutar aal rtala. Ijti1 Cjr 3 is rlty far aas efy Vfttt tcr3 a-'t siuUt. mi i 4 At Fairbury Oval FAIRBURY. Wednesday night will be Peoria night at American Legion speedway when John Joda Post presents the sixth in their weekly series of action-packed midget auto races. Fans of the greater Peoria area Who have Dieked the 'rairhnr-ir quarter-mile oval as a favorite meeting place will be honored by the Peoria Sweepstakes the featured, 25 lap program finale for the 12 fastest qualifying cars in time trials.

Time trials, three consecutive laps for each entrant 'ill get underway DromDtlv at mST) with the full program completed by 10:15 or 10:30. Johnnv Roberts, fnrm hank teller from Markham. last week's reature winner In a thrilling duel with Don Brennan, heads the list of entries. Roberts, the Midwest circuit point leader, also is the No. 1 driver in Fairbury points, based on finish in all events.

Others entered include Chuck Marshall, the record breaking specialist from Chamraim in th Bob Davis Offy. Chuck holds the one-lap record at Fairbury (14.85). Lincoln, (13.82). Farmer City (14.75) and the Belleville (12.26) all different si7e and shape tracks. Three of the marks were set in a span of four nizhs last week and with Marshall still driving with an arm swathed in bandars to protect flesh burned severely at Macon May 1.

Others entered lnrlnr? Easton. Harry Turner. Gus Kling-biel. Byron Fisher. Norm TJol Al Cummings.

Clyde Young, Danny Kladis, Gene Hartley. Paul Blokell, Joe Fennig. Bud Swan-son, and a full supporting field. L'e Roy Country Club' Drubs Paxton, 26-9 LEROY. LeRoy Country club's golf team scored a 26-9 victory over Paxton Golf club here Sunday.

Individual scores were as follows: LeRoy. Paxton. Medal. Pis. MeHal Pts.

AS Stayton CoDeland cfniimin VanAtta Williams Heacock Ha I fon Kffe Peterson Jinon Flliott ebuTnVer Pfirick Dilks 92 82 7 F7 B5 87 ffj 92 90 91 78 80 KS 102 78 91 98 94 as 89 2 0 Bmeham 0 3 1 0 3 1 0 Crumba'gh Pen-v Trantina Dooley Scbulti CURS LAND YOUNG DAVENPORT PREP DAVENPORT. IA. Dick Keyoth, 18. richt hand pitcher for the Davenport High school team for the last three seasons, has sieved a Class contract with the Chicaco Cubs. Although the contract is with the Decatur club of the Three Eye league.

Keyoth may be assigned to Janesville, Wis or Marion. Ohio, both Class teams in the Cub farm system. He is awaiting word from Chicago. Meets Night The Crescents, who have won 28 out of 35 starts this year. against all opposition since start ing tneir transcontinental tour, will start their ace pitcher.

Alvin Gipson on the mound. He is a former member of the Birmingham, Ala, Barons. In reserve will be Al Saylor. also from Birmingham: Willie Jefferson of the Cleveland Buckeves and Bill Edwards of the St. Louis Giants.

The balance of the Cincinnati lineup and the clubs from which they were obtained by the Crescents are: Alphonse Dunn, Indianapolis Clowns, lb; Johnny Lisky Lloyd, Southern University of Baton Rouge, La, ss: Howard Easterling. Homestead Grays, 3b: Leaman Johnson. Memphis Red Sox. 2b; Leon Wheeler. Philander Smith college of Little Rock, cf: Jack Bruton.

Cleveland BuckeTes. rf; Napoleon Guliey. Newark Eazles. If" anrl T.vman Birmingham Black Barons, The All Stars boys who have made the most impressive showing to date in the Municipal league, which is regarded as the fastest in its 11 years history this summer. 1 choice to lace the Ohio dub. in '47 Gerry Schoenherr Heads Veteran Backs. aWJia a crack fullback and unanimous a conference choice; Bob Blashha Cranford. N. Jack MeChali.

Peoria: Don Hammerlund, Dick Fickejs, Cedar Rapids. and Dan Gardner. Wheaton McGhall was used at both quar- leroacn and halfback last falL chrouser- heirr. ninn have Lee Tfund to aysL't him ar.d iers cegree in August, wdl teach mathematics at Rochelle High school the ensuing year. Bill will also coach the backfield to keep his hand in athletics.

DID TOU KNOW THVT When Robin Roberta, the j-ounf curler now with the was in the Capital City, hia f.rrt name waa -Evan." The collece publicity man at Michisan State pertuaded him to drop it because. Robin ms middle name sounded better with The ftrt rtx ho ci Bauh- paes this ta.1 will be Sammy 10C in receiver in i 11 season. Temple and Texas hae signed a two year pact In foot- na il. th Aral Philadelphia SepL 24.

1M9. tne OwU travel to Austin. Oct. 7. ISM.

Joe Loui, was the yourjnt man to ever weiar. iitie. ht has already held the crown lor.cer than an other man. Rrth 1. 1 1 nun, mnM waca Johnson were both 37 when they were -ess wiiiara was 3.

cnestnut has oreanued a baseball e)ub and enthusiasm is at a lerer pitch In the There are more xhma Willi balmiest day when he once sent diHerent clubs out one Sunday oftic r.e clearing house lor semi-pro ulenu Lane Fines Barf ell For Delaying Same COLUMBUS. OHIO. CJJD President Frank Lane cf the American Association Wednesday fined Manager Dick Barte'd cf the Kansas City Blues $25 for "curs- Protracted de- iay ci me nrst game cf a doubh header at Minneapolis June 18. The Lane said, con- cemed ball deepen Ty 7. in liarlell bfmr eierte V.

ItVIU streams, lav their greatest depths of the rw, ii ac i i a in Bartell elected from ti. s.ame. ine ciues a 6-0 lead Minneapolis at the time cf Bartell removal and then lost to the Mulers, 11-12. I I I he.n in baseball ur.t he reports jtacles cr srxked. dirkenei.

St TauU while the Crusaders ed or dimrrel arrest t. Daily Talk On Health BV WIIXIAM RRADV M. D. Tr.ere is a ivmlar 1 sun gUuci protect the eyes eje iui cr rest the I A t.v.ern la ssrr. ei ir.

Ar.ycr.e r.orrral and fair c- m-1 forUb ur.ccr tr.xht sunliiht witr.cut cr cr darkened cr irccUcIes. Only when it is r.ecesiary to wcrk or rlay Li cr the ri- of the sun d.rectly up-n tre eyes i- 5 5'f i never icviub ta wear Fcr iht dr.vir.e t-y- the danger because the ct he.lLxhU due mainly to the cor.t.-ait t- ar.d twivuaij ca7K.r.ess, ana screens char re that. If the eyes feel uniuly fat.r-ed after a lor.g drive, either day cr night, the trouble li r-f whatever he or the is Uk.r.g at. may do so merely frrm bad hatit but r-scre!y needs cr a charge of glasses that U. cf whatever charre there has been his cr her List ere For prciect-fig the eye against intense ef on ar.w.

water, sand. rpertac. or screens cf p.lanx-.g gus or ether material are generally satisfactory. It is a good rule ta hae the advice cf your about wearing any kund cf dirr.rr.ed tinted cr sun g'-aMes. tf yy conterrrlate freuer.t cr habitual use cf uch tinted Irraes or cheaters.

Forrest Auxiliary Planx Meet Thursday rOPJlEST. fr.VS Arvr-i- Thursday evening at t.e It--n i A ttUufk rrrr wJl fc lowed Try a 1 V- I II in Im aides will have just tw imfa cr ec-over ret ready for the w- 1 rrrr cf cr e-L. Sert. 5S. ca yv, L-vidual wh efcvWii Results AMERICAN LEAGUE.

Boston, 11; Chicago. 6. Cleveland. New York. 3.

Washington. 5: Detroit, 4. Philadelphia. 7: St. Louis, NATIONAL LEAGCE.

St. Louis, 5: Boston, 2. Cincinnati. 6: Philadelphia. 4 no In.

nines). Chicago at New York fnightl, rain. Pittsburgh at Brooklyn, rain. Games Tomorrow NATIONAL LEAGUE. St.

Louis at Boston fnight). Cincinnati at Philadelphia (night). Chicago at New York. Pittsburgh at Brooklyn. AMERICAN LEAGUE.

Philadelphia at St. Louis Boston at Chicago. Washington at Detroit New York at Cleveland. incinnati Club All Stars Friday The Cincinnati Crescents, one of the nation's strongest colored clubs will show at MeCormick field Friday night against an All Star nine from the citv leatnie picked by Harry Warmbir. Game time is 8 p.

m. Selections AMERICAN r-. Irjuir.tJ. irowls ar.d t- I SSMkB 1 Quincy, Evansville Resume Fight Tonight in Gem City r-, i3 fcav5 the enr rraT pro- DDdd, hai OI here rr-r are ter's degree in June so his plans T3 ru re itirti in tv. rv-T c- the 1U" x-psom i i a ex a whLe his mates got three efT Lambert to win, 3 to I.

At Terre Haute defeated the Browns 5 to 2. Miller pitched all the way against two Erowcie hurlers. Tonight's schedule: Casae lasts fl 1 5eSS? a miM -a i i n4 raneta; Akam maA IInmi Cum.) rs ija t3a am a a 1 riaewtss; a at ri i HI A r. I liTTi, I I POA 1 HEW PEPI HEW PERFORMANCE! Be AtMclaU4 rreea.) Qumcy and EvansvUle. leader and runnerup.

respectivelr ia the Three-Eye league baseball race will resume their scrap at Quincy tonight, provided the weatherman relents. Last night the Braves started out with a run in the -t and the Gems bounced back wVth ii A a marker Ln their half when the! oarr.aoa skies opened up and forced postponement. The Gems are' leading Evansville by 54 games. In league games last night De- oVUk catur shut out Waterloo. 2 to 0.

Suraat. in the f.rsv game cf a double 'n. MOW AVAMAMI fOI TltOlM 4 MOtltt BARKER MOTOR CO. me snuxoui cy ceieatir.g uie Com mies to 3 in the nightcap. in tne oest ritcned rarr.e u.

XT.n I xiowara Martin, formerly with Mail or bring your ballot to Sports Department, Pantagraph, on crGadsdea. Ala, in the Southeastern are July 3. league is Manager Warmbir's No. Howard Martin, formerly with the night Fisher cf e-j tio ijT.L'" Monrce Ue St. Phone 57E5-0.

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