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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois • Page 3

The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois • Page 3

The Pantagraphi
Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

Frinling Our Column. insurance. Dom't Suit of the Peoria Union, Makik. His Mask. Though Conrod gtoerally Printing for the Million 1 1 has "put In his lip" oonoerniog ths Hall" con- mark, he did not, however, suooeed Tory troversy of this city.

Tt do not believe either of well ioweking his mark as alderman In the Third 4,500,000 DQLURS CAPITAL! rard. the parties called for hie interference, and we set it down to hie antipathy to lulls, since we learn that Jjocal JXolices. CITY AND VICINITY. DAILY PANTASnftPH Raney Is in the habit of adjourning from such pta-oes to the police magistrate's, aa happened last COVevT. MUTUAL The Photograph Mania.

The photograph TUESDAY MORNING, 186J. winter after that masquerade ban." makera must bo in luck with the present rage for LIFE BOOK AND JOt BANKING UUCBS. Pjtor. Fowtm. Remember that this learned cartt visit.

Only think or supplying ever young lady with your "counterfeit presentment," I Bhrcnoloffiit and very pleasant lecturer deliver. MoLii Count Bint. From 0 a. to a r. m.

Uomm BA.n. from 8 a. m. to 4 r. Mask or ULOQiii.iflTow, Kroni 9 A.

to r. u. TNSTJEANCE CO. hia first lecture (free) at Royce Ilall this evening, PRINTING at two bits a bead! And net because the aamsti cartt a tuts for you or your picture, but beonure she wants to get her album filled with good-looking a a il PAidKNO-it TRAIN 8 PAHS ULUUUINUTUM, Fowler needa no reoomaendauon irom us ut OR tHI KimMMHMll llttlflil nana la a household word," and ha eannot but ii. a an i I.AO a.

h. I UoioK 4.2 M. 131 A. N. draw house.

In connects. fittijlg suit at wa a sw aoloc N. 6.8S A. Sl a T.1S r. liolng 5SS tZXfZS tZ Baltimore store, nr.t clothing tska mamt ftf the DOBt OIDC0.

i.tinrui Mad Train. Union Block, Bloomlnston. n.i- mi I flnlav north arrival 3:42 battle of Monmouth, just flnisbea, wnicn aione is ttoiDi nartb departs 8:02 wwtls VJAi mvLif 7Vaii. worthy the attention of every one. Go and see It.

ogt.A memorandum book, which has a fair Ootnf Sooth errlrei 6 21 a.m. I Oolite North arrli 11 23 J. 5 un.ii. a. m.

Uuiuu North depart ll.iiS t. ir. hir. Cantiia John Uatber back, some letters In It, and acoounts for ATTENTION Ifl CAM.RD TO TUIS COM. I'ANV urguliantirBlr ujiu tb TII7rr.fX SYSTEM ruroltbtns Imurence In tilth ttrlutufonnt AT THE AOTUAI.

COST to tb policjr buldtr. There no stock or guaranty Fund to absorb tbe proUts, tut all tb turplua I bnullr llowcd to th Poller lUldon lu to tb Auiotiut of lb iirtiuluu llwy Steele, Cancnter Props. Uerbls arrieed from Pittsburgh landing a day or wood against some indiriduals. Any person who two since, and is now at the residence of bis fath- may find a book answering to ths aboee description v. l.

i I.A.itiff it at the rantagroph Oolac North, arrle m. I Oolne Sooth. arrive. 6.45 a. tfoiutf North.

Safari r. I Uolog South, Bapart, 8 45 A. 11 Tlr ihif aiBM iir Blarieva er. Ilia wouna was qum seTer, i rapiui; wn -j 04ac Sooth arrlef 8.60 e. m.

I Uulue North daparU T.15 a reeotering, and expects before long to rejoin hie office or returning It to me. Citt Elbction. We were unable te obtain the Lobda.t. and be ready to lead them again. He Lvman 8.

Jou.nstok. Ik Try llbtral ptrl kM rMl4 rla(UtUMBJ aim bt la Hi Wallas kiialMMt aa ta uit I aIUtoaril tt eaireaaie, ttrw 411 BAkUf 1Mb MeiUaat U.Ir ainW lare ukr vets of the several wards last evening, but can give wounded about 11 o'clock on Sunday morn ng, 1InoFL.ND.s iiALSXvnc CoRDUL-A adver- tbo general result. This ws are bsppy to say even- darln. tb, firit cUrge made by Iluribut cmsion. tuated i.

tbo election of Porks for aycr by 25 Captain Marble's reputation for coursge is well -lts- wMetfSikoil Ik slbABt Ml Or I L.a.m a si n1 It. Itl ADiff Btcf IlirT ftO IRT, HI tamj VnJ SSrVVV IVI snweaa teiwi IBUVWH ejiwiai er- I QIW LrLtad tn It darln the lto desperate battle. We S3 2 Itv L. B. Thomas for city treaaurer by 6 majority a irtMi 'aa hope ere long to be able to nis recovery $2,500,000 LOSSES PAID S1NCK ITS onUANUATlON.

i DKPAUTMK.NT AT WAdlllKOTOH, V. and return to bis company. itnamfnts, (Tuis, grrssts, March 25tb. IWl. Tb police magistrates, Fsrro nd Sparrow, were elected, Ferro by 85 majority, 8parrow's wo did not loan, but it is largo.

Rickotts was elected strset coamissleaer by 133 majority. Dodd was elected tk Fanrtk ward bv 12 majority. W. alderman in tie Foorth ward by BajorHy. Ill at KlLLBD AMD WOOSDID MCLIAV CO "Any 'news good or UI abl tba i eltk rl'M eA ute- The followlni' list furnished by W.

W. MM 11(1(1 FUUDED of ,1. iinr. WiiiTs lUvtt, Mach 25lb, 1PC2. a a I lUHVlVVV Van lcholck.lo tbo Third ward.

n.nueom. tni.J and w.unded l.the late BMal af Ik 4 Urr er blr aaf aMtoaeie a etjle Ul will I tkaa U.lf atia4 yalrMAS. 0r ta.t)ltlM None!" A. L. 1.

I TO rOLICY UOLDKRB IN PIVIDINM, at Mabcii 2Cib. 1802. ur tae aoeve. one i tvicatii vuiv.i, wf--1 I iKHAiTu i on.

a. Sra mo. wocidkb. I wont a new cost where shall 1 flod the lat- glor tbconuiDcnBl cf th roaipaDf the dlfhUaiU row, aeiseo. i est atylesr w- 8 wejirsalforw WosbaUiIvtbofuU vtou.00.0.

i KiiiB.ton. lost one and tbo other baJly PRINT ISS CARD riT. Wiiiti lloinr. Mabcii 2Ctb, 'C2 SO PER CENTUM PER ill tke voto la tbe Second ward oot being aeeordiag te "'j a I I ir 1 At Ilede Harwich's, junt south of lbs Ashley srALDixa's co. 23ru ut.

tut. ika antaa Bat halae- lUBMril. 11 JWOTSr. II boose, where can be found tbe beet and finest iprioe M. Kiddle, of Leiinglon.

It was threti out It would only Increase the ma riAis, oft e-oode of the eeaeon caseltneree, siik vesting, geo- W0CI9ID. bkb two made Iniuraara la Ibie eeairaer l.KSS EXPENSIVE THAN IX jorltlM of the Repnblioasj oaadldates. llemen's furnieblog goods of all kinds. 8eod your a Rowland Evans, badly. II.

Maaken, measure. ours, sedately, A. 1 Daitoi Disstn Have received Arthur's Msg- March 2Cih-dif Michael F. Rail, Nicholas Oesehwind, bsty la thoblp. alas, Harpsr, Dellon ana reterson tor wsy.

AXY OTHER SOUND INS. CO. ImfoetatioN or WooLKM CooUi. The COLORS Are mot earyMsed "w3 ors aieoBTktiitTor Al. Rowan, elightly.

Loot. -See advertisement of lest aecouat book by lluxUll. la the tbleh. aubecriber has received bla first importation or IN TH I'NITKD I TATE J. llr.

Woodworln. Jack 8teveneon, ia tbe Hp. a I loceibrr wlih a Urce aeeorlmebt tf T.a Tha aoed order of tows was rath waiter nie, in mo 11.130. Pnil Werden.

Uliaoral skirts, wbidh he offers the trade al low prlcee. Tbe balmoral being Kie for the season Ainooe la IkUj Sitf, a ua lb iiinr will now be sou cheap. A Urge stocit or miuiuerj James W. Drown. Miebael Qamn, mUelof, Pbeaeeler, sick in tbs hospital.

er remarkable laat tight, taking Into consideration the emosetef free wblsk.y dropped Into tbo r.l-keleo of thsrf-mt" elemeal. Two or Ibreo or-root of waadirlog iplriu. we boHevo, foots wp tbo BLANKS M)Hlil rtaU4Mt lMlrfHH.M goods 00 band. Abley block, south sKle. fixciAia UITTT.

Reuben 1 eoog, wm. a. HABvaT'o co. 8r iso itttse-. Lloomlagton, April 17th dlw.

aeeeuat. aBeaMawaaawaBMawB rABTICVLAS ATtkNTtoN tkXO TO Cart. Wm. II. Harvey, aotisg lleoteoant-cglontl Ta OaiiBvaaa.H With all doe defereoco lo the Grovcr Wi.noi.ow Will at lland deliver II MCRItlMAK, PAM MILLAKU, JKMNK nilU.II.

II All WOOD, I CLARK. THUS Ut Mill K. RLTLKDGE, TIIOM.W, KJ IVKS, IIAHKII.U JAtUU KiltHlK, Tf 1IATCU, lluN BWF.TT, Ia A l.LUKR, WATKINU, stm: msimr, rtsvC AME4 A UMITH. i iiAcntnP, II jollXfON A HTt'MI', J.illM ULK WHITMAN, tflMOSi of the regiment. Corp'l Cfcarleo C.

dry stove or orJ wood, iromf-tly, when orderea. COLORED VOflta! a. ontbero, wo saost deelloo pobtlihlag tbo orllole baoJed In, alecs as a eard or advevUeeaeot. It bo-log strictly pereoaal matter wo wleb to aiseme no OrJere received at Ibo Candle I actory.or i sivui Cbarlee iioben. Calvin V.

falib. Grocery btore. W.ratf Dlaomlogtoo, Jooo II. Irl. atUbilv.

reoponelbllity. ir "Uteerveto" wien io poi tbo nrtlelo so ooevo staled, sad will Just gtvo Be rt'l lleih Caeeady. mertally wenaJel on tbe Cards, JAS. OBoVSB. N.

H. C. M. Wiaviow tkoir saaee. It will loeerud.

Cib, siaee duo. Grovcr, Wimlmv 4: Cu, teill p-y psr fundv rariLv latuftaattea arfir II. fcYKRLYs A sen I ferp I Wm. A. Oooo, oevertiy, Wm.

M. Trimmer, daarorenily. Mchaalv- TUket. and ba five duiiare 01 8 stall. Bow A slight sparrleg ssblbiile leek Utween two seekers lo freol of Ibo Empire ItL Btll.Uri.i, Kllleofrsrf, Vail Tlrbrt.

liiulflfos n(V lUIllflf Cirds. Ibrai are rrteeoled will py In I. 8. Trtaur7 Rebott L. Oettdy, aligblly.

VaieUl Carman. Arfil ta lt OOtae. eleesj loot night. Caoso, wll.key effect, a sasll aaailte af red told oitrooled frosa the probosele dtf Je. d.

1 AND cob Leodie, eeverely. EJalo Combe, of lbs "ble? Ko. 1. Tbolnlerfereoeooflbe Wantkih-Five ImnJrrJ mrn who have Jameo Loving, allgbllf. IUliaa)raaal4 akvs -afVa af TrH te 0e petleo stepped Iks fo dispersed lbs eorleslty GeergeS.

Raeeell, ar4 IESTER11 ClOTIIIIIG STORE each, to go W. K'U'o and boy a cosl-lbe betlaal obeepel thy ve mw fvr Ibo money. boallag srowd. Tmr Rteaav. Oar revert of Ibo eeoevs In tbo raaia or At.

Dear la mlaJ ibat Ibis veader- POSTER PIlISnSQtt Witv la it that! J' OrnnaQ Ilitti'M elootb has stirred op Ibo Ire ef Ike el iRRIV.lL SPRING liOODS ful wlsiardaadmeiloea epeaseel wllhaeerlee of I t4 Vtmotfttf Tbelr frrff, olbfr fr Ibeeoieol oolertalomeols la PkmeU Hall oa WedeeeJey aie Bet oaly leaj bat d.ef, the a.rveoe ey.t.m Hiwily Uc.oee Igbl. Tbs r.klr om.s lo as well reeomm.adeJ, I 4 -fc pltt 5M PTf fm MiJ balk aa aa eiiraerdlaarv oieevt aad aa beaeet, I i v.i ka raeart wa aal i Call and Cxamlnt 8plc Mlfiet. A) fH. sinit ritoriTs qrics suci. Skaf A Oat a fleoeaat bosioeee geallemaa.

Uhi Ultf MbMft'f frrw( fttUilm. paaeiratlm el lluiailoa. Wy tolaabio, a. vlU cevtaiatj bo l.epoeeJ of. Ue iioib JilrttlnHtOUn Ibea ooiee Ibo r-ier Is ll becaoee the lioib 11'K Tllrt la Iir 'It "Tin la.W.a-kra,ak,a.Ua-ka4 aal If 4 M'0 K.nni.oo( c.ts; bM.a.a tber are now a.bam.d e' Go aad loo kli Oiienrel out on 31 smlosj Ittrfvf lea.llbofrecved.age? erbeeaoiowe bad Ibo aodaehj FIHHT OIoASHINHURAWOi: AsttiiSBt.

Qelto a aamber of pUeeo, to ll- kaiMto) -aal aMa4 kf ORCHARDS.HEDGES&GRQVLS aadeeorato lo not only report bat eipeeo Ibeir a a a a aaaaattaai.aie. far Cel. MolHiaa's br'geJe IMiam iaat 4 wily saeeblaatlene; II ao oeea ii in va Tbe tm Insraoce af llana4. I'M a aa a a.w al Camp DeogUs, paed op oa ibo St. Ll.

To Adotii the Howtalrtttl, leetb lime witbeot oobr tbtt meetiofe were IE.IDK J1.1RE CLOTHING, HITS, Altea aad Cbieogo ralroM oa eamreey. iaey 1XD DKllTIF. 1HK COIMUT! lo Ml M4 frlvately a iawii tAriTii.AJttai wrtiKA.iM Vaaallfallt wrauebl SleoeO. Sad will bo effeO- lb. kali Ibo Mtooueva tarty rr nun uMiMioi Mrii ties eagiaes of war la tbo beads of Ibo breve aad several different eeUae.

If so, wb Ibea eoree The Uartrord rire IiscaacQOs af Ua1k4. laae BaOO TRUNKS, CARPET DAQS, AC. gallant teioael ib. ruMl Ii le at ealr the ttovlaoe, boi I aikbat Ika kW aaA all aaaSBbae 04 c-owroriTat-Anii wirm Iiacrtoo Da? Teeterdey, liks all eleetlea deye. Ibo a-oij of Ibo Tf ee 14 report on preee4.age nl rt nilTn a a.t.tta aal If tbe aroeeedloge I seek Ir I II I I I' I II I' I ka M4 la IAa Saa mi WJ 'O as d.eefTeeehly mel.L It was a.bervd la at The Hone laireice.Cfta?iB7, ellirflil Otr keo ea.w.

wbleh toraed lo rale, makiog iao rgaieeotn to A- a I 4a la ika at. seat saeolb. Ctellemeol roo 4epiivo eotaeier te mace iari tlrt CAaMtriTALA.S)frt.CCF tl.4At.ww rantj alnifrfJ.tlolhitcd VwIIbrs klg fAortlealarly la ibo Beeeod waii. Tbe Repab- Iteea party aal ibo lk4' uuktau ktk af wbleb wo lalek wil b' rt ajliae aaak a WlU eWf a I I A aw ft b. aao tosa a rtnvail Jaiy.

It was a few, te.t.rey, toei Wkiia I The Motoal Inrlt Llfo lev Ce. ee a aii nmri.rJ ot fot.ow,t.oi V-a 4 kJ liva oa aal treeter asiwlibeloodieg. Ike eieotiea, like were with ibo rtlo' i maiuiiti utrt urtt ,4 I7a4 I r.aa) a an kkl.I.Bekia4 .7 4 aa b.a.iat. la oamaarlaea with Other laloroate, soffer aee everr eit efferl le laloio ll laa a i i a a A I .1, (Ml a a .1 '-I. aa-i.

to Ika k-d ataritv aal Olb.wl0. Bo.b eur.ueoo mre.iy a by lbs asf roeodeaiM raiao, is si emeu memeau a.aa4sali Ik, ae kaek, a alaMIMill laafeai'llk i I.liui a MAkn. i a Tat locesoWa A bh ar aa I aaw -revo Ibo roaie'o' beae. If alkfol ool fwil.aei NirMtMH 4.f.tM;.;..a..Mt.....,.,.i.o...j.... eetaW a4.eM a 4 eee fa.

I I'to aalaf ta II 1 Ibstfoooal warl is oaoalog seaeieeeooio remare. a.t end lo H. bat ttetf. a'sar r.i-VL Is oaa4oK seaelleeobto rem.rl, i. Ul a I a Ik a i a a a aa a ka em a wbleb Va tot softrielof.

wb.a wo leko lalo rooetJ. Ufc tSo qaiv.rieg aefv.oof. 'u rUtar. wbea we toko lata eooelJ 181)2 TOR Till! IIOLID.IVS! 1802 i mi. mtt i si iTf 'rs ra.leo lbs fell of test yo.r.

wi was AiUIV lIMlMl B' ikea leaa. "i "MEAT MAMtKBT. eally weVi si lbs tios ae belog oaeoally vrtt.tti HXCHLSIOK OAIJ.EIt Urge. He. lb.

ots se.ll bo s. malerUHy la. meel al ikl. tloo. wbea so mooy of oor teiers I fc lk, g.

ft veimiia)ws ll Akl aa4 raito4 V- I ar. la tbs army. Is a ejaery. oeo aa. as well oo ibeir -ar laaH fataaa la aaf ilUI la BaeW 4T in L4 B.

I all ke 1 aal.e Ike oofiala tsalilolM oot af lbs -mel llemmar M.l7a, reeib all Iks Ii UHiai.bM.e(i.l...,.M,1.MU.e i. II I. Aa, k.e.l.l... Sl.r' IIHtle. ret w.

Jf wty ft ri eaja DTOtKi rtLTw, ebC, aatotl to toaoieeeallVeO. o-. rtevjrvnw. a aa atl.f rii(K-ix blocki3o rutosi, wiititv iMi rrsitr. itjoi0Toji 4 ear I t.r.'rVat.V.Tlltial' ll la aafia.

I. i a Wo am set ieiaa w. waaitar i a rnrn nnn nrtv WW A. IA. UJMatt 1AM A AM AM C.r.

i'OilTiinV M. lkl.All oeweel tb. Sbevs fOOitlea ia iao aeia r. teeaieg 10 we sor ia.r aaa aaatoaaa 0 KCOTOMUR tndBATK 101B DU1.T2 ev ewao vo Wo loarej Ibal lbs otreaoeiaate. el bis eleetlea are weold bo aarigbtoeoo, vre.i.H u.

as f.tlewsi Csmplea aal rorser sooeeodel la ere. I lo al oaoo ibrew ikea apea lkei.ll eknilUM grcwrp of Tate Btld MOtli Alf. aalistlst ibslreteny aal lbs lalior geatleoab If- of tke ell, sol break lls'r lmJ tu IbwbT. iottrf. Cliiilrtni IMctarta mad qalckor ,4 Ik.a al aa, 4kaa la lka fall 4l lb atxafciaa klaj.

aa4 aa aaaaaa W. AbMt, I i-ke w.itoal Ka-ao ly lkre eo, ikey Imoelialely leoovol lo log lbs stas of Ibo fetbevs taea UOir eaiiervo. Dak.1 CamoUa fei.foed lo Ueo wetl ao la areleo. Wo ao piiotioi sad a Si aa ai, i i IV4.H ka, IM If alkae-k-, i i. ki.

hitaf r.MaJ ibalai.iiae. aal oreaa lo rUl aal odil bli, aaelto. ii a ekif i va ai.i'f,. i a ti. a 1.

a.a.a.a.a. iv.i mm aaa aeilbee bO WAiiaiij WAU CLilMH AM) aoopa.y 10 a veto wotca reewiiew i aie ate i iai, --r-r. Ib.oapUtooy. Oa Ibo retort of Ceeiplea lo oemp, ief l.uerel lalo Ue oof pott af Mf ai.a. A.

A I A au a aaaaaafO I Ibal Will aboel 11-1 bel ba moa or ibal wo will skoel iMy a a a.l 10 ar aae aw -a a wnnn nnnn iry j. p. ncH'ni aas mraiog iao aoeoo aovoaiago i I a aaat all Ibiaaa af all B0 tb. aalo. alesalsg.

wbleb vpm all of all It 1JUUU 1 HUUM II It Mf, wttUrew as It I.H. ,1 j.I.ed aaetboff Mopaay. pwWIs ged rotree Ibre. tVe l.k- oo seme yeaag msa. Tb.adliUea eu.4 at Iks levd keal wkoa aetle oaH bo, sad j.

X-T- 1 V. 1,, a af a-n- laka isnsg isiny B.aa..t tllh A. It .1 a now ritrAr1 rtetMl2Ar tub nr.iT wood a a at i hiVmm.V wt ssj'SXi) I a. iai. to tbo rellca boaeo or a.

la Ika kaa. ef I -a a aoar. aj a. Ii naardlnf. Ika ea aa aal Iks lot.

of as mete sew regtmeal, fraol, doeepUea, Immoral ly sol wroog. wbetber ktsn rre Ies bio wltbeol lb. op- baeMoa aa! parplo aal It. Uoeej or aei, or wbetb- 7. a rv.aaaa:a eaaewe.

or olbovwlee. ,4 a af-. M.I aAaaa. a al mt AMV)WWt nil-din tnd LodfTlnffe ova FJlMiv. VOI JII Mt SAW (SI! WW Ik.

entty 01 faaajnaj fff-Bia aaj.may. taaa.u.a. tteoib.ab.ta.wsmolrolli, a.t veoaisg for Tboro, tvaU.mea, to mi tAfr bt lllk. lit tA AP aka kaax 04 Oa te Ii J. ra raak aaaMl aa ssiisejAaewe vi aao eejww i.

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