The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on October 28, 1928 · Page 11
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 11

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 28, 1928
Page 11
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Q -a, 1 SECTIONR Nra - Oiirft Kp Mir. ,r-til IW'ft-M. QUfrc SraitoBanfaK t i . tr ! . I..- . ( , i( ' i f ' : t Central UtinoW IIOUi: XMVSpainr Slnev iSIO 11. Witches and Spirits to Stalk Through City Wednesday Night As Halloween Festivity Reigns Shopping by Microphone Brings Glimpses of Velvets and Silks in Unusual Display of Colors Brides of Autumn Season Attracting Lhrc Share of Social Attention t I vr HLOOMIN'dTOS'. ILL. Sl'NDAY, orTUUKU -IS V.W. lu.a itHHi i tuil w I I ll. - tt t i ! .l K a, p I. p n'l I--ft e . . li it-. Itip.- f-f iin- '( 1 1- , ! . I l t'l" '"' '' " I--'1"' ' " " ' t 1 I 1 II il ..,,..l ..p w !..).. H . I i i.iip I . ' I II j! ...i ...i i.. i r ii.. Ih.ll I !! l I k ll.-.l. , .1 .. lull I ' I le 1 Ion "'n I '.'l .i -i ini i ; I- 9Mti .'l l in i. I -t t ... i. . i. - k el I 1 I i.i, l.f .1 I.l Ii- l i II. I i I i n i !. Hi ii 1 -i 1 "" ..!- ' ...I ln."l'.( I I. ..! f I ' .1 i Ik II I t"U H 11 a ! ' ' i.tla- t i ' l i ,a'i Ii ' r ..,r m' ! " I I , l.i!p I.. Hi; M !! '' ! I i .. !. (ik mUi in ! ,.,i,t. ,n,: f a, ,.,...i l..ia .ill; In ail ... rfr rlil. n r '. n ii n i.. I .lnrr nn fi'-li-i- l.i'if ..ii i. ii. i ii I f i".in iiin . . i i'n " I'll " " I I trn t. I'wUliJ I V l ln. (..ll'IIUlll..-. I.K III. I' HI- If K Kl.'" l.r .l:l'K Ht.lrr Willi f .nil i.n.1 a iii.i l I .!: il " ' " if "p "' , . ' .. I in ii In; a r i if k 1 1 if - ! f.i Ml a -in f'"'" . -r I I.k ai.r I., n'l H.H . I. ' l-i. I ' V bi.i h k fin l. I.lm- .r ln-f if Hi " .r a ' - ' " I " i 'i i -ii. J "l t-.kK ait ; l.f. a'l.a Ml.-I f ilnnk n k1'-" ! n I n.. !' in li I I ' ; " ' ' ' 1 1 H"" ' J'""' u',jr I ,1 .HiU In lilk im.k ..f IImk --ti I in. an I.. I- Miil I" r if a sn. j . k'I'l Iiik In i.i mi.'- !." I li.mi'-l l"'il nil ' . . .. f..r kl.. In II... .M. f - ii.. In I Li- " Ih'Ii-Ii.iU ! ta In Mif j I-.I.I.1I II. Hi'-, ai l n. " "l" l l'- "" , I" "", , . t n.n !..I..iii..ii In all I' -.' -( ' '"' ln--rr ar ; , h k'..i." '"! in '-I'-1. I I "r,,,-r " ,,"", tiid t- . rlrU ra ' ' ,.ii In ii 1. 1 t -( W i.f Hiil ! "" .". I k .-l.l.i t In Knti.n. l ily. ; r il.i- I tl.lK ,..; (rl.,1. in I l r H i.- i.l. f ml. ml ilil". , (i Ic.iiil.rni.1 a. nr.- ai.. mt in i ! I-H .t.-.H I n ii. h ... .T.-iH-r. "II.. t- I. in. n ' t- ii 'tin. i,; i., f-.r H- , Il.nn li.itii.i- I -It ii .1.1. t !. H M 'r"' 1r " ,,ri'1"-. . .1 .. .,..11,.. in nlmh Hie cn na ....r in ii.-i'iiiN.r .n. i.i'i " k . ,, I n.-: Il-.'V kit' 1 M.'l !"" .1,1 Iiiiy- ami all k"l.l --! f.r i 'J. la J..r f .tll.-u. ii.l. iln- . i.i.r ami cJ.1.11 li.l. -Iii'f I " . . I il In.v " II. r.. a kiiill.iij n..tiinn ni'h i ami . n' ir In r.n. itk aim'tt H. In I r Mi" kl.i N-f.-re IL u.i. t.. li"iir nml L.kt Larga 6Hopp.rg Dag ;;Z':..rJ' i i rr li" aii. .pi'ii'S I. e. an.i i. ,-. h ..ti.. ifnliv h I I-.".-', ,t II." m-n a -H ' . .rrl-l In M.nv Wiw If W if"1- ' . . rk at Hi" Si ..!:'! l:i'- I' 'O. I .!.. .p. ihut 1 a.n !! i'"1"' 1 ,4'' "" . r ti." ti"' l.iik-. '' Sl, li-l.l hT unci. .el litfl T"n-.. v t.i h.T . h.-rk. ".Xii'l ". I l'"vr ., gk-r.l nnolhrr f .-hl. n !,.. n In llmt , W (ili.l ll! ..tiltli- l illU "V l .....flnisprr W l"- l'"k''j ,t .n null.- II"- li'' Hiliik "i'"' vn :. -M'iMar M-iilim" M"l-"-. ,r.--i. tl.n- -jr II. at l.l l-l'M """ . n lii f... In tin- I'L.V " i l-i mm. Mr. I" "" "l"""-j-..,.n f..r a M-il- li.-iika wli'i lin-"i it i" " : Far Ahtad of Nev York "I lllll ll.lVP Kllill a K"'l ilni" h.iinr.l.iy Mi....iiiB. I"" iika a New V.nU l.lf.PI'. lilH" J'" . ...i nnv nr. I manv a tinin I !. .ii. i., .-'..n nn. I l.ii" K'tnr V:".:,:. .. . l-n air It "-cr.l..-.l iMpp wVrka liit.r In tl " Ni-w Vnrl; f "lili.n .hk a. , , , -I'm takms linmp f.r my il-iuclit. t .. of llinap prptly ii'-w I.. n. I-1 I" :" .lialna that Kivn qui!" n-arly III" f-. . t of ilmnn-n-la. K..r mvk.-lf I Ilk.- n I .,-kk. Iip.1,1 at III" l'lfll. y I ItM .itin lp. lur" I In Ii.lmir.-i't.." a llslrnpi- a irrf""t rryi-t il li'-ri'!-". J"'' lika KTPiit fairy Hut my I,.., r iikn ihp Mn ill .Hi's, anil 1 know tliraa ronrt-ls will suit rxartly. I ....... r l ilw.iiplit I woul.l lav i in a f,nv tlilnwa. an tliat If Hi" family ,1,llin,Kto Clinpl.-r OnliT of iP,-l,lPd ovcrnlBlit.-na I Imv known i ,.. ,sll,, n f;,.,r. will . niortaln from 8 tlinm to do lo Mart fur California. ' , t n would bo rpnily." She threw op.-n hcrjMink, ,,, ,, ,.;.lst .Mffraon atrprt. ,,, !.i,l, a ,,,ny at wl.i.h danclnR and -What do you think of this drrs f"r , ;llowr. Kanica will l.o the lturp. travPlhiB?- ,' of tho O. K. S. nre Invited. -Hiir-li a nice appronriat" wool A mav ,., ln,.,.sk. d or not, Just an cown." murmured Pain" Kasliloti, , (,.lr) .ii,.,.,. Willi nn Inward resprvatlon to th" I i.ast ,;,s and past pntrona w 11 f.-rt that alio heraelf likfd allk hel'er ! rP(.oivc, , t.,npaiiy. Mlaa IJeeta to wear on a Journey. Then j.vIlst,.rnmk"r la th i:.-n"ral chairman traveler lunched merrily. ! IWool" Provoi To Bo Silk "You have, nnotlu-r look eomlnc. Pa mo l-aliion. That 1 'iwe.'.l allk with not a thread of wool in it. And so it proved, though verily It would liavo deceived a sheep into ihinkliiK It made from her lout fleece. There wna nil the appropn. ntenesn of woll, combined with nil the lik-htnesM nnd comfort of silk. "I have a 'cravat allk' -drcs.i, loo, Panic 1-nshlon, and I Imagine this will Inst, with its woodsy figures, to be made over for my grandchidlrcn. J-or evervbody knows that a man's good ravat is made of well-wearing material." Tho visitor had almost reached the studio door, when she laughed again and turned back. ' Before I leave I must tell you about Ilia kimono I bought; "I feel as graceful as Until ft. Denis when I put It on, and I reasoned that it I didn't get to California or Kgypt or some other resort this winter, this gown would bring- dreams to me nt home." And Dame Fashion believed 1 his when oho saw the creamy silk ; ffalr, with bands of Arabian red, while' around it meandered camels, swayed green palms nnd towered the everlasting pyramids. Dame Fashion will appreciate It if anyone else will describe especially picturesque wearing nppnrel lo her. Vow slirnlnz off until the bleak November. Miss Kailrryn IJramwell Kntrrtnins Class at Tarty Miss Kathryn Pramwell. 1204 East Washington street, entertained the Peus Laboris class of the First Presbyterian Sunday school with a Halloween party at her home Friday evening. Games were played and prizes won by Miss Gertrude Markas and Miss Idella Ocsch. Miss Maxine Duncan, of the class, gave a toe (lance. At the close refreshments W'ere served. I. E. Manner Visilin; Her J. E. Danner of Hemlt, Cal., Is visiting at the home of his !ster, Mrs. C.eorge Dressier. 1225 East Grove street, mi t rrl. In II II I r II r I, .Mil f..'.i i iu l (. i .! a I .., I .... I Hip ft Al , 'll ' 1 1 . i.l i-.r , Ik ll. r. .l.!..l)f ti, V i.f" I f tlrfw i'f Li ri . I , . Ik tl l'H .! I hi- U .. M , Ik H r'lii-'nl . i,.ii)'e if tin A'mtii ii Irfi.-n l l It In i'.k M . .mi .n."tl 4 r .f I. :Tk ili"m fr II f -Il '.I1,K .-I I. II II.K - . mi'l ..ii'i, I l liml'l ! .iii...i. I k- Ki'i ! r 1!ik t .a ik. ' I lmK llmt lli , n ! .;nr., will' -i i iimiie a - ..- .. - - - , I f ,!" I. . nr. lil. I I. iff. i.i tilt i II"- ti. I I of Ifti , tniii aifl I I Hi- "f k-.-1'i.'H I' e.i.i-n lm-. n ! in. .ill. r h In I'l fk mliii atal a 1 if..-. I' !.il.!r l.-ifk-K kli...'lri I, nilllne i.i Ml Itic K..rlU. Presbyterian Players to Open Their beason TI.- M r.Ul.' l-i. -I i r. in riuvpra .r I'l" r I',. Mill n l.vt. i lin tliuri'li. n i"" ,. riany nir...!.rul .!nya In tha 111 i.irn t Ii" Ir kinm.n 111!" tt Miii..y rvt-iiinc. Nov. 4. at tlir .--.....till cliiir.n aimi-...r.inn. wli'ii I hay lirwtit MTl.e .. itiiiHTk" i.y '"' TI I-. i.ii" m t rni-nl P-'V h" b"-om" lliil.- Tli":it-r H "l .llm-i.'.l l.v Mi. l"fil .oirrn-nn "f Mi". 1". A- J'1''""'"! I tlia . li wiiii. m n . II a IMe proKl-.1. lit i.f II. Uli:alll-ltl.ill. Mr, c I". i lai k will tnK" tlia Vrl f" In P'ay: 'r- i:,t,,li will I." "Mia- Ulnntlm M r - omt'ci. t. hv.i.t will play Hi" I"11 f "li i W illiams , "iiiiaiu .. . . ......." li. ltitth H..W.M-. will kif.wn in work by h" r.iV.'H 1 I .' If... . - !.,, . mnltV T .IV. T", Will KHH 11. I'. .,f 'Iihz"; Mf afii.'ar n "Mi" lli.l.rrt M. Jiima win i;iinii:i Mmim"; Mra. .1 iiii. H i:. ..l. r will pi iv " wlnl" Mi", rharl-a lliiKu will Klvc Hie part of "Mia" 'arry J'.llaworlli." o Bloomington 50, O.E.S. Gives Halloween Party for the eveninB. Mik LMrno ii i . lis chairman for tin- nm-o,aii....p. .... iMra. Oraeo llalzenhnhl.r will bo the refreshments chairman. I lil,- Duliia ( lull To Hold MoefiiiB T. ,,i, in eluh members will . pvpnlnir with Miss I.ehlta .Marshall, 613 Kast Jefferson street, Bloomington Art Open Oriental Miss Irene C. Jordan of Chicago, World Traveller - and Collector, to Show Varied Trea sures. Ploomington Art association, of which Mrs Harry I.. Fleming Is the president, announces the coming of its first exhibit for this season: a vailed collection of Oriental art. gathered personally by Miss Irene 0. Jordan of Chicago, which will be open freely to the public in tho Itussell onllerv at Withers library from Nov. 1 t, ov. 9. Ali-s Jordan has been world traveler, nnd her collection is well known in Chicago. This Is the first time she has exhibited avay from there. From Illoormngton, her exhibit will be taken to Decatur, to be shown there. Miss Jordan's exhibit Includes Jewelry pewter, brass. Oriental prints brocades, linens, temple hinging and Cambodian silver. A gallery tea will he held in Itussell gallery on Sunday Nov 4 also open to the public, and at tint time Miss Jordan will speak of Oriental art. Mrs. Mercer Davis, chairman of the gn'llery committee of the Art association with several member of her committee, will assist in making the exhibit ready for viewing. Miss Jordan Is a friend of Mrs. Nimrod M ice of Normal, and during her visit here she will be the house guest of Mr. nnd Mrs. Mace, 407 Broadway, Normal. I.lktol lamily (irnup J a. i , rty v tnr5a.t I iZU fi Mrs. R. Wayne Norton One of tlio )arKo church weddinc of Ihp niilimin season was tlint of Miss Poro.hy Com nl -.avle8 Cunning wliicl, took place a wock aw. In their bililal partv were lls Hetty JIc Carruthcrs ns flow er gill, Pom l Vlarvi Dev. cr, Jr.. as ringbcarcr, Miss Carolyn Jo iKs anil Miss Jennet o Coupo ns br 1 ls. Miss Ireno Cou,x. us maid of honor. Joseph ll.innle as lt mn i William Itennctt and Donald Pester as i.sliers nnd John Coiiik-, Mrs. Kilwin It'i.nsl, 70fl Krondwny. Chnrlotto. .Iiilieiim-. Mary Hutu and birthday present for Mr. niniil Mrs Itussc I i. l'ciers ni i uicagu whs .h. oj.... ..-j . - -.Airs. Jill . . ii l.l,,l ,. p,.,l,i,,IP. nf mils ninrriagp last Mitnruay. mini mi..- in... Association Will Exhibit in Gallery Mrs. Alire Wrlrh Leaves After Visit ... Mrs. Alico Welch or .i.icKsonvmt-returncd to her home Friday following a visit of a month with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. J'agc, 12d!) Kast Washington street. .Mrs C. W. Brownlow of Heardstown, who has been visiting in liloomington for ft week, returned to Jacksonville with her mother, Mrs. Welch. Miller Boys Have Masquerade Hubert and Kdson Miller. 501 South Valo street, entertained 14 high school friends nt a Halloween masquerade n,..iv Saturday evening, (lames and decorations were In keeping with the Halloween theme. Lutheran Ladies' Aid .Meeting Thursday Thn Ladies' Aid cf the First Eng lish Lutheran church will meet at the church parlors of the west uuve Methodist church at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon. Mrs. T. K. Nord will be tha hostess. 1$. of I.. V. and K. To Hold Thursday Event The Ladies' or the Ii. of D. F. and K. will meet nt 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon at Co-operative hall. V V 4-ti (inn to Meet Friday Afternoon Miss (iladvs C.tubb, 1407 East Olive , .. ill i.n hmitpss at 2:30 o'clock Fridav afternoon to the member of 1 the 4-G club. . .. . , 1 ! sJI iri., - h-JM i Coupe-Cunning Wcddinir I'hnia Of Tn'fM f Normal, with licr four ilniiKliters. , - niicy, nnu tins picture iu-u ... ............. -- p Social Calendar Monday. Klwanis club, noon luncheon, at Y. W. C. A. Travel club, 2:30 p. m., with Mrs. Wesley Owen, 1 Country Club place. I, a to O. H. C, Halloween party, S v. m., with Mrs. A. W. Head, 30S Ka.'t Mulberry street. Ii. X S. class of First Christian church," Normal, Halloween party, 7:30 p. m.. at tho church. Mt. Olive Shrine, No. 23, card parties, 2:30 p. ui., and 8 p. in., with Mrs. Norah Wagner, G03 Kast Market street . liloomington and Normal Standard Leadership training school, 7:30 p. m., at First I' ihuroh. Philharmonic chorus rehearsal, 7:13 p. rn Loehr hall, at Y. M. C. A. Mitnis XX. dinner In honor of pledges, 7 p. m at Village Inn. Tuesday. Young Men's club, noon luncheon, Illinois hotel. liloomington Country club, Halloween costume party, at the club. Y. W. C. A. and Y. m. C. A. annual Joint Halloween party, 7:45 p. m., at Y. SI. C. A. Woman's club, address by Dr. G. D. Heath. 2 p. m Schubert Centennial celebration. 3 p. m., at Y. W. C. A. Junior Woman's club, Halloween party. 7:30 p. m.. at Y. W. C. A. liloomington chapter No. uO, O. L. JS Halloween purty and dance. ,S p. m.. at Masonic temple, Kast Jefferson street. Woman's Relief corps, Halloween masouerade. K n. m.. at JlcBarncs' ' Memorial building, j Westminster Guild of Second Pres- ' byterlan ctiurcn, ".upper mei-ims. . f ' '( Mrs. Kai:.erme Killian Slato Normnl university ami were mnriicl while In this tny ior inc i. CmlMCrs! Hi'w'ivne Norton was Miss Mabel Pierce, dauu-l.ter of Mrs. Kmmn C. Plcrc-P of i:i Piimi. beforo lier iniirriago last Salunhiy. .Mr. and -Mrs. Norton will inakp their lionm in lllooiningtoii. ,..,,., Mrs. Alan Milliken today Is niuiouii. ins her marriage which look pU " In Peoria, Oct. 111. She wns fiwincrly Miss Ilernli e Cliambers. daughter of Mr and Mrs. Civile It. Chambers. l.'iuS South Fell avenue, Normal, Mrs Katlieiinp I., Harney Killian. .'.OS Kast Pouglns street, is president of Hip Cullinllc Wonicn's Study dub tiiul in that capncity brought back n reis.rt to her group from llio fighlll convention of the Nallolial Council of Catholic Women, held recently lit Cleveland. for the Week p. m.. with Mrs. Paul Jefferson, G01 North Leo street. Longfellow club. S p. m with Mrs. A. li. Hoblit, 3U North .McLean street. Evergreen City lodge No. 20S, Li-dies' auxiliary to B. of Ft. T., luncheon, noon, with Mrs. M. M. Morrissey, SOS North Kast street. Mystic, 500 club, luncheon, 1 p. m., with Mis. Llnett Conklin, ut Arnold Tea room, St. Matthew's Episcopal Altar society, 4 p. in., in Guild room of church. Five Hundred ll club. 2 p. m., with Mrs. Will Krueger, 1601 South liunn street. Wednesday. Maplewood Country club, Halloween dinner dance, 7 p. m., at tho club. Lakeside Country club, Halloween masquerade dinner dance, (i:3u p. m., ut the club. Woman's Union Label league, families and friends, wiener roast, 7:30 p. m.. nt Forest park. Kliz.ibeth Folso.n Short-story club. 7 p. m.. at Withers library. St. Anne's society of St. Marys church, card party, 2:30 p. m., school hall, West Taylor street. R. N. A. sewinff circle No. 1!0, Halloween party. 7:30 p. m with Mrs. Susie Sehapmlre. West Washington street road. Political lecture by Mrs. George Piss of Chicago. 2:30 p. m., ut J'. W. C. A. , Woman's Missionary society of Second christian church. 2:30 p. m , with .Mrs. W. F. Meeae.le, U05 Grove street. Mission. ry and nenevoieni socuhj (Continued cn"?7fle 2-B. Col. 1) V Mr. ftuaacll Trlrr .,-' ; I 1 ' r t Mrs. Alan nuiiiKen KoArnM Clnartet Next Friday Opens Lecture Course Program at I .S.N.U Six Performances Scheduled This Year With Singers, Dancers and Readers on Artist List. Picture on Page 3 B Fix: star concerts are 9 be given this season on the Illinois State Normal university le-turo course which will open Friday. Nov. 2. Willi a concert by the Kedroft quartet. .... ,t.t ,,.,,.tef Vendor The wont in mi . ,, , I Chaliapin siyies a ........ -- art " The quartet, composed of Hus-sian vocalists, made its first American tour last season nnd returned to Europe for engagements during the summer. All of the members are musicians of distinction. The founder. N. N. Kedroff, was a professor in the former Imperial conservatory. C. N. Kedroft was formerly a professor In tho School of Musical Technique In Petrograd nnd I. K. Denissoff and T. F. Kasakoff, were both of tho Imperial opera. Last year the quartet gavo more than DO concerts, among them nn appearance with the New York Symphony orchestra. Tho quartet has booked performances which will take them twice to the middle west before the first of the year, south In January and to the Pacific const In March. Second on tho lecture coure pro- I soprano from the Danube, who is to will bo Maria Olszewswa f I VI, ,tl. rr r 1- fill" l.f fll'r l.ill. . n I. ' i " if II, l,.il . ai I '! I H.l .(! P Ll I ' M i-kin.-. : I- ii i" I k" ! ' ' I " "t ' In f i' I II - iix- f ' k i.f in i ii-' n 1 ' f I' i l: ll 1H. r' I ., tut In ,. in II." a-' f an. 1. 1 I nil an,.? J lln- A'"- "''I M...V lit IIiiiii.iii lij." I h'.i !.!!.- up li d ir I hp . f i.ilr lii.ii. ;itini- Hit f t. i.'v i.f. 1. an.i..t". ,l'il I v i!.- I. -.M, n I... - .Nk I.k" !-.' II l-'.'t ii.ii ! ! f. fi.Tfaa n I.!."' In H i ! I.- fifhl.fl I" t lie I a III t .1 11, Mrs. Bass to Speak Wednesday to Women on Political Topic Mm. .if :i nf :.: ic. km. n to a.l hit. w .m.-fi of t'i r it-a fr:iii-r itc! 1 i.t f If" 'l. (.: ' i!i nod pr. -ii.ti. -it w .f.,. r in i.t ', r w n'a a-; if . i" k .t 2 3 i p. in., Wi In. l ,) at tiip V. V . C. A. Mis. 1! i" h-.a 1- "n i (Ivp f .r ma-iv )".i,a In and l-l.l:- -.1 ii.'.v--menu. SI." ' a in.-ti, ..-i- i.""u: origin il curt r..iiiai.-.-. .n of I 'is ( ami has l.p.n i ban mm of l'i" Woman' bureau of tin- 1M11..-..I1.C in-, tl.inal foititult ( alien I:' !'. S,:" .,,k n r.lw.iiilngt.'n a ,,r Urn Woman I.ii.prty l-.m "n-mlttp". Tha purpn-" of "" m-pi:-i-'. "!'. h la spoil?. ii -. I by t)i Ppiii.i. women of Mi l'"-"! county. I" to .H"''.'4 tl," l-'ie i f til" I'reaent P '' ,-a,npa!k-n. Ad wtrnn will I" w -nt i'ip nipit tig whl vi . "-. ppelP.l to attl-a. t Intcreat of a.l I"' " rlt.en who are c.n.-ern - .i viewing n itlonal and statu n i""' .oil" from all si. I. a. o o F.lpmentarv Students Presented in Recital nem-ntary aludcnl of the Illinois, Wesl. van s. h....l of muM.: PPea.".l recital Saturday nt the " . . ..... . .,i-i,Lranl conducted n i Mrs Mabel D. ircndorf f. bead of the department. l'.-h ""1 i piano number w e pre". -ni, -u. Tl. ..ninvi 111 WHS eiv. n by Fran- t eln.1 Ityden. Dorothy Pi. k H' l'V Am, Kodman, James IlusaPll Pel ew draco Anna Slappenoe. k, I.oul"0 llni-ber. Walter I-ox. lather ...... x,. iiirtitn Cavins. porothv Jane ;i;,ehes.'stanley Temple. MattlP I Jell Thomaa. Phiii'P 1 ' . i- . . ,in I 1 ,,lif.ri t Kli K i.eiiK. r. i. i.k. " - i.i-.nw Anita .Moreianii. - :: .lano Kllen Warrick, Ionise Stu bble-fi.1,1. Hudson Hurr, Jr.. J;"'" ''-V. Clara Douls" Pewe. se, Harold Pe-wi-es". Iblcn How man. Wayne l-.tile Don Chlsin, Jean Kelley. Mildred Smith have the experleneo ot oimmm i... Chicago CiviC opera season I'Cl. ..".line stores Ol l.illl 1UI nip nmin. singing "Carmen." This will be the! The Druids are the mi's who gave i-i..-t Kineo 1021 that a contralto Hallowe'en its conneeticn with spir- Ins been starred on the opening bill bv the Chicago Opera company Maria Olszewski concert in .oru,iu will como Nov. il. Alfred Noyes. poet, will be tho performer on the program of Jin. 2S. Noyes, recognized as one oi mo lug poets of this century will lecture and will also reaa front his own poems. M.iier and Pattlson will present a recital for two pianos March 8. They i have previously appeared before j audiences in this city nnd have been i on the Star course programs of. Amateur Musical clubs In near-by cities. I Whiting Williams, lecturer on national and international problems, is scheduled for March 10. Mr. Williams worked for four years in mines, factories, lumber camps, railroad yards nnd industrial plants to study "What's on tho Worker's Mind." Tho concluding number on the program will be a dance recital May 16 by Jorg Fasting and his ballet. Mr. Fasting will give solo numbers and his ballet will also present ot dunces on that date. variety l, Joyeiiv (crcle To .Meet Thursday Miss Madeleine O'Xeil. 1 4i'3 East Olivo street, will be hostess at S o'clock Thursday evening to the member, of Le Joy.ux ccrcie. f I , i i i i I i f i . r, f ll'l'.ll... I . 1 1 1 j . I l-i . ii li.mcia I lllp. .r. -.i.'.- i.,i i.t II. 1 .- : ff. r I. . i. I, t :i i.'. -up f r i.... '., '" n l.a." p nra i.t ff.-iii ".ii...-." i. ii ..r in.ik.i'4 . !t, i . t if .i..i ii-r I I i a tf.- ilv lir.-.fc .! I,., i .f ii. 1 .. .- w. r. i:.f mt: Mailt Ltrd ir ti a,, I: . ( I'Ut !! til" ti l I. by ni.ik.ii.; i:... I. C. .1 Ii- r .1 "..r. In r : it I.k.'ilta .1 Ifi, p ti.o til j a A 1-. II, "If ' ln.i;,l 1,-11,, i i.ii Hi... .' n niklit. w!-.. spirit i.f r I and aip; t:y 'walk tl; r.irtli, w aid Ir ..vrl,ti t.i inir mi. " In u a ..t.icr l!un tii.i"...!;. .Mi,"t of tho . u-t"ina tv-w Iti' In as ipi uli.irlv 'Mtjik' t.. M.i:i w. -. n are r innaiits of o'J I : r ; -1 " : i tra.Iitiun oniernifiit mitri-ni'.ty. .ut nr" Important in cur II i" . 'hi R.itiiea. il.itiali girls ii".i til I ' 1 1 ' c ii pa.r cf cii.-Mhii: on Hip b.ii-.of a e, l...;nv,n,- that If th nut n iiii'.I fi.r h.-r p. v. r cr u kp. .ni l jumped II lin.-int he w.n l.iiili!...,; !ii!. If It I. limed steadily It Indicated tru love. If I. til (lutnut hunie.l at Ihp same, titn jn.irn.m waa Hip ciute.iiiiP. T!i rehitiv fiit!. f u I ri aj if lovers couM I." told .y pl.iejug liazrlnuts In the fi.-e tn 0 which l.unipil most steadily. Apples Ara Important. N. t 1. 1 nuts In imiiortancp com apple", but it Would seem till apple paring t'-at la really Colonial In origin Instead cf Itritish. IloliMnir for npples is familiar, hut the Id. a of placing an apple-eed on earn closed eyelid, In tin- belli f that tho one which drop first will Indicate th Inronsfnnt lovpr. maids threw a ball of yarn out the w indoiv and rewound it, say lug the Pate" Noater backward, in tlie belief that IIipv would surely s. e th" face nf their future husl.and. I If a maiden wtt tho sleeve of a. ! bl'His" and hung It on a c. iir befnm thP fire sh? was ipiitp convinced that her future spouso would c. ni" nnd turn the garm.nt so it would dry evenly. If she failed to see him. sh-realized that she must have been necligent enough to fall asleep. These, superstitions were Intermediary between the original religious nature of Hallowe'en and the present rather hoodlum aspect. Feast to Pomona. In the beginning, the I'.-mans celebrated Nov. 1 with 'a feast to Pomona, goddes of fruits and sesds. at tlie same time opening the fi-st of i Its, for they believed In transmigra- ticn of souls nnd taught that on the eve of this great autumn festival to the sun that the Lord of Death called together the wicked souls which within the last twelve months i had bepfi condemned to occupy th" i b wiles ef animals. Trlests used both ! gifts nnd incantations to propitiate j this god. English Celebrate Ai Here ! In Enand in the cruntry districts Hallowe'en customs nre carried on much In the same manner as in this country, but the English people add nn extra importance to the occasion by celebrating their "harvest borne" festival nt the samo tin English people have nn formal Thanksgiving day. as In America, so they eomhlne their feast of thanks for' th crops with their Hallowe'en festivities. Hallowe'en Is our annual tributes to the supernatural world, which represents what wo cannot understand. Put what was one? a ceremony of belief has become a thing rf welcome sport in a day ot serious j (bought and sense of resnensibility. i Now the observance of Hallowe'en, as ere writer puts It. "i a lest which j young eo pie play upon themselves. I pot In the leiat h';eving In the eon- s-qnen.-pa. only half coping mat thero may be something in It and savins to themselves that stranger things have happened." i ' I, --,a n 0 O 0

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