The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on October 24, 1929 · Page 3
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 3

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 24, 1929
Page 3
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u r .'HONE !r"n 2 J no Till DAILY PANTACRAnr. M.OOMI.N'C.TON'. ILL, TIU'nSDAY, OCTOP.FR 21. 1 f20. Tiiurn FATAL MISHAP BASIS OF SUIT Continued Cold, Weather Forecast CHARITY DRIVE TOTAL $15,300, Marly Snowfall Blankets Hloomington and Vicinity Administrator Asks $10,000 Damages in Death of Linn Morrison. i & I "VV ill Reports From Two Precincts. OM Snl, who iii'iixil ft urn brhlnil I inli ii luii il rlotiil 1 humility fine- " 1 mate, hilly ie,iire, th, f .ur . ,,!,.. r.,;u A nnliu of Wr.iini..iiy hnii uau HWinu rana iu ivliuj Kiivf C'rnlrtl Illltl'lU IU fiMt lnu h nf Iri'rr weather. The iIk In tempi-lit- liita li-lni lha J !:. Motrin, n, former ph.-ilff of f LS Imum1 '"'lrn nmn minimis in tne Mi county. Hit ii.liiilninii inr J vJ iJ liui lr,, streets i,nunl L'iiitr-,1 Wrlfma tniini:n c,f the i ntiitn nf lu win, I. Inn Mm- I' g I V M ami m.ev.ulk In tn mine lin'im fur the of rnton. 3. I'linvrm. fllnl null In V V-I -4 ... , ,., th liruil r.aiit Thumiliiy m;iilnt -,ft7 3 n.n.lltlun ',. .... the !' i:irn rt.llnm.1 I UUWiUi v,,ne, ,1 a v ' s ' ' u u In vril.ti he l seekm to i-i-um-i j illir rt n1P '."" llmis'lay. jioxio lifiru:e4. I I wll.l (lurks anil Mi s. Kelmlry an l Mt . pnn- Only h iii'ili tlrtcf inic the other mih-iatmy ix-xtrt. titrnni t thuliinen for; shetllf tn liue fuiii'iioha In tin" ti t I 4 on their southern flulit 1 HI'M,inlni:ltin. have ciinil..te. their ; rc nun tlm fir heen file,!, ll"W- n,,,,.,.,, ,v, th( .r,,ri, f,,,n, xr. r. jn.rtn. in in of tunny wea'her ever, W. W. Whl'innie. Moiiiiiln,.'- ,,,, H,,nt- Hip lllm.iin nvi r ,,.itilifr i hrmlit mo tu nilu.u In rnimn ton attorney. ii..eentim: Mr. Mm- ltl!lt thniiHiimlA of innllm .In artlveil "'Mertrci In IhP nlver ri'nn, .i' mm mi" ' " "'iilniijf the livrr Ju t aheml of Hip smii'iien ny nimrn in rmn.i rover iIhiiihi for th death ''' i!l;-nl. , In v. hit h coins may lie il .i,mii.t I.inn Mnion, wlm n-rvpil lor nmiPi .,,,. , ' Other names tu he aiJri to the In Vxp v,hi. Upputy h.nff, (Th' ' - ' -n.-iJtu ,.,.- h uimi inr fiHnl 1 humility H only trmiMiratyi I.inn M"iii"n iIipiI mi a nucpi'iu , , . ... . ( ti,,,., i. n ( ii 'it Tiimi in- " ... I In 1'ikiii, M'tv ... '" jinl.ii rni-ni j tn thp au'-iiKi-IuIp In which hP i.1 hla 'n, I'.illli'. Hijcil thicp, wprf ihlmc ' wtiuik hv. I im t i.itHirin niuu n.." rroKMiiiu two anil Paul of imnvcia. Mr v.uiiiliif il a fiHctui hlit fhiniM'T ai rru-hcil anil h-also ipfpivt-.l Int. iniil Injin ' I'.illiP wan hmliil Into "r, f'"'"! wi'h water at thp nl of thr iinht-of.wdy, and rucippd with t"""' ruts. onr half Mni- t rkull. 4 Skull Fracture Fatal A to John McMillcn, 47 In w.-ll f.iiinili-.l A heavy fn,ft h fiiipiaxt fur Thumliiy niuht, wl'h i in ami coniiniR'i ruin wcu'h.r Thtimiluy nl,ht atnl Kil.lay. BACH REVIEWS EUROPE TODAY i i Rotanans Told That Ger- many Is Busiest Nation i on Old Continent. 4n.. K l H k n hit I 4F Mi. ant II . 1 1 tl h l .. i U .... "". - ' . . . ' . '- i' IT -- ' ' 'f IT. Ii . N Z f . ,h'v '. Shrrri.'I to Conclude Mrs. GLnn D ivid-nn, v:x as Commander at Meeting Ioni;'!it f.,r I ! r y. i . I'yj'UAy oh-rrlll. 'BJSi ... Ilii tn., :i ; ..Vint Il.i'' . i i ' C1jji"wji tl. it. it n I"- I.' 'p I Y Ih Mi M rn. "J.. UTioi r . r.l I i. .u n ii illPlt WftlllPtllBV t '.'"homo in CtaiB. C.I.... f.-.I(i.nK: Kn,.h, th fact that an, Z; wnirl t.-.plvpd hv Mm. K.Iwhi.I A.mpik,,,, may l-'iun many thinu-i. v ,(,k, Ml Smith Clint. m o'rpit. K "f profit to hinrir uml hi cuntry; J ' L. ir ' "l).ath fi.lh.wfd 'aU tn ,,v '""r ,,f K'"P''. William Hit ... t hlrh hP fno tuicd hlit i-kull. Mr fl"ry cltih','; ".. ' iiiii.''.i .i'i'ii a .ill vrr hi imp IP- i.'. r i II II. Hri. II. II H. mi I. II H i.i ,..( Hn -.U. I V I " Hh.i.i k K I. ii k. t! n Oiftl II. i-.r I . a llur .. . t. ) H , .". Ii, H- in .1. II M. I ! H. ' I !i I I T I . .. . 11 l L i ii-. i II I liK lull Jk . I- i- I. I.",., . I. w. ! .. .. I. II. I- , 1 I .. .-. It I Ii II r . i' t i i ii . i..ii'm i l. j tt .... i . w. ii in. I. i i - . .n . It II I i 1 . r l . II I.' f c I I II II I I li fin t R MrMillpn "K rnrppntiT. .-..n, .,.. . ,,, ,,, ip m IIp wit." h"in In Wapi'lla. rrand ri-nt wicks of mjuuin on the contl-'"; In Iuwn. lived thrrp f"r a niim- mnt. ' hrr of ycai" nd was nmirifd In jjr ii; , .Kn with (it inianyj Uroy to Mil- I"1" Wal lnn. Hp Is t. iit of thp rountrlra In " suivivpiI hv hi" wifp i""t '"ur r,lil' which Iip tuund. Hp ilciciibrd fca- j' drcn Iipsidf his aisfpr In HUmm- ..,., ,lf ,n f ,1( ,;,.,,., I Inirtun Iip ipvcs oi". ii- i(.,m,p i.f biiiiest nation In h r IhreP Bisters, Mis. P.alph Titpr of .;uri,j,Pi ,P grt jjp a-tm-ed that k rtowns and Mrs. Krank Wilcox ami th(, , ,.Ht bunion of il bt which thr h Mi.-s Ixi'Mp .MiMillen or t.rann island Neb. Hit rart-n's. Mr. and Mis. Samuel MrMlllen, llvp In fliand Inland. Steffcn Funeral Held Kit.- fiindiietpd at Trinity I.uth-t ian htirrh Ilurlnl In 1'ark Hill. Th. funeral for Mifs I'.uhy Stef fen. 37. who dipd Tuesday at 2 30 P- ni. Thursday other nations had lmo.ei on Cjer- k . many becau-e of the war. was In fact proving a bini llt tn (".ermany, A,, fur It compels her to woik and build. He predicted that within a f.-wr yearn, Germany will be the must profprrnus rotintry of Kuropc, If not of thp woild. i n l-l ti 1 1 M l-.l.l I ' P, J l O k y I , i I'.-. leaving Oermany, Mr. Bach 11 T. B p A M'i It ix- I m.ii NORMAL HONOR ROLL. n. txtil N. n. Mt .! Uil' l-fli.' ir. M ... 1 r. I' ' ' ' " .. .n Ii y P tii.tii M.v K , I ..I t ! in I M.. II I.', r. M-. I . A i-.'.r . i I .1 .. Ll II .. i i, I . -ketched his tour thtotiKh Italy. .,, . .-.. , . m . and v...t... r-'t ; Hp v .., , T-t.rr - E Trinity I,u!liern church In chat xf spoke In particular of the kindnesa, v A ii, !lr'it - of th pastor, the Rev. Walter Ho- and hospitality of thp English po- ,7: i' v . " U hmstein Music was furnished by p!o and of the beauty and historic! oviRi honor roll. 1 ... . m. ..i .i.-i : v.-.iM i n Mrs. Walter Honenstem ami .ira.. "im mm ";. ! C-, Mr. in nm ..,: ro.,i U'nizeskl. rallbiainn were In closine. Mr. liarh pmnhasized ..'.' M- J an- the lesson in patriotism which a ".' .. '"" .,. . , .: , ... I ; .: I ,v Wli.t, r lu fii-i blanket of ml . IM. ..i- ... . t II,.-. it.v Wed ,t ,-,t,inii-l'.iiit-i.niihi:iii,.-r.,n,.,n .-n i.K--. 1 ""' per. bed oil I'..- t. . fl. or of II.- I'.-iipb - I'.Hik l.ll.Mll..-. - iil.'.t It li.- e' lb- Whit. t..." , bu-'l.i - I l-e- " ; " ' ;' " 'II- 1,1,., M pi. :.. i a tie"' of l! t';..'l-t Mi-'Wl .'f t!... il-lltu, ill -III' t. It s Hit- f.llllt.1 Me 1 '' ! ' ,('t n' , ,7.,..'. . ',. '"'I' i :-h.r"t.ffV.m of .'p j,,.' I i j'V -Y. II. IMH M)i l 40, I)Ie in hrokaw 1 m- nti. i : r I...' 1 1 , ..,...:! ,. . .. , if a r ' in'.ij-. li-r .i..i, :., ' I . u i i r ' i.':, wine . I ii S I.--. I...... : . ,i u i . i , -. il 'i I ii i ir .' ;., , r ." I il ' f i it t in oj of "... (' , , M il J.'l.. II' - i ' 1 ..'ti, i.t f, ' . .,' .. I , i t - I 'I-"'' ' " ' Ki. .f. id -.. in II ' , :1 .-. ; i .i .... i . . : - " ( f n.'i.n u i )nu i. ' . ' f .j, . ' fr.n i ,i vi.i I ly hn ' ,' I V. '' I . .. i i r.p i ..: I t n Jr .- . t . t . I A i. . , n . r, ... , 1 . . l . . In i.t. fit .... ar. I a 1 1 (.'. r' ' V, . nr. r I-.IT I , ' ' t ' I I'-r t:.. r U ir. t'li' ! . 1 I w-l ' a --St. ; fl r --.VVt tr'V ; . I l '.'f4 - ; v . - , ,..- J '?' ai ti if a ; -,' -vVf t .t; :?r?f.rC h-'; jr;,pilf4' A;-.-V v, -. , 9 .u'jr. jvVtocIji: .1 r- v. u: Weie ret it ill a liii-IIH'lll of Hie p" .M VMM I' i:oi s T r (ii.- r. i 4 i M 1. .1. . . p. '4 , rp,'.V'- i t . 5 $1,00 rw-tor4 knew Catarrh Is rT!f f::.'.4 7Vib: !r.f-d !r.u.p -.!. '..T.r'jier drst!r.a Torpa:-lv r:ir t.'. r.l ravl'.Iev 'r , , ' y-tr t.' f !r.tP!ptp. Try :t t'-rc! !' F'r''pp V.i en rr.T. ' y-bai It r;rf.,r' ;1 d."-?!'-''. And !!.. vi-if , Illinois We- !e-i- Ijoui- Sa.i'li of inii-le 1 1 1 -1 1 1 bl-i.le the klii.w in tend I'll'I van tin iv 1 1 far I, e of tl: r-ilr, too. Mi4 MariUa Mrf-y. I. W. I'. I'v were mniheiiMnu' on It when th- j.!h nnlteritv nt Main -tir.t. i nt. and Ml-s .iphcr ii it j. I was heM witei land. Unnre, Holland at the Helnium, then on to Knpland. Mr. .nt V . Mr ail,! M . Two Photograph Shop? of Citv Are Merged PniL'hae of the P.loominL'ton and Nutmal s'udios of Th Att Ko'o shop by Joseph Hawkins and enn- Willlam Prochnow, Jmiifl :tn- the lesson in patriotism which a '"'". s .... si.iiuiiutin i mis nrarfin win me Winkle William Merman, Walter trip to Europe givei to the Amerl- m r. Mr. nd ,.k.r Mr trt y... star studm. Washington and l .-n- G-rth Godfrey Olson and P.ovd can citizen. He. expiessed th be-i ' . t","..t ,rr mi"lp tawtence Bui ial was In Park Hill lief that America need fear no' Vn! ' ' i..r Mr. .n1 Mr. Thumday. The amount of money in- Cl.metery. future war with Europe, and urgedl " "'""1 M" volved in the deal was not an- Those from out of town who at- that the patriotic endeavor of n .J,'" Mr ' t M.. (nounced. tended were Mr. and Mis. Charles Americans be centered on breaking1 Normal campaign workers report ; Mr. Hawkins. headuf Star studio. J.nsen Mr and Mrs. Carl AI-; down the woik of enemies within that at Prokaw hospital the re- stated that he plann-d to close the . j ..... i-.,.t ci,r.,tr .ii'ihi. nution rmhrr thnn to r,r.ore scons has been 100 percent, every , Ptloom in gton Att hoto Khnp, 313 nrecni an.t - ... ...ill.1,, r .. student nuts and employe North Main street, but would c.m- having contributed to the fund jtlnue the Normal Ait Koto branch. Th total la more than twice as' ilT North street. Hereafter this of Pundee, John Steffen of (Jeuar lor war wnn mose witnout P.aplds, Iowa and Mr. and Mrs. Cigars were passed to the Rotar- Jamca VanWInkle of Pontiac. Fifteen Delegates to Attend State Older Boyi Conference liana during the meeting by Pr. ' Harry L. Howell In celebration of (h(, goM)rs. orphans home the re- much aa contributed last year. At Normal establishment will be I the advent daughter. of his new grand , sponse has been 1 year. larger than last Hloomington will be permitted to, nc C..R Prv-J T D V Aor, ith ixcv. iivaiiua u i uiiu :jtdll U. 1ul;i, ticiau known as Hawkins Studio. Thursday's purchase and consoll-dafion ends the nine year career of Ait-Koto nhops In this city. They were started and operated bv Hernard Smith. Mr. Smith said Thursday that he has no imni'liate iness plans. The room at 313 North Main street hereafter will be used as the sales headquarters of the Five Highway Patrolmen to Guide Football Traffice Traffic b.tween pluominL-'un and Champaign Kilday and Satin day on route 39. expected to I each a lilh peak because of the football pame Siitunlay afternoon at Memorial stadium. Champaign, between Illinois and Michigan, will be hamil-d by live plate highway motorcycle patrolmen. Earl Richards. Normal, will be in rhaii:- of the patrol that will Include O. f J. Harris, W. J. Littell, i ed Ew-ing and Asa C. Paris. The men will go on duty early Friday afternoon and will patrol the roads throuahout Satuiday and Saturday evening. Reserve Officers Hear Two Majors on Warfare Rl-eive of.cPls. roeeti'.P VednP- day eveniti in Nb -Ilatn-s M -rr.onril biiiiilir..:, weie addle.--.'d by M m A I'uitrhii, Piiirii, and VaJ A tied O I'.iown of I'.luomim-.on. on OrfeiiMve and Ii.f. n-ive Wat fare " Twelve reserve officers of this unit attended the meeting. Reserve officers will meet again Nov. 6 to continue their coutse of ins' t urt mn and to elect officers for th- year HC'.i 30. SPECIAL FOOTBALL TRAIN SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 $1.73 S1.80 Champaign and Return t'rbana and Return ll.ilf f ir fur children 5 ami iinilif 1J jrar. A i ..if ILLINOIS-MICHIGAN Football Game I 'it! 1 1 1 i.t n ( ;ir ( urn Iip Dininj (ar4 SlMial train will l-ate llli,uiiiim:lii 8:l."i A. M.. reliirnintj leav I rli.iti.t :.V M.. ( liitmp.iii;ii filial I'. M. Ti. ki ts ami rullniitn reser:ilins at Hi; I'mir P.-ute Staliim I'liiine lia.'i. BIG FOUR ROUTE M. C. 1101 ( K, liikel Ajenl. wjy.jtaa, ff niai.nianii y THE BULLETIN BOARD Kiwanian Group to Attend Charter Dinner at Mattoon Thiiteen membets of the Bloom-ington Klwanls club were to go to Illinois Mattoon Thursday afternoon to at tend a dinner of the newly organ- send 1.1 delegates to the sixteenth annual state older boys' conference s D i LI IV f C L T IY 'Thl of the y. m. c. a. it was learned Uuce Keciox Here, iJies: or Spanish War, Uies bus inursnay uy x The Rev. Sylvanus B. Pond, who Jean B. Kopf. former Bloomlng-The conference will be held In Lh(Ujt 30 VPa. a(;o wttg rertor of St ton resident and veteran of the nanville Nov. 29, 30 and Dec. 1. ,u0,,..a ivi,.,i h,,rh Hii c i... . : ..... ai.j iin Washington. D. C. Sept. 4,,Tmirs,iay at Dwight In the United I' , heV i This I friends here have learned 1 he Kev. ;StatP, Veterans bureau hospital.' forn..r.v w, ps. biish(1i at i.ed Mattoon Kiwanls club Thurs-Mr. Pond retired from the ministry, Uord of hi, Heath was received ,. T est.toiisnea at !. few veara . and afterward waa1."- w ,kI iL.H2" Jefferson street. day night at which the charter will . -r- nprr nv llirniuri a ui me ill a w lemploycd In one of the government 'Rnlnl .Amprir.n nost. WMI- r.1...:- IV.. be presented. Tiose who will at- I departments In Washington. Mr ' Kopf was a member of! """am tCKSline Uies Itcnd are Kaywin Kennedy, I-rank Whe" he was rector of the.Troop G of the First Illinois Caval- William M, inmate of 'Ca vender. W. C. (JoJila.d Htd iehurph in PioomirMrron rr PnnH ' ... j.:.,- . v.. c i.t. ... . r. I McLean county form, died at St. r hnspach, H. H. Hanson, Chailes v..u.. ... n."", - -"-ilV UIIOIIK UlC e milinil ..... , i i I.- T married to Miss Antoinette rtert In Bloomincton until seven Joseph a hospital late iuesnay r. rrison. g.fp . n , , ... pp.! night. He hail been taken to the Henninger. i.. t. iiunr, s . xi. ijams. . hospital from the farm Sunday, rrea kuoiow, j. tjscar jiau um STORE CLOSED THURSDAY AND FRIDAY TO MARK DOWN STOCK WAIT! WAT EMERGtNCV CALLS. was married to Miss Antoinette1. idP(t ln Rloomington until Smith, daughter of the late Dr. Leevf,ar. aE0 W'hen he moved to tl:!smlth, one of the pioneer physicians ori(L H, has been a patient MVuBsniti hntsital . or this city. The widow survives. r.wlKht hospital three Months He. Bnk. howl! ' The body was taken to New York j , (.jved by his wife, who lives, st. Jwb-. beit) ,. "Jj city, where burial was beside the,n Peoriat and bv his mother. Mrs. .. issiKcave or nis momer. William Blue, 810 East Grove seriouslv ill. Thomas Rendell. fiht'ill Cminu fll Kir. anrlmBlt Tfll or"i". Vrwmtl clt lull U"Ip rlr 'tkro n street. BIRTHS. ... . ... I.,,. ..a i.a n. n rnln or 1 ,.,' i n Tiur- iiy a'l.niuon t uair li-wi. of the Illinois American Legion, left iais Vt lujli.r ni. DEATHS. u. j,.1iti Tnnn. Ttp"pprnn M.ti!:-.nitr li'i'e'iii1. i"' 111 H np I" u'1 mmi' ii. M-. r.nn 40. Oji .trrer. iiil t ii : 35 p. i Hr-ksw hmi-'Ul. f.-il.n.ini, lit. ui"i School Board to Meet Herman Tl.u-p liT l pi illiir-J tr.,.. f,-.-m.r Ttlivinii"Ifin lipl Thumtir ln li'lfil S'.ntm terili josliltnl, lliliL REMOVALS ABOUT CITV. I trriTal. I" pI'i riin'iin's city nrl rp ti.i.I in ' '' fiimistiPil hr tl 11 nim mum Cri'n t Mn niauon. Hi Lut WiJii- r'l"r" Virol 'It 1"2 Nfth Orid'pj ilref! 10 l 'I Mv"-M Ner.h RpotP.Pl. v..,, n "n 1HS ,ri'i MUt .im'. ..'il Si ill 'i l il- Biii.1 tnu to fail r... p ' i;in rire. y Ivue i I' ii'lri"'. t SfTnimry j.erlm to ili.1 ti.mli M.-U-ah Krert. JUDGMENT BV CONFESSION. (irinrry roilll'a'y. llloimingtoo. ,,M Krl IM"t tor tM.?ti MARRIAGE LICENSES. I,Trrnce W. Wiln. n:.,..n,raf n: '. l-'irne, Blm.mlr.sani ; ll.litr.Hf, U. -It. WHERE TO 00. IwlA E !! rt. Aiurinn ifiliiin nl off pi-:., s n. m. Ti.ur.lAJ. Wc-tlaii.ra Mumorill hni'.line. lvp nin'tiim "'"I I'Knui for 10.10 nirr. -imiiiit at Triimjr u;l ttbool iini'iaoum ltiiirnity prenaia- Hayes to Return Here Ed Hayes, Decatur, commander Bloomlngton school board will Bloomington Thursday morning for convene at 7:30 p. m. Fridav to con a brief business trip to his home aider routine business matters and ittPl I'lhofora rulnrninii tn Ttlnnm 1 rwrtt. . ..An.0 E,,i. ... Miuuiiiih.ui. u) iBne up iiucmiiiiin ph.jiiii.i.-l. Ifor the vice commander's cenfer-ithroueh regular channels. The '.MLAVI'nce Saturday at state headquar- meeting will be held at the high leis, aim lor sunuays state execu- scnool tive committee. office. JuM-pll itcppilal alter A bnr! .iitit building in the business Seasoned Bonds yielding 6 or more! H. W. HAGER 103 N. Center The Ground Gripper Store Funertl Notlcn. Cirdl o Trunat, In attmrrum unil Spatial Notlcea. 10-lln minimum, S1.B0 pef Inwrtlen; 4111111101111 llnaa 1ST iwrll Cooy lor full doj'i run pill o ceotd up to 9 p. m. day bp foro publication And 13 o'clock noon for .mil edition. $3 MA80NI0 NOTICE. Rta.pit Bipptir.g of Art8 mr! Crafts T.oagf Vo. 1017 A. V. ant A. M . Fri.I.r preneiE t T 3n for rfirulir huainpi apil work. A'.l Uater Afaporu v.iv.tA. W. J. IJFAr. tilcr. O. . i t MITIItrV. Sw'y. JOHN a. BECK CO FUNERAL HOWII FUNERAL CHAPEL, IIS S MAIN ST PHONE SS EOAN AMBULANCE SERVICS Beautiful shoes all leather construction high heels medium heels brown kidskin patent a . ...... LS leathers calf oxtords. See Them! Compare Them! HtaaiNS-JUNO KLE1NAU MONUMENTS ESTABLISH EO 1 STB 00 BUMNER OOODFELLOW FUNERAL HOME 401 EAST WASHINGTON BT. GUARANTEED SERVICE. PRIVATI CHAPEL. WORK SHOES For Men j S1.98,o $3.98 WORK RUBBERS Ball Brand For Men S1.29 Pr. Our present list of diversified offerings provides an unusual opportunity to obtain seasoned bonds of the hifihest type, yielding at their present prices, 6 and even more. Many shrewd investors are disposing of high priced stocks (frequently yielding 2 or less at their present market prices) and are investing the proceeds in good bonds. They thus obtain a greater return, plus the increased safety of senior securities which have preferred position both as to assets and dividends. In addition, a rise in bond prices, financial authorities agree, seems imminent. Our local representative will gladly give you descriptive literature and full facts on these high grade offerings, which are broadly diversified as to type, maturity and geographical location. George EForman S Company Investment Securities Since 1885 112 West Adams Street, Chicago E. F. BRECIIBELLER District M.'tn.'icer B. C. Cox. Harry Litt Kepreseiilalites 301-02 American Stat Bunk Hlilg. Phone 3225-X STOP YOUR CLOTHING BUYING WAIT UNTIL SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26th, at 9 A. M. FOR THE BIGGEST CLOTHING SALE EVER HELD IN BLOOMINGTON TERRITORY HAMILTON CLOTHING CO. GOING OUT OF BUSINESS We are selling out entire stock to the bare walls. The lea-e and fixtures are sold to a new organization who are taking possession of the store room as soon as we dispose of our stock of clothing and furnishings. Tell Your Friends! Phone Your Neighbors! Save Your Money for the Biggest Bargain Clothing Event Ever Held in This Territory. Watch Friday Newspapers 4 FOR FULL ANNOUNCEMENT AND PRICES THAT WILL CLLAK THIS STOCK IN 30 DAYS! Up to $22.50 Men's Suits or Overcoats will sell for $14.88 Men's Arrow Brand 25c Collars only 8c; Men's $1.50 Ribbed Union Suits only 78c; Men's Rockford Work Sox only 9c pair; Men's 85c Blue Chambray Work Shirts only 49c, etc., etc. Don't spend a cent for Clothing or Furnishings. Wait until Saturday, October -bin. You will buy Hamilton Quality Merchandise for far less than you pay for inferior grades elsewhere. Entire stock turned over to The Sam J. Gerstel Sales Co. with orders to sell out entire stock at whatever prices they see fit. By all means don't miss this sale. Please do not compare this sale with so-called Clearance Sales and etc. This is a sale with a real cause and every article must be exactly as advertised or we will cheerfully refund your money. Wanted 1 5 Salespeople Men or Women With Experience in Clothing or Furnishings. Apply to Manager Before Thursday p.m. I 307 N. MAIN ST.

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