The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 7, 1955 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, April 7, 1955
Page 10
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Tidbits From Evelyn Mrs James 'Whiltemore is looking forward eagerly to the arrival of her brother and sister-in-law, Willie and Liselette Fassbinder who will* reach New York City from Bonn, Germany, April 14. They will visit friends there a few days and will then come here. They are to make their home at F6rt Dodge. Mrs Whittemore and the children went to Bonn before Christmas and have been back home only a few weeks. It was a joyous occasion seeing old friends there after an absence of six years. * * * It is'too bad when duty interferes with pleasure. Ruth Schweppe who is attending the Broadlawns school of nursing at Des Moines --was home for a few days vacation with her parents, Mr and Mrs A. F. Schweppe, and she wanted so much to attend the wedding of her friend Janice Ostrum. But duty called and she had to be ready for floor service in the hospital at 2 o'clock the afternoon of the wedding. Alas! * * * The eight and six year old sons of Mr and Mrs Ewald Voigt have learned a little about this Easter Egg hokum for the other day when theif mother gave them some money to spend at the grocery store, she was surprised when they came home with packages of egg dyes and calmly remarked, "We are going to color our own Easter eggs." * * * Isabella Dahl has a pair of Angora kittens she would like to find good homes for, or perhaps someone would like both of them. They are three months old and are very well mannered. Anyone interested may call her evenings at 721 W, or her neighbor Mrs Lolla Ladendorff may be contacted and she will report to Mrs Dahl. Mrs Ladendorff's number is 983 W. It is a temptatioh I can hardly resist. * _* * The Fred Wills were quite dis« appointed in their recent trip to Little Rock, Ark., and Kansas ity, Mo. They visited their sons- in-law and daughters Mr and Mrs Marvin Wallburg and Mr and Mrs Lyle Martin at the respective places. They had expected to find nice, warm weather, but it was cold and snowy all the time they were gone, only one day of sunshine, and believe it or not, when Esther hung cloths out at Little Rock, they FROZE on the lines. * * * The gremlins responsible for putting a jinx on the Annis home should now retire and leave the household in peace for years to come. Earlier in the year Mrs Annis and Beth, along with Mrs Carrie Bourne had a car collision only a few blocks from the Annis home. Mrs Annis and Mrs Bourne were hospitalized a few days bul fortunately the injuries were nol too severe. Then recently Mrs Clara Pompe, housekeeper at the Annis home, was in a similar accident very close to home. She too was hospitalized a short time, then went to her son-in-law and daughter's, Mr and Mrs R. W. Wetzel till she had fully recovered. She is back at the Annis' now and it would be interesting to hear their views on the experiences. * * * After six years of living in their basement house, the E. W. Adams family has . moved "upstairs." They are located at 324 North Hall street and Doris says it is heavenly to be "above ground." * * * The juvenile disease mumps has caught up with' J. J. Atherton. Please pass the pickles! Years ftgd large families were called Rooseveltian — Teddy Roosevelt, -that is. I don't remember how many children he lad and' possibly it may have jeert he Was an advocate of numerous progeny — At any rate, I am ilways reminded of him when I lear of large families, and being ah only child possibly makes me ;hink of what confusion there must be the piles and piles of dishes to^be washed, the quantities oi food to be prepared, the around the table at meal iime — weir the whole picture leaves me baffled and breathless! A few of the larger families recently came to mv. attention — the C. E. Zauggs with nine, five boys and four girls — the Ferman Hein- ens with six boys and two" girls — the Joe Lichters have eight, I believe, but I'm not sure about how they are . divided. And of course, 1 Mrs Lichter is ,one of a large family ; too. The Potter family, Dr. Ray's parents, to'pped this with eleven, and now here's the laugh — when I read the Cady geneology I was'stiinned to find my grandfather Cady was one of a family of FOURTEEN. Poor great-grandmother Cady! And a pair of twins thrown in for good measure — Going back farther, the Orange Minkler family numbered 23 I believe it was. And the Hurts deep oWn inside! When soil pests hurt corn roots—your pocketbook gets hurt, too! Clear your soil of these thieving sub-surface insects; Use aldrin! Easy to use—A single spray application of aldrin, disked into the soil, gets root-/ worms and other pests for the entire season. Apply it broadcast or in the row.l Or ypu can apply it mixed .with starter fertilizer. See your insecticide dealer., Spray with aldrin SHELL CHEMICAL CORPORATION AGRICULTURAL CHEMICALS DIVISION 1221 Locust St., St. Loulf 3, Mo. ALGONA FLOUR & FEED CO. Phone 257 — Algona So. Phillips St. WATCH Minral: Meal Get Results On Your Herdl Just put MINRAl MEAT MEAL in a self-feeder. Your hogs balance their own rations, with any type off grain. Supply Plenty of water. In dry lot feeding, supply good dfaffa hay In racks. There's nothin 9 else to dp, nothing else to buy. Satisfaction Or Your Money Back Accept our NO-RISK trial offer. Get a bag of MINRAl MEAT MEAL from your Sargent dealer. Feed it. See the difference it makes" See the big, economical gams you get. If not satisfied, return the empty bag ond your dealer will return your money in full. SARGENT & CO. Robert Pelleymounters were 21 strong. . , , Ike and I are alikel I am not too enthusid over squirrels. They get too cozy with property and sparrows are a nuisance too. Ask Mrs Woito., They take liberties with her garage, so I say there should be a law to banish squirrels and sparrdws to,the woods and meadows. They just aren't fit for city dwelling! • • • • kiltie Rex Post—well not exactly LITTLE Rex, for at 11 months old he weighs 36 pounds, —but he's little in years—was here with nisi grandmother the Other day. He's a solemn fellow but finally gave me a smile. They say heavier babies don't walk so young but he is proof that some of the old sayings are so much "poppy cock". He walks, and has been for several weeks. Oh he isn't dashing all over yet, but he soon will be and he stands perfectly balanced on hits two sturdy legs. Another little "pugilist" is "Joey" Ostwinkle. He's .going to be a runner-up for Rex, for at seven months he weighs twenty six pounds. He's another adorable blonde. He and Rex could pass for brothers. • • * Well, happy Easter everybody. Wahlers, 85, from here attended his funeral at Albert Lea Friday. They were Mr and Mrs Thqs. Dunphy, Mr and Mrs Erwin Siems, Mrs Henry Wichtendahl, Mrs Anna Wehrspann, Mr and Mrs Lorenz Gade, Mrs Carl Ostwald, Mr and Mrs Reinhold Ostwald, Mr and Mrs Arnold Gade, Roland Ostwald and Martin Ostwald and Mr and Mrs Theodore Meier of here and Mr and Mrs L. H. Wehrspann. A number of friends of Mr nnd Mrs H. W. Behnke called at their home Thursday evening to help Mr Behnke celebrate his birthday. Present were Mr and Mrs Archie Voigt, Mr and Mrs Herman Zumach, Mr and Mrs Herman Voigt, Mf and Mrs George Meyer, Mr and Mrs Arthur Heidenwith and Mr and Mrs Erwin Siems. The evening was-spent playing cards and the guests brought filled baskets' which was served later in .the evening. Mr and Mrs L. Braatz, 'formei Charity Ball Fund Aided 50 Children In Past Year Fifty' needy children in the Algona community were encouraged and given necessary medical, dental and surgical attention during the past year through funds provided by Algona Charities Incorporated, according to school nurse Antoinette Bonnstetter. The funds making this possible are provided through the annual, charity ball and the constribu- tions of the patrons and patronesses 'Of this event. Mr Jess George, Manager of the Algona Hotel, is chairman of th efund raising committee this year and urges the usual generous contributions from business men and citizens of the community toward this worthy cause. Others on the committee on solicitation in the business district are D. L. Leffert, A. L. Buchannan, Jerry Donovan, Dr. Horton, Andy Johnson, John Claude, Jack Chrischilles, Clayton Percival, Wm. Barry, Jr., Craig Smith, Don Nelson, Ted Herbst, Frank Moulton, Ed Wolf, Gene Zender, Wes JJartlett, Wm. Zimmerman, Eugene Hutchins, Les Kenyon, Elmer Langmack, Lloyd Bohannon, Norman 3est and L. A.'Winkel. Persons missed in the solicitation will be listed on the official program as patrons if they will end check for at least $5.00 to ess George at the Algona Hotel, making it payable to Algona Charities, Inc. Arrangements are proceeding for a lively variety program preceding the crowning of the queen and the dance which climax the fund raising drive by a major social event of the season on Tuesday evening, April 12 at the Algona High School auditorium and gymnasium. L. A. Winkel is general chairman of the project :his year; and considerable work ,s being done by members of the Kiwanis, Rotary, and Lions clubs :o make it a success. ST. JOE NEWS Mr and Mrs Clarence Bormann are parents of a daughter, born March 29, nt St. Ann hospital. This little lady has two sisters and two brothers. Peter Kirsch came home on Tuesday from St. Mary's hospital in Rochester, Minrh where he had been a patient for three weeks. Mr and Mrs Gerald Elbert of Whittemore drove up to bring Mr and Mrs Kirsch home. Thursday, April 7, 1955 Algona (la.) Upper De» Mo1ne«-3 Mrs Leo Thilges came to the home of her parents Mr and Mrs Lyle Steele hero from St. Ann hospital in Algona where Csho had been a surgical patient 10 days: The Thilges children had been cared for at the Steele home during their mother's hospital stay. Mr and Mrs Eugene Thill were visitors on Monday afternoon and and sister Rev. Nicholas Becker at Ornnville and Sister M. Georgene O.S.F. at Alton. Mrs Raphael Fnber entertained the 500 Farmerette Club in her home on Wednesday evening. Mr and Mrs John Lenertx .Jr. and son Douglas and Mr and Mrs Sylvester Wagner and family of here were Thursday evening supper guests in the Alvin Lenertz evening with Mrs Thill's brother home at Livcnnore. Whittemore Westbraok, residents, now at Minn., spent the weekend with,Mr and Mrs Arnold Gade. RUINED Burglars broke into the Tripoli school recently. They got only $24 in cash but ruined two cabinets by prying open the drawers. $270 in cash was overlooked. The Monroe Doctrine was published in 1823. Silent Sensation! Grandma Dailey Hurt In Fall At Whittemore Whittemore — Sunday night when Mr and Mrs Frank Dogptch Jr. came home from the Whittemore public school senior class play they noticed that Grandma Dailey, 97, still had her lights burning which was unusual as she always retires early. So Mr Dogotch took Carl Johnson with him and they went into the home and found Mrs Dailey on the landing of the grade door which leads to her cellar, unable to get up. She always was handicapped when she was down or fell and had to have help to get up. How long she had been there after her fall was-not learned. She was chilled and Dr. Geiger was called. Her son James from Fonda, came here Monday after he was called. Brother Succumbs Peter and Henry Haag attended the funeral of their brother Geo Haag, 64, at St. Paul, Minn, las week Monday. Mr Haag died o' a heart attack at his home ; week ago last Friday. He is sur vived by his wife and a daugh ter. He was born on a farm south of Whittemore and grew to manhood here. V Ottosen News 5.9 h.p. Alternate Twin Conwt Cngtn* Tnis "Super Silent Six" sneaks up oo you — and the fish! With complete engine silencing...handy Push-Button Clutch...Dual-Purpose Drive for true weedless operation... 5.9 Full Jeweled* horsepower — weight pnly 42 poundsl Remote Fuel Tank. fBoll anil roll* buxlngt throughout* Russ & Ky's Service Phone 1086 — Algona GOOD FARMERS "BLUE SEAL PROCESSING" . .' . our EXCLUSIVE and highly scientific oat processing through SIX separate machines produces a true seed oat of superior, premium q ual iiy. These oats are then "GRO-COATED" and the final results are "better stands, healthier plants." "higher test weight" and "Championship Yields." Years of testing has completely proven this. Therefore, we offer you the following "Iron-Clad" GUARANTEE which is backed-up by one of the World's Largest Seed Companies and one which has served Iowa Farmers since 1095. / 'WE GUARANTEE our BERRY BLUE SEAL PROCESSED GRO-COAT BHAND^ SEED OATS to produce more bushels per acre than any other seed of the same variety, from ANY~ other source, planted the same date, at the same rale of seeding, by the same method, on the same type of soil and under the same conditions. If it does not, we will refund you the difference in price between what you paid for our BLUE SEAL. PROCESSED SEED OATS and the other oats." ADAPTED VARIETIES NO DEPOSIT No Delivery Charge ' Prices From $2.50 Per Bu. BERRY SEED COMPANY Clarinda, iowa Since 1895 All Oats Previously Sold This Season by Our Farm Dealers Are Also Covered by This Guarantee Serviced by Local Farm Dealers MARVIN PENNING Buffalo — Wesley — German Twps. \ Titonka , Phone 4F26 LAWRENCE PRESTHUS Ramsey — Portland — Burl Twps. Bancroft ' Phone 4588 JOE SINNWELL Delano — Humboldt — Riverdale Sherman Twps. Bode Phone Livermore 2587 HAROLD FANGMAN Greenwood — Seneca — Fentoh Harrison Twps. Bancroft Phone 5974 STANLEY BLACK Union — Plum Creek iwps. Burl Phone 8 on 100 GEORGE HOBSCHEIDT LuVerne — Prairie — Irvinglon Twps. LuVerne Phone 2646 DONALD ERICKSON Lotts Creek — Whitlemore — Cresco Twps. Algona r Phone Lone Rock 4015 ALFRED CHRIST Lakoia Phone 2877 We have 'em! Mrs Lawrence Holden entered Lutheran Hospital in Fort Dodge Wednesday where she underwent surgery Thursday. Mrs Morgan Hagen visited her Sunday evening. Mr and Mrs Oliver Lee and Mr and Mrs Earl Olson were among the many guests of Mr and Mrs Harold Berge when they entertained at dinner Friday at Bode. The dinner -was given to all who had so generously helped in the clean up when the barn on the Berge farm was destroyed by wind last summer. Several Ottosen residents attended the 82nd birthday party honoring Mrs Inger Jacobson at the Sam Thorsland home in Bode. Present from Ottosen were Mr and Mrs Sylvan Jacobson, Mrs Louis Jacobson and daughter, Patty, Mr and Mrs Peter Enockson, Mrs Ralph Jacobson dnd daughter, Kathy, and Mrs Earl Olson. Mr and Mrs Edward Zinnel and daughter Leslie Ann accompanied Mr and Mrs Deanne Telford and family to Rolfe Sunday afternoon where they visited Jane Von- Bank at the parental Edward VonBank home. Jane-recently returned home from a Fort Dodge hospital where she has been since Nov. 1 as a polio patient. I Mr and Mrs Olaf Bruvik. and son Curtis visited Friday even- Ing at the Harold Toms home near Livermore. . Mr and Mrs MaDean Ludwig and family of West Bend were Sunday dinner and supper guests at the- Hollis Cooper home. Saturday evening Mr and Mrs Hollis Cooper and family visited at the Ralph Jensen home at Rodman. Mr and Mrs Howard Hellick- sort and Carol and Mr and Mrs Glenn Hellickson and family were dinner guests Friday evening at the home of Mrs Hannah Hellickson near Hardy. Also present were Mr and Mrs Gerald Hellickson and family of Humboldt. The dinner was in honor of Gerald who will leave the llth of April to go into the service. Mr and Mrs Harold Dale and Debbie and Mr and Mrs Sherman Silbaugh of Humboldt were Sunday evening supper guests at the, parental Magnus Bratland home. Mr and Mrs Albert Helle and family visited Friday evening at the home of Mr and Mrs Oswald Htlerud in Humboldt: Sunday evening they visited at the home of Mrs Helle's parents. Mr and Mrs 14 Barber at Mallard, Arizona Visitors Mr and Mrs Erwin Joynt and family of Phoenix, Ariz, arrived here Saturday at the parental home of Mr and Mrs P. J. Dahlhauser and other relatives. They will go to Webster, Wis. where they plan to make their home. Sunday visitors with the Dahlhauser's were Mr and Mrs An- thouiy Waechter of Ottosen; Mr and Mrs Raymond Merts and Mrs Henry Dearchs of Algona; Mr and Mrs Raymond Montag of West Bend, Mr and Mrs Clyde Young of Stockton, 111. and Mr and Mrs James Dahlhauser and family of here. Mr and Mrs Rudolph Peters and family of Burt; Mr and Mrs Edward Hackbarth of Good Hope; Mr and Mrs Rudolph Hanover and family of Fairville, and Mr and Mrs William Lauck of here were Sunday afternoon callers at the home of Mr and Mrs Edwin Tietz. A number of relatives of Fred DAVIS Blue Chip GMCs ~jhe new generation of trucks with over 500 improvements! 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