Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 6, 1947 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1947
Page 2
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VACK »—NAUGATXJCK NEWS (CONN.), MONDAY. JAN. fl, 1947 DREW PEARSON -^. •:. • ON"-"-'-:-- - ••• ^ °the WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND New German Flc;g Drew Pearson Says: Truman Tries To Beat Republicans To Punch; Labor Should Reform Itself Before Congress Forcibly Reforms It; Labor Should Appoint A Judge Landis For Jurisdictional Disputes „ Washington—Tliose who sometimes sit in on White lloiiso councils say that with most of the Tinman brain Irustors it's now n race to bent the Republicans to the punch. 7t' the brain trnstors think the Republicans are ijoiny to make a certain move, they urge the President to rush in and do it first. Tlio two men most in :i dither to yet under the wire ahead of the Kopublicanw are: Secretary of the Treasury Snyrler and lojrtil adviser Clark Clifford. It was SnydeV and Clifford who were chiefly responsible for ending 1 part of the war powers—just as the Republicans had about decided tho war powers would' have to be continued. Several weeks ago, Snydor and Clifford were arguing with Wilson Wyatt, retired Housing Admlnls- trator, about the termination of all price control!). "Wo'vo got to remove them," nrgued Secretary Snydcr. "J3e- c'luae if we don't, the Republicans will do It for us." "All right," countered Wyatt, For Engagement Rings and Ring Sets U'.s .-Mwiiys ... PIERPONT'S Jpwnlw.1, Ocm Society I.-,!) BANK STREKT Wnterhury IIIBIJ "but why bsat the Republicans to a mistake? 1C they want to make mistakes, lot them take the blame for those mistakes." Morry-Go-Itound Program for Labor Organized labor today Is somewhat In the same position as the man In the well-known halitosis advertisement, "even .your best friend won't tell you." Labor's enemies, of course, don't hesitate to tell labor what's wrong with it, -but many of tabor's real friends, including even -certain li- bor leaders themselves, haven't had the nerve to speak out. publicly regarding labor's defects. Result is that unless labor doos | its .own housecleaning, unless it takes the lead for constructive leg- Illation, it faces one p< the worst legislative setbacks in history. For about two decades this writer has vigorously championed the basic rights of labor. And while it may not be popular to give advice, here> some Ideas for constructive labor reforms \ \vhich can head off drastio legisla- j tlon: I I. ,rurlsdk:tlonul Ntrlke.t should be outlawed. .There id no reason for making the public suffer because civil war rages be'tween two labor unions. Labor should appoint another Judge Kencsaw Mountain Landis, who restored confidence to baseball — someone of notional stature such as Charles Evan.s Hughes or Secretary ot State Eyrne.'i—to Iron out its internecine warfare. And <Ao it 'ba- fore Congress does It first, , CI ,/™,.r,,.,^. *.,«. nu » K .«..«. .... 5- ™° n riwheteeipM-who irilk .(9 Cherry rlroot. .Vaujmtuclc, In i both workers and. small ^P 1 ^ 0 ^ Wnt^rbiirv. J^n. 4, 19.17. Funeral should be cleaned out by the * . „*.._ .. i Vin**\<int unu rti' T.'hf What t's OFFICIALS in Stuttgart, Germany, are hoisted (or the first time the now German flag from tn« "TaBbllitt* 1 tower, the tallest buildins in the city. Its colors ore : lack;-red and gold. (International) Kathe.rlnc\ ol Tuesday morning nt 8:30 o'clock I'fom Buokmillcr Funeral Homo, 22 Paris place, to St. Francis' church at 0 o'clock, Burial In St. .T:imon' cemetery. Friends may call fit the funeral home Monday siftnrnonn and evening from 2 to If) o'clock. IV MKMORIAM 'In loving memory of John Crow- toy who died Jnn. Oth. 1D46, Hit: wife. Francos E. Crowlcy. Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Govern- Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS Fnr All Occanlona F1.OWK11S TELKOKArftED KYKRYWHEKK MELBOURNE'S PLOWIR SHOP 1M BtTBBER AVENVB Telephon* BIW lnns thcmaclvos or ment will do It for them. Inspection of Books 3. .Publication of books Is al ready practiced 'by 40 oui of 41 CIO unions. Their funds arc audi ted by certified public accountants ami all salaries and expenses arc open to public inspection, . Al unions should be .required to follow suit. H so, John L. Lewis would not be able to pay $300,000 of miners' money to a mine operator In Sprlnfrflold, 111., to stay ahut. Also somo of the fanc> .votaries paid to members of tho L,;i family and others might be discouraged. •I, iJibor unions mujt be re- ft|>on.tlblo for the contracts they sipn. Employer* have the right to llgurc their costs in advance, and when a conti'act U signed, he knows what his costs ore. This Is ;i point Phil Murray 'has hammered home many times. If In- hor viMntos a contract It must suffer a financial penalty. ',, trtlllty <ll*putc.H Hhould bo settled by compulsory arbitration. When It oomcn to electric power, street railways, telephones, nnd tho railroads, the public should not be made to .suffer because labor and capital cnnnot asreo. In the- end, the disastrous Pittsburgh, power strike was- settl«l by arbitration — IhouRh only at for heavy financial loss, to the workers involved and after "'giving a black eye to labor Konernlly. • A. Trl-portlto inpiilutlon hy rO|)- rc.scntallveH of labor, management and the public should be arra-nffad for by tho\Oovcrnmcnt in all disputes where the public has an Important indirect interest— such as co.U and steel. The -final acceptance of a mediation board decision U not compulsory, but it Is usually fair find more liltely to settle the dispute. If labor'? enlightened leaders take Uio initiative in putting' across these baaic reforms. Us worst enemies both in Congress and elsewhere will flnd the ground cut out from under them.- Furthermore it will Inaugurate a new era of goodwill between labor an,d employer • which sTiould work woh- ciers for the nation. . Gentlemen From North Carolina On Sept. 10; 1945, this 'column told how the Coxc- Lumber Company of Wadosboro, , N: C.,. had criminal charges brought against it by .-the OPA for lip-grading lumber; also how Seriatorlalnominee Clyde Hocy nf North Carolina intervened on behalf of the Coxo Lumber Company and helped. ., get the criminal charges -dropped. • - '. ' Senator Hoey acted as attorney for the lumber company shortly after he had been nominated Cor the Senate, tantamount .to election In North Carolina, Had he acted after becoming Senator, he himself would, have been subject to criminal prosecution, Whether due to Hoey's influence or other factors, the J.u slice Department finally dropped the criminal ch-»rges agai-nst.the Coxe- Lumber Company —much to the disgust of the OPA. Senator Hoey, a former Governor of North Carolina, happens to bo the brotliei-In-law of O. Max Gardner,, also -a former Governor or North Carolina, now leaving his post ot Undersecretary OL' tho 'i reui- nry to become Ambassador to Great Britain. A fine public servant, Max'Gard- ner -hau been in direct charge of the Bureau of Internal Revenue and all income tax cases. And the other day a new case agaiiist Tom Coxe,' president of the same Coxo Lumber Company came before the Bureau of Internal Revenue^ this time on,a charge of income tax evasion. .This, time, however, Mr. Coxe's fate was in the hands of a different -North Carolinian. When an' underling .asked Undersecretary Gardner what should be done ' regarding Coxe, Gardner replied: "If. 1 he's guilty, prosecute." The Coxe case h^is now been sent to the Justice Department for criminal prcsecuton. A calendar !M Grants foi . •• • ' . .\ '?)•__' ' ' . ' '.!*'. today, tfc&brrow and everyday , , ! ' Tonight . 1 Basketball, PurpleKnlghts'ugalnBt Scovill.. "'• ••'-. •'. V Drama- group,. Pldymaltcrsi.' St. Michael's Episcopal church, >r Naugatuck Woman's'; Club w.set- ing. ••• '•'"• ••' '•••'• ', • '•' • "" Jan. "f • «.•'•'•. •'••'« . Y's Men Club, meeting. . '• , ; • .Concrp-rdlr Society! annual-; meeting,' Salem Lutheran church hall. Bonrfl of warden- and burgesses j monthly 'meeting. ;l .'- i;; • "' "' " : '-" i .-,'••••• - .!•-'•-Jan. g . '- . ,"•' '• Aid Society 1 , Congregationarcrmrch, I annual'meeting' • •'.':.':-•?'•' ,Ch-vfrch< Helpers, St; Michaera 'Episcopal ehtirch, annual meeting. Women's auxiliary;' Y. M. C.. A., annual mooting. " • • : •. .; , <• Jon. 0 Service Club. : St. Michael's^Epls- e/aparc'hurch, ' • '•' .' Woman's auxiliary, evening group, St. Michael's church'. Girl Scout troop .No. 31,-meeting. • Jan. 15 Columbia Kebokah ! Lodge, meeting. ' •-.'...• • Jan. '17 Public card party, Women's aux- ! iliary, Marine Corps League. , I MRS.^PATTON GIVEN SECRETARY Ot THB NAVY James FoirefUlprmnib»-tli« Navy Distinguished Service Medal, awardedposthumously to th*lat* Gen. Georgo S. Pattorvto Mrs. Patton st a caremony at th«: Navy Department in Washington, D, C. The general was cited for hl« service* during the Sicilian landings and tor advances from Palermo to Mtuina. (international) Overseas Mailing Restrictions In Force Again The ruling whereby roailinff i requests must bo submitted with packages sent to military personnel or civilians under jurisdiction stationed military overseas which was lifted during the Christ- j ,mas mailing period has been placed in forco again according to information received by -the Con- : r.'oct.lcut Vieturans Reemploymcnt and Advisory Commission. Only persona authorized to use ; the Army Post Ofilce are permitted to make requests for parcels through APO channels. The War Department states that only one parcel a week may be sent "by or two New England Vets Hospitals Have Iron Lungs New England Veterans Administration hospitals now possess two o-f the 17 permanent-type "iron lungs" epottccl strategically over the United States at VA hospital Installations. The resuscitation and respiration apparatus', used to induce artificial breathing when lungs fail to function normally — especially in crises of infantile paralysis—are in use at VA hospitals in West Rox- b 1 '"". Mass., and TOR-US, Me. Previously according to Dr. Winthrop Adams, director of VA's New England Medical Services, only four VA hospitals had "iron lung's" as standard equipment. on behalf of the same sender to | Veteran-patients requiring con- a single addressee and the pack- Uinued artificial respiration may be apes will not be accepted for ship-1 transferred to t^.c nearest VA hos- ment unless accompanied by -alpi'tal -having' an "iron lung-" or, written request from the addrec- when travel is not possbile, the ap- ioe. Othei'j arc required to use j parntus may be shipped or flown the International Mail Service. ' I to the veteran. Dr. Adams cx- APO service is '.imitnd strictly (plained, to persons in or attached to the Within n short time, two smnll- military services of ' the United Stites but area commanders -may extend the use of the APO to er, portable-type ro.spiratoi-s will be installed in each of the VA's •]3 branch offices, including Boston. (Copyright, 1947, by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) THIEF 'JJ5AVES SOUVENIR Salem, Mass. —(UP)— A thic.f broke into Georgo Lowey's parked automobile .-and stole nothing-, but left a.copy of the book, "Twenty Years in- Congress." members or representatives of tha United States Government a f n- 1 j cics in those overseas areas where ^ the International Mail Service is , _li. ineul equate. Parcels meant for private relicT purposes should be sent through the International Mail or through relief o:'A''inizat'ons tsta'blished for that purpose. These; will be available in emergen- -patientE rgcr, per Genei To Discuss Many Tax Proposals (By United Pre»»0 Taxes wll be.the focal point of the General Assembly when It convenes in Hartford next Wedncs- ma Claim For Late Father's Position Atlanta, Ga,.. -Jan. —(-UP)—The battle- of words over tire Kovcrnoi-- bhip of Georgia has mover! into the final stages, with both Bides lining- -up their supportei-s for the test of Strength \vhen Governor El- 'U Arnall's term .ends on January 14. . . -Herman - Talmadgo, son of the lat«' Governor-elect Eugene Taj- madgc, says he -will be governor on the 15th of January. Arna.ll is already moving out of the governor's mansion, but he Bays he-will not yield the keys'to his office to anyone but Lioutenant-Gov- ernor-alect M. E. Thompson. Talmadge declares that the state legislature • has the pow«r to elect him on 1 the basin, of write-in votes he-received in tho-last, general election. And he says he ha« more than enough pledges of support in the legislature to win. A Thompson supporter, however, points out that the law under which Herman claims he Is eligible for election, gives the legislature the power to chopso a. governor from surviving 1 —"candidates." And Judge David Atkinson of. Savannah sayg Herman Talmadge may lave polled some votes, but he wasn't a candidate. Atkinson says—"Certainly young Mr. Talmadge waa not a bona fide candidate against .his own father, whose campaign he Managed." day. In th* ability Compensation and (OH Jv«»v» .44>eUca.Uoi>«, an V-tteran* AdmtalatraUon, Representatives ot the Administration, Alan M and Joseph Regan win be In office from 2 to 5, to aulit In surance reinstatement and *ion, and . problems Rrlsing n* on-the-Job training; Mr. MaeOrwi ad Mr. Regan are available these services every Friday noon in thcNaugrtuck office, Mr*. Fore! Wulfeck, ministrator, has- .returned her annual vacation and her duties this morning. Milk bottles wcro InvenUd bvnJ H. D. Thatcher In 1884. *• *Mt*ac«M... VapoRubmelt In your mouth ?.. works find tsm ouse At New Service For Yets Office The -Service for, Veterans office, now located in the northeast part! ui . of the Tuttle House, will hold I made as 'to how to increase the ( "open house" on Friday, Jan. 10,1 state's Income to offset inevitable from 9 a. m'. until 9 p. m. Veterans fleflcits which threaten unless some and their families and other inter- means is • found to increase the csted • friends will be w<3<come. flow into the slate treasury. | During the day, Miss Dorothy The latest recommendation—im-| Barwick, a former member of the position of n. sales tax—comes from I \VAC, will "be available for assist- |^HH *.••— ^ /~*r*r+ M nf,4-l «»!*• /"* h f» TM K O »• ^f ^rtWl- -—" -* ' " -.-.— — —... n — - — - .- . -— - •— PAINT HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES ETC. Free Delivery t it G • Ji !.* f • «u 61 And another suggestion has been ; CANS, Inc. Maple Street TeL 3507 the Connecticut Chamber rnerce. The Chamber says that a sales lax of two or three per cent would bring from 20 to 22 million dollars added income every year. Several other proposals for money-raising will be presented to the legislature — among them a elate "income tax, and legalized j horse racing. i James A.'Garfield, 20th president! of .the United States, once served | as deck-hand and driver | of a canal boat, teacher, carpenter j and farmer. OLLIES RADIATOR SHOP 18 PROSPECT ST. TEL. 5541 Union City AUTO PvADIATORS REPAIRED, CLEANED and Re-Cored Work Called For and Delivered ALL WORK GUARANTEED -' DIXIE JLKDL'C, rrop. The War Department reports that some persons • are endeavoring to mail packages overseas through APO channels without the required written' requests from the addressee and also packages intended for persons other than the addressee in occupied overseas zones. Today Is Not Too Soon The New Academic Yc;ir Begins Ferhuary S, 1!)47 Complete Courses in BtislnosK Subjects ' Come In, 'Phono, or Write The JUNIOR COLLEGE of COMMERCE 8-7003 389 Whitney Avenue New Haven 11, Conn. CARD OF THANKS We wl»h to cxproBs oui" ainccro and he.irtfelt thanks to the.many friends, relatives and neighbors,' who,. by thoir many acts of kindness, floral tributes and' expressions of sympathy did so.- much -to make lighter the burden of grief in one recent bereavement, Special thanks are extended: Brother Member Steel Workers Local 1358, Nnugatuck Young Republican Club, Republican Town Committee, Naujratuck Police As.Moclatlon, Purple Knights and Mechanical Dept. Naugatuck Chemical. Signpd: • 'The Plojkt rcimllv. Everyone Is Satisfied When You Pay The Doctor With A K, J3K, t PERSONAL LOAN On v. only reason for bringing up ;m unpleasant subject is to remove half tho unpleasantness. ' • • . People arc still getting sick,.-.having operations,'g<)hj£;,to'..tho hospital. ;A* tragic as these things "arc when -they.; occur, they are doubly so when' is., no..-money .defray, the cost. That's' where n NAUGATUCK NATIONAL-PERSONAL LOAN corrieV in. : Il''yon'need money to pay the cloc- . tor,- to -buy a car;.'refrigerator, washing machine, to s-'t't o-ut of debt—ask '•us ior a";PEKS'ONAL LOAN. ' It. wi.ll '• :$(>. per year .per Hil-00".borrrjj\vccl, •and' you a'yuar "to; repayyiii, eonveijibnt. monthly in- ;,.yf;«]]ine)it^, ; .'Qiu' decisioiis' are prompt,' :'.a'ii'd'-.; Q^tiiites out '.of'10 .the answer is Write, phone 2286 or call. The Naugatuck National Bank TRADITIONAL QUALITY SINCE: BOOO G&^^ • ' FOR IUCKV LADIES BORN IN JANUARY lucky the lady who birthdays in January . . . gorgtout garn«tt her birthilon*. For her, our choice collection of genuine gamtt- ttudded exquititriei . . . birthday giftt to cherish year around. Typical: Ring with II Garnets . . . 937.OO; Bracelet ... 929.OO; Earrings . . . 918.OO; Bow-Knol Pin . . . 927.O0. All 10K Solid Gold. Prices I'nclude Federal Tax. DIVIDED PAVJICXTS INVITE* AT NO A»»ED COST 68 Bank Street At Center Street, -Waterbary

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