Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 6, 1947 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Monday, January 6, 1947
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BE POM 'S E 3 (i. n). « n. m. S> n. m. 32 30 30 33 DC THE WEATHER , Rhode Island and Connecticut — Kair and colder tonight. Tuesday increasing cloudiness followed by snow or rain and near seasonable temperatures. 'A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" l; LXXI, No. 4 ESTABLISHED 1885 MONDAY, JANUARY 6, 1947 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Cent) Truman T icb ..LATE Unique 'Memorial' To Dead Yank AU:>I. l'N»KBWAY Washington- -Official Washing!im i» tight-lipped on the audit u,' House tunus. There have been reform, wholly unsubstantiated, nbout a shortuge in the coffi-i's 01 me 5Crffcnnt.-:it-ai-ms and House disbursing on'icc. Government auditors are going over thu books iicain tud.'iy. . - -"oOo - - \TTAC KS T11K K A TJi N K I ) jrnwalcm—The inilltiint. .li-w- i l^h u ilrrsrouncl orjcanl'/Attlon. ', li-Riin tfviil l.mmii claim* respon-. ' Ability for U'« "'<"''" attacks on i llrltliit troops i" 1'iili'sti'H'. And : ihi- ore:inlwili(>n warns that it i:t- j tend* to coiil-lm." t |l() attacks. ^ . - -oOo- -— i AID I r 01l ITALY ; Washington---Italian Premier | DC Ca.ipn-i will begin conferences with American otficials today to (irrungf ecoiiornic and financial HMsistance for Italy. Italians believe the talks if sue-. : ccssful, tnny ease Italian unrest. , and and avoid unotnur : Borne government crisis, , - —oOo AUSTIN'S I'l.AN Uko Success. N. Y.-Thc new , United States atomic energy commission may bo called upon i lo play an important role in world 'iitomic control, Informed : sources say American UN dele- • "lie Warren I;. Austin may ink ihe commission to help puah I Ametica's til.imic proposals , through the Security Council. ; oOo : UK KG MISSKS With the Hyrd Kx|><-(lltion— Two >hlp» of thi> I'.yril cxpcdl- I'un were thri'Uti-neil by a inoii- .strotis Iccl-cri' us laru'f as tin- VunkiM 1 Stadium for srvcrul , f hours today. Tim liitf '"-rg lookt-d us if it might Mmish Into tin: •.".lip* mill rnish thi-in to bits— but It. fimill.v <:li;titg'-il Its iioursi: uml ilrlftnl aimlfssly by. .. f,Oo I.KAHIN'i CANJJIHA'I'K .liickscin, Miss. Former Mlsslsi- si|ipi Governor iluffh L. While is t-tjnsmliM-uil a leading condidiiti: tor thi- seat o:' Senator Bilbo, it Bilbo is- ousted when his case corm:s up for i.i final showdown. I'.iltao is scheduled to undergo nn operation soon in New Oi'luans Cue cancer of t'.io mtjiitli. A fdrmer Kitmiliii/.R pilot, Ilohcrt Nlsl)ly:inia (Inset), of Tokyo, wlvo onoi- wanlud "to kill as many Americans as possible," will he the. first n-t'iplrnt of 11 scholarship to Lafayette College e.stalillshed by Mr. and Mrs, Kohcrt :<. .)nhi:sl(;iu- fabove) of DowniiiKton, Ta. I'liiunccd hy the SMl.DliH GI InsnniMuc c:-.i'i'ieil by their kiti". son, Hubert, .Jr., the scliolsir- slijp vviis .siifffft-stPtl hy hint hefori! he was liilleil in 1IM5. At the time, he told Ills parents he believed thai wars could only, be. prevented hy a hotter iiiKtomt.-tfidiK!; ami ffootl u'il! In'tivi-cn peoples. (International) Boroughite Finds Body Of Waterfeury Hit-Rim Victim Search Underway For Car, ~ ~ ~.~~~~ Responsible For Death Of ''Rp{iP9t*6;}]c Mrs. William Petchlock A NiiiiK-'ituck nuir, was one of throe pcrio.stri.'iny v/ho found the body of an accident victim in \Vri- tiiroury ycsti:relay. 'ir.i.- body of Mrs. iiuairico Pvtch- •!•!, P20 h'ank street was; found For St Francis' Parish En Wainment rnhoursa.! I'or the special on Congress avoaiic nr:ar Poplar ' yonrly entertainment sponsored by M;\VS.>H';.N IIKI.D BoMon Two former American iii-ws:niMi hiLVi- linen ordered hi'l'-l wuhoiit twill toilny pending trial on irnason ch.'ii'ges growing out of alleged Naxi propajraiidii tiioiulunsls (luriiifc World War II. AUIV1V SIIAKK.ll' Washington—'I'lii' Ai-my.' : iii " »luil(i'.ii|> of Us Kiiropcun iminil, iinnoiinees Hint l.loiiU'niuit Oni'i-iil l.ui-liis Clay will SIKJCI ('<! (iitnt-i-itl Joseph Mr.Narllny as UininmniliT of 1,'. S. forces in Kumiii: Mciili'ii:iiil GiMirral (li'iiffrry Ki\vs will succeed Clou- i-nil Murk Cliirk as (iliii-f of t'. S. nOo • - SKKIOI.'S OI'KIIATIO.N Now York -Former h(imi:-run kliig. r.iihe T;uth, has been whrMwl into the operation room in H New York hospital where V will undergo sun-gory to re- Iffvo ^i nlnus conrlit'on. Th<- "Rabc" XVHS pUicncl inulor ILIUIH- Ihcaln ai'fuind It ,'i. m. (EST>. Gut. othnr than n hullpt.ln say- fax thut tlic rcinrlition is » snrl- f| ii.-i OUR, Rnfh's ddotors have no w oril on his condition. oOo •17 A III VICTIMS AniithiT M-rli-s of truglc air "'•'•Idi-nt-., in nils iMnmlry "nil I" f'h'nii—nil doc t.> had vcuflirr— liny.- (itkrti (I,,, lives of .17 IIIT- ""11. Thi> lilirgest |r»s of life wns I" f'hliiii \vlier" 4'J nrrsoits In- fliiillnif Ihree Amcrlrntis were kllli'il wlii"i a Chinese tniliHii'irt- Pl'in.. em.s'ed into 11 IIK>Ullt;il/l- sitrp.iil u'lt-ly yesterday morhinK and I I'olicu Li. Jorfoph Pottit said she I w.'is fcclinvod t.u bo the: victim of a !i!t-;imi-run driver. Mrs. Pi'tchlocl; died as a result j nf niiilliplt: I'l-.-icltires and tnlcrn.'il ' injuries, ac.-f;cirdiiiK to Dr. Harold ' .Mori-ill, a.'.'.sist.-int m<:f!i':al p.xaniin- i or. %vho [icrforincd an autopsy. Ht : Nl. Mary'st liospitat. ' fotit,-'! v.'crr tifilinrd of tin.- ae- Kir|i.:nt by Clayton Konuirjld. Moiin- ; lain road, Nausfituck. who woi-li.i in Waterhury, John Krii'iKli'Vich. II Topl-ir place. Waierbury. and ' Ualph Mismvajrn, 71 liuseniont: avenue. WiilPi-Ijtiry, at :i:50 yuster- | day morn I UK- all thi? societies of St. parish will ho hold Wednesday eve-i nin,™ ut 7:30 o'cloci: in St. Cecelia's i Hall. Ai: niembers ot the junior .mil senior choirs of the parish are ri'fiu-s"! 1 -! -o be present. The rtev. Paul F. Keating. l(jr of the parish, is chairmiin of t'r.e committee in chai-^n. The Rev. Ceor;;e T 1 '. Durn is secretary and the Ilov. Albert K. Taylor Is Lrc.ia- in-rr. I'Viul BucUmillcr will direct. The (lite on which the entertainment '•'•'ill bo held hcus not .vet been Brophy Says Appointments Not Urgent Emphatically Denies Lack Of Protection By Police, Fire Departments The lull before the storm apparently has passed, with borough politlcos readying themselves with verbal 'ammunition to be exploded at tomorrow night's monthly meeting of the board of warden and burgesses. Warden Leo J. Brophy during the week-end broke 'the silence, which has existed since the December meeting of the board, claiming there are only two vacancies to be Illiod on the regular police force, which would bring the department up to its quota of 36 members. A check of the police roster today revealed the force at present totals 33 men, 15 regulars, which includes four officers, .and 38 supernumeraries. Authorities of the police department state there arc three regular vacancies and the need for the appointment of an additional regular for which an appropriation was made at the lust freemen's meeting. The warden today said he feels "the people of Naugatuck have been led to believe they are not fretting' proper protection." He em- phaticafly denied there is lack of protection in the borough by cither the police or fire department, where onp vacancy exists. Questioned as to why the board members wrangle each month ovei' the appointments if there :s no need lor regular policemen and firemen in^the borough as long as supernumerary patrolmen and a' part-time fireman arc covering the: disputed jobs, he said "the board possibly (eels it should make formal appointments." '; Warden Brophy asserted it'is bis belief that as long as "all the po- I lice beats established during- the pnst several years are being cov creel or manned, there is no im mediate need for board appoint ments." However, in a portion of nib statement issued during the weekend he said. "I have several times urged the board to promote three supernumerary police to regulai duty and to consider the promotion of an additional regular who would do relief duty on the days off, illness periods, and vacation .....10 iiiio.vanui; to which uli regulars are entitled and for which tunds were appropriated last May." Capture Jailbreak Leader Budget Tells Congress New Labor, Draft Laws Necessary Reported III Handcuffed to a clinlr, Alfred Minutolo, former Alcatruz Inmate and louder of a nine-man brcnk from u jail In Broklyn, N~. 1'., Is shown after- bin capture in Montvale, N. .1. Standing beside him IK Putrol- irmn George I'att who arrested the convict when he caught him hiding' bvliind the. [Hilpit in a. church where he hud. sought shelter. (International) Boy Scouts Outline Plans For Camping Trip In Snow ICtlward L. Kchoc, hich school principal, who is ill at his home, was making "satlsfactor.v" progress this morning: according to »r, Vincent I!. Dnfty attending physician who said that Mr. Ki'ltou's condition.. was "very good." Mr. Kchoc was stricken Friday, I>r. Duffy reported. Chairman Fred Pray Says Five Or Six Inches Of Snow Hoped For On 'the fire department vacancy which has existed since May 7, 1946, he said, "there is a man poing into the fire department every night to cover that job and there isn't u.ny lack of protection." Burgesses on both sides of the board today said no meeting's were held during the weekend of the various factions, and strongly indicated the appointments will not be made again tomorrow night unless some miracle develops within the next 24-hours, Chester Adamski Injured In AutO| FireDamages Truck Crash; Waterbury ManJDies_| Monahan Home Gasoline Spills After Auto Crash Plans for a Boy Scout-Sriow-orce, l.o be held over the cominj; week-j end, were completed at a round table meeting of Scout officials la^t week, it was announced by Fred Pray, chairman of the committee in charge. Mr. Pray said that tfie various troops would meet next Saturday at 2 p. m. at. Schildgen's Grove. Waterbui-y road, and that the troops would break camp tit 3:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon. Tde Scouts wijl sleep in tents and each scout will do hisowncook- inp. During the encampment thorp will be snow Mhoc> races parties and touch fnotbal), with church' services held Sunday. .In order to hold the ou-tin?', Mr. Pray said that five or six inches of :now would bn necessary and, in t.he event snow is laclcinp 1 the out- ng will be postponed to a. later week-end. Mr. Pray said the scouts would be rigidly supervised and all would be inspected for proper equipment IK Tore being allowed to participate. In order for a scout to par-tici- •pa'to "in the , Srto.w-oi;o<v .'Mr.'-Pray :, he must be cither a first class. i second class, star, englc. life or scn- ;' (or scout and must have taken*part in at least two over nijrht camp- orces or have spent at least one week of out camping. In iirldition 10 Uiese requirements nil scouts must have the written permission of their patents and of their scoutmasters. in order to go. on the overnight outing. Each troop will have at least two representatives nr the Snovy-oree in addition to the following scout offi- i cia!s: Cecil Mattson. Stanley Dib- ' hie. Bill Sanders, Al Schemer, 'Clifford Toenlc, Edwarri Butler, Francis Clark. Robert Shepherd, and William Majicncaii. Troops participating arc: Troop 2, fi, 7, n, 15, Beacon Falls Troop 1. Sea .Scout Troop and the:Senior Scout Troop. . ' .. Skating m. Bauiiimcrs rink is also ing- planned, for. 'the week-end event Mr. Pray ' Mrs. Ruth Schofield, 87 Hill Street, On MurdenIriaLJury Urges Extension Of Wartime Excise Taxes, Unification Of Armed Forces; Opposes Veterans Bonus (By United I'rcKs) President Truman, has given con- press an optimistic report on the state of ihe Union. The President appeared before a. joint session of both houses early this afternoon to discharge the annual duty entrusted to him by the Constitution. The Democratic chief executive told the GOP controlled congress that virtually full employment and the highest peacetime production level in history have made 1947 a, year of great economic opportunities for the nation. But Mr. Truman asked for bipartisan cooperation on major policies to maintain the v c o n o m i u health of the Union. First and foremost, Mr. Trumnn asked for new labor laws—not. punitive laws t cripple what he called the legitimate rights of labor — but carefully considered laws to promote greater harmony between labor and management, Specific-ally, he asked that compulsory arbitration be imposed in certain types of disputes, and that jurisdictional strikes bp outlawed. As long range cures for labor- management, strife, the President proposed thai, a 20-man commiH- sion be .ajjpojnted jjoinUy.~by Congress and the Pi-csiHent to study Ruth Schofielci, 87 Hill J the whole field of labor problems, was one of the jurors j and to make recommendations for the elimination of industry wide strikes in key fields. Finally, the President said. Congress should try to get at the 'underlying causes of much labor trouble, by expanding the social security program, ond Mrs. street. chofon in Superior Court Friday to try the case of Robert Bradley, 3fi-year-old New Haven Negro accused of three stnyings. It WDS erroneously reported in The'News Saturday that Mrs. Ruth Schofifld of Beacon Valley road j providing a fair minimum had been picked as a juror for the i case. I (Continued On Page 8) One Slight Traffic Accident Reported As Four-Inch Snow Fall Makes Travel Hazardous NAUGATUCK NEWS BROADCAST Today — 5:45 P. M. Monday Through Friday °ni the Editorial Rooma The Nangatnck News Station WATR : A hn.-ul-on collisicm between ;i ] ; truck uiici n c.-u- driver, hy ;i Nnu- • I ^ai.uck iii.-m. which occurred Fri! rlny nftornoon nn Muridcn rrmil. : Mi'ddlcflrlJl. );;i^ rr.oiiltr'f'. in the i dctuh of IL U'.'itcrhury innn. i (-[arolci .Ufjlan. -I'J. 1-K) Willow i.i'trcc!. V/:itorhury. » i>ni:si!tli:ei- in jtln- crtr. clii.'C. yi-Kiorrlfi.;/ n t the Mid- Hc.-jr-.v. lui.-ipitfil, Mitldlotown. Death i ••"stilted from'a I'ruc't.urcd slcull. i«c- '(•nitionM of the brain, fractured j ribs, and fracture** of the rijrht i :<ii'><'. | Ch«!l"r A(liin:ski. 2fi. M Spnnp Htrcet. NaiiRatucU. driver of the cn.r, i W.-L.S reported by hospital spoltoa- men us beinu in I'uir condition. Mr. Aclamslvi i--' boin.',' trwiti-rl I'nr se, voi'P contusions of the chn:it, IcKS l.inel fiif" by Or. Loiii." L.aSell.'i. at | ;in; Middluspx liuspital. The c.,ir r.i whii.'li Mr. Adamski unel Mr. Doliin \vore ridini; w.'is totally flcmnlishrd whnn an oil truck, accordinft- to State Police ol 1 the VVeslbrooU barracks, traveling on the wronc siclo of the highway. criishPtl it huad-on. William Guilclca. S2, Main street. rJf.f-kfall. driver cif fiuida's Oil Scr- j '/ice truck, v/as not iti.iured in the ••o'lision. Ai'i'^s-rd nri it. ch/ti'i't* of reckless driving, hi- was released under bond of $200. Because of Do- Inn'.s death thi^ i:liiirf;o may be changed to criminal nc^liscnnc or iniMcnndiict of molur vehicle opcr- ativr, Rt»to Pol'u:c snid last night. A slight crjllision of two cars at North Main and Prospect streets yeMerday aftornoon resulted in •ris'jline spilling onto the road from the dantiifocl frits tank of one of thi 1 automobiles involved. Firemen was'.ied the gasoline awny after bel.-if," informed of by police. The car damaKOd was driven by Harry T. EInitski, .Maple 1-nnd. Beacon Fiills and owned by Ii ; s brother, Stephen Elnitski,. The seennd c-'ir u'l.s driven by Carl A. Secola. 11 Webb street, Waterbury. N r o arrest v.'a? made, polico said, as irv rn ul rondiliona made the accident unavo.ida.ble. Former Resident Struck By Car A fire at the home of Mr, and Mrs, James Monahan, 37 Goodyear avenue, broke out. Saturday evening when heat from a gas stove caused ^ woodwork behind the stove to ignite, it was reported by Fire Chief John J. Sheridan. The chief said that flames spread into a partition and the firemen had to cut a hole in the wall In order to reach the blaxo with a hose. Some damage: was done to the wtove and the house was smokc- , filled. Chief Sheridan said that the condition | boostcr tanks were used to pump water. Firemen were at the scene for -Ifi minutes. George Hanslcit is owner of the property. Resident 60 Years Dies, Funeral Services Tomorrow Miss KatheHne McLau^hlin. 70. of 40 Cherry "street, died late Saturday night in St. Mary's hospital, Waterbury, noss. following a brief ill- Tho latest snow fall, creating hazardous traveling 1 conditions, resulted in but one nutomo.bilc accident in the borough, and that of minor nalii re. Two cars, both traveling north m) North Main street, this morn- ins 1 , skidded and side-swiped to- {Tcthcr in from of Lord's service station. The cars were driven by I Alphonso Noble, 704 Souih Main street, Na.uR7.ituc)c. and Clarence Fisher. Jr., 88 Stafford street, Waterbury. The resulting damage was very slight and no arrest was BEACON FALLS Mrs. Rocco Sabia Honored At Surprise Birthday Party •Influenza Injection To Be Given Youngsters At Rec reation Club Wednesday noiu;u HI. AST I Mrs. Miclfnul DLI Mond of C'-la.«- j tonbury and her two children con- I tfirter themselves mighty lucky to- Irtay. They h.'ifl jun'. '."/I: '("icir apartment yesterday when a steam boiler blew up—wrecking the heating system and ripping up floors. They escaped injury. .Tames H'.ill. formerly of Lewis sneer, Niutgatuch and now residing fit 23?< Park Terrace, West Haveri was strtick by a car early New [Year's Pay nnd suffered a brok- , en collarbone, a dislocated leg and ! a head injury, his relatives here i havr learned. He was admitted to | frt. R.inh.ixTp hospital. Ne.w Haven, ! whore In: i.s receiving trcafnent. Relative Dies In trivj\ idenoe^ xv» j.« Chief of Police. John Gormley, and Mrs. Gormley, left for Providence, R. I., yesterday upon word of the death in that city of Mrs James Hacking, a sistcr-inlaw of Chief Gormley. W. BRAY Bridgeport Jan. 6—(UP)—Vice President John W. Bray of the Bui- lard company is dead at the age of 79. Bray started with the company as an apprentice 62 years ago, and at the time of his death was in charge of sales, and also a director of the concern. Knights Meeting Off A meeting of the Fourth Degree, Knights of ColumbuK, scheduled for tnnight, has been postponed indefinitely, according to an announcement today by George W. Carroll. DEPLORE SETUP Washington — The United States today deplored the "un- Kutlsfactory setup at Datren, Manchuria, where the Russians abruptly ordered an American »hlp to leave port. made as slippery road conditions . matin the accident unavoidable, Po- Eorn in Beacon Falls, she had | Hce Captain Anthony Malonc said, been a resident of the borouRh for | Patrolman Harris <50 yoai-M, Prior to her retirement' ga-lcd. - • several years atro. she -.vtss an em-! Street Department crews- sanded ployc of the Dunham Woolen Mills., and clt l -ii-ecl the bot-wm,-)i streets dur- Snc is survived by two sisters, i in S Hie slonn and police rcporte< Mrs Helen Jones, and M i s s : there were no traffic tie-ups here. Theresa MoLaiifrhlin. both of Nan- ; Wo ''" l "ic boWonccka on state -atuck and scvcrnl nieces and "'K>>«'ays in this vicinity were rc- * h ws ' f 101 ' 11 '' 1 Vo lhu State Police at Bcth- nc " ' luny, a spokesman 1 there said. Funeral services will be held to-, The ' snow fcM to R ' d th of fo|1| , morrow morning at 8:30 o clock .^^ accordin tot ' hc Nauffa . the Buckmillnr Fiineral , llrk W ator Company' with prccip- Home, 22 Park place, to St. Fran- jtation fop U]c ^ hou] . pcl . jod cnd . cis' church, where a requiem hitrh j int , al g a m today bcin g. , 15 of an Mass will be celebrated at 9 o'clock. Interment will be in St. James' cemetery. • I Friends may call at the Mrs. Rocco Sabia, of Wolfe avenue, was feted at a surprise birthday party, on Saturday evening, in her home. About 35 of her family friends were in attendance. A turkey dinner was served, and the guest of honor received many lovely gifts. Among those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mariano, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Celello, Mr. and Mrs. John Celello, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Celollo, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Zollo. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Presto. Mrs. Jane Harvey, Miss Theresa Mariano, and Miss Dorothy Broder, all of Naugatuck. Also Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Clas scy and son, of Wcs'tport, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Canceller* of Water- jury, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Purtell home this afternoon from 2 to 10 o'clock. funeral j and evening A J Adam FVnm f TOlll PUBLIC HUABING Hartford, Jan. 6—'UP)—A pub- lic'hearing will be held at the state office building January H on the proposed new wage for beauty shop employes. The new scale is a revision of original recommendations made last'month, which were rejected' by State Labor Commis- sidrier John J. Egian. Adam Mengaoci. , commander, of .the Montanari-Rado post, Italian- American veterans, who has been ill for the past several weeks and recently underwent surgery at Waterbury hospital, has recuperated sufficiently and today returned to his home, G8. High -street. —A mioil thlnit to do wllll your Xniitu money— fin. a r>nlr of HICK8 annlltr (ind rrnirmlirr your glvrr All yrnf «lch«, W BIIP* 91., ind Miss Claire Stevens of Milford Also. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rung. Mr. and Mrs. John Hill, Mr. and invcsti- Mrs. Charles Zollo. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zollo. Mv. and Mrs. Roc- no S.ihia. James Zollo. Miss Mary Ann Rung. Miss Livia Sabia, and j Miss Vineia.nn Sabiw, all of Bca- :on Falls. Home Mr. and Mrs. John McGecvcr. Jr.. of Felspar avenue, have returned from Lawrence. MRHS.. where tlicy have been visiting Mrs. McGccvcr's mother, over the New Year's holiday. HospiUlllxctl James Thrall, of South Main street, is a patient at the Ncwing- ton Veterans Hospital, where he IN '.o undergo an operation. To Get Flu Injections Influenza injections will bo given to any child from the ages of three years to six years in Beacon Falls. Dr. Edwin Curl-tin, health otticcr. will administer them under the sponsorship of tho Red Cross. They will be given Wednesday afternoon n the Beacon Falls Recreation Stub. The time will be announced atcr. School Schedule The Parent-Teacher association school, Thursday, Jan. 9, at 8 p. m. The speaker will be Carl Bair, Jr., superintendent of schools. A large .attendance of parents is urged, especially fathers, lo meet the superintendent of schools. On Thursday, Jan, 16, at C:3p p. m., there will be a get-together of bo::rds of education and faculties in the district, which includes Harwinton, Middleflcld. Oxford, Beacon Falls and Wolcotl. This will be at a banquet a.t Copper Kettle, Meriden road, Wolcott, at 6:30 p. m. Dr. Finis E. Engleman, deputy commissioner of • education, and Dana Cotton, Graduate .School of Education, Hal-ward, will address the group, On Tuesday, Jan. 21, the Beacon Falls' Teachers' League will hold its monthly meeting at the home of Miss Elizabeth Hilton. Derby. The first meeting of the Valley Tc:chers Association will bo held in Ansonia on Jan. 22, 1947. There will be election of officers. Discussion of the new state aid bill for education will take place. Miss .Pcnncssey Canty' and Lyndon Pratt will address the group. The superintendents of schools, the local board of education and boirds of (innnco,_ mayors, or first, eolcct- mcn. representatives and state senators from districts will be guests. Church Note* St. Michael's Ladies' Guild will hold its regular meeting Thursday •U S p. m. in the church lyccum. A ntirnbcr of Important problems are due lo bo discussed and nil members of the pulld arc urged to altend this meeting. Demotions to St.. Joseph will be held tonight ut 7:30 p. m. The regular weekly pnrly will be. held at 8 p. m. Tucttday, These meetings were canceled during the holiday season. Instructions for the children will be held Saturday at 9 n. m. (Continued On Page 8) —All Nunnlwk h tnlkUr m^mt tfc« 1647 SlnMnkn. the mwt bnutltal ,...., . „ . "" '" '<• rirM, HM It *t N*«iitu'' will hold «i meeting at Center Bntwr t 4«t •?«!«•.-**».

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