Ellwood City Ledger from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania on June 29, 1976 · 22
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Ellwood City Ledger from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania · 22

Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 29, 1976
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Ellwood City Ledger Bicentennial Edition, June _28 Thraugh July 2- I .. ...::11-urgh Co. enterecr'sale Ellpprt area· late The Pittsburgh Co. got in the tailend of the land sale boom inEIIport. It was in March of 1924 when the plan was laid out from a siir­ vey of Alex Main for David H. Grim. The plot contained 36.36 well. There were only 13 that first year, 18 in in 1927, fo!U' in 1928, 15 12 in 1930. · · remainder of the ·~o.on'-·"'"'"" only 11 · acres south· of the Ellwood­ Portersville Rd. The plan of hits was filed at the,J.awrence Couo­ ty CQurthouse ~;thi)_Pittsburgh Co. July 1&, 1925,' bunbe.sale of before completing sales. lots by' the company began in.· On- May 24,_ 1943,,Frank the spring of that yljar. · · Smith ·purchased 95 lots in -Officially_ 1 c·alle<l the Grim plan --at · ' treasurer;s Plan· of Lots, the plan was laid sales. 80 df the out.in blocks. There were 10 dif-unsold Block A at the west -the Garisto, Feb. 11, 1926. U!t 4, Boock B ~ Henry Guergne, April!, 1926. Lot 14, ·Block E -Toma Mager, May I, 1926. ( '. Lots 10, ~1, Block K ~ John Veres, June 26, 1926. Lot 8, Block B -George Herko; July 27, 1926. Lots 26, 27, Block B -Joan · Neghiu; Aug. 14,.1926. · ' LOt 15·, Bl<ick:c .:=-Nicola·Man. Aug:-20, 1926. · :i2, Block B -Stephen Jr:, July !4 .• 1~26. . . Block B-Michael J. Music:oct:ao, 1926. Block 17, ·Block A -John Six­ scioreom, Dec. 15, 1926. Lots 1, 2, Block c- Sam r..an: crojan, Dec. 30, 1926. The sales in 1927 were: Lots 6,7, · Block A -Dan Rabozik, April15, 1927 .. Lot _17,- Block B - Michael Martino, June 14, 1927. . . · Lot 10 Block C _:_ Salvatore Siiinato; 1 Jlily !6; l'!l27. · • · . Lot 14, Block·_c .--Nicola· Dimich, July 13, 1927. Lot 7,. Block· B.-Michael Winkler,July25,1927. · Lot. Block . -Fred E. \end, at the Harmony line and ·Michael ·: extending along the ~ighway. .. 24 of' the unsold lots -on Jail. l!i, Block B and Block-C were also' 1943. · This scene of . was proba~ly taken about 1940. ere large ~~a~ downers County to this area. James 0772-1851) married Jerusha -Runyan and they had 12 children -James J., Ann, Isaac, Jeremiah; Maria, Amariah, ·Loring L., Absalom, Joseph, Eleanor, Johanl)a and Rosenberg, Jerusha· Ann, .Hazen, married first to James 'and Adoniron. Isaac Rebecca Morton nin9-1851 > married second to Mary and to whom were born Ezra Olinger· and they had eight (1842-1904) ,who married chil>iren, John P., Amariah ·Rebecca Knox (1844-1940) _and (1800-1904), William R., who .Elzena H. (18~5-1903) who ma•;·ied Irene Jackson, Laura marriedAridrewJackson (1846- who married Samuel Thomp- 1872); married second to Nancy (1773-1851) married a son, Jeannetta 0867-1945) who-M. Dobbs 0835-1903) -and had (1774-1868) and they married Andrew A. Nye, . four children, Margaret D. 'who in the Harmony Violetta ( 1870-1950) who married John W. Irwin, Among their married Frederick J. Miller, Ellsworth E. 0863-1920), Clara were who Elizabeth ! 1873-1960) ,who Bell who married Wesley H. married David Newton, and married Aqraham Smith (!867- Snyder and Eliza Jane ( 1858- Nancy,_ who married Benja!Jlin 1931 J and Howard C. ( 1879-1940) 1873). Houk. who married Lois G. Baxter . · Marga ret ( 1817-1889), Isaac ( 1775-1861) was ! 1877-1968). daughter of Samuel.and Eliza wounded in the leg during the Maria, daughter of James McDanel Hazen, ·married John War of 1812 and was lame the anLJerusha Runyan Hazen, ThOmas (1808-1864) and had remainder of his life. who married Hugh Bennett nine children, James, Pamela Nothing is known of Sarah, (182().1875) and to whom were who married Dr. James E. who was born in 1771'. · born seven children, Solonian Jackson, Clara, Elzena who Nothing is known of the first S. (1855-1909) ·who married married Judson M .. Hazen, Mary. Jennie Mecklem, .Mary. Ida Elizabeth; Jane, Samuel Nothing is known of (1862-1936) who married Robert Ethan Hazen who married EJ Nathaniel, who was . born in Jackson, James H. 01\59-1938) Kiipatrick and.Maggie E. o 1780. who .married France E. married John W. Withero .. Deborah, who was born in Weakley, Agnes (1849-1870) Rebecca, daughterofS muel -SJong the highway and these Lots sold by the comi>any in highway lots sold the quickest. 1926 included: · _ Block G was'lllso along the hi~th· Lot 16, Block B' - Salvatore . 'way:· but it contained only three DeCaria, Jan. 21, 1926. lot~, next to the school lot at the I;ot 12, · Block A - Vasile eastern end of the plot, and-all Almasan, Feb. 11,1926. threeofthose.lotsinGwereso~d . Lot I, Block B-Francisco to th,e Shenango Presbytery. T~Jie first lot sold, according 0 Church dat of indenture aV the Law ence County Courthouse, was ~t 11 in Block/C, across bought Grim St. from the three lots sold to th~ -shenango Presbytery -· t later in the year. Abner Majors proper- y bought the Jot May 16, 1925. · . Othe~' lots sold early in- o A 'I w J n pr1 .14, 1932, . . .. eluded: Gilmore sold a piece of land Lot -1,, Block A -To John four rods fronting on Belton Strout, iay 20, 1925. f{d. and 11 rOds deep to the . Lot I ; · Block C -To Nick board of trustees of the Free Loccisa o, June I, 1925. · Methodist Church of North Lot' 4,Mlock A -To Metadi America. Efanoff, une 11, 192,5. This was part of a tract Lot 3, lock B-To Sam Lan-Nicholas Main Sr: had crojan, JUne 26, 19'25. ,. to Martha Ann Main Lots 5 1 and 6, Block E -.To 1866. John Thomas trustees, Aug. 5, On March 25, 1944, the Free 1925. · I , _. Metliooist Churc)l/ of North Lot 12 1 Block B - Vera America, Los Angeles, Calif., S'rt10n, Aug. 6, 1925. sold the to the board of Lot 14,tSection F -,- Daniel Gate Baptist Wehman, Aug. 5, 1925. Twp. Lot 20, Block C -To Alex stated that the Corlii, Au . 7, 1925. -."shall be used for Shenango Presbytery, Sept. of five years; ending· we· Put Cecelia. Shop · 511 Lawrence Avenue 1782, married a Hill. who married Thompson and Eliza-McDanel 'azen, Mary 0784-1866) marrie.d Jackson, DeWitt C. 0865,1953) married M.A. Cavin a d had at Samuel Baldwin and they had who married Gertrude Arm-least one son, Smj Hazen, nine children-Sarah, Samuel strong, Jerusah 0853-1859> and who married M ry Melissa Lots I, 1 arid 3, Block G -To purposes only for -a 1925. I, 1948." However, the sale never ._ ___________________ ...;_. I were: iah, James, John, Mary, Nathaniel, h, Mary, Nathan, and SamueL is k·nown of (1769-1814). He may have accompanied the mily from Washington Grant Park Wo.-IdWar ·.product .H., Joseph, Susannah, Elizabeth (1857-1859). Ward. Elizabeth, Mary, Huldah, Joseph (1814-1686), son of. Nathan. (18 Hanna and Nathaniel. James and Jerusha Runyan Samuel and liza McDanel Nathan 0786-1866) married Hazen, who married Jane, Hazen, mar ed -Mary Judith Levina Kirkendall (1786-1846) Thompson 0822-1892) and who Zeigler an had six children, in-1804 and they had 12 children had seven children, Rosanna, Christoph C. who married - Henry, Nathaniel, Anna, Sadrack Burne (1844-1885) who Laura D _rain, Elizabeth Elra · Oliver Jories, Huldah, Levina, marri_ed Mary Jane BootH, whdl. rried Stewart Mary, Levi, Nathan, Aaron B., James, Joseph, _!:noch· J. son, ary who married'Dr. William and Delilah. Nathan (1852-1930) who married Sara~ :n~;· <l~jsonw llfaggi~-H/Who was married second to Mrs. Booth, Melvin L. (1856-1948).,' rii!IIJI.D~ .. G. H.- Knoblett, Elizabeth Keelan· 0808-1900). and Rosanna-Cecelia 0851- r;~l_l.~ Ida wlio ·!Jl(rried, J. Hannah (1788-1875) married 1907) who married James harp'Wilson an~'O.T. John Merrick. Bruce. -. Smith M. (1835-1915), son of Samuel !1791-1855), the baby Rebecca ( 1818~1912 , Samuel and/ Eliza. McDanel of the family, ·married Eliza daughte~ of John and Reb c~ . Hazen, ll)arried )'dary Arin Nye McDanel (1798-1847) and they Hazen, married David N' ton and had seven children, Edwin had eight children-Nathaniel ( 1813-1897) and had' eight~P'/tl857-1932J who married W., Margaret, Mary Ann, children, Elizabeth John, Margaret M. Campbell (1880- Rebecca, Hanna, Samuel, Isaac (1842-1917) wh marrie9 1945), Elwin S: (1880-1934) who Nathan and Smith. Samuel was Emily Montgomery enjamin;· married Wilhelmina Fisher, married, second to. Elizabeth Lydia (1851'-1939) ho m)lfried·. Ira R. ( 1861-1945), Austin Ann Thompson and they had . J. Wesley Hou , Reb~cca J. P,ierce who married Margaret one daughter, Ruth. who marrie~d 'y~j:/Call)eron, M 1 arshall, Ora E., Samuel Not all of the 1-iazens in this Jacob aA'd Margaret who G~ant 11858-1948) who married area ' can trace their ancestry ma·ried H ry Sumner. Elizabeth Catherine Coleman back to Nathaniel Hazen, Nancy- 808-1893), daughter 0873>1961) and Bertha who however: There was another of j.Jhn and Rebecca Hazen, married R. G. Brown. . branch of the family that marri"' Benjamin Houk ·( 1?95-· · Rutti ( 1850-1919), daughter of located here and it was 1877) and had 15 childfeli, Samuel and Elizabeth Ann probably' Nathaniel's brother /M 1lda who married Thomas Thompson Hazen, married Joseph,· although that is not C rter, Nancy who marrie!l a Thomas W. Johnston (1847- known for certain. · ynn, "Polly ·who· marriec 1928) lmd had five children, It is known that John Haze Samuel Houk, Rebecca' whc '5amuei>Delbert (1877-1955) who Jr. and Deborah Peel{, paren mahied William Lynn, rriarried 1 Layina Salome Boyer, of Nathaniel had a son na ed Eliiabeth (1835-1924) who Clarence,T. (1872-1959), Fred C. Grant• Park was laid out at' Jos(.ph also. · . ... married Jonathan Wiley 0837-(1879-1940) who married Lena the end of'World War II by At. any rate, Joseph azen 1899), Margaret who mamed Mae Flowers (1885-1950), Frank G. Smith on land in man1ed,Martha B)Jr(i ck and David Fry, Joseph (.1825-1903/.Raymond D. (1896-1898) and Fr~nklin Twp. purchased by they hAd eight or nil)e' children who married Mary Ann Luttci'n Jessie (1873-1953) who married Sm1th from John A. Clyde Aug. /sarah, Lewis, Pe(er, Eunice, ( 1826-1871), Philip who married John Jennin'gs. 13, .1945. · _ /David, Mary, ijtlnjamin and Elizabeth Houk, John who· :rhe grandchildren of Joseph It mclud~d 12 lots, e1ght _of John, and possjllly·Daniel. married Elizabeth New'ton, and Martha\ Burdick Hazen them facmg . the Ell~ood- Little is kn wn about any of Gilbert, D. Franklin 0842-1928·), included: ~henople Rd. at the top of the these excel! ·John (1797-1852), who married Sarah Newton, Andrew Jl831-1904), sori of· hill_near the m1crowave tower. although eter and Benjamin Elijah who married Lydia John and ·Elizabeth Caldwell It was.na~;<J m ~nor of Grant also ha sons named Joseph, Houk, ·Elisha '(1848-1926) who Hazen married Sarah Gillespie . G. Clyde, a soldier of World becau~ they were named in- first married Asceneth Wiley and had se.ve~ childrel]_, War II." ;/ Joseph's .. will filed at the and second married Elzedda William G. (1854-1936) . who These/were' large lots of Bepver County Courthouse in Powell, Albert (1850-1933) who !Jlarried Elizabeth. Kennedy, abouy 100 feet b~l L John (1797-1852) married first married Annie Wiley and Judson Kirk who married Ella vaeying lengths from 265 to 765 . Iizabeth Caldwell and they second· married . Mary. Hazen, Thomas F. (1859-1904), )eet deep. .' . · had nine children-:Martha, Vaneman and William .M. Mary who married. Edward The~ were sold . to ~ Joseph, James B., Andrew, ( 1855-1.929) who ·married Roland, Emma· who married followmg: · John B., Mary J\nn, Samuel, Melissa Lesnett. Albe~ Deemer, Cora B. who Aug. 29, 1945- TEJo L. Theodore and Nathaniel.. Joseph Baldwin (1813-1888), married Edward Roland, Zeigler, Lots I and 2_. . Among the grandchildren of son of Samuel and Mary Hazen Emma who married Albert March 19, 1946-to arvey Nathaniel Hazen'(1745-1835J Baldwin, married Sarah Deemer, Cora B. who married \ M. Best; Lot 10. and Mary Bell '(1748-1834) Warnock Hazen, widow of George B. Shaner (1870-1955) March6,1946- ~o dward G. were: . Henry Hazen 0806-1841), and and James.. · Jackson, Lots 4 and 5. · James J. (1817-1899), son of ·had six children, Lafayette who John B. (1835,1909), son of I'Ml!rch 6, 1946"- To George James..· and Jerusha Runyan-married Rebecca Din~more, John and Elizabeth Caldwell B?yer_, Lot 3/ . Hazen married and included Mary_ Jane · 0848-1896) . who Hazen _married Sarah . M. • . l;\pr1l6, 7,"'6- TQ Edgar R. among his children .were mamedD. Calvm Mayne,-John Beatty and they had 10 Cal;>le, Lot 12. Samantha (1843-1939) who W. 0850-1851), Lucy A. 0857-· children, Alice J. (1858-1891) May 31; 1946-To Edward G. marriedJ. D. Boots (1846-1918), 1892) who !Jlar.ried Uriah C. who married John Dempsey, Jac~son, Lots 6, 7, 8 and 9. . Judson M .. (1846-1929) who McClaren, Samuel R. who Francis J., Elmer E. 0862- JIJ~e 19, ·1946 -To Joseph· became a medical doctor and married Martha J. Dinsmore 1949) who married Orpha . Renai!S, Lot 11. · married first Ella T~omas and James H. (1856-1857>. Boyer, Mary 0. (1868-1944) who . Cly~ had bought the tracts (1851-1872) and second Jennie Henry '(1806-1841J, son of married Miller Addison he sol toSmith, tra.cts of _21.94 A. Irwin (1852-1937) and J. Nathan and L_evina Kirkendall Newton,. James B. _(1865-1938) and 15. acres, from the he1rs of osgood (1856-1932) who Hazen, mamed- Saran War-who married Sadre -Boyer, R. H. on April17, 1942. married Celia s. Nye (1857-nock and they had five Judith Belle who married L: L. purchased them 1929). children, Olive~ Gaston 0834- Wilson, Nora 0., Nathand Nagel Jan. 13,. · Ann daughter of James ahd 1866), Aaron Lyle · 0837- Madison (1876-1908) who Jerusha Runyan Hazen, wlio · 1914) who married first Amelia married Nellie Smiley, Homer . married Hugh Thompson 0817- Watson and. second;-Mary E. C. H: (1879-1943) wh~ ll)arr_led 1886J. and had the following DeGraff, Eh Warnock 0838- .Bess1e Tate and Jes's1e Novllla children; Isaac B. (1841-1841), 1908) who married Margaret (1881-1881). . Alori'zo · o. 0843-1861), Mitchell,· William (1840-1852) Mary Ann . (1838-1920), James A. ( 1839-1840) and Lizzie and Henry 0842-1877). .!lau~hter of John and Eliza~th A. (1849-1886). Levi (1817-1891), son of Caldwell Hazen; marned * *· WHATA.WAYTOGO! ~HE RQAD 0~. FREEDOM /REMAINS THE'.SAM~ ••• ·I. it's-iust there th-~s changed! --~----~-------- MAKE THE AMERICAN HIGHWAY SCENE IN A. SUPER SHARP CHEVRO'LET '. ' . TAKE TO THE IJOAD IN A BRAND NEW OLDSMOBILE Chevelle Malibu Coupe McELWAIN WITH 46 YEARS OF AUTOMOTIVE HISTORY! --PARTS & SERVICE """"-~ M.c:BLWIIR Isaac 1!820-1903) son of Nathan and Levina Kirkendall Tht,:nas ·Gillespie 0837-1906) ·o [ DS · INc '~ James and Jerusha' Runyan Hazen, married· Mary !Polly). and had the following childi'e,n, -Hazen, who (irst married'Mary Lutton 0821-l!jOIJ and the:r had Della M. (1877-1896), Elizabeth - · Jane Kelly and to whom were six children; Jennie, Aaron N., ·M. (-1871-1953), Ida 0868-1943), _ I _. , e -_ born five children, Mathew, John L., Caroline, Melissa Emma, who married Israel B. '758•'4588 * * -· who died in Andersonville 01!48-1904) ·and Miiry Virginia_ Lash 0861-1938) and James B. 812. BEAVER. AV-E.·" .. ELLWOOD CITY prison during ihe Civil War, Nathaniei'W."081S:1894), son . who' married Elizabeth Her-. · . 1 Rachel, who married John of Samu,el -and· Eliza McDanel schler. -•-----"""-----~-------~----.,;.--...;,--...;;---!~.;....;....,;;---!~--....1 ,_. I, . --+- !. . ... ·-

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