Ellwood City Ledger from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania on May 24, 1976 · 3
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Ellwood City Ledger from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania · 3

Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 24, 1976
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'· [) .. ;h· .. ,, . 49~ .29~~ .39~ ,~· ,· \ ~' l' I-. _·c-ounty fed~ratioA. l gets _state award . ~ ·The Lawrence County federated clubs in the county Mrs. Valdora McKinney of in ::wampum, and Ted · 1 Federation of·Women's Clubs areparticipatingforl976. The ' I received an award at . the award was presented to Mrs. I P.ennsyfvania Federation of Gust Sanfilippo of New' Castle, · Women's clubs ,convention· in president , of the county LancaSter this past weekend. federation. 'll 1 will be awarded The award was ror·the country to Mrs.' Anthony· DeMaio of federation's Bicentennial Ellwood City who is Bicen· project, the promoting of u.s. lennial ctmirman of the county Savings Bonds in which the 11 federation and chairman or the Riverview, RD 2, was honored 'McKinney of Hillside Ave. on her 80th· birihday an· The party was in the form of niversary by a party at the a buffet. luncheon ·with 41 home or her daughter and son· present. The centerpiece in-law, Mr. and Mr,~. Howard consisted of a cake 11iilh the Hannono( Aliquippa yesterday. inscription ''Happy 80th Bir· ' I project. . In the presentation of. the award, it was noted that the Lawrenc.e County grqup is the " first in the nation to have this project and thus .the state. Mrs. M~Kinney is the widow thday." _ of Steve McKinney and Mrs. McKinney also has 13 . she resides with her daughter grandchildren a'nd !2 great· ;md son:in-law, Mr. and Mrs. gl'andchildren. Sherman·Hall. The afternoon was spent She also has three sons, Clair. playing games arid talking ·and Mc.Kinney of Country Club Hd., Mrs. McKinney enjoyed_ the Jack McKinney of Davidson St. .companionship of her family. ! ' federation passed a resolution at the convention promoti!Jg the sale of bonds and a similar resolution will be voted on at the general federation cori· venlion to be ··held in :--IPhilladl~lplli'a-i'n June.,...--~ Reception honors newlywed couples 1--A·rpe•onll ;n"""'•turday·night a t-nnd is. a·gradua te-of-River.iide.,-. "'1.~,\;!~-+-,;;__--'----n--l,l-~~--/~ The Lawrence County Commissioners have procl.aimed 1976 as Bicentennial-Design Bond Year in Lawrence County lor the women who are urging the citizens of the county -to pur~. · chase bonds. The bonds that · are being sold this year all have Bicentennial design~. on them. · Wayne Twp. lire hall .Junior.-Scnior High School. ~~. f honored two cousins on their The former Miss Thompson !jV'·.· recent marriages. They are is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. · Drew .. A. Thompson ·who was Russ Thompson ~f Detroit, · recently married to Dorothy M!ch. formerly of IWwood City. 'Nita McKim, and Miss Cindy Her husband, a resident ·or . Thompson who recently was Washington, [!.C., is a son of I , JACQUELINE CORTES :Others working with .the women include Frank .M. Riley, area manager for Western Pa. U.S. married to Arnold Griese!. Mr. and·Mrs. Byron Griese! of / ~ Mr. Thompson, whose Yukon, Okla. The couple were //· .· · · parents are Mr. ~nd Mrs. married May 12 in Hyallsville;. ·f · · Gerald Thompson or Jackson Md.,. where the bride' is em· A PI\RTY was held ,in ,honor of John Drive, North Sewickley Twp., ploycd as a registered nurse. . A PARTY ~esterday marked the tst bir· Local coiiple towed · Savings Bonds Division and Wllliam Sawchak; sales promotional I representative. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cortes of 123 Golf Ave., Ellport, an· noimce the engagement ot their daughter, Jacqueline, to Zachery P.owell, son of .~r. and Mrs. Rober.! W. Powell of. 500 Crescent Ave~ Miss Cories is a 1975 graduat~:··of Linc?ln High School '. and is presently UnelJip(·oyed. . Her fiance, a.1974 graduate of · Lincoln High School; attend~!!~ Baldwin-Wallace College and is ·emplpyed at Mine Safety Appliances, Wampum. An engagement dinner was held yesterday at ·Troggio's near New Castle for · the . families. JAY JOHNSON Edward Cornelius Jr., son·. of ,Mrs, Romona and the former .t!!iss McKim, Her husband is employed by lhday anniversary of Nicole Rae Phillips who is I ~ \~ whose parents ,are Mr. and the federal government. The Jliclured wilh!her brother, Larr,v Hay Plnllips Corne iu~ of 726 !'ark Ave., \Saturday at his Mrs. Wilbert McKim of couple· will be residing , in. . 1 . . home in obs~rvance or his 4{h bi~(hday an· Jonesboro, .Ark., formerly of Denver, Colo., where Mr. Jr who ':'II be 6 •Ill July They are children oV mversary wh 1 ch 1 s today. Thi~ty friends and Ellwood. City, were married Griesel's job will 'take him. Larry J· and Donna ~hill ips, formerly Jlf relatives attended the pa'rty. A crl~ iii' the shape Apr.il.t9' in Jonesboro and are Hosting the re,ceplion ~ere KoppYI. now of Oh1oville. They arg__ grand· · of a flag was inscribed "Ha py Birthday resJdmg at Valley VJCw the Gerald _and Hussell . children of Mr and Mrs. Joseph Battaglia and Apartments. He IS employed by Thompsons Wllh some .200 1:{ and Mrs. Arthur Phillips all of Koppel and Johnnie" and red, while and blu .'decorations Lockley Machmes, New Castle fnends and relat1vcs allendmg. 1 1 ' were .earried out in the Bicentednial theme. '• t ICY lave a great-grandmother, Mrs Maria r h 1 · Mangclli. Larry is a godchild of Albert Farmelli Re res ments were served by Joh~s mother, who was assisted by Valerie Mosel) As each 500 attend . of Koppel and Mrs. Gmny Aquino of Beaver child Ieftthe_party, 'they were presen!~d with a · . Nicole's godparents pre Sam Battaglia of II 'fl J h ' . d M M . 0 n ·n g L . : Ellwood City and Jean llrianccsco of Beaver sma g1 . o n s gran parents are ~s. Jean , ay cr 'UJ". l . · falls. . · . Forsythe of Hazel Ave. and Clint Som11,1ers of t'Y; 13th St., West Pittsburg. Great-grandparehts are . Sh . d . th "ft Mr. and Mrs. Domen!ck Viccan Sr. of Ros '~nah About 500 children and adults Members of ~he cou l were 0 were Wl 'gl s St. and Mrs Loretta Sommers Of Belton d of the Purification of' the Hicka llarbati, L~islParente, . , Blessed Virgin Mary Homan , Elena DiCere;( Celeste M1ss Joyce Ann Marshall; Stich· and Mrs~Roberl Stich. Catholic Church participated in DeCaro, Bob/Sacco, Greg · brJde-elecl of David CQ9per, Carolyn Stich w'on a special B "d 1 t • h d the May crowning and Santo, Charles Da.malo and was h~nored, w1th · the door prize. -'· .. \ rl e-e ec lS on or~ processional held yesterday Richard Pis~chio. presenta!Jon of gifts (or her Blue and .. whllc decorations afternoon, · The r,o~ary was reciled new home at a bridal shower trimmed the hall. Luh~h was Green, blye and gold flowers, I Mary) Stiefel; he future. The procession from the during the processional to the held Sat.urday evemng at the serv~'ll at the close of the adorned the St. Agatha church mother-in;Iaw, Mrs. oseph BVM Playground to the church chur;~ and Hev. Pucci con· Hardyville. Chapel on the' evemng. · ' hall 1 yesterday at a shower !Ann) Moczan Unable to at· included the "living rosary" ti\)tfed with the litany in the Ellwood,Zcllenople Hd. . Miss Marshall and Mr. Sfiefel, whose marri _age to g 1 ·andmother, Mrs. James communl~n class, the, first . Each of the children par· the future bride, and Miss ill the ~ountville Uni. Wedding plans are indefinite .. honoring M1ss ·.Lmda Gene tend was the future !)fide's made up of children of the !irs~fiurch. M1ss Terri Hardy, a friend of 1 Cooper will be married Junt)\ Joseph Moczall' Jr. wJll· take !Sadie) Flanagan. confJrmahon. class and , tb ticipating In the living rosary Lmda Marshall and M1ss Ella • Presbylcr1nn Church. M1ss, Ce -lebrateS place at 10:30 ·a.m. June 12 !n A luncheon was served, in- JU~Jor ch01r, follo';"ed/.6Y carried a large .mum and just M~rshall,.sJsters of the future Lmda ,Marshall ~111 be ;he St. Agatha Roma.n Catholic eluding tea sandwiches; ch1ldren of. the classes g~m the before .the crowning prcsenwrt br1de, hosted the shower. About 1ma1d of honor and M1ss Ella 8 h Church. , . relishes, cheese, potato chips, living rosary, people; of the flowers to the Blessed Mother 20 friends ·and relatives at·· ,Marshall will . serve as. t y·ear _The honorees cousm, Mrs. punch, coffee and cake. Mrs. parish, the crown~r the crown Rev. Pucci bless~d the crow 1 ; tended: . priqcsmaid. John McNally of · . ..Richard <Pall Krulof F?mbell, James <Helen) -Goehring of b~arer, members r the court made of lea roses and baby's SpecJal guests. were Mrs., State College, a fnend of the Jay Johnso~; so~ ·or Mr. and was hostess to _appfoxJmately Zelienople, ·aunt !of. the honor and priests of tb parish, Rev. breath. lr~an Marshall, mother of the P,rospective bridegroom,_ will . . . 60 fr1ends, rela,hves and ne1gh- guest, baked the cake, which Francis Puc9'rtnd Rev. Eugene F'ollowing' the crowning .the bnde-to-be, and Mrs. Matthew be the best man, and ushers ·.JEFFREY .KEMP ·Surprised at party· Mrs. J1m Johnson· of 4462 bors. Guests were from carried out the shower colors Liberatore/ act or consecration was Bender of Ellwood C1ty, ll(lll be Charles Cooper of Ellwood-New Castle Rd., was Ellwood City -~elienople and 'Y{~~;~. in the shape of ·two Cindy Husso ~er~e~ a.s ;r:OWn;<'~ecitcd !Jy those attending. The grandmother of the future l~dmna, Pa .. a 1ft1en~ of lhe hon?red on his'•1llhiblrthday ·~'Fombell, Sa_x~nbiii'~, ~Ne~ heartS Jomed together. bearer/11nd Cynth 18 MCEIWa1l•''\\'bnedictlon followed. . · brtdc. . futu{e ·hrldegroom,, an~ Alan . anmyer:>.ary ·Saturday by _,a Castle, wampum, Aliquippa Mrs .• Krut was assisting ·i~wa · the crowner. -~··: · -~ . ·~ _ Games were played , a~d ~arshall, brother of t~e future skatmg party a! the Ellport and Monroeville: serving by M~s. Michael . . _ .. . • pmes w~rc aw.arded to -~Iss bnlde: · . ' Roller R!nk. .. · Flower favors, containing cKalhy) Clark· of Columbus, U . · . , B~nme Sllch, M1ss Patty Shch, The couple arc chlldrc!l ·or SandWIChes, ICC cream and mints followed the color Ohio sister of the honor gues.t n.on or br1de-ele·ct MISS Jill Magee, M1ss Susan M~. and Mrs. lrvan Marshall of ~pcakes ~er~ serve~ with the schem~ of the p,arty and were Mrs,; Jeff <Debbie) KruVof ; - Newton, Miss Q.ebbie Falconi, RD I' and Mr. and Mrs. William a1d of Jay_s s,1ster, JJII. . . distributed. amo.ng all present. 'Fombell cousin of the hon6ree· Mrs .. Russell Fennick of 915 Church, Berea. Mrs. Clarence Stich, Mrs. Earl Cooper of Phoenixville, Pa . . Pme. wmners w~re R1ch1e Various games were played Mrs. Agostinelli,; Mfs. Ed Longvue Drive was hostess for Both· mothers of the 1 · · James, H1cky Honnka, J~hn and prizes were awarded to IF' ed l K ff of z I' 1 a bridal shower Saturday in . betrothed couple ~ere among M TT Bubb, Raymond W1se and Tma . Mrs. Marcy Agostinelli of au~t aof ~~~u ~oKor:tn~r~: honor of Miss Cynthia Ross, the· shower guests. Others iss J' etica feted Guy. . Zel.ienople; Mrs. Lylo-Brower, Anthony 1yndal Taylor of bride-elect of Charles Kettler. present were from Ellwood . 1 • • • Jay IS a secord gra!je student Mrs. Howard Williams, Mrs. Portersvilje, future sister-in· The shower featured a buffet· City, New Castle, Castlewood Thirty-live· friends and showered With g1fl~ displayed at Wayne School. . Edith Biordi and Mrs. Ronald law· of honoree· and Mrs slyle luncheon all p.m. Guests and F'airmont, W. Va. · relatives gathered to honor under a blue and wlnte um· He is a grandson of Mr. and Sheeler, all of F;llwood .City,. 'of Ell'wood City: were seated at small tables on Door prizes, while rosebud Miss ·'Michele Marie Vellca, brclla, A min~attlrc bride doll Mrs. John 'Grelch of Ellport and Mrs. Don Cunningham of the future bridegroom. the patio which were decorated arrangements and two pale bride-elect of Stephen Paul ndo~ne,d the g1ft table. and Mr. and Mrs. William C. New Castle. . Stiefel is a daughter of with centerpieces uf while yellow g·lnss dinner bells, were Meyer .. yesterday at t)Je M1ss Vehca, daug~ler of Mr. Joh!J$iln of Ellwood-New Castle Specia.l guests were Mr. and'Mrs. Eugene Stiefel of rosebuds. Table covers were in won by Mrs. Karel Fennick, Catholic Center lunchroom. and. Mrs. John Vellca of 701 Rd. ' honoree's mother, Mrs. . 613 Fifth st., and Mr. Moczan is the wedding colors. Mrs. George Ross, Mrs. Irvin Miss' Marie Rocco, the future Sm1ley St., and Mr. Meyer, son a son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph The hostess was aided. in Binlrim, Mrs .. Porter, Mrs,. bride's aunt, hosted the event of Mr. and Mrs: P~ul Mc~er of Moc?.an Sr. of ·918 Third St: serving a lunch of hot chicken Adam Kardish, Ml,ss .Cynthia and decorations were In a blue RD 2; ~vans C1ty, .w1ll be Mrs. Pal Krut will be matron salad, fresh fruit· salad and Ross and Miss Sondra Brown. and while color•scheme. Guests married July 17 at 4:30p.m. at Surprised at a party at his home.Saturday to celebrate his. ~th birthday· anniversary was Jeffrey Kemp, son of Mr. and " Mrs. C~rles Kemp of Country Club R~. of honor at the wedding and several other ,molded salads by I attcnded from New Castle, the Purification of the Bless~d Michael Moczan, brother of the Mrs. Harold Shingleton and Evans City, Zelienople, Buller, V1rgm Mary Roman Catholic future bridegroom, will be best Mrs. Rodney Porter. Pittsburgh and Ellwood City. Church. . ,. man. The ushers will be Tony The buffet table was centered Th.e bride-tO:bc , introduced The future bnde asked Mrs. Taylor and Richard Krul. by a bridal ccnterpicce of white. her mother, ,Mrs. John Vetica Donald Dambaugh, s1sler of the and pale yellow flowers of Smiley St., and her fiance's prospechve bridegroom, to be arranged by lhe.hosless. It was mother, Mrs. 'i>aul Meyer of her matron of honor. placed in a vase in the shape of Evans City, as special guests. Bridesmaids· will be Miss Jeffrey is a kindergarten student at Hillcrest School and has a brother, Mark, 3. . . Eight friends. and relatives. attended the observance lor Je!!rey, who is a grandson oi Mrs. Marjorie Henderson of New Castle and Mr. and Mrs. Laurin Kemp of N.or.th Sewickley Twp. . His· great-grandparents are. Mr. and Mrs. ~award Kemp of North Sewickley Twp. The party featured a Winnie leaves. The centerpiece was Cards and. games were Debra Gallagher, Miss Jenine later awarded to the guest of J!layed with prizes ·awarded to D'Angelo, Miss Patty Morini honor, the winners. The door prize was and Miss Karch Kneiss; friends Gifts were opened· in the won by Mrs. John Felix of New of the' bride-to-be. The junior diningroom following lunch: Castle. bridesmaid will ~e Miss Stacey Miss Ross, daughter of Mr'. A cake inscribed "Shelly and Vetica, sister 'of the future and Mrs. George Ross of Berea, ... Steve, July, 17, 1976; baked by bride. · · Ohio, and Mr. Kettler, son of Mrs. Ronald Santillo was in.. Mr. Meyer ·Was chosen Mr. and Mrs. Lorain Kettler of eluded· In the decorations. Donald Dambaugh as his best Wurlemburg He1ghts, will be Lighted candles and ·a !lora! ·man. Ushers will he the future married June 19 in St. centerpiece were arranged on bride's br.others., Michael and Andrew's United Presbylrian the-buffet table. Miss Lucy Chris Vetica and Mr. Meyers' Funari aided Miss Rocco in brother,s, Paul. and Jeff. John . the Pooh theme. Games were \ played and prizes went to Ande · Eagles auxiliaries serving. Meyer, brother of the future' STEFANIE PORTUG~LLO The bride-to-be was bridegroom, will be lire junior ·~Byers, Michael Kemp . and Tashe Radevski. • . . ~ ! . . c:~upl~// to·wed I ', /. July'31· \ . Mr. and Mrs>· Richard L. HONORED at a birthday party'Saturday at his home was Darrick Lyle Swick, son of Mr. an~ Mrs. Lyle F. Swick o.f Mercer Rd., North West of RD 3, 1 Slippery RO!!k, announce the engagement of their daughter, Jean Ann; to Edvin John Lind, son or'Edvin A. Lind of 828 Chateau J1Five and the late Mary C. Lind. "'. The couple will be married\ Sewickley Twp. He was ·4 years old Thursday .. July 31 at the Bethel Unite'd \ Special guests at the event were his grand· Presbyterian Church in ·.SliP" parents, r,lr',"•and Mrs. -Earland Felix of Frisco, pery Rock. . d 1 1 ' and his godmother, Mrs. Earla Jean Barletta of Miss West IS a gra ua e o . "-, : , · · b Sl' Rock Area High ~ew Castle. Demck s godfather IS Dr. Ro ert scW!r1nd Mr. Lind is a 1969· D'~mbrosia of Davis, Calif., am! he is also a graduaie of Lincoln High grarld~on of Mrs .. Fred Swick 6! Hardyville. His School. Both wer~ gradu~ted great-grandparents are·Mr. and Mrs. Alphonso from St. Fra~cJs Hospital D'Amore of Aetna Drive. Derrick has a sister, School of Nursmg yesterday . . ·• h and have accepted positions~~ N1cole f\ae, ll;mont)ls. A Sesame Streett .~me St. · Elizabeth Hospital 10 was camed out m the. decoratwns and B1g Youngstown, Ohio. Bi.rd'! c~ke bakcil by his l'(lolher and inscribed . "Happy Birthday Derrick" centered the table. Photostatic · copies made· of· ·Games were played \~d prize winners were · valuabie papers. ~I lor first. Roger Barletta, Beth DeVinney, Gary Paiterson · copy,' SOc (or each additio~l . and Bryan Greer. Movies ~ere_ taken during the eopyofsamepaper: Done while 1,' , ·" yoo wai~. Ellwood City Ledger:_.--> 'party. · ~ '' 'j CIIAHLES MILLEH. usher. Observes Miss Mandalia feted convene birthday Seventy-five friends and and yellow were followed in . relatives or Miss Darla Mali- deco~ations, and a buffet-style Eight me.mbers of the Eagles Stefanic Marie Porlugallo, dalia of Wurtemburg gathered lunch was served, AuxHiary molorcdd. to Butler daughter of Mr. and ·Mrs. -yesterday ·at· the North The future bride is· a yfesE·terdlayDtot atttcn da l~leehng Nathan Portugallo of Second Sewickley Twp. fire hall tci graduate of Lincoln .High 0 age IS nc 3 an ey woq St ·1 b t d h th b' thd honor her at a. bridal shower. School and an employe" of the attendance award given· a! ·· ~e e ra e er 7 1r . .ay the event. · · anmversary and the recelvlllg Miss, Mandalia,' daughter of Fishers Big Wheel: Her fiance, In the group w'erl!. Mrs. frene ?f her f1rst holy comm~n.•on at Mr. and Mrs. ·.Albert Mandalia a graduate of Hiversidq Junior­ Means, Mrs. Mary Oliver; Mrs~ "party 111 her h?mc yesterday. of Wurtemburg, and Ron Senior High School, 'is em· Charles Miller, son of Mr. Ruth Barnhart, Mrs. Marge Slcfame·_ rece1ved her mm- Hertzog, son of Mr. and Mrs. ployed in construction at the and Mrs. Howard Miller of 814 Derrow, Mrs. Linda Schaffer, mt:mon May 2, and her b1rth· Lee Hertzog of Frisco, will be· si\C of the former Ellwood Marks 6th y~ar Rr. Filth. St., celebrated his sth Mrs. Mary Lou·. Schaffer, Miss day was May I. . married at 4:30p.m. June 19 in plant, U.S, Steel. birthday anniversary Saturday Laura Belle Freed and Mrs. SpecJal• guests were the Purification or the Blessed STO.RK NEWS at his home. His birthday was. Mary Flesher. honore~s ~a lerna! grand· Virgin Mary Roman Catholic actually Thursday. The district director, Mrs .. mother, Mrs. Bessie Boy, her Church, with a reception in the The following birth was A clown eake centered the John McKelvey or New Castle,. ·palelU1al gram! parents, Mr. VFW hall.following. reported by Ellwood City table. Thirty-six friends and. directed the session' and in· and Mrsr Paul Portugallo; and The shower ·was hosted by Hospital: relativ~s attended the party. troduced a special guest, .Mrs. her. g:~at-grandmothcr, Mrs. members of the' bridal party: A son yesterday to Larry and <.\Special guests were Mr. and Maureen Didny of McKees . Julia. S\nye1. Miss Carla Mandalia of Wur· Dorothy DeLisio Anthony of 117 Mrs. Kenneth Stuart of New Rocks state inside guard. A,lso 111 attendance were her Iemburg, sister ·or the future ,Duncan Ave., tEIIport: Castle, the honoree~s Sunday , It ~as announced that the godparents, Mr. and Mrs. bride, maid of honor; Miss A daughter was born ~·riday school teachers and their state auxiliar.y mother, Mrs. R1chard Ferrante of New Patty Kelly, Miss Dorothy to Mr. and Mrs. William Walton family. Minnie Crum, is confined to Castle, and Rev. N~ck Pesanka ~~~·L~~~i:~fii~;, ~e~~ ~~i~ or Ellwood City in the New Chuckie has a sister, Wendy, Mono'ngahela Hospital in and Rev: Gene Liberatore of area, frle.nds of the bride-elect, Brighton Unit of th~ Medical and is a grandson or Mr. and Monongahela. Punflcatwn of the ~lessed Center of ile·aver County. · Mrs. Leroy Pounds of RD 2, Door awards were won by V1rgm Mary Roman Catholic 'bridesmaids; and •Rachel A son w'as born May 14 to Mr. Slippery Rock. Mrs. Dorothy Reider of Ne.w Church. Beachem, cousin of the bride, and Mrs. Larry Jordan of H 1 h great · H 1 c · Ste!anie.was presented with [!ower girl. Linsey ~d .. Zelie~ople, in e a so as . · Castle and Mrs. e en app of two cakes, one made by her· Introduced as guests or honor North . Hills Passavant grandparents, Mrs. Katherme ·Ambridge. aunt, Ann Amadio, in, the shape\ were mothers of the betrothed H · 1 Kniess of RD I, Harmony and A ham dinner was served by · of a· Bible .and the . other copplc, . . ~~~ghter was born May 16 Charles Peak. or RD 4, New the Butler auxiliary. decor. a ted wJ'th a. ball.erJ·na Games were played and d Castle. The district 'will hold its next to Mr. a·nd Mrs. Brian An reas 'chuckie is a kihdergarten :meeting Aug. · 22 in 'the Eagles. made by her cousin Mrs. Rita prizes awarded. of RD 2, Harmony,~ in North. student at Hartman S~hool. hall on Lawrence Ave. E;;uone. ' The wedding colors or green Hills Passavant Hospital. ...I;

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