Los Angeles Mirror from Los Angeles, California on August 6, 1955 · 19
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Los Angeles Mirror from Los Angeles, California · 19

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 6, 1955
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, ' . U- 1 . 4- j' ft. - ' i I P ' I ' 1 ' 1 ' i 1 v i , v - - , s . , ' :-. '-r4 i; MIRKOR-NCWS ; -fv,.: SAL, AUGUST 6, 1953-Fort 111 CUFFNOTES-OF A GALLOPING iGADABOUT. .Look for Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin to patch up thetr rift shortly. I predict that they will fnake their scheduled Paramount picture this fall and do their NBC-TV series. It's more, serious than anyone thinks between . Tyrone Power and Eva Gabor. Tjr flew to Chicago to see her when she was appearing In summer stock there. Eva Js expecting another visit from him, now, that she is back id New York and Ty is due there Monday to begin The Eddy Duchin Story,". '- '..r ;;r V,. v , ; ' Marb Lasse is amazed at reports printed elsewhere . that he checked la at ai sanitarian for a long stay. Hes actually in his BeVAlr home awaiting farther script changes bring made la M Serenade. He did however report to Las Eneinas Sanitarian in Pasadena, the ether afternoon, far. a few, hoars for his periodic' medical : checkup. SIGHT OF THE WEEK: Rosemarie Bowe arriving at Ciros in a skin-tight white linen suit with her steady, Bob Stack. One observer described it as fitting like a small glove. LIFEJN-BEVERLY-HILLS DEPT.! Movie Fur Designer Al Teltelbaum is still gulping at the scene in his Beverly Hills salon this week. A starlet dropped in to pick up a white Jasmine mink coat that her generous sugar daddy had ordered for her. " Bat before-fho-carvy chick wonUtlet Al wrap it apt she tossed it on the floor, planted her high-heel sandals ; la tho middle of It and let ent a blood-curdling Tartan yell as she beat her ample bosom. : Glenn Ford dropped me a note from Jackson Hole, Wyo where he is mi location with the Jubal Troupe company! Gambling is running wide open, Las Vegas style, in this tiny town of 1200, he says. There is the usual erapi, blackjack, roulette and poksr. Each joint baa its bngo mlrrsr-baekcd bar, tiny wOstorn band and small daaeo floor. No eld-tima danco hall girls, bat bars aro crowded with modern-day girls dresssd in everything from brief sherti te cowgirl' out-fits. , - TONY CURTIS first picture for his new independent company will be a high-budget western called Massacre. Blake Edwardsni close friend who collaborated on the writing and who will direct, says it has a Stagecoach flavor. Because of other commitments, including his current overseas assignment in Trapeze, Tony probably wont get to this before next summer. Carthoy Circle's Producers Are Expanding The Carthsy Circle stage operation under the helm of nhasi Jack Present and Harry Zevin has proven so successful that they are expanding to Portland and Seattle theaters, with the next round of four plays opening Aug. 15 with Lunatics and Lovera. With the two weeks of playing time to be picked up in the Northwest, plus San Francisco, already in the fold, these Impresarios now can offer stars a 10-week tour of the West Coast What It all means Is a better play break for us because well get newer hit Broadway shows quicker Instead of being id crosscountry, .As a change of pace, the producers will stage two musical comedies between Chrtstmai end New Years before returning te the etreight play achedulo in the spring. - Just about the finest Hungarian goulash and potato pan-were served up by father, Henry Gerber, for me the other night If Mitsi doesnt become a superb cook for hnshani Jack Bean theres something wrong, because her father, who recently moved out bers from Detroit her stepmother, is perk gourmet. A onetime concert musician, Gerber says cooking has been his lifetime hobby and I can believe it His Hungarian-style chow would make Mama Weiss livid with envy. LAST 4 DAYS Their HiWOT as 4 fUMIUTI MAN JfRtY MARTIN LEWIS 'YOU'RE NEVER TOO YOUNG" A MUMMBHM nttVffl urn mmi uma v uimts 'toOllfkrO I M I ' " gf Jtd MwmiHg' g oqeBkROHaeHEf (Paramount I lit HOLLY WOO Oii awrcu.nk. i Mwrfat NalhrwaaO Nk HlpWlaaP MUM OwIINm IN 12 THIAIHI iltfil limt t PICTURE EVER PRODUCED IN HOltYWOObl mtr- M-Q-M SPECTACLK In no COLOR CINimaScopE THE PRODIGAL moUNA TURNER -EDMUND PURDOM-loot whim illNLAND , CENTER llL-NINBsKriM M . MWHieieriiBwssnit kLMlRO NEW LYRIC MAmHWNlL.U t-Wf i.leelMU-n I MMlMOONNMr PARADISE MIBB miftooD l-,to n-i-tn JOOJn-M JLK MERALTA V Wwte.il I !U Msjp4nmminb IIIRRA- d wr tMOONHNfr. ItrAnd R-ftMM b4MrmnMr Yannutsi VeesmwWaiB.' vInIlAnd iheamAfVri lsMMM lADt AND HER tEMJTramp, enoy spaghetti dintm in Wall Ditnts "Lady and lha Tramp of the Fax Wilthirt. - . . , BY ERSKINE JOHNSON ' Mlrrer-Ncws Columnist .. ONSTAGE; OFFSTAGE and UPSTAGE: A now-it-can-e-told story 'about Marty, the television show that became a movie hit' dates baric to when Paddy Chayevaky, the author, was an aspiring young actor in Hollywood. He. forced his career turning point by thrusting a play script. Into. the. hands of Fred-rid March after waiting for him outside of a ret-aurant for hours. March read the. play. Iked-it but was advised not to do it by lit agent' Bob-y Sanford. Chayevaky ROBERT ARMBRUSTER will dud a colorful Wssfem Night program tonight at Hollywood Bowl. 4ShewtTe4ey JiOO-5i-UO-1 1 JO I EIGHTS NOW AVMUM BOR till Ml m Saa OWm m r BN Oiriar. TlaBM ilai M Mlt G It. OaW. Mask C 7X9 So. NM Sv M MGWI Vtakof nspNi w e HO 3-4SV1 3 3 iKtrd Tier TAIt Mil HOUYWOOe HV NlCM.IMMCIIIUMH i Imi hi w. m t Wiltons mi UN WlhMw In. Mills Kin MM WH.lt In m Fra Larufci I rlM VMM in. , ISTIR RlHRTtS Rmi FmM jot a RTRMRCRI Rlllit MHMIiim M Ull OF THS snunctn n. pharaoh; PM PM. 10. HW QAM OUOTIRO LAOV A THS SnPsIn Ins ATIW.MSb TRAMP: SWISS SH01T of The Ten Commandments. ie Lets do a story on personal suits, said the writer. What are y faults?Mj ; :J r Anne thought a moment and then replied:' - f : I haVe a whola smoi -gssbord of them. ' .. - "v -'v John Luptons gentlemanly summation of it- after giving 8-yearold Margaret OBrien her first ..acre on! kiss in Glory": 1 think she'll turn out to be quite a kisser' I. stormed into Sanfords office and accused him of ruining his chance for. a Broadway production. To appease the roung author-actor the agent suggested that he bring in any unsold scripts that had TV possibilities.. ' Chayevsky brought In a whrit bundle ef plays the following dey and tossed them en Sanfords desk. Among' them was one called Marty." A fan magazine interview-er . cornered Anne Baxter in her dressing room on the set Johns the lad who toured with Katharine Hepburn in As You Like It, then scared on the screen as the kid with glasses in "Battle Cry. His roommate during those days was an unknown named Fess barker. Lupton was around when Fess was offered the )avy Crockgtt role and he teila it: - r : . At first Fess didn't knsw whether he should take the part. But I think he knew exactly what he was doing. All of Fess pals were big characters from Texts and, says John,-If-you know one Texan you know the whole State. I'm 6 feet tall but all of the Texans I met through Fess were a foot taller. They called me the little guy.' Guess Hollywoods in the summer laugh doldrums. The doll who advertised in a mov- 3'WEEK! irinanis 'ClNIKuScoPg .AMES jHUUtf Grant lEMMQy THIKnHAVWATm MfeflUMHucsirn MfciNfrTinuiieccniMijMAUAMca MwjomoKDnzmunri Clieatec0-poken Drama TONIGHT 1:30 COUNTRY B WESTERR MUSIC NIBHT ROBT. ARMBRUSTER, Conductor HANK SNOW I Rainbow Ranch Beys LEFTY FRIZZEUE . . . EDDIEDEAN . . . aonw . MTUNI siul e e trade paper: Female Jer-Lewis-type - comic seeks male partner telephoned me to end the suspense. Her name la Ruth Langer and she assured me: - Not a si agio man ;: called and said -This Is' Desn Martin. Hsvs ton., WU1 travel . Director 'Alfred 'Hitchcock hasnt changed his mind about .the new big screens changing- shooting techniques, I Just ignore it," he old me ' between scenes of immy Stewart's The Man Who Knew Too Much." . ,.,?Just because the screen Is big doesn't mean yea have te treat scenes like a stage play would, says Hitch. His answer to the doubters: A VistaVlsion close-up of Jimmy Stewarts ear while a dying man whispers to him, V' ' A Reader writes: Thought maybe you'd like an Wfillyurfwvt pfrtnr 9 ' what happens when Judy larland sings.' My 4-year-old blonde la alightly cold-blooded. The only sentiment she has ever shown has been for THE MAN guns his way from ths pages of th fubad . 8sbnday Evtning POST advsnton! ACOUMMA KKM Ids hnM Mi h EM lEinn-tiitf-ruiREU-iini-McBMai ra in 1 m nm mmm mi mm rm m MMiramBMira IrailrMUMWHIM LEFTY FKB1ZUS . . . noimntMEN """tJOlOW TW1RLMS. Mjrn m IfaM Mm w M Cawm Davy Crockett, a Davy Crock-a gallop, horse at the pony track which almost parts her head. from her shoulders. , - I took her te see The Wizard. etOz. Jodys Over tho Rainbow song was less thau a mlnate eld when she started sobbing teaita running down her.cheeKs. I still dent believe it, but I saw It Is it gsnlus er hypao, tlsm? It's genius, . maam. Steve AHen, on his stage and movie career spawned by TV: "Its inevitable for every one in television unless they have two heads or something." Groups Invitsd Theater party, reservations for Lost in the Stars" now are available at the Ebony Showcase Theater, the theater management announced today. There are nightly performances, except Mondays. Driscoll Acts Again v t ; Tex Driscoll, veteran screen actor, has taken off his Sher ; ; iff badge to return to filmr u Oil Millionaire Clay Hodg-" ins Sr. In Gtant, George ' Stevens productions for War ner Bros. Driscoll hss been serving as Sheriffs deputy in Yuma tor the past year. P f ' jjjowupfONMRtsiamtg : GlDUlFbllD Eleanor ?mi LATE SHOWS TONIGHT lOS ANGELES ttVOGUIlMUPTOWN tgLOYOLAl uwtiui r-rntmi BETTY GRABLC-SHEREE NORTH BOB CUMMINGS CHARLES COBURN TOMMY NOONAN b fab la CimmImm' TEARS OF THE MOON" . MMSUssasemaabM MWUB BUCK h -CMS r BUT KHMMMm MARTY1 Irnest bowmine 'XffJBRaa. ISSa f MmImSS MtylsBi IJfLAllriBGKBfAkB WBOfeO . ladyfflTramn rifl. rni m i:iim crtM.te.-aiayf . mldt m vrcAiE Mt ywMCtORCtTORlAi 1 ANSCUCLAUt taaMRMIlt naJ - - M- ra wswm Bf flliOGBBlBk Wraa Im Itra fc lrrJT CREEK THEATRE snmw-nnti wei-H.NiMMi Mil. HL M UI, m 4, 1 Ml , INTIRRIAY SOMA CAKIWAIR AttlSNOON Of A MUM US-aMTraiMEtHIimM. m.an)CStaCUC. ul MlMRLRUIbF TNI Bull . IWAN IAKI . p aMfAI . FANFAI FriMM SI. M-lOO-l.SO-LDO-1.30-4. 00 MAIL OSMRt NOW TWmMHrm-lnaaan a lal 1 iMiaWica, laiHliMa Call! ala Mali. Ca. m4 AR Amw. B1 ufioRt MAT. TODAY 1 WED. 2J01- IAST OAlf5 TONIGHT, IJB tnCIAl KtfOJUUNCI CUN BAT. AUO. 7 BIRSISS MIREBITI SCOTT McKAY THa tmmk Cmatf HI by JOHN 7ATR1QC . Tbs WsrM FwmviV PILGRIMAGE PL1Y 4 Weeks Only Befinninf August 8 Tlrtota aa Sal al WariMaaa TM Haa N Ca.. JU (. MIR aal all Mataal Aiaailaa. ho. Miaa-M (-ami TkeJOliuijl Ccariy Out RicIcfRnTiitfNlZ Wilks Gene , Joseph tvi RAYMOND BULOFF MPinONW 4r .Ml I ail TaalfM A laary SIM . MaL M. t:M Na Sat OfWaa. t. Calif. Maria Ca- 737 . HIS - AH MWaal AaaaabaH WILLIAM JOHNSON ELAINE MALBIN ITILt A A I LA H al FtlHiMMaala laT WW TOK COW a. Cal. Maila Ca. aa Mataal Aaaaalaa MaOQUOVW Tit Players lii bufnAnnj ntatro UN MAIA MMU UWL Nimv sw 1MSIUL Mara a, TterHEjMOONi PATIO Ynuroi tOMPTOlJTf Ft- nsivt.iN -WR BuUBtlMtDWARD$H P drivi w wen- oov m PrierilmBs mtoiB.WMll 00 Ml AbVranWUCAe- 9Sn&1mS!Sf m wt t a , roivMw HCHitwooaa. VICTOR fajjB aua tab The SEVEN LITTLE FOYS" McaViiaal MslalMr Also NOW HAYING ct IVIRkV Ob. iiAR. (al 1. IMliii Yra-nra: NRuas av samrm, I'laai BaHaalllaa. That Liar. S.'la SRULIVAH R WaMl.-Vl. 0. 111. 0l Hr M ttnmtuMmm FA.I-I2I RA I Fill TOPofthi WORLD" Mitmm Ml ivnm FRANK ROBERTSON ' KEYES LOVEJOT BOQARI-RAY-USIIHOY A BULLET FOR JOEY plus Jop of tho World Alio NOW FLAYING at JOAN BENNETT BASIL RATHBONE LEO G. CARROLL sat dwuSam , mchXelcLrttz 11MB hRMmi W ewi Iiwisesi M ny 1i4. mVievi mi or UAYi mi, rifBi ' M wAyt, ri i BB8i io oTTioi. ortiSiw vsstesr&witsftrv turn Sartaal. WICASS tf ll. air. Il R IV CUT WHah. .11. W.;1 TURIR FIAT. FRRVIIW TSNIRNTI laahMlaa. Tha Ra. RUHar TaR lalil R-Raapat EBraUV Waat'a-R. .SbliH. 4. Narrta, IAIT IF Ull, Rim Rra. laawtfT Slrt Raala j AIRFAX Rh..F'Iu. F. 1'H- ?!! Ilf, livl Ml RR i.AVI i, R Rrantar. MaaaRaal. R-aaai Raala I pal FibURRRA Fll.-r.Rar. .IMA A 'll Bap, LSVI Ml BR LKAVI if, RllMI Braaaar. RlaaaRaH. Rlaapai Raala Ma FiNB ARTB-MM WU. Rb.1I. BL-I1B1B Barialaa Hair, MABTV. , whwhbr win bif. nail Ral-bM H fkSRRNCR Flar.4ara. lit Bat IBill Caraa-Aalalra, BABBV LBN LIBS. B'lraai TWa lalaaB larnii a CSlHm BAT! llA'Shttllar. iHTS Braa-HaaR, MBUII BF BAMBBB. Blpai BaHMtHlaa. TRW tWF. ClRa iBibRM La Braa-Mal. fiA. WI-4NA4 Taahalaalar MINI MaanlRaaal BBaaa. ataai Mwat BMwa MHIar Mary. Ha fMBHLANB MM N. Fit. Br.IHI. S3 ttaaart, RTBATRBIS AIN CBMMANB, V-Vl BamaaM-Laarla. Alat M LA BAR A ata-La Bra.' Aa. I b3 laHt-Haraal, RBLBIIR BF FAR TUW. B'Raai Karr. BaB al lha ARab ' LiBB La BlaaaupFlaa. Bp. 1 , BaMa-NaraarpT RBtblRB BF aiBiwnBfrarNi ! mr rwn- TUWI. B'pai Waaa. ap Bhpaa. B'lpt CIvBLA ManaR-lap. Bp. 1. Ib-BM4 MMMabaa. IIFI IN TUB BALAMBXL Tea LNrHn laaaip. ill mi A era. IlMwap "(iTl'iti. Pal Mra A aHa Warm, IIA BNAII, B'laapai A. Marraa, TRM lalaa larth Ma PAAIAI ANVrt.-tH. Bp.liAf. BU-T1Pll Ba.1 Bar, LB VI MR BB LI A VI Ml, S'lMI I. Iraafar, MaawRial. R'laapat Ma ritK ilia wh. Bp. iiiaiTwiTTMi PIMM Farl-I. Parar, INTIRBUFTIB MILBBV. BlHMaalaapai Bawl. 11M irABIUM FtM-Raatwa. M. ItjM. Sal Bap, LBVR MS BR LRAVB Ml. B'lpai Haul Rraawr, MaaaRaal. R'laapa fTARLANB-MIi7aret.1 IA4NN iaMI Wapaa. HA RNARI. B'laapai FMa Aiatwal IWa Maaaai flWIR lamp. LafalWaa, RpaW'llaab, ,r B'lpat BaMpalllaal. Thai Lapp, t'lp 0FTlari Waat-a.OaTlt.If.'jllllii it. it A NOUIS BF BAMBBB. MaataMaa, LIFt IN VNB BALANBRI Tap IMHH Raaaap. BlaMailaapa BMW DitLABI Waal al. Bp.1 A. sTlhaM MMnes rptoiss, vpiiisv, tw snse Bpaa-ltaak, NOUIS IF IAMIII, Itaat BaMaaHlaal. That Lapp. I'jpa FFlTLANI Ala.-WUiW, Ip. If ill. AW OTitlani Hawart, ITBATIBIB ill IOMMANB, V-V Fapaa, lama Fa Faaaafai -- --- Ti WiUnIRI B44B WllaWka, CL4PMI ' 11 Bapal Blaaap-a LABV ANB if, rr THR TRAMP. B'laapa Balari Cawl. II BOWNTOwUToTTNbTiTi 111 1 1 liar,, ar.i. Il.IPial. NR.IItil IMiarB TaM-B. A Mama V. BaUaa. TNR BRBi Faaa Baar FaplWara. air. C3l ANail.il ail I. BPar,. BpMIIiaK Maalalkaa. UFI IN TNI BALANIBj LMag Immwp, CWMiaalaapa I ' Italia Faatiwa Praala TawllM. HUmiNOrOM FAIR lAllilRNIA II. Bal.llill. LU-TII11 Rra-Maak. NIUll IF BAMIIB nfiwevsmi Ilaa- BaNaaMlaal, Farr FMaia Thai Lapp. 1lia lap. It. It. LU-TMAf BaMa-Najrarl. IILBIIR BF FOB TUMI. B'laapai Nlaa Ma BaaPIpj Ma illMAIMtl I.Bapa.I.Bal LU-IUM Aamra-taran, BAPlV LBNB LBBI. B'laapai B. B. Batlaaaw. TlaM NOLIBAV anP TWa LKUa KlPaappai . IITHI. VRBV FBFULAB. I'laapt aa TIWT, ... T r.r. . ElW FOX Pi H MaP.BI.0.1.MP-JI Maalalkaa, LIFB IN TNB BALANCRi Tha LWnm laawip. Haanulaapa liar NOLLv WOOD-l:M-l A.ai NB-RMTI Itaararf, MAN FARM LABAmiI, Mr. F. tama. Bum Vaar MMIa Alaw. air. Till mm Nap. ai. ifn. himim I. WMPa-M. WHPMaj. ICARLIT ISAT, BarlanP, j'lrtaai PaPr BarfaaP. Wliarl al 90lui 1171 HaP7ll.li Naaa. hFtIISI IMarl TaPP-Baw APPMaa-V. BalMN TNB BRBi Faaa Bra FaalWara. air. SANTA MONICA. OCIAN FAU, VINicJf ANB OIIVIR CITY CRUIRION Cwrt. 1IM. II-MUI ivaa-ltaah, NBUII IF RAMIOI, I'laai BaMaaHlaaP. Yhal LaPF. IlMI Ril-Cant, ll MR. IXllSTR Ma IN R. S. I. RaMaaaa, RULLRY FBB PRRYl Bahartaa. Yap al WaHB WlUNIRR 1IIIWH. Bp.1. iTi B'Raapp NNal B BBINB IN VNB FOUNTAIN! T BHPaa Mr T BrHharR Fix Van miiaa. . 1lilAii ttMtaaMnNarrap. FABN6BIXMM V-ViRMharP Wlraa, Frfie IUIVI R WaW..BaalP.11 MI.VIIIM AataWP-Baraa, BARRY LBNB IIBI, R'ltaaa- Baaala B'KaaM. Aaaata CtFWOAU ALII Opaa II Caal. "" Rpaa.BlaM. NOUIS BF CN.I1MB Rpatlaali, NOUIR BF BAMBBB. . B'lpai BaNarHIaaP. That laPr. B'ipt CTlNBAlX Bpaa If iM - CH-I1I1I AMahp-Baraa, BABfV LBNB till, M'tfaflaMB.C,aaPI,,. fwJM IWGUWOOB AIABXMV laat.1. Bal thaa. BR-TIRPt HiaciiiM, NBUII IF RAMIRR. I'laai BaMaaHlaaP. Thai Lapp. I'laai MR UN F.M. Bala Mra laar WaP. FOX 111 NTBariiat. Bp.lViM IM1MI I WMa, KAIIIT IBAT, I'lpai BaiiaaP. Wlaarp at B. air. FFfTN AVR 4-Maaah. 01.1 Artalia-Caraa. BARIT LBNB LIB B'laapa. Banall.BWaaPltr.-Fap Fha BFBOWPO. NFRWOfA. MANHATTAN at BIN DO 1iM. AMkiaa. FR-Ml4 larat, ITBATIBIB AIR BBMMANB, V-Vi BarRar, Maa FraarBWer BMW V4UFT .,-a ..IS? Blaapai BaartW BWaaPMr, Faa FWa ITrtaI Ha. N wt, IraPM. HBUIS iTimI I'laai BaNaalWaaP. 1 UllB N. NlpaP. la. , la. if. II BAMRRR, " I'lpa iMlvMni LaMla laraa,' BLAIR RLIFFRR, Mr. B. Kara, lap a Mia APalr CA BUNA ItilR. RTtMT. ItMIAI Rpaa-llaaR, NIUll BF BAMBBB. B'lpai BaNwrtllaaP. That Lapp. R'laa VaFitUVI-Opaa 1 U ITMa ItTlI AMMvCpm, BADBY LBNB LRBR, B'laapai Marraa. TWM lalaal RarlW MMBFNA, 10. PAIADIMA. AtHAMIll UlllUVIaaliM."" '"Mi-anil Marda-LaaM. YBU'Rt NtVIB YBB YBUNBi BaaaaW-BWaaPlar. Faa Flip TRANB-7m IS M. ITMlW lata IL Tapp, MAIIBALLRB FITIR, Blaaaai Palta HarrM, Baal al IPaa, B'laapa ITaTI Paaa II Ml. IY-R-T1IB lmi i Jmi Nuiara nbubay anP TWa lima TtPtf t F.M. , Ipaatal RMPM IWCM BialtI ip. ii,a i. imakHia. iV-ima ANalraBaraw, BABBY LBNB LIBI, B'laapa, WIPaMrl, Frlta af BaM fril'Y AMaaMra. jp-lllM. IT-HmI Taraar Farpaai. PMDIBAi, B'laapai LaMla Cara. Blaa Mlppar, air. SWK BIB MM TRIS U IJ. BNUWSSB UURMITRS, Miuna OX DOWNTOWN WE WANT A CHILD III aal RraapvaY TVUMNT RrRMTN U JL EAST LA. BULLET FOR JOEt M. 1-MM, f liM TSF SF TRI MRR1S IIM . Til Stllyatp HM, tstai fra lit WI.TMH pitol IMaPala, tX. H41 UX INGLEWOOD JBW w: l-ITRI, IMS tartlt, FYIFU MAM UjCrASADINJT IULUTF0RJ0EY IT. 14ITT, IfiM TtF IF TXT UMUJ . WJSHfNfiONTnONOlRAniNE , CALIFORNIA fMaPaat, m M TiM . larM. CAMIU1 llaaPll.CN.SmT M iAav at II f.M. SMI JS BUS FACT "SASSY VSPICY- IRYINTRin M Mil WlLET FfiRlOtf TIP BF TRI vans THE STATE BULLCT FORIOEY TtR m4 SrtwhMT TtF SF TMIWMIS ' EGYPTIAN 'ftSTfERETld ANGELS M.1 t t ; v: I - ir i'i.V a ati , - y i 1 4 ' i APB wRmM-BA

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