Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 4, 1947 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1947
Page 6
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VACK fi— XAITO.ATTJCK NEWS (CONN*.), SATtTOTVVY, JAV. 4, Defeated Ansonia At Armory Purple Knights Play Three Games In Next Three Days Meet New Milford Townies Tonight At Y, Ansonia Norwoods Tomorrow And Scovill Quintet On Monday Brny will hi'injr h' N^w Milfonl rn tonight in »n '.ho Nuutruuick <lc- .\::in:u,'i-r J^cl< h'..< hi|;hly c:ipnli T.iwnic quintet he attempt to him! Piu-pli- Knights their s.iccncl (Vat of the se:i:i<>n. Tli''. 1 "vml^Ml v/ill In- pliiyecl .''A the "Y" coiii-t .•incl will follow a 7:30 preliminary featun.ix Ontnil AviTKif of thi- :nf:il r-e:i<> ilSiny circuit In jctimi jijr;ii.i«i. thf Ali-Rtai-ri. The Kni).:hU under lf>:iu\'i-ship of f't/noh Cliff Swlrslii. ran through ;i tin:>! p::i(jtii:c drill l-.i:'t nijrht « I Hi" "Y" four: in preparation I'm ,| I.1IHV WI-.'lte.Tll Jlrt Oil- JlUl-ple HTUi if. .Id (| i« scheduli'il '<••> play i. live j^irnt-K in t-i" next thnv ilJiVs. HesiUes lunljrntV. eiii.;:iK'' merit with I he T-.>wni<-i. ihe Knli'hls will oppose the Ans-oni;i Norwoods sit the Copp'-r City Sun- r'fiy utl.i'rnii.m »uid Mumluy evening piny ;i n-tnrn tilt with N'cu- 111:111 Hi:h;t!IVi-'it Si: ivill fuinliine. A hiKhliKht of tuni>rht'.-i i.< tin- possibility of fli-ni; CV.;tplh-ki i)p[jo:-'iriK Fi-eddie C.illin-i ci/' !h" Townies. C'A'iplicki while pel I'orm- lilK with J-fo>l.--t:Jl] of tile Texas I.elltfUe, opposed Collins "11 Ki'Vvni! f,cr:isiuns wlii-n the New Mill'ord cthlete stiirn-d for fli-ruimoiu of the siarnc ciroutt. New Milford will ,-ihri h.-ivi- J." Hi-ru-n, former Furdham Cl.ifh and pn-xen! n.-mti-rbiiry Sr:hum euueli: Uill MuUer TIiiKs U. ;iee: f.'nil Brut/. \V:i.';hinf,'ton Colii-l,'i-: Bobby SmUhv.'iok. T:ivis, C.'nnn M.nTetl •mil si-vt-r.-il others reiuly fur duty. S\VI:DI:S INACTION Bon ion. Jim. -1 -lUT'i • A p:iir of Swedish trunk >tnrs will he .seen in fiction in Boston this winter. Hunt.- Gustiififson and H.-idlion I.irl- innn will compete in the ICni^hls nf Columbus rnoet. Juntuiry 2-llh and , the traditional Boston Athletic As- | sociution names [-Ybriuiry S'.'n. j This Afternoon Conch Ray Foley's NinignUud? hif.'h school basketball team will moot tho West Point F'lubt-s. in the •ield hi.uise :>t S'.'' ft Point this afternoon at 2:.10 o'clock in n {fame which h!is nroit.-ii.-d (irniit l.-.torost in the borough. The Garnc-t arr:iy is j,-ivon ;i K°od ..!,.,«.,, t o v.-in b 1 -'. many ufo-$ei-voi-s, mainly bociiust; tin; ffimi'- will open the s,;a.son I'm- the ! J leh<"-i. mic'.-yocir | i examinulions having dr-laytU the i ' -it:;rf. of tin- soldiers' whiter sports !M'i"r;im until ihi;; month. Many horuii^'liies will mult" the trip in private cars, wliik- others WHI i-u hv Chartered bus. T-ate.'it it-ports indicated that a number of hiu'h sel'Kiol sttldeiilM will make the trip ny •-• .'J'.IN nndi.-r .-i;i ai'i-.-inf!^- nienl rnado by T.oroy Murphy. Major Geori,-e VV. Kcl.wtib of the Wi-.-it I'oint department of athletics told Tim News yesterday that ;irran«-i!ii:e.nt.s liMVe bi-cn made to aefumrnodutL' UM many us liOO Gfuy- htiiiiul suppurteiH at the contc.-Mt. Natl^'atuck i-otiti-rs will be seatc-d in ri separate sectiun. the Major Motor Boat Show At Grand Central Palace NI•'.-.- Yi.i-U. J;in. -I -Tlie ncition'i; an.Si spectacular nautical exposi- 'iiut, tin- National Motor Boat Show, returns tn Gr.'iiKl Central I'lilaci- I.IMC next Friday niKht, Jau- •i.-u-v in. for its traditional eight- day run. Resu.-ninK its stand ut UK; Palace iil'l'.-i- u lapse of six years, thin .".7'Ji exposition, under !hi' auspices of the National Association of EnKir.u and Boat Manu- I'aC'Uii ei-s, will inaugurate what unquestionably will be the greatest boom year in the history of re- rreatiunal boating. YOU CAN FIGHT NEW ENGLAND'S TOUGHEST WINTER TEMPERATURE WITH OUR RUGGED OVERCOATS AND WIN IN YOUR STRIDE. Our woolens are choice American and British weaves that can take an awful service wallop and ask for more—particularly our Mt. Rock overcoat at $60—It's a glutton for punishment as well the Lambak topcoat at $50 that's making: coat history everyday, other overcoats and topcoats too $40 to $100. Tim N;in«:itiJ(!li lli^'h School basket hull trarn picturi-il ahuvc is unil(>fi,-:iti'i! to date and i« lir-1. on tlm trait (if its third consecutive Naiij,Mtuck Villli'v leasiu- basketball championship. Thi' team iiiul uml dofouti'd C oach lioot Jin-vis' Ansonia squad :i( (li<^ Wat'orlmry armory last i)i(fhl. They play tlir I'Mi-bes at West Voitlt today. Seated from left to ri(,'hl a hove arc the regulars :.Joi- Healy, ^iinril, Itoli Stiitiffer and Vin Healy, fin-wards, diet U.Mikiewic:'/,. cer,:er nnd B<ili .forms, tfiiiird. The ri-iiiain der of tin,' first string squad, standing left to riffht, are: .lerry I.abrinla, Jaek Curtiii, Tom I.oary, Did; J'ainler, Cai-l ISoettf,'!': 1 . .la-jk Thursto n, Toin Aslnniirc, I5oh Mariano and Charles Aquavia. Naugatuck Zephyrs Take On Local Y Swimmers New Britain Pros At YMCA GOLDIE'sl __ Camera Shopij "• Fedei'al, Siniray, J IJejiir, Key/or * Sul.lligiit » WtTiy. Tel. 3-1X73 5 elo'.'.vstone national park has ix-i.-j-af,'' 1 .- elevation of 8,000 feet. 2nd BIC WEEK Jeanne GRAIN MARGIE IN TECHNlCOLOn Glenn IANGAN • Lynn BAKI Alan WUNG 2nd HIT 'DANGEROUS MILLIONS Kent lAYlOR-Dona DRAKl ALCAZAR Sunday - Monday YA.NKS IIISTP POINTING Stockholm, Sweden. Jan. .i---iUP) — (UPi- -Sports writer; in Sweden arc very disappointed with a U. S. "iil!-stul'" hockey team — composed largely ol 1 amateur Now .Gn^land- er.x. The U. S. squad, snid to be made up of th« best amateur tnl- ent this country has to offer—lost its lirst two matches with hlyh- funking Swedish, teams. Tiie scores were U '.o 0 and 1-1 to -I. The Americans won their third K were pluyinir a second-rat' uuti'it. Hardware City Team Brings Formidable Basketeers Court Array Of To Local Olio McCann's liyis will meet me. but 'ill out Swedish ! v.m:1. Nauijatuck Ze- the strong New l:3ritit:n Pros tomorrow afternoon ;it the local Y. The Zephyrs wi'.l he nt full strength, Man.-ifc'Rr -Me-' Cann lias announced, and will ^o to continue in the win col- The McCannmen garnered their first victory of the season in r.iinst St. Cjsi- tr.oir CVO IN ACTION Both .NaUKntuak entries in the Wnte:"mry CYO league will see netion tomorrow. St. Francis meets- St. Thomas of VVolerhury at Cj- h.-.Tibus H.ill. St. Hodwi^'s .phiys Cur I-udy of Lourdes at the it.Xton 1'Mi-k Community House in Wnterhurv. to'im will nn-et. the Now I-I:ivon Y mermen nt the locals' |)0ol this nft- ernoon at '3:15. Having taken ihi.- measure of tho Now Haven lads earlier in season, the lo'cais an: looi'.inic for n win opriin; however, victory is by no means certain. In the hist niee'-inK of the squnds. tho N.-HI;;.' .swimmer;-: h;u! to came from behind and co;> the lost event to win. Co.ich Ale.x Sullivan looks for Ch.ii-lia \\ r hite and Jim McNamee to ;t<i:- for his N'auKot-.ick team. U. S. HUlJliKIt OIIU.S I.KAOUK Standing Knil of First Half O;ini^s Won I.-osi. Aztec -1'-' Crc-e -12 Elaxer 12 Klnot ''.2 Pueblo -!L' Atlantic Hi-Arc Gasoline for Quick Starting: POUST'S SKRVICK STATION H-l Kuljber AvcJ Tel. For A Snack, a Sandwich or a Full Meal, Try DUFFY'S Restaurant WATER STREET FULL LIQUOR LICENSE Chief ton 2fi 39 18 IT, 1? 51 31 SeJistm Kecords T Ti«h S-7:glo—Helen Warren, 133. High 3 Single—Helen Warren, 3-12. J -f if. r h Team Kindle - -Fleet,, -10-1. High Team 3—Axlec, 137-1. Hi)^!i Team (1st half)---Sominole. as', start a niii"s of Torryvillc. The Pros will brinpr a formidi'ible ari-ay to town to do battle with I Bo ' A '' •'-'•' me to bl ' the locals. They hnvc Leo Merson, I Hni-d:n-aniimor, t - fcrmcr LIU star; Nat Cordon from NYU: Jack ninne of St. Fiai-.cis: Sydney Stiirr, Okhihoma A & M. Ed I-ioiKyk. Cc-.-xst Guard; Jack I\en Oh! verson, both of the University of Baltimore. The locals will hnve Hislarclli. i _, COMING 'tin- I'l;.Ill-maii i'. |illi- Villl III,- /.Miilil.. SALEM Sunday - Monday ,K*IO «.cf'i HOME SWEET HOMICIDE 2Oik CfNIURT fOX Coming TIIOM<|IIV f'-r "NO LEAVE, NO Tnduy: 'MUNr.l.K I'KINCKSS" and "Till-: PLAINSMAN" Cxfip'.icki, Dermott, Ryan, Yankowski, Kuccio. Edmonds available for service. IT,AY Haven, Jan. -1—Tho Ra;j)blftrs journey to tonight, and return he morrow for n j; with the Pitts- Hornets which starts nt the Arena at 8:30. GOSSIP COLUMNIST EXPOSED GET A JEEP "CANVON Down TASSAGK" \Viiv" Vniir WIl.l.VS-nvr.ltl.AM) Drulrr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. Francis DELFINO ITI Vi-»J». IJ J1 1 1.' M •ll.'i iSio. ivlaiii ^t. i,niim City Tel. «1!H. O[R'ii l''ri. evi,-. lill H p. m CHRISTY RAY WtTZSt, • KAI WINDING- BUDDY CHILDERS-HEO DORRIS HEADL1NER3- BOWI. GAM1-: TODAY: San, Texas, Jan. -1- (UP) ' —New Year's Day has come and i jrone but there's sUll a- football I played. ; 'imi Denver Uni- ! SKIKR'S Boston, .Mas:;., Jan. •; -(UP) — The New England Council announces its "Skier's Guide to New Ensland is ready for free distribution. The guide contains full in.. j formation on more ihan 3300 miles vci-s.ty meet today ,-, the Alnmo ! of sUi trai ; s , 200 fki ;il - w , ln(| otllqr Dowl at San Antonio. '"' originally was scheduled for Wednesday, but was posiponecl. data. U. S. rat-inn had l.nsti.tlii! teie- phoncs in 19-IO, a decrease fi-om tho S in J.920. ^— - --• ii IBBMII -• "^^>n^ n *l^^FiP*^«^BWMMlHH Shirts That Gleam in the Light! They look well hy day as well as riijrht. Theri- is iiotliinx to do .justice to an i-mperc:iblv tailored evening suit as'a. fanilless- Jy liinnderctl rvcninj; sliirl! And we know ji'st hinv In do (hem for hi'Ht results! Jivcry Uiiy, More Mi-ll. S;iy. . . It's the warehouse way for mi-.' ! A&alancc Establishnd 1870 Deposits Fully Guaranteed Starting a budget for 1947? Tin; best medicine: 1'or :iny Itnd^el is consistent snvinys. Tlieii slionld ;niy imoxpocled cxj^ensos arise, >'ou have .-ivnilalile oisli. K\ v on ;i. sm.-UJ .sum dcpusilci] rc.^nlnrly soon grows. Naugatuck Savings Bank Naugatuck, Conn. DODGE Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 1IOTCIIKT.SS STKICKT Tol. 5727 L. MA/.fLAIISKAS. Tr.ip. SALES — SKUVICK li Days LOVE W^TCRBUIIV LDGUJ s POLI NOW TllK 11KST OF MC1M . . . TI1K ! UKST OF .IKUOMK KKUN MUSIC! IN HAPPY TECHNICOLOR "TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY" VAN JOHNSON — JUDY GARLAND FRANK SINATRA— JUNE ALLYSON ROBERT WALKER — KATHRYN GRAYSON VAN HEFLIN — DINAH SHORE With 1,1'CILK BRKMKR — I.KNA IIOKNK ANOKLA LANSUURY — TONY MARTI V VIRGINIA O'BIUKN — I'lus Pete Smith 'I LOVE MY HUSBAND BUT' NEWS jGUS SMOKE SHOP; Main St. Union Clt> liuius'/(>wskl, Prop. * 402 -Nortl } (Jus I s H V HALF 1'lllCK R&P MFTAT. WORKS 90 SO. MAIN STKERT (Rear) Expfii-t Winding of All Type* For^-liiK, Sheet Metal and Ornamental Pteel Work Sheet and Bar Metal For Snl« Telephone 6377 Yon Want (o Buy or Sell REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farrar Tel. 4233 BASKKTIS.M.l. KXKK I>AI)S :illd ITNIFOKM HAG'S NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "KCSS" WKAVINO. Prop. \Vlnslow Court Tel. 333-J of WATER3URY UPSWING! A( Jim Dale everything's on tin- upswing; hut (he price! Quality, styli! and value con- linue (o soar skyward, hut the price remains the same— ami Dial's BIG cludiing news these davs! Only $25-$40 All Slws — All Styles — All Models' CLOTHES FOR MEN WAREHOUSE SALESROOM 481 MEADOW STREET (I* th. Narhon Mult Chry.l.r Bld», OftH II A.M.-V »-M OAIIT FOK RANGE, OM FUEL OIL TEL, 5618 Bill's Fuel Oil Service .19 "1U11 i WHITE FISH MARKET : JOSEPH CASUAL, Prop ; OKDEJt FOR CHRISTMAS:'. \< LIVE and PREPARED EELS i SMELTS, SHRIMPS, ANCHOVIES . . . MOc can Highland Package Store 83 Highland Avo. — Tel. 3083 Anthony Farrur, Prop. FREE DKLIVKRV All Parts of FOR SALE Ten. room houwc, 5 roomn fii floor, S rooms second floor, hatli-roomn, hot air furniict, plcctricity, 2 car jrarajjc. Formerly 2 tenement "noun and owner will re-convert to tenements and Rlxc Immcdblt oo.cupancy fo first noor. Located cant wide of town «n may he hiKpoc(cd In afternoon. F.W.EATON [ Room 9 Neary Building Church Street I ( TUV CI.ASSIFIBD AI)S Slnri- mi Itiiuli- .HTM l):il,' ltii:nl-.lili- 'c Reductions On LAMPS NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEARY BUILDING TEL. 5212 Bill's Danbury Hatter 57 SOUTH MAIN ST. Win. Mariano, Prop. Men's Hats Cleaned, Hlocked; ;' Factory Methodn NKW HATS FOR SALK Hats Made to Order 1947 PATTERNS IN WALLPAPER TRIMZ WALLPAPERS GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPLE STREKT (Across from City Bulcp.ry) Free Delivery Telephone 50-14 j 1947 Marks Our 104th Year of Successful Rubber Footwear Manufacturing With This Record of Achievement Behind Us We Look Forward to Future Security and Prosperity For Our Company, Our Employees and the Community UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. "Serving Through Science" Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naugatuck Conn. ALTISRIN'G OUU STORK Watch Us Grow! ! CORNER CANTEEN 8!)'2 No- Mitln Str<M>t "I>nin" Trll«"-lro. I'rop. FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 HAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. I (Mi South Main St. FRED'S HI-WAY GRILLE 501 South Main St. Regular Dally Dinner 50c up i A La Carlo Menu i Spairhetti To Tnkc Out j Banquet lltoorn, Cocktnll LounR-f I Full Liquor License THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Nenry Building . Omn. Oldest Established Body Shop In Naugatuck EXPERT BODY REPAIRS and PAINTING— We have had many years experience repairing and painting automobile fenders and bodies. A complete shop equipment of hydraulic and electric tools with scientific paint mixing- to match the color of your car insure satisfactory results. Work done by appointment, on predetermined contract, under the supervision of Kenneth E. Johnson, The Naugatuck Fuel Company 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE 5236 fry NEWS Want Ads—they bring result" SI if d: B hi si to N< m 71C wi on or tr tm Gr G<' CO Kti Gi- cr; fot liir •wh in "R: the Bu ins ouy wo HI.T Cll' h;iv In cllli kill, nidi To Mo c Of

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