Mirror News from Los Angeles, California on August 1, 1955 · 7
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Mirror News from Los Angeles, California · 7

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 1, 1955
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-VW"epM'W--aert- V '. J U - ' ! Iiwnuwnm mw'-; y Wi i . Ji .t. ,v,, , i.11 V- . .v - . jj r'-V -I ' -. r , a Continued from Firit Page Ip , ; -dgath was kept secret or why' 'Bodell was given .the run ..around,"' . -Cornero,- a; aliens silver : haired former rum runner, was one of the most colorful gamblers in the country; : He was in : and out of legal scrapes, with the .government most of his life; took a hand in waterfront labor disputes; fought State officials with fire hoses; operated a fleet of .barges off South America, I and once served as an unoffi-.'cial agent for Naval Intel' :ligence during, the war to -halt a German smuggling operation. . - v .He was known to have . boon gambling heavily InT recent : weeks;. Ho . was f seen at dawn yesterday playing high-stake rou-lotto at the Boyal Nevada - Hotel He apparently continued "his spree at the Desert Inn into the morning hours until he died- as, he lived gam-; Ming. , The ; gamblers brother, Louis Stralla,. Mayor of S$, Helena, Cal.,, flew, here last night. At an emergency meeting of the board of director! of the Stardust-held ' at the gambling casino .where Cornero. died Louis was named as the new president and manager , .. He said.Tony had willed his approximately 60ft of .the stock in the StarduSt to , his mother, Mrs. Madeline - Cornero of Beverly Hills, iand that he would -act In her behalf. , Cornero was scheduled to appear soon in Federal District Court in Los Angeles to show cause why he should not produce records of stock sales in the Stardust In a petition filed by G. M. - Cuthbertson, enforcement offl-? cer for the Securities and Ex change Commission in Los 'CAINE1 STAR KILLED Continued from First Page here today on a visit from Foster Air Force Base, Tex. Mrs. Dosch had played bit parts under the screen name of Ann Russell. Francis lived at 212 S Grand Oaks Ave., Pasadena, with his parents, Mr, and Mrs. James Francis. His father is a postman. The rising young actor graduated from Pasadena City College in 1947, served a hitch in the Aftny and stepped into film prominence with The Caine Mutiny," his first motion picture part. He was due to go on location shortly for Tribute to a Bad Man, on loan from Columbia Pictures to MGM. After Caine Mutiny, he had had starring roles in . The ..Long, Gray Line.'f Bamboo Prison" and' They Rode West.,r Frauds' discovery by -. 'Hollywood had one of those storybook touches. He was spotted by a scout .one day while water skiing off Santo JUonlee.- The talent v scout phoned Francis later to offer a screen test and after finally being convinced that It was not a ' gag Francis was persuaded -to take dramatic lessons from S-ophie Rosenstein; well-known dramatic coach. After service in the Army --sndjhe (jeath of Miss Roscn-teiQ, Franciswent under the coaching of Mrs. Batomi Schneider, wife of Benno Schneider, 'dramatic coach at Coluipbia. The training took. From his screen test, Francis was picked for the mfich sought-after-role of Ensign Willie Keith. From there on, stardom seemed assured for the. handsome young actor. . Bodies -of the crash victims 1 were taken to Filibach Mortuary, Burbank. Officials there said Francis' body would be taken today to the Lamb .Funeral Home in Pasadena for final- arrangements. Big Week End of Activity Due Activities to suit every taste and inclination' are on tap for visitors in many parts of the State this week end, the State. Chamber of Com-( merce pointed out today. -The schedule includes chess, water-skiing and sailing championship tourneyi In Long Beach; a yachting regatta in San Diego? fairs Tehama,' Sonora, Contra Costa, San Mateo, Sah Diego, Santa Paula, Solvang and Culver City; and the world's longest, outboard .motor river ia;e from Stockton to Rcd- dn TONY CORNERO ; , Loses all at dice.. 1 ." :V- 1 . ; - Angeles, it was alleged Cornero sold large shares of stock in the hotel but had failed to file statements of the sales with SEC. Federal Judge. Ben Harrison jtoday issued an order for the Stardust Corp. to produce al records pertaining to stocks they own and a list of stockholders. He ordered Ihey be .turned over to SEC agents by Aug. 10. ' ; The gambler, who lived at 312 Elm Drive, Beverly Hills, .alia has a sister, Catherine, ih Los Angeles. His ex-wffe, fqrmcr Actress Barbara Land, alsd lives there. . ' Louis . Stralla said today that bis brother would bo buried at tho family plot in Inglewood Cemetery in Los Angeles Thursday. . ' Cornero hit the big time aa a rum runner during prohibition. Rumor had it that he made $1,000,000 at the racke before he was 30 years old He later served two years at McNeil Island Federal Prison for these activities. mowy' 'lie 'W ROBERT FRANCIS Among plane crash victims. Sen. Knowland Will Speak at 8-Ball Dinner U.S. Sen. William F. Kpow-land will speak at the Elgh Ball Dinner of the Press Club Aug. 23, at the Ambassador. Bill Pugue, club president said a limited number reservations are available membera of Republican, organisations. Reservations may be made by calling Dunkirk 9-5384. Sen. Knowland will discuss the critical Far East situation. Diver Spoors Shark, Gets 2-Mile Sea Tow FT. LAUDERDALE, tfla., Aug. 1 (J A 6-foot shark, maddened by a akin divers spear, pulled the fisherman two miles out into the Atlantic yesterday. - The fisherman,. James Jones, 24, held on grimly until the spear pulled out of the shark's head and then swam back to his boat and resumed spearfishing. lie said he didn't want to turn loose and lose his expensive speargun. 'Tlud. mumiy iLATlS "Hero's Good News..." I m mw ffwhf AU my DENTAL (Expect Surpiice) AU r r e PRICES et MATES (dl typed III yee wtt SURPRISE pee. PHONE m lev PRICES . . . Expert SURPRISE SAMPLES Gledy SHOWN DR, WISEMAN, Ciett OeeHrt 'SIR Se. InrteM tl Veen I AMI lenHee Hn. AJH t PM. Set UN pM. NO APPOINTMIM NCUMIT PHONE MU. 044 lit CREDIT PLYMCNT ittw SlL lift mu pun siPAiti . MAN ..DROPS DEAD ON GOLF COURSE . Dr. Eugene Bubien. 25, stepped forward to putt on the 13th green. of the' , -Wilson Golf C o u r a e in- -Griffith Park yesterday; paused suddenly and slumped ever dead. ; . ' ; Death of the 25-yiearold ' dentil t,of 3300 Wataeka Ave., Culver.. City, was . ascribed to a heart attack. He had been married only six weeks and entered : .practice, only two weeks ago. v-- ' ID Police In Beveity Hills and Santa Barbara today, had themselves 'a'. $92,000 head-ache.The? are trying to find what happened to Mrs. Dorothy Green Walker's ' jewelry,' And where it happened. And When, - Mrs. Walker; wealthy Bev erly Hills society-woman and hostess to international celebrities, reported to police in those two .Cities that: Sometime between 2:30 Jn. on Thursday, when she packed her gems In Beverly.: Hills, and IdO pjn. on Friday, when she went te unpack them from her locked luggage in Santa Barbara, the jewelry disappeared. Mrs. Walker; daughter of Burton E. Green, one of the founders of Beverly Hills, said that hir maid packed the gems and other luggage last Thursday at 'her home, 613 Mountain Drive. She said the jewels, topped off by a $39,000 -platinum-hnd-diamond necklace with 15 round 10-karat diamonds hanging', in drops, were packed in . special cases, locked in a suitcase and then locked . in the trunk of her car. She raid she drove to a friends home for a luncheon party and then to Santa Barbara. She said j&e luggage sat ' in her cottage at Santa Barbara unopened while' she spent the day on the beach. 'It wasn't until Friday evening, when I was dressing for dinner," Mrs. Walker said, .that I discovered the jewel were missing from tbeir case. , Nothing else was disturbed." Mrs. Walker, the former wife of Detroit Financier William T. Walker, was one of a number of victims of Gerald Graham Dennis, Blue Rook Raffles, who was believed to have taken more than $1,000,-000 in jewels and furs throughout the United States and Canada in the late 1940s. .When Dennis was arrested in 1949, police recovered a $37,000 necklace drhich had been stolen from Mrs. Walker's home the year before. T That Lake You Don't See Isn't There - This is )ust a tip In you had a bad night: . If you go past Lincoln Park Lake, at 3600 Mission Road, and the lake seems to have disappeared.'1 .don't worry. It may have, by the time you look. Crews were. In drain . the lake today to permit construction of the- N Main St.-Mission Road storm drain. After its built, the lake will be refilled. 1APVKRHSKMKNTI amwmvmnmammmmwwamuuumi NEW HAIR DISCOVERY INTRODUCED Doctor's Find Real Contribution A doctor Mentiflcetimi of thoN vitamina and -minerals most helpful to the pnmotiop of hair health, ia the baaia of a new' triple-unit product and method recently launched here by the Begley Hair and Scalp Clinic, JOB ! S. Robertaon Bird., 3 Doora South . of Wilahira Blvd., Beverly Hille. Known aa the Begley System, it pramiiee a boon to one of our civilization's scourges deficient hair. Added te the proved value ef certain vitamins and minarala to aid crucial glandular functions la tha exteniiva axperienco of a prominent hair and acalp thera-piat. Thus, both internal and asternal factors art incorporated in this pew hair method, a raaeeur-ing approach to an Md problem. For further .laformabon regard-iwa-e Bair ing this eOceofagint haws-call er oeotaei the Begley Bair and Peelp CUala for Jrte-Analfiia. IReetview 1-OtH. Open avenmga until f Mm faCaHay nattl I tleeed M Kenday. I . - . TWO BROTHERS . Harold (1) and Thomas ITCHINGrPAtMS-CHARGE . a - HAULS TRIQ When Mrs. Eleanors Beebe looked - outside and saw . a crew of men preparing to upr root her, parkway palm tree two weeks ago, she called police. T d a jr two : brothers and a sisterappeared be-fara Municipal, Judge. Walter Allen for prelim--', .inary hearing on charges of theft er attempted 1 theft of 13 palm trees. Accused. are HaroidL. Bland, 33, of 4801 W Slauson Ave.; Thames Bland, 54, of 3833 S Vermont Ave.r. and Mrs. Eva OTremba, 34, .of 1116 W 138th St., Hawthorne. Mrs. Beebe, of 5210 Granada St., Highland Park, said Mrs. OTremba had asked her July 7 If she would like to have her palm tree removed but she refused the offer. itaiel Rek up atHre Tfie freight chafes yw m am usualfy enough to pay -for your frip to Midiigan. -for complete details See your Bulck Dealer Today NO EXTRAS Pull Prite Includes Dellvary, Inatollelien, Warranty Opm Ifmti, FeM. FA, Sat. Till P-,rad, Thun. Till ' lamaea-mwa nets- AND SISTER 'CITED IN PALM TREE THEFTS Bland and Mrs. OTremba convene outside, courtroom. TO COURT Police said the usual practice of the defendants was to offer to remove trees for $5 or $10 with the object of reselling them for anywhere from $60 to $400. , Being located in parkways, the trees - actually belonged to tho city. Homeowners were told the crow bad permits from tho city to remove them, police' said. - - Most of the trees dug-oyt and -trucked away were Chinese windmill palnft, 25 to 40 feet tall. Hartford Picnie Former residmts of Hartford, CL, will hold their first annual picnic Aug. 21 trom 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. In Griffith Park. faiferel yoyinew ' Facfoiy MONEY' EAST TERMS DOWN TRADE IN Free Parking tat Pkana: MM121 SmaU-Businttsti- -Not Sharing Contractf WASHINGTON, Aug.1 (JB A Senate committee reports a drop In defense contracts awarded small businesses and says that, many small effi cient producers will be forced to close their; doors unless the trend Is. reversed. The Senate Small Business Committee said last night that contracts received by small firms represented 20.8ft of the total in the 12 months ended June 30. This compared with 25.1ft 1 year earlier. -Military buyers were blamed for contributing to the drop.' GOLD'S SELL FOR LESS CU. FT. tl Deluxe REFRIGERATOR Na 1.1 C. R. SM Fall Width 31 It. freszer ' 1 I Qaickalt lea Tray li Juice Cm Diapaasec Sliding Chill Drimr Fall Width Alaailaan Shchrsi Oorn Mon Tuet Frh Sat, A'ltci 'Til 9 wid, an d fhundayt Til 6Cloted Sundays MIRROR-NEWS J - The Oscar Twlldahls weretslda the court the: man iha - one of -the happiest, families in Los Angeles today because daddy doesnt jjave to go back to an Alabama chain gang.' Twildahirof 1916 Camden Ave., West Los Angeles, was arrested as an escapee from the Alabama State Prison. Today; Municipal Jifdge Louis Kaufman dismissed the fugitive complaint, and Twlldhl, 45, walked out of court rack to the respectable life he has led for eight years, J'udge Kaufman was . fold . that Gov.' J a m a a (Kissin' Jim) Folsom or - Alabama - was impressed by . Twildahls retard of . honesty and thrift during hit freedom and had refused to sign an extradition request. Also jubilartfwas Abe Sple-gelman, who owns a chain of restaurants. Twildahl nun-aged one of them at 8436 Sunset Blvd. . Spiegelmah said Twildahls job would be waiting for him. ! Mrs. Eunice TwildahI, who thought her last name waa Beverley until her huaband was arrested, embraced out- Israel Announces faster Travel Rules New regulations for travel in Israel, under which tourists no longer need to obtain visas at an Israeli Consulate, were reported today by the Consulate General of Israel, 6o9 S Highland Ave.' Visas instead will be issued at the point of entry to Israel. Fall Width Kydritar Cavar Sliding Mait Tindtr Fal Width Dear Shihrti . Tilt-Out tg Smrtr '. . Battar Cinpartaiat Filly lainatiid Monday, auc.T, i 955-Port 1 : J .1 v-- S I -VM'. called a wonderful husband.? ! Their 6-year-old son Michael ; was alternately 'In tears and,.' laughing. Twildahl. while in; v Los Angeles, used the name. . Frank Beverley,- . Twildahl asserts he Is . Inno; cent of the theft of $150 from;, a Birmingham hotel, tor which.: he was serving a five-year; prison 'term.'.: , OOUFS SIU FOR USS SAVE JS0 w jirfX.'.. BLACKST0NE WASHER NO MONEY DOWN EASY TERMS Fret Parking Phonal RI, 8-7221 xr: V -t it V - F ' i Si 4 r: i . 4 1 s 41 t . . V ! i i i

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