Los Angeles Mirror from Los Angeles, California on February 12, 1955 · 4
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Los Angeles Mirror from Los Angeles, California · 4

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1955
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:4 1 FortMATURDAY,FE2.12, 1935 zr MIRROR-NEWS Paul V. Coates Confidential Fjla TALES OF ,THE VINE ST. WOODS (Formosa Branch) Johnny Grant, the apple-cheeked dlac Jockey, has spen hs better part of his young; life touring a USO show ' 'trough Europe and Asia. - Recently he wai emceeing a hastily-prepared revue for - i audience in Taipei, Formosa. ; He came on stage, took a bow and tossed out a few, wellr fljli The response was mediocre. Just a few scattered laughs. He tried again. And again, just scattered laughter. . It was all very disconcerting. These were the same ' gags that always worked for Bob Hope. Grant stopped for a moment and carefully studied his ' audience. Then it hit him. . There were thousands of people in the outdoor crowd. But only a handful of them, were Americana. The rest were Nationalist Chinese soldiers. . Johnny motioned .to a .Chinese colonel in the wings. The ' .'officer stepped on stage. "Colonel' he Whispered. Im not getting across to your ...boy. Would you do'm a fsvor?" .. . Anything you wish," the colonel replied. - - - nj.ji tdi , tha . gags . in English,. Grant said. "And ' you ' 'translate them into Chinese. ' The colonel nodded. - ' ' . My pleasure, he said cordially. - Grant went ort with his act After each story, there was r polite laughter front the Americans. Then the colonel would address the rest of the-eudience in Chinese. And boisterous, belly loughs would rock tko air. ' When it was all over, Johnny shook hands with the officer. Oita Munson Gulps Pills, Kills Self Thanks a million, he said. "You were a great help. Those gags of mine never went over so big before. The colonel bowed low, - , A thousand pardons, he said. "But they were not your gags. I was doing my own material! SATURDAY'S HASH Everyone In the Rio family la Invited to the Angelina Liberace yMing tnriay weept-Joanne;- who used to keep steady company. with jrou-know-who. Mary Beth Hughes, David Street's soon-to-be-ex, I a a regu lar visitor to Vegas, just to be near a comic appearing there - Danny Thomas and Mae Williams headline the all-star : cast set for the Al Sarouk 88 D.O.K.K. benefit show Sun-; day. Feb. 27, at the Wiishire Ebell. Tickets are available at the box office, 'and buy a pair the dough goes to the spastic children at Hillside House. ' New York Comic Larry Best, with Gene Wesson and Gordon Polk, opens Monday night at Billy Gray's Band Box. Sign in the window of tho Strips Gaiety Delicatessen! DISH JOCKEY WANTED. - 1 The Villa Capri is celebrating Valentine's Day by serving heart-shaped pizzas, (it says here). And the Mocambo is celebrating with Irish Singer Shawn " Meany, who may be a real spoil and not sing Funny -Valentine for the .occasion Bob Hope suggested , to Ralph Boccia at the Naples that he put tiny meatballs in his chicken soup. The idea went over so well Ralph is now canning it. Walter- Gross will be back at his piano at the Saratoga next week. . RECOMMENDED LISTINGS: Butch Austin at Charlie "Foys rr.theCoff ee Grog at the China Trader in-T oluca 'Lake WHOS WHOSE: Marilyn Maxwell and Jerry Davie honeymooning to the French songs of Vicki Benet at Johnny Walshe Club 881. ... Cigarette Gal Pat Lundeen and Larry Daniels, one of the owners of the Tabletoppers, are a pair. Leigh Snowden and. Lenny Rogers, winding spaghetti , Chianti. ; (Watch Paul Coates Wedneiadys and Sundays, 9:30 p!m., KTTV, Channel 11.) : MONAHAN SQUEALER ADMITS DRUNK BRAWL Special to The Mirror-Xew jtion manager of the film, STOCKTON, 'Feb. 12. Blood Alley, in which John Defp-sea Diver .John True, Wayne is the leading actor, 39, who turned State's evi- was charged with interfering dence and trapped the killers ; with police, but the case later was dismissed. ' NEW YORK, Feb. 12 tft- Actress Ona Munson, 48, former stag and screen star, wis found dead yesterday in her apartment, apparently from an overdose of sleeping! : pills. 1 ' Miss Munson, who climbed to stardom via vaudeville, left a note reading, This is thej only way I know to be free again . , . please dont follow me. Friends said she had been 11 and despondent. She waa found dead in bed by her third husband. Stage Designer Eugene Berman. ' " A native of ' Portland, Or., Mias Munson started her, career at the age pf 14. In 1924, she went on the egltlmate stage .with a tour-ng company of ' No Other Girl"; . From the theater it was . .. a quick step to Holly- . I1) wood. As Bollo Watlfng I f In Gn no .With Wind, Misa gained an -A Award nomination. She recently hid been making occasional television appearances. Jl'Smi Diems tiqwr ' Grand Jury's ; : Foreman Given 'Inside Facts' her TX-."'. . W5Hj S.-Vf ?"; ILisLaii Liquor scandal secrets col' lected by the hard-working San Diego County grand jury were turned over today to the grand jury here which is launching a .new pay-off bribery Investigation. - V Harlan G. Loud, foreman of the local panel, was given the information yesterday during a closed session of the outgoing border city group, 'The Son Diego jurors . indicted 12 persons, six of whom already have been convicted. . 1 Among the accused, and still hiding from law ; officers, is William G. ' Bonelli, former Southland member of tho State Board of Equalisation. One source reported Bortei-II Was ready to surrender if the San Diego courts would reduce the $50,000 bail to a wiuruoio IMPACT IN A DRIVING LESSON Police Hunt Gail Russell An auto starts Its drop from a 70-foot tower to the concrete below during recent Copenhagen demonstration. Estimated 5000 driven saw car crumple with the same effect as a head-on crash at 50 m.p.h. IKING OR UKULELE PLAYER Continued from First Page Miss Russell at 9470 Santa Monica Blvd. This Is tho bnslness address of her agent, Yvonne West, of the General Management Association. Gails brother, George Rus- 5eU,-iUten Vfv614!AnkcDNS)--It maycomo as. dover Drive, Burbank, said he . . had not been in touch with urPriM t0 .those millions 0 his sister recently. Her Americans across the lam agents address, he said, was who swear by him to' learn the only address he had. that there are some who swear Harvey Silbert, the attor-l . ney who represented Missr Arthur Godfrey, Russell in - her pend fny Arthur Godfrey Antics Tiring on TV's Public NEW YORK, Feb. 12 drunk driving case said he lad not been In touch with the brunet star. Court records show that tho lovely brunette, hor once-impelling beauty fading, periled her career by her drinking and Intimates blamed liquor In part. for tho failure of her marriage te Guy Madison. Kin Claim Body )f Kidnap Killer lichard -Jensen- Special to Tho Mirror-News SAN QUENTIN, Feb. 12-1 Tie body of John ' Richard . ensen, 29, kidnap killer executed in the gas chamber ; resterday, was" claimed' from the -prison morgue today by members of his family. Warden Harley O. Teets reused details on the release of Jensens body. family lives in Tujunga, where he first be- newspapers refer 0 him as the worlds highest paid ukulele player. They do not seem to think ho rates the $1,500,000 ho is . reported to moke a year. He is treated with kingly deference, however, by 'the Columbia Broadcasting. System for he is reputed to bring them in $15,000,000 year. When he goes away on week's vacation,'' ashiT'did Thursday night, his destination is as carefully guarded as a state secret. Is Godfrey's . problem only one that jiogg.aU famous people: His' friends say It is. Th5i andanT ailingnip, came involved in his brushes with ' the law-more- tharrlS years ago. Jensen.at14, stabbed ..and . strangled... Billy Williams, 13, and spent 12 years in mental hospitals. He escaped several times and lira released fn IflSI.- He: wis executed for the kidnaping and attempted murder of a hitch-hiking Marine near Gorman. andanT ailihg'Tiip, Injured in a car crash years ago, which gives him much pain. Godfreys friends . say he is often nestalgie for the geed eld days btfore television. . He wsfsmous on the radio then but people did not knqw What he looked like so he could .get away with things like driving a taxi for a week just to hear what folks were talking about. But now he is denied this Mn. May Monahan in Burbank two years ago, pleaded guilty to a drunk charge today after a film-location brawl True got a 30-day sentence, suspended on condition of good behavior. ' Ernest Saftig, 44. produc- AD GETS PROSPECTS ENTHUSIASTIC It's usually not an effective practice, when you're selling, to tell the prospects to . come back later. But, if they are really steamed up, it's a different matter. That's what Mrs. Von Haphen found when her rental vacancy was hot available to show to prospects who replied to her Mirror-Newt Classified Ad. The ad was so effective that they come back the next day .. .-. and rented., Mirror - News readlts are Jtamed up - about Mirror-Newt Classified Adi because they offer an outstanding selection of Sett buys every day. Use them, by phoning IMAditon 52311 between I a.rtfc and 6 p.m. Another deep-sea diver, Settle, 32, and two marine workers, Donald AIcLean, 36, and Cass Gid-1 ey 41, were fined $23 apiece for drunkennesa and interfering with police. Wayne bailed out the workera after pelire swoopetrin on the drunk-en brawl at a betel bar. ' True, who has done consid- ?as5 erabie work ae an expert Grim Sea Hints Lost Yacht Fate B-57Jefe Grounded WASHINGTON, Feb. 12 (ft The Air Force has grounded HAMILTON, B e r m u d a , JjSj! Feb. 12 IB- The U.S. Coast Guard cutter Mackinac sought . triday to pick up pieces of in recnt Crashes of the twin I reasonable figure. Information handed Loud I reportedly 'concerns illegal I activities in connection with I liquor license trafficking here. Loud took Adolph Alexander, asst, chief deputy DA., with him to San Diego, and the trip apparently poeea t legal question to some obierv-ers. Superior Judge' David Coleman, in charge ef the ' new grand jury here, said Lauds trip waa not authorised by the court aud f that he could not act i officially as a grand jurer, or even ae an invest!- gator. : 1 Whether the trip would dis- r. AV & "4-' -. A-jf - -jtuutaa-wws am 'WE'VE NEVER HAD A QUARREL. Antonio Benenati and his wife, Roslna, 5045 Angeles . Vista, smile happily today as they celebrate 70th wedding anniversary. He is 93 and his wife 89. 'Weve never had a quarrel, he said. "If things didnt go right, I was patient Their redpe for longevity? "A careful diet a little wine and lots of nest f - Maid Confesses Ax Slaying; ice, depends upon ms stale 1 n 1 n of mind. declared the judge. Pffrgc yrOUIienf QVBT KOOSt Meanwhile Bonelli etilirl,lw n iviiiwiii wuve aiweosra Continued from First Fage den took the from me and tried te show me how te do It "The argument got more opportunity to develop yvhat sr: out members of his cast on the air, as he did Announcer Tony Marvin the other day?, ... Marvin interrupted Godfrey! ought widely on the in-and was bluntly told to "shut pictment charging him with UD conspiracy . to violate the Godfreys d.tr.cfor. ad- Sg2SJK ,nd 10 mit that the aching bin is obstrUct jUStIce' - ! ' .. L.A. Assemblyman's But in addition, say the . , . J . detractors, there is the ego-lLltJUOr Trial Set mania Godfrqr has developed Speclal frXh. Mirror-News 0VTheJeiy hi Ssriot the! DIEGO, Feb. 11 -! Insiders report that the 51-JSJdS year-old Godfrey is growing ,1 1,cen8 BCandaI increasingly temperamental. I Seme ef the writers, AngaIu legator yesterday failed in an attempt to have criminal chaawugInst.Jhini di missed. In an appearance1 before Judge John A. Hewicker. Morris is free on bond pending trial . heated. I took the ax from her and struck her on the head. She didn't fall after struck her once. I struck her again and again. I dont know producers, and ' artists who work for him are net as happy as they were when they first landed on the Godfrey gravy train. But people will put up. with a lot of temperament for the sort ef salaries Godfrey pays. Tony. (Marvin) who is esi mated to earn $ 190, Q00a year, las confided to' friends that le shouldnt have interrupted the boss. The -maid said she stayed in the kitchen mere than 10 minutes. I was dased. Then shn went te Mrs. Hayden's room and ransacked the drawers, and scattered clothing to make it look - ns if sameene had broken -into tho house she said. Her clothing was b loo d-$5000! spattered, so she wiped her hands with a dustcloth and . went to her room and changed Ttvapn HritW dresses, Jhe said. The dress I Iff CSm If If Calf If ghe wore during the attack pdKce-fdday Guilty of she' wore warTbufiiirrBy (whete she said she hid it. The American public, how-faWMJ TLjkil ever, which does not have I Mil U I StCTZ the same inducement, has wen showing some signs of isenchantmentir . - Months for Irash Racket Six 1 months in jail and to lumber and spotted by search for the GO-foot schooner jet planes. Tne Air Force said yester- seven years on-probation to- day lay ahead of Charles E. Maxey, 32j-eivicted of stealing $12,000 from' the Loyal' Automobile Insurance Co., 1423 S Western Ave., of which Special te The Mime-News S ANTAANA.-Feb.-12 Ray S. Adams, the first person in-dieted for liquor license 'lr regularities -in the Orange C 0 u n ty investigation, was convicted yesterday of grand theft, " " Adams,- " secretary - ef the California Tavern Association, was fonnd innocent ef a bribery charge ae Superior Judge Kenneth Morrison had directed. Judge Morrison set March for sentencing. Adams at- jrang, the confession continued. It was Mrs. Haydens daughter, Mrs. Rose Furst-jman, of 1041 Hilts Ave., West-wood slayer, presumably, was met at the door by Mrs. Hayden. The cleaner repeatedly had , to be shut off because the bag flew off, police found. That bore out the malda story she heard the bell while the cleaner was off. Police wondered, however, why she wouldn't have heard her employer's screams later. Investigators also doubted the killer would pass where the maid supposedly was vac- uuming to go to Mrs. Haydens room. The victim, wife of Multimillionaire Samuel Hayden, a financier and real estate de- -veloper, lived more than two hours -aftertheattack' even though She had been struck 30 to 40 times, her jaw broken . and a collarbone crushed. The maid said she had been nervous and upset because her common-law husband ...of .l two.year, Roy King, 31, of 1107 3rd St., Santa Monica, left her At this point the . telephone shortly before - she . went day the grounding was re- w feks ago, following his con-. . , quested by the Glenn L. Mar-. fiction on the same grounds. HSH. missing for-almost a,tin Co t builder qf the B-57 They were found guilty of mon.h on a trip from Ber-!jght Intruder. Also set down pocketing proceeds from . , 'were RB-:57 tactical recon-fictitious claims for collision The lumber was spotted in naissance planes. damages. an area about 210 miles south-j 2 of Rcrmuda. The yacht! been unheard of since diver, was employed with his'30- the day after it Jeft. crew for work In Blood Al-Ie. War5' a a V ( g 9mm k5rn h,. n.r- in Muftef Ffo o f lrCon he was president. Superior Judge Ralph K.tomeys said they will file a Pierson of Long Beach denied motion for a new trial Maxeys plea yesterday for Adams admitted accepting a new trial. A similar sentence $8500. from San Juen Capi- ve?, brother, gtrano bar owner but said he William M. Maxey, 29, two had never bribed anyone. bar a Graham, Jack Santo and Emmett Perkins killed Mrs. Monahan in a fruitless search for .a supposedly hidden lafge sum of. money. True was freed for turning State's evidence. r tion was Antigua, shout 1200 miles south of here. Herman Pause, former liquor control aide to William G. (Big Bill) Bonelli, goes on trial hero Monday aecused of obstructing. justice. Pause was fired when the Alcoholic Beverage Control Dept took over liquor functions of the Board of Equalization. TSsr"maid"said she-yelled Into - tho phono -that someone had killed -Mrs. Hoyden . and hung np. Mrs. King said she started screaming, and several -of the six landscape workers installing a sprinkling system ran in. One called police. Another! picked the ax from the floor and put it on the dralnboardL Mrs. King then put it in the sink Police picked np partial ' fingerprints and a hahd- -print in their examination, bat all of tho work- men and Mrs. King were released after tho initial Investigation tho day of tho murder. Investigators also ran several tests to check the woman's -story that she was vacuuming at the time the backdoor bell te work for the Haydens. 1 Services for Mrs. Hayden will be conducted tomorrow at 2:30 ' p.m. at Westwood Temple. 10505 Santa :MoidcaT: Blvd. The maid was. booked on suspicion of, miird&r after making her confession. GOT A Sweetheart? MacFARLAHES (mm mm FORMA tT her ti rang and the'-J dm Chief Parker fo Speak to Exchange Club Chief of Police William Parker will speak Wednesday jat the Exchange Club's Crime Prevention Week luncheon at the Biltmore a 20yca National Crime vTeventiol940 by Week will be celebrated through Feb. 19, beginning tomorrow. Uclan Theater Sale Approved by Court Morris Lerhmand and Paul Raful today held court ap-! provai of thrir purchase of( the Uclan Theater in West-; wood for $52,500 from the estate of Mrs. Frances Seymour Fonda, late wife of Actor. Henry Fonda. j, j The purchase is subject to ar lease executed in Mrs. Fonda, under terms of the approval by Su rior Judge Clyde C. Trip- Ctric tt. A Hollywood detective was $ jury of- nine women and the first prosecution witness three men in the court of Su in the double-murder trial of perior Judge Charles W. a man accused of killing the Fricke. ' officer s brother and sister-in- Mcrkourii, a restaurant worker and ex-convict" Del S(t .Colin C. . was arrested in Little Forbes took the otond Rock, Ark., five days after lato yesterday to identify the shooting. Ho denied pictures of his brother, - any knowledge of tho Robert . Forbes, 49, end. crime and raid he bad not his wife. Despine, 31, who been in-California for sev- were het'te. death Sept. erol months. SO in tho couplo's ceram- However, at the preliminary le shop at 5956 Wst Blvd. hearing, witnesses testified Aecused of the slaying is they had seen Jiim lurking James Merkouris, 40. former. around the ceramic shop: husband of Mrs. Forbes. neighborhood for several days - The cue is being heard by prior to the ahootlng. , Cardinal McIntyre Gets $38,000 for Boys Town More then $38,000 was presented to Cardinal McIntyre today for Rancho San Antonio, the Boys Town of' the West. The money came from the Southern California chapter of the Knights of Columbus. GLANDS AND SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT llwra r points within your body vhci4Comic fonts r traufonned into oerv tang,. itljty and iupim- l pooen. Yon can systematically rtitnatha wu gland centres and utilise their pooS'foTbSter y Kosicraa'an lectorer. giry a nhonal, detailrd, scientific ennsition of ril welcome r Vltl ,uk,ect No obligation MONDAY, FEB. 14, I P.M. 40 SO. FIGUEROA ST. THE Rosirrucian.q (AMORC) A Son-Stctmit ftttttml Ordtr TRUTHMAKESTMENa-HEE: If ywamamUaWattMAamltkla T wo Xmwtm Utwm, AHOSC, ua y. e wr of a Mint at JTa ki , ,

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