Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 27, 1963 · Page 16
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 16

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 27, 1963
Page 16
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New York Stocks NEW YORK (UPD-Stock mar- kct midday prices: Admiral 20% Iowa PkL 58 Aldens 25^ Johns-Man 48^ Allegh Lud 41% Kennecott 73% Alld Chem 50% Kresge 22% Alld Sirs 53% Kroger 31 Allis Chal 17% Alum Ltd 24% Alcoa 64 Am Air 28% ABC Pmt 34% Am Can 46% Am Cyan 59% Am M&F 19% Am Mtrs 18 Am T&T 121% Am Tob 27y< Anaconda 49% Armour 44*4 Atchison 28% Avco 26yg Bendix 50% Beth Stl 31Y4 Eoeing 35% Btrden 65 Borg War 46 Case 10% Catplr 45 Celanese 53% Cent Soya 27% C&NW 31% Chi RI 26% Chrysler 68% Cities Svc 67% Bartender Owes Over $23,000 in Parking Fines CHICAGO (AP) - Frank Saraceno, 40, a jobless bartender, was named Monday by Traffic Court Judge Casimir Cwiklinski as Chicago's all-time champion of parking violators. Police said Saraceno had been given 223 parking tickets from 1959 to 1962, Court officials said maxi- rnum fines against him could exceed $23,000. Police said they had been looking for Saraceno for more than a year, but said he was hard to find because he was liste^ at four addresses. His case was continued to Sept. 17 to permit him to retain a lawyer. YARD SALE 200 FULTON WEDNESDAY, Aug. 21—« Jo ?? Clothing and Miscellaneous Postponed is Case at Rain GARAGE & YARD SALE 1614 Beecher WED, Aug. 28-8 to 4 Assorted Small Table, Smoking Stand*. Suitcases, Misses Sweaters, Skirts, Dresses, Men's Clothing. Mifc. BACKYARD SALE 461 W. Brock* WED., Aug. 28-9 to ?? Children'* Clothing, JC n i c k- Knacks, Boy'* Winter Coat, Toys and Misc. Item*. Not Responsible fox Accident*. Uh McN 13% Lockhd 37% Mar Oil 58% Maytag 36% Min Hnywl 112V4 Minn Min 61% Monsanto 54% Mont Ward 39% Morrell 25% Nat Bis 55% Nat Can 17% Nat Dairy 64% Nat Gyps 46% Nat Ld 78% NYC 22%No Amn 53% Nor Pac 47Y4 Nor St Pwr 36V. Olin Math 42% Outbd M 11 Pac Tel 32y 4 Penney 43% Penn RR 20% Pepsi Cola 57% Phil Pet 52% Piper Air 29% Pure Oil 47 Qua Oats 68% GatMbwrg Hag Market Galesburg Order Buyers C. B. k Q. Stockyards Market 25 cents lower. Bulk of Eastern shipping hogs $16.60$16.85. Top $17.10. Quotations: 200-240 $16.35-$17.10 240-260 $16.10-$17.0t> 260-300 $15.75-$16.60 Sows: 300-500 $12.50-$15.25 12:45 P.M. Bushnoll Livestock Market is 15 to 25 cents lower. Top $17.00. Bulk and grades 200280 lbs., $16.50-$16.85; sows steady to 25 cents lower; bulking at $13$16; cattle steady; lambs, steady. Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) (USDA) — Interior Illinois hog prices (State-Federal); Receipts 18,000; butchers 25 to 50 lower; 1-3 200-240 lb butchers 16.50-17.00; 1-2 200-230 lb 16.75-17.65; 1-3 190200 lbs and 240-270 lbs 16.00-16.50; 1-3 280-350 lb sows 14.50-16.00; 1-3 35IMO0 lbs 13.50-14.50; 2-3 400500 lbs 12.50-13.00; 2-3 500-600 lbs 11.50-12.50. 16 Golesbura Regisrer-Mot I Gofesburg, Hf. Tuesday, AUQ, 27, 1963 Freeman Tells Farm Policy Philosophy WASHINGTON (UPD - Secretory of Agriculture Orville L. Freeman today called for a "truly complete, comprehensive, unified, and organized program of agricultural policy." Such a policy, he said, "must be directed toward basic goals" and substituted for "a continual patching up of old farm programs." Freeman outlined his philosophy of agricultural policy in his just- published annual report as secretary of agriculture, 1962, to President Kennedy. The 92-page report concluded with a section headed "looking ahead." Avoiding Waste Freeman said such new agricultural policy as he outlined "must assure a continued abundance, at fair and stable prices, or food and fiber, including reserves adequate to meet any foreseeable emergency, while it avoids the waste that results from production of more than we can use." Freeman said analyses of current farm problems lead to one conclusion: "An agricultural policy for today's world must be based on the principle of supply management, whereby agriculture would be provided with a means of doing, through government, what most industry does for itself when it adjusts to the amount it can sell for a profit." Points to Decrease He noted that supply management program applied by the Kennedy administration in 1961 and 62 had decreased wheat stockpiles by 150 million bushels and feed grain surpluses by 28 million tons—"while farm income has been increased by more than 10 per cent." A government program to tighten production and marketing controls on wheat was turned down in a producer referendum May 21. Freeman said the goal of supply management "is progress toward an agricultural economy sufficiently balanced so that the role of government programs and payments will progressively diminish, yet sufficiently productive and flexible to meet any needs that may arise. Cites Facts "We must recognize two fundamental facts," he said. "First, that American agriculture is producing more than we can use. Second, that the demand for food is inelastic. If income doubles, consumers may buy twice as many clothes, twice as many cars, or twice as many TV sets. But they can't eat twice as much food." Freeman said the need is for a supply management policy to manage this abundance. Dow Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPD—Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT stock averages: 30 indus 721.51 off 2 .66 20 rails 174.35 off 1.34 15 utils 143.29off 0 .86 65stocks 259.85 off 1.33 Coca Cola 102% RCA 71% Colum Gas 30% Rep Stl 39% Comm Ed 53% Revlon 46% Cons Ed 88% Cont Can 46% Cont Oil 63% Deere 68 Douglas 23 Rexall 40% Reyn Tob 38 Safeway 61% Schenley 21% Sears 94% Dow Chem 60% Shell Oil 45% Du Pont 240% Simmons 41% Eastman 110% Sinclair 48% El Auto Li 26% s ° Pac 35% Erie 3% Firestone 35% Flintkt 21% Ford Mtrs 53% Friden 42% Fruehauf 30% Gen Dyna 23% Gen El 80 Gen Fds. 84% Gen Mtrs 74% Gen Tel 27% Goodrich 54% Goodyear 38% Grant WT 25% Gt Nor 53 Sperry .14% Sq D 46% Std Bds 71% SO Cal 66 SO Ind 63% SO NJ 70% SO Ohio 63% Stude 7% Swift 40 Texaco 72% Texas Inst 84% Un Carb 108% Un El 28% Un Pac 39% Unt Air L 37% Utd Corp 8% _ . KJ I'll WJ. p U /O Greyhound 43% utd Fruit ^ Gulf Oil 49% utd Gas 383/4 Homestake 51% US Gyps 88% Hupp 7% 111 Cent 54% 111 Pwr 39% Inland Stl 43% IBM 448 Int Harv 56% Int Nick 61% Int Paper 30% Int T&T 52% US Play C 25% US Rub 49% US Stl 50% West Un 29% Wstghs Ab 29% Wstghs El 35% Woolworth 71 Yng S&T 118% Eggs and Poultry Red Rowe, Hatchery Knoxville Road, Galesburg Large clean Eggs 22c Under grade Eggs 16c Leghorn Hens 3c Heavy Hens T 7c One of the most ancient breeds of dog, the Basenji is barkless, but not mute. GARAGE SALE 92 MADISON WEDNESDAY, AUG. 28 9 to S Stroller, Toy*, good Clothing lor children, women and men. Backyard Sale 250 DAY ST. WEDNESDAY, Aug. 28 W«» Adverliied For Saturday, But Wa* Not Held Due to Rain. APPLES Mclntoih cooking apple* are now ready. Other varietie* later. H. B. REYNOLDS. ORCHARD Oneida. 111. 5% Blk* North of Pontlae garage 413-3111. FOR RENT ( ROOM RANCH To Lea«e, Attached Double Garage. Adult* Preferred. 1100 Per Month. S. Lake Storey Rd. — West End 343-1817. Backyard & Rummage Sales, etc. Must bo in our office 12 noon day before ad runs. Call 342-5161 Display Advertising Dept. Galesburg Register-Mail Chicago Livestock CHICAGO (AP)-(USDA) — Hogs 6 ,500; butchers 25 to 50 lower; mostly 1 -2 2O0-230 lb butchers 17 .25-17.50 ; 50 head at 17 .60; and around 100 head at 17 .75; mixed 1-3 180-270 lbs 17.00-17.35. Cattle 3,000; calves none; steers steady to strong; load mostly prime 1,053 lb slaughter steers 25.50; high choice and prime 9501,250 lbs 24 .75-25.25; load high choice and prime 1 ,392 lbs 24 .50; load choice 950 lbs 25 .00; part load high choice 1 ,000 lb heifers 24 .25; choice 850-1,100 lbs 23.25-24.00; good 22 .00 -23.00; utility and commercial cows 14.50-16 .00; canners and cutters 12 .50-14.50; utility and commercial bulls 18.50 -20 .00; shipment choice 950 lb feeding steers 24.35. Sheep 500; slaughter ewes steady; few lots choice and prime 90-110 lb spring lambs 21 .00; bulk good and choice 18.50-20.50; utility and good 16 .00 -18 .00; cull and utility 10.00-16.00; cull to good shorn slaughter ewes 4 .00-6.00. lbs 13.75-14.25 ; 2-3 450-600 lbs 13.2513.75. Cattle 400; choice 950-1,050 lb slaughter steers 24.00-24.50; mixed good and choice 900-1,200 lbs 23.2524.00; good 10.75-23.25; mixed good and choice 800-1,000 lb slaughter heifers 21.50-23.00; good 20.5021.50; calves 20; moderately active, vealers steady; prime 28.0029.00; choice 25.00-28.00; good 21.00-25.00. Sheep 100; choice 90-105 lb spring slaughter lambs 19.50-21.00; good 85-105 lbs 18.50-19.50; cull and utility 10.00-18.50; utility and good shorn slaughter ewes 3.005.50. Tomorrow's Estimates CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Official estimated livestock receipts for Wednesday are 12,000 cattle 6,000 hogs and 500 sheep. Markets at a Glance By United Press International Stocks lower in moderate trading. Bonds irregular. U.S. government bonds lower in quiet trading. American stocks irregularly lower. Midwest stocks lower. Cotton futures steady. Grains in Chicago: Wheat, corn, oats, rye and soybeans lower. Hogs steady to 25 to 50 lower, top 17.75; cattle steady to 50 lower, top 25.50; sheep steady, top- 20.50; dressed beef steady, top 43.50; dressed pork 1.00 lower, top 50.00. Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (AP) (USDA) Hogs 2,500; 1-2 190-230 lb butchers 17.25-17.50; 45 head 1-2 210-225 lbs 17.50; mixed 1-3 195-260 lbs 16.7517.25; 1-3 150-180 lbs 14.00-15.50; 23 260-300 lbs 16.25-16.75; 1-3 270400 lb sows 14.75-15.25; 1-3 400-500 BACKYARD SALE 141 Sumner St. WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY Aug. 28 and 2% Rain Date: Following Day. Boy'*, Girl'* 8c Adult* Clothing. Toy* and Miscellaneous. Backyard Sale 967 McClure St. Wednesday, Auguit 28 9 to ? Clothing, dilhe*, toy*, mile. Rain Date — Aug. 29. Patio Sale 380 Indiana Ave. WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY 9:00-4:30 Backyard Sale 1480 Russell Ave. WED., Aug. 28-9 to 5 Clothing it Miic. Item*. Not Responsible For Accident*. Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPD-Produce: Live poultry roasters 23-24; special fed White Rock fryers 19-20; heavy hens 17%-18%. Cheese processed loaf 39-44, brick 39-43V2, Swiss Grade A 5055, B 49-53. Butter steady; 93 score 57%; 92 score 57%; 90 score 56%; 89 score 551/2. Eggs firm; white large extras 39V2; mixed large extras 39%; mediums 30; standards 33. Front-yard Sale 764 W. GROVE WED., Aug. 28-9 to ?? Lois of DUhei, Clothing 8c Misc. Rain Dale — Sat., Aug. 31 BACKYARD SALE 940 N. Broad St. WEDNESDAY, AUG. 28 9 to 5 Men's, women's, baby's clothing. Also misc. item*. Not Responsible for Accidents. Gigantic Neighborhood BACKYARD SALE 372 Lawrence Ave. Wednesday Only — Aug. 28 9 A.M. to ? Excellent assortment of clothing — all *ize* — for the whole family. Miscellaneous item* from A to Z. Toy* for the kid* too. Don't mi** thi* onel Nothing sold before 9 a.m. Wed. FOR SALE Appr. 6,000 Ft. of Used Yawkey BUsel Vermont hard Maple flooring, VV x 2VV'. Full top cap never been sanded. Best bid takes. 2 wheeled trailer, pick up truck size. Aluminum covered weather proofed top 6' high. Misc. New' and used soil pipe and fittings. Also water pipe 8c fitting*, all size*, 1,000 gal. upright water tank with 2" valve. 5x6 tool shed. MAPLE AVE. PLANT GROWERS l 'i Block* North of Fremont. 342-6322. WARREN COUNTY LIVESTOCK AUCTION SALES. INC. LIVESTOCK AUCTION SALE EVERY THURSDAY Starting Promptly at 12 O'clock Noon. Garald B, Fisher, Owner and Manager Phone 734.2116 or 734.6611 Monmouth. IlllnoU. ADVANCE LISTINGS THURSDAY, AUGUST 29 24 Good to choice native steer and heifer, wt. from 450 lbs. to 650 lbs. 29 Choice native yearling steers, wt. around 700 lbs. 21 Choice native mixed steers, wt. around 850 lbs., fleshy. 30 Native mixed steers and heifers, wt. from 600 lbs. to 725 lbs. 75 Good to choice Hereford steer calves, wt. from 425 lbs. to 500 lbs. to sell in load lots. 75 Choice Angus steer calves, wt. from 400 to 475 lbs. to sell in load lots. 50 Choice yearling steers, wt. from 575 lbs. to 675 lbs. to sell in load lots. 100 Hamp. shoats, wt. around 60 lbs., vacc. to sell in one lot. 180 Hamp cross shoats, wt. from 50 to 75 lbs., vacc. 70 Hamp-shoat, wt. around 130 lbs., vacc. to sell in one lot. 45 Choice Angus heifers, wt. around 425 lbs. to sell in load lots. Hogs from other sale barns alii not be accepted. 125 Choice Hereford steer calves, wt. from 400 lbs. to 500 lbs. on hand at yard. 200 Choice Angus steer calves, wt. from 400 to 500 lbs. on hand at yard. 75 Choice yearling steers, wt. from 575 lbs. to 675 lbs. on hand at yard. STOCKED AND FEEDER CATTLE OFFERED AT PRIVATE SALE DAILY 150 Choice steer calves wt. from 400 to 500 lbs. on hand at yard. — AUCTIOVEEHS HABOLD 63ACKMAM MORTON PRATT Oalaibiirf Grain Market Consumers Grain ft Supply Ce. Corn $1.23 old, $1.02 new Oats $ .60 Soybeans .$2.90 old, $2.3? new DeForest Feed J* Seed Ce. Wheat $1.88 Corn $1.20 Oats $ .61 Soybeans $2.49 Grain Futures CHICAGO (AP) — Prices were mostly a little firmer today in slow grain futures transactions on the Board of Trade. Soybeans moved up about a cent in spots while the grains were limited to the minor fractional range with market influences meager or absent. Brokers said the support for soybeans appeared to include some speculative buying of long positions and some short covering. They said that the market was not pressed very hard either way. Wheat was Vs to Vfe cent a bushel lower, September $1.78%; corn unchanged to % lower, September $1.2514; oats unchanged to VA lower, September 63% cents; rye unchanged to Vk higher, September $1.29%; soybeans.'A lower to % higher, September $2.58. Final Grain Review CHICAGO (AP)—Crop reports, which were viewed as slightly bullish, attracted a broadened speculative demand for soybean and new crop corn futures on the Board of Trade and prices turned toward firmness today. Other grains continued steady to easier in a draggy trade. Brokers said the government weekly crop had not shown any significant improvement in the outlook for soybeans in Northern Arkansas, Southwestern Missouri and some other localities. Soybeans moved up more than a cent ICE CREAM SOCIAL Wed., Aug. 28 1409 E. Main Woodbine Camp of Royal Neighbor*. Ice Cream, Cake, Pie, Hot Dog*, and Coffee. Serving 5:30 P.M. Everyone Invited. FOR SALE 1957 Pontiac Four Door, Automatic. 1958 Oldimobile Four Door Hardtop. Automatic. Power Steering and Brake*. Very Good Condition. One Owner Car. 684 South Elm Street. BACKYARD SALE 1474 N. BROAD WEDNESDAY, AUG. 28 Northing Sold Before 9 Record Player, Radio, Men, women and children'* clothing and Miscellaneous. Rain Date Thursday '55 WILLY'S JEEP STATION WAGON $225 636 E. Berrien Phone 342-4705 oft aft deliveries, corn major fractions. Receipt* were: Wheat 2 cars, corn 28, oats none, rye none, barley 14, afld soybeans none. Wheat was % to Vk cents a bushel lower at the close, September $1.78! corn Vt lower to % higher, September $1.25%-%; oats % higher to tt lower, September 64 cents; rye % to 1 cent higher, September $1.29%: soybeans 1% to 3V« higher, September $2.59 %<60. Chicago Grain CHICAGO (AP)High Low Wheat Sep Dec Mar May Jul 1964 Sep Corn Sep Dec Mar May Jul Oats Sep Dec Mar May Rye Sep Dec Mar May Jul 1.78% 1.78 1.84% 1.83% 1.87% 1.86% 1.83%" 1.82% 1.57% 1.56V4 Rang* Prev. dose close 1.78 1.78% 1.83% 1.84% 1.86% 1.88 1.82% 1.83% 1.56V4 1.57V4 1.59% 1.58% 1.58% 1.59% 1.26 1.14 1.17 1.19 1.24% 1.13 1.16 1.18% 1.21% 1.20% .63 .63% .67% .66% .69% .69% .69% .69% 1.29% 1.29 1.34 1.33% 1.36% 1.35% 1.36% 1.35% 1.31% 1.30% Soybeans Sep Nov Jan Mar May Jul 2.60 2.57% 2.58% 2.54% 2.62 2.58% 2.65 2.61% 2.67% 2.63% 2.68% 2.64% 1.25% 1.25% 1.13% 1.13% 1.17 1.16% 1.19 1.18% 1.21% 1.20% .64 .63% .67% .67% .69% .69% .69% .69% 1.29% 1.29% 1.33% 1.33% 1.36% 1.35% 1.36% 1.35% 1.31% 1.30% 2.60 2.58% 2.58 2.55% 2.61% 2.58% 2.65 2.61% 2.67% 2.64% 2.68% 2.65% Ever top cooked rice with golden-brown, hot, crisp French-fried onion rings? Delightful served with curried meat or fish plus chutney. Backyard Sale 534 MONROE ST. WEDNESDAY, AUG. 28 9 to 5 Misc. items. COMPLETE TREE REMOVAL Fully Insured — Free Estimate* POWER STUMP REMOVAL OLSON'S TREE SERVICE Call Collect — Trojan 6-2103 Gilson. IU. Galesburg, 111. — 342-6234 MIXED HAY WANTED CaD or aee—Bill Bowen, care Werthelmer Cattle Co.. Inc.— CBfcO STOCKYARDS Galesburg, 111.—TeL 343-5612 TERMITES ROACHES - WATER BUGS Other Pest Control • Free Inspection and estimates • Locally owned and operated • Insured Frantz Chemical Co. PHONE 342-5713 SPECIAL LABOR DAY WEEKEND Camping - Fishing Picnics $1.50 PER CAR OR UNIT Skylark Country Retreat East of Knoxville on Rout* 150 to Apploron Corntr, South 1 Vi milos, oast 1% mi lot. FOR SALE Old Calendar Wall Clock, 1 Drug Rack, 1 Gondola, 10' long, 2 Computing Scales, 1 Toledo Meat Scale, computes to 145 lbs.; 1 Hobart Meat Scale, 1-12' Meat Case with display in front, 2 Vegetable Cases, 1 Steak Ttenderizer, 1 Meat Grinder, Walk-in Cooler, Platform Scales, 147' of Adjustable Shelving, 1 Gondola, 30' long; 2-14 H.P. Motors, Chrome Breakfast set; Single Bed with mattress and springs, Green Colonial Oid Burner, gun type; double Sink with fittings, miscellaneous items too numerous to mention. Everything will be sold at Auction Wednesday, Aug. 28-7 P.M. that isn't sold before. ERNIE PIERSON CASH & CARRY GROCERY Well Strait NEW YORK (AP)-Thft stock market was off rather sharply late today as trading slackened. Volume for the day was estimated at 4.1 million shares compared with 4.71 million Monday. Key stocks lost from fractions to one to two points. Concern over the chances of a nationwide railroad strike Thursday overhung the market, already vulnerable to profit taking because of the series of three straight daily advances. Rails were only irregularly lower despite worry about the possible strike. Fractional losses were taken by Santa Fe, Illinois Central and Southern Pacific. Chrysler was down more than a point. Ford and General Motors were down fractionally. IBM and Polaroid dropped 3 apiece. U.S. Smelting and Ever- sharp were 1 -point losers. Parke, Davis was strong, rising more than 2. Merck and Pfizer futures rose. Holly Sugar was up Sugars rallied as world sugar gained more than a point each. Texas Pacific Land and Commercial Solvents were up a point about 2. Losses of around a point were taken by Public Service Electric & Gas ex dividend) and General Electric. American Smelting was off about 2. Prices on the American Stock Exchange were mixed in moderately active trading. Corporate and U.S. government bonds were mixed. Although the tomato originated in America, it was shunned as food in the United States until about a century ago. ROOM ADDITIONS REMODELING WAYNE WEBSTER Contractor PHONE 343-1720 Trnmportntion Departure* Effective April ft ALL SCHEDULES DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME Bflritngiee, ttsiftownd 8 Fiat Mail -~.^.,...-3:08 a. 5:88 a, 10 Denver Zephyr .7:82 a. 2 Local ..«»ii »ii»»o !B0 a. 18 California Zephyr .-12:31 p U Nebraska Zephyr .**»? : <$ Bufllntfon. Wettbotind t to Omaha, Lincoln -..l -.48 a. 85 to Kansas Cit? —..—-I : 23 7 to Denver -————-3:5S a. 35 to Kansas City .-—.-3*0 p. 11 to Omaha, Lincoln ...3:10 p. 17 to California ——-6:32 p 1 to Denver —8:22 p. Santa f*. Eutbotnvl 90 Chief 4:40 a. 16 Texas Chief .6:40 a. 18 Super Chief- El Capitan* 2 S.F. Chief* _.*11:10 a. —„11:4S a. 124 Grand Canyon 2 -.20 p. 12 Chicagoan .„_-_._^.5:50 p. Santa Fo, WeSibonnd 9 K. C. Chief —. fl:3S 19 Chief .12:68 p. ..320 p. ..7:05 p. ..8:65 p. 123 Grand Canyon — 1 SJF. Chief* 15 Texas Chief 17 Super Chief- . _ El Capitan* —.-10:25 p Flagstop Otark. northbound 140 g to Chicago* — -8:S3 »• U to ^.^SoiFhb ^nV" P $ & it iSSis "-i^S I ...Except 8unday ••—Except Saturday BUS SCHEDULES Westbound To West Coast 6:30 a. To West Coast -— 1^0 p. To West Coast -—-8 -is p. Eastbonnd To East Coast 12|01 p. To East Coast ... 8*0 p. Southbound To St. Louis __.10O0 a. Northbound To Davenport —-9a0 p. fft, m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m, m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. To Peoria .1:15 p. m. YARD SALE 2307 N. BROAD WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28 9 A.M. Teen Age Clothing Miscellaneous Items Miin and Broad, Knoxville Ph. 289.2926 FOR SALE 40 BLACK CALVES, Wt. 473 lbs. 60 BLACK CALVES, Wt. 571 lbs. 20.BLACK YEARLINGS, Wt. 662 lbs. 45 WHITEFACE YEARLINGS, Wt. 714 lbs. 47 WHITEFACE CALVES,Wt. 522 lbs. 100 BLACK CALVES, Wt. 513 lbs. 22 PLAIN HEIFERS. NORTHWEST CATTLE CO. Galva, Illinois Phone 2-2158 Q Stock Yard CLOSING-OUT AUCTION SALE Thursday, August 29, 1963 JIFFY LINE DIVISION of Viola Sales and Engineering Corporation BOX S77 ROUTE 67 AND 17 PHONE 91 VIOLA, ILLINOIS SALE STARTS PROMPTLY AT 10 A.M. Everything goe* — Bates Lait Until ?? Farmor Take Notice, Everything for Farmar. ALL NAME BRAND ITEMS Flags; Hog-Pans; Post Drivers; Hog Catchers; Bike Tenders; Fence Splicers; Umbrellas; Umbrella Bracket; Power Saws; Power Sanders; Power Drills; Power Grinders; Hack Saws; Hack Saw Blades; Stock Proders; Broader Thermometers; Thermometers; Weathervanes; Key or Pin Stopk; Screw Drivers; Snaps; Pulleys; Line Tites; Hook & Eyes; Dril) Bits; Tap & Dies; Screw Extractors; Grease Guns; Pioneer Hose Couplers; Pioneer Tips; Belt Grip; Canvas Cement; Loos-N-It; Chain: Tightners; Truck Ladders; Exhaust Shields; Chain Detachers; Track Chains; Towing Chains; Oil Cans; Eed Snap'r Insulators; Hitch Pjns; Wheel Sliding Tools; Aqua-Fl«- ters; Tire Pumps; Brake Fruid; Hub City Adapters; Hub City Sleeves; Hub City Over-Running Coupler; Starting Fluid; Tarpaulins; Tapes; Socket Sets. TERMS — CASK VIOLA SALES AND ENGINEERING CORPORATION VERN NELSON, President Auctioneer—PETE BOULTINGHOUSE Clerk—WAYNE HAAS Not Responsible in Case of Accident* PUBLIC SALE OF 75 ACRES KNOX COUNTY FARM LAND Formerly Louisa Selby Form Tues., Sept. 10, 1963 at 10:00 O'Clock A.M. Sharp Sole to be held ot Knox County Court House, Galesburg, Illinois Location of Farm; Y» mile west of Maquon, Illinois, on blacktop road. LEGAL DESCRIPTION: The East 75 acres of the Southeast Quarter of Section 32, Township 10 North, Range 3 East, Haw Creek Township, Knox County, Illinois. Improvements consist of 5-room house, wash house, 28x32 hip roof barn with a cement floor, 30x36 cattle and hay shed with a cement floor, 10x34 corn crib with cement floor, round wire corn crib, 2-stall garage with cement floor, chicken house, and two good wells. THIS IS AN EXTRA GOOD FARM WITH A CHOICE LOCATION. The land is all Prairie type soil and lays level; farm is in top state of fertility. TERMS: 15% of purchase price in cash day of sale; balance on delivery of warranty deed. Possession on or before March 1st, 1964. TAXES: 1963 taxes due to 1964 will be paid by sellers, but sale will be subject to 1964 taxes due in 1965. Title Guaranty Policy issued by Chicago Title & Trust Co. will be furnished by sellers in the amount of sale price. For further information, and inspection of farm, contact the undersigned owners or auctioneers. Charles E. Selby, Blanche Courson — Owners Auctioneers: Lewis G. Marks and Michael E. Marks. Neil Ritenhouse, Attorney.

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