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California Eaglei
Los Angeles, California
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8 The California Eagle Thursday, July 23, 1959 Blanche McSmith of Alaska Porgy Dorothea Foster Guest Speaker at Annual Tea js Worth Your Mrs. McSmith was on the staff of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Red Cross, was president of the Professional Anchorage NAACP, and board member of the United Good Neighbors, Goodwill Industries. She is also team member SriveT7u5tSe University. Other active memberships include: the Voters, League of Women Samuel Goldwyns film version of classic folk opera, Porgy Bess, arrived in town a fortnight ago and we that. as they say in the trade, the ShW Wil1 a bUS.iqeSS.

While watching the preview we were practically bowled over by the vast spectacle of Todd AO-screen processing and George Gershwin's immortal of that in the role gives Anchorage Toastmistress Gorgeous Club, Anahorage Women's The photography aided and Club, American Association abetted by a new filter proc-of University Women, Cook ess made the gorgeous sepia Inlet Historical Society, the players look even more gor-Shiloh Missionary Baptist geous in spite of the fact that church and the recently they wore the ragtag garments music in stereophonic sound. formed cil. World Affairs Coui- Shriners Plan Gala Confab middlerof-the-road attitude in Aug. 16, the first day of filming the epic, perhaps in the 58th Shriner's Imperial order not to offend anyone. Council Convention being Consequently, they may of-held here in the Embassy fend nearly everyone, regard-Auditorium, is packed full less of race, creed or color, of events from a golf tour- Degrading, Say Some nament to impressive mem- There will be Negroes who orial services.

say that the Catfish Row af- Four main items are fair is degrading to the race remained on this film there planned foi1 the opening of because of the squalid, come- w9uJd iavp been-more of the the five-day convention of what-may or what-must com- original flavor of the story the Ancient Egyptian Ara- munity where the Dubose hie Order Nobles of the Mys- Heywood plot unfolds. It's like tic Shrine, whose members Skidrow in Technicolor, are high degree Prince Hall will say, and it doesn't show Masons. us in our present-day sophis- their Catfish Row. BjJt the. wealth of tajent (Pearl Bailey, Sammy Davis, Dorothy Dandridge, Sidney Poitier, Diahanh Carroll, Brock Peters and Leslie Scott play It as if it were a labor of love.

We have a hunch had director Ruben Maumoulian preserved. We say this, perhaps, in. remembering the deft job Mr. Maumoulian did in staging the-NY version of Lost in the Stars. There What people are doing these lazy summer days.

If they are like me, all they want to do is relax and then relax some more. BUT, if I did, I couldnt write about such nice people as JANE and HERBERT BRIGHT, who tossed a lovely informal patio party last Saturday night. If you want a lively (party, invite such interesting and witty conversationalists as ABIE. ROBINSON, BRAD PYE (and ihis pretty wife), ED CLAYTON of Johnson Publications (plus petite wife, BIG), JESSIE MAE VIRGINIA FUNCHESS and New Yorker ALICE GEORGE, add extra thick New York cut steaks (barbequed just right), swinging music, attractive rumpus room and you have a whaling good Yes, the BRIGHTS know the secret of giving a good party they had one. On the same evening handsome bachelor HARRY BROWN, complimented his sister-in-law, MARGARET BROWN of Kansas City, with a cocktail fete that lasted and lasted it was that good.

Sensational Plus Friday night, my houseguest, ALICE GEORGE and I joined co-worker CHAZZ CRAWFORD, as guests of Miss PEARL BAILEY at the Cocoanut Grove. MISS BAILEY and her show are slightly than sensational and I can only reiterate the words of the daily press of New York, St. Louis, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles when they say her show is the greatest of all time. This is a show you cant afford to miss. Turnabouts had a turn-a-way crowd last Sunday at the Henderson Community Center and a IT jthe girls were just that happy because they wanted OCLIl A7lt07llClftS jltlU JiXpCCtS all their friends to see the wonderful work they are doing' for the youngsters of our community New Club? Sunday afternoon was spent at the hillside home of HILDEGARDE BOSTIC for her usual hen session which always is an interesting and relaxful way to spend an afternoon Sunday or otherwise.

Chattefd with ARTIS DAVIS, LENA BARNES, RUBY JONES, GLADYS GIVENS of East Orange N.J., 'ANN ODOM and LILLIAN CAZARIAN. Others included EMMA ADAMS, ANNE MARLBROUGH, ALICE PAYNE, JOAN EMERY, SHIRLEY EVANS, MARGARET NEAL and ALICE GEORGE. Bartend-jenTparexcellance were JOE ADAMS and OLIVER ODOM. Girls are encouraging HILDY to put her wonderful club talent to use by organizing a club who knows, this might be just the nucleus for one. How bout another Rinkydinks in Los Angeles LOUISE GEORGE hosted a dinner party on Wednesday evening honoring her niece, ALICE GEORGE.

Guests included GINGER JONES, Dr. THEODORE J. SMITH ELLA REDMOND, BETTY WRIGHT and others. CASSIE HARRIS hosted an elaborate patio party for her club, the Twelve Links, on Sunday afternoon. Guests included BERNARD BLACKMAN of Dallas, Texas, IRMA WATSON, MAXINE and BERNARD THOMPSON, BILLYE and LAWRENCE DE-.

JAUN, MARILYN and JULIUS HOLDER, BESSIE GRAY and FRED and MILLIE HOLBERT. Messrs. CLARENCE SHARP and MELVIN TAYLOR will compliment their many friends with-a garden cocktail party on August 2nd. ANN ODOM will host the Doll League Club next Saturday evening. Les Petite Femmes will host the traditional Christmas in July affair on the 26th at the Kappa House.

er on Sunday, Aug. 9, at the YWCA. University of South ern California. Some weeks ago Mrs. McSmith, former resident of Los Angeles, was appointed as a member of the first State House of Representatives in Alaska.

This gubernatorial appointment was made from a group of six persons receiving the Democrat party endorsement for the vacancy. Significantly. Mrs. McSmith is the first Negro to serve in the Alaska legisla-. ture.

Mrs. McSmith, a resident of Anchorage for more than 15 years ago, moved there from Los Angeles following her marriage to William T. McSmith. an engineer. Mrs.

McSmith was defeated by less than 200 votes for the legislature last summer. She received her B.A. de-, gree from Wiley College, Marshall, Texas, and her Master's degree from the University of -Southern CalL with a major in Social Work. Before going to Alaska Tau Gamma Soiree in Pasadena Highlighting the summer social Zeta chapter of Tau Gamma Delta Sorority will hold its annual musical soiree in a the Marengo street Branch YWCA, Sunday afternoon, July 26, 4-7 p.m. Business and Womens Club at the lawn Branch YWCA, was in Alpha Gamma chapter of Alpha Alpha sorority and member of Beta sorority.

She is the president of ratio, 385 E. Imperial on Sunday, July 26. Charles E. Dare, president of the organization, a very entertaining program which will get at 12 noon and until 8 p.m. Outstanding pianist disc-jockey 88 Waller act as master-of-ceremonies and Lloyd Glenn and combo will provide the All Texans visiting city are urged to attend renew old friendships.

Presentation of the of the era depicted in a Catfish Row, South Carolina, of nearly a half-century ago. The pigmentation of the Negro's skin in Technicolor has it all over that of his white brethren, it appears. Man, were they lovely! But this big. beautiful extravaganza has a lot of defects, in this reviewer's opinion. The movie moguls-backing this huge $7,000,000 venture apparently took the tication.

Of course, brother, but it doesn't, dear remember this tale was laid some years back when the stumblebums stumbled and the gowns had backs. And Porgy's goat for movie purposes was de-odor-ized and even perfumed so as not to cause any of that big- time cast any discomfiture Get the now weigh it! High-toned, Say Others Some of the critics on the metropolitan papers have already declared that this Porgy and Bess are much too high-toned and are a real bringdown with their cultivated accents and almost Oxfordlike speeches, and that Catfish neighborhood just doesn't have the shabbiness that might be expected. They con- The Los Angeles Round Table (LART) will present Mrs. Blanche McSmith at its annual tea as guest speak Basileus Edella Beavers announced to the press this week that this year's program will be the greatest in the history of the. organization.

Outstanding personalities from the theater, music and art world, along with civic luminaries, will round out an afternoon of top entertainment. In the spotlight as MC will be Wendell James Franklin, one of California's colorful personalities. Tau Gamma Delta, has gained fame in its national programming as an organization of leading business and professional, women. Its educational program has been one of note for deserving students throughout the nation. On.

the local scene Zeta Chapter has set up its first scholarship in the field of music. Sunday will climax the year of activity of this outstanding group of women. Many of its members plan to enplane to the National Boule which will convene in Cleveland, Ohio. from Visit essaying the Bess girl all heart. No gold, But especially no brass! Poitier has such strength in the role of the crippled Porgy that he fails to arouse the proper sympathy that should be given a lame lover.

He's a beggar who never begs. He's too darned independent. So what Steal the Show Fearlie Mae Bailey and Sammy Davis along with lesser lights (and we wonder about that) Brock Peters and Leslie Scott burgled the show. They were absolute stands outs. Pearl, just being her show-business self and usings her own pipes, thieves every scene in which she partici? pates.

Sammy, Davis, the most diminutive, of the Sportin Lifes ever to essay the role, seems to realize his lack of physical stature and breathes life into pint-size Sportin' Life character with a slithering performance of the gent that's all his own and could never be duplicated by a jury of his peers. Pearlie Mae. Sammy and Brock Peters perhaps steal the show. But it is to be remem-' bored' that Leslie Scott, as Jake the Fisherman, our adopted brother, is slightly magnificent singing It Takes a Long Pull to Get There. and he is also to be applauded for his A Woman Is a Sometime Thing." Leslies is the greatest voice in the film, and Pearlie Mae is the greatest personality.

In spite of what 3ou hear, this film is well worth your pocket change. Give it a play! The fact that so many sepia actors are taking horse back riding lessons and learning how to ride the range and be a fast draw with artillery. heard about the trend for Negroes in western films and on teevee. It figures, what with BELAFONTE in preparation for an all-Negro western film to be produced by his HAR-BEL company. "don't dress" affairs.

The sleeveless dress with the cummerbund (Me- Call's Printed. Pattern No. 4836) has a four-gore, full gathered skirt. The shirred cummerbund is sewn to a shaped facing and stiffened with featherbone. Made here of shun rung, the bodice ii pale orchid, the skirt violet and the cummerbund deep purple.

The pattern for this dress also carries pieces for a three-gore slim skirt with a vent at the back. Another optional, piece is a harem panel placed in the front of the slim skirt and attached at the waistline and hem. Altogether there are only fifteen pieces in this versatile de- sign. Besides an interesting combination of colors, the home sewer may select a wide variety of fabrics, such as printed silk or cotton, polished cotton, satin, peau de soie, velveteen. The bodice might be made of lace and the skirt of crepe.

The pattern for the empire dress (McCall's Printed Pattern No. 4834) also comes with pans for a full or slim skirt. As pictured, it is made of ia pencil-striped turquoise and white pique, with solid turquoise band trim. The full skirt is four-gore and gathered. Applied bands are placed around the scoop neckline, sleeves and high waistline.

The three-gore slim skirt has a walking pleat. A pert bow may or may not be placed at the bottom of the narrow neckline. An imaginative use of color and fabric to match or contrast can make this dress a conversation piece. Not is it adaptable to summer cottons and silks but it is also ideal when made in a lightweight wool with matching satin bands for the fall and winter season. Fashion-Sewing Weekly, Tip: The right start for smare sewing requires knowing all about your own measurements.

Guesswork about this won't, do. KW wwv CALIFORNIA EAGLE TASfflOMTIONS SEW-YOUR- OWN WARDROBE CAN BE FILLED rvvwv WITH ALL-OCCASION FASHIONS! tend that 'the tenants illustrious neighborhood are too scrubbed in this ver- sion, and therefore. belie the authenticity of the true tale, Cant be. helped, you kiddoes. As they said in Ellington's Jump fpr Joy, it seems that Uncle Tom's Cabin is a drive-in now.

Get the message? WORK with it! So, now back to the flicker, and our opinion, this. is the way it- plays: The film does lose the intimate quality of the stage presentation, and somehow under the direction of bold bald Viennese Otto Preminger, just doesn't get down to the nitty gritty the way the New York actors played were not enough shadings here. Bess is best known as a trampish sort, of a gal who reforms herself later in the story. Miss Dandridge is beau-' liful, but never gives Bess the flavor of a tramp. Basically, she's all sweetness and light from the beginning, like just a mixed-up kid; you know.

We don't find fault with Miss Dandridge as much as we do with. Mr. Preminger. He made her a believable Carmen Jones, but he fell down on his Bess. No Brass Dandridge does a poignant but that's just the trouble.

We have been made to know that beneath the breast of every babe who is employed in the world's oldest profession, there beats a heart of gold. But Dandridge minute- that men aren't involved in the problems of a don't dress" invitation. Does it mean a dark suit and white shirt or slacks and a open-cbllar sport shirt? In the end, of course, he wears what best complements what his 'lady is wearing. In the meantime, the question of what to wear still has to be answered. The idem is to look like -a' party-goer without oyerdoing it, to be prepared for the party turning into a cook-out or a record session with all the guests sitting ott the floor.

Wearing just the right dress, isn't ms much of a problem as. it might at first appear, McCall's Pattern Books ore full of easy-to-make styles that lend themselves. beautifully to the ALL-OCCASION. FASHION Empire dress with gathered fair-gore skirt Is hand trimmed at coop, aeckliae. sleeves 'aad waimliae.

Perky bow Ip the trim fabric is flaiohiag loach to aeckliae trim. This dress may also bo made le a slim-akirted verslos. Ideal lx liaea, prlated ilk or cottoo, ahaatmig, smrah or polished eottos. McCall's Patters 4834 ia Misses' sixes 10-18. 75.

a BELL SMALLWOOD' Wood- active Omega Kappa honorary Sigma the highway announced underway last and will his music. the and club's annual award will be made at 2:45 p.m. The award is given annually to some person for outstanding commu-. nity service. Reception Fetes Recent Bride The recent wedding reception honoring Mr.

and Mrs. Alfonso Price was held at their spacious home at 2202 West boulevard. Miss Frances a teacher in the schools of Oklahoma City, and a sister of the bride, flew out for the occasion. Assisting hostesses at the reception were Mmes. Eva Mae James, Lucille Horne, Jewel Price, Susie Mae Pope and Misses Alfreda Parker and Fatsy Webb.

Mrs. Price (Druetta J. McCabe) will rontinue to use her firm name of Druetta J. McCabe Realty Company at 5962 S. Normandie avenue.

to DAZZLING! smraac cl jV CO. 3510 Olive St St LeuU. Mo The Shrine 7th annual golf tournament. will kick-off the round of festivities at West- ern Avenue Golf Course. The first golfer will tee off at 8 a.m.

The event is open to both men and women amateur golfers. As in previous years trophies will be awarded winners in all divi- sions by Herbert Wright of the Philip Morris Company. Special awards will be given this year for the best dressed golfer. Marshall Johnson, Pittsburgh. Imperial Director of Athletics, has also announced the inclusion of a special Shrine section in the golf tournament.

Plans are completed for an 18-hole medal play event for both Nobles and Daughters with trophies being awarded to the winners and runners-up in each division. Additionally, the golfing tournament, according to Johnson, includes the reduction of Shrine team members from a high of five to three members. He also points out that a Shrine Temple can enter as many golf -teams as it might desire. Other events scheduled by the Athletic Department during the week's convention will include the annual Bowling Tournament and a Kard Karnival. The bowling event is planned for Tuesday, Aug.

18 at the Western Bowling Center. Play will get underway at 9 p.m. The Kard Karnival will be held at the Alexandria Hotel. FORTSMITHIAN The Fortsmithian Social and Charity Clubs annual picnic will be held Sunday', July 26, at Griffith Park in the Pepper Tree Lane section. All Arkansas visitors are welcome to attend.

Tom Wails is president and Ros-coe Williams is club reporter. This Is the St or for Year A man's Clothing and -Haberdashery Store Dedicated Exclusively to BIG MENS FINE APPAREL! See our NEW stock of Suits Sporl Coals JACK BIEBER'S BIG MAN'S Shop un rrtrte-r-r Jrffiu. nM OL Mill OPIN TMUIS. SYI NINOS By Evelyn Cunningham Whena hostess of a party says mean less the affair is formal- or is specified as a Bermuda shorts party, don't dress" is interpreted as everything from a casual shirtwaist dress, to. a strapless cocktail number.

The trouble with don't dress" parties is that the lady guests are always in doubt as to what they should wear, what the others will wear and whether or not they, will be the only ones there id the type of dress they decide to wear. And don't think for a FASHION RIGHT. ell caeioos to the fall-skirted dress with scooped neckliae aad shirred camnethnd. Slim skirted of this dress may also be made with optional harms panel attached at the float waistline aad extending to the hem of the shirt for dressier occasions. Bodies may bo made In contrasting or matching fib rics.

Make it yosr own la printed ollk er eottoo, ahaatmig, poll shod eoltoa or satin. McCall's Pattern 4836 la Misses' sixes 12-18. 75. about her teaching appointment in France. If she likes it she plans to remain there indefinitely.

She leaves soon; and is the only local Negro teacher selected, by the way. Youth Band Planned at Bowie Post Benj. J. Bowie Post of the American Legion announces the organization of Unit 04-34 Kadets of America. This organization is to be composed of between the ages of 9 and 16 years.

Plans are in the making for a drum and bugle corps, rifle team, drill team, has-, ketball and track team, with a unit in each section of the city. 1 All churches, organizations and community centers interested are asked to contact the commander of Kadets for further information. Especially needed are young men 16 to 18 years of age to serve as instructors of the group's various activities. For further information contact Col. Slayton H.

Kennedy III, at 2675 S. Arlington avenue. Phone RE 4-5284. Visitors Enroute to Hawaii Visit Friend Mrs. Wyolene Mallard of Detroit and Mrs.

Minnie George of Charlotte, N.C. were recent visitors to the-city when they stopped enroute to Hawaii. Mrs. MallaTd is the cousin-in-law of Benjamin F. Mallard, salesman for the Bud-weiser Brewing Company, and is also a sister-in-law of Mrs.

Bernice Riley of this city. Mrs. George is the wife of Dr. C. George of Johnsoi (L Smith University.

Rheba Lassiter, Mt. Clair, N. school teacher. Is visiting her cousin, Nique Edwards, in Pasadena. Mrs.

M. Josephine Harris, a member of the New York school system for the past 30 a is visiting her nephew, Phil Gordon. (Continued from Page 7) Brownings, amused at our zealous itemizing of their recent anniversary as their 49th, put aside their eggshell thin teacups to laugh and tell, me it their 46th, if its all the same with me. Beckoned a Houseful In WilfandePp during Saturday's after-the-wedding champagne-lng for, and. to, the newlywedded William Collinses (Frank! Mae Bond), Kate Garcia confides her joy about her 707-to-the-Atlantic seaboard reservation being okayed that morning.

She's mapping a rigorous but. gosh-darned way-out sounding travel Geraldine Harrison beckoned a Sat. afternoon houseful of relaxed friends, hen party style. Jimmy Kaiser has asked friends in Frid. night to his cousin, visiting them from St.

Loo. Of course theres no telling by reading time, but Bill Cummings was chewing his nails the other a.m. trying to decide on a flying trip to Argentina via the West Indies. His kids are in camp for the sumhier; my guess would knowing Bill, he will go, na-. turally.

Spontaneous Like spontaneous combustion, Edna' and Merritt Co-' hen rounded up folks for Thurs- night hoedown built around their ole pal, Jodie Cooper; their Hammond organ- got swung out on but righteously. The Jimmy Lucases have friends in Sat. for1 Jodie while her hostess Esterline Powell with Gladys Lott and a mob of pals are Sun. lunch preceding Jodie's mad dash to catch her 5 p.m. plane home to Manhattan.

Joelene Bristow, Girl Scouts activities director supervises volunteers), weekended from her Catalina Island desk long enough to hug her husband Joe (he's working on his M.A. locally), and entertain old school chums, summer-visiting. You knew Ernest Shelby Jr. married? The Frank Caines (Hilda) were Frid. (his birthday) dinner hosts to Mrs.

Carol Bolling and the Geo. Holloways of Williamstown, N.J.i theyre visiting the Sheppard Happy is Adelaide Barker Would you trade an hour for hair like thia professional model's One hour ia all it takea for Godefroys Larieuse Haircolor to bring back youth to gray, dull or faded hair! Everything you need io in the famoua red box. Get Godefroy'a long-lasting Larieuae owl 1. Mix capsula eon-tants and liquid. 2.

Apply to hair witii applicator. 3- Lat develop 1 1 than shampoo, GODEFROY MFG. KAAAAAAAAAAAAA A A A A i.

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