California Eagle from Los Angeles, California on July 7, 1949 · 2
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California Eagle from Los Angeles, California · 2

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1949
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K hV --' 2 The California Eagle, Thursday, July 7, 1949 Golden State Mutual Agents In Second Annual Convention i The S n DD E W A 1L K (Conti nued Pag 1) archy who feasted on the cream while they, the rank and file, grot the skimmed milk. . Mr. and Mrs. Leader. The youth of the nation call upon you to act in the interest of their freedom. They cannot keep faith with your deep concern over un-American activities which stalls with Communism and ends with a denunciation of everything: progressive, such as that promulgated by Henry Wallace and the Independent Progressive Party. They read the story of 16-year-old Edwina Johnson and her brother Marshall, 15, who made a trip south and learned the hard way that things are different in Alabama than they are in Newark. X. J. Edwina and Marshall violated the Alabama State segregation laws when they refused to take a rear seat on a city bus in Montgomery. The two New Jersey children were hauled into court where young Marshall told the . Alabama judge that the bu driver, S. L. Law', kicked his sister off the bus when she was hesitant about leaving. Presiding Judge Wiley ignored the boys testimony and told him that These are the kind of things that cause trouble. I dont know the law' where you carw from, and I dont care. You violated the law of Alabama. Its a good law. and I am in favor of it. And regardless of your feelings, you are going to abide by it. After a tongue-lashing the two children were paroled to their father, Edward Johnson, of Newark, who had come to their aid, and they were hustled back to their home in New Jersey. This sort of thing reminds me that Negro leaders who have loads of criticism for Robeson, who stands against such atrocities against the American youth if he happens to be of Negro extraction, have nothing to say for .themselves when such crimes are committed. I ask you, who claim to be the leaders of our Negro people, who can get columns of space in almost : every newspaper and reactionary magazine in the country, when you speak commisseratingly of offenses such : as these, when you speak at all, I ask you how much j space can you or anyone else get when reporting such conduct and condemning both judge and bus driver? But then here is the other side of the picture, a side which shows the youth all over the country, Negro and - TTw.T'rmwr white, rising up and are uniting against dicrimination, : 1 HI K( ) 1 I XI I I V segregation, and all the other atrocities that have been - J v-1yX1vX 1 y X X X committed against the Negro race in the name of neces- t. . - T sity and compromise. iDFSlnF S ASSTIKAiVi K Recently in North Carolina a student committee de- ilkJU Ullii cided to ask the University of North Carolina's trustees: r -r TTTnTn to admit a Negro student to a school. rntlXl Fill Il,h I.HIhh If that move fails, it was decided at a meeting- v-JjXvXJ VjXXXXjX sponsored by the Non-Partisan Committee for Harold j Epps. the matter will be taken to court. I i Continued from Page l) (unbridled police brutality. Debate developed later over a proposal that the conditions for the people of Los Worton. who cornea highly rec-a tip taken tn flnvernor Scott Angeles. The committee is trying to get Epps, of Asheville, ! Since this scandal has been a Negro law student at North Carolina College, Durham, broi,ht to light, into the University law' school. Thirty agen' from the California offices of the Golden Sta'e Mutual Life Insurance Company met m Los A r.gele over the pas! wee end in the Record Annual Convention of the Goiden State Agency Club to conduct a wrk shop on their craft and elect state officers and hear addresses from their own and the companys officers. Saturday af'emoon. at the close of the third eight hour day of very husy sessions The agents re-elected LaMarr Shipp. Mrs. Christine Thome and Roy Spenser. all of Los Angeles. President. Secretary and Treasurer respectively and elected Anthony Hilliard. of Berkeley, first vice president. Clarence Martin. San Francisco. asistant secretary, and Marshall Reed and Edward Ford of Los Angeles, second vice president and business manager respectively. The convention came to a brilliant close Saturday night af'er a banquet honoring visiting delegates to which also company officials were invited guests. All sessions were held at the Last Word Club. Ike Adams, president of the local club was toastmaster. The convention was called to order at 10 a m. by president LaMarr Shipp for the first plenary session. The welcome address was given by Mrs. Christine Thorne, the only member of her sex among the delegates. At noon Floyd Covington. Executive Director of the L. A. Urban League ad dressed hf rr.tir.g - s.. ject of Kmplojer. F p -e laticmsh.pc The :e- ' f err-.vr. w !- 'p ar.d corr.mioe; Friday rnorr:-.; wa .igh.t e"l ry an adir'. -:;.e and the Cos, of Li.::; -v - John scr. a district : of The company ar.d a -.e-egate Ruse!l C.reerfie , J i'..r.ed ar.d discussed "Sta-:.: of Excellence of Field r; -.tat .as age:: : r. w . ,i t tie prtnc.pal -f vr delivered at 6 p r :-j A Beaver Jr. cha.rman cf The Golden Swe Mutuas Bim,-..! H;s subject w.-.s "Yo..r Bu-.-ess !f Our Busine-s" which "as well received r me deiegatrv The Saturday ses-ion rogan at S a.m. wrh corr.'-.;ttee rep-v' The high light of the rr.-':t' was a par.ei liiM-us. t i-f the subject "The Fse.d K.p;eerta live and Pur He Relations" which was led h Mrs. Verrer The company s Di:e-. T..r of TubJic Reiarions. On me pare! w-m he; were delega'es Ni-.w'r, Raver of Frisco. Marsha.l Reed of ,n geles and An'hur.v H:',.':a:d of Berkeley. At the closing banquet Norr-an O. Houston president of he c-vrr.-pany. preseiited awards to field representatives who rompeed for them m a contest set up and pro moed by the Agency t'lub ner the past three months. Most o? the sessions were presided oer by Emerald Smith of San Fran cisco. Education On Home Hazards Planned Here Hot weather h.ari will b; a" arsed m an educational cam-' paigt this Juy by the city hea th department. D H. C. Pul-; chief av;sar.T ci healthy officer announced today. The program will be carried; on m cooperation with the Lo: Angeles chapter of the Nationals Safety Council, which is sptm-s a vear around "Home soring - .... , Safe Home" drive to cut down; household dangers Dr. Pull ' M' ! H.-me vx-;de".?s are actually , taking more chi.ctren s livea in-I-o A r geles than are oommur.i-j cable diseases We can prevent, t.sease through hg:enic prac-t.oe. immunization anvl medical treatment But to stop home accident! we hae one one wea jv'n education to remove the nararrts " Dr. Pul.ev said. Curtain Call (Continued from Page 1 ommended. and who has under taken his difficult task with the t)m California : support and respect of all docent' Eagle has boon deluged with ' elements in the city could easily , , , , , calls to launch a clean-un earn- be misled into believing that his C. O. Pearson, Durham attorney for the National pajjrn a campaign that will in- task in the Negro community is officials to dose down the petty sin dena. Ret rich Whila this is a routine police eluding the opposition group. Arthur Warren, 26-year- quick off" the taxpayers' money, duty, it is not the immediate; o!d Raleigh. N. C., veteran, presided. jThe Eagle is calling upon the problem. ! Pearson declared that the states policy of sepa-; ministers, civic leaders and cit-: What is needed is an Imme-rate and equal institutions for the races is economically i-enry to join in this fight to diate cessation of police terror-: unsound. ! clean up our city. ism. and a pledge from the chief Its coming, whether you like it or not. in spite of I What will the attitude of the of police that it will never again all that any leaders, Negro or white, can do to the con-!npw chicf of pohee he on bru- be tolerated. The best way to trar jtality in the Negro community? achieve this, one spokesman has And when that great day cornea, the Neg-ro leaders t oueaMon is im the lipa of i,J'hi ff" will hut. their heads in ahame that they ever opposed d"'u uphe.e nof a r-.i-o iltolice department and the re- question but rather one of con-ivelations of graft, corruption cern every Negro citizen. and systematic beating and intimidation. Recalling that Mayor A. Alexander, at present the pas-: tor of Bethel A.M.E. Church. Indianapolis. Ind.. and for the past year with his other son. William Alexander. Jr., and daughter-in-law. Virginia, at whose home he passed away. Last riles will he said for Dr. Alexander Friday at 1 p.m. at the Second A.M.E. Church. 43rd and San Pedro Place. Dr. Jessie L. Glover, pastor. Rev. John Alexander, of Ind ianapnlis. is hastening to I.os Angeles to attend the funeral of his father. Angelus Funeral Directors are in charge. A granddaughter. Mrs. Lorvo Wormley. of Phoenix. Ariz. and a grandson Wm. Alexander, of New York City, also survive to mourn their loss. Well Known Resident Undergoes Operation Mrs. Ann R Berry, who was rushed seriously ill to the general hospital where an emergency operation ws performed is now convalescing at home and on the way, we hope, to complete recovery. Mrs. Berry, a capab'e business woman and a long time reident of this city, has for the past five ears creditably and sue ressfully operated the South Park Hotel at Jefferson and San Pedro Sts. Having alwavs akrn an ar tive part in church, cimc ar.d social life, it is earnestly hoped by her many friends and ',e community at large that she will soon he restored to prrnarnerf health Patrick McGinnis COMMITS BIG MURDER NOT WAITING FOR THE G OVER N WENT lo remove "Regulation W." Tat McCtnnU txk the situation into hand and; corr.mitred the greatest form of; who5esa murder that Southern! Ca :i forma has ever experienced. Tat." an excaper from ''Patton" j The Nt House i rrav be an at; the corner of Mrh and Figueroa j street where he conducta hlai Auto Farm '' Believe it or not. heie is one son of Ireland who "Grows Good Car and Always raise a bumper crop Adv.) White Man Saved Continued from Page 1) dance hall where a donee ws In progress. Negro and white policemen sent to the scene, threw a protective cordon about Werst who was hurried from the scene In a police car. The angry crowd muttered threateningly and hurled rocks at the police .ar. "Don't come bock here, er we'll move you eut fee geed." some of the would-be lynchers shouted. i The wounded girl it in the hna pits', suffering from a fractured jaw and head injuries. A total of gWi men. women and children me death hv drowning in the United Mares during 134R The so-called cream-filled or custard filled pastries, and such pork products as mild-cured ham have caused frequent cases of food poisoning in summer. I. P. P. Picnic (Continued from Page 1) jU liter 13 riq hier SKIN And egg races, and sack races, and field events. There was community singing. And there was ! speaking, although only a com-paratively few seemed to listen to the inspiring reminder that jBowron has stubbornly refused to act on any of the reported brutalities, most of the citizens are in favor of finding out now before a permanent appointment is made. They point to the conference temporary chief William Worton Conference (Continued from Page 1 Los Angeles: Dr. Carlton Good-lett. publisher of the Sun-Reporter and head of the San Francisco Chapter of the NAACP: Israel Epstein, author and authority on the Far Fast: Rev- Ghe forces which fought the har 'vth councilman Edward rranfl' nrrrjrk Lane. San Fran-Revolution are toriav in spirit Royhal regarding the Mexican ; fighting the same evils which community, and many of them ; threaten to engulf our land. fpar ,his is an indication that Everyone was too busy shaking be old policy will prevail re hands with friends that they hadnt seen for ages." Saying i Hello. and talking about what ( a wonderful day it was. Don't let too-dark skin spoil ycNir rhancM Finally, there was dancing, for romance and love . . . try Dr. FRED When the moon came over the : Vount1an' risinR Just in fr"nt hack euarantee. the clubhouse, voung and old back guarantee. Af AM Drug Sfaras . . 25c mud 50e ID Rasim oung ! gathered in the big ballroom in carding Negroes, or else the Mayor will, invite certain Negroes who srood with him on the previous whitewash to confer with Worton. thus him the wrong slant. Un-Healthy Condition I The California Eagle has long regarded the hahavior of cisco Theological Seminary: and David Jenkins, director of the California Labor School leading the discussion. Saturday. July 16. beginning at 1:30 p.m. panel discussions will take up The Economies of War and Peace" The Far East giving anfj World reace and U. S.S.R. Foreign Policy and the United N.vions " Saturday night a reception and dinner vvi.l be tendered 1 Dovtt&::Strea$tfi SKIN WHITENER 7 aa er J the house, or on the g grass sorne policemen toward Negroes Mud Russell and Israel Epstein outdoors, and danced. Square an indication of a -.nerally dancing. Jitter bugging. Be-hop-ping. The dreamy waltz. I When the last lingerers turn-. ed homeward, about 10 p.m.. ! that question was answered by thousands of enthusiastic IPrers. 1 BENEFIT BY THIS GOOD NEWS COMBINATION YOUR HOMI TOWN RARER fivM rw emphtt, dpadMa local nows. Yaw aaad ta koaw aN Hat I al aa wkara yaw Uva. at yaw lira alia ia a WORLD wkara Mg avaal ara la ka aiakiag avawta wkkk caa aitaa aa mock (a yaw, la yawr fak, yawr kama, yawr fwtwra. For awHBtrwctfva (apart aad iatarpra tariawa a aaHawal aad iatama-Naaal am, (kata i aa ak(itw(a far THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR. lajry Mm kaaaftts a katag bait tafarmaf lacaWy, aaMawaRy, IwNraafiawatty wkk yaar local paper and Tim Ckrtsrtaa Sclawca Mawitar. LISTEN Taaaday algkt avar ABC rtaHawa la Tkr CkrlaMaa Sclawca Maaltar View Mm News. Ail wm tki twwpaw day far a special la-fredoctary iwkcHptias. $ rm m Tka CkrlrHa Sciawca Maaltar Omu, Hmway Si, ia(aa 15. Maw. U.1A. Plaam Nrt am aa htirtwdwy akacrlpMaa la.Tba CkrtrMaa Irlaaca Mawitar It bwna. I aaclam L unhealthy condition in the police department, and has called this to Mayor Bovvron's attention. The police commissioners, who were also informed about police behaviour have failed to date to initiate a single productive investigation of un- . , warranted assaults and beatings The County Executive Board of by poiji-rmen. inn .i -- 1 of How much the Mayor and the 7 police commissioners are to blame for the scandalous actions who are arriving from New York to take part in the Conference. BROADWAY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION of Los Angeles STATEMENT OF CONDITION. JUNE 30. 1949 ASSETS Loans on Real Estate Interest Receivable Leans Secured by Shares OF the Association Fed. Home Lean Bank Stock Cash on Hand and in Banks Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Miscellaneous Assets $1,860,683.83 2. 875.98 2,807.05 27,200.00 142,734.11 11.524.12 3,570.61 LIABILITIES Investment Shares $1,394,545.05 Dividends On Investment Shares 17,265.00 Advances From Federal Home Loan Bank 325.655.00 Loans In Process 195.491.71 Miscellaneous Liabilities 59,464.12 RESERVES AND SURPLUS Spccdic Reserve 6,718.41 Federal Insurance Reserve 20,600.00 Undivided Profits 31,656.34 TOTAL $2,051,395.70 Member of TOTAL $2,051,395.70 LOAN LEAGUE CALIFORNIA SAYINGS AND LOAN LEAGUE AMERICAN SAVIN';? AND LOAN LEAGUE FEDERAL HrME l'AV BANK SYSTEM FEDERAL IWP.AMT CORPORATION UNITED STATES SA INGS AND LOAN I.FAGUE NATIONAL SAVINGS AND Alabama Was the picnic definitely WAS. J the IPP thanks the members of the picnic committe. the ( volunteer workers, and the : generous donors of prizes, food, transportation facilities, etc. which made the picnic such a huge, success. I Members of the i Continued from Pape It both Negro and white in his establishment. Although the groups were separated, the night-riders burned a cross near the building and gave Marshier a sound drubbing. In Clay County. John Henry o feertain police officers will he McCiCSers. a Negro and father of unearthed by the grand jury, six children was beaten into ur.-hut no evidence before the grand consciousness by a hand of hood-jury will restore the lives of ed hoodlums w ho accused him of cor. "(ttee Augustin Salcido and Herman going with a woman other than $25.00 Costs Only 50c a Month BRING IT IN LOANS ON MOST ANYTHING Jewelry, Silver, Furs, Cameras, Typewriters, Instruments, Etc HILL ST. LOAN GO., 354 SO. HILL ST. are: Finance: Mrs. Ann Klowden. Burns, two martyred victims of his wife. : Mr. Ed Klowden. and Miss : Helga Wolfe; Food: Mrs. Ada I Berman. Mrs. Lucretia Brey. Mrs. ! Agne Kazie. Mrs. Pearl Paule. i Mr. Joe Steinberg. Mr. Jack i Berman. Mr. Joe Jurlin. Mr. ! Manny Myers. Mr. Joe Seldon. land Mr. Art Takei; Kiddyland: Mrs. Henrietta Moody. Mr. Bill : M o r g e n s t r n, ard rs. Sol ; Simon; Athletic events: Mr. I Norman Potash and Mr. Jerry i Schnitzer: Midway. Mr. Maury 'Mitchell and Mr. Irving Zanger; Pool. Mr. Fred Morden:. Posters. Mrs. Mildred Alexander. Mrs. : Mildred Alexander. Mrs. Sylvia ; Blankford. Mr. David Rosen. Mr. ; i Merle Shore. Miss Adele Uretsky. ! : Miss Herta Urkovit. and Mr. Ren Wilks; Gates and Parking. I.P.P. Trade Union Committee. i The message the I.P.P. left, in keeping with the spirit of Inde-j pendence Day. was: For a ! prosperous America in a peace- -i ful world. we mutually pledge, to each other our Lives, our Fortunes! and our Sacred Honor.- o filtfSDO NOW... THRILLING NEW LOOKS FOR YOU Smeot&cx Soften... USE THIS AMAZING CREAM Your skin can look shades lighter, smoother, softer! For now. famous Black and White Bleaching Cream is 3 times stronger than before. 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