The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on February 24, 1914 · Page 6
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 6

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1914
Page 6
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6 THE PANTAGRAVH BLOOMINGTON ILL, TUESDAY MORNING. FEBRUARY 24 1911. prjrjstctans ants Snrgcong J. W. FULWILER. M. D. Physician & Surgeon Dlseanes of Women Confinements Rooms 4U2-3 People Bank nidg. t PAUL E. GREENLEAF Physician and Surgeon 8T-S8 GR1E9HI1M BLDG. BOTH rHONES ItESIDKNtE, V. M. C. A. Orrics noi ns 10 to 12 a. m. ; 3 to 4 ami 7 to 8 p. m. Office Phone: Kew 8066, Old U W Uoura: 9 to Wert, and Sat. until i B. Y. BOYD, M. D. CHRONIC, STlMeiI AND NBR.VOUJ DISEASES rt North Main St. litoomlngton, III. DR. PEARL S. WATERS DISEASES O? WOMEN AND CHILDREN. CONFINEMENTS. BSnilW fnltf Builillnif. Residence Phone lefll-Y DR. II. W. ELDER. Physician and Surgeon lHOrltleini RM. Ktnlocti Thone 15M J, lioun 1)13 n. tn , 2 4 ) p. m. ANNIE E. KELSO. M.D. SPECIALIST IN DISEASES Or WOMEN Offleetionr at the Klo Banltarlnm. 8J7 North Main-it., from 9 to 11 a. in audS to 4 p. in. DR. P. L. NOGGLE FRACTK'lt CONFINED TO EYE. BAft, NOSR ANU THROAT UfOrleahelm Hblg. Klnloch TOI-J GEO. B. KELSO. M. D. ppeeitllst In .iira-rr and Disease of Women ractte. limited to otTle and anltarlum worn ard consultation. orOe hour from ) to 1 1 atTue llelao Manllarlnm. and from 1 )to4:JJ w. m. In in Units building. DR. A. R. DA COSTA nnitassiai svit.mso tlV1Y.III.ADrKR.r.FNlT" tRIKAttV lin BICTAL PItEAKij. OISKASES op WOMEN. Administration of tn for Blood Poison. DR. RALPH D. FOX Practice I.lmttel to Diseases ot Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat ti-tivnityHig. ni.txiMivoTox. ill. icrm tt. fiffr jm obabohrer FIFER & DOURER Attorneys lOMoeanitMik-iM iirn.i'isn Unhitcctt. arthuiTpillsbiry Architect aK'TNTII Finn", ffOPM" BANK UL-ILDISlI A. T. SIMMONS Architect CiEO HKFl.I. HARRIS, A-ieli Ifl t rir.i Vatlone, Bank Building (Tsttopiith DR. W. LrATKINS Osteopath I'XITV Bl'iLWNil DR. J. D. CUNNINGHAM Osteopath. tC XI tlVINOxToN BVII.rilN Unlock Pont ow. ?"!.: HeaiJene. r0 Dr. DAUGHERTY Ac MANTLE Osteopath rropi.. ian'K nrii.niNa DR. CHARLES P. HANSON Osteopath rtftiranr.iM 1 lilMl fiwu 1 DtltliMS. DR. II. C . Dentist 4011 nICIU!N llVII.PtXn lfilliTON II.U DR. JAMES G. BF.ESLF.Y Dentist Kpria Attention to t hi: ree e T" a tit II cirie!!ni ! "t Uln ars pkooa rrvt. The Peoria AiM A Prfiilr Stulnriaa (or tdt butaeal tl ERV0 tllbEs& UQL'OR i DRLC HABIT ? mWi mM. FUwif SlilpnW SftB. lxtt tl Vf Stalt ( IWnV D.K1- DH CIO W. WCHH1. lm Ckt 4 Mricil Suf, Prtm Sitlt HmaL Ml.. H0U.SL OWNIR. JOHN S. LEHMAN re f , a m KLirt HIILD 10 AM I.UCK dssuai ln Men lest 0y !ssusk w. h. muhi :. :::.,:v lS TLSILO IF15 (UNOINC A.LWAITE. Optometrisl MI.SS IMIfV mt ; N. M. CAMPBELL rva rror Insurance an retail l.t4itwt li... -i t a.n n n -s 1. R. LOUDON Eagle Machine Vorks PLUMBING IT LAM AJD HOT WAIT X lu.ATlNQ cas rni;.; UrfCD STOCK OP GA IIXIL ai.S MACIin Wt-HK If ALL KINDS A SPMlALir 0TM fHONCeV. LOCAL NOTICES Culd-Ro will' break up your bad Cold. Cornelius Kalalur for police magistrate. Vote? for Cornelius Kalahar for polit e mug tat rate. Iroi't forget to vote for Cornelius Kaluhnr for police magistrate. A 2wc box of Cold-co will brenk up Jour bad oold. Auk your drugfflst. ' -Tickets for Washing-ton theatftr, sold by Indies ot o. It. C., postponed to Tuesday. .March 3. Red Letter Day. Wcdiired.iy mill he Ited Ieftte.- Dav at tlie lim White Htorc. t'omn act VOUf cntll 11 irnnrl fnr ton A'. II stamp fro. It will help you fid your hook. Jte.'d our ad. In Wednesdays paper for rxtn stump offora. TODAY'S ATTRACTIONS. MAJESTIC "The Iron Master." Matinee and night. But Few See "Papa Nitseht." only a small slued nudlence, hraved the weather to attend the Gentian play, ''fnpa Nitrite," given at the Chat-terton licit night by the St. Louis German 8tork Company, but those who came out were treated to an enjoyable performance. The play ta a comedy-dratna with many amusing situations and the company have, to the writer, all the ear-marks of belli a capable company of player!". lit night's prwntlne; oonipanv used a prompter's box. a custom wild to he quite common In Kuropenn cities, but a novelty in American theHters. In a box nr booth built so that h- can not he wen by the audience, and racinir the aciora. stunda a uromnter thruout the entire peiformimre r-adv to come to the lewue of itnv who may fail to remember their lines. The ompany played well and It I t,, be reereited that So rapahlc an oryani-Katmn should not have had more lib- tral patronage. Tie Chatterton will be dirk the re mainder of th week, until Saturdav niirbt, when Willis Swcatnum 111 the laiik-hahle fan e "V.xi use .Mr." Is the bllle, attraction. "Fruits of Vsnjeanc" at Cutis Today. This Is a rriatiou:il drama of the cirrus "iired at an extra nul. A pi. :i.i, that t ! you Adv. "The Iron Matttr" at Majsstie. "The Iron Master" Compinv. book- e. at I lie Majestic for the llrst three das of the wk. ere snow-bound on the Illinois nesr Kenl.k fmni taii- exlenlav mornln- until l.tte lusi mhi. reenie. any p rf, ru. inr.. at the pi iv hnite yester- !', oltho fair irowila vislird the the ater wrh tlir .ei lr ;i"n of serin the pre. iln, in n The rompnny will open ivltn to '.is h mat in . PETER KREIDER DEAD. Formae Resident ot Bloom, ngtoei E p.rea at H. Homa in Arnaoy at Ago of SO. Word r-ailied tins It ;rt.rdv of K.a Jej-.h of l'eter Krt dr. a f'-rin- r tilooni;iirtun rcsiJ-nt, whbh ocir-rel at hla homo In Ami- y Sstordiy. The (,n-ril ITIIIVI rre held .t,r. djy nfte-tiuoo. Mr. a about ,oi ers of ae and Is aurit J bj lit ife. a Is HI aloiif t 'utd o, .m l several sirs -d tlnuahteta. .Mr. Ur. ; :. r d ilt a Ins r- sid nre net w.ta enitilu ed as a marhirifl la the C. a A. hi.j.. lM b f IMi atout tveu:. fi.e -etra ao. Me vi, be reic.em .rr- d I v Risnt ' f h ..Mir r"id riis at -I tie tew iif bis dT. lea .11 u..a!..;i fa- .1 Ptr Malita a M l, - t-e. r-t irv iuun cf the C'tn-ineri iii I'l b. I la l ee i bne fot the l.iM trt f..ltl c or ! f.-r t'ie I .;.H,i,ii.k, l,er. hbh a pi liehid lot '' TI.e I, tile pir h.i" tnaile a K'eal tut arnona t.e lo s.i.-ss tnen o te an. manv are rrot- (r.a r..pi.- t.i .-iitie a .iafnisi es j In ri'iM Tne inn'ei'i it trie I piper hae teen des. nl e.t In pre-.i. j nf t'.e INi tdrrapl.. H ih. .i.l oiil improt e.en : on t'ie first ViOita Hut. Mr rrank It.inisn. ef t.lnn.ln. eb. sii't ns fi'.ni.rsMy rt.sbatifet f r..ti o.e ain tV'.r imi '.. after r ii a three, years In tta fr.lrirnih i a ..Irt U ! at the horre i f bl i o. i.ii . M ' C'h a ami f.itni.y. of Cut el. CaMeel ta South Dakota. M-s I'.ter a-i, Mm ft Nrts..t ee r.,11, , i I' Houlh I i. to aile.,, the. f metal ..f r J I' Mraunn-n, M h la to be brli) Hos sttefn'..ri OANVtRS. Lsu Craee ksp reel tatueelay Fsl-lewina llltaea With Fnsuree.s 0ee NetsS. - I: ana r'irrie.t home Krt- .lay ft.'in f'luiti l''oi lie's he has r ll I'e pot ta.i aer.n J M linen, of I .-is Tessa. I !a.l'rj st II. r if lis eiils, Mr ar. Mrs J"bn l itfiimn Mr l i. .!, ti J.,. i,. Ms fe ah i I. as t-een lo Istntrra f ih f a . . m rt f iller. ht a.httiK'el i ii an tii.n ft a. ii ).. ma a A 'rkl a a1 the ft J .eephs' lies. I . ul i i .l it i i n hs lrti,tbte. ' -1,4I ebe r-Mibl l hriiue'it HalirdT j l. t . n.a t-f f ee uri, le, .S .rirMn I nib r f I 'i. tie t..i! f r1ier, ..f re t".(i t.f j I x r. e t . i'-Iji a- i.l r on rt mi i.!e .f a-!, a f. ilai s 1 With .t.t uleotoa Tl 'nse.t s li a )-isi)' l, as li'in in tier, mot. I t-.i I .1 tuwri In tl la lo'i iitr I f. t i ...ji f. r'i trses Jut. is tin ' it .f hi frt. t es lt..r a' tie 'ria. Its r, tl i,t II y Fee M.serablef A ' ,.le.. B'ln'C II I. 9 I .i -l !e f.. iii, m fen,.a tiitr . el Hill. A Hull i,le ' t '! S ' t'i- Lu l l. M-t.y Imra II l. eei.rel l I ..rlif.lrf eiy ruf4 .iit )..i. m i iv c.i tit,ih(ii.n. I !'Kt1 ft, in lllulet.t I'irr I.... ;r f t.erhl In.o l.s Afier lonf .1 - I e e lil.n UJI be t.e.k I i trie I (. la I-.. a Well Mian Hi a i i'. i -1.) it .t il l tti eiti. for I. h I i it. I.. -use f.-f all b ee I r "-.e I la rilS I'e Iter tie . fS ' I t.e na t I s f ' ft - ! It t.t tl e I d I. " lUm t 't .e V'tti. i ill i e!e It I' lief . . II I. I , .. I f ',, a !" ii..oi.ii. t M Moor M l i ' i t.f A4e. ! THEATERS ! i' , DIGGING OUT FROM City and County Devotes Day to Overcoming Blockade Caused By the Storm of Sunday Afternoon and Evening Something Like Normal Conditions Restored, One Traihload of People, Snowbound Just East of Bloomington, Spend Night in Farmhouse-Many Trains Delayed or Altogether Abandoned. SUMMARY OF SITUATION. Bloomington schools rasums today. Lake Erie paassngar train reaches Bloomington attar being snowbound twenty hours two milet catt of city. Bin Four traino get out of Tra-mont after twenty-four hours' da-lay. Three traina stalled on Central at Colfax for many hours. Country roads atitl in frightful condition, almost impassable. Many rural mail earriera cannot resun-e their routsi tor aeveral days. ttret car service in Bloomington almost on regular schedule. Service on stsam reada and ii-terurbans will be back on appro-imi.tely regular time today. Wesleyan and Normal univeraity classes will rrwet today as uaual. Snow-blown, snow. blinded and snow bound, llloomlnfc-ton awoke from a niht'a rest yesterday mornlnit, be-wildered and dazed. The Kround wis foveicd i,h flaky whiteness, drifted and d. ep. The sluht nan one which has not been seen here for fourteen ears- not sinre the famous deep snmv of l'ebruary, 19o0, when traffic was stalled and hardware dealers became rich by selling snow shovels. The t!ty and the n hole of rentral Illinois del oti d itself yesterday to the task of diKEitu; out from tinder the blanket of drifted nu w which Ivud invcbipi d It on Sunday. The , ta?k irs arcotnphshed with fair d-rtree of sneer, but the dlaiflnij priH-cs will continue today. Tie temperature took a drop dar-UU the day. and lam niKfti was older than lie prere.hnic one, altho the wind not as fbre. une th-whole, hiimatuty had be.-i some- h it in ilt. 'turd to tbr ro,ldlt:olS, anil tie fits- slunk ot 111 el.iim bavins pursed na, the condit ons will be l.'.lue wuh c-a dicrouil'tt from now on. STREET RAILWAY'S TASK. Uncovered Its Track snj Had Cars Running at Interval During Day. Th- tiret railaay comaiiy had more troubles yesterday than they had exprr1r:vd ua fundty nl.-l.t street ur riml"es worked all lualil Suii'lu). lien and trdins I. ruinin g a'. inidnli,ht wiih li.ij road aiadera to iMMh Hie snow from the trsi ks. Tin" nntiriue, a! diy j eeierdn y and ksl lllfcl-t. t he I'U 1. Ac , W.)er 1 iiroi.irht toitli Stiii.laL n.aht and continue, t bu.l It." stow int. trie air lililll an rj-ly hoir. Wlltn an alb' br. ll" .it tie S'i- rite t sw:li o. l'.l'l Sllert T'lere V, a l.. Il.u.'e e. p.r il'i.:.J Ml it -ll Tie bin on. i h -i w I.ik. ii l,t to,,, at I ii'. !. h in ih- af- -rt and men t :i;.ike .Kitra. I . n.(. ri-, (he I..., ,f be sweeper llie sir ' a aihi. e.l In ejecting lrs Id lroi e.leldjr was t' 1.., lr 1'nfk street w rfa fl m Stiuirt M tin in No, mil bv sum eil Mienue mo as fjr n-irih ns Whites litre and then isilie l.ri ' k At I ii'i I... k b-Otl ft l IIU'I. i IIS We t'liiiuiia thru. I rout and l- ame thru atKiut i. tv n aiot n'ctitfil! e , t r b it ,'-.riusi ; .p was o'- IIIS business. Men Lit Their Shovels. ftlesH-l nr men tb. ,,ol ensasetl I'l t.p..rititn 111 fen I.U ii, aer-i-e f'.IS'.t til ll r I e. the filo l, alii th tonitoiirr f'r t'- inn ..,n 1 lie lel l.f i lh.t al'el.l on I'll h'.els. hi. i We, ,..t.e,t f.ti in f ' astt.ii e ttiiittn It ll in.,... I i. in st nie I' , t -f hmsea to e, ,i,i , the i ii 'liria ami the men .ir,, the Ili'k of the dtlfltna4 ""t . It" if ' .e.e lien at Una f'llll tf lllrt! Was liti'iaoal. ut their ..rk iTott't lo ) .rft To i tin an i'tr what was ib. he. II m shl l Muled tl, en- Ill iM.ii i, i f lr,.k wta hoveled te.'et'l.t l,fo, I'iMei. n street nn th re alenue ,n lt Ih r. list lit III the l.!iilef.!l ttll.p I Tier ml lit. I1-it ll I I'e Sorniel 1,1.111, f.r aii .n 1,1 dilfie-l I ...I t at that It. mi and K t.M'h lr irs uf wuta t' (et ih mil Ho ii Car Msse Ceed Time. After lb rare em e'a' rl i nr., Ihe we am. .set it ill Mt iklla I" W i t.'t kept rt Bt t t h' d ! time. iii.r ill t'.i.ifir tb.tri't ih nuw W ia r-t m-.I lain frt'tti He llaaa to the a!.PM .f Ih l tee! ar.t tl.e ..ts. Iiiitia tiMtk atliahttc of In apn ! and u.e.l f..r Saiam 1'isae, (.'. un to !.. I ll inn l i -is bad Ibel, irt.,,1 lea H in bt lilahl. Tl". rts fea. t. e. 1. j,. in, w hf II'' taaobl hit Inntfef pftevetl an an Hurl wa mad It, ar.l tl.em to in Iwroa Tt nien nvri.. at It .. . ne k at M(ht. A w.iuan and l.iile sol war iMin(res aid wt tla . tided.y It lii iheir anhal itm Nerenal Man in T'eun'o. A ..tmnl ril.j.'i who had : en In lb bnsln.aa tllelrlet r,f lb ftrwn to lb to fill, el teabaev) th dan-S'ts of th I. if at' tm He latl. i. .in ant aft.r ,-.i,nf imnl I tall In Ms (e.ilenre tin nt,tr,". a bus duft and ir'i t.aB( nu I a-' nl f. i. ilet M' th anoe ea lo.. H .iid .1- '!... : (,., h's Iraf't.fa and ki'" a.. al llie b'-ti ef a fiien.l asking II it be I. ! en a b'-ti nieiii. I In f.f waa kiaiited at i 'i, it.a fain,. i ,.f 1 1, a wan-It tee was I, .frra. t.f il le. l",' of Ids w Nseenal Subwar sckea. Th N.tfnal a-.tnav at Main Street ass t It Ber aeslefdal I .1.4 to nar till that aa ctiia an iroei'l ai.i.l , i wa ,tae,.al. I, in, 1 i f r i.s I i mka Iheir l'i, 11 t'.e rtnfta at ,t. .,ti, a. liall . is " i..".. I t, h ,,,, j,,, ,r,. I .in I el. .a Vlial a , I ..ill., rf 1 t, f ,,.ia. t"'i h ir..i.e, th, r 1 e-r i.t. $ i, ti n e h'i'iii a Tl H w . .1 Ih, t n.t ll si Il et aitnt d I f ai l I e a UNDER SNOW COVER acme time later that the delivery -,vas made, uttlte the boye worked bruvely to -et them around an euon a possible. They are- usually taken to the educational city on a stroot cat, but this was impossible ycvteirday, beinii taken out in a btifrrry later on. Bloomington Carrior Sucoeeri. Kvcry regular riintaarr-irli catMer but one was on hand for work ym-terday mornlnt; and the local suin. i lb-ere were fpitunate in (rettintr their pH . l-r as early ua they did. in- bus nu ideu of the hardship endured by tho carrier boys tinleats tliy have them-sep e held tho Jobs when they We.rv ertdeovortin to avcuro a little pendiii". money. A Normal woman lad the nstu li!ca Hund.iy night. She callrd tho fan tit. Riai.l' :it a late hour and said: ' I live away out nn the north side of Normal. I Jus: R-ot out of bed r.nd looked 01 t the window to see th . atiarm. tt is awful. Just tell that P.inlairraph boy-he dot s net have to walk way nut here to Rive me my nnprx. Levive il ilittn ti wn ntul I'll net It myai If" I'eople rf this rn'lher are few and far between. In most InMsn'-es tfra fnntaarapli wan on the fri'nt pd'ehea vest rday mornlrip, cr very clowe to them. Business Men Walk. f.iisines.i nien, tht-se who have Vrn t;aed l liinrr tur.vt rai to th :r pi. '-es of brsinesai every mornlna, hud lo do tin pedisirian atmtt yesterday. Sum had boots, but the major ty, not n-nliT.ln,- that th" snow wis o dep, v-ii. lurid fi.ith tl'y rr:'iord and vlu 1 the- arrlveil In the bnslns diatrlct spent a iittle money for wh'i; wai found to be r. crsahry. 1 lit r I e!na no echo-I the rl ll trcii of the ifv w -r pot svbjrrted M the hardshina tlml would have beer, seen h:ni it bt 11 oilier i -Jin a lecal holl-dav. Fe Arrui'tTitnts Fjund. There as llltln for amuse-mei.t vcetrrdti", as fir as theaters or nii-t .w weir concrned. Th r-i wete few rminins. Tiie vaudeville .o-tor nni! : tiesn a f ill",l to amve nr.l the trains belt i ol Oled In drlf'a f.iiird t" brine in th Mini. Itln.nunrtt n - out awar and upsri I mm the world, enrr-p, for tl: BT'ilce o( tin' teli ciaph it' a. f l.uaia.-sa oi-r the illy wus pnrtl. cilly al a standstill. No one car. I to niaue an rru to aet d"W n. for trav r"i',t n.i t'o r ib nv in. Tho.e who h.i l I., b- on de, k it' tlnre. lot i'n' lul St mettlilea ft" I'lellt the i,UI"t hsurts wi re mis-lar. Th Last Big Snow. Tb nearest to Hundav nialil s Ll.i-itard in rrent rerollei tlot.a was the snow sirrm i.f feb. j and Manh 1. feio. It hettnn suowiuc t that Utile on the Inst ilay of fibr.iari nnl cm-tinned all tlut d.ic snd maht nr, the f.ioowlnp; iU. The snow w j deeper than th present on but probable d d mt drift us laadh. Th tie up to irf. fr was nnr serious and C'n-ml I'un now. It was In manv tin's several uila triilns Were nno li. on an 'tunic I ke ebed'ile time A coin-.-it' of Unit time Is ret ailed that a l:ep'i','t .in rum enl Inn was held it the l'i I atiim i.n the t)ay tb" snow lo tin. Camera e Lunch Bes. Main If, Idrtita wt le feral'.! ! I" title who were miter on n unua lal eperlen, ta in the bti:rf,. i.f I iihi Se.-rt.irv Ilii'lst n. i.f the iVnt,.trt lei "l ib, le a oil i'f th iMMit Pl'flra t.f thst too In rels'lna h"w h and t M r'.'l'i. k then l'Hi ira.ellrs men. ! to ItHUtrnttirton fmni fimtttn Thc aiaried from l'aion on ihe ni..rinoa to snot.- l-san eie. una to r-aiti nl itie'n Mitt ilav. 1I. ill. I not I i f il l tea. h this fill HI ..I twei, In. or Islet. Itetsoe th Ira n wa at'ibed nut in be rmiiitri, pasaet.aer ,, eaily Man.t 'or Ui k i f anviuiiia i" f.a-a whole d. M.asr It idsuti and f"l-li k on lb mornli a of th aeetitid di i..e-rtd a bt. wiilkb arr..n th tit nl i irr' l' ai l-eaird t t a bin' h ... .Mr. folll. k Is.J wnlt f..r bun e-pt Una In fet the binrh lei aw.v Mm lin b artit t th" Ms n. by fiir no us t.r foul M etatmn'! bipia;f t.n tb ns. k en t tf me tar and whin th but waa wllhm lul n it.aiatne rnllirk held op a d .11 ir In h a bi'r and ffferJ t.i pat the Isd that amtoint fnr bis lutn h bin. Im sm Ih trrhna man a surpi When th Jerked Up a "rel aniera In fmni tf him and l'-k a snap ah.rt tt t' Imieiira man h.. I ins- "p the ft .bar In tua hands Tb llel"n if a lunth faibd away like a m.nse'.re In e;a - Mil Cutler' Csperienee. M.l.i t'us'tf. rusio'tiat, t.f Ih 1 1 .a i let) had es hard a I nils as aliilmli In aHin Ii h bitsineaa diairlet tt Ih rltv tester, diy mtirnina M lite t the ciilh. en etrtnity rf It n n ite! in .re than I Wti m i lew frutn th ten tri hne When h storied nut f ir the rtat, ha reote.) that M enaleat rtnit waa In stalk fleet ti Main si reel a.d ther nl h i ran in II. '.shlon bike Hi an'k arrnaa Mi fields wa fairly eaat. law a ns- Mi Oel 'a . aaeyt bar hi lb fleet e wind Hut w bn he tea. I ed Main s'reet h found a diffrrerl a,et.Mill"n Ih etfetrf, waa dufted full of enttwr aa h ah aa a man a head In man piaiew Two milk men nh ihlr ws'.ns tr fimt, dertna tht i Mt dt-i fin and the, hitet tn bleak a aiee.wr f,.r Mr I'unier, After f fhlie his way Ufl Mi h . plieai i.f snnw f..r half a rnb he mailt ram tn the ni nf tha el ravel ear Ilea an Ijrkiir f.iuns rat in wsiima Ma.ees in C'bavsn City. Ma f la Kent 'I sln..o.l,er at th I'l'ioinerr al I l . ffi, eat went ,.. M'a.,n fin tnsire,, H ,h'lai nnit t I t k it'.i l, and m nme In rsum h'f d'rt t tailed at Trent Tb, lialn ,. anm ln,,.d tn.r Mabt mi ih.lnr !. In Tle,o. t.i 1 h west btnitid aa.ia-t tin , Tt-n' t ill , m siined at p m . and waa foe-e1 t., siat nt.r leus af ll. erw.w .itifis 7,, n tin train went to i h hot) for bteak' t' Nn . paa"t ar ! Imnt'd. ni, in Iterrit.nt ai t . to , wa si ... I and ..i.e. ,, i, , , a west t l.tsli. a i 1 1, frriabt Nu i HSUed al I at.ll lan. bra Th so.. waa fr. rn two in Ibtaa) f bn an I,. at 1 rm. nl and It la efti that h wot. i n., a t..m since 1900 was tho one of Sunday night. INTERURBANS SUFFER. Service on Elsotrio Lines South and West Was Almost at Standstill. - The Interurbnn had Its series of failures and disappointments as well as other roaus yesterday, fp to i o'cltck lael nlglit two trlpa had been made to Clinton and return. Another romnd trip was made later. Ths snow wan drifted no badly west of thin city that no cars were run between here and Pj-crui. Coniidertnir everything-, t'he I. T. S. did exceptionally we!l. Th- prcple who wero able to net ovtt the lllooininKton gtrncts In a hurry yee-terday wore the ownxra -f uutoinobileis. The htorm seemed to have tittle effect on ths K.isolinn propelled conveyances, this hrlns n liotioeablo fact Sunday night as well us yesterday. Boys Scoop Snow. There went peaiple yesterday vvhc were unable to acoop a now from tin if walks, but were anxious that it be done These real dents !n aome plucea hired l.r:ys to do the work and there m plenty of youth out for tiio money. There was no scnool, which cave them the opportunity to sot a lartte number p. ml It ia piaalble thai not a few eaintd quite a sum of money. Suffering May Ba Expected. Mtrch stifferlmr muy be expecti d'af n result of the bl'.zurd. There me no doubt quite a nnrrher out of v.crk and teal and food i ncet ca plentiful aa It has been known to Ik at limes In th.' pant. The dril'lir.e- of the snow, the wav H has blown into the cracks .-.e tl.n moat Miilmt n Tl t In 1 holineaa. will no uoubt work havoc with the poor and needy, who are sniverint; for want nf 111 lOinfons pf life In larcrr cities report were re-reived yesterday that several pcopl had iieen found'n. This may l o poFsible !n floomimrtm nnd anrroimd. Inc vicinltv. altho not so likely ns in the crowded dlirl?ts of tin- larger cities. "Cutter"' Are Mitsirg. While dwelllne on t'he alrrm and snow uticstloii the f-u-t occurs tu thi' tbii.k ii:- man tha' there bnve been few nlelRrill heard. The tlnft have beet' teen reep ard aleiRhlna- 1 not yet at Us best, but a !tloomlnt..n man ca:i to the amtenient that thete are fin r itt-T' to be procured at Ibis tl 'V and ace of civilisation nv unlnu, of rouise. In tlie elty of Hloonnnslon. Thir wan one cuibT that i-nil-l be hired vi if rdav and It was In sn-'h roc Ilium that few would care to tlak bit bv ridlnt; In it. Tlmea nave rhani:.! smce t!-" coiog of the Mnmi and a'.eirh 1 1 Hi tml the ccmlni; id tho autcmiblle. Shovel ng Snaw. . "Snmv h.ivels were brn.yht fi rtli jfstmd.iv In ls'tre rumbcrs. The-' wie taiic-i form shown, mini- b.i;ii of etude .ls!t-n end made pnhnp Iv .1.- .I.... rUr him., if "-'onie. no nllsT- Ini; ''nit c-rinif btil- f r the miiitnit it Mir pr.b-stri in. ri fus-il to M' ' walks lot those In this das Mil ... ...n.i... " aha ir ciinl'l nient for tin villi ih- rciiiilnibr for o'het elna when the l!m artive. Froitn Romance. Me l'e.,1 Hudson. tud"tit at the V.'eslt-yan. Heaa Hrummell of fiatern- It v I fe. wit I'f many a party, aim puneter In aeneraL who paid hi good far from sbneik to llii-nnlnatun last nlaht. and who snow nmin' i.. .. ...ann-n train. lulms that the rooiati' es on read about t-oni-ernlns the r'iim of benulirui uimi i damel.t fr.'tit snow -Imhiii, 'tame ' di'lretaa I ail b"h and he tnil r-iit to lima; lb lie in their author fur. Few People Sten Latt Nijht. - There were few ho braved th r'uMii tat tilthl. T'a streem of 'h I'Ua.nesa it of nioonilntlun were ilea. rled. t ollipat'! W ll'l t h l.ire i.unil.'i who ai o a r ile '! on th-t'litto fates lii the b:iiily of th iniirt h 'lie. Tlie li i I lie b .e been bnt Tb f ii tl-.c 'he 'rt ear set'.. K" letn In i n 'red Is ;n. raae. Ihe.r b.i.inea. wondetf ula I'll Sundav t. Sht Ih hue lie- ti ll ed di'Wn tell ritila tn eerv one tiniile II waa tiete,tv lo slop tie lavish and tl i,tt hirer Itiiil Me iislit s' ni in etid t'ltwed mtf the lIliH'nui'irit.n rtrret to riitner ptaiple lit tafloll pt.ii. i tt took four Mm- a l"n lo make tt'p as It usual and th ah. Sertr rf train ear thent a than. In t.'ke tr ef Ih rltv trade, un, timer wt in 'i.rmt. maktna the tmind trip in four hour .m pruea wi Im oafed. Ihis lielntf deemed nereaasrv tu meoiini of th wear and tear o.i uretaa and th rhain of pernia. nn'l- liimrinu hoi'. Thi who i. rrd isrrUI't tinw'-tr, wererrady tj p, nearlv ; ny prlr. In e I hem Mad is Piled A ftalur In ronnerllun with Mi ah un li.,h I arbp nt. anrallv k-ewn I tb faet th, h mll I pur.) b'lh lit tb tar ion tleoiia of ler r'tv, H il"l;i. t terk ' d'i't l.t.i ed tn e, nni th mail The CREiiM ft-i ar-X Pure Wholesome Reliable Indispensable Its fame is world-wide. Its superiority unquestioned. Its use is a protection against alum food. In buying baking powder examine the label carefully and be sure the powder is made from cream of tartar. Other kinds do not make the food healthfuL mail wagons convey this mail to tho depots and there tt remained all day yesterday, there being few trains to take it from the city. The snow is causing a delay of business which has hud no parallel in recent years. Yesterday's Report. The weather report for yesterday was as follows: Maximum .IS Minimum 8 AT 7 A. M. Thermometer S Barometer 2910 AT 1 P. M. Thermometer 14 Barometer 29.25 AT 7 P. M. Thermometer 1.1 Barometer 29.45 Cloudy; northeast wvinds; 3 Inches of anow; .27 of precipitation. PASSED A FEARFUL NIGHT. Trainload of Passengers on Snowbound Lake Erie Train Take Refuge at Farm House Ntar By. The I. E. & W. west bound passenger train due here Sunday evening at 7 o'clock, which, as noted In yesterday morning's issue of the Pantagraph, was stalled In a snow drift two and a half miles east of the city, succeeded In fighting. Us way thru und a-rlvcd in the local yards yesterday afternoon about 2:30 o'clock.. At an early hour yesterday morning the railroad company hired every man available and, armed with Bhovela, a brigade of them nearly as largo as the famous Coxey'a army, wended their way thru snow dtlfta waist deep to where tho stalled train waa almost hidden from view in the ocean of snow that filled the cu at that point. After hours of unceas-Ini labor, tha men were able to relievo conditions In a measure, and wUh the HiMSisnce of un extra engine, which was dispatched to the scene, the dead engine was hauled from its I urlal plate. After Its arrival In the city aftc- a hurried run into Ihe city, the ( engine waa detached and an en. gina and a couple of coaches were aent to the acme to pick up the passengers who during tho early morning hours, after the siesm had died out in th engine and 1" coach-iB grew cold, abandoned ihe Main and sought refuse In the farm house of William Sayers. a quarter of a mile distant from th marooned train. Fought Way to Farm Houe. The art ruty-ttve passengers of tha trsln consisting of men. women and children, battled thru drifts of snow, n-ai.y of them waist deep, until they f Man I refuge from th whirling snow ai .1 the Idling wind. The women and children suffered Intttisdy from tha rold. and many of them were weeping hysterlraliy. Without food since Hun day noon, thev were alnmat insane f-om cold and hunger, Mr. Ha era extended eierv hosnital- jl'y ur.d.h provided f"r tmfottu-I bate ours as long a tit upply lasted. 1 he hou was well heated. A party of nine men hraved the elements yea-lerday morning and walked to thla clly, atrhlng hrra about I o'clock, following their ar-Hal. a motrment waa st. i r ted to send bib alds out to frame ihor n at th farm hnu Ibiweter. about the time these plans were taking definite form. It he. name known that the K K W. re, cue trni,, would n.on land the party I ere safe and aun4.. Big Four Service Tied Up. -Th ll, g Tni- rod was hard hit by Sunday n.ght'a bhssard. Two fi.-Uht are b.irled In dtif s near Olllum. An east l:md fr,iiht i tied up at Iteil fart, bill near ti'llutn and a west bound freight al 'I"! a mil ami a half east of Olllum. Two Ilia four anow traina aent out j from frl ans e-e working westward and about I ocbek J eater- lav nfir-nnui I ad r"ai In. I a point a an-rt tl. a' .e e.,-i of Ihiwn. Th i rew ,.f M.i sr 'r n b.iped tu bw l.e to re.n h th strand I frr'M during the night or .it an nrl) hou- Ihi nc rnies Hop ta Clear Tracks Tads. Tl It g rour officials sr. eteiy rff.irt to i.p'n the Im to traf- t.e ai-nie tint tmlav but It a lluiualit Mint it will he Iri.i'otsil.l f,.r ll t,nm ! get ta k on a. tiedule.l Mm t.r.ire I tonn.rri w. Th pfinis tha' we e j hardet tut by the a "tm w In I'e hitkapnn iHt tn th a. sr I in Me M.klP4W rtver llrinlly t tha weal Iwith ihe fiig fmir and l T. A W riada eirl-en-e J much diffiniiiy in , lhee disirlila , Team Stalled at Trentant. Tl IM! hit' I'd liltt ftMir p1ig.. Nn K. ill h'r,- at 'link SiiMbiy 'nlii wmi 'nit a "now drift le, Trt mt 1 1, t rrr . re in tea tieiali. . . h -" of nn h ind e, paenr al-ir i at In, ws'bd t'lif until the t.llaj if J Item-nt w.i rem he d, Ther Int.-ded n'.in inued en I s-Majestic Theater- I1" R0aM9 THB BBST OBTAlIABLg MONDAY - TUESDAY WEDNESDAY The Great American Drama Depicting the Battle Between Capital and Labor The IRON MASTER BARNES & BARRON "'""'"'AFTERTHE WEDDING NO ADVANCE IN PRICE CASTLE Noma of (ha Pisa Organ Aauaio"J Be TUESDAY tsdij'i rrejri. EXCLUSIVE FEATURE "fRUlTSOF VENGEANCE" Very Keiia.ttlonal "THE JANITOR'S FLIRTATION" Hdifton C'omeitjr ilce-Ji s p.m. treat nrT to iOJO IrataOrrrsnZilSMlTlS Barrj Wlson will play "YOU ARE THE SAKE OLD GIRL TO RE" EXCLUSIVE FEATURE TODAY "Fruits of Vengeance" This is a Circus Drama full of thrills. An exceptionally picture secured at an extra cost Don't miss it. HivcJ.o;sCojfidencc in Your Timepiece? "O RING it to me for overhauling anJ tiave back diat priJr and satisfao tiun it uJ to give. JEWELER 41, N. MAIN ST. THAT AVsTlX COLD, Hrtlr o vigor Tan yem win tt a (lean snd heal! hi scalp. .Ho start tutr tnta. No innr roaigh. tcrajuly Kstr. rot not rolor Aal, Voarr IWlnr. ,i arrv I This Lung Remedy Known Filteen Years tl ettilai o hi at a I .Mi-nun I..-S le ft... waul , l..ltf.a ' taat a i rr.M am kt.aja '-- ' ' Ik law if t'kteaitt llleealH., t--ii fc ka t4 ,aa leal la awatif ota ina sitteaj lawaita la lai at '-t.-t le !' ill Wfcal II kax -.aelll - ' teal Sa ft- .at Re. 4 lk tu t ktwtt ' ' , "Hanils' w.-u I - - a ala-l SV..I. sl HI. r.-- , ' l 4l a. I ha s-tt-', 4 - 1 Se4 .lew t IM I -aiial l tase . ,ns sae tin- ta n . e-' ta. is Sfta kst It-aa la. t l-t a . l"O.I. ta1 ,ke He t I w ' la aa ra ares-o. a- 4 as - -a a. I .---a la l.i. a a.i I la !- test I'l. lt set H" ' sat a sjnr-t ms fft. ,aa .-t lM Im Maaneieet .e Ita. s .- " t 4ss.ii tair'T r ti't I !!.-. .1 1 taa..4 aeae tan I. I tal 1 . s- S klte-al'i t-s sa-ea sa teat ltat Im a al il.elea t- ' f ' " I4eajt nai sttt. la wia ao-. ' .' al-a. sl'lO-ta e 4. a-1 t sa..M a. ' ' eMn I M.ta) kae-ale Se- a aal at r..- ' U.i a t tV 14 le lea . . ike I asa li-.iae, i.iaa rt ,a ,.-o,l. ,li,- tf ,seeene sel sl.l'-al . i-te.. ' 1 yVv 1 YV lTal. -.! . Y Sr. at M (jNaV e an a-t jT reet.t ar J k k.-o-a . a s.asekal J.J - asarl Bk tailtstaiiiai. , "-tj 0.1 aa. j ''e ia ,ha n .. i fL. a rJlT. b il ..? J "raV O l: 13 IT1 ,'' jMr " k ONDON' XV. CtsrTkI.MIY I we -li t eair tu d.ohan tn ,.bliisilon than me Af'r )nu ht te,tnpikbd s raslly ae4 thin t h J a n - ln I !! otwf. l a It kh'iw. Whtti It pf Ih bull - A woman fr her h'stm I ho ft ran ,d 11 est, the In ta enan at er hh"a h'-w siinf fida k hat bait try handing !hj Mdt.

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