Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 4, 1947 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1947
Page 2
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JI'AOR 1 2—XAUCATUCK NKWS (CONN.), SATURDAY'. .IAX. -t, 1!M7 DREW PEARSON p. ON °!}ie WASHINGTON ARRIVES IN U.S. FOR OPERATION i)rew Pearson Says: Joe Martin Had Chance To lion For President But Chose To Be Speaker: Martin Voted For -Roosevelt's New Deal; Has Chance To Clean Up Congress (I-M. Xi.ti-—Hi-«-'.v r<-.i;-;ii>i: today luviml--. tin 1 brass HUE. good On- i>ni> fn-;- rkli- on th" \V:isli!n;;ton Mi'i-ry-Co-'ioimd, ID Jo«i-|)li \V, Mill-tin, new Spr:iki-i- of the House of Ui-prosrnlulivcM.) \\'.-l:-ilill.^! IMr --AVIn'H .)l)St-p|l \Yil|i,-llll M ,'i rt i !!. •' I'., \\'!1S '_'! Vi-;il's ulil In 1 i'arl'i! ;i t hl'i'i'-Wii y (Iccisii.i! iii'l \vccii ;i (•;)]•- rcr of pitiil it's. iic\^'>|i;i[)(>i-jiiu' or prul't'ssiomi) 'nast'!i:ill. Ht' litid IK-'-II .-•!;!;• slii)i-ls!o|> i.-n llu> Koi'tli AlIU-iioro semi-pro li-iiiii, ami liad ln'.u'uii ;s c-arcc;- mi ;|n> Xnrtli A'.tU'iiorn ('iirunirU-. ill llu- i-litl. llnyvt'Vi-l'. he i'llii-:c politics. "U Ik'li lliis ili'i'isicM v;i'; amiMuiicrii in liis I'aliicr, the <-!<"k'r ^lar- I in a i U'!:•'!•({ : ••Vnn'll !.i- Ix'iU-r oi'l' .Jdc, il" you slick in m'v-.-spiini'r- ill'.;'. I'nIilii'S is ilil'lv lillHMi'SS.'' On The Air Today <;:uo v>. m. SV1TKY-WCBS— WP.Bhington vVOR — IDui'ochoi-, Qui:-. Othor, Stations — N(!W^J C:l() j). m. j iVATR.— S-ports J-:o:inchip I 0 : 1 l'i p. n i . iVUnY-WCBS- -Columbia Workshop VVMBC— Navy Recruiting WT1C— Stric.tly Sports VVATK-1',',12— Chittison Trio WWCO— Sports Time WOK— Guest f-Jousa G :',',(} ]>. m. •A'TIC- -Masr.o: J Sinjcniv WNEC— Boston Tur.n Party vVATK -Ni:W.s; Hit-s and Kits V/.'l/I- -Wisjner, Sports WOP.— News WvV'CO — 'Music in the Air .-;'.t:r'- to pnlltie.-; P <.. n i:i:ont or experience. Nor it; ho .••IK- tci!!,v !-.•(•(..-i-' •: tl"- fir--'. ••-'-i a conservative. Joi; is a. quiet, j.ui.-liean f-ipo.'il:iT (>:' !'•:•' House <>f |-': i'-ndly, small bu.'.-ineasman who U,-;.r<'Sont.,-''ive.-i -.-in;.-!- ..hi- i'::liulou.--.. hi.-lieve.-; in hop.c-.sty and in aliudst fm-KOUcn days df Nick r.cinK-j pub!!'. 1 cis well us in private life. crookedness and worth. As suoh, Joe Martin wMI hr a p'Tiil: r. nn.-:p.-"-!:.etil:-.r. or.mrn'in-S"r.s.' le.-i'.l'-r of UK; Ki.-pu'.<!iea:i :n:t.i'i:-ii.y. ,li.-- Jia-i hi". !'':-<-l Ii: 'tr-iur.'.!'--.'. in | ! r ,|. o ,.' s ri^'ht to orj-runiv.e. suppoi-t- Uii. b-ii.ic c.ul-on of hi.i party, but ,. (l ., o: .\ :i \ security, voted for the hiy even /!,-<• n-.! rivel:.-;! wholly (1:1 [.--^pc and many Roosevelt re- tb- part, ft,- doc;, not bMiove in j ,- 0 .. ln .., Qncc when Martin was ap- ina'iin-.: :: fVtu-ii out f'C ir.-Klitif" i iH-oachet! by Wall Street mofriil.s n.i-r--ly for tradi'im:':: sake; Ii" I'cc.- ^.j^, u ,,ropo:;al to weaken the Soi.:-,-.i.-.. • I!M- n.-ee:!-;i;y i,f i.-:akiru.' con- - ,.,,,,;,:,.,. ,., lfl j; NC ;,,.,.,,,.. Commission (•- •• '••'•<! ' '•" ehai.u'In;; iimo-. 1 . | r -, n U-K, pretext of helping business, Vv'h-.> !:n(i-:'-vi u. v.-.--.: r'.dinK iheihu replied that he wouldn't touch ,•: • i,\ ;-.'. -.-.- Iji-al IVI'M-III". Joe thrir proportion with a "10-foot .,,.- MH- \.-v.-c ton. One" \vhen j jiolo." ,'-.<.!•(! ii'i(i;:l I-';' libi-ral vi'inrr roc-i uiii-in;; tho pro- Pearl Harbor days n:>\. .\i.-i:li.-! liiil'-.i-'^in-rly rr-plii-d: '. wlu.-n many Republicans wc-ru uii- •;<! i.n.vr.'i a:id ! ti'.u'." I d'.-i-cultinff T-iooseVelt':- preparcd- ACCOMPAN1ED BY HER MOTHER, Mrs. Muriel Skinner -of- Melbourne, Australia, Shifley Skinner (riglv.), 15. iands nt the Municipal Airport, O.nklnnd, Cal. They are en route to Philadelphia where Shirley will undergo an operation lor the removal of a nail that lodged in her long 13 years a^o. Trip \vas sponsored by Aussie donations. (Intcrnational'i abhors ^ public suft'crir.™. No Dict-.Mor, Murlin i That v,';u! why hn ha.-; championed •,th ii." Joe i.i ::n rciil'.-uit. ritlir i'.lartin s \vuni; his in tern- ! wcL.-;i-.i vigorously he-hind the Presi- - ' lent. H" veiled t'ot- national defense, airninfat isolation, and when the ciui'Ktio:! of iond-lousc en me he- fare :i scci-c-t COP caucus, he advised: » j "fit-ad the testimony. Uston care- s'fully n, t-io di:-iS':s;iiou. Go home gland thin,'; it ovo--. b':;e your jtid;:- t ' iiiont, but vote like Americans," {; '.'I;-:- idea ol'aaKK-'J'-ion i-ailter than •ti-.'iii.'i ha.--, b.a-n Martin's strat- y :..-• a leader. l.'::liic,.- Senator TafI >; .-<;.iin- Old dtaru members '.f - S.-::at-'. in- d'..e p .-: not crack the :i[i. i V!-;::i ps I-,,- will havi: to be ti.axn'-r i-.uw hia party is in What's Dokg In Naugatuck A calendar ol events foi today, tomorrow .and every day Tunifflit rjwim moot, I-,"au;rat.iick " N\-w 1-Faven "Y,'-' at local \, Basketball ifame. Nau liiu'd vs. Army plubM at iff. (Cor.linur.c. 1 , Trom Fr-20 One) V. J-foaly. rf . L T .-'ikic\v:c/., c '1 hursLt.r. BaskoLb'-i: jr-imo. Purple Kr.i;;'.'.!.:- vs. New Mill'onl Tuv/me:.;. At "Y" court. Dar.eo. Cecicon Valley Grjn;.-;c, ..'an. ;; Di-'ma ^rr.-iup. IMiivrnnk-trs, St. Mich-sol's Kpi;;eopal cV-rcM. IS*au;,:aluek V.'oman's Clt:b meeting. ,T:ui. 7 Concordii ^oeu-ty, ar,nu-.'Ll nio.'L- V-;oard ul' v.-.irdi.n and buri.::-:;Ke:' ,Tan. fl Club. B F P 4 5 K'. 7 ij 20 i i :: 0 0 0 000 317 Totals Di-ako, If Moll'niaii . V'al '.via--, WBRY-WCBS--L.irry WTIC — Vi'orum oi' the Air \VNFC — Iloli'jilouM Nuws WA'J.'R.WJZ— Labor, U. S. A. WOK — Stan Lomax 7:0(1 •,:. '"• ',VBBY-VVCBS— \Vailin' for Clayton WT1C-WNBC— Foreign Policy WATR-WJZ — It's Your EuBines.T WOR— Guess Who V-.'WCO— Jazz Journal 7:15 p. "i. WBRY— David Ro\ve Show WCBS— Joan fiablon \VATH-WJZ— Elmer Davis T:B!) p. ii-.. WERY-WCBSi— V.MUijhn Monroe \VTIC-\VXHC- -Curia in Time WATTS- W.'JK— Curt Musncy WOR— Word Stories V/WCO— Treasury Salute 7:4,1 ]>. in. WOP* — Arswur Man W\VCO- -i-\ H. -I-fiCiiiirdia 8:00 p. 'in. W3RY-WCJ3S— Star Time WTIC-WCHS— liifc of Rilcy VVATR-VVJ/J--I'';unoi!n .'Jury Trials WWCO-WOR— 20 Questions «:!((> p. rn. WBKY-WCBS— Mayor of l.';ic Town V/TJC-WNoC— -Truth cir Conec- WVVCO-V,'OE—Scramby-Amby WATR-WJZ—-I Deal in Crime H:5S j>. ni. WEl'lY-WCBS—Ncwr,, Culmcr .::«(> (I. in. WBRY-WCES-syour Hit Parade WTI.C-WNBC—Roy Rogers WATR-WJZ—Gang Busters WWCO-WOR—Gold and Silver •Minstrela !J:.'iO p. in. WTtC-WNBC—Can You Top This «/ Ai-is-w.'!^-- Sherlock Holmes WWCO-WOR—Leave It to the Oil-Is !>:45 p. 711. \V13RY—Journeys in J.-IKX. WCBS—'Sa'.ui-duy . Serenade WWCO-\VOR—Trophy Award J():(Ml |). m. \VTIC.'-WNBC—Judy C.inov.a WWCC-WOR— Chic.-igo Tliealci- 10:15 F>. »n. WBRY-V/CBS—This is Hollywood WTTC>WNBC—Grand Ole Opi'y ,WATR—Kayloff Koetlown WJ»-13ob Bison , KC'iS p. in. WERY—Here's' to Vctci-.-xns WCBS—Talks ' \VJZ--TTay loft "Koc<! own ' ' •'' "' 11:(.'() p. in. AT^ Stations—News .11:10 i>. n). WBPwY—Local News WCBS—Ne«'« Feature •11:10 p. ni. WBRY-WCES— Erie Scvcreid W'1'J'C-WNIB.C—W. \V. Choplin WOBi'WATr>:V/JZ—Ncv.-a WWCO—Lou Mnoters Orch, 11:35 'ji. in. WBRY-V/CBS—'Footnote WOR-—Financial Reports • • • • ''ili.'iO p. rn. WERY-WCBS—Town« Orch. WTTC-WNBC—JJombardo Orch. WATH-W.lZ---Ga.v-.- Orch. WOfl—'Weather; Hair.pton Orch. WWCO—Rhythm .it- Random 1):.'J5 p. rn. WWCO—Nsv.-s • AT,T.. Stations— News Salem Next 3 Days r "Home SwceC' Ifbmicidc" rated one of lieu n; ;!il<-n'.si-in;f films of oriTGwers ? ColIege'Fkls pdv-m-cndy, ."". V. 'l;i') -Ana iou:- r.-idio o;jej-.v..oi-.-; );o\>- can ; o <: i v <; l:-:::.K::iitL'::- ;.i;;n:il:s fr ()r ,;.,:: t :•.-.- ;v.:i; ; i.s iii.-iv. ever hef«, by a r.<.v,- di-vi'.-f: about :'ir. si :i' kitchen i.:.-i:o/i VIOH. (;o;ii-.";,l j Ansmiiu ,, F p i In Georgia ft Dun con Total:; ;' APS mill 21, I:" Euckiniller Funeral Home 22 PARK PI, ACE Telephone 4334 p-.ilitii:.--. At tl-.e J.^'c of -3, Jou had iect.'d in the .•'.ciia'.c wlii-M 1 he mot C'oolidxe, then ji C\,iilid;,e ruach; Martin secretary o" .i.i:'liU.(H; ai'.d IIu; t'.Vu became; ?, - lifelonj,' I't-icnds. V.-I-.L-II i baiul-wit>von and was easily olcct- j , u ii Cor.;;:-i;s.-;. 1-t'.- h;:j> bo.;n ru- p ii.i:-..-'l tu the :-.i; *u:u ever siiiicc. I In lv/o Pivsirli'nti:.-.! el-jctioa.s, Martin played important baciisla-.ti p.ti-.-.n. v,-ho:-.i h,- liL-!i;ei.t no:".-.lnate i;iu c-:>ald ):i>; rh.'ct. The cither '.va-.-; in the Willkii, car.:!)a;^'a. wlieu Mar;:n tried to v,-.-!u tuin;tin;r conflict.- i UK v.-in.u-s (if tin.- Republican pa:-:y .1:1 Xn'.ion.-Ll C:iairm:ir:, In 1910, shc-i-tiy bel'oio Vi'iilkU- un:ed -M.-'.rtin to run fur Pi-L-sUle:'.t ,mr;;ii h.-iciior yl'IVi-cd tu put Ssn.O'jf; ln-'iiind l.i'.n. " I'M.-re ;.;•<; no st:-ir.^y a'.iac.'hed .1 tt'.i.-f." Mai tin ua.< ;o!u. ".My .'riernis .".nd 1 juiit t.-iinl: yo-.i ar-; <v -.i in-;: V.'hiti; II(»r.s(; timber in the field." •i n.i.-t no ambliior.- in that dir!-(:!:(.n," Martin : .-plk.-i.:. "1 a:n pt'r- f. ctly KaiiiiCicd tu ri.-main in the llo:; 1 --. .My one .-.aibitiou i:; to be" DrATHONHS SUin'IVK UII«M >,'c\v York- (L'P) --T-.v.-) diarnor.d.-; {..;I..TJI- through thf Uikir.i atom ;/'.ASTK.' lJ/i.SivKT£5AI.r, iick -iS. Ai:sonia :;:J. nl T'ublio 'i. r; . Crosby 2:^ . -if, fiacrud Heart 25. -t'l, \V.i:,'-.iriK'.on 2$. ,i:u-. 70, Lilc'.i:';e!d 2'.. Tt-ch -!1, Xe-.v Milford 33. Alumni -!2. Seymour S!) (ovurtime). | >,\i;!ii,-!^v •:•!. We.ivi-r 32. '.lotv.b tests vi!-'.-.:r:l!y unafffctod. A .-iliu'h*. brsv.-ni;;:-! li!i;re in n.-ii- stone .\-as t;-,e effect of lh,' blast ua |.f.,]| . Wi ];-,;,..L i-!aril'ord 33. •.:;(• dia:r.n:id.i, :t v;a : ; ri'p.u-ti.'d '-'.'-" j J ;i-js:,-,| ;",il. Moridun -13- 15r, Frederick H. Pu'ih. f;-.irat(u' n: 'I .\;,ri,,:; r i l; US. M^nchoslt'i 1 S. ?!' tin; A-.-ncric.-an Museum of Nat-j y^,,;,,], VAV Wilson liS. Winds:u- 3-1. ! ELECTED to Georgia's ncwly-cronted. lli:;'.ory. ,-'.-. ,;ii,-.:;:ur-. ."'.', VVindham •{•',. : post of Lieutenant Governor, JVI. E. Oh! Fviyhrojk -11. K:isi .11a:v.pto:i ' Thompson (above) is one of. thi-cc 23. men who may become the new Gov- Goodwin Tech IS. F:\rm I net on -10. ! ernor oi Georgin, in succession to Petitions ICC j!0Be0st Kates - tr.c .;-.y.-. a :^v. jjacici : coiviirr; rac'lci si'.rii.vlv. LO ;i;r Chiclxt'ii-VfUP)—The University of i __ . „. 'hicop;o"lias <llscovcred that :'.'^ net I only k.!nd but pr:.c:lo-! to lend •noney '-.~> vp'.-crnns. The university i-; nialvin;? lo.ins. t o foi-rnci- CI'.s- on it.s e.-imjv.js v.-;..h- ' out fcjcinpr tiicn"; to face a b.ii-rau- 1 : -.-ith-DUt c.impl-.cated. a forrr..;. The vet or in pfiv.-.-s no p novo n:nl t)ay.- no interest. Albert V. Cor.on. huvr.ixr, sn proximately S."'0,i'ji!0 currently i' •jur 3h ic-in tc .-:lU'!onts o:;:-.':l'c.d ur.der thf (',. I. Hil: of I'.it-ots. Fo far. rot o.ii; sp;i':c:i:io:} ;-is br.en dof.'iulted o.i his !jnn. "The avc-r.-KTe h j;-rov.-er as I:.- only Sf-0 cr f-W. iho-,i!:h hv'd bo o-;l:led ,-n ir.orn." Coi'.o-. n.iiJ. "The first thing- !ic dee-, w. inn ho receives ;•.:.-• :,-ovc;n::;-..iL o.-.-ck is to tnlce u;) hi- '.^'.linrc into It, It r.i.vds to In- cii-.-.ri.'ii uij anil vou c'ln'i do '.n:it. '''. WnshirtH-ton, Jan. 4—(UP)—The New Haven railroad, one of the mnjor metropolitan New York commuter carriers, has ru-i^cd tho Interstate Commerce Commission for ]>cr;r:i;;;;ion to incren^e its commutation faros by 20 per cent. The railroad nls-.o wants to r.iisc j liculei-.ant-cclone' with the itri coach f.irus from two and two- Armoro'i l','.\'.;•.:f.:: :tnd-,;- tenths cents ;io:- milo lo two and Goor-_".> f--. }->.::i.n. is iii» nn:i rc- :r.'c-"tenths cent? i^nr mile, and its ,s;5C,ns:l,>lo ]'ir .•;i>i-r<iv;:i;,-' veto.-;.its pi riot- and .«!eepinff cor fares from l-'nn rc:-:':(-?ts. throo and three-tenths cents peri Sarberiy, ;;s v.-tcrnsis mile tn th:vo art! Jive-lonths cenis j over>-.v-* :!je relationship br-t\vee:i Tn its petition filed v.-ith tho'•'>"'• '-lie- •.inivi—.-ity. J." :i_ :«.T:: i-' con:mi;-:sion today, the rnilroad cs- ->ehir.c, in receiver;: .-.:s MM^r-lonce timatus that unless f,'i'inted permission to increase it.s fares, it. lookr, for\vard to an operation deficit of some sovan million dollars '.his year. According; to the petition, the New Haven stst.:5 in anticipation of thit^ deficit the railroad faced "with the nocossity cither •'«v^5 , <ton- trctc, or ; linoleum 3«',n,-s chwo'i rioth- !• iin; ' like K-ynni?o _"' " tVjSoamc!. ):*.<y to Jsc. H:ir« to i' bfi'. Solid colors cove" b«lls.ur llockvillo Stafford 3P. j the late Gov.-elect Eugene Tali mndgc, (/nteriialionalSoundpi'ioro) of maliinj: n reduction in expenses ihrotJ^rh :i severe curtailment of ..-crvic? and nnintrnnnce which concerned, "The:vV r.ft -vii; or for t"]-.- ra:j>., "The ira:-,.'.-:rtii- mi.iuies; I!:,NI I;.'' collects's o/Mce. CSC NORTH MA Of ST. Union CKy - Tel. Cfi ACCOUNTANT \Vi-«.-t Haven Terryviil'i Xi-wUnvn -",2, Woodhury - : . ] . •."o:-v.-!c!i 29. •jd:iy. lh:> :r.".ii v,'!:-) made lint ' P::t:i.;m LTj, Kilii:\Kly in. ':-.-:iti^ii :M any!:-:;:;;: '.Ml': on the I .".a-.-r.iel: Sii, Cfcer.wich "'.;. T> inb'.-ry - r '2. Vi'ar-'er, I-iardin;x -i'i. i:v:;r'T I.ii'llou"? 30, Ncrw.'ill: IS. , ' will imp; operating efiicic-ncy i additional revenues." Pp-sfrp 'Bp-^ 1 ?/ Normal - TI:c poiilio:i swt " u " t tho ; 7cv "£ Cut-C I^Ciaj IWI 1110.5, :-Tavr.-r.'s protein commutation fnres : 1 ".-ore- established in :82-i mid 1 f)2o. usfnrianSays ^I^Sa^ifr T-.OS AnKclcs - - (t- : P) — Impatient bsi-rvf-rs who feel that cuiTer.t j !,GST— B:\'.'k }Joo!< Xo. JiJ.OTT u;ncc :u;p:ol.i!\l;o,r'r -ire dr,i;_rprui^ i d bj reassured from Ihe payc..-•' -irees lo sii'rviv: "'' )ii---io.'.v, nccnrdin" ;o Prince An- --- .'.'I' tM.-.;,'.-<, :< loader wlio c:m, if ho v.-Uh.-v-. i ; o £,'!•(. a t t hi ;•-.;;.= to clean dm iot ion :i:;•,!.•-.-; out: of the C^n.•:•!'.•••: itir.i-il barrel nnd lift the b.ul- ',:• l;i-.-.-?:-.-.-d pivvit-.'j-o of Con.'.rrui;.-. \Vi;h hi-i nbl-.C)|-:-:;::c-.- (if ;rreail ,ir,.lilh,; fow chestnut -;reos to siirviv,: , ••••-.- - ••- - -- --• , -Lio.'-ocrn,,- 7,e '.mrtin cnr, do the d'-id':v hi: ; rht in \Vcr.t Virginia <^'" I-.vbiaov-Ro.nnvsky, profossor munh"',o"p-,K- S o the pr.ohc'.'.riM; | h.-.s be-:-: di-overcd in Tucker ^ -'li^ory "l ^"- ^ n;vcrsity o: Ml-. C.-,n'Jrre:i.-:mon out of o-ir lo^.i'-la-: County. The Mi;:lit has affected live—temple.-'- ii '"-.- t-c."-:iy !L-:;'.!I-. * even ihis one. Sc.vnrp.1 -- _ . . .,,.-• . ; !•!•:• IIC.'N-.-- were de.-.d and Icavei on c.".mpi's o: too University ot Cab-: (Cojivr-iKht 10-;:. i>v T'.-.e I-loH I c!:ie:-;-: a.ln-idy wore brov.-n from f.-ivridienr.o, inn.) tac .".(.h-inci.-.;,- h'ltjrlU. 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 J-'(,-ur ye-;r.: ;LL-;(., th:.. ani'nition :.-: .-.irn-.^ i'a.':'il..-<l. Kolliuw tip an ; unuXpocUid voti; in the .l'J-12 ofi- s (...r oi.-c!Kiu, :t li,o,'-rcd for a mo- -.n-i-.t a.- it' li-.c i;ur v.-iiuld cont.-ol ; . !ie .'[.iii.;e i.:' l:.-;,:-<;.-i..;:it!itives. In ill- f.-.d tho D(;mocruts won I to,,; hy a !o\^ p votes, hoxvuvor, and v.-1-.i-n it c.-inic- time to swear in the ' SjM-aki'i-, Jno writ; inl-j tliu oillc;- j. nf .^ain llayiiurn to escort birr, to j -. l-.e Sno-iku,'s rostrum. ".-:.--..p." --ii'1 ./oo, ".I've ;;ot bad 7 ..T. I news fur yuu. T h-.i;ie ,'.'JU can i lulu up under tlic .--.-hock. You've ! i..-en ri-eloct.-d Spcakur." I ;\e!i-,.--.IIy. Sin-. .I'.ayburn and .f,'.-e 1 M-i:tiu hnvo :i U't i:l eo.Timon. j i l!n:h ar;.' bachelors, both an- (.'ood i frii-nds, bulb have nomcw'.K'.t t-e.- ' - .-...rm- iniddlc-oi'-tho-rja-.l. .-.-quari:- ' i . ii'Mit.-r I'oln: (if vii-w. j i !.;Ki- r.ioHt ii ichi-i.'irs. als-.. lh:: ! -•,\. p S;i;- : l-.-.-l' is Vefy fontt OJ' Cilil-J en ;-..i(! k-M.-p.; ti-inki ts ia his of- | ,-.. i :i ;:ivi' to t'rio.-KN for their I REVIEW OF YEAR IN SPORTS ' OCTOBER I Telephone 4843 FLOWERS I !umi,\-.'ai u-baund one Chrisfm:-,^ : •..u-.ti:n, .Martin plianpd ilis otlloe ;':•'),n '.V.;!;i-.if,;;ton's Union Sta.tiu:i i j Milne, t-j ha:' 1 .-;,- ovor \vith a pack- I I .-.jn- Ito !i ';! left in his desk. | I "I can't !,M \vithov.t it and my !'. i-.-'.in leave:-, in 20 ir.i.iutos," hu e.v- I pi linod. i iiaiM jti.-; in timo. - ' "Say, v.-'.uUV, in this anyhow'.'" h-- nskiHl, "^turo must bo impor- s | tr.tu. J l'..i\'0h't soon you so a^i-iLL- MELBOURNE'S! . .. . L .. s !eii about anyihiii},' ;;inco the elec- FLOWER SHOP Telephone C223 tion." "It'.-i vory iraportant." said Ihn .-"•psxiki'i'-i'iocl. "It's ;t doll for my littl.' ;r:':indrii.-ci\" Marli:i':; I'.iir Opportunity ;:- tin' ilays when Uarlia \va:; 21 anil h:» fjthci- tulviucd him : f07-ni:i, Dr. Lobnnov point"d out: ' ". : ''caee negotiations after cvory t rnotiern war lv:ve txion protr-;c:od. j :This '.vis true in 1648. np.iin nt the | !Vir-nr;-:i Con^r.'ss after the N.-ipo-j ;'!f'onie \"I'.T!-.S- and cortaii'ly nt. Vor-j 'y-iilCR. . . . After the llrst World j •XV.-u- I'ndud, lio.'-iilitiivs of one sort i lor another lasted 1023." i Thus, by cnmp-iriscn, h<- acldeci. I "\vn arc not doin;;' to^ badly tod \y." ( A number of modern schools in the X.1, f?. have rul.r,>ted illuniina- tion uta.r'-d.M.rds Idi'i '..'» 200 ]jcr cer.t above accepted minimurns, to conserve youthful eyeRiijiit. the Xo,u;<uti:ck Savinps Bank has been lost. Any person having claims on sr-.hl book is cal-o;! upon to present the to the bank within two mo:vths or tho j same book will be declare.-:! ) canceled and extinguished r-nd a new one issued in lieu thereof. 7.5,-uod at Nr.UKatxtcl;. Conn., Jan. ."-, lfi-17. Jan. 37 & .",1. -; sirop iso soi-r;: MAJX ST. Quar^i'riy Ai-.-Iils. Income Tax Consultant I -"or A:>;;oi:i<:iv!its 'phone SMS Edward J. Ahern Probate Notice j Dijtlrio;: of jV.iu,rr.iluck. ss. Pro-i bat'; Court, J.inuary 3rd, A.D. 30-17. Estate of Walter Taniulonit-:, aha. I Waller Tamoloitis, al'.a Wallet- j Tomulonis, l^tc of Nausatuck in District. dc-c'?asc-d. Tho Adminislratrix, having ox- hil'jJtcd her uccoimt with said es- lato t:i thi.-: Court for allowanco, and maffi; npplication for an order of dis!ribul.:.-)n of s.'.id cstato, it is ORDERED, Thai, the Sth day of January, A.D. 10-17, at -1:30 o'clock, in the i-ifto::ioon, sltmdard tin-.e, at tho Prjbar.e Oirio.e in j KaiiKatuck. be and the same is. risi-ifrned fo:- a be:iriny 'on the nl- ince of said account, and application and the Court directs ! the Administratrix ;Tivo notice ; thereof, by publishinjt this order; in some newspaper bavin,'; a cir- ( o.ulntion in s.ikl Histi-ict, and by JcrLX'in?; with, or by m-aiiinp; in -.-(;£- istered letlers addressed io each of Ihe persons interested, and ro- sidinjr without the Probalc District of Kau.-jatuc-K-, a copy of this crder, all at leant two days before day of liearinfr, and re turn lo this Court. Attest, P.AYMCvND M, SHEA, Judge. Stnrdv, C!<.'!(apsihl(- BABY CARRIAGES up E 7:i lUI/VNl) STK.KKT \Vaterimry I'H.T.T-:T> rnvj--i-:v: TAST\' CKTSl'V CITY BAKERY I',, r. .STOI'PANt. J'rop. G. E. HOTPOINT AGENCY RADIO EXPERTS Since 1925 SWAN ? S I." Ouiroli St. — Ti'l, 2571 T)ii.v SchncI February S School .Ijiniiijry 33 C'.;-.H-U>H ; - or I'hoin- -t-STTi JUNIOR K T.'_T_1 *** T^ *.f>'fPf- *' ' ' IIM AV.'AV? <JI-:T VOtH CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY Tel. 22in IX XE\V QUARTICKS 23 CHURCH STREET — nAPI os — — rnoxocuAViis — Kailro - Jt'lKiiK) Comhin.-ifjons RADIO IIKI'AIU Chrysler and Plymouth G. SI. C. Tvyc?£s BO Oi! Burners Per Month AltE .\V.\II.AUI.15 TO US THIS WIWTEB If .vou'ro tired of tinntllini; con! and aslies :ind w:inl lo convert (o clean :ii;to!-.):i(ifi Jip;:|, n-o c:in make-over in 3 hours. The Waterbury Keating' Co. I-c:'.ders in Homo Ileadnc; S-J-:!C Sjirinj; St. ritonc -t-fi-178 \Vaterliiiry li'iiruaccM Clr:in«iil and Hopnirril . . . Cliininc.vs Cleiinod (J.C.Kaytkwich,f JR. i ACC3SSSORIES fe Repairing 1 f KW SOu'Tn .Tt/vfN ST. H I. COTTON DIAPSES $3.39 dozen PAINT HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES ETC, Free Delivery ELECTRICAL NEEDS Electric Appliance Co. I.-M K:.".:-.iv,-in s(, \V:U. — Tt-1. -l-i'2-12 Maple Street Tol. 3507 «<> « .**•• E

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