Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 26, 1963 · Page 23
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 23

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 26, 1963
Page 23
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KNOXVILLE ANNABEL PETERSON CORRESPONDENT Office hours, 7*9 a.m. 4 *6 p.m. Home Address: 210 N. Timber St. Phone 289*9172 Knoxville Girl Plans Tour Of Europe With Classmates KNOXVILLE—Miss Janet Larson, who has been spending the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vorace Larson, left Sunday for New York. She will meet three girl friends, all classmates while attending the University of Colorado of which she is a 1963 graduate. They will sail aboard the S.S, — United States Aug. 29 for a trip to Europe. Much of their travel will be by car which they have rented. Among the places they plan to visit are the Munich Festival in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, England, France, Switzerland and Rome, Italy. They will travel by train and possibly by boat to Greece and Cairo, Egypt. They will visit relatives of several of the girls. They plan to return by plane Dec. 19. Demonstrations were given by the following members of the Appleton Pioneer 4-H Club when they met recently at the Appleton Grade School: Tim Asbury, "How to Build a Portable Heat Lamp"; Barbara Saline, "How to Hold a Rabbit"; Joyce Kennedy, "How to Build a fsog Hurdle," and Gene Crocker, "How to Ring a Hog." A talk on "Guarding Animal Health" was given by Franklin Cook, Demonstrations Performed by 4-H Record books were completed and turned in. Refreshments were served by the Myers and Hunter families. Knoxville News Briefs Mr. and Mrs, Joy Lane and family of Wheaton visited recently with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lane in Knoxville, and her mother, Mrs. Morris in Galesburg. Mrs. Joe Henderson has return­ ed to her home after being a patient at a hospital in Galesburg. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wilt and Mrs. Ina Peterzen visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Don Eklund and family in Princeton. Mrs. Mildred Hunt, who had been visiting here this summer, has left for her home in Phoenix, Ariz. She was accompanied by her granddaughter, Miss Joan Miller, who resides in Arizona. Gives Service Rev. • H. Douglas Fowler gave the worship service at St. Martha's Home Sunday. Mrs. Naomi Hodges sang two solos accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Reid Carson. Mrs. Nell Hinchliff, voice teacher of Mrs. Hodges, also a former resident of the St. Martha's Home, was a guest. Pastor Arne E. Peterson of Grace Lutheran Church left today to attend the Illinois Synod pastors retreat at Camp Augustana, Lake Geneva, Wis. He will return Thursday. Legion Unit to Meet There will be a special meeting of the American Legion Women's Auxiliary at the Legion Home Thursday at 7:30 p.m. for the purpose of installation of new officers. A dedication of the newly-purchased American flag will be held. Mrs. Russell Cronoble and Mrs. Thomas Mathews are in charge. Becomes Auctioneer James D. Folger of Dahinda completed two weeks training at the Iowa School of Auctioneering in Ames and received his diploma Aug. 16. Abingdon (Continued) (Continued from page 15) festival grounds for the program by Possum Holler Opry and cake auction during the intermission. Lewis and Mike Marks were in charge of the sale of cakes which had been judged during the afternoon by James Heneger of Heneger's Bakery in Abingdon and Howard Barlow of Galesburg. Mrs. Carrie Ryan's grand champion cake sold for $20 to the owner of Avon Shopper. Average price paid was $4.65. In charge of the cake show were Mrs. Dwight Van Syckel, Mrs. C. J. Vanderwert and Mrs. Glenn Foster. Win in Classes Winners in each class according to placing were: White cakes — Patty Link, Elaine Westover and Hazel Fair. Chocolate — Eva Morrison, Hazel Farr and Editha Ray. Angel food — Carrie Ryan, Mrs. Frank Morss and Mrs. John Adolphson. Miscellaneous — Hazel Van Syckel, Louis Sabetti and Mrs. Frank Morss. Junior division — Janet Hickey, Ruth Morby and Linda Mitchell. Horse Show Winners Grand entry prize winners in the horse show were Richard Wilson of Macomb, first, and Julie Goff of Knoxville, second. This event was sponsored by the Shanks stores in Abingdon. George Bergmeier of Niota, won the pony cart and harness event. Following are the winners in the classes from first to third place, with the class sponsors in parentheses. Child's western pleasure pony, (Stegall Agency and Abingdon Boat Club), Gary Bauer, Topeka; Carrol Masden, Avon; John Johnson, Galesburg. Barrel race, (Bob Stone Insurance, Fordyce Barbershop), Larry White, Peoria; Sam Fouts, Cameron; Bob Leeds, Green Valley. Local pony class, (Ray's Western Auto), each of the 13 winners received a silver dollar. Rescue race, (Radio Station WAIK of Galesburg), Fouts; Jim Scalf, Maquon; Gene Ford, Canton. Men's western pleasure, (K of G Super Market, Friendly Cafe), Joe Faggetti of Savanna, rider of horse owned by Joyce Faggetti of Savanna; Larry White of Peoria, rider of horse owned by Norma Elashner of Peoria; Richard Wilson of Macomb, horse owned by Norma Blashner. Handy Horse, (Dewey's Gulf Service, Walt's Standard Station), Larry Winship, Cuba; Bill Wesscll, Oneida; Phyllis Johnson, Nauvoo. Pony express, (Abingdon Publishing Co., Inc.), Vcrn Rummerfield, Princeville; Fouts and White, both horses owned by J. Scalf; Kenny Batterdan, Astoria. Horse colt, (Abingdon Chamber of Commerce), Ray E. Smith, Monmouth; Terry Smith, Monmouth; Julie Goff, Knoxville. Flag race, (American Legion Post 381, Carr- Hummel Construction Co.), J. Scalf; Rummerfield; Jim Trane, Canton. Speed and action, (Abingdon Oil Co., Pierce's Maid-Rite, Kronsted's Red and White), Ford; Rummerfield; Herb Wright, Gerlaw. Pony colt, (Hare's Dairi-Delite, The Treasure House), Kenny McDaniels, Fairview; Jalene Morehead, Gilson, Curtis and Haynes, Bushneli. Junior open western pleasure, (Commercial Drive" Merchants, Lambcrti's Super Market, Zim- mcr's Farm Store, Abbe Lanes Bowling, A &\V Root Beer), Diane Sherman, Maquon; Ann McCluth, Table Grove; Joyce Fagotti. Women's western pleasure, (Professional Men of Abingdon), Sally Scalf, Maquon; Madeline Hughes, Dunlap; Nancy Moore, Peoria. Horse show chairmen were Robert Morris and Jack Lucas, with Clarence Moser as judge. Registrars were Mrs. Lucas and Mrs. Morris, and announcers were Lewis Marks and Dan Mooney. Wiggins Funeral Home furnished the emergency ambulance. ABINGDON Fall Festival TUESDAY, AUGUST 27 6:45 P.M. Crowning of King & Queen. Presentation of Livestock Trophies. Livestock Auction. Twist Contest. Music by CORRALS Drawings from Merchant Display. FREE ADMISSION VISIT MERCHANTS DISPLAYS 7:00 P.M. 7:30 P.M. 9:30 P.M. 10:30 P.M. Knox County NFO Unit Has Session KNOXVILLE - Activity among members in meat and milk divisions was discussed in a letter from National Farmers Organization headquarters at Wednesday's meeting of the NFO's Knox County chapter. Among those present were Warren Reed, assistant national organizer, as well as two Fulton County NFO officers. The letter from national headquarters in Corning, Iowa, indicated good organizational results have been made as far east as West Virginia and into the heart of the cattle feeding areas of Colorado. Midwestern stockyards have been visited by many NFO members, the letter stated. Elevators to Cooperate It was announced at the meeting that the Williamsfield Co-op Elevator and the Rex Johnson Grain Co. in Oneida have storage available for NFO soybeans and corn. Election of officers of the 19th Congressional District of NFO will be held Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Alexis Legion Hall. Attending this meeting from Knox County will be 15 voting delegates. Teachers in ROVA Unit Assemble ONEIDA — Teachers meetings today marked the opening of the 1963-64 school year for ROVA Community Unit District schools. Students in the district will report Tuesday for the first day of school which will be a full day. Busses will run on approximately the same schedule as last year, and lunches will be served in each of the four towns the first day. The following schedule of lunch prices have been announced: Grades one-four, 25 cents; grades five-12, 30 cents. Students in grades one-6 should pay for their lunches by the week, while those in grades seven-12 were requested to pay for their lunches each day. The Oneida grades five and six students will attend classes in Oneida this year, rather than being transported to Altona. The special education class will be held in Altona. Book rental fees and insurance premiums will be announced later. Father Attends Double Wedding In Wheel Chair MIAMI, Fla. (AP) — George Kopp, seriously injured Aug. 13 in an automobile accident, vowed that he would attend his daughters' double wedding "if I have to crawl down the aisle." Instead, he rode in a wheel chair Sunday, the cast on his crushed left leg decorated with white chrysanthemums and sprigs of greenery. Beside him stood his wife Ruth, 54, her dislocated left elbow in a sling. His daughters Susan, 23, and Janet, 20, paused to kiss him on their way to the altar. Burglar Loots Peoria Market During Night PEORIA, III. (AP)—Police said a burglar took about $2,000 in cash from a Peoria super market sometime early Sunday. The burglar broke into the Peasant Valley IGA Foodliner by smashing a glass front door, police said. The loss was discovered by the super market owner, Robert Gilliand. Ambulance Hits School Bus, 27 Are Injured CHICAGO (AP) - Twenty-six children and one adult were injured Sunday in the collision of an ambulance and a Sunday school bug. Police said the driver of the ambulance, Frederick Martin, 29, told them that he was answering an emergency call. The ambulance hit the left rear of the bus and spun it around. Four of the 26 children were hospitalized. The others were given first aid. Police ticketed the ambulance driver for driving too fast for conditions and running a red light. Paul Robeson Flies Behind Berlin Wall BERLIN (UPI) - Ailing singer Paul Robeson flew Sunday to East Berlin, shortly after a British newspaper reported he had broken with the Soviet Union. Robeson, his wife, Eslanda, and an American woman friend identified only as Mrs. Hurwitt made the trip from London by Polish airliner. They left the airport in a Russian-made automobile for an unknown destination. No trace of the 65-year-old singer has been reported since. Harold Davison, Robeson's agent, said in London he had gone to East Germany to convalesce at a spa. The agent said he would be "away four to five weeks" before returning for a recording engagement and a television show. Move Anticipated The London Sunday Telegraph said an attempt might be made to "smuggle" Robeson out of England. "The attempt may have been prompted by the fact that he may Soon be well enough to speak to the press himself," the newspaper said. The Telegraph quoted Robeson today as saying to one of its correspondents that "the Sunday Telegraph article is vicious misrepresentation." A Telegraph correspondent who traveled to East Berlin on the same plane as the Robesons wrote that Mrs. Robeson boasted of the "cloak and dagger" way in which she and various Polish officials helped Robeson o u t of London. She warned him not to go near the singer but he was finally able to speak to him as "he sat like an effigy" just before landing, the correspondent wrote. Aid Director To Cut Roles Two-Thirds SPRINGFIELD (UPD-lllinois Public Aid Director Harold O. Swank said today he would Issue a directive "between now and the first of next week" limiting the Public Aid Department's birth control program to married women living with their husbands. The present policy, established by the old Illinois Public Aid Commission, allows the state to pay for public aid information and devices to married women and to mothers. Swank said about two-thirds of the persons now on the program would be removed when the new order is issued. Up to last month, Swank said, about 1,200 to 1,300 persons had applied for birth control devices or information and had been referred to medical authorities. About 800 of these women either were unmarried or were not living with their husbands, Swank said. The director said before the order is issued to remove such women from the program, "I want to do a little exploring to see what can be worked out with private agencies to continue such help." None of the bills for the birth control program has been paid, Swank said. He said first the cases would be separated so that married women living with their husbands were in one classification and other cases were in another. Swank said he anticipated no difficulty in securing payment for cases in the first group. But he said a decision by the attorney general had raised doubts about the legality of the program as it affects women who are not mar ried or not living with their husbands. He said he did not know what would be done about bills pending for such cases. Galesburg Register'Mqit, Galesburg, III, Monday* Auajd^IW.i A Woman Falls 90 Feet in Shaft; Is Rescued WEBB CITY, Mo. (AP) — A woman fell 90 feet down an abandoned mine shaft and landed in deep water, then clung to the timbered sides of the shaft more than an hour Sunday until rescued. Mrs. Margaret Hayes, 29, apparently suffered only bruises. Hospital attendants said she was in good condition. Good Samartians Kind Kindness Not Appreciated OTTAWA, 111. (AP)—Two mo torists who tried to be helpful to strangers pondered today wheth er kindness is its own reward Ths La Salle County sheriff's office reported these occurrences Sunday: Eugene Fornier, 35, of Joliet, picked up four hitchhikers at a service station in Ottawa. Ar riving in Seneca later, Fornier stopped to greet a friend and left the hitchhikers in his car. His friend was dressing and Fornier relaxed in a chair on the front porch and dozed. When he awakened, the hitchhikers, his watch, his wallet and his car were gone. Near Mendota, Henry Hollistenc stopped his car to aid several men apparently having trouble with their auto. The strangers hit Hollistone, of Mendota, on the head and drove off in his car. Pigeon Moves BOURNEMOUTH, England, (UPI) — Police said today they have been having difficulty during the past week with a homing pigeon which refuses to return to its owner following several days in the Bournemouth jail while its injured wing was mended. The pigeon keeps coming back to the jail, police said. There are many ways to finance a purchase ...BUT IT ALWAYS PAYS TO DEAL WHERE YOU GET EVERY ADVANTAGE! We're fully equipped to give you the best kind of service in all phases of financing and refinancing. 0 iY C FINANCE CORPORATION Formerly Century loan Co. 123 South Main St. Abingdon, Illinois Telephon* 71 ALSO OFFICES IN PEORIA, MACOMB AND ALED0 Cancer-Stricken Baby Undergoes Examinations NEW YORK (AP) - A doctor will examine a cancer-stricken 9- month-old Morton, 111., boy today in an attempt to determine whether he should be admitted for treatment. The baby, Clarence G. Whilten, has lost his left eye to the disease. His right eye is now infected. Authorities at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital said the child's admission is dependent upon the results of the examination. His mother, Mrs Wade Whitten, the wife of a Caterpillar Tractor Co. employe, said the examination would disclose whether radium or drugs should be used in an attempt to save the eye as well as his life. The Whittens have five other children. Prohibitionists Ready to Select 1964 Candidates ST. LOUIS (AP)-The Prohibition party will choose its 1964 presidential and vice presidential candidates this week. The party will open its convention Thursday. Among those mentioned to head the ticket are Dr. R. L. Decker of Kansas City, Mo.; Dr. Enoch Holtwick, Greenville, 111.; E. Harold Munn Sr., Hillsdale, Mich.; Dr. Claude Watson, Los Angeles, Calif.; Dr. Mark Shaw, Boston, Mass., and Roy S. Holloman, Topeka, Kan. Classified Advertising L OCAL CASH RATE effective April l, 1953 Wordi t-day» l-daya 1-day 1*90 . | S.S8 | 4.94 | l.» 11-18 | 8.91 a-68..| 1.49 26-90 | 4.97 2.90 1.67 81-98 | 8.10 1.61 96-40 | S .63 _ 9.87 2.07 41-38 6.88 4.96 2.92 46-80 7.28 I 4.84 2.88 } l -lnch of lest 62 .00 vun*a-r OVA (Ubi^ 1 AJj (Replies Mailed Out-of-town) Me Card of Thanks In Memonama Lodge Noticei DEADLINE Monday through Friday 10:00 A.M. SATURDAY 9:15 A.M. Lodge Notices WOMEN or THE MOOSE MEETING Tuesday, Aug. 27. Regular meeting. Potluck at 6:30. Bessie Church, Sr. Reg. Dorothy Roelle, Rec. GALESBURG COUNCIL No. 556 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS REGULAR meeting Tonight — 8 o'clock'. Tom Meyer, G.K. Crescent Hambsch. Fin. Sec'y. Other Notices ON and after this date, August 26, 1963, I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by any other than myself. Calvin Sholl, 796 E. Main St._ Lost and Found—1 GONE FOR GOOD? Not If you quickly place a LOST AD. Phone 342-5161. CUSHION lost from curve section of sectional couch, between Galesburg and Abingdon, Rt. 41. $5 reward. Write Box 736, % Register-Mail. $2000.00 REWARD For information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual or individuals responsible for the theft of the following. 1959 Fruehauf tandem axle 40 foot flat bed trailer. Serial No. 951792 Color: Fleet Ivory Marked: Diamond Transportation System Inc., Racine, Wisconsin. Contact: Diamond Transportation System Inc., 1919 Hamilton Ave., Racine, Wisconsin Telephone 414-634-6620 Business Service—2 OIL permanents, always a $5 special. Maxine's Beauty Shop, W. Main & Academy. Phone 343-3612. LAWN BUILDING Fall is coming — years of successful experience taught us the best time of year to smooth out your lawn is now. CaU us for free estimate. MARTIN Lawnbuilders Ph. 342-0521 For AU PLUMBING NEEDS call Youngren Plumbers 1327 Brown Ave. — 343-6813. REFUSE SERVICE Pleasing you pleases us. WE APPRECIATE your business. Call us anytime. Citywlde Rubbish Removal 343-8665 or 3434136 FURNACE CLEANING and repairing. Stoker repairing. Stokers installed. 343-4674. BUILDING & REMODELING Roofing and Siding, custom built cabinets. Free estimates. 3428214. NELSON'S Bryant gas furnace and burners. Used stokers, gutter work 135 N. Seminary. 343-2318. WRIGHT'S HEATING Thermo-Products, Gas - oil furnaces, sheet metal, gutterwork. Free estimates, 1-5 year payment plan. 29 Public Square. 343-6535 Nlte 343-5404 SPECIAL THIS WEEK Any SOFA Upholstered $37.75 Plus material. Guaranteed work. I & E Upholsterers, 644 E. North. — EAVES — Cleaned - Flushed. Average price $4-$6-$8 for one cleaning but will clean now and when leaves are down for the same price. Pay both after second cleaning if you care to. Also windows washed. 343-8771—3426923. Transportation—3 RIDERS wanted to commute from Galesburg area to W.I.U. everyday. Ronald Peterson, Lynn Center, Illinois, 61262. Phone 476-5841. • _ Personal-Special Notice—4 AVON PRODUCTS If Interested In buying or sell- Ing, Call 342-0360. BE SURE to visit the Salvation Army Red Shield Store at 16 Public Square. Bargains In clothing, appliances and furniture. Personal-Special Notice—4 TAVERNS, Triple money back if Riesen Clear Glass is not the best bar, back baf, bottte, mirror, table and glass cleaner for less. G. Se M. Distributors, 342-6185. . TRY D IADAX Tablets (former* ly Dex-A-Diet). New name, same formula, only 880 it West Drug Company. Male Help Wanted—• NEED HELP? Find the best through a wider choice. Phone 342-5161 to place your WANT AD MARRIED man to 35 with high school education, to service local route, $417 monthly guarantee. Write Box 676, % Register-Mail; MAN — To service route in Galesburg local. Home every night, 22-40. married. Phone 3439342. CHEMIST to work in feed plant. Must have BS or AB degree. No experience necessary but helpful. In reply give full resume of experience, age and salary expected. Write Morris T. Gilmore, Allied Mills, Inc. 7501 S. Adams, Peoria, 111. NO STRIKES - no layoffs. All over-time you want. Married to 35. Write Box 065. care Register-Mail. DEPENDABLE married man. Year round farm work. Experienced with livestock and machinery. Curtis Carlson, Oneida, 111. CONSTRUCTION work, 2 men wanted at once. Vernon Gott, Dahinda. Phone 879-2023. MOORMAN SALESMAN PROMOTED 1 need an ambitious man, between 25 and 50, who is not necessarily looking for work, but who recognizes a real opportunity when he sees it. The man who can qualify will take over this area, in servicing'cus­ tomers and prospects. Vacation allowances, profit sharing, group insurance, medical benefits, retirement income, and credit union. As you can see this is an excellent opportunity for advancement. Write or call Dean Grimes, general manager, Moorman Mfg. Co., Alpha, 111. 5294121. Evening^ call Galesburg, 343-2729 or 343-9141 for Mr. Rozynek. FRANCHISE DEALER wanted to handle remanufactured automatic transmissions for one of the oldest and most reliable re- manufacturers of automatic transmissions in Galesburg and surrounding areas. For all inquiries Write or Call DURHAM & WAGNER Offices 637-3123 310 E. Brandeis LOUISVILLE 17. KENTUCKY Men With Produce Experience Desired Quick Advancement in SUPER MARKET INDUSTRY For Appointment Apply: Eagle Food Centers, Inc. P. O. Box No. 67 Rock Island, Illinois Attention: Mr. William E. Rose, r ,'o Personnel Department. ATTENTION! All Mineral or Feed Salesmen! Why work on straight commission? We pay all your traveling expenses plus highest rate of commission in the business and give you large exclusive territory. Our company is over 50 years old and one of the best known in this business today and we sell only through exclusive Franchise Dealers. Our products are different! They give sensational results: Terrific promotion by means of free samples to consumers. No other company can offer you a moneymaking deal like ours with opportunity for rapid advancement to Supervisor if you qualify. Your home territory may be open. Write today giving all details of your past experience and age for personal interview. Our men know of this ad. All replies confidential. Write Dept. QM Box 741, care Register- Mall. WANTED — Man or woman to supply families in Pt. Galesburg or Abingdon with Rawleigh household products. Dealers now making sales over $15,000 yearly. Start with $50 or $100 cash or use our time payment plan. See or write Francis Sheetz, 173 Day St., Galesburg, Ph. 343-4874 or write Rawleigh, Dept. ILH 280-148, Freeport, 111. 2 OPENINGS in our Sales and Service Dept. for men of good character. No special skills are required. Ages 21 to 55 years. Car useful. Advancement to management available in accordance with your ability. For personal interview Call 343-1631, 9 to 10 P.M. SALES CAREER Successful sales or business experience. Age 28 or over, married, lived in area 3 years, college background. Substantial starting salary plus incentive increases. Write Box 742, cart Register-Mail giving complete background and experience. PART TIME Man 26 to 45, married, to take over established insurance account. Will train. Income while you learn. Financial assistance for future full time career. For interview call Days 342-3616, nights 343-6543. IMMEDIATE OPENINGS The State National Life Insurance Co. is opening a new office in Galesburg. We have 3 openings for persons who can qualify. Salary will range from $400 to $600 per month. Experience or business background will be very helpful but not absolutely necessary- Please note — you must have the following qualifications: At least a high school grart., married, between the ages of 23 and 39 and able to pass a rigid character Investigation. Your work will be local and no travel is required. You may apply at our office at 1050 Monmouth Boulevard between 8:30 and 12 noon or call 343-4492 after 4:30 p.m. for appointment. •fata HalB fsTMifldUl Maw mip WBBW^^W APPLIANCE iaittmin ** be flMressitl and *tf learn, "sr is necessary based en individual .eolnfL plan, trust fund. Diseouftt vacation*, see usjof • mm. ture, Gambles, 420 M,_ SEE COMPUTOR PROG' Men Training opportunities the Amusement Mfe, paft next, to, movie .ads. ft Female Help WatHi il WAITRESS— Good noun, and uniforms furnished, stetdf work. Apply in person only. Affl* erlcan Beauty Restaurant. DISHWASHER — Steady wdrtfcT good hours, meals and Urn*forms furnished. Apply In Mf« son only. American Beauty Re*- taurant. TOY DEMONSTRATORS * Earn extra money for school needs and Christmas. Dernon- strate MERRY MAG TOY, SHOWS. No investment, nd cot* leeting, no delivering. Tot de» tails write P.O. Box 301, Dubuque, Iowa. _ GOOD opening for man 21 to 60 capable of servicing appliances, doing electrical work and/Of servicing furnaces. Salary opett? must be experienced and have references. Write Box 734, */p Register-Mail. 'WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY For women 28 to 50 in Galesburg and surrounding areas with sales personality. Commission and yearly bonuses, based on effort put forth. Don't hesitate any longer, you can get ahead in life if you really want to. All you need is the desire and we will give you the training which is company paid. Why not check this dignified position for secured future for yourself and family. Call Galesburg 342-1317 for appointment and confidential Interview with personnel director. Full particulars and fringe benefits will be explained at time of interview. BABYSITTER WANTED for 1 or 2 afternoons a week. Phone 342-4171 between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M. WOMAN to sit with 1 child, 8:30 till 5. 3 days a week. 132 Garfield. MAKE $75 to $175 CASH with the most beautiful Christmas Cards in the Southl Exquisite personalized, Religious greetings, profitable money-makers. Write for amazing Free offer; Sample Outfit on approval. Southern Greetings, 478 No. Hollywood, Dept. 123. Memphis 12, Tenn. SEE COMPUTER PROGRAMMER Training opportunities on the Amusement Page, page 6, next to movie ads. , TOP notch live wire saleslady for retail store. 5 afternoons a week. Do not apply unless you are experienced at selling and want a permanent Job. Salary, commissions and discounts. Give past employment, salary and references. Write Box 739, % Register-Mail. WANTED: Housekeeper to help care for elderly gentleman. Call Gall Youngren, 343-1849, after 5:30 p.m. SCHOOL starting, need more help, 4 waitresses, 4 curb heljj, 2 fry cooks. Apply in person 11 to 1 noon, 4 to 6 p.m. HUDDLE DKIVE-IN Henderson & Dayton. , Male, Female Help Wanted— 7 WANTED 1—Night fountain boy: 1—part- time night dressing table girl; 3 part time night curb waitresses; 1—full time day curb waitress; 1—day dressing table girl. Apply in person. GRANDVIEW DRIVE-IN 2221 Grand Ave. MEN or Ladies for sales work in Galesburg and vicinity. Age 30 or over. Write P.O. Box 505, Galesburg. SECOND Income—2 men-women students to operate established food route. Full or part time. Select own hours. Apply 8 T 9 A.M.—4-6 P.M. at 218 North Henderson St.. Galesburg. < Employment Wanted— 8 WANTED to care for sick or elderly persons in their home, days or nights. Will do light housework. Can give references. Phone 343-5028. WANTED: housekeeping Job for elderly folks or would live in' and care for one or two children, by reliable lady. Write Box 746, c/o Register-Mall. Instruction—• FRENCH Lady with teaching experience offers intensified language lessons. Phone 343-4780. FOREIGN EMPLOYMENT Information. Construction, other work projects. Good paying overseas Jobs with extras, travel expenses. Write only: Foreign Service Bureau, Dept. 368, Brp- denton Beach, Florida. U.S. Civil Service Tests! Men-women, 18-52. Start high as $102.00 a week. Preparatory training until appointed. Thousands of Jobs open. Experience usually unnecessary. FREE information on Jobs, salaries, requirements. Write TODAY giving name, address and phone. Lincoln Service, Box 619, r /o Register-Mall. Business Opportunity—W Before Von INVEST. INVESTIGATE! The Oaleaburg Restates • Mail attempts to determine the reliability ot the advertiser in ell •da requiring an tavetmont. It cannot, however, <n»aranl*« «U •uch otters. We recommend thai you INVESTIGATE fully before you INVEST. , (Continued on page 24) Man Committing Suicide Causes 2 Other Deaths WATERLOO, Iowa (UPD -A macabre chain of accidents touched off by a man committing suicide at nearly 100 miles an hour resulted in death to two persons Sunday and injury to five others. Dale Robert Harriman, 23, Waterloo, was killed instantly when his car hurtled off the highway east of here. Medical examiner Dr. Eugene Smith said Harriman had written a will and handed it to his wife about an hour before the crash. He ruled the death a suicide. An ambulance speeding to the crash scene collided with a private car, killing Ray Gardner and injuring five other persons. Stamina to Spare SCARBOROUGH, England, (UPD — Marilyn Greenwood, 17, played tennis for nearly 10 straight hours Saturday in the North of England championships. She competed in the women's singles and doubles and the under-21 mixed doubles. She won all but one match. READ THE WANT ADS! Church Council Committee in Annual Meet ROCHESTER, NY. (AP)-Representatives of the 100-member policy-making committee of the World Council of Churches met today for their annual meeting. Business sessions and discus* sions—one on relations with the Roman Catholic church — were scheduled. The world council includes Anglican. Orthodox and some Protestant churches with 400 million members in more than 90 coun< tires.

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