Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 13, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1896
Page 8
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m«8 •!•:!/•<":, pljt^^;^|^ Last Call on THE GOLDEN RULE'S MOTTO IS .4 ,<'•'• " '' • '••. •'•• Tc3':t- ' : - ; -^'- • Never Carry My Goods Over Until Next Season, Therefore we wil^put the Knife in pur Shirt Waist Department and will place the Ehtire Stock in 3 lots on our first floor. . LOT NO. 1. All of our ; r ; eal fine Persian, Dresden and Dimities andSin fact any of the^iftnest Shirt Waists in the store worth' $1.60 to $2.00. You Choice ot lot - - - - " " ' 98c LOT NO. 2. Many WalStS made in best material slightly scuffed from handling, many ^|>rth up to $2.00. Your choice ;;, ., - 69c EOT NO. 3. Waists tha%were sold at 48c, 68c and 66c, all go at 2Bc . „. . ... . Big "Event''*to take Place August 27th Near Adamsboro: THE BEST SPEAKERS THE GOLDEN RULE • •?'&! •'' '* - - ' :• • SPRING NECKWEAR,' SPRING OVERCOATS. WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. Hon. WfbfOweri, W. S. Haggard and F. B. Posey.Coming. There wiilil"be-a'-blg picnic of the good old-fashioned kind at tihe grove on the •North bani'of 'the Eel nlver/one mile .east'oC Ad-ainwbbi-d';.'Thursday, August 27t:h. These. w.ho attend will be expected to add •the<re»mteuts of well-loaded baskets i» flie"gencral good cheer, ami a good tfme is promised. There will be good i music, botih- Iiistriuiiental a-nd vocalf Glee clutus will render excellent patriotic songs, and there will bn sound mouay speeches that it will profit all...people, erf all beliefs to hear and attend to, • ' | The promiuent;,speake,rs to be present aire'Hon-. W. "'ix'CXwen, of Logamspoi'.t, Han. W. S. Haggard of Lafayette, Hon. F. B. Pascy of Ev.insvMle, and HOD, ^H-lrani Browiilee of Marion. All resi- douts within reach oif the picnic grounds should not fall, to be present- at this basket meeting.; A CLOSE CALL. A Thrashing flachine Almost ClaimllAno'ther Victim. LINE COnPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be upt to Date 426 Broadway. while tihe thrashing outfit of Lenzeubee Bros, was at work on the famm of Uriaili Pattxwi, six mEes north of IdavlUc,. the riddle became dogged with wet wheat, ami when • Edward Leazeiirbee -pusihed Ms arm into ilhe machine to clear the wQicat away, Ws band was caught iti lihe revolving fan-,' and his w<ho.le ai'in was 'drawni in before the •machine' wis stopped. • The band and arm were bniitecd terribly, but luckily : uo bonus were broken. Several castings ou the f-ua gave way, and -to this fact tliie -victim at the serious a'ccMent owe,;' the salvation of Ills arm.' The injured man bad a brother .killed some time ago on lihe ralhwid In Logansport. The Event of ffle Day. THE ABSOLUTE Closing Out Sale Of Harry Frank's Stock at Actual Half Price, September First, THE LAST DAY. We Quote a few of the many P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of tiie Celebrated Stein Blopk Clothing Born to Mr. and Mrs. Blackburn'of WM'tlng, Ind., a son. . • . . >:;-^ Fred Wagoner has begun work at Long Cliff after a vocation. Next Sttniday wldl ge a.gaia day alt St.; Joseph. PuH partlcuilare given la another coin-ran. The Logan Milling company has a atray oolt at.the yard of the company sw;adtlng claimant who can prove own- Wghllp. . : It te no-matter what you buy; be It avnr gmatl, a gueai'goos with 1ihe purchase. '-.But flve days more remain.— Bee Hive. , , , Mr. and Mrs. diaries-Schiter of the W««tslde, will celebrate -the silver an-- BTveranry of tlielr marriage Saturday^ August 22d. ^! Peiispus wldUlng to room and board teachers during, the County Institute •will please InCoa^m-tbe County Superintendent at once. The frame of Iwill at Lake Oteott hist Sunday between the Lake Clcott team and the, Logansport Spldew resulted in. the victory of the Lake boys by a score of 0. to 4. . v Wiliy not buy-a nuin't* milt at liaJf' price; a boy's suit, at half price; a fine $7.00, ijifi.50, ?0.50 or $3,00 child's suit at fS,24 ? Pants, Imbt; gloves at OOc on the dollair, nt Harry Frank's farewell sale... The regular mooting of Charity Dlv,. J9o. 4, G; I. A. to the B. of L. E., wUr DW heW today. «AH 'members"'hre' 're- qttcsted to be present as tliere is bu<^- acsg of iinponta'nce to be -transacted. By •OKler of MTS. Joseph Wliln'ery, prosd- ,,3iTTS. John Etnire eut-ertalnod:a party otf'frl'entte at *!u> park Saturday evening. Miss Leana Hogentogicr was 'tho guest of honoh the occasion .biilug l«sr eighteenth birthday. Eefreshmonts werq servetT. Croquet a ad other, games were ' ''y all." ' • . L :-',. JOEL KESSLINQ INSANE. i&Ugion His Craze, and His Con: . finement Hade Necessary.. >Joc4 Keiasling, a prominent fanner -liv- 'iq.g. near Pipe Creek, has beoome insane ^li&^has been taken to, Long Cliff. He 'was f orinetiy confined i-n an : asyltiim, but 'juas' discharged as cured. He returned tails borne and appeared rational 'until days ; affo, when he attended a rellg- s^rev-ival, and stoce that time ha.^ aict- 1 ,. strange^-. . Religion is the subject wliieh hediuved ^vJien insane before. He was l-iidnced to come io the city yesterday and hie brother, Perry, jtsameto keep a watch over him. He'in- him to take a walk to the court 'house, and when there notified the Sheriff. It was agreed to take Mm to Long CllCf. He was in the Prosecutor's office jrlwn Deputies SheTvinon aea Truax wime in to take charge -.of him. Ho made a strong resistance, declaring tnat Jje owned the court house and tibat.no 'power-could take him out of it. Both Truiax- and', Shewmon .received sererail 'Mows) but, none were landed in a 'serious place. KessJlng .was finally pushed back over the lounge and the hand-cuffs .put!! cm Mm. By-thte ttae -tte SherifC's carriage bad •aOTilv.ed,,'and he wa« taien down and placed^ la without -.trouble. Peimtles Traax and Showmon flhd'Per- ry- Kessllng i.took: him to "the hospital. The trip .was made sajfejy.. It.to lioped ^iat af ter^ a few. weeks', treatment -the ssnbject. wMf -again .bo'.restored to -hte'' ly. ..He.has a wife. and- chfldien, dasen-e'tflie sj-mjpattiy. given- ttiem by n Ihrge 1 circle offitlemls. Hlis cori- fliiarnent'lii .Long. Cliff 'fa 'only teinpbr-' a.^,. ! pentUnjr"'the'' l issiitog of .'necessary- p'ii'pers.' ' '"•" '"'. .'' . -•''"'" •••.'„ •••• ' .' "^ • J..^.' «:.->' '.; • .' , - 14th— S,ub«crlbo for The Journal;.!.'.- ;•. .,.•• Republican-Speakings. n speatings will be held ai the following places. 'In Coiss-.coimity: .Lucerne, Friday. ev,e.iiln^-, ' W. T. Wilson. '"•' '\\' t '.'..,; '. .The Ked Scdibol ipuse im ; Noble township, THi-itrsdfly evening,' Aug. 13th--Q, A. Myers. •'. ' '.'. .,-.;; ;.' ,. Shady Nook seiwol. house Thursrla.? ovenil'ng, Aug. lStii~W.''. 1 '. Wilson. , Royal Ontar,. Saiturday. evening, Aug. 15tih— W. T. Witeoil.^,'..' '.'•":•„. ' , Clxmere, Saturday, eYeBtag,;.Aug. 15th — Q. A.- Myers. ' .. I l_..-., v ;_^.- , . .-:-. .,-• Deacoa, Doer C^ettoV?Mlhd!p', Th«'»day evenKhg- A^g^SOWi'-^Q. A. Myers. Twelve Mdle, Saitprdji|;5: ovening, Aug. 22d-W'..,T. Witeok'V ",'... . Young'' America,,' , Saturday, -evening, Aug. 22d— D. C Jusi^e^'.;;'''"'''" ; •Logansport Satu^ay ..'.evieinilng, Aug. 22d— Hon. Thieod^Jre'Shhckraey of-'Unlon ' " CASS COUNTY TEACHERS. Annual Institute Opens Monday at High School, There will 'be-vrniubh- to-'Urterast'Cass obuutv Inisfciiictors in I^ogauspoiit nest week. • rreiWKiT.tc.ns are being made for tihe Coiinfy Lnsfliture, wJileh will be lield at the .Hiljili .school buildiog instead of ait! tie Central, as heretofore. -The institute opens, Monday morning, and continues five days. The Orst lecture will be given Monday iiiigirt on,"Evolution", by D. W.'Denials. W. L. Bryan of the State uinlv-arsity wil be here Wednesdayntg.hit.- D, M. Geefclng^ State Supeitotendeut of PtibMc InadructloB, will dSlivei 1 " flfe: class address at the co^uiaty coirimencement Thureday might. articles. Our $ 7.50 CaKi'mer Suits, now '. $3.48 Our 10.00 Cheviot Suits, now 5.50 . Our 13.50 Black Clay Suits, now C.9S Our 12.00 Irish Freize Listers, now 5.98 Our 8.50 All Wool Beaver Overcoat, now ;.. 8.0S Our 2.50 All Wool Cassimcr Panto, now 1.4s Our 1.00 Woi'kiug Pants, now -. ,5S Our 1.00 Fine Laundered Shirts, now ; 65 Our .50 Unlaunderal Shirts, now 25 Our .50 White Shirts and Drawers, now 29 Our .50 Gray Shirts and Drawers, now , .29 Our .25 Buy Shirts and Drawers, now 1C • i •. Our .25 Suspenders, now . _ ,,...'. -.. 03 Our .10 Socks, now ... .04 Our .20 Coon Collars, now ." 12 Our .15 All LIxien Collars, now .10 ' Choice of any ?G.5();and $7.50 Children's suits go at $3.24. Children'* Pants HALF PRICE. Boysf Suits'Half Price. Hats Half Price. Gloves Half Price. • • ' V. k '/^'A*, 1 ' • It will pay anybody -to corners miles to attend this sale, as you'll never see such a chanc* again. Respectfully, • ' ' • -4 HARRY FRANK, 314 FOURTH STREET. STRUCK BY LIGHTNING. A LUCKY ESCAPE. A Collapsing Barn Catches Chas. „', . Smith. W. T. Wilson'vrill.speak at Gailveston on Tuesday evening',.August 18. ; • Logamsport, Tiiursday.,evenJig, Au-. gust 27thi—Hoit F/itank,;'s; Posey -of EvansnUle, at the'-ia.iik.'-', /;:.,,'• . .- •' "Mrs. John -HaijvklinB." of .Spear street 'gave.a.yard pa&ljy,',T\iejday: evening to Degree staff. No.' l£ ty .of .11;,. .for a em- prise on-.her husband, -It being il-n remembrance of hisjwasinjg another mile post'of 'his Efe! (Ejeigant-.reiCresihineiits were served, 'after;.w.hteh; thestaff presented, their captajia ..wjititi .a nandsonio sduT'enir.-,. .,,'„:..,,(•!.•.'-,,:,',•" V'..'.. v Mrs..''Hertihiey.'i3 barn, located 1 a,t th.e rear .of : Graible's''Stash si. stable, collapsed yesterday'morning wMle Charley :Srni»jh, a straw hauler, was attending somie stock wh'lich, wins confined to the bam. Mr, Smith'and the animals narrowly escaped, being crushed by faUtag .timbers. -'For some..time the burn hail 'been known, to!'be uiusaife.. After the Wlapse Smith "era wtod tx>. the surface through the ruins'.' He regards Ms es- : oape as'a'lucky one. • ! Mra., Lottie WJittsonvof. Nortk^Poarl street, was ajr'effted: ^ejsterdajrjforjier- ml'btlcg her cows to,nun.'at-large;' rV Sh:e 1 wi«5.''ai-r(U^hed''. before. ihe^'Magnbr yesterday af ternoonVblVsi^cic^k^aibid .was. dfetnilased j ,up ! 0iu,'ft 'jyromlse to. .keep.. her. COWS Off the Streets.;, iff .;.. •,;•-.,:;,;,:.' ..•. •i/ : ""STEERS-CARLE. '" ] Mr. Heha-y"W;..'Petens and Miss Anna St. .Carle, worS'.unfed in maraiage yes- •tJerday moimiinig ait ^ o'clock at the St. 'Joseph's Catholic' ahurcbi, by the Rev. Tathcr Eoehoaa •• The ceremony was ;wltiiessed'by '•a.lii'ge mum'ber of friends ; <rf the contracting 'parities. Mr. arid iMrs. Peters left ^esterday for ,St Joseph, Mich., and'Ohicag'o, wihere they will spend thHtr .fioheyiuoori. Upon re- ;Uinntag they; will commence housekeeping In their residence- on North Sixth street. Mr.' Peters is the well- known foremiBn-ojf ,*h:e,Ropiorter compos- itng room', and ffi'e" bride bos been employed.^ aicompbsitwr at the CtoonJcle .offi-ce. Both are highly, respected and popular. ' '*'" Home of Henry Minneman Damaged Tuesday Night. The farm residence of Henry Ittnne- nian, who resides Just across the Cass county line south of the city, was struck by lightning during- tlie eJecti-icMi storm Tuesday night 'and oginisMerably damaged. Mr. and' Mjrs. 'liliineman were absent from home at tilie lime and their two sons, aged respectively 14 and 16 years, who wore aisleep ;• on the -• floor wlflhitn tlnree feer; of .Hie place the bolt struck, escaped witih. a sllgiht sliock. Mr. and Mrs! Minneuiari- were at the w-ake of a farmer neighbor, ; and diil not Jearn what had happened junta they returned he me yesterdtiy monalinig. Tlie damage to the buUdiug and con/tents will not exceed $00, whli-h is fully covered by insurance. • . HE HAD REPTILES. A stranger named Charles Oole was arrested .yesterday moriitng upon the clwrge of iiitox:icaitiion. aiud placed 'in. jail. After beiing donuned he remarked tv I>epuity-Sheriff Truax tibat'he was "giit- tiu' "em," but before remedy cowld be a-pplit-d he "l*ad 'em" and was dancing about the jifll corridors to escape from imaginary reptiles. He .was given a ill'beral dose of whiskey, .a-nd after a couple of hours was njH.rtglHt.agaSn, He Js a young maii a-ud had considerable money with him when arrested. HEARD THE MUSIC. Crowd Takes in the Concert at the Park. There was a cnoiwd of unusual proportions lost night at the park, and at the ampltiieatre, wliore the colorea singers,.and the Military band dls- ooynsed different types of music, ea'cb excellent in its way. • ".The big anyjltheatre was filled with the people from tihe city, who. went out as much if or'the coo! ride and the novelty as for anything. There was no preatehtng- service last night. The preachers will have charge of the meeting this evening, however, and.Satur- day., night, also, there, will be regular aermon.'and religious concert The numbers -rendered by 'the quartette ' last in,lgbt'were mostly popular.. The band was uDusujilly excellent, Jn a special program. The next concert by ttie colored singers will be given Friday, n%ht • Morey TValker receives Ma wheel from the .niaraifacturers today, after ' biaring had it put through' a course of':' enamel and repairs. "'.'." ' Two members of a cycle club at Elwood were entertained yesterday at. the Riverside Cycling club house. The visitors were on. a cross country trip, •.- > . A PROVOKE CASE. M-ES. Hui l bert,.wiho'was'flriod Tuesday for assault and baiCtery p|referred by •Mre...Tulla Hoy, yesterday caused a war- iraut to be issued for the arrest of Mrs. Hoy and James Sullivan-'upon the charge of provoke. Tlhe case was heard yesterday by .TustJce Walters/ die whole day being consumed wltih, It: The Jus lice acquitted the defendamts for wa'n of .proofs. '. ' , . ,.'. . '. \ l:'. conntj:,, / ' . . . BEUNIONJ OF THE, 90TH. Tlhe annual reuidon of the ; 90th, Indl- aina .will lw-heia - ; at Conrerse, J Mtofni coninrty, ; l>e(flnnlne -Tuiesiilay," August 23th; aind- lasting'two days.' The local com^ttee.:at'^nTr«rse 'to 'prepared ;to care for; the o>nirades, and .make.tlhem ,welcoin«.'fo s ,the -iojm. ConyieFse .oan.be' ', and tbe Converse people -•.Crbwfls' throng. tihe..;B9evHlveidally'." L-?:i.-M.-t',f t'l-.i-.;/. "'•••.'<'?-':'•" :!.',:' ;• '>;.. ,v, j,,-...- ' urge thaterery -snTrtvor oif "tihe regiment' miike W-ar'noMFto' be" presented enjoy the reunion. The '• Rev. D. ;';R. Lucas, SPECIAL MEETING. Tlueire wBl be an address • foalght a,t the St. Luke EngUsh -LuttiKitin church at 7:45 o'clock, by the Rey. H. L. Tar- gor, of Atohflnsonj Kan,, Western Secretary of the-.Qlntrch Extension- ' inovc- taen*. Tbis.is the first Vl&t'-oft;thas dis- jtiinguMied church worker;. to: liogains- ;port, and; to the- .churches, and' he should .have fi good .hearing- here.- '•' '•• ". ' "" ' ' re^is'tthe prebtdenit'of .,thp . ' "' i N JOHN 'L; SULLIVAN. ' ' The es-champlion, Joihn ; L. Su'ilivan, w.lil^make a final Appearance in, public. :tlils season^ .:HJs- engagement- for. Lo ganstport' Is aranounoed.'aa.'Prlduy. night A-uffust 23;;attlie-Braadwny rink. WJHi ;Mm : are several noted'athletes,- and Par "son .DavJes' Is; a't the liead' oif' the"eow ;bi nation'. •'"'".-".". ..'•" ;.--.•••••-•'.-•• \ Mert Andrews of. young married inan, 'will 'lose, an arm as the result of carelessness. -He allowed his hand to be cauglit^by. ti belt .on a thrashing machine; and this ariri- was broken to three places below, the elbow, besides :belng terribly lacerated. SHOE STYLES Some of the New Things, for This Fall— ' Filling, the Shoe Man Always In the Lead. ' ; , .Line Pilltag received today one of Hie / largest shlpmenits of 'adfr's' fine slioee ever sent at any one time to.any firaj ', in tbfe ditj-; and to say that-Snese goodn : are beamtiifui and the very/ latet la style.and flue.in quality, is.llfflitlr.put-,; ting It. : ; ' , Some of especially nobby lasts in this lot of" shoes" is the" Savoy. The new ikmton SUD& We new Tpk&5 t all!of .wlilcn are 'decidedly new. ". The,.igavpy Is.'tak;;-, ing .the lead-in the East and'promises to be the leader for'-all.'correct --drawers?; tliese new-things 4n'»libe«v.«yeji thougli you.'are ' oot •' -pesudy- : to 't>py..;' Paling's;; 'sl>^ ; 'nouse,''412 Broadway..'-. •;'.'•' ., *"• • ; • .n,£.*~ ..i • .i. •'.^ 1 - • -*'. •-.'.,• '^i^... . »- ,v-tj

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