Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 4, 1947 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1947
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H KEPCffil ;! u. in. i; n tn. |i .1. in. ln:i. MI. 32 3-J 3 •! 'A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" Vol LXXI, No. 3 ESTABLISHED 1885 SATURDAY, JANUARY 4, 1947 Leased Wire Service of the United Press THE WEATHER MasKachii£cti!i. ;:hodc Island and Connecticut.—Cloudy and much coM- cr loday. Partly cloudy and colder Saturday nij;'.,i. s.mduy ::iir and toriijniicij cold. Price Four Cents 2,000 See JLA1E Swearing- In The New Representatives UK. F1KI1 r.n.-:ti.ii A KiMii-ra: alarm fire „,, l,ust<m's wall I'lront has ,'ju.-"-'! injury HI si'vi-n firenii-n. Two of I In- pityhivil ami i s Tl.ursilay. l'ii.> BiHTi'inli'i'i'il to injiifi'il wi-ri tlllTI l-.'ll'IIS.'il Kl- I' treated fur cuts sus- i ilying guu'.s in tin 1 ,VIII- I.I Hi.- tin'. i.Ofi .MII.K !• KICKS ttasliiitift""—A piililli- hriirlutf mi I he jinsiihility of ri'iliu'liiK llji. prli'i's of nortliriisliTii fluid infill f/roilm-cr.s will upi-ii in U';ishini.'l"M an .lanuary !lth. uUO UMOAI'TL'UI'll) .NVw Yi,rl< I'uliei' hnvr ciip- ruri'd twi> of thr nin^ cuttvic-t.s whu I'Si'iipi'tl thi! Itnymotnl .;l,.,.,.t jail in Brooklyn last of tin. 1 fugitives l.irooklyn polii,'! 1 , iiiinntiiiii; In- was ton i-xhaiiMt- from his attempt to hide out. 'I In- otlii-r [icixofifi 1 was captured m a I'luiri-h rii'tu' Hackcnaack, -oOo - .VIO.N'TV IN MOSCOW I I.oadmi—Uriti.sli l-'icld jVIiirshn) j Viscount Montgomery It'ft for | MIIM'^W tuday for a visit at tin 1 InviliitliMi of KtissLan Vri'mlcr Suilln. The visit may stri-ngth- ITI ,4fi(,'l^-'-i (>v i*'t miiltiii'y ooup- i'1-iitlon. oOo- sun- HI;HNS Livi'i-puol A i'iro has swept tlii-ough thi- partially compli'ti-d four million ilulUir cargo ship C'ui'intfiK. 1 in a Liverpool dock. Tin- bl:i7.i' may destroy the whole .<ru|i. The l. r .,u()0-ton passenger jniU <.'argd V''Hsi,'l was being built fur i el'i'ij'.eratiuii trttde between riw.t Hnuiin, .\>vv Xealnnd nnd Australia. .- oOo - I.NCIUIASMI) \V.-\0 US riilrui;"—A* spokesman for the Aiiii'rlriin Federation of Kndlu Artists siiys Unit the union has won H'uj,'!' liK-rca-es riiiijflnj; from *ll to HO pel* cent fruni the nan- iiHijur iifiworks. ... , 0 Oo- - - STKllvK STM.I, ON f.o.u Angeles ..-Strlkinjf A. I'-', of I,. Ki'oe-'t-y eli-i-ks tu-e starting thi'ir third day on strike. Thi-ir li-ailurs rejected a bark-to-wo'.'l; n|jpi-al from a national official nt 1 the ti-unisters' union. Th>- of- I'ici.d t,eH Merit -WHH accused !>}' :!]»• siriki'f.-i of being Amer- oO(i •-. HOI.I) OUT HOPK Washington—Leaders of the K.vrd e.vpedithin In the Antttrc- ilc huve nut given up hopo for tlic s:ilV-t_v of ni/ie men nil.sMlfig In u iiiivy patrol plane, Hi-ur Admiral ICIeluinl Cru/.eii says if tin 1 plane nmimged to ciiiiii- I'nwii mi an in- paek there's liet- l«-r than a flo-Stl dinner for u wifi 1 limiting. IKOIOCKATS NAMf'JI) Mtirtfiird Two Hartford lawmakers have been chosen as mi- nurity k.aiU-rs 1- Uie Semite antl Ih' 1 IIuus.'. Alt'i-ud F. Wcchsler ut the Sut-ond Srnfilorlal District, will bi> minority leader in the SI-HUN-, while John !•>. Cotter will iiswmie the corresponding li-iid- '•I'Mlnp ill the House. Both lire Di'inocnus. oOo CUT TOUGH Washington—Govern tiK'iil officials lire riTomnirmllUK "nil •M«' StnU- Department take a •"uglier attitude toward Hnsshi if tile Snvlet igmm-s the third ri'i|in.s| tl , ntnr, i,, lu | |,,,| M1 . „,.(_ "*'"l''flt ncgotlii tion.H. 'J'ln«si> offi- ( 'l»ls propose tluit the next re- '|i»'st tnke the form nf a Htronc- ly worded note—» note which r»ul(l he ninile pulillr If no fornnil f''l>l,v Is f»rt))i'i>niiiiL'. Ansonia, 48-33 Senate In Session Today; ~~ ~ Republicans Map Strategy To End Southern Filibuster Newly-elecli'd Speaker nf the liimse, Joseph \V. IMiirtiit, Jr.. (K-Mass.) (arrow) administers the oath of "t'fk'f tn new members of the House i>f liriircvcntit th'cs at tlie Capitol in WashiiiKton. This view was made looking toward the Kepuhlieun side of the chamber. A jummed gallery of spectators were on hand ;is die first ItepuUk'aii-controlled Congri'ss in 1 ."> years, convened. ((iifi-i-natiiinal Soimdphoto) Model Village In Larson Home Wins Favorable Comment Among Neighbors A rnjtlt. 1 ! railroad lint 1 and vil- liiK'. 1 '.'! 'i wiritui 1 Si'Iti.'i;.' in Lho • h line of Mr. aiul Mrs. Oliver I^ir-i : son, li;"0 Xuw I-iaven i'o:'.tl, :ias iK'ep. | the siiin'Ce of delifchc for th:; ! neiu'hhorhood. i The Jispl.-y, cm a uihlo abou feet by T) fL'rr:" was ; up Ti'.« tr-ck is complete with switches and :i siclinpr rtinninfj to iv.'.nk'l S:i.-; slorafji! tanks. The snow for tho display was made from cotton and ,-onp flakes. Pine cones were i: • Tho Sauth work was ; up by the '-i sun, Robert, S:j Main street, and took t!i.-; of the three Sundtiyrt pn.-- A Thr electric .•list.- 1 of th"ev ;in(i one p.'i.sst' r.iilroad lino train.-, two fr ^'i.'r. All Lhi'f' con- used for trees. model village has oil Uip buikl- s ,:ny horox^^h could wish for. red lire station, white church. bifr houses. sm;ill houses, nnd even a i PC! diner. There is also a fuc- tury I'.-f tho liliptitian flfrures to ^•nrk in. fi c.'is str-ition for l.hc tin> '"'^XE's, and a switch tower and station for the trains. Outsido tho village i.s a skating rink compline with toy people. The hand-made snow covers all the display. Towering above the world is a Christmas '..roe of the regular si/.e. 3Jnny of !ho buildings .ind many of the bodies ' for the" "miniature trucks wore mado. by Mr. J^arson frr whom the erection o.f such a lay world has been an annual job the p;isr sevcr:il year;*. And, be- liove i: nr not. macaroni was used to fonn tho lettorinp "n the busi- nns? signs on the stores. Register 13 Points In Last Minutes Joe Healy Holds Ansonia's Drake To Six Points, As Locals Win Seventh (By TOM EGA7V) Thp Nuugatuck High School basketball squad performed a remark- j able culinary chore before 2,000 spectators at tho Waturbury Armory last night when they turned on enough heat to thoroughly cook Ansonia's {Toose in slightly less than four minutes at the close of a tight contest. The final score was Naugatuck 48, Ansonia 33. The teams fought u seesaw battle right up to the final minutes. They were tied 8-8 at the quarter; Ansonia led 23-20 at the half and 29-28 nt the end of the third period. "The game marked the HfiVBntri straight win for Coach Ray Folijy's undefeated Nougatuck quintet and the first loss in six contests for Boots Jarvis' Ansonia five. When the otiicials' time out occurred with four minutes left to play, Naugatck was leading, 35-31. ' When' play was resumed the Gi"-v- hour.ds suddenly begarero click Ii1;e castinete In a t'humba band. Forward Vin Healy starry J the rally : when ho .stole a dribble from Ansonia's Frankie Alu. Vmceni raced down the floor alone :>,;id with the , Copper Cty pursuit racing at his • tu-cls caged the sucki>i\ ! Back Again | Almost bi-fore the official scorers had time to record that basket, i Vin was bock with another, Then i ; Bob Jones sunk one. which Vin | i Healy matched. Joe Healy followed ! | with a succesful foul shot, Jones ! hooped again and Vin Hualy sunk the t'inul two pointer. Except for Jo» Healy's I'oul shot, Vin He.ily ! .and Bob Jones shared this IE-point i liliputlan i .scoring burst between them. Vin' Bilbo Brings His Lawyer Taft Threatens To Invoke Gag Rule To Force Vote On Anti-Bilbo Resolution Annual Police Report Shows Sharp Increase In Arrests Total G"rmlcy's An- jrivins a total er.ts a sharp report lotai the | s of. Police Chief John ivpoi 1 for .IH-lti. i of -10- ui rests, r'-jjres inct'oase ovi:: tlie 10-1" • of 2Si! nri'osl.-i. The.- gr-eatest increase was in : nun'.bi'r uf arrests .'''./r \'*o,'i"itions i the motor vehicle ki\vs, \vith I icp'irtt'd fi;i Ifi-iti cjmp;irod to 'in .lit-15, Clasolliie -AMS ra :ic):i- l i,l | part uf !.he latt.-i- year which knptiful i:i i [i-Jiflic vnliunf.- down. ] "i l'J-1 . Hri.-ach ul peace t'iisvs showed an viou.s inci'Lvisu wiLli fi- such case-.- 1 booked A dncveaso oars t.i{i'{.".>i! fo: ing muter law Ill-Hi total o: ' fj;in.'il 10 I)' fr.'iin ,'8 in li'i-lli. in thu number or violating ;hn park- was shown by the ."32 such c!-ses eoni- for 19-10. intoxication dropped '•in to 35 recorded in lo wore a shade more cui-e- loi-'king up sLortii and o.'lioes than they wmx 1 in the pre- yu.Li 1 . '.vith 12U such est.ib- li.shinonts found unlocked in JO-l'j in ill in 19-IfJ. land 128 in the year just Funeral Services Howard Sagendorf Planned Monday For To Be Nominated Ansonia Publisher ! By County GOP Howard F.mrd f-Jinurson. president of Kim.'1'sciri i'.fjthurs. Inc., publisher of the Ansonin. }i3vnninp; Sentinel, ;iml untie of Mrs li:im G. L-'.oii.'S, "i'J-1 Hillside nue, died Thursday evening' at his home in Ansonia f.ill.iwinj,' a lin- KC-i-in^' illness. Howard S.igendorf is expected Lo be name:l hy the nomina-tinsi com- mitti'i. 1 of Uie New Haven county Young Hepub di'latc Beacon Falls Asks Bids On Beacon Falls Mail Route Postmaster Lee Announces Bids To Be Received Until January 15 Postmaster John Lee, of the local post office, has issued a statement that sealed proposals for carrying the United States mails (including' parcel post mails), between the Post Ofllce at Beacon Falls, and tho New York Now Haven and Hartford railroad route in Boaeon Falls, will be received by the postmaster until Jan. 35, 1M7. Persons bidding must be over 36 year;.' ul' a^'e, and suitable to be en;.: np'crl with :.hc care and custody of the mails. Proposals must be club as a can-! made "t a yearly rate for all ser- for the club's presidency .':t •i mi'i'tinx' of the commiL'.no sichccl- uled Tuesday evoninj:. Two other n'inie? liavn been mentioned for Hocking Named By U. S. Rubber The appointment of Itnckii, K .,., nninat'ei' of "lotion in tin- Kiiotweur nf United Stnti<» Rubber "j"i Jinnniinci'd today by ™ Arthur J. ules pro Division | Conlpan^ Grdjtir T. >"rtl, branch Mains nmntifrer of the 'ubbcr company's footwear division "ppointment became effectivi 1 !-,>, M,.. nockinjr will be "•"Boiisibli- for all promotional ar- 'ivities of the division. Including "'splays of every type, packnpinK. ii'.nyii'B, sales booklets (ind special lictivitiex ,,t p 0 i n t „( Hf il P . n *|r. Hockins; brlnfrs to his new "°»ilion ti wide exj>erloncc • In the ill-Id of style and dcxlprn. Hn has "'<'" iissociatud with the rubber ™:>l'iany sinec 19-13, During most " that time, he assisted in procl- '<"( tlovekiriment at the Naugatuck footwca,. phlllt Hi> hold a rpsiw.sil'lo position | thi with tho newspaper, which was] '! purchased by his falhrt' in 1S7G, befui-i' his 21st yea: 1 . He was associated with his father and brother in its conduct, and continued to hcnd the publishing lli'm after his father died in 1928 iincl his brother in 1!>31>. Ui'sirh-s Mrs. Boie*. he is stir- vivetl hy his wife, a sister, three other nieces, and n nephew. Ii'iincriil services will be held Monday morninu ir. the'Tmrnanuel E pi sco pnl ciuu'ch. An.foniu, with inteinienl ir: Ivxu Cl.'iire. Wis. « Cl "il thine to do with vmir Xiiiim liiilr at HICK* niiiilltr nilii-r .vmir Klvi-p nil .vi-ur I',' ll:iok Ml., Wife.".—Adv. ,, "'""•I mill r """"I. Illl-k Wrinn To Preside At NACA Meeting The ollioer-5 and diiRCtors oC Wa- tofhury Chapti.-r. N'ACA. will mcei Tuesday eveninu. January T. ;it li:00 p. m. at Diorio's reswirfint. vVatcrhuiy. Th-> meetimr has hoe.n called by John ,7. Wrinn, vice-pre:i:dent. "At 'his session, plans for the new vi..;ir will he discussed and arrangements for speakers anrl pro- •rrfim will hp nrwule. Uecontly elect- •vl member.s will he guests of the Hii-ectors and will he invited lo en 'or into the pineeedi.'ijrs of tho nieeti np;. nomination. ..V slate of officers will be submitted .it thn nr.nual meeting of the county orpraniznUon at Wavor- ly !nn, Chf.shire. later this month. Mr. !-a;:er.dorr is a pnst president of th.e local GOP club, and present county treasurer. Board To Discuss Street Coasting I'.'.ac'i ve'ar the question arises at meetings of the board of war- tli-n and buriTi.'Ssns rrctardlncf block- ins off of sttT'?ts for coiistinpf pur- nnses. No action has yet been taken although last year Eurpresf J. Franc-is Ctillcn stronply ui'Kod that certain streets be set apart for tho purpose. , Two coastinpr nceidenLK have al- i-eacty been reported. Borough ot!i- cials' wore unavailable for comment on the mutter, but. it wn.s reported thn matter will be anionfr others to be presented at the board meotins; Tuesday evening. MAN ATTACKKD 1-Ur. tford, Jan. -1—-(UP)—Police are looking; for the ,'LEsallants of Thnmas A. Feauchesne who claims ! two men hit him on the head with I n brick and beat him with their fists. vice required, and persons wishing lo bid should inform themselves of thn amount and ohnrjiotcr of the service; and the accepted bidder will lie rutiiiirei! to perform, without additional compensation, all trips now required nnd any thsit niny hcrea-ftur become necessary be- twoen the points named above, Blank bids may be secured from the postmaster upon application. Proposals should be enclosed in an envelope, sealed and marked "Proposal for Mai! Messenger Service," with the name of the bidder written on the outside, and handed to the postmaster, I'arly Held • A New Year's Eve party wan held hy Miss Kathleen Rourke, Miss Joan Forsman and Miss Mary Ellen l^ennon at the home of Mr. nnd Mr--.. Jsinies Rourkfi. Sr. Guests included Edward Ploss, George Mitchell. Richard Meyer. Louis Mennillo, Harry Claesey, Jr., Jamos Rourke, Jr., Miss Mary Ann Wrobel, Miss Kathleen Rourke, Miss Joan Forsman nnd Miss Mary Elian T-cnnon. Healy with eight points and Jones i with four. Alu and Andeivjon man- j ajfed to cage a foul shot apiece ' toward the end' of "Che N.iuRatuck J spurt to add two points to An- . sonia's score. ; Joe Healy, Naupatuck gunrd,; was tho best man on the floor for ' ci-Mior team. Joseph was handed | the assignment of clipping the i wind's of Ansonia's hifrh flying • Drake, and did a thnrou™h job. Principally because 01 Healy's close attention Drake held ic i two baskets from the floor all eve- • ninp. These hoops with a puir of jticcessfu! foul shots kept Mr. • Drake's scoriny efforts for the evc- ninjr to the not-too-impressive total of six 'points. While keeping the c.'cver Mr. Divike n-: tip-Inly 1 bottled up as grandfather's part ' wine, Joe managed to jrarnor two,' hoops himself and a single I'oul shot to contribute five points to i the Greyhound csuse. < Off Form \ Joe's runnins' mute. Boh Jones. ' likewise turned in an impressive • performance, and bis Chet Us.ikio- . wicz looked better on the floor last ; night than he has in any other ; game this season. Chet used his j height and weight lo advantaK" I and showed a commendable will- inp'ness '.o set in and scrimmage] for possession. The two Niaupo-l tuck forwards, Vin Healy and Bob ! Staufl'er. were obviously off in I their shooting 1 . In the first period, I Vin missed so often that he probably suspected someone was mov- inj;' the basket. Stauffor did not shoot as often as 'he usually does, and when he did shoot, it was erratic. Fortunately the Ansonia artillery also had dilliculty in getting on target, and in the Ust four minutes when tho Greyhounds dici start to connect, they placed the issue beyond the shadow of n doubt. In the preliminary, the Naugia- tuck Jayvecs-boat the Ansonia Reserves, 38-27, in a game marked chiefly by rough aggressive play Rapid Robert Mariano was high scorer with 12 points. To Take Office (By United Press) The Seriuto of ;he United States which, in reality, is not yet a. Senate—will hold #n extraordinary Saturday session tcday. And, or. tile result of today's meeting hinges the Q-jesiJon of whether the senators will be working overtime next wo^k. The- shackles must be broken— the Bilbo case must be decided— one way or the other. For. on Monday, the President o!' the United States is due to deliver his long-awaited message on the siuitf of ti-.e Union. But thf White House may have to wait pending iht decision on the man from Mississippi—Democratic Senator Theodore Eilbo. Republican strategy to break i.he filibuster by southern supporters uf Eilbo is beginning to shape up. It appears to be this—to use persuasion, diplomacy today. If th^t. doesn't succeed, then the elephant will throw his vjsr bulk against i: little band in an ali-out offensive. One of the top-ranking Repuh- licin loaders—Senator Robert Taft of Ohio—threatens lo invoke- the cloture—01- gag—rule if the southerners don't sit down and leave '.heir colleagu 1 ', Bilbo, standing. Taft, as do t/)e majority of senators— wants to vase now to Un- IJilbo pending action by -the entire chamber. And the senator from Ohio—who's making a strong bid for party consideration in MS-declares that ihp Senate will stay in continuous session until the crisis is resolved. This deadlock over Bilbo might nven mean UNH thn filibuster will join the bustle as .1 part of the past. Tan says that what he calls a "dear, abuse" of Uie- filibuster power will probably i«od to a oom- ~ Issues Statement Commend-! P'< II <? change ,-n the rui cs or the Senate. Senator Tlieo. G. Bilbo ())-MUs.) am! his attorney, Forrest (lefO ride (hi- Senale siilnvuy car hencuth tin; Cupitol, en rout* to tl)« opening session of Congress. A filibuster was planned as Bilho forces soiiKlii (o prevent lU-ptililifjin efforts 10 bar him from raking his oath of office. (International Sonndphot) Fire Marshal Shea Urges Removal Of Christmas Trees \ ing Residents For Caution i During- Holidays ; rire Marshal Michael F, Shc« i v.-jjj-n.-- of fire hazards of the pres- i ent season and thanks the residents of tho boi ough for past co, opt?:atj;jn. in a lottoi* received at I The IsV'.vs. The leiti-r follows: | "I wish to thank ihe people of j Nau;;niuck for thoir coojifi-ation din-ing the Chrisimas and Nc\v Yea; He's joined in this attack on the parliamentary weapon by another Republican—Senator Wayne Morse of Oregon. .Morse says lie's got «. 110, a bill Hint will kill the nii- bill ready 10 introduce in the Sen- buster. Raymond M. Shea, who will h« sworn iti for his second ferm as jiidffe of proliate for NaiiRiituck ami Beacon Falls. Mr. Shea will lie iidniinistrred the oath of his offlee Wednesday at the I own hall. Mrs. Ruth Schofield Selected As Juror In Murder Trial IlETliRN John Coffey, 12 Aetna sti'eet, and "his son William, 16, both of whom have been patients at St. Mary's hospital, Wiitei-bury, have returned home. Mr. Coffey was admitted 'to the hospital for treatment of son had there. Box Score on Piigc Two Carl Schrulfs Car Stolen, Recovered A 1941 Dodge sedan owned by Carl Schrull of Cherry street extension, which was stolen from the : Chase Co. foundry parking 1 lot in Waterbury Thursday, was recovered yesterday on Locust street.: Waterbury, by Motor Patrolman j Matthew Kosky of the Waterbury , police. | Mr. Schrull had reported the theft 'to Waterbury police. When found, keys were in the car's ignition and no damages were suffered. CONVENTION New Haven, Jan. 4—(UP)—Th" annual convention of the Connecticut Optometrlc society will be held , in New Haven next Thunsdav. On" fractured rib and his | o f the .principal speakers will be been a. surgical patient j Dr. Robert Rannon of the Hanover, N. H,, Eye Institute. Mrs. nulh Se.hofiold. Beacon Val- lev road, was one of the jurors clioser. in the New H:\von Superior- court yesterday to try the case of Robert Bradley, SB-ycnr-old New Haven negro accused of three slay- i r gs Throe ju v ors were nicked in yesterday'? session nnd tho remainder will be selected when court convenes Tuesday. Two Discharged From Hospital Two boroughites who were 'ed to hosnitaU this w*rk for irea',- mnnt of ininries resulting from ac- cider.t.s have been discharged and are now convalescing at their homes. John Hobon. U, , r >6 Rockwell nv- cnue, who suffered a fractured loft 1 Numerous pal", ics aiui ]j'.il.ilic dances v.vre he.'d and not one of these affmrs was saddened j by lire. It is very evident that j each and every one did his pa: I in I eliminating all fire hazards, and fihcy have no regrets. J , \Vc- have at least thrco months ; moro of winter which means stoves jiind furnaces being pushed to the limit and wo must continue to be, | on the alcri for fire. Owing to icy j • road conditions it is necessary to j | use eMia precautions to safeguard our homes. "After reading of the many large fires in hotels throughout the country, nisn in homos, with u to:-rific loss of life through carelessness, we are very fortunate in having escaped a ie:0 iraurdy in our town. Lei us continue to exercise all precautions so that our record will not be marred. I "May 1 sucs'esi ih.-il .-ill Christ- I mas trees be removed at once from • homes and burnod in a safe place, j j-j | "All trees 'left over in storage ' places should be removed and burned in incinerators. Tho bla/.e j from these trees is usually of great I proportions and they should bo ] safeguarded while burning." Patterson On Air From Washington ' Ic^r when the sled on which he, was I coasting rnn into n. iroe, was dis- j charp-ed ynnlci'd.iy nftnrnoon from ; St. Mary's hospital, Watcrbury, | where tho injury iiad bce.n treated. Mrs. Ann Casey, 3-1 Rockwell •"•r-mic. who s'isi.ained a. fractured left shoulder Thursday from a fall on the slippery ijrountl was dis- fhnryed frnin Pt. Marv's, Watorbui'y, where she -had received treatment, for the injury. Polish American Club To Install Officers Sunday | Now o:!lcri-s of the Union City : Polish-American Club will be in- j stalled at a special corcmony to- I morrow at. 2 p. m. in tho club rooms. ' It was announced by Walter Paw- i lowski, secretnry, i The new oiVieors are: President, John Zbikowski: vice - |5i'esid'?nt, Victor Gr.-ibowski: recording secretary, VVnlter Pnwlowski; financial [t-ecreiary. Francis \ 7 . Gi'.'ibowski; treasurer. Henry Sawieki; trustee. Anthony Pruchnicki: auditors, Michael Kalinowski, Alex Korowotny and Kdw.T.-f! Slomcenski steward, Stanley C. Slomrenski; pttiido, Anthony Burnc/ov/ski; sick committee, Chester Niaiolch. Anthony Millijan: special auditors, Anthony j Pailnnovitoli, Chester Krzykowski, Ben Krzykowski and John Gomulinski. nnd huildinR' inspector, Waller Sikoski. A social with refresluiirnls \vill follow installation. Congressman J;imes T. Patterson Is amons' several new members of Cor.sro.--s scheduled to appear over tho Columbia network this morn- inp- from 1 3 :'M to 32 o'clock on B. special proprjm. "New Faces in CcnRi-css." Spcvikin« from WTOP studios in Wnshinftton, D. C., th t > now ropresentalivcs will answei- CBS newsman Winston Burden's question. "What .Made You Decide to IC:iior Congress?" Yesterday while newsmen wore broadcastinp events of the convening of t.hc SOth Congress, one Rave an outline of Cong-ressman Patterson's backfiround, and said one of his aims in Congress will be to eliminate red tape in the armed, force.-?. ConfiTossman Patterson hc.ird las! nisht with tho Connecticut delegation in a. special Connecticut Forum broadcast from Wash- injrton said persons in oil walks of should make contributions T.O the nation in efforts to maintain the hii?h stnndnrds of living. He said the and economical standards must be restored and stU'eKunrdcd. and mass production stimulated. Statins" that monopolies must be abolished he remnrked it is Jiis belief that labor nnd management are now aware of their joint responsibilities. The expense of (government, must bo greatly reduced, he asserted. Window Broken At High School j A !„,-. smashed piece of ice recently window on the main floor of the hiffh school, Principal Edward L. Kchoe reported yestor- dny. He said the ice apparently w«s thrown from Ihc Fail-view nvcnuc side of the school. It is expected that the window will be replaced before sessions resume Monday, although the type plass used is difficult to obtain, Mr. Kchoe reported the cost of the now K )as s will be more than $20. — AM Xiuik-iiliifk Ij>,|~ SI ilili'll:lkt-r. our In I[K fiflfl, Uutiury & Aulu ! IH (iilkfnK Nbout fhe Ill' 1 lUDSt lli'illltlflll Stf if ul Ninigiilii THE NEWS Will Have The Score Of The NHS-West Point Basketball Game Call 2228 About 4:30

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