The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1955 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1955
Page 21
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Tidbits From Evelyn is 6« il's Way I This is the earliest reports on robins live had in the years I've been ttsp-ortfng hews: Mrs Gail Tbwne saW a, fat little fellow' picking afgunq Her flowers beds Thursday; arid Mrs,Raymond Irons re- pOtteHioinc^riday. The earliest I ever Saw On*e was March 9, years ago. Welcome home, little birdies, anti I hope you, don't get your toes frozen. « * * Slrange what the mind retains § /er a period of years. Dennis rt6n Is Employed at Omaha, and 'recently he "turned his foot>and 'Injured trie ankle to the extent it had'to be placed in a cast for a short time. The doctor to whom he f we}it Said, "Haven't I treated you bdfore?" Dennis replied that he didn't think so, but the doctor, unconvinced, checked His records aiid fouhd that he had indeed had Dennis as, a patient some time ago. Dennis, as a child, was taken to Iowa City. for correction of ankle trouble and had several operations and shoe adjustments at the orthopedic hospital. The results were well worth the time and discomfort, for there is little difference in his ankles. Since Dennis had never received treatment other than at Iowa City, the doctqr was right when he said to Dennis, "Your name or something rings a bell", and the investigation pf his books proved he was not in error. » » * Instead of concentrating on H- bombs and atomic this and that, I wish scientists would get busy on ideas whereby cold air could be sent here from the poles in summer and hot air from the tropics in winter. Think what a 'difference there is in temperatures. "Tedo" and Helen Hutchison are well aware of this. They returned Saturday from a ten days vacation at Miami, Fla., with Ted's sister Isabel and her husband Quincy Drummond. They also visited "Dutch" and Twyllah Lorenz at Pompano Beach. It was hot there and summer togs were much in evidence. Coming back home, they were greeted by a decidedly chilly atmosphere. Now if we had that gadget • I want invented, we'd have nice warm air here and Florida would- be more comfortable too. ,< » » ..» And speaking of the south— Thank you Grace Taylor Humphrey for your note, hear from you. I was glad to At the same time another communication came from the south — Jacksonville, Fla., from Bob and Holly McDougall. Bob received his discharge from service, Feb. 26 and was to leave at once with his wife and baby daughter Kristin for Winona, Minn., to visit Bob's parents Mr and Mrs Wallace Mc- Dougaii. The parents are'leayihg ' fon.a two. week vacation and. Mississippi this month and Bob and Holly will keep the home fires burning. • • • I was surprised to learn from Lizzie Post the other day that Dfck Post is learning to fly. Now there is an idea — he can take his mother and me places, and FAST, When shall 1 begin packing? • ( Mrs Richard Cook is a cheerful person, The children recently having recovered from chicken pox,- "Now", she says, "We can sit back and wait for' measles and mumps." Mrs Gordon Kuhn and Mrs C. C. Adams are two women who recently attended the Home and Flower show in the Veterans Memorial Auditorium at Des Moines. Both are lavish in their praises and considered it a most worth while project. They were great ly impressed by the size of the building which had ample room for a good sized house and surrounding space set out in gardens, paths, a fountain and trees. Both women said they were surprised at the lavish display and found it hard to describe the beauty. Mrs Adams had been at the Capitol City visited her son-in- law and daughter Mr and Mrs Dwight Sabin. Mrs Kuhn had been at Ankeny with her son and daughter-in-law Mr and Mrs Bob Kuhn. Spring is coming early io the 1 Harold Fristedt home. When 1' called there the other day Mrs Fristedt said the house was in an uproar. No place to sit, gallons of paint everywhere, It sounds like a pretty thorough interior decorating job. I could do with some here but haven't plucked up the courage to face the Upheaval. The Raymond Gilberts have a parakeet, as yet with no name. The children are in favor of "Major". I said "How would Colonel do?" Then I sald> "Name him which ever rank is higher." I am ashamed to admit my military knowledge. is ?p limited 1 don't knowjwhlchi out-ranks the other. Any one else in the.samu predjcament? * •• . ' ~' n •'*-•»• Dick Fraser, son of Mr and Mrs Clarence Fraser has been hopping around on one foot at Cedar Falls where he is a student. He in- jur.ed an ankle when - playing basketball recently anch-has had a series of thereapy treatments. 1 His mother didn't know whether^ he was actually' playing in a game or just at practice. Which-ever' it was makes no difference, it's painful either wayi « * • What fun the youngsters have now. Two dancing parties recently at the Kenneth Straho'rns given by the daughters Sandra and Judy, with co-hostesses Helen 'Kuhlman and Joyce .Huenhold respectively. It matters not that-some of the youngsters ' have: ,to inquire, "J,s this a waltz or a fox trot?" They swing into; the .rythm and whirl gaily around the recreation room. Ah YOUTH!' , ' "•" < ''*''• '' •' Here are a few items—happenings way back in' 1911—A fat, bouncing boy was born to Mr and j Mrs Lyhn Keith Sunday. Hugh Rane'y is the- new and obliging, clerk at. the Langdon and Long store. Prof. Fritz Granzow (father of Albert) is instructing a newly organized band at Irvington." Melzar Falkenhainer, son of Al Falkenhainer, is having a seige of the measles. All of the school teachers' have gone to their different homes for tha school- vacation. The three children of Charles Murtagh came down from Ringsted Monday to spend a few days. Misses Irene Wilson and Katherine Paxson are expected home from Grinnell for their spring vacation. J. E. McEnroe (left last week for Canada where'-he-will spend-the summer engaged in the land business. Homer Clark's 2.22 Homer Clark topped the keglers at Barry's this' Week with a 222 line. He also had a 211, while Mel Riekeri had 206, Al Wittkopf 210, Lfcwis <£Jiliitkle 21S, Nsi-rni § a 1 de'212, Orrie Petersen 214, Bill arry, Jr. 213. The Moose> and Hamm's teams hold commanding leads in the Monday and Tuesday Leagues, respectively. Oft&tfO f»£ t *Mt>'PAYS WITH AN INFOS/OH 0£ SCOTCHBROTH. AlVin Pavik will report to Lack-, and Air Force Base, San Antonio, T£xaa on March 15. ' Tftetr'Hff Will enter, ptft-flight trainlng. fMrs 70 At Bridal Shower, Feb. In Swea City By Mrs Emil Larson Swea & Eagle — A miscellaneous shower was held Friday evening, Feb. 4 at Baptist Guild hall honoring Mrs John Thompson. A short program was presented. Mrs Marvin Larson read poems. A skit was presented by Mrs Lowell Larson and Mrs Leslie Anderson, who also sang a duet; solo by Mrs Chester Farrington; poems and whistling number by Mrs Everett Seal,'the W.F.G. girls sang number. The recent bride then opened her many gifts. Approximately 70 guests attended. Hostesses'Were Mesdames Floyd Treat, Marvin Larson, Glen Clark, Gladys Hanson, Nora Olson, Glen Olson, Virgil Jensen, Ray Sperbeck,'.Walter Minb,•,ErVln Link, EMon Link, Sarnj-'Link,' Lpwejj Larson, Lar'sorT-aM Molinder. ' ; Edith Mr ad Mrs Maurice Carlson jecame parents of a 'son' born Sunday, Feb. 20. The baby weighed 4Vfe Ibs. The Carlsons have one,daughter^ and twit) other sons Silver Anniversary Mr and Mrs Shirley Beck- o 485 So. College St., Monrnouth Oregon, will observe their _25th wedding 'Anniversary on Friday Vlarch 11. Th6y farmed -in !Swea ;ownship for -many,-"years. iManj friends here sent congratulatory cards. • . ••• Mr and Mrs Wm. Thompson en tertained at a party Sunday, Feb 27, in honor of the 25th wedding anniversary of his brother and sis ter-in-law Mr and Mrs ' Hah Thompson. About 40 relatives and friends from Rodman, Emmets-, burg, Rolfe, Fenton, and Plover attended. • The Thompsons 'were: presented with a gift of a purse of money. Home-From California .• ."' Mr and Mrs Alfred Zielske, afftt' BIr and--Mia "Richard Ziclskv.'.,M' Grant returned home recently after spending three weeks visiting relatives and friends in Cali>- fornia. 'They visited the A.-Zled- ske's daughter and family, Mr and Mrs Howard Maynes and' Lawrence Maynes in Long Beach. - • " " A\i1n. came Friday; for a visits at IVe home of her brother and Sis- Sf4n-law Mr and Mrs Walter C. Peterson. ( The Eagle Ladies Aid met Tiles_y afternoon at the home pf Mrs *. A. Holcomb with Mrs SamBut- hef Assistant hostess. jMfs Walter danfold ' of Armstrong showed nahy of 'her doll 'colledtlon-'hna »aVe an interesting talk on doll collections. ' Mr and Mrs Wayne Thompson returned jEromi£ vacation " ripf in New" Mexico attd visiting AT and 'Mrs Robert Johnson's at fort Worth k Texas, ( friends in 3allaf, Texas and with Mrs Ph'ompson's sister anil* her >fam- ly the Robert Bocgerts'at Tucson, Aril 'I !'• ,' ' Mrs Eunice Newton, ,Who has 3een a nurSe at the Veterans hos- iital in Des Moines' for some ;ime, has transferred to Minnea- jplis and is now employed at the. Veterans hospital in that city. Mr and Mrs Clarence Gilbert jnd daughters and Mrs H. E. Will- nour of Estherville were Sunday Evening dinner guests at the Art ECaKved hjpme. , ,' ] • i Mr and Mrs Floyd Brekke and sons spent Sunday afternoon at the home of his sister and family the Wendell Ditsworths. rfieder and daughters. Mr and Mrs Clarence Acfterspn of Wesley and Mr and Mrs Harold Warner and children !were Sunday guests at the home of Mrs Lena Jwarner. The* last study class on the course "The Master Calleth for Thee" was held at the hohie of Mrs Albert Barnes on Thursday evening. Thursday, March 10, 1955 Algona (la.) Upper DM Mdffll 40th Wedding ; Date Observed Swea City—Mr ahd Mrs August X. Peterson entertained -friends at cards Friday evening, The Occasion was the 40th anniversary of their wedding. A card of 157 cards, came as a eomfiletd< surprise Jo the couple as.dfd a generous 5 pttfseipf money." The Petersons were Especially pleased with a card from Sweden, and Mrs Peterson. says that is onfe card'she will iahswer personally,. LEDYARD NEWS By Mrs D. B. Mayer Sunday evening dinner guest? at the home of Mr and -Mrs; John Miller were Mr and ; Mrs J. F. Sullivan, Jeremiah and Madonna, Mr and Mrs George Thompson, and Mr and Mrs S. L. Powers and family. The occasion was in.hon- or of the wedding aiinivei'Sury ui Mr and Mrs Sullivan. "". , Mr and Mrs Orville Runksmeier and Carol Ann left on Thursday for Fort Sill, Okla., where they spent the weekend visiting their son Marlin, who is in training there. Maurice Pingel, who has been in the Holy Family Hospital the past three weeks following an automobile accident fn which ho was seriously injured,' was able to come home last week and he is able to be up and about some. Thursday evening dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs John Miller Were Mr arid. Mrs .Owen Berhow pf Lone Rock, Mr. and Mrs Milton F.arrow, Patsy and Barbara of Lakota, Mr and Mrs Frank Rotterman and Mr and Mrs §. L. Powers and Margaret. The occasion was Mr and Mrs Ber- hows wedding anniversary. ---Peggy.' Meyer-':of.• •came Friday evening to spend the 'weekend with her parents Mr and D. B. Mayer. Melva Burrow, who attends A New Arrival ls'Joiigberg,and daugh--. ter Donna returned home ; last; week after a few weeks visit with her parents at Snyder, Texas. ', Hamilton Commercial College in Mason City, Judy Gilbertson and 'Shirley Miller who attend Wal- .dnr! College .fn Forest City., were 'home' for the weekend. : ..... ' ' • ' '.' Mr and Mrs Wayne Gade of Whittemore were Sunday guests at the home of Mrs Martha Sch- Urge Stock of REPIACIMINT PARTS On Hand Prompt Service At AH Times Service Motors Availflh Far imereensy Uie PRATT ELECTRIC CO. Algonw, want EXTRA PROFITS 'A ". ' ' Now you can have those extra profits you've been looking for. Your cooperative invites you to become a member and profit two ways, V The FELCO plan is simple. When you're a FELCO member, you buy from yourself . « , patronize your own . business. As a fr-LCO member, you get all the cooperative savings. And, with FELCO, you can depend on getting only top quality feeds, Take advantage of FELCQ'S twfcAvay profits, Buy from yourself through your own. cooperative, arjd get the best quality feed money can buy • • • FELCO. Stop in, and see for yourself. Ask questions, a FEUCO member, and profit ;tyo t ways f W,hitte»nore CooperaJive plevator, Whittemore Farmer's Cooperative Elevator CQ., Swea City F.arr#ers. Cooperative Society. Wesley Burt Cooperative Elevator, Burt Lone Rock Co»p»r?Uv» Blev&ior Co,, I+pne Rock . Weft Bfn4 Elevator C»« West lend , FeB^n f oQperaJjivf f^valpj 'Qo,, Fen*9» "DO BUSINESS WITH YOURSELF " I t . . ''BLUE SEAL PnoCESSING" , V . dur EXCLUSIVE and highly scientific oat processing through SIX separate' machines produces a irue seed oat of superior, premium jt«*W» Those oals are ih«n "GRO-COATED" and the final results are "betlei stand*," ;"}\e«ih. ier plants," "Higher iest .welghr' and "CBampionshlp Yields." Ye&ri of. tesiJrtg^han cotn- pletely proven this, therefore, we offer y6a ihrf ftlloWJnfl "Ir6n-Clad". OUARANTEE which is backed-up by v dne of the World's Largest Seed* Companies and one which has served Iowa Farmers since 1895. '. , , , •WE GUARANTEE. our BERRY BLlJE SEAL PRQCESSEP GRO-COAT . BRAND SEER OATS to produce more bushels ps? acr« Ihin any other seed of the,same variety, from ANY other source, pjanted the same dale, at the same rale of seeding, by the same melhod, on the same type of soil and under the same conditions. If it does not, we will refund yo(j the difference In price between what you piid for pur BLUE SEAL PROCESSED SEED "3ATS and the other pats." . > ... '''•,. '*] ' . ADAPTED VARIETIES NO PEPOSIT No Delivery Charge Prices From $2.50 Per Bu. BERRY SEED COMPANY Clarinda, Iowa Since 1895 All Oats Previously Sold this 'Season by Our Farm Dealers Are Also Covered by This Guarantee Serviced by Lo:al Farm Dealers MARVJN PENN5NG Buffalo — Wesley — German Twps. Tiionka Phone 4F26 LAWRENCE PRESTHUS Ramsey — Portland — Burl Twps. Bancroft Phone 4588 JOE SINNWELL Delano — Humboldt — Hiverdale Sherman Twps. Bode Phone Livermore 2587 HAROLD FANGMAN Greenwood — Seneca — Fenton Harrison Twps. Bancroft PhOne 5974 STANLEY BLACK Union — Plum Creek Twps. Burt Phone 8 ( on 100 GEORGE HOBSCHEIDT' LuVerne — Prairie — Irvlngton Twps. LuVerne Phone 260 .DONALD ERICKSON Lotts Creek — Whitlemore — Cresco Twps. Algona Phone Lone Rock 40)5 ALFRED CHRIST Lakota Phone 2877 nrae Boost Iowa' i I Almost 23,000 Iowa families earn their living in the brewing industry. Retailers, wholesalers, truck drivers, stenographers, salesmen, machinists ... it is an almost endless list, representing a typical cross sec* tion of our state. Thousands of members of these workers' families share in this annual payroll, which reaphes into every nook and corner of the state, to add to Iowa's prosperity. Still More Wealth for IOWA... And the brewing industry constantly adds more and more wealth to Igwa .., with over $62,000,000 in* vested in the business, itself, an annual payroll of over $30,000,000 taxes paid annually in excess of $23,000,000, and tens of thousands of dollars worth of farm products purchased each year. HELPS BUILD IOWA UNITED STITfS BREWERS FOUNDATION IOWA DIVISION

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