The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1955 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1955
Page 20
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VoS FURNITURE IT'S BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE vji 7F~ ^T" M 0, ' New FHA Rules On ' > • ' < '* •' T . \ ' . • .r. omes Easier To Buy ••'••':"• : ; .,'•• i i. < I* Payments Are More Liberal COMPllTI "LANDSCAPE & NURSERY" - . SERVICE The Elmore Nursery 1 Co. offers a complete Landscape Service ... with a large complete modern nursery from which growing trees and shrubs are selected. We can help you -with your landscape planning, on any scale, large or small. You will like the expert service and advice we give, too. Our trees and plants are hardy-grown, right for this area, .and. will give you a wealth of enjoyment in the years to come. \ • We specialise in rlch-foliag- ed Evergreens of all types. You are cordially invited io visit our nurseries at any time and see the large selections we offer. ' ^^^^W '™ W ^^^ mill ELMORE, MINN. DO YOU WANT to buy a new house this year? If so, here is the situation'you 'may encounter:' 1. You should be able to swing the deal with much:' less cash than Was needed a year ago—thp FHA has lowered down payment? for a $12,000 house, for,example, from '$2,400 to $1,200 and has lengthened mortgage terms from 26 to 30 years to keep, monthly p'ayriieftts about the' same. 2. You will find more new houses, to choose from—sail, ejtt ports agree that 1955 will see the greatest number of new hpmes built. • • -J i ' , i ; • 1 HOME BUILDERS says'they will put up fewer low-cost douses, and more of; what they call "Quality houses.'' They aim !o concentrate .their efforts in the jrice class between $15,000 and 520,000. , • ,' ' After a recent conference of industry leaders, the trade publication House & Home had this to say: "America is wiping out poverty so fast that already more fam- MILLER LUMBER CO. We Handle Weyerhauser 4-Square , HOME-PLANNING SERVICE ''Everything in Building Materials" Bast Stale St. — Phone 198 ELEAD M. WEGNER Building Contractor Sditer New Homes j Ready-Made Concrete Steps Septic Tanks Shop Phone 486 Res. 873-J §IIIIIII!!II!III»II»IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIII|||I1IM ilies -have incomes over $$000 than incomes under, $3,0,00. , .' "W,e' already have at least 25 per cent" more loVf bpst' houses than we' Have families who can afford nothing better. 1 •' "We have hbWhere near-enough luiility houses for those could afford thcth. '' ' ' " ' "By 1959- the low-cost house riftrket around most of our cities will be glutted even if rio more cheap houses are • built. "The American standard, of liv- ng is going up 22 per cent every decade; .and. the,American stand- ird of housing, which has lagged sehind the rest of the American standard of living, must now rise sven faster to catch up." THIS IS BOOM TALK,, but 955 is* expected to be the biggest milding year on record. Auth- iritative Ed Gavin, editor of the American Builder, sa.Vs "our prediction for 1955 is L400.000 hous- ng starts,inn all-time high, and he possibility that the total may each IfSOO.pdO'." > FHA Commissioner Norman P. flason predicts that the latter igure will be in the closest. Easier mortgage terms are ited as the big reason. "In the short time the Housing .ct of 1954 has been in effect," ays Gavini "there already are ertain trends established." Expansion and decentralization f industry, f'which is increasing ic migration rate of industrial and commercial personnel," is cited as another factor. And, says Gavin, "there is still a large GI backlog coming into the market in increasing numbers from rental units and for other reasons." HOME BUILDERS are expected to account for more than half— 55 per cent-^-of all new private construction in 1955. This is the ioint forecast of the U. S. Depal tment of Labor. This official outlook for a total of 39% billion dollars in all types of construction exceeds all private guesses. Architectural Forvim came close to that figure. Explaining its reasoning the Forum listed five influences: (1) The continued high 2 New Algona Homes •Lt'5f,:.v -•' .>••. .• " lO ,-.-:>•...• ,•- , '*+' WM. KIHKLAND HOME (corner So. Jerome .&. South Sis.) HOME FINANCING LET US HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL "Your Security Is Our Business" H We can help you plan a regular savings schedule to 1 g meet your goal of financial independence . . . and to help 1 H you gain Ihe things you want most in life. 1 I Come in now. Talk things over with our friendly 1 | savings and home-ownership specialists . . . there is no I g obligation, of course! 1 I Your savings earn higher dividends here. Your savings I H are fully insured up to $10,000. I = s | Home Federal I I SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION | I Phone 1370 Alnona, Iowa | ludlllill^ birth rate and the lowering of the death rate, (2) Continued growth in personal income, (3)- An upward shift in'average income, (4) Increasing propensity to spend, and (5) Increased security in old age. "These five influences", the F^orum ••'concluded,* .-"make for : an' intensification of'fhe demand for fnrrtriiciioii, uirec-iiy in the form of houses, schools, • hospitals, churches and recreational facilities, and indirectly in the form of facilities for all the industrial, commercial and public activities that a vigorous and confident economy requires." SOME BEARISH influences may be felt. The rate of new family formations has continued to decline since 1950, although the population is still growing. Trouble in getting Fewer and water service extended into ever DEB HALL HOME (corner Fair & Overmyer Drive) sprawling outlying areas also is mention^ by some observers. The growing school •problem in those outlying districts is another handicap. ,'Ariel sortie experts think FHA "arid VA .administrative difficulties and a possibility of tighter credit late in 1955 may tend to keep new home building from reaching the peaks pre- dieted. However, - Myron L. Matthews of the Dow Service building reports, says "construction activity has in no way'arrived at a volume which needs be classified as 'boom,' especially if the use ibf the word connotes 'bust' ,; and disaster. 'Boornlet'? Possibly.1'. . In doHais involved, the ,1955* rate of construction will top 1950 by nearly 40 per cent, .and the average of the booming 1920s by about 245 per cent. ; But allowing for the population-increase since the '20s. and figuring expenditure on a per capita basis, Matthews says we'd have to spend 44 billion instead of 39 M: billion, to equal the roaring '20s. The first Oxford and Cambridge boatrace was held at Henley in 1829. zoo One morning recently/ Cecil Jones of near Lineville wasn't too sure whether he was o hen-house or a ?oq..' He found a: possum and a cppn inside the henhouse, feasting on three of his hens. • ' . . Small Sized Trees Best For Average Homes The .popularity f of small shade trees , for the > average .••home ' is constantly , growing.. tChe -home owner usually wjaftts ft tree 'which will groW' fast 'but, not top large, especijiliy; when he hag a small Ipt. The answer may be to purchase, a -more; manure 'tree, in which case ^Jow' growth is not sd important. 'However, if the home owner <ia patient, he can purchase a small .tree for a few dollars and Watch it grow. For instance, fi tree With a trunk an inch in dia- m^ter . l«ay only cost a small amount, depending on the species. If one wishes at least some shade immediately, -he may want to plant a shade tree with a trunk thickness Of three to six inches or more. Many home owners feel that the cost of these Iffrge specimens-, is swell worthwhile since they have immediate* effect, in-' eluding immediate shade. To a r middle 1 -aged person wishing immediate shade, ' or even younger people who; do not want to^ wait for a tree to fulfill then- needs for shade, the large sizes are the answer. A great deal of labor '• .goes into ', producing a specimen, shade tre$ and it almost always •will be a better tree than if one plants and growd it himself. ... ; • ; , - ; ) Oftentimes home .p.wners purchase' fast-growing ' trees and this is advisable on the small property if the tree is a type that can be effectively pruned and kept small as it matures. Your nurseryman can advise you on trees that can be pruned and kept the size you want them, as well as those which do not reach over 35 feet when mature. It is always best to consult with your nurseryman' for various trees which grow well on your own individual property. Some trees are 'more tolerant than others of special conditions, such as drouth, alkaline soil or similar environment;- ' . On, July 18, 1933, Douglas Corrigan 'landed in Dublin on his "wrong way" flight. • FOR THAT NiW HOME Build With HAYDiTE BLOCK It's SELF-INSULATING Manufactured and Sold Exclusively In This Area By Algona Block & Tile East Stale St. - Phone 289-W Bowman Builders Do Everything and Anything In The Building Line Skilled Cabinet Work Free Estimates On Any Job Ed Bowman Warren Bowman Phone 1075 W Introducing a great new kitchen service! «e have everylhnu- you noe.l to make vour .I kiU-lieu come true! S^i*] \ouii» a to-*i> KiU-iu-ui imij? tools take out the fUR-,, «ork, am] help ,,.uke dream kitchen a Umtauun.:. work-amiuf i.kal. \ou can select from our i omplcte line of Y,unj, KiU-heuj C'abiuel Siuks, Use and vail cat-.tts utility uj.iU an,] advauces Lte Jet-To»er» l) ; v,» Wg aud \oungitowa KiU-heiu Food \V«te See Ui today! \Ve are U lory-traced for kilchen-ijUuiiiujf aud cau iiwplifv jour pro Jieuuuuber, » e t »u save v ou outlay ou ia»l»!laiio: reara pLi-i- \our ' to« n -d Phone 778 BEECHER LANE APPLIANCES CALL MERGEN & WEBSTER for • PAINTING • DECORATING • PAPER HANGING PHONE 562-J 756 What Do You Want To Know About Built-in Gas Kitchens We Can Show You! Phone 16 So. Phillips St. And For All Types of Building Work — See — BUD ROBINSON CONTRACTOR - BUILDER Office & Cabinet Shop No. Main St. Phone 271 or 1249 RtOMBER .for all building needs^vjj And All Kinds BUILDING MATERIALS "ONE BOARD OR A CARLOAD" F. S. NORTON & SON PHONE 229 T 8e'rv? e You PHONE 229 New Country Club •Dean Pairott, president of the •Algeria, Coufttty CMb, has an- hourieed the-appointment bf; Mf 'aftd Mi's Milton sorenson of SioUk iCfty as mtma{rer& tif the 'clUb- house for the 1955 season; • Resignation of Mr and Mrs Mer« Ion Baker,' who operated the club for the past fottf years, was received some time ago, and a search for a replacement was culminated last week when the Sor- ensons we're hired.: Mrs Sorenson has been in the restaurant business for ten years, while hei husband has.been employed by & dairy. The Sorensons will take over, the club March 15. l Headquarters For All Your Reacly-Mixed CONCRETE ( Delivered Right to The Forms • On Job Site of alj Here yqu. «riU *in4 «lwm P» tend a. compile types ol buiWing iuppU»s . . . from dimeiwion „„_ flue lining. Wh»t«ver your needs, let u» supply you estimates cheerfully given. Ready-Mix Concrete AND SUPPLY CO. Plan To Build Burl—Mr and Mrs fcalph Bonney have purchased a lot south Of the Leonard Warner place and plan to build a house there soon. POISON Two year old Janet Mae Evans of Pleasantville has learned about fly-killer, .Recently she ate a small portion of poisonous <fly- ALGONA FLOOR SERVICE A. Complete Service for Floors ""• New Tile Floors • Cirpel-Laying • Floor Maintenance • Resurfacing Wood Floors • Installation of Walls ' • Inlaid Linoleum •FREE ESTIMATES PHONE 1040 — 9SOW — 531W killer, believing U,waq dandy. She!'' was "Pumped out" at the hospital' afidredctv£re%r ; nicely. - , ' /, '•' ' ' *• ..V.-J ___^ and Go Together! So let's get together and we'll tell you why so many homes the country over are using PERFECTION-Natural Gas Heat. It's tops for comfort, for (economy, for cleanliness. Get the full story. We are authorized PERFECTION dealers in this area. P. R. IRONS Heating & Plumbing • PJione 523-W COOK - HEAT - REFRIGERATE With COOKJNG Cooler, cleaner, completely automatic. For finest, fastest, most economical cooking — see the new automatic Gas ranges. * HOUSE HEATING Wonderful even warmth — with a new automatic Gas furnace that fills the house with clean thermostatically controlled heat without lifting a finger. REFRIGERATION Keeps foodd fresh longer — in.a new Servel Gas Refrigerator with no moving parts to break down or make noise. WATER »HEATING Ne.vr : Bv*0!7i,5iic Gaa walss • liesUsrs - dre' 3 'time*-'-faster ''t H a n any other alK automatic system. Gives any temper- iture water you want, at less cost per jallon. It's Easy to Have Natural Gas' In Your Home Ask Us About Convenient Financing Terms PUBLIC SERVICE CO. 109 So. Harlan Phone 1412 IF IT'S Pratt Electric Can Handle It I • Electrical Contracting — Commercial & Residential • Fixtures of AH Kinds • Electric Appliance Repairs Pratt Electric Co. PHONE 170 WITH IHE IATEST IN WALLPAPER & PAINTS Cowan BUILDING SUPPLY =~= V =;'SJ '.• =^3 . . S= . . ^--- X _ '

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