Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 3, 1947 · Page 10
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 10

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1947
Page 10
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»ft-.y,\ur..vriiCK XEWS (CONN.I. FBI DAY. .IAN. 3, ifr» GETS BACK DOG" WITH TWO SCENTS First 1947 Meeting Of Borough Board Subject Of Speculation As the first 1 Si-IT meeting f»r Lhi:, boui'd of warden und burgesses up-1 pi-ouches. t.he third from the last | regular In the horatiyh's ll.<cal i year, expectation. untlci|»ritit>n inul ; !:pi!CUlullon riili 1 lilKn. : Whiit htis boon trdin.t; on ln'h:nd ; the scenes is anyone's K'" 1 - s '"- ''iitj for the most part jictivitie.i luiv« ' l«'cn exceptloniilly ciui«t since last jiioruh's so-c;illed "comi'ily i>f ui- rois." There have bi s i-n more oi 1 less "secret" rm.'ftinKs of thi- poliut! lie- lAiirlnipnt'f reKi'lar;! and tupor- Jiiimrrarlus. but the tire cli>pnrt- mi'nt hus pulled no punches in stutlrlK what it wiir.ts in the nu- Uiro of i-quiprnont and personne!. ,V,vlt> tirill s|P(itleNS C'.lr:itlllnos,t arc Imiwrutlvi! uuiM-s.surics In Mir fiiHtiOiuiiK wiiiiuin. And our nKMlern luiindry udds just thut to yuiir rlntlilni;.' Our prices, too, nmhe yon reall'/.i' Unit nil tlila luxury—und eriuioiny mti.v K<> liiuid In litind. A MERICA / t ( \ ItK \ vTaterbury v\'hi>ther or not the burgesses .have met is unknown, but possibilities tit 1 n-.uutinss durlnj; the coming weekend iii'e not remote. Sevi-rnl situations in the boi- oujjh'M affairs have become pitifully involved, with lou:il politico* and residents nl large questlonin,, whether or not they will be straightened o'.it within the next three months. Appointments to both the .police and fire departments on which the board has been deadlocked for several months will undoubtedly be presented at the meeting sched uled for Tuesday evening. Jan. 7 In the court room of the town hal . Discussion will be held or. the. purchfise of a new pumper truck for the !lre department, which probably will encourage talk on the hook mid ladder truck for which $17,500 was appropriated at las! M'iiy's freemen's Supernumeraries are believed to be drafting a petition to be presented to the board regarding 1 wages while on "private" jobs. An opinion by Borough Attorney Martin L.. Caine will be ready at the session concerning the status of the force while on these jobs involving duty ut dances, sports activities and privately owned establishments. It is expected work ut privately owned enterprises will Ju Mill!m;ry "THE STORE OF 3,000 HATS" 40 CENT FOR ST. WATRRBURY WHIIE READING HER DAILY NEWSPAPER, Mrs. Carolyn ZaJesny, 67. of Chicago, III., was overjoyed to see the picture of her missing pet, "Cookie." She contacted the Animal Shelter, and in no time, the dog was buck with her mistress. Here Mrs. Zalesriy is shown being affectionately greeted by the cct who has two noses. ante7-notioiiai Souudohoto) be discouraged in the future. What other routine or urgent business will be introduced is undisclosed. FISHING J'OMfi SAVKS LIFE Uttie Falls, Minn. (UP)—A rlsh- ng po'le he carried proved the difference between life and drowning for T-Sf?t. Paul Bnlaslti. 2'1. Homeward bound a'fter fishing through tho Ice, he fell into a hole, but the pole spanned the hole and enabled Balaski to boost himself from the water. GUS SMOKE SHOP 402 North Main St. Union City Gus Kllmuszcwski, Prop. MODEL AIRPLANES HALF PRICE Supersonic Waves Spot Hidden Defects Atlantic City, N. J. (U PI— Hidden defects in metals, lonp a bugbear in all metallic construction, may be overcome by sound waves of 'frequencies up to 112,000,000 cycles. The 2Sth national metal congress und exposition heard the now process explained by James W. Dice of Spcrry Products. The device to check metal flaws is the supersonic i eflectoscope. The rel'lectoBCOpe employs a beam of sound waves, far beyond the ability of the human ear to hear, which probe the mass. Michigan has more than 0,000 named lakes. Scientist Discloses How Atom Workers Escaped Cancer Cleveland —CUP)-- Animal experiments by which workers on the 'atomic bomb project, were saved, from the danger of skin cancer were described here by Dr. Ray S. Snider of the Chicago Metallurgical Laboratory. Dr, Snider was one of the scientists at'tendinj,' the meeting of the Amei-lcnn Ac'ndemy of Dermatology. He said there was only one death from Irradiation durins production of the bomb. Connected with the medical protective- division of the Manhattan Project. Dr; Snider's assignment was to direct tlie and historical studies of skin cha"n/;es in experimental animals subected to beta riiys und slow neutron rays. Some animals were given larffu single doses, others small daily doses. Trio irradiation caused precan- rerous and cancerous conditions, he said. The rats developed oan- 100 pei 1 cent, with the tumors vary inn in si/.o and seriousness according to tn« amount of irradiation projected. The doctor described what irradiation did to the animals, stating thut first reactions were skin rash, loss of surface 'layers of skin and -hair ehar.tfinff of the animal's lair to gray, followed by the de- ; vclopmcnt of. tumors. j ' By these expnriements, it was i learned how further to protect hu- | mans from the effects of acci- 1 clenta! exposure to :rradi'.Tiion. I The protective work was aic!ed , by a belief that the reaction of the rays on the skin would be the sumo 'as from X-ray irradiation— that is, that penetrating rays 'that would usually heal cancerous tissues were likely to cause cancer if sprayed on healthy tissues, according to Dr. Snider. To protect the workers from irradiation, walls seven feet thick were built, and thus "health hazards thoupfht to be insurmountable at the beginning' were overcome," 'Spit Not In Fire' Washington Urged New York— <UP>— I" his recent book on American etiquette, '"Lojrninfi How. -to Behave,"' his- tof'ian Arthur M. Schlesinger notes thut George Washington us •! Ijoy of ]Tj composed Ills' own guide to Kcod manners. Among the HO I precepts w.hich he laid down for himself, Washington wrote: ' "Reprehend not; the imperfections or others for that belongs to Parents, Masters und Superiors. "Contradict not HI every turn wrm others Soy. "In Speaking to men of Quality do not Ifiun nor Look thorn full in the Face. "Put not another bit into your moutih 'til the I'nrmi-r be Swallowed. "Cli Table Knife "Wear not you:- Cloths, foul, '.in- i-lpt oi 1 Dusty. "Spit not in the Fire. "Kill no Vermin as Flo-is, !ico licks &c in the Right of Others. "Labor to keep nliv..' in your Broxst that J-iuJr.- Spirit of Culcs- ti:il lire Called Conscience." ,ns:e not your tenth with the Cloth, Nupkin, ForK or Three Sailors Held In New Haven New Haven. Jan. * .-(UP) — Three New London sailors are beinp; held for trial or. automobile theft charges after leading police a chase through New Haven down - town streets. The pursuit ended when ihe car developed a flat tire. In custody are Paul Huff, George Schroedcr and James Strother. The trio drew the attention of police when their car drove through a traffic atop signal. ROGERS-FEET OR BURBERRYS CHOICE TOPCOATS, OVERCOATS OR LONDON TAILORED BRITISH ULSTERS. You can't go wrong on these rugged hand tailored weather baxters that will tackle your weather troubles and battle for your comfort as none other coat . ever battled before. Rogers-Peet overcoats and topcoats $6 to $95, Burberrys British ulsters world famous fleeces that are world famous $88 and $100 —other overcoats $40 to $65. GARSTON'S 'FOLLOW THRU' We have proven again that the public appreciates a REAL SALE! Our special offer last week-end was a complete sell-out BECAUSE we have "FOLLOWED THRU" with our policy of always presenting- outstanding- value whenever we announce a SALE! Prices quoted are for cash sales only. 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Donn's Uivc liuppy relief iind will help the ]5 milns of kidney tubes flush out poisonous waste from your blood, Get Doun's rills. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL POUST'S SKKVICE STATION 144 Itubhcr Ave| Tel. 4f>35 For A Snack, a Sandwitj or a Full Meal, Try DUFFY'S Restaurant WATER STUEET FCI-I.. M QUO It LICENSE R&P METAL WORKS SH SO. MAIN -STKKKT (Hear) Kxpert \VcMinp; of All Type* Furclns;, Shod Mrfa! and OrnumenUil Slcol Work Sheet and I?:tr Melal For Sal* Telephone CiST' A Balanced bu^i Established 1S70 Deposits Fully Gunranti-pil Starting a budget for 1947? Tlio host iiu'dieinc for any limliiX'1 i.s cunsislem s.-ivin.ii's. Tl'icn sliould ;niy uin.'Xjiociod cxjjcnsc-s arise, yon linve ;iv:ii];ililc casli. J'Zvcn ;i sjiinl] sum (loj)o>iu-(l roti'iilnrly soon ATOM'S. Naugatuck Savings Bank Naugatuck, Conn. PHILCO RADIO FOK KANGK, OH FUEL OIL TEL. 5618 Bill's Fuel Oil Service /itf ^Voodlnnd Sire^'l. "Dili" Murlnrlli. I'rnu. AC-DC Supcrhed'.rod.vni;. 5 Tubes, powerful speakor— Built in Loop Aerial. As Easy Ti-rius— As Low Week Sei> tilt; nc\v exclusive Philco invention, Just put, a r«»cord in ll, e s |,)t — and it. plays. Everything nlse is mitomatic — Now at WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CABKAL, Prop ORDER FOK CHRISTMAS: : LIVE and PREPARED EELS SMELT!?, SHRIMPS, ANCHOVIES . . . 80c can 41» No. Main St. Union City Tel. M91. Open Fri. evo. till 8 p. in. WE'DE ALTERING OUH STORE Watch Us Grow! '. CORNER CANTEEN 392 No- Main Street "Dnm" Trlk-lco. I'roti. FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. 106 South Main St. Highland Package Store 93 Highland Ave. — Tel. 3983 Anthony F.'irrar, Prop. FREE DEI.IVKKY All Parts of XauffatnicU FOR SALE] Ten room house, 5 rooniu flit floor, 5 rooms second floor,! bath-rooms, hot air fur electricity, 2 car garage. Formerly 2 tenement iic mid owner will re-convert to | tenement-si and Rive Immedli occupancy to first floor. Located east side of town I may foe Inspected in afternoon, I F.W.EAT01 Room 9 Neary Buildicjj Church Street TRY CLASSIFIED APSj FRED'S HI-WAY GRILLE !501. South Main St. Regular Dally Dinner 5flc up 1 A Ln Carte Menu I SpiiBheHi.To T:tk« Out Bnnqiiet Room, Cncktail 1,01111^0 Full Uquor License ALL OTHER O'COATS PROPORTIONATELY REDUCED THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Neary Oonn. Oldest Established Body Shop In Naug-atuck EXPERT BODY REPAIRS and PAINTING— We have had many years experience repairing anc painting automobile fenders and bodies. A complete shop equipment of hydraulic and electric tools will scientific paint mixing- to match the color of y car insure satisfactory results. Work done by appointment, on predetermined contract, under the supervision of Kenneth E. Johnson The Naugatuck Fuel Company 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE 5236 Try NEWS Want Ads—they bring resu|

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