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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois • Page 12
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois • Page 12

The Pantagraphi
Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:

BLOOMINGTOX, ILL'. THE DAILY PANTAGRAPH MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1037. SANTA CLAUS AND COMPANY By King Cole Events of Day Normal Phone 4500 ETEC AhD POLLY Children List Choice of Gifts At I. SACS. Early Arrangements Under Way for Yule Celebration Unclaim ed HAVE JUST MET 1UEI2 OLD PAL, CAP'N SO-LUCYWMOAS 5AILEO TE SEVEM seas With FCisy HIS PET SEAw. rr is JUST A MOKTU BEFOffE 180 Mjsterious Santas Await Mayor's Home. at: The ISO chocolate Santa Clauses! which mysteriously found their way; into Mayor Giant Ridenour'sj unclaimed, the latter reported Monday. They are pa iked away in neat Tit tle rows in the basement like so many Egyptian mummies, patiently awaiting the arrival of come one to put them in circulation again. The mayor said that as a last alterna tive he may have to pet the coun cil together to clear up the situa tion. --SO I SEI TO SAKTA CLAUS, YtvNv I 1 JEST LOOK1T THIS CtW-i I I Zt 1 -X TTlST 7 LETTER I GOT FWM nG' I -Ji' HECE Toy CCWPAN OF CAPN I Vi Gw 1 eX-X LET'S AGE -NOW LISTEN -q I hrT- fV JC i vS r'' ivS i i- i i inSton can too ir.e u.nuii.m want to." Following hn addre-s Mr. I showed th- picture, Along ihe Road Side Glances at Rural Suburban Life i t.o; Destioys lfe Criticizes 'Night Spots' Anti-Saloon Leaguer Tells of His Tour Wall Keplir. A-ked Monday about Mr. i DRIVE CAREFULLY Preliminary arrangements arc OrOUO VSlI Leave r.ow ur.der way for the observance-y of Christmas at the Illinois Soldiers'; UeSday TOT taST and Sailors Children's school. All of' Dr. R. M. Stombaugh and Prof, the children have made the first Ker.yon S. Fietcher of the indus-j and second selection of gifts they trial artt department of Illinois: desire, and these are being listed State Normal university will leave; by the clerical force. for Baltimore. Md. to at- Giftis win be provided by contti--tend the meeting of the American; butions by the American Legion' Vocational association, which con-j auxiliary and the United Spanish! tinues until Saturday. Dr. E. War Veterans. Members of the Le- Lawbailgh. associate professor of gion and other patriotic organiza-; agriculture at I. S. X. U. and tions and parents of children at! judging team consisting of George! the school also send gifts each McNeeiy. Willard Wilson, Paul Ives! which are registered upon their ar-jand La Verne Baker also will at-i irrfeiencc to grand jury action cor. i v.w.i'.l n.achinf. Attorney Wall tnul: The Rev. Louis of G.b- -Mr. statement is ison City, field woikcr for the Anti-hal crioncuu. At a teem: grani Saloon league of Illinois. Sunday of vanoui I towns and villages in the cour.ty night told of visiting numerous; wee caUcJ Jury Bloomington "night spots' to their testimony relative finding conditions "disgusting." 'to gambling and with itference to Mr. Miller spoke at the Cer.ten-, machines. nial Christian church on "Saturday; "Then the giand juiy r.o rival and held for distribution on; tend, i ne latter group on the re- turn trip will visit Washington, D.I Christmas. A number of parties, entertain- C. and several colleges. PROTECT 1 -Te" -rk; r.i It r.a indictments the Saloons of Bioom- Nisht in OURtH ILDREH i1 VF A 0 planned for the Yule season. Man- MeTCalT Pi A aging Officer and Mrs. J. Howard IPL! Russell plan to go to the Chicago! 1 Near MiDier markets soon to aid in the selection; ir.gton." He said: "The definition of the tavern in Bloominiiton should action Mayor Mark B. Hayes said: "The Rev. Mr. Miller's comments I this: "All the evils of the old saloons of gifts. Santa Clauses supplied by; The Metcalf Parent-Teacher plus women and As soon as. one enters these places one .1 interested in the tterner.t about the Legion and other organizations association will meet at 7:30 p. m. i be on duty to distribute the! Thursday in the University highi presents, and there will be the us-. school study hall. Dr. F. W. Hiblerj ual Christmas tree and program. the I. S. N. U. faculty will speak! I sales of liquor after hours. me cnaiier 01 women sianuin mi the bar, smoking a cuaiet with a Hair, drinking beer, whisky and Notes of the Churches for I have personally checked that matter on numerous past occasion-, the most recent last Saturday night. Ask for Complaint. I 11 i 'if I jon hnow lour Child Miss Gladys Tipton of the I. S. X. U. music department is arranging the music program. A meeting of the; executive board will be held at! all kinds of alcoholic concoctions. I'rttlnc. "I saw intoxicated men standing with the.e women with aim KL r.SO. Sunday school over, the firt union sen ire was completed for these children. Here are two oing ladies leaving Ity a side dour of the church. "V-V" The Amity class of the First Presbyterian church will meet at, 6 30 p. m. Tuesday at the home of: Prof, and Mrs. Floyd T. Goodier. 'In my circu.t which started at p. m. aooui ineir waists, iriun- ai a rn hour I i I oar on me pan oia men t(, finiJ hl taverns in iC middle asred women was dis SAttends Conference 603 Broadway. Mrs. t. L. Holmes is Diesident. gusting to tay the least. The most regretful thing about these so called taverns are the many youthful waitresses dishing out drink Members of the Workers council Miss Gertrude Stephens, associ-of the First Christian church will ate professor of history at Illinois meet at 6:30 p. m. Tuesday at the State Normal university, attended home of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Stub-! a meeting of National Council for ODKI.I seliool cliililren are given every poilde pro-tettion from auto traffir. Shown here is the sign plated on the Charles Fosdick ami Mrs. Anna Matern parkings, on either s'ule of the public sthool (grade and high) by the American Legion post No. 666, this autumn. Pamagraph Central Service the 'barkeepers were serving to customers, some of them drunk they coi.ld scarcely "I am sure that if Mr. Miller a good citizen l.e will come to he idfjuarters Monday ready to si-m coiimlamts and tfstifv ir.m ODELL. The Odell parochial school (grade and high) is on route 66 and a subway lias been constructed (during 1931 summer) to protect children from the east side of town. Here are four boys bound for school after crossing under the dangerous They are Iienton Finefield, Thomas Verdun, Joseph and Hobert Langan (left to right). Yes, girls use the subway too. Pntrapb Central iumoii Stmci to the customers, many of the.o gills smoking while at woi k. -I visited six tavetns after 1, offenders he avs he 1.x ated. Thst o'clock, past the closing time. ar.djtru;v hls du.y a4 thP in all of them I saw the barkeepers nf every citizen to in liquid to customers, some forrement of the law. of them so drunk thev could scarce-1 Whether I approve or I vmix. s' m.m blefield. 200 Weft Ash street. A eon-j Social Study held Friday and Sat-ference rvill follow the covered dish urday at Hotel Jefferson in St. supper. Louis. The meeting. Miss Stephens The Sunday school board of the reported, was attended by many in-First Methodist Episcopal church terested 'in teaching this subject will meet at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday from coast to coast. She was ac-in the church parlors. companied by Miss Alice Ebel of Rehearsals for the Christmas mu-il- S. N. U. sic at the First Eaptist church, will begin at 7:30 p. m. Tuesday at5nOV, Ice Encountered "In all these taverns the shuttle disapprove of the drinking women in taverns, that conduct i niy ji Mdiction To A ..1 f. devices were machines. It of the gambling heaid. the'.l (it the sta'e li'i'ior law V. .1 might be well to state at this point; that every couit in the Unitedl States where the matter wa "Pir.ball have been up for a discussion numerous times th I II fJlUUAil 1114. Ill I i gambling devices. "Concerning the red light a meeting to be held at the par-j Mr and Mls Harry VenciU, 200 tonage. North Oak street, and Mr. and Mrs. The session committee on Rjdenour and dauzhter. gelim of the First Presbyterian AjCe 210 North Main street, re-church will meet in the church rar- turned sunday nizht from a week-lors at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. trip t0 Hazelwood. near Dixon, bers of the committee are Dr. C. A. where they were the jfuests of Mrs. DeYoung. S. W. Blackburn and' Charles R. Walgreen. They re-C O. Miller. iport they encountered much snow A meeting of the official board ice in the northern part of the of the First Christian church will 'state. be heid at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday in the church parlors. Ivan R. Stub- Qnjers pu Qn Streets "The states attorney promised tnct- 1 1 lha- 'i'- ov.r action on this matter in the last lth Mr- to n.y r. grand jury session but the jury wa.itlon- bjt 1 not ie member j.rom-dismissed and no action. Th nrv the district would closed. I dj remember that su-rt authorities are working hand in hand with the racketee.s who foistl matters that Mr. mentioned. there gambling devices upon thi aPPir window tou.i r-' i I be easily corrected by licensing these de- community Choir rehearsal will be held at iiiai street employes were, out in full force Monday morning; -scatterir cinders upon slippery uu 19 L.pisv.upai U11UC1 lii- pavement. There were several vices Drive Through District. The last thing he did, Mr. Miller said, after making the rounds of the taverns, was to determine whether the red light district had direction of Prof. Kcnyon S. Fletcher. i places at street intersections where! the navpmpnf u-prp VmaviH r.rQo,-! if A (iKIDLKV. Tracks of Mr. Fox are plainly iible in the snow. He was in no hurry here, as evidenced by the closeness of his tracks to the left. At the right are lumter's tracks. Fox "drives' are popular in Central Illinois. The Leadership Training class with ice Thcee were soon' put int0 cf the First Baptist church a passable condition and no serious! meet at 7 p. m. Wednesday at the accidents were reported. church. The Rev. L. H. Koehler Is leader. MIccTnc TT MACKINAW. Mrs. Ada Wood. newly installed worthy matron of Mjstic Tie chapter. Order of the Fastern Star. Central Illinois Servic MINONK. The Minonk Woman's club lias sponsored the building of this outdoor fireplace in the city park picnic grounds. ranta graph Central Illinois Servic Car on Track Indiana L. nip Coal 85.5 ES $.1.2.1 per ton in 2 ton lots. II. F. Gerling Co. riiovi: The Friendship guild of the Presbyterian church will meet at the Series Ends Tonight been closed. "This was promised by Mr the present mayor, as a pre-election promise." he said 'I drove through this district late at night and I counted 10 places where there were red lights, girls at the windows and tapping on the windows with sharp instruments that could be heard a block away "Decatur and Champaign have closed similar districts and Bloom- Shelper First To Buy Seals tag day, to be held Saturday. Lec. 11, with members of the Tridcttes and Mitzis XX in charge. Girl Reserves and Girl Scouts will meet at the Y. W. C. A. Saturday. Dec. 4. to cover boxes to be used in the tag day program. Fifteea members of the Epworth home of Mrs. Ray Robison, 306 league of the First Methodist Epis-i Normal avenue Tuesday evening. A copal church will attend the mid-i potluck supper will be served at year Institute meeting at Lexington 6:30 p. m. The topic "My Philoso-Monday night. This is the end of a' phy of YVoild Missions" will be dis-six weeks series of Monday evening cussed. meetings held in the various' churches of the district. A Pricnnnoe Will Seek Husband Wife to Try to Reach Imprisoned Flyer Will II. Shelper, superintendent 'manana and obtain Harold's freedom," she said. "The nationalist authorities have notified me that they have no objections to my going to Spain but the French and American authorities appear to have taken a special interest In my safety and rvill not give me the necessary papers." Dahl, shot down behind rebel lines last summer while fighting of Home Sweet Home City Rescue mission, purchased the first of the 1937 Christmas seals in the annual will be served Drecedinsr the pro-; campaign now be- conducted by Finishes Seventh Year gram. Because of the illness of Mrs. A. Hall, president of the group, the meeting of the women's society of i me waii i uoei cuiusis association. PARIS, FRANCE. (U.PD Mrs. Party Wednesday 54V NOW on Your Christmas Chest Oai'isttnnnas OmIId the Firet Christian church, sched-i Edithe Rogers Dahl, wife of Har for the loyalist air force, is In Salamanca, Franco's headquarters base. Dispatches said that he is being ine minioie society 01 me E. Dahl, American aviator sen- tenced to death bv a Spanish na rantacrapn Central Illinois Sertirc. HAVANA. The Rev. A. S. Mc-1 Kinley has completed his seventh-consecutive year as pastor of the Spring Lake Reformed church near At the Invitation of the congregation he has begun his eighth year. l-'resDyterian church will meet at ponea. 2:30 p. m. Wednesday at the home! of Mrs. J. F. Lusher. 610 Norma! GraninQS Dairv LonPfi detained while he recovers from a recent appendicitis operation. Envelopes bearing the colorful seals have been mailed to thousands of residents in the county. A double barred red cross flag has been raised over the courthouse to call attention to the drive and plans are going forward for the annual tior.alist court martial but reprieved avenue. This is sponsored bv the bv Generalissimo Francisco Fran generalissimo rrancisco ir November and December commit f. i ki I i ran- nit- bOmetime bunday Night co said Saturday that she would tees, it was announced, and A 1 1 I ULCl Ck'lU a VI O. C. HAMILTON GAINS. O. C. Hamilton, who has been ill in his apartment at the Hamilton hotel of which he is owner and manager, is reported improving. .7 jjouk; i ti 1 itcsi uul" Portugal with a 10 cent gift exchange. street, was burglarized some-j -jf c0 I sfl. uvihcstow I KAIJaLcj could only reach Spain I am I could end their continual sure i iirne nigni, police reportca. 4 01 ft mm Rl BB cash wa forced open lSnhtfb rpbbPd of 75 cent-'' 56 was r(- 11'" I I tlJ II moved from a pinball game ma- it ur iM in i nrand New' SOOTHED. COMFORTED wo boxes of cookies, a two and one Cedar Chests Don't Forget to Attend gallon ice cream container, six dozen eggs, five pounds of meat, II Ct 1X nv ml i gallons of ice cream and a two 'gallon pail taken. The ScmmhhI Annual THIS WEEK ONLY Hour lfejf) JnWm appy i it i i ilit REQUIRED! Wards Sp ecial Croqulgnole Permanent Wave Food Show Sec the flu fil Compnc Traijll Hives One-Third More Space A tew exclusive feature extra roomy trays for convenicrt storage of oft-ud dainties! Two f.f thee trays sning wst over corners giving ready acifs to lafge acio-is cedar Interior TUESDAY. NOV. 30th .25 10 A. M. to 11 P. JI. A Gift You Know She Will Love lUooitiington Consistory Corner East and Mulberrv Sts. i iiew modern designs all in ri'. h'y figured vcnetr. walnut and Ori'-ntal wmi 1'tie entire Unit of all cr-ts t-p. Utt'ra. sid and endt of extra Ix-ary in. mure than by L'. t. of Agriculture for proofing! Scientific prtss of drjir.g and curing tnlns all of the moth killii.g 1 In noL A f-w f-f tt'e late features incl'ide: New iriMd finish prevents oily and uticky inferior air tigt.t. dnst prwf x.n Mructi'-n! Warpjiroof reinforecl igr-l corners! Genuine "Y-ile" lo-k and keys for extra safeguard! Writien agnlr.t moth damage barked ty big Cf'tn-Iany I Including Shampoo and Finger Wave They're SENSA- llliK 11 tional values: )0fe; I SATIN-FINISH Rub- I II VW jr VS. ber. BLACK oi i A diumor Low Heels. XX. VII FIRST QUAL- -fl llTY. Be SURE Ss-and get a pair! 35tf MON. TUES. WEDNES. Shampoo and Finger Wave (Thurs. Fri. iOc) Free Samples, New Foods, New Menu Ideas, Educational Demonstrations, Interesting Displays. ADMISSION FIIEE! Children Admitted Only If Accompanied IJy Parents or School Teachers. jar wv CrtJar lMt Front Center riione 303 I I i aia ax- Mu'f a Mm rnw Purs a lm 1 1 la ir i a lilt I Mftr UHllUSI STOWt wist MD oAm

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