The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on November 23, 1927 · Page 5
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 5

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1927
Page 5
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rHONT! 2460. THE DAILY PANTAGRArH AND BULLETIN, BLOOMINGTON, ILL., WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1.027. FIVE fJNAL fiEPORTS MAD E J Flapper Fanny Sajri: Board of Local Improvements Meets to Receive Engineer's Estimates. I A H V, i t: i'1 y M Ii ! .nil repor'a oo completion if two ,,.r main j"bs and one pavement or, ij. l the time of (he hoard of I, nl improNeiiients, Mayor i,n p. ,!. chairman, at the city hill it , in k Tuesday afternoon. i-.t hiielnes Included reception ,.',m.nes ip .id by Pott K. Mc .. .jli, c-lty engineer, and repnrts :ii"ri. K.irn trei lour-itua .nr i.etwi-en lllikury and I completed hy Rhlnlili .. is at coat of ,.r etreel four-imh staler nu.n , i Kmrrson and Division i nnlt-lied by (ii-orae jiMnr :t Of 11,'U. in strett pavement netween ami Westorn avcntn-e la fin- I i,y Uaril I'rothrio and Cu. at , . t . f r;.joi. . i't.tii of tUt.n J..:. rec-(, to the city council. nwr Mci'uUui.jcii enltnat's , .-lnch water in ii in on iiunn hi iweon ii.iK.nnU avrnua and H . Mieet, hempen Wocui ami ;.. i.uan atrecla and l.etnten I i ,Mimn anil Lincoln Mrrets will l .. ! t.KSi. A I.'-im-h sewer on Minn frtrei-t l. . ..-n oakUml and H"H and he-l u. M liiriinait and Wood ha mil-3 . H uld cost JJ Oill. T: U't Mulberry atni-i sldetaalk ; .!) not be Hn.aMrd this year on a i ,nl of the weather, sciinlinir to -. ( ... i of tha contractors. Report of . I art finished between Alnrrla lv..-. and HinMiaw avenue tt uil.t lr the Improvement hoard. 1.. ,i rt were made hy (he engirt r "n I wo petition turned over to Km a week a.. One wns on a ls n w itiT main on Western avenue l'..n horrent and Srmlnary and ir .m a alx-lnrh wa'er main on Seminary between Morris irtenueind . K street. V 43 w ; . en Of, j VMM,M 't7T a Mr fwtf f a iii.iii la .rlvm to fk tie qn't ion. Many leadmit Local Notices Turkey Dinner, $1.25. jit the Harrla Tea Itoom. J'hone S9)-X. East Street Desires to Keep Same Name (Continued .tsm Page 3). atrtft and Wrat uroi have been renamed, haul uni t Ima loat all of lt iimturh ul aif.niflranre." 'I rather like, it the way It Is and would rather It would remain that way,'' eaid Mra. Mary Murphy, H North Kant atreet. '1 don't Hunt It chunKcd." oi-clared Mra. Jnnn a Ixjnney, juui N'orth Km atreet. It would Involve too much trouble In many wuya." "I would ralhf.r tlmt It would alay Kaat atreet," om"il Mra. C. C. Howell. I'W4 North hjiat atreet. Mra. Crare Auatln. lmil North Kuat atreet, waa also In favor of the atreet nnme remaining; tinrhanited. "I did think othrrwiae for awhile," ahe ron-fenm-d, ' but I have rhniiKed hark to Ihoae who want the name unchanged." "I would rather that they would leave It Kant atreet," aald Mra. K. M Vance, KmJ North F.nat atreet. "1 haven't lived on the atreet very lon hut I have lived In Uloomlngton all my lite ao have a decided opinion ainit roanum the namea of old ; etrecte." v d n I want It chared unleaa It la to VVeeleyan avenue or eotne- h I tiat coniinemijral It. a" tl.e a'hoo." decided Mra. . K. Kjfer, ni Nrth Kaat atreet. "I would aa aooti are It left aa It la." declared Mra. Jatnea Novaerk, Hi'H North Kaat atreet, "Or If It la chanited, make It Wllaon avenue or aonieihing to cnajitnemorate a preal-dent." "We don't want It rhanaed." de. 'land J. I', Tetnpleton, lou North Kant atreet. "We certainly don't want It chansed." aald It. It. Stuhblefleld, loin North Kaat atreet. "We won't rhanie lu It la good enouxh aa It ," Mra. A J. Moon, 1I2 North Kaat aireet. 'I think I'.nt am-et la K"Od enouith." aald Mra. II. M. Ilohlnaoh. Hill .North Kant atreet. Mra. II. Venter, 1 1 "J North Kaat atreet, rialmej Indiffen me to any ch.inue In the name of the atreet, "Kaat atreet la all ilk'ht na far aa I am roni erned." dec at. d Mra. T. if. Ilavlir. 1106 North Kant atreet. "I don't want It chanced." aald Mra. f. W. (Jreen, 1114 North lial atreet. "We d n't wan' th name chanued." dec.arr.l Mra. William K. fleveland. J.'ia North Kaet atreet. "My hunhanj waa reared on Ihla atreet, and It wouldn't acem the aama If the name waa rhanced." "f am veiy much nppoaed to a change of name." aald Mra. CHIT 'lulld. I.'ta North Kant a'reet. eie. riany .iiciiarnea avenue, lie alnadv haa a memorial. "We don't want the name of Kiel atreet changed at all," declared Mra. 1 Marry Hleaer. IJ02 North Kaat afreet. Mra. O. K. Hruat. 1304 N .rth fa' atreet. decla e) that It didn't make any dlffannre to her whether or not the name waa changed. Mra. Lorcn H. Lewla, ljn North Kaat al.ea', n ti;-ha"e !n her w..ii- that the r.i'n of the street be ihanaad Id Mcltartiea avenua Mra. M. K Nflfer. Una North Kaat atreet, waa c.ppo.ed to a change : " ner on North Kaat atreet at Mar- hough, I Ih'rk that If It ct ull be l.ange.J rlth-'iit ni'i h tro il.le, "de-i dared ii. ti. reig iaon, nil atatlon In tha name of the atreet, aa were Mia. A. II. Tohiaa, lilt North Ki"t atreet, and Mra. I-arti" Kvy, 1112 North Kaat atriet. Mra. Cora I.okcr, 111) North Kaat atreet, aald that It didn't make any difference i her whether or not the name waa chanited. aa al'.i dll Mrs. Ida IHtiman, ll"4 North Kaat afreet. Mra. II. fl. 11.1'dwelL 1 4" North Kaat strict, opined thCl tha pr..etit name la food enough, aa alao did A. it. .lonea. Una North fjiaf atreet. Mra. II. f. Mvrh'k. I4lu Norlli Kaat atreet, waa Indifferent aa tn wtiether a rhanpe would be made, and Mra. illward Helhea, 1414 North Kaat aine', opined that Wllaon avenue would he nice if the name waa changed. "I would rather It alay aa It la" ald Mra. II II l'ete:aon. UIJ North Kaat atreet. "It would make a lot f trouMe for nothing in change It" Ham Wiley, HJ North Kaat afreet, aald that It d.iln't make any difference to hlin wheiher or n it the name waa changed, but Ihey would a little rather It be left aa It la. Mra. Charlea Waahhiirn, Uc North Kaat, waa very much opp"eJ to a change In name aa waa Mrs. Virginia Nel..n. U"S North Kaai treet. Mra N. A. Johnann declarrxl that If a change waa made ahe pre. ferred Wllaon avenue. Mra William II. I'rlKham. Noilh Kaat Mreet iteclnreil that ahe wa npKied to a change. "I ri-l'ly a In. mri lur'i I ' ?rte ftl- ket atreet. M. K. Van 1'oren. auto. moliiie atorage g.iragq owner, waa In ihlfeieni In li e iiinioii. W. M. Cur. ley, Mn North Kat Mreet, waa of a like opinion. "It doean't make any difference on my part." dec lared Alfred O. Itrown, ; i'U North Kant aireet, "allhougli 1 do think that they root) nune tha hiiplneaa aectlnu ' as a Mrllarnea niemi.iial and leave the realdetitlal 'tii.ii aa It la to avert trundle." ( "If they ve got a name better than Kakt atreet, a.iy change It." aald T. . A. Harper, 4"f North Kaat atreet. I However, II. . Tenney. 4"! North Kaat atreet. waa decidedly In favor Of changing the name of the atreet to MclUrnea avenue. Italph Ureen. I4 North Kaat street, declared that II didn't make any dlfftirence to hlin whether or I no the riu. a ei. charged, and Xfra iii.ia Jf.iui. : f . $ N.rt.i i-af. t'ree', f Ine .wrne opinl. n. j' i'.m. fner e( retary ff fre Corn Jtelt Motor cluh. ald: ' Kaat I atreet ahouLI he renamed, being a j r. l M i.f "ot tun. a and tiailtiK tto h'fe torl'-al ainglfi. .iii'-e now. However. many de.irnl.le namea have l.een I auggeUrf tlmt It la rea'ly a q ie. lion or ... -nir one ' r many. . - On 0 sc- eey Charge Kddle Croun.a waa hiought rp to snovter dlaorderly and d aturhlnr tf e peace charges In po;n e court e j-tica.lHV fn li.alii hla ar'e.t Tuei-day on a warrant of Viol fa mucin 4" I ramore atreet, where he uae. Richard R. Orenriorff Funeral Rites Held Kunetal a.-rvi'ea f .r It, i turd ft. OrenliT'f ii.ii ! 1 at r'l-der.'e. ;o' Hou'h Main a:r-e! at 3 O'v'lo k Tnei! ty 'i''rrf. on W!?h ff e pi ir i ' llev . t r Ifig A y in' M'ho.-t l 'llil fet I :i, . Arnold t,,v. i i an I Mra (...) M ' arrv. . uur.-n ..ffi'-Mtiar A .1 if Mr. and Mra. J'.'in I'aul Hi tiii'il I'un.T "ing, 'Ite l.e.nlnn Ma.'' 'j-hali We fiat her by :.a .-' a-,1 ""nmi ?'. I'ay," . ... r,..r t ', J!-. era ff'. Iv'lliy. Kigut g r. fr-.irt trie Wesleisd i h nj cf ini.i.i at. I fro'ii jlg:na Al-na 1 '.a and fwltn O.nbT'.n mut'.ea 'vera - asr t'r'a. I'.L.I.eare'S -'a 1 I. oi.eS KIH. .loi.n cuik i r. Mir'era. il-r.e I'namai., M.n r It Nr.ii ar t . It. y le.ner, Hl,!..iii'.l."it Ha In ft cry 1 1 a! ) rant II .1 n. nr a im. Box Social . aeaiaa Mill school Sv, M l- M W. MtMn. Wed., Nov. 23, 1927 rrsnol T S P It I'effee and Iu4, bea Sigma Kappa Alumni Subscription .Dance ILLINOIS HOTEL Wednesday, November 23. THANKSGIVING A Real Dinner rVrred by Willing; Workers of Clirlatlnn Church ARROVVSMITH, ILL. iNM.U, Thanksgiving Dinner niKivriu (mime ELLSWORTH, ILL. 50c Plate. DANCE TONITE EAGLE'S HALL M( SI( HY PARK'S JOI I V Sl We liav-e a IU Thanksgiving atirprlae for you. Big Balloon Dance Saturday Nite .Admlaalon l.etila 50 j Ijidiea J.V Jimmy Keynolria, Mgr. Thanksgivingr Day Chicken Dinner K. of P. Dining Hall I.KXINiiTON. II I. Altsplrea Mimiihii'b ( onimiinil)' Welfare Aaanrialion Renrfil Omanirnlal Light Fuml Adtilla, 50r ( hilfiren under 10 Wr AIm Kaiaar ami Cafeteria Supper Dinner 1 1 A. M. Super 3 P. M. Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner $1.25 11:30 lo 1:30 Woman's Exchange Make Reaervationa New Phone 335 THANKSGIVING DINNER Hear The United States Navy Band At the Coliseum, Nov. 25th I'ntler Hie Anoplrea of ihe !liK.niin;lon l ire Department Inr the l lrefiien'a I'etixon I mid PRESIDENT AUTHORIZES TOUR Jiiiuc!.-l by Ihe irrcat n.pnl.ulty at'uincil Ii- the Nnry Pand and needling- to a iiiiiIiiiihIo of r.ueta for ( a.nranco ef the organisation miLiilo of Wahliuion, I'reaiilcnt I .m.iI.Ih gate niitliorlty for the Itntid'a lour It U LrmHn that the I'l hf ftt'itlve looks tten c ""I nm-lc ti tin Itiii-.rt.'.ii' fti tor In iU- ruimrnl d. veh.p. nictif of the Nation arid for thli roa"n !. r" ad;y grnnt.-il ptriullon for the llatul In vlll other (.aria of tin coun'rv. and Ivc th" pee. pie an npie.rttinlty , hour tht gnnt Hand i.f the i nlie.1 f.ta'ee Vary. Talented Artists M.ilinee I::i I'. M. Kteninf :IJ (eneral Ailmiaaion A flernnon and M;hl. fl DO. Kcvrv.d Seals ', Ticketa on Sale at (,i,ren's M.llnee . , , . Ieilton'a Drill Store . Mrht (htlj Wr Mlra. jjj m4 sflemoon Or QUALITY CAFE I 'hone 192 I-tst Times Today DOLORES COSTELLO IN "THE COLLEGE WIDOW" And (in Ihe State "JOY BELLS" WITH JACK PEPPER As Maalcr of Orrtnonies "little Soma," I .elf & Drtnarrat Sitters and (ompany and "susar" I pre used fed I.lvlns; Taupe Velnur Over-Hoom Suite, fC50. THANKSGIVING CHICKEN DINNER Tnnity T.atberan IJlei' A ) Till KSDAY. NOV. it. 1927. 1110 a. m i p. m. School Hall 701 S. Madison SI. Annual Thanksgiving Dinner & Bazaar 35c and 50c Colfax Christian Church $3-00' i EXCURSION lo CHICAGO EVERY SUNDAY Via Chicago & Alton Leava Blooming ton 6:00 a. m Sundays. Leave Chicago 6:15 p. m or 9:00 p. m. Sundays; also 12:15 a. m or 8:15 a. m. Mondays.. STEAMSHIP AND CKUISE TICKETS ALSO SOLD W. B CLOQNEV. Ticket Agent $6.08 Chicago And Return Via ' CHICAGO & ALTON NOV. 25th TO 30th INC. All Trains, Arrt. INTERNATIONAL LIVE STOCK EXPOSITION RETI RN LIMIT DEC. 8TH V. B. Clonney, Ticket Acent. Rlnominifton. Ills.. Phone 38. Thanksgiving DANCE OPERA IIOI SE LEROY, ILL. Thursday Night, Nov. 24 Make your "Dates" early and help us make Ihla a real opening; dance. Parks Jolly Six Orchestra Everjhody Come, 0. A. Wheeler, Thanksgiving Dinner $1.00 HAMILTON HOTEL 1 11:30 to 1:30 5:30 to 7:30 Startinn Tomorrow ' Phone 959 51st Annual Ball Rloomlnclon l odge 40 Brotherhood of lOromoiive Firemen and Enginemen BENEFIT CHARITY COLISEUM Thanksgiving Eve., Nov. 23. Music by (toforth and His ('nrnhtiskera Tirkrtt $1.00 Monticello "Home of Good Food" Thanksgiving TURKEY DINNER $1.50 Phone 548. For Reservations. 211 E. Jefferson St. Thanksgiving Eve DANCE AT O'NEIL'S PAVILION TONITE BILL MEYERS AND HIS ORCHESTRA Odmiaalon 10c Dancing 10c Thanksgiving Dinner The Arlington Cafeteria Will Consist of our Reirular Sunday AQn Dinner Menu Roast Turkey Dinner 89c 11 TO 1:30 5 TO 7:30 PHONE 612 Tables reserved for families. Cafteria Service DANCING EL PASO ILLINOIS TONITE Thanksgiving Eve., Nov. 23 Milo Klopfenstein and His 10-Piece Orchestra With Max Smith. Served from 11:00 A. M. Until 8.30 P. M. $1.00 Grai Fruit Cookts.ll Consomme Soup ITearts of Celery Head Lettuce Roquefort Cheese Dressing: Horn Made Corn Relish Ilsrtlshes Roost Toting Turkey, Oyster Dressing. Cranberry Sanr-e Raked Waterfown Stuffed Apple Comport Braised Duck. Onion Pressing. Spiced Pears Snowflaked Stashed Potatoes Candied Jersey Sweet Potatoes Escalloped Com Fancy Asparagus Tips, Hollandnlse Satire English rium Pudding, Fruit Satire. Oroen Apple Tie Pumpkin Hot Mince Pie Tuttl Frtittl Ice Cream Tea Coffee Milk III 5MOeC0BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMOOci) $iuD)(D)M : A i V-Na. LIOYD HUGHES . hut nutlonol fctura And On the Slane- Another Tremendous Stage Hit "LATE FOR REHEARSAL" With Ray Shannon as Master of Ceremonies; Parh 1 Peni, Helen kennedy, Shannon ( oleman ( ompany and "Doc" Brad. haw's 9 Rhythmaniacs. S ' IasI Time Today Thanksgiving, Nov. 24, 9 27 Hunter Ice Cream Co. Operated By Green Bonnett Farms THANKSGIVING SPECIALS Maple Nut Peppermint Candy Tutti-Fruitti Chocolate Strawberry Vanills Orange Milk Sherbet Cranberry and Pineapple Ices OYSTER BAR OPEN THANKSGIVING EVENING 8 :00 P. M. to 9 :30 P. M. Our Oyster Bar Is Open Daily From 11 :00 A. M. to 9:30 P. M. Under the Management of Orace Bonnett. Yontx Bonnett, Jr. 205 North East Street PHONE 170. Hotel Illinois Invllea yon to come with your family and friends and enjoy this wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner. The portions will be generous and our service) prompt and courteous, MENU Blue Points on Half Shell , Fresh Shrimp Cocktail Supreme of Fresh Fruit Cocktail Cream of Tomato Soup Consomme Julienne Celery ifrarta Queen Olives Roast Prime Rihs of Beef aa Jtis Baked Xoung Texas Turkey with Cranberry Sauce Koast Watertown (loose with Baked Apple Roast Suckling Pig with Apple Sauce Boiled Capon with Oyster Sauce Cherry Ice Special Baked Idaho Fotato Candied Tarns Tiny Peaa In Cream Head Lettuce, Thousand Island Dressing Waldorf 8alad Green Apple Pie Hot Mince Pie Fresh Pumpkin Pip English Plum Pudding with Wine Sauce Vanilla Ice Cream N'esselrode Ice Cream Fruit Cake or Angel Food Cake Coffee Milk Tea Hot Chocolate . DINNER $125 Served from 11:30 A. M. to ft P. Phone for Reservations M. HOTEL ILLINOIS Fireproof Constance Talmadge In frisky, French) love farce, a rollicking story ot the strangest marriage ever filmed "Breakfast Sunrise" With Don Alvarado Starting Tomorrow GREEN MILL CAFE We Serve An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Dinner ANNUAL THANKSGIVING DANCE CONSISTORY TEMPLE Thursday Nite, Nov. 24 Members of All Masonic Bodies and Families Cordially Invited. Entertainment For All. ADMISSION, $1.00 A COUPLE. on Thursday, November 24, 1927 From 11:00 A. M. to 8:00 P. M. $1.00 Oyster Cocktail Celery Hearts Queen Olives Choice of Consomme Etfg Drop Cream of Tomato . Mashed Potatoes Stewed Peas Combination Salad Thousand Island Dressing Voung Tom Turkey Stuffed, Cranlterry Sauce . . Baked Watertown Goose Oyster Dressing Roast Young Duck Sweet Dressing Roast Spring Chicken Candied Sweet Potatoes Choice of Plum Pudding Brandy Sauce Ice Cream Hot Mince Tie Tea . Coffee Milk -ooooo&Moo-5ooooeoooooeoo- m -3r Centerpiece for Your Thanksgiving Table A colorful centerpiece of Chrysanthemums the Thanksgiving flower and a pair of candles or tapers will make the decorations for your Thanksgiving dinner complete. Centerpieces, $2.00 to $5.00 Complete Candles and Tapers, 25c to $1.00 a Pair Large Flowered Chrysanthemums, $1.00 to $8.00 a Dozen Pompon Chrysanthemums, $1.00 a Bunch OPEN UNTIL 10 O'CLOCK THURSDAY MORNING A. Washburn & Sons 318 North Main Street. THOMAS Vzi MEIGHAN in ItxCityConeWW .mi HtH) ETTA ull11 JLOVISl aRpO AJAMUCWU .QuCT' Last Times Today MARY ASTOR . GILBERT ROLAND In "Rose of the Golden West" Starting Tomorrow WILLIAM FOX P,ts,Nr s : eoiLVE :T1 TONY mm & m KVALLtYi : sL i&u u Tnrlav Tk.rnt.. Lea Telltjts Is "T. luuay Lttti. ritr.d Tomorrow !!'' Tr"'" Di""lto- R1ALT0 i I 1 ii t 1 . gQOOOOaCgOflOOQOCflOflOflOflSOOQOO I w 1

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