The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on March 16, 1935 · Page 3
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 3

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1935
Page 3
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PHONE 4500 THE DAILY PANTAGRAFIT, nLOOMIN'GTON. ILL. SATURDAY. MARCH 18. 1933. THREE AIRPORT ACRES LEASE OKAYED jSus Parking Petition With' & drawn"Council Actt on Other Matters. Forty ill farmabl men of ta Blooming toa alt port Iraet leaa4 by ariloa of Id city council Friday algal la Ralph Beojamla Tb leas replace oa h!4 formar ly by W. D. Brkkey. Tba contract I vary almllar. It tu iptln4, ta the ena yrblcJI boun4 Mr. Brlraey, ascapt that h tlf-U'tte tbat only oybean aad ate may ba irown, eliminating rora or other high crops. Tba ground Include Iota Ltltl and of tba airport. The rental la ti aa aera for lot t. oa hlrh farm building ara Wat ad. and half of tha barvaat oa the othar lota. Th city retain controlling right the crop. Tha leaa la effective from March IS, IMS lo March IMa. Jim towr.aa oa Allowed. Stipulation require that tha leasee shall care for building. ahrubs and genara upkeep" of the leased premlaea; that no stock shall be kept oa lot I; that land not bearing growing crop shall be available to the city for parking space at tlmee of eihlbltlons or otbar attractions; that the l fAjnell operate no concaaalone of any Y'nd on the land; that the lee waive any claims for damages to crop or livestock or oth.rwUc. which may be cauaed by Improvement of the port or from Its operation aa such. Leas to Re Signed. Definition of the amount of farhf- ahle land was not contained In last year's lease, whereas It was del) nltely set at it acres this year. Alderman A. L. Sargent moved that the mayor and cltly clerk sign the lesse for the city. Ther was no opposition. rrriTio it withdrawn. A petition to reaerve parking apace along the east side of East street for most of the distance be tween Washington and Jefferson streets, presented at last week's meetli g, was allowed to be with drawn by vote of the council. Ralph HerTernan, attorney for Bernard Karstens. who signed tba petition, suited withdrawal. The parking restrictions were asked to allow the establishment of a bus station at 307 North East street No explanation of the withdrawal was offered. Politicians View ArenJt Choice as Slap at Dirksen Here Tuesday Aa Vtment of Leah C. Arenda. representative la eongreae from tha 17th dieirk-t, lo an Important new eommittae la lb house of representative, la reu.lng anme discussion la congressional political rlrcl.e, according lo a story from Or aid Miller, llllnole corraepond' eat la Washington for the As sociated Pre, lo Th Pantgrph Mr. Arenda, say the eorreepond- ent, was named by Representative nail. tRep. N. T.I, lb minority leader, to membership oa th aew special leglelallv and aollcy committee. "It was est up by nell lo study It bills, and dupeeler se It as UneUs way of meeting crltk-tem that h has not put forward an attractive Republic program", the dispatch say. "Arsnds U a fir at termer, from the 17th Illinois district. Snail selection of Arenda, from th all Illlnoi Republican. I taken as slap at Representative Everett M Plrkeen, P. kin, who haa been mentioned as probable aucceaaor lo Snail, with the backing of th younger Republican congressmen. "Dir keen's only comment on the appointment wa that b was 'de lighted.'" ill f 1 1 I iw k TTiv? of- II 7 Dr. REFERRED TO OFFICIAL. Petitions for sign on North Main street, at 104 East Front street and at 203 South Main street were referred to th city electrician. CLAIM PRESENTED. A claim for $9 SO for automobile . damage caused by a sunken pavement in the 1500 block North Lin den street last Saturday, was pre- aented by Edward R. Redlger and referred to the claim committee, WALL IS ASKED. A proposal for erection of a re taining wall at Jackson and Clinton streets. In connection with the pav ing of Clinton street, was referred to the sidewalks and brldg com mittee and th city engineer. Dr. E, W, Luccock to Speak Sunday Dr. Emory W. Luccock. pastor of th Community church of Shanghai, China, will be th apeak er Sunday morning at Second Presbyterian church. Before be became pastor of the Shanghai church. Dr. Luccock was a missionary working for th Prea-byterlaa church In that city. H la now In this country on furlough from hi parish. Dr. Luccock s church Is mad up of foreign persons living In Shang hai, repreaentlng all denominations. Dr. Luccock Is spending this year at Columbia university, and is now on a speaking tour Including appearances at Indiana uni versity. Wabash college. Oak Park and Chicago. Dr. Luccock was formerly a classmate at Wabash college of Dr. Harold R. Martin, pastor of Second Presbyterian church, and! h will be a guest at the Martin bom over the weekend. I Rower Mora Man . . . f New Verb, aethae, erkoiar aad publicist, will apeeJi before I ha Tevag Mra's club Tueeday aeon) aad la) Weaenlngto) W iwii'i Hub Tuesday aftecaaoa. Fee the) former craaley, msmhire may malt reservation for gaeata Monday and Tueeday asomlng lib Unyd F.yer. TOWNSHIPS EYE RELIEF BURDEN Increased Local Appropria tions Held Unlikely lor Present. Springfield Chorus to Sing Sunday at Trinity Lutheran The Students Mat chotu el Concordia Theological seminary of prinriel4 will gl aacred con cert al Trinity Lutneraa church. Madlenn and Oil streets, al T p. m. Sunday. Tha rttoeu of II ministerial atu osnte is unoer tha direction of rieJ.M. h C piestng. a member of Th. iuhibi and the county, the faculty of Trinity Lutheran III not allow relief riienta to lark -- "-,- ' T assistance, but will not assume the lea unu. per.-..,. prv,r,m ,h. K., asaisiant ny . (, !.,. of Luther a famous Ite- Churus Director ill be open l lb publM with out charge. relief Mark of Rloomlngtoa township (uper- formation hymn. A Mighty rort viaor aaid Friday. reea la Our llod " Th ether aum- Inrreaaed township budget are bets in the first group are 'Mora- not planned for presentation at r( lmn." Krugi 'raa'm li. annual town meetina April J. In Klein, and "Maria Wlegenllsd, apli af a plea by Robert J. Dun- n,ger, hsm. chalrmsn of Ihs lUlno,.. f hon- emergency Relief commission, that! . . , . towa.hlpa, cunt lea or other lorall rtkMml. . Rose Eer lllnomlng." Preetortos. and Ithepnerd'a Christmas Sonl," aa Austrian folksong. The Concordia Octet will sing of, Baptist Midyear Gathering to Be Held on Tuesday The midyear meeting of the Rlnnmlngton Baptlat association, comprising 23 churches, will be held Tuseday at Ihe First Baptist church of Illoomlngton. Among tha principal speakers 111 be Dr. Paul E. Alden. pastor of th Cnlvvraity Baptist church of Champaign: Millard Collin, director of the South Chicago Neigh borhood house; Dr. P. L. Thompson, president of ShurtlerT college; Dr. A. E. Peterson of Chicago, atate superintendent; and Charles A. Wells of New York city, travel er, newspaper man and cartoonist The program Is considered an unusually strong one, and la ea- pected to dra a large attend ance. Ther will be sessions at lu m, 1:10 and 7:30 p. m with luncheon and dinner at th church a bndle assume a greater ahare tba relief costs. "It le th government' baby, let th government take car of II. was Mr. Et hell's comment as lo the state relief system. Requests Oreo tee hbare. He emphasised, bowsvsr. that when and If the elate federal relief ijingnurea," Lntt system Is abandoned or falls abort. local governments will assum their burden, aad also declared that not until such Urn will any uch move be made. Mr. Dunham' request was made Friday, according to a United Press dispatch, which said the appeal was! made In a letter cent to county "Ibe den I term.1' Ulaeser, and The King of Love My Shepherd Is." Bach. The entire rhnru will resume the concert with "Vers "O Ron Jeeu." Peleetrtna; "God So Loved Ihe World." Palme, and "Ainu Del." written In IM7. The rhnru' peat group will consist of "The First Paalm." La- Forge; "In Allan Melnea Tat en.' Vngler. and "Itleae th Lord. O My Soul." Inpolltoff Ivannf. The Concordia quartet will alng "I Will Fredoetrh C, IMeeinf , . la dim toe af tba Cos), ceedla Stu deei ta ckarua wbicb wlH give a peegnua Suadaxy alb at Trinity ltberaa ehurrk. board aad relief committees,,,., Maker's Praise. Stein throughout th state. Provision ot'mnA -rhy Vv. Not Mln O mor oultahla shar of the Lorj- Uever. and tha choru will BILLS ARE ALLOWED. Tli following bill and payrolls were allowed: Pfopln bank. on bond. I I2.M Joha J. MorrliMy, Atty., dsm-as. to property clstra - J. Hubtr Allen, court costs. Me-Orw est. Poatofflo Cat., mrals (or pris oners ... , L. r. RIttmlller, P. II., salary.. Alniworlh Ic Co.. le. Barry Barry, leral iMrvlcs... Bloomln.lon Motor Co., auto repair Fairbanks Mora. Co., saaket.., Kalrbanka Mors Co., ssskau.. Illinois Power Light Corp., aarvlc. Wannemach.r'. Oarag., auto repair! , Young Folks Push Church Attendance Th young people of th First Presbyterlsn church will aponaor th attendance at tha morning worship In their church at 10:40 a. m. Sunday. Serving aa uaher under the direction of C L Burk' holu, will be Ellsworth Fenn, Robert 8hannon, Riley Trimble. Per ry Burnett and Wilbur Dean Snow. The junior church will be led by Mrs. George Toung and th nursery will be supervised by Mlaa Edith Hoatetler and an aaslstant Tbs young people will have a so cial hour with refreshment from 9:13 to 6:19 p. m. Sunday, followed by devotions In charge of Raymond Hanks. The social committee consists of Miss Lorraine Anderson, Miss Lorraine Johnson, Mlaa Jane iJirrlck, Wilbur Dean Snow and Perry Burnett. County Legion's Meeting Deferred Until March 25 A meeting of the McLean County American Legion organisation scheduled to have been held at Mo- Lean next Monday night, ha been postponed a week and will take place ther March 33, because the annual legion banquet at El Paao la to be held Monday, Oscar Be- bout, Leroy, county commander, announced. Rev. Mr. Hahn, Saybrook, will be the apeaker and entertainment will Include jtylophon selection by Jlmmie Powers and a Comedy sketch by Fox. Ruble A Wlne- brenner, all of Waynesvills. 140.00 11.40 Rl.SA 1,(77.00 7. JO 60.00 1 so) 3T1.20 4.0S l.M 39.05 Total bin. t a,4i.w PAYROLL: Deneral aalary f 194.31 Law 01.1.1 City hall 2.W.7 Engineer 3I1.M Police 1.SH3.12 Fir. 3.13.0 Health 374.37 Oarbag 41.r j Street 341.12 Miller park 317.ft UtVemetery 42.S2 7' Commercial light 311.34 Highland; park 28.2.1 Paving 104.11 Sidewalk Km. 92 newer 07.20 Gravel pit 54.40 Lake Bloomlngton, water and light Total payrolls Total bill, and payroll... 1.722. 34 .111,139.43 REPAIR IS REQUESTED. Repair of chuck holes In the un paired Hinshaw avenue between Market and Locust streets, was asked of the Illinois Power and Light corporation in a resolution by Lawrence Turpln. It was re ferred to the city attorney. Numerous petitions for sidewalk repairs. stump removals and graveling of streets and alleys were presented. TBI BULLETIN BOARD Legion Leaders Go to Start Campaign Staff members of the atat of fice of the American Legion here dispersed Friday to widely separ ate parts of the atate to assist in the opening of a new membership campaign, to conclude here April 7 with a "box car" roundup. William C. Mundt, state adjutant, was In Chicago to attend a ninth district meeting; Lyle Snave-ly was out to attend a 13th district meeting, and Robert Haffey had gone to Alton for a 22nd die trlct meeting. The Illinois department Is fight ing for leading membership honors of the nation. $75 Obtained by Robber. From Bowling; Alley Safe Seventy-five collars was taken from the safe of the Harklns bowling alleys, 119 East Jefferson street, sometime Thursday night, by robbers who worked their way laboriously through three floors of the building, police were Informed Entering through a basement window on the east side of the building, th intruders ascended to the second floor, cut a lock out of a door, removed the safe door and took the money. Money in the cash register was not dis turbed. Charged With Assault George Milner was charged with aiwault with intent to kill In warrant aworn out by Alice Nor ton In court of A. M. Campbell justice of the peace, Friday. The ease was taken to the court of Rolla Jones, justice of th peace, on a change of venue and was continued until 10 a. m. Monday. Th affray Is represented to hve taken place March 13. Addresses of tha principals were not listed. Milner was released on bond. Mrs. Schad Funeral Held Th funeral of Mrs. W. D. Schad, 61S South McClun street, was held at th John A. Beck company chapel at 2:30 p. m. Friday with tha Rev. W. G. Grubb of Dwlght officiating. Burial was In Park Hill cemetery. Pallbearer were Stewart, Ferdinand, Ralph and Lloyd J. Schad, John Glsel John Blum. fund required for unemployment relief waa asked. Mr. Dunham declared that town ships and counties In th atat are not only expected to provide funda for th car of their welfare cases hut should look to Ihe Immediate futur when welfare casee now re ceiving aid through the federal and atat resource will be returned to their care, th dispatch aaid. "So far aa federal and atata funda ara concerned. It can only ba hoped; that they will continue lo be made available for unemployment relief long a that type of relief remain of major Importance," the letter aaid. Will Consider Loral Action. "Th federal relief admtntstra tlon require th atat ahall provide three million dollar a month dur ing 1(33." th letter continued. And under thl condition, th com mission will be forced. In consider ing allocation to county committee, to take Into account th degree to which the eountle and town-ahipa have made available local tax fund for relief purposes." Mr. Ethel), chairman of th Mc Lean county Republican central committee, declared relief funda were better admlniatered by local bodlea before Institution of the atat and federal relief ayitem than they are now. Every township, h said, ha In th past fur- nlah.d generous funds for ear of it relief cases and under township administration closer contact waa kept with th caaes. Joha were fpund for some which kept them slmost entirely Independent of re lief allowances, h declared. -sine it has been handled through a central bureau, persons wno am not think of or want relief have come to accent It eladlv and ara no longer anxlou for elf support. Th shift from stats to local care of relief cases already has been started. Mr. Ethell pointed ouL na iler clients of about the age of 65 or more are belns- cared far , mcai Doaies, ana ail medical and ho.pltal car Is paid for by the local governments, ha said. conclude the program alnglng "O Lord (lod of My Salvation." Ford Mrs. V. a! Miller Dies at Home Here Mrs. Vadnla A. Miller died at her home, 710 West Walnut street, at I 40 p. m. Friday. She had been III of complication, elnr last November. Mr. Miller pa.sed her 69th birthday anniversary Jan. la She waa born In Bristol. Va., In lMg, daughter of Mr. and Mi Georie Shaffer. Her marriage was to William Miller, who preceded her In death. About 33 years ago Mr. Millar moved to thl city, wher aha had ainca made her home. She was tha mother of aeven children, four of whom survive: G. II. Miller, S. F. Miller. Mr.. Verdle Oliver and Mrs. Nellie Ilerrnn, all of this city. Ther are 14 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Mrs. Miller waa a member of the Church of God, North Roosevelt avenue, wher th funeral will be held at 2:30 p. m. Monday. Bur ial will be made In Park Hill cemetery. The body will remain at the home of her eon, S. F. Miller, 1102 West Moulton etreet, until the hour of tha aervlca. Policemen to Be Hosts for Dance Throng on Monday A throng af merrymaker will b oa hand Monday night la Con sistory lempla for lb 13th annual policemen' ball, advance tl-ket ale Indicated Friday. A thorough ee.avae of lb city has been mad ty patrolman, who reported good reeponee, but slightly fewer ealea than last year, when persons crowded th ball- STUDENTS GIVE THEIR VIEWS They Answer Questionnaires in Business Recovery Program. Park Church Groups to Present Request Program on Sunday A request program win b gives rrk Method 1st Episcopal church at T M p aa. Sunday, wit a lb number Niters perssd by psam aad abort reading by lb Rev. M. a Harvey, th paaiar. Mr. Donovaa II ash all. organist. will give aa argaa prelude, play tng Th Hells of Avaloa," -Cot. . w... ..s Isoialloa" aad -Th Bell af PU S j mi fit ' ) assas w w i . a 1.000 room. A Bloomlngton orchestra baa been engaged for th event. Profit. will go to th policeman's pension fund, Uina' Tha amsraaa will Rloomlngtoa high achoal etudsntl,ntt hrmil AMm With and their suggestion far Improv. I,,-, immit, -Break Thou th lag lUoomlnato e bu.lneea gr b- Rread af Ut and another hyena. Ins tabulated al tha Aaaocialioa af " tor " Thousand Tongues." tng tabulated al the Aaaociauoa or r.ik.a t'mm wtu slva Commerce, affic la th campaign trtorh0n, .umbar, -JMUs Lov conducted th last week I -Speed r of My Sour and medley of Business Recovery." Th coming! old hymn; Mr. Mabel Smock will general ma of business an p rotes- sing Memortee at Motaer mnm clonal mea and women af 1 1 loom- Mr. Edith Grsea aad Mrs. Frank Ingtna war consulted through M"er. Th Ninety and Nln." queetloeinalr distributed earlier The choir will alng Th Church la th week by Chart t Wat- the Wlldwood" kin af Chicago, bust n see analyst. Mis Dorothy Olson will give a ho a as let ed Nat Crabtre of Ihe violla eolo, -Serenade. by Sent. A. of C conduct II clinic for bert and Harry C Dtooa will lng business recovery at th Illlnoi. riot, i aa nmiia.- m congregation hotel ! Jta In tha hvma. -Leav It Partial tabulation of the auee- Ther" Mrs K. R. Wtrrtrk and ttonnalre revealed that per- "re. v. R. nmw will lng "Vnoae cent of th high arhool student Mil wing.-; Mr. C K. Jaeoo- would Ilk lo go I collet or a "Th Touch of Ml Hand an university, latine- and Mrs Mabel Smork anal Dewiree YaU IJrteel M?'"'"". ' t I fl a 19 I la Hal ist,a Forty percent of them eald they . fc - inland lo ty In Rloomlngton ar- N, .rtae-hleli ter completing Iheir education nlm, -,. .... .,,. CHh.r did not know or planned lo c,.y. ,a -Th. Let citord" aa trumpet anln with Mr. Haskell aa hla accompanist. After tba con cregallun lng th hyma, "Near the Cross." M. E. D. Robb will alng "Al tha Cross": Mrs, Mnyer and Mr. Smock. Tell M th Story lorat elsewhere. Vocation were listed. Eight percent want to be dortnra, 30 per cent leachera, a percent nurses 10 percent In office work and oth er vocation listed Included radio, and EMERGENCY CALL,' XennoDlt. hoapltal 3M Brokaw hoapltal 3290 8t Joseph', hoapltal 1M Police 4800 Sheriff 6U3 County Jail ,. 18S Normal fir. department BS64 Bloomlngton Or. department .., 340 Famral Natlccs, Cardi sf Thaaks, U afemsrtaa. ao spesasl Net Ice, l-4laa aatalnmm. fl.g err kftsartjsai addl-ttsnsl Unea IS. saeh. Copj far fan asjr'a rsa wiu as sorrptrd up ta S s- m., day kefvrs soWk-stiea aa M atsefc bom for Seal edltlea. Reports $10 Missing Mrs. M. E. Miller, 803 East Em erson street told police Friday she gave a strange woman her puree to hold for a brief period while the former was conducting an auc tion sale at her home. When the purse was returned, Mrs. Miller said, she discovered a $10 bill was missing. A $1.00 bill and a check for $10 remained, the report said. a Two Grass Fires Squelched Grass fires, one of the signs of spring, took the Are department on two runs Friday afternoon, one to 31 White's place and the other to 507 South Roosevelt avenue. KearnY Improve Little Only slight Improvement has been shown In the condition of Mr. and Mr. Leo Kearns, 703 West Walnut street, since they entered the hospital several weeks ago, hospital attaches Indicated Friday afternoon. Their condition was said to be "about the same." They were injured when struck by an automobile at the Locust and Ma son streets Intersection. Their small son, John Joseph, was killed In the same accident. taoooeogooooooooa riV'KRAl FLOWERS Oar Bperialtr OTTO J. HKMBRELKJCR. Th. Flortat Phone SHft Phone SOS OS N. Mala - 10J w. Front FCNEKAL NOTICB. Knueral aervlce. for atra. George H. Simeral WUJ ba held at Beck chapsL Sat-J rde at :M p. m. I Goodfellow Memorial Home No additional charge for use of chapel Funeral Service. Phone 442 SATURDAY SPECIALS Violets 25c Per Bunch Regular 50c Value Trlnces of Wales Violets-large, fragrant and richly colored. Enlistment Week to Begin In preparation for a 10 weeks loyalty campaKn March 24 to June 2, enlistment week will be observed at Centennial Christian church from March 17 to 24. The elders and their wives will have a dinner with the Rev. and Mrs. L. H. Hooe, 1313 East Grove street. Mondsy night and the deacons and their wives will have dinner with the pastor Tuesday. Th church school officers, -teachers and their families will have a gathering at the church Wednesday; the Wom an's circle and guild, Thursday night; and the junior deacons and their friends and the T. P. S. C. E . Friday. Conference Engages Senator Gerald Nye Senator Gerald P. Nye of North Dakota has been engaged by the Methodist Episcopal world aervlce commission to address the Illlnoi. conference In Illoomlngton next September, It was announced Fri day by tha Rev. Arthur S. Chap man of Normal, program director. Senator Nye Is th first na tionally known speaker to be en gaged definitely for th conference program. Tha conference, which will bring to . Bloomlngton 550 Methodist Episcopal minister and several hundred additional visitors, will open Tuesday, Sept. 10 and continue 'hroughout the week. Senator Nye's address will be given the afternoon of Thursday, 8ept 12. Decatur Considering Civil Service Plan Civil service regulations for po lice and fir department In De catur are under consideration by official there, according to re ports brought by a committee of fire and police department em ployes of tbst city who visited Bloomlngton Thursday. The committee conferred with Rolla Neal, Bloomlngton fire chief, members of the police department and Joseph Schneeberger, chair man of the civil aervlce commis sion, to find how th civil service plan is working here. Jonathan M. Moore Dies of Long Illness Jonathan M. Monra, Tl, died at hla residence, long South Univers ally street. Normal, Friday morn ing, after a lingering Illness Horn In Falrbury, Mr. Moor had spent moat of hla Ufa In Bloomlngton and Normal. Ha waa a gradual of th Jacksonville school for tha dsaf and dumb, lie wad cabinet maker moat of hi Ufa. Surviving ara hi widow and four children: Mrs. Tearl Reader of Bloomlngton; Mrs. Helen Cllnts- man of Needleevllla. Wis ; Ray Moor at hnm and Charlee of Greenwood, Wis. On eon I dead Alao surviving ar a (later, Mra. Nettle Phllllpa, and Uncle, John Moore, and an aunt, Mr. Manna Hp.nre, all of Falrbury. ' There ara nine grandchildren. Tha funeral service will be held at the Murray and Car mod y horns at 10 30 a. m. Monday, burial to be in Bloomlngton cemetery , 4 drafting, arcniteciure, music. iaiiof Jmu(. ,h tholr -l Ua Crowa Him"; Merwyn U Johnson, Th Holy City"; Mra Mabel Smork, "Th Loet Chord." Vocal and guitar numbers will ba Nad Parrot; a duet, will b rang by Mr. Herman Siebert Buried Th funeral of Herman Siebert, 813 East Front street, veteran bar ber who died Tuesday, waa held from the John A. Beck company chapel and at Trinity Lutheran church Friday afternoon. The Rev, W. E. Hohenstein officiated and Mlaa Ann Gerth and Mr. Thelma Gerth sang, accompanied at tha or gan by J, F. Ruecklos. Burial waa In Bloomlngton cemetery. Pall bearer wer Walter Reel, J. A. Hanea, C. G. Dunkln, A. Bock, A. Van Winkle and Ralph Colt profession. Interior decorating aviation, electrical engineering writing, bu.lness Illlnoi Slata Normal unlvertllr waa tha choice of moat of tnoee R)V( ky making repllea. TO percent Mating -ghadowa.' I. B. w. u. aa ineir rnoica. " wirrtrk and Mra. Smork; gultaP Weelryan being aecond with 1 Und banjo number by Reld Baker percent, universities in a nan ..s Vincent Mvera: a anln. -t dnsen atata war Hated, on far Know That My Redeemer Uvea." away Florid. by Mra. Edith Green; "Th End of I'taro Trafflo Klrt. la Perfect Day." Mr. Smork. Th Th. nrse.ina- need In concluding hymn will be Ther Tlloomlngton. reordlng lo th "niin. high echool students la a enlutlnnl to trafflo and parking problems ! RTOP HERE FOR VINIT - . el . .. . I over o perreni or me replies sua- Mr a( Un Joh olw, of Mt gested inaa name. wauh, returning ta their horn Greater employment I bdly fron . v.,)oB lrip lo ru "" "-- stopped her Fridy to visit I racioriee waa ravor.o r Olaon'. Mr. and Mra. P. maton.y oi in.,, r-piv. Q Valentine. N Esst Graham r.lnien perreni m in. ' "-I,, r.,. suggested that a Junior hlgll srnoni be built and atlll other proposed . u .jji. own ao that new on could ba a new main rugn arnooi or lona lo the present one. ' . . , '. wa auggeated by savaral. Greater fn.?.1 MT T. cr. In .standing relief was con- built. Work for every person on relief walk were among th suggestion for puhllo work. Also a new city hall and a civic auditorium. Would Inrreoa Wages. Increased wags and shorter hour wer urged by 14 percent of the student a most desirable A movement to prevent both hus band and wife holding a Job wa suggested by t percent of tha stu dents, with girl predominating In thla suggestion. Lower water ratea, better parka, higher farm prices, lower food cost, mor fund for th high rhoot, alcohol-gas legislation and old age pensions ware among the uggestlon listed. A campaign against homales. dogs on the streets tu suggested In one quest lonnalr. Another pro posed that all old buildings ba torn Now for the Wide Open Spaces Fish Fry Tonite Music Wall Eyed Pike Direct From Frenh Water 15c There's something about lake almoapher lliat give you Ihe nrslrei relaxation and freedom. Even food and drink laate belter, Gus Belt' Lake Road Inn Lake Bloomlngton sldsred necessary by eome. , Saint Patrick's Parish Merna I' resent "A NIGHT IN IRELAND" Program Honoring HI. Patrick Sunday. March 17 7:30O'rlock At Community Hall Bridge, Kurhre and Lunch iX-eavJVI i IV. II. IIOLAXD J W. nil. MILAMI)-p Green Carnations 15c Each $1.50 Per Dozen Wear a green Carnation the flower of St. Patrick's Day. Spring Flower Boxes $1.00 Roses for Your Rose Bowl, 10c Each a A. Washburn & Sons 318 North Main St -L "I WWatWWUWC B OQQQQ1 I a a m - . . a. I . VI ......... ;j 7 Dloomington s hashionables Are Coming to Roland's for V HOSE! kPiWbX TIRES J EShr f, ilJ ' ulS'lPv- 7 rv'tllr'V bv PHOENIX i S Wim H Jifi , rz 'i'l Evcry report from p"ta and r Yi'V: yXmKfiKAl Val rlij J 0Ck ;"' Indon trese. the liiiH,rt- V ; tVl. viV?F?! r1 5 Turf ;'-1 ance of that new light NAVI L J TAW XvWtm'iyi In , , . I . n amoke orey gbade for Hoalery I Shown ? I (XT '$Cs,K R 4'4-a 4.50.21 ( Rhunka -As flrst b' POEMX and f llj isjLfj gfgflQ gfgfrtO J ''r'yPs first at Koland'gi V p J I GET OUR glj- I - J3!l ricl.t$1.25 ? 1 I SPRING 4.7M3 5.25-18 A M i PRICES kjj f-85 1-95 1 yX ---- I I V buying y? W U J 7 "NAVY" HOSIERY I ? II I NOW! . . . 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