The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1955 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1955
Page 18
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When tHfe gals get together, the conversation usually gets around to a discussion of our children. Ope evening recently 'we were doing just that arid a young mother said of her problems with her little pride-and-joy, "I knOw that this is just a stage he's going through, but the trouble is, he no sooner gets over one stage and he's into another." .« * * Now the youngsters' at our house are all older than this particular mother's son and she , thought perhaps.I could give her a little comfort by telling, her, at what age a child 'stops going through stages But after thinking it over, I'm forced to admit that there's always one more stage, or phase, coming' up. And . the phenomena isn't limited to children. A'person keeps acting'in ways peculiar to, his age ,of life from the moment of his birth wail until he draws his last breath < . * • * •.•'•'•.'. . ' I've been reading; quite a few of those psychology articles lately and though I'm awaf e that a little 'knowledge is a dangerous thing I'm not going to let that stop me' I'm going :' to present Grace's Timetable of; ttie Twelve Stages of Human Behavior anyway. To compress all this deep and penetrating research into the space limits of this column, I've picked a typical line of conversatin from -. each of the age groups—give or 'take a few years. And because the, male and female of the specie are\so different (an arrangement which has always Had my heartiest approval) I'll devote one' line to His comment:and one to Hers. Although the stages ; begin:< at birth, one year of-age,is usually / the first chance a person gets to comment on it. , .:'; ' •• 1 year ; His: Ma Ma! •••'•• ' r ' • ' Hers: Da Da! ^ ; • j \ i 2 years , '" : •. --. His; "No! . I .won't!" ' .. Hers: "No! I don't waritat 5 years His: "Bangl Bang! I'm a cow; boy." . Hers: "Be a good dolly and take Kossuth County. •* This Was es pecially true this "year while In fectious Hepatitis' was so pre valent. Any,of us who had contact with a Hepatitis patient hurried for a shot of preventative Gamma Globulin. Localty 'this ncluded whole school classrooms entire bridle clubs and assorted relatives of the victims It was the Red Cross Who collected the blood that, provided the 4 million C C.'s of Gamma Globulin used in the county since last fall It's the same stuff that is used,to fight polio measles and to qomba shock. It is administered accord ing to the weight of the patien ahd the Red' Cross received ni reimbursement. : for the cost of the product^ '••',". -.,'"' '••' '- . '' ,*.-•<: « ' A*the Red Cross is still on the jol with its'services to th/3 arme forces,' the blood' program,, th Disaster services',,safety-pr&gram, international: relationsy program and its nursing services, 'Its a kind of nation-wide good neighbor policy—your friendly hand extended to those who most heed help. ,So dig as /deep 'as you can when your door'bell rings;. AT HOMt IH AtTtR A StO'MM tRIP tM . MM RA11ROA6 HBTOM AHt AlStt , Mtft* ma $PitiAt>6tHtKAT6KS. n \fuim novotT AC. HATIONAt tOVMATlOH f6K mutttit HMOKIS smtn * fOKMHt IKON ntmnams MHVtK, HUUMtfitU HOSPITAL PATKHTS APPAMTOS TKAHSrtRKtf AMBItlAHCtS MATTfK Ot Ait nt war mm tt SPtCIAllSTS AN* : a heapMJ eUia& '"ifC 10 years _,. His: "Aw, do I hafta -take a bath?" ilt , • Hers: "I know a secret" (fol .; lowed by giggles, giggles and more giggles) 15 years *!:<•.; ~ "Whjr.P?,^ t I g ] my own? 'l'nv'''seUinjj;' driver's license." Hers:, ."Why can't..I wear.vinore, *' make-up?' Dp you Want me to ' look like a baby?" 20 years His- "I can't live without you • Baby!" . • ' ,,Hers: "We're going to have blond mahogany in the living room • 25 years His: "Well maybe he is a little young for an electric train.' Hers: -Now, both DivSpock and Dr GeseM say the baby should—" 30 years His: . "Bills, bills, bills! This family is going _Jo have to economize." -Hers- "For goodness sake, kids, go play outside. Can't you see I've just cleaned house?" 40 years His- "You see, my wife doesnt understand me." (This is supposed to be the dangerous age for men) Hers- " • (no wo ~ man is going to admit she's 40 until she's at least 50) 50 years/ His- "Does Grandpa's little man like his new electric train? Hers- Of course, Grandma will sit with the little darling. 60 years ' His: "I always say, when a man gets too old to look, he's too darn old." » , _ . Hers- "We played lots of Canasta last winter in California." 70 years His- "Do they have'to make all this fuss over us just because it's our Golden Wedding? Hers: "Father and I have always considered marriage a ntty- fifty proposition." Our Stale Legislators aren't the only ones who have been receiving some attention from the TV star, Dagmar. One young Algona ' girl Sharon Kenyon has a personal letter from her. Sharon's parents, Arlene and Les Kenyon were in Des Moines and watched the sul- trv singer's performance ,at the auto show and then had a much closer contact with her when Dagmar and her husband came into a restaurant where they weie eating. The place wasn't crowded so the Kenyons were able to have a talk wfth them Dagmar had her Det poodle with her and When the litt)e animal did some clever tricks, Arlene remarked Shew shed her daughter who Several people commented on he good dessert the Xi Xi chapter f Beta Sigma Phi served at their jenefit party -recently so ; I ounded it up to use ,as this week's recipe. I don't know what you-call it but Dorothy Hard;rove( Dee Calhoun and Pat Voyes were among those who made t for the party. ' . 2 packages Cherry Jello % pint whipping cream : 1 Email can crushing pineapple nut meats '2 cups Graham Cracker crumbs 1/3 cup melted butter Drain the pineapple and use ihe( liquid with water when dissolving Jello. When the Jello begins to set, whip with a rotary beater. Whip the cream ahd fold into the Jello. Add the pineapple and nuts. Make' a crust .in a square pan using the Graham Cracker crumbs and butter. Pour the Jello mixture over it and let set for several -hours before serving. —GRACE. Was Bank Robber Sizing Up The Titonka Bank? and the F.B.I, was notified!. The fact that there are several people working in the Titonka bank" may have beert one reason that .the culprit, if such he was. passed up any robbery ideas, if that was-what .the stranger had in mind: ••. . _ , At the time William Boyken was near his desk at the front -1 of the . bank. Art Boyken Was at the first window and waited tm the man. Edward Boyken waa in the directors' room at the rear, and the three girls regularly employed in the bank, Were working,at tables or bookkeeping machines. Then, too, the openings that have been' cut through the walls from the 'present banking room to the new part? of the building might addap;the'dhnger of a robber beihg t; apprehended, as there have, bee" workmen in the new part'every 'day if or- some time. ,, Anyhow there was no effort fnade.,t6 rob the-'local bank, and the: visitor. :left; stown without being'identifi4q as the man for whom the authorities are looking as the' man who robbed the bank at Ua'mont only a week before (.this man visited;Titonka. Oscar Hammonds Silver Wedding An open house, honoring Mr anc Mrs Oscar Hammond, JBurt, on their silver wedding anniver sary, will be held at their home from 2 to 4 in the afternoon, Sun day, Feb. 27. Their son and dau ghter, Darrell and Rhonda, ar ranged the affair, and' all friend and relatives are welcome to at tend. . Only one person out of 100 i Finland is illiterate Thursday, February. 24, I9SS Ataona (l«.) Upper Das MotnM-3 Ifr Pfc Mrs Algona Soldier (Gets Promotion , FORT CAMPBELL, KY. Darold E. Eischeid, son of _... Frank Grandjenett of Rural Route 1, ATgbna', lovv=. h" *.«?sr?..recent- Jy^,his present rank Pfc. Eischeid is assigned to Co. B 168th,Engineer Battalion stationed at Fort Campbell, Ky Pfc. Eischeid is Company Mai Clerk,-and has been assigned th< job of assistant Troop Information and Education Instructor. He i" now taking courses in Leader Discussion.,, Pfc. Eischeid entered the Ser vice in February of 1954. School Band In Concert. March 2 'The annual winter concert o the Algona High School concert band will be held next Wednesday night, March 2, at 8 p.m.. in the auditorium. According to R. C. Guster, director, the program will include everything from marches to symphony, and will consist of 13 presentations during the program. T/he public is invited to attend this free concert. Last week's Tiionka Topic had the following story on a suspected bank robber prowling around that town on Friday, Feb. 11. We reprint the story as the .Topic told it. A-check with Sheriff Ralph Lindhorsl disclosed thai all investigative activity possible followed the report as outlined below, but if the suspect was the bank robber in question, and had designs on the Tiionka Savings Bank, he seems to have departed from this area. He has not been seen, or reported, since. * * . * Was triere a bank robber in Ti onka last Friday? Was the man vho robbed the bank at Lamont, owa, the Friday previous here ast Friday? Was that the stranger who visited the Titonka Sav- ngs Bank shortly before closing irae -lasi' Friday V ••••""" These are questions which have teen brought to mind since last proved by Pikes Peak climb ! Dodge V-8 pick-up; AAA-supervlsed, climbed Pikes Peak In 20 minutes, 46.8 seconds . . i unheard-of time for trucks, only a few seconds over the passenger car record. proved In SO, 000-mile j-ln- SO-day § endurance run! 50,000 miles in 50 days, without mechanical failure! That's the record set by a standard Dodge pick-up with the new 145-hp^ Power-Dome V-8 engine! . dver 22 miles per gallon average In 714-mile economy run! 22 miles per gallon, carrying 500 Ibs. of payload, using regular gasl That's the average of a Dodge Power-Dome pick-up in a 714-mile; AM-supervised Economy Run I of a better deal for the man at the wheel with.., DODGE A PRODUCT O PERCIVAL for yourself how they can save you money! Dodge trucks are priced with the lowest. Save you money every mile. And Dodge dealeYs are offering the year's best deals— all models Vi- thru 4-ton! TRUCKS CHRYSLER CORP. MOTORS 800 South Phillips Street Telephone 1464 Friday afternoon when a stranger called at the Titonka Savings Bank, and after waiting umtl L here were no other customers in the bank, asked for some change, sized up the situation, and then left. At the same time an out-of- the-c'ounty car was parked on the street for a time, and was not seen here again. The car bore a county license number from a county from which out-laws hava been working more or less. The Titonka bank visitor answered the description given of the Lamont bank robber. He was about the same height and weight and had a week's beard, his cap pulled down so the color of his hair could not be seen or whether he had any hair or not. When the description of the Lamont bank- robber was given put Saturday, authorities were 'notified, a representative ot the sheriff's office and a state man came to Titonka to check closer UDM Classifieds Pay Dividends 'We Say "FREE"! We Mean FREE: $1.00 Tube PILE OINTMENT Noted Clinic Makes Most Unusual Offer to Any Afflicted Person- No Coupon - No Charge There are no "strings"; wo dont mean free "with" something! We mean just this: In order to introduce it to anyone who is afflicted with Piles (Hemorrhoids) or any similar rectal condition, the Thornton Minor Clinic will send free on request, a full-size $1.00 tube (not a mere sample) of Thornton Minor Pile Ointment—free and postage paid. Send only your full name, age and address. A post .card will do. However, this offer is limited and may be withdrawn at any time, BO we suggest you write at once. Address Thornton Minor Clinic, 911-W East Linwood Blvd., Kansas City 9, Mo. This offer is exactly as stated above—no charge no obligation—no bill now or later. Delivery Pools Are Being Arranged If you wish to order PIONEER HYBRID seed corn, or increase the order you already have for PIONEER, call or see R. I. Mawdsley Algona CL. Bailey Algona Aaron Steussy Algona Eugene Kollasch Bode Harold Jones Swea City T. O. Johnson Swea City Wm. AAartinek Wesley Walter Vaudt Whittemore come to our MAMMOTH McGormick 9 FARMALLS New 4-Plow Farmall® 400 New 3-Plow Farmall 300 New 2-Plow Farmall 200 ~New 1-2-Plow Farmall 100 New 1-Plow Farmall Cub® See the greatest array of farm machines in our history 00 SEC Never before under one roof-so many new machlnes-so many IH "firsts"! Don't miss seeing the greatest farm equipment show on earth. , SEC SEE dozens of new Fast- Hitch implements to match the five great, new Farmalls. the new McCormick No. 76 seven-foot harvester- thresher with all of its time - and - grain - saving features. the new McCormick 20-C field harvester that chops up to 25 tons an hour. SEE SEE SEE the new McCormlck engine-driven No. 45 baler —the new McCormick No. 55 baler with power take-off drive. dozens of improvements on regular equipment that makes your work easier, faster and better. how you can put a new Farmall and size- matched McCormick equipment to work for you now ... let it pay for itself in use. Come in and meet the new generation of the famous Farmall family! See the greatest line of farm tractors on earth. ' Now ... 5 new Farmalls-all witK exclusive Fast-Hitch that lets you switch implements in seconds '. . . all with tha greatest hydraulic systems ever deveV oped . . . all with years-ahead Farmall "Firsts" to make your farming jobs easier and more profitable. And you can choose from 16 new models to fit every farm— every need! Yes, see the great, new Farmall stars- all leaders in their class-at our big IH Open House. After you've seen them, you're invited to get into the seat and try 'cm yourself. THE GREEN-AND-GOLD BJUSTROM FURNITURE VANI some time and telling her al about the poodle. Arlene said Daemar has a much nicer per gar whin she'soff stage bu At Our Store All Day Friday, Feb. 25 FREE DINNER Will Be Served From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Three Free Trips To The Factory At Rock Island, III, Will Be Given Away As Door Prizes. Come Friday And Have Fun ! IT'S OUR THIRD ANNIVERSARY AT 10NE ROCK f TOO I Kossuth County Implement Co. LONE ROCK, IOWA . <sl ±**::

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