Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 13, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1896
Page 7
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SUFFER UNTOLD MISERIES. REGULATOR, ACTS AS A SPECIFIC ! Bj Arousing lo HeallhjActlon all har Orpns. > [ , It causes health, to;bloom, and< I joy to reign throughout the frame. it Never Falls '' . ing lbrii« bolllen ot BRAI>FIKI.V> 8 J K REGULATOR «h«C.liaol»rpwu< ,o.u ng . •^'stfMKSB&w.o. .A* > BBADflXU) KEGCLITOB CO., itlaaU, 0«. .. TIMETABLES. ••I . gt- M ugle was tal) and cadat- erous. The "boys" in Habersham often caJlcd him "Meec-bln 1 Mugle" because, though locally prominent, and well to do, he wore an aspect OB'of one.ulways looking for-forebearance and .toleration rather than expecting honor and respect. ••-.• One felt a sort of pity at sight ol his hollow-chested, angular form, which was somewhat neutralized by doubt, however, when one noted certain-hard lines of minor expression that ***™!* to denote .the possession ol more f orbid- ding attributes. Hii wife was dead, and be lived in a large, tumble-down house, two miles from the little Georgia town of Habersham. When the civil war came on he sold his negroes, retaining only Gumbo to'assist in looking after his impoverished plantation. His neighbors flouted him as being a'unionist, for preferring Yankee gold to good negroes. But slave property was growing uncertain; gold was .sure, and:secret hiding places 1 plentiful. , ........ .. .-. Gumbo wag short, wheezy end timorous. Why tha squire kept him, the. least- commercially valuable 'of his slaves, v, as wondered at; but the squire knew, reasoning shrewdly with himself..,. • • -.-• :'.' ; • . : • ••••• ,; T '"If I lose Gumbo," he would say, 1 lose nothing:much but <\ fat. bag of nuisance. The rest of my niggers were .worth their price'." Nevertheless, when the squire rose one night and hid his gold anew under a great-hearth-stone, in the kitchen, he snw a'sifht that made bim, for the mo- rm-.nt, repent having retained Gumbo.to torment and wait upon him. lhat suMe worthy, bnrefoot.cd nnd in sliirt and dra« crs. was staring at his old master from the doorway, while each hair of his kinky herul seemed to.be slowly AND STILL THE, SENATOR WON'T RAISE THAT UMBRELLA. —Now York Pre* EEL RIVER DIVISION. WEST BOUND. No 86 »mv«......'...........-"--v: Mo 37 arrive v •"£ • BAST BOUND. ROM M»£ Ho 84!««»« t i»iUt»«»--jrv»D««i'».-™"'"™» ^tsms^ss^sg& S«iSiS23;a?oK-Sli5S ^SSaffssssSSSS. -FOR THE -.AND.- KIDNBYS. 4 ECS. B, B.'cured ir:c of r t(jin- ach Trouble nnd Paralysis. I Iwl- it since the war. J. -I- BA;-I-, ; Munde,ind. 4 B B BB are purely vege.ablf. j Put up in oa, .-sules, flixty in a box., Thirty .aaysVtreatment in a box, (< Price $1 per box, or six lor'*5. i -Manufac-turedby'H.C.BRAaa,; Connertvlllc, Ind. j ;-"For sale T>rall : druggists. • j yBt»TUHS. . A devilish transformation convulsed Squire -Mugli-'s fnce. Bu.shiog down his candle, lie sprung forward and seized Guinbo by the tliroat. n» he stood in the palt. moonlight streaming down from without. ' 'Did you see it?" he-hissed, fairly chok'mg'witli paRsion. - •flTimbo gasped, gurgled, and at last ma:iap«-;l to say: "pidu't see nuttin , ''cept'iu" you. raarse." Snuirr Mnple slowly loosened his grip, tightened it -iga'in, then took his hand away, hcsitaringly. ' • r,umb.> knew! V'here else could he hiile his money? This spot was handy -right under hl» fingers, so to speak. He desivt-d \K> distant swamp or hollow with tcli-fcile'lw. uiarka, as a place to be hunUd for or forgotten, as the case might be. He loved his gold with a warm, personal, affection. Next toahe -joy of 'handling, it was the feeling that H was-near, hy>unseen.-yet felt, BBjbv a sort oif 'cielicious sixth'., sense—deadI to mo «t people, yet psychologically,alive to-mlsera and:lovp.r». ; . >•;:'." • ''• '••'•>'-• ; Hut Gnnibo-gavied at his old master with something iike'moisture In b.s lit- tJe *ves H- wax wounded to the quick bv the. nature of. :the,*qulre' H: evident .mi-pielon.umljie bore the.lattert scru- t'lniitiug look -jTiflinchMigly.'thougb with an aspect of n-proiich: ,Th«-squlre,sei*ed Gumbo by tb* chin, raiped,the black face, 'and. glanced'.at.itJiarder. .than ever,, "then bc'released.the negro and flighea; ; '"'I wi'l 'tfusr.von." he said; aflength. «Tl>it if you'speak. : or'even think much nbbut • w'hat you have seen and-heard, von : are'a :dead^ niggers • -• • •'•'•/"•" ' .One nlphtK*nnd of bushwhackers de-. .Hcendcd upo.^.themi.foritheneighboring., mountains w,-re full of the8e : pests,then.. They were : a set of .compo-utid_.rascals. cladI ln.liHcfiiniiat«Vy in'blue ond gray, BTid'equBily'n curHe to both confederate nmlnnfon •sympathiwrs. ;--Tb'e'y nerveti MammOT! wherever the airfof rtrpev bul- letor lasb oonUUnvokr.that. deity from the. curious hiding-places where.n-.wur.-. stricken fam.lie. .bestowed their valua- The squire was .ronted^oul.; but stood protestiugly on his dignity. He had .>ut .a'few head of poor cattle left, too poor even for army beefl : '••••'•• ','",' "Durn. yer stock, old.man!" said,the leader,, "We;Vvatit yer money, w rush aroun' ond git it xip." . .. ' -. ' '.:. . uumbo stood-quaking behind hiBmas-. ter Though not,,above .piWertag ..the., sqiire'fl tobacco,'or rifling some hen- roost when fare'was hard, he was faiin : fu'l to that one great trust concerning whnt lav under the hearth-stone. ' , "Is d'ey unyunners er .is dey reb«, mnrse?""he whispered. : . : -;; ,." "It makes no difference. They are thlevea—sorhush «p. My a" is ln y° ur keeping. Gumbo. H-;s-s;h!" .. ... One of .the men,,approaching from behind.'laid ; a handjon Gumbo rsboul. -••j-ii 'bet this nigger knows .where -it !•."; Ihe: remarked. : 'IWe've ;bearn^bout you.'and .yer one, man, squire. . .Yer,?*! got money hid away and we re jes ter'hey it—eh, boys?",. ,.,..,-; .... - -, \n .echo of .assent from.,theptlierB..fol : . lowed, and the"man continued:... , "I aUo beam what yer said to this nlreer ies' now;' So, out with the scads er we'll find a Way ter-make him talk. "Boys r exclaimed: the i leader, -._it.» cold. work,.palave.rln'-ou.t here!, T,o^; tbcr.-squire inter t .the.kitcheny, I .see tha> % s.a inr,ein.thnr.",r ,. n -,..-;, :,.;. "., .•:.: "Onceall were,in'iide,.«ome pine knota were thrown .on"the embers, then tne leader unwound'a' coil.o; corner, a little corn In. the cellar and Bide or two of baoon. That is aU— isn it» Gumbo?" "Fo'Gord,yes,marse! We-unsmaKe« coflee ov.ten,co i n,an':rubs. oak ashes on de meat in plucer salvr-"- "Shet up, v ill yer!". roared the leader. "Two minutes are" about up. Boys, grab thet cussed ;nigger.";.;-, . . Oumbo was seiied by practiced bands. Before he really reaHzea'what was hap-. pening to him, he waa swinging to a is toes barel your old master under a deeper debt than mere money can repay. Gumbo. The New Year is pretty near here, nnd I am going to set you free— you rascal. You might have run away to the Yankees, but instead you have stood your master's best friend-through, thick and thin. If thftt.doesn't deserve freedom, I hardly know whntdoes." . "Den yer won!,t.jnake roe..lenb yer w'en I's free, marse?" Gumbo looked lip anxiously, scarcely thinking enough "ank Tjening ^" iiiiu, MK T..«",.• .^o--1. . . up HiiAiuuwjj', o^**.» ^^.^ . '—CT ~ ^ist by'the thumbs, with his toes barely of the boorii apparently, to say "thank touching the floor. ;His'groans and en- you _,, , TV ^- . touching the floor. treaties -were -pitiful, yet he wou d tell nothing : •. The squire rayed helplessly, from his station, on the hearth. FinaUy Qumbo'i head, fell. to one side and hit., jaw» '.hung loose. . . . •• :-.^ . "Lower him down," ordered the leader. : '"When he conies to' we ll'.put the 'wood on him if -he don't blab. : A pail of cold wafer wns thrown on the negro. He revived; drenched, shivering and looked; round at his master. Then, .the foolish, ; faithful creature monned: : , •• • . . "Ih'ain'ttoleyit,'marse!, .... • "No-God bless you, boy— you haven't I- will have satisfaction for thl« outrage, men, J ha.ve been a magistrate, &n "Will yer'shet up?" shouted ttie leader. "Sow boys, throw thet nigger over, -a ' barrel' and' nachilly warp^the ; hide offen him with : tbese hick nes. 1 Soon the kitchen resounded witn Gumbo's cries! .yet still he would not * e j]- -Up with hto!" shouted the captain, now furious. "Put ther rope roun' his "Not if you want to stay— end' I hope you do." , , "H— how 'bout Em'line? Me an she > wants ter marry pow'ful.don't we.Em line?" 'G' way, niggahi.I hain't talktn now." And yet Emeline looked pleased. »: ..^T_. c c H." The squire hesitated.. It was easier to give Gumbo freedom. vbnn gnld. The negroes would probably nil be free before long, anyhow. "Times IE mighty tight, but you can have the old mare. Gumbo, and— yesr-hang.me. if I don'1 ! Emeline can. have $SO for . marse?" asked Gum- jn«.>v»O' » u * »..-- --i . "neck. 'Take him out ter a tree. ^Vhile; this,.was: being., done, -the leader turned to the. squire. ... i "Sec .here,",.he said,, "if yer . don t give up thet,money yer'iriose a nigger. rio-lit here.'" We're in a hurry. Some of. Wheeler's cavalry are; about and .we hnVt- over anxious ter tell 'em howdy to-night. ' So speak up.'liv.-ly now. er yer'lJ: .be short' one .more slaver-snre.as, God -made.little:apples." -'.;. •">• "Fo' Gord.rgepTmen!,donVhang;*, P o'"uiggali ..fo' ; sUckJn! ,.ter his, .po'.ole mtirsea—-" ... _ W Gumbo wns'iiTthe air now. Ho was" struggling'.;. vrtiile.'merc.i:lea* handii tu/j-ed 'at the rope, .The squire leaped at "the cord, cut.it with his. knife, and ' Ptood:i'jivef 1 hiii prbstrite slave, his-eyea' blaxiog like coals,,'..;•.':"-,' ^ "Hands off. you heartless dogs! he cried "You shall not murder the .boy. If Voii will-have money, oorpe with me, and innv God curse the last one of you! , .He:ioosea-.the';;rope?'rafoedGumbc.up nnd Tied: him-'towardr the 'kitchen, while- the 'astonished ,buahwhaoke.rs:followedi. talking, among,themsel ; re«..The; »quirj.y sti 11-/rasping.,his slaves arm, entered^ •rid 'strode ^o" the. hearth-stone, where he"Bgai ; n 'faced, the' puerrlllas.' ;: . ' --A confused 1 -noWe ' waa'npw audiW* down 't^elpu'bllc road.-'Two men entered nnd whispeAd hurriedly :with -the^ap- tflin The noise increased tola^clatter-. bo. arLx. -No-gold!" shouted "Meechin' Mu- Cle" de-^peratelv-. though he gulped -omewhat em6tionally afterward "Its e^tnu-afrnnt - it's wasteful: but you've earoed it. boy— that sail! The squire hurried off '.to bed to •scope th:.nks nnd to'reconcile himselt, i« his own liberalHy. Gumbo threw bit arms round Emetine. t : "Fifty gole dollahs an' de ole blin ma .r'!"'he shouted, ecs ^tically. "Em- Hne-honey-Ws rlcb! H ->ew o Bo' ' ' HERCULES. th»rlle S»D.lru. M" urooklyn, f.rformi : ' gome Wonderful Fe»tfc He looks just like an ordinary erery dav bov. Be likes to go in swimming In a So'utAi Sea island bathing eoatume whou the ••cops-Vore not around, he oor- s ries the"usual assortment of.. horseahoe. nails, biis of string, mnrbles and.cig- drette pictures in the mysterious deptba llt his dirninatlve; pock'ete. vH-e^aa;;* keven-yeaV-old'bfbthe-r that he can "lick " and in every respect, save one, is rcallv.:an,.excellent,immple;of^ai.tbe. bright boys In Greater New York. In ont,-.par!tjcular :i :h,ow.eysri ; littleten- .diftejr|i frpm h» you 8AM! BV ; -uii, ou«:j. r here..menl 1 ; ihouted the leader. 'iWheelerls men. are,,comln. - i-hei 'to' -the r ' sijulrei:.: "We'irb e ;.»»ck ( bla'm'ed'E.iggef^b8reVferWmf" : _'•^••: ; A;i)ist'o!"*Bhot;'bellowed through;ith« ! room. -,- .Gumbo ^creamed, crand.-sitW irue.rr,illas,rushed out : ])ell : mell; moun.ted. and'.wer.? fr6ne:ln,a.trice.. Other troop* 'surrounded ''.the .'.''house.,,. A mulatto.. won)ii.n'ra.n in'arid. J f jll 'on. Gumlx> s neck '(tfl llC RPt di^COBfiOlBTP* , • -| -I ihe a 'r>. 'emr-shecrlM,. "We'heartt emv«t> mother's; '. 1 fcrtfwed .dersbjerij :w)iz-:ln town'.arfurragin', so I up: an., "A Scorcher." IW-J. PLUG Tobacco Dealers say, that "BATTLE AX" is a "scorcher" because it'sells so fast T 0 ^ 0 , Chewers say t it is a "scorcher be- caase 5 cents'worth goes so far* It's ! as good as can be made regardless ot cost. The 5 cent piece is almost as flarge as the oihef felbws* liO cent piece* •i THIS Looses AS IF KsREAD. .' ', \\ LIFE THE LEADING AND MOST REFINED HUMOROUS PAPER OUT fvtitf a' position'"at hi» trade of machinist. _I . IB quite a strong man, but up to two veaVs ago never thought his son wa-ft prodigy, any more than fond fathers -generally do, of their offspring.-., . ,^ : - About- thaVtime he fin^begftn to lift weights and.nearly frightened his mother into '"•<•+'"•'«> bv liftlwt a ; 16-pound :playmate» r -!8nd thit'Jsiithat he-is a verr . . . . ,. ! Hftble pocket. ed.ijtionr qf-, r a; Nineteenth Sv)in-:ln town'.arfitrragin', so I up:an.i. :^ tu ™ Hercules.;;,.;.. ,...; : ;-,;/; .. ... irun t l n',let'enik,now..-<>nepn emtookiji charlie we i ghB only 58 pounds net, Ijn'e'up. be.hin.'. bim.,.an'.,year,,l.ta^bles.^ I wl g, jjoyish'pride-depicted in hifl ;Go,T.d!;'';>y^Vt>'<?«.'.^J,?7' w ii^i'^'.:°"^::!if ' '"'"" '' ! " v —-—•--* • A -~" 1 ' lH a.v'o» >: !""-' *'"'' '•' .•"'". .. • ,.'.„•.,-•_•. to 'for 'hid injuries;' ' inot seriou^. . "Why. bowdy, -Em'line, ••- ...^_fiy;a'giiiny' ['painful, weieP. ;na» periuruK.-" "»«v other-niorvel' ifeutanofjjstrength, :one' of r.whlch to '— !.his;:bl»ekvi ra|singi a 5fr;pptt»c •,,...-.-• • • - i ,,. ^j;:'.he<]ommdnded',:"you and Tow : BO and cut some hick'rieK H i ,.-;:/r. :.:,:•;' fjwo men left the room. , teeth chattered with fear and_cold, WOB Mnitttetiyw>aiMEtM. a t^.awfcwr^VWLta;* iotB«riou,i. . ' 'i v in«.on:hiS;:bf«Ck,-,ra^Biiigia au:pvM«" "Why. bowdy. -Em'line.^ be re- -^ ^ .hia-hand.fr.and-at ,the Bameitime pondedr'V.YCTJall cbme.OBB'-ip-de nick ,] if tto'g'.£pV$m;W^ VGr8y-<«>at«d'.;,r:cayairynien! :./;;now.: j^J^hf* fathefi 1 : TWir : 'aggrMftte . .Grsyoat-e., r: cavalrymen! wacroed in. and, *hot«;were A flred about.; ; •?iV-i. "i^'^i."iQJ hn«hw.hackera.w*r«-.. '!» . . standf: : Their'^BB;—j,--- more thair 300 S«S^3«.l»«f**»**w*» »"«*!': f5K^ja^>«w^^.'«** o .. a »eW^^ '' Mr. ^rnrobtatoed son was nuiazing fond of her, --__ though he w«s not on board her att«» battle of the KiK she took parVta many a famous fijrht and helped to d*- Ttrov, the GnilUiurneTell.. After.h*h» been show-n &1 Woolwich she will » get forth upon a prolonged tour, vWt. . _F _ ~~A *Vrt /«n1r,niP4 v BB V7C1I Mi 1MB . , •om work that ni he feat and since that time has kept eg,ulttrly:;at : workdeTeloping;hlsiitron^ usly develop-rt, -.while, hte am*, hough .thin,: are. hard.aa rocks aumbbe41s and t nac*:^! regular, exercise and rocticifi two hours..e.very afternoon. Keitbeir Mr. nor Mrs..Sand.ru will afr ,W ' th'e'^iiscu.lar' -mldper'to go on the •aee- : a'nd : ''his 'father's plans- for the o£s future .are: tha^after. : gowT.-aff. education.:as, o P e^.,l« hflve him. le olT,that,of, . credi ' NEUSOU'S'; FLAGSHIP:Th. Ai.el.Bt FoodS^i' Will B»on Vl.lt the United 8t»t*«.' •• • ' • .Nel»onB-r,flasi»Bilp,-::ite • Foudroyant, •the .mort.Opfrfect-sMp rthatfc.yer awam in SB t w a le.-." r a« Lqrd.VJncent, called herj. now.lVing'Qff JV.oolwich,and may be seen .by' thpse'who ;care..to,visit uer, en at lhe htn it is the emperor will - .)-;;-.:.-BICYCI.E: POA.T8.. . •..:.:'•CM* ".foriPl^Mnr*,..,. ;.-.••-• --..'_,' in'^'new"in rfver.*ftraiv. .7* ,oon make Its kppearttnc^on tbe.Poto-1 mac.:;; R is called the lydrocyclfcby. H» dentine; and river,Wcycle;by prdiaam mortals. It con«i«t« of .^..--v-.^j haued galvanized steel..cylinder*, eM» .on.taining'' .eight,'alrt^ht;.;' compWA- men'ts;-"and' built' oini : the plan. 0 * *'J?~r taaran.' 1 : These ; cyHnderii ; are'18 ; rf«< ong anO 12 inches la diameter, «dJ* he%terp,of each 1.,a,ja.h : .taiirudd?r. eaiiliyppeiiftedbythepe^ "• "" the :jx)at:. r The float*ar« ened 'together by ateel T) rests the framework of th«= *..~»~ —— lite of ;a wheelhou»e,abicycle.JieM . handle.bar.,;and en ea«y.chM- *i front. ,Thc. boat, l» propelled,, : double'wheel, each containing, paddles, which alternately strike waier. They arc made of galvan Bteel-and are counterparto of the time paddle-wheel.' • • '•' ' :.. ' It Is operated in the name manner tM», e bicycle is propelled. The operator, monnte his seat, places, his feet .on th« Sdals, nnd when they, revolve the/l move an .endless chaln^ nround » sprocket, which in turn drives the pa*- speed of the boat to ten mllen «ft hour.; :••..--: '..': '•'• '• • The.inventor of the V. Moulton, of Grand B-J-..--T7 ten bba4 are now bein'g.const. ay.Cqlunibia'Athletic club. The boat. $K)0 ; each: " ,^" Toric. I** I.iiuriS" ««« ™M°*

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