The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on September 29, 1919 · Page 5
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 5

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 29, 1919
Page 5
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THE DAILY PANTAGRAPH, BLOOnNGTON, ILL'., MONDAY MORNING, SEPTEIBER 29, 1919. Ryes of the Three Eye Are on Chicago Friday LIN01S PLAYS FIRST GAME NEXT SATURDAY ippke'i Squad Will Go Up Ugainst Purdue Over at the Lafayette Field. Lre Are Seventeen "I" Iden Returned to the Fold, and Many Good New Ones. Khana, ' BePt- rs. bod ppke'f IlHnl hav. fairly progressed their preparation lor the invasion Lfaytt next Saturday. Ths rdue Ram will open what la prob-ly the stlffest schedule ever at-npted by a conference eleven, 1111- thls fall will encounter seven L Ten rlvala Purdue, Iowa. Wls- uln, Chicago, Minnesota, Micnigan 1 Ohio State, he completion of another week work on Illinois field found Coach ppke driving the .quad in furious ;. Zuppke la far from a definite ectlon. There i warm compeii- both for the line and back field. Nucleus From 1918. bf last year's crack eleven which ned up the conference so neatly kt Coach Stagg of Chicago de- rt it was the best machine the t had seen since the Illinois Lmnlnns of 1914. Zuppke has a Eiforlable nucleus. The holdovers Capt. Bill Kopp, full back; Dep- center; lngwersen ana uianaer, 'i- Leltch and Mohr. guards; eJoy and Carney, ends; Bob alier, quarter back; Ralph .....w. fiabo. Walaulst. backs. hila squad has been augmented by treturn or several veterans;, mern-Lin, a half back of two years' sea-tuns, who was slated for captain . ft. i. 19 on nanu. cnmuutr- n, another man wun iwo yearn erlence as center, oacucu up a inn with Great Lakes eleven. Is tther recruit. Seventeen Letter Winners. then there are such old timers a? j Petty, former frunra ana lacitie; tackle, and Weiss, guard, all t with experience. In all Zuppke seventeen letter men. to add to these veterans there are iy likely men or squad experience, ti as Reichle, former freshman ver, who has the prestige of hav- held an end Job at Great Lakes. re Is no cocksureness In the :ds of any of the candidates and tke should have a fair assort-ii of substitutes when he takes field. of Zuppke's greatest lacks Just - 1 a punter to replace Jess Kirk-rick, running half back of last son. Jess will not be eligiMe for varsity until 1920. Just who will the kicking Is a puzle so far. bre Veterans of World Series on White Sox hteago, Sept 25. The Chicago ne Son will have a decided edge the Cincinnati Keds In the world its In the matter of experience, while everv regular on the Sox ih the exception of Dick Kerr has ii thru the fire of a championship ps, only three members of the s l'aubert, Sallee and Karlden e faced the strain of battling for i baseball championship ol tho Id. anngcr "Kid" Gleason will fend aiallv the same line-up against Reds which broucht the world's mnlonshlD to Chicago In 1917. ut the only chanee will be that erg will plav short and Weaver .1 In 1917, McMullIn played the corner and Weaver phort, Itlsberg :e benched for the titular games. it the only other change will be the pitching staff and here tne eran Eddie Cicotte probably will r the brunt of the work with ude Williams, also a veteran of i 1917 staff, running second to i. Kerr, the diminutive left-der, may prove the dark horse rher of the series. He ha not H a taste of the world series game, It those close to the doings of the mlskey aggregation expect to ses i youngster hold up ms ena or me vent. To. fill In wan the pucn-. Manager Gleason has 8-aber, pitched three of the titular ies in 1917, but has not been go-so well this season. However, i famous pitcher may prova a prise to those who have watched work this season, by going In the Red aggregation. He has n slow rounding into shape, put vones say that Faher will be In e against the Moran olan. ianasrer Pat Moran. of the Redf, A h has been thru a world's series riselr, as has Kid Gleason, must largely on men who have never 1 the test of a short series on rh everything depended. Jake itert nlaved on the Urooklvn pen t winners In 19U. but the big : baseman's record Is not very restive. In the 1916 series Dau : batted only .176, altho during regular season he had hung up a rrt of better than .800. Bailee liariden played with the Giants mst the White Sox In 1917. Karl hit .348 In thirteen times at bat, o Bailee .In six times up hit .!(( h the White Sox regulars, the ing averages were: J. Collins, ; Liebold. .4oo: McMullIn. .125; "ollins, .409; Jackson. .804; Felsch, ; Gandil, .261; Weaver, .83.1; ilk, .264; Cicotte, .143; RIsbCTg, : i'aber. .143. White Sox also boast two rs who have been thru more i one series. MdU Collins, tren- 'V considered the greatest second man in tho game, will face the i series hurling for tho sixth ' when he steps to the plate nst Moran's twlrlers. Collins was "mher of the famous" Philadelphia "tics during four of their rent-winning seasons and played on Pox in 1917. Eddie Murphy, isons ace in pinch hitting, win Into his fourth series this fall. thy nlayed with the Athletics g two of their championship a snd also was with the Sox two -s ago when they won the Cham "hip, Murphy did not get into fries In 1917 aeainrt the Glsnts. Is not a regular now, but has 1 better than .400 this season as nch hitter. By One Who Knows 'Is v i?. MM y. t: V i. During the world series, Ray Schalk, catcher for the White Sox, will write special articles on the games for The Pantagraph. Schalk la recognized as being one of the brainiest men in baseball and is considered as being without a peer among the catchers of today. As every ball thrown by the Sox pitchers will be called for by Schalk he will be In a position to tell our readers Just how the various plays Happened. The Flag Races Chicago . . , ( k-u-nrt ., Now York . 1 'I'trolt . , . Uoflton . , . St. Irfiuli . U'Mliimiton l'hilaiieTplit American League, bs . .79 . .67 . .Sll . .38 62 nr. M 60 71 7 si lull Pet. .6211 .,U .P72 .671 .42 .4 LEAGUE MAGNATES HOLD MEETING SOON President Al R. Tearney Issuses Call for Annual Conclave-Gather at Palmer House. Officers of Bloomington Association Will Represent This City's Interests. National League. rirdnnatl . New York I lilOHfiO .. 1'ituhnrgh , :at-n . . . HL Ijonli . l'blU,telKl,l Won. .vii .h7 ..73 1 ::: . . .1S :::$ 08 OS 71 Officers of the Bloomington Pans Association received official word on Saturday morning that the annual meeting of the Three Eye League has been called by President Al R. Tearney for Friday, October I, at the Falmer House In Chicago. The meeting will be called at 10 o'clock. A short business session will be held In order that the magnates of the Three Eye cht may be able to attend the first of the world's series games at Sox parte on that day. Matters regarding the selector! of sufficient cities to complete an eight club circuit are expected In the discussions. It is also expected that ono or two of the cities will ,as usual, attempt to depose Mr. Tearney. Mr. Tearney has a number of surprises for the league magnates. President Charles Qoelzer will at tended the meeting together with Ray Hoicomb, treasurer, and possibly one or two of the directors. Mr. Hoicomb has secured three seats for the world's series and will enjoy the games In Chicago. Danville and Deoatur seem to be the most likely towns for the new Three Eye circuit. Both cities have been without organized baseball for some time and from the showing of semi-pro teams and fans this year league baseball should be a success in each place. Rock Island and Davenport might be paired If Moline falls to secure a franchise to "lay next year. It Is predicted by local baseball authorities that when Moline and Presidctn Tearney get together the meeting will become lively In many respects. Offlcrs of the various fans' associations In the Three Eye circuit will attend the gathering. Phillies-Giants Break Season's Time Record New York, Bept 28. k le&ton record tor ,3,Kt brevity wii eet In tht flnt time of toflty'a i nnllhls ngnnr Detwn isew totk end Phila delphia, when la flftT'Ons mtnutea the Glanta acored s Tletory. 6 to 1. New Tors won the ceod' contest atao. 7 to 1. In tho flrat same lft3fll Pamea wrtn bla twenty-fifth rlrtory, tho only .Ml' tlonal lamie pltcner to touen tnat mark. .4-:) .r.,4 .851 The Opening Lineup White 8ox. J. Collins, rf. E. Collins, 2b. Weaver, 3b Jackson, If. Felsch, cf. Gandil, lb. Rlsberg, ss. Schalk, c. Cicotte, p. Reds. Groh, 3b, Rath, 2b. Haubert, lb. Kousch, cf. Duncan, If. Kopt, ss. Neale, If. Wlngo, c, Bailee, p. According to information given out by Jack Ryder, sporting editor of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Dick Reuther, scouthpaw, may open against the Sox, but the present indications are that SUm Bailee will work. Football Scores Bloomington High, 1; Drummer Township High, 7. Champaign igh, 64; SIdell, 0. Clinton, 14; Decatur, 6. Harvard, 63; Hates, 0. Rutgers, S4; Urhlnus, 0. Pennsylvania, 16; Ftucki.ell, 9. Rensselaer, 0; Williams, 20. Brown, 27; Rhode Island State, 0. Amherst, 3; liowdoln, 0. Army, 14; Mlddletury, 0. Dartmouth, 40: Springfield, 0. SATURDAY'S RESULTS. Bloomington, Stubbleflcld .. Somervllle ... Harr lilackman Carson Pot The nearest ai,proach to today'a record was tlie time "f ftfty-nve minute made hy ClnrlnnaU and Hronklyn a week ago. A few yeara atfo the Glanta played an exhibition game with Philadelphia In thirty-two iT.imitea while preparing for the world's eerlea with Boaton, The cwrea: First fnme R. H. F. Philadelphia 1"5 000 0n0 1 8 0 New York ..OlSOfll 00 8 18 1 Meadows and Adams; J. Barneo and Smithy Reeond Rama R. H. E. Philadelphia 00ft OflfJ 010 1 8 3 New York 5S5 000 00 7 10 2 Smith and Adsme; THhben and Oonxalea. Altrock Pitches, Then Quits. Washington. Sept 28. Washington made l elean sweep of tlia aeries wlUt UuatAD bs wlu mug the final gHUie of the aoa&on tuday. 8 to 7. Mc;ra was hit hard hy the local. Nick Art-ruck. Washington pitching coach, and one of the eomouiHtis of the diamond, went tu the mound in the serenih timing. The first four men to face h'tn hit safely and Altrock te"k hnntolf fccora: K. ft. K. wntrto--;:-.:::::?. BJ5 Sofcl'i.,.; Cubs Trim New Champs rock. UUi.'RUvf ani A 'new, Indians Lost Last Gam. PleTflandd. Hfit 28. St Ixu1b d"fetd CleTelana if 8 to 6 in the lftft cdina yf the it-astm. Lurelkit, Who trying to win n twnty-nTta cam OI tn Boavin, iitt' trio aijih In nrun Irninn. llavtic & tff.nnt i.itrheil gnod ball lor tit. Losdl aftr tlia fCcond Inning, iscore; U. H. E. Sl I,ont 210 110 fiOO H 14 1 ClfMland ........ ,20. 010 Oon D 3 Baynts and PflUngi: Covtlenltie, Faeth. ilor-loa and 0'NM. By Score of 2 to 0 rinrlrinatl. ert. 25. Chicago that ont the National league chtmi'lnns In 0i clnting game of the easnn here tolay. Alexander pttchod 1' rill ia nt! v. only rnt of the Retia reaching ae- was kriockmi ! ond haw. and he was given perfect aupport. j no ( llif aenrrn in iiiw iinru niier mu wrir out on a pass to Mngee. ho stole ercond and fme home on Iloliorher's single to richt. Tfioir pcothJ run pame In tlte eltrhth on a trir'e bv 1 1 reus and a ainle hy Merkte. R. H. K. I'hlrago 001 00 010 2 8 0 ClnrlnnaU O00 OOO 0O 0 0 1 Altixaoder and KlUifer; Eiter and AUeo, American League. IMmlt T Uhlta Sox D Pint grime New York , 4 I'MLadelpu-A ... 1 Becond game-New York , ft Philadelphia 2 Flint game Hnaton & Washington , 7 feond game It'stoa t... 1 Washington 4 St Louis S ClsTelaud ......11 National League. Philadelphia 0 New York 6 Brooklyn 6 At 8 ltoston Piftahiirsh HU Louis 0 AMERICAN At MUwanke Indiana poll ...... At fit Paul Toledo First game at Kanaas City ...... Columbua Second game at Kannas l.'ity Columbus ASSOCIATION. K. H. .7 ::::. . . .7 s 10 10 Win AAA Amateur Honor.. Clereland, Sept 28. The BUndara OtU of ClereUnd today won, the elan AAA world's amateur championship of the National Baseball Federation by defeating the Cherroleti of Flint. Mich.. S to 2, In ten Innings In the second game of . double header, Flint won the first game. 6 to 1. Dotrqit Boat." Sox. Sept 28. The America Xagne a. v u Chloai u.u.n In nhlnaeo tode nctorr for Detroit orer the league ehampfona. Yankax. Defeat Dodgers). BrooklTn, Bept 28. The New York Americana defeated the Brooklyn Natlonale A to 2 in en exhibition gnme here today, 'liie Superhus were unable to hit Small wood effectively. The sere; R. H. 11. New York 030 000 0053 1 llrooklrn ......... .ono CHI 001 2 5 1 Smsllwood an! Hoffman ; MffTer, fimlth. C-dor. and M. Wheau. Uiilcr, Krucser. Cooksville, 6; Ellaworh, 1. "' ksville flefeated Ellsworth R to itiirday afternoon on the Cooks ' olomond. Vnn Dvke and Stuart liattorjr of the dinners put up t oxlilhitinrm of mulne 'cm up. Dyke hurled his Fffond no-hlt of the wfok. riurtne the Merna noinont Vnn Hykn pitched his no-hit eatne asalnst Ileyworth oro RUE iviii9 000 301 01 5 13 vorth 009 000 1001 0 "i liyke and Stuart; Van Gundy it n.ipv. Another Homer for Babe. nshlnKton. I. C, Sept. 2S. I?!he of the Boston Uoil Snx, hit his "y-nimn nome run or ttin season srame atrainat the eenatore Card. Loit Laet Gam.. t Txula. Sert 2S. St Louis conld not wltintand Plttabnrgh'a attack In the fifth and eiTth innings, and lent the last game of the,n hre today, A to R. Score: R. If. E. I'liUMireli 000 033 000 6 2 St I"lls ..... 000 100 O20 8 2 Wlsncr tnd PlscVwell; Woodward, Sherdel and Clfniona. Dllhoefer, Both cluba went thrn the moUona of a regular game, but the Chicago players took no enancee, using the final game as a workout before meet trig Cincinnati for the world's championship. F.ddle ClcotU worked out two Innings and then gave way to recruit Wtlkineon. The locals sharpened their batting eyes and gecumuiatpd nineteen hits. Each club hit freely. R. 11. E. Iietrolt 102 400 080 10 IS 4 Chicago 201 101 211 0 18 8 lx)ve and Ayera; Cicotte, Wilkinson and Schalk, Doriaa at Notre Dame. Coach Charles Dorlas, the greatest quarterback ever turned out at Notre Dame, la now engaged as football Instructor at that place. For a num ber of years Doriaa was at Dubuque college at Dubuque, la. A number of Bloomington boys attended school there and were athlete, under the direction of Doarlas. Knute Rockne Is head coach at Notre Dame. Mat Show for Rockford. Eookford, 111., Sept. 17. Watchmaker Llndstrand has arranged a big wrestling show for October S. John Freiberg will meet Ivan Ldnow, Steve ' Savage will face Paul Martinson and Folke Bengston promising lightweight, will engage, a Camp Grant grappler. Bloomington and Gibson in Tie Score Saturday Bloomington high school's eleven and Drummer township high school of Gibson City battled to a 7-7 score In the first local football game of the season Saturday at Wilder field. Uue to the first real contest for all the players a number of fumbles, erratic passes, the game lacked the expected thrills. Both elevens seemed content to disregard any hard tackling. Two fumbles In the early part of the contest probably cost the local school a victory. Considering that It Is their first game Coach 1'hllllps Is satisfied. With but a few minutes left In the last half Drummer township high school fumbled the ball when within a few feet of their goal and the B. H. S. crew recovered It. Gibson City scored when Davis s..ot a forward pasa Into the arms of a visitor wno raced the field for six points. Krud-up kicked the goal. Drummer township apparently had the advantage, being the heavier of the two teams. A Pass from Frai.ks to MaQIrl started the local athletes to their first score. Afte- a 30-yard gain Franks carried the ball over the line. Stubblefield kicked goal. Hoth teams scored In the second quarter. The summary: Drummer. ...1..E Craig ...L.T Sprowls . ,.L.U I'almer ...C Shields ...R.O Helmlck Kuhn (capt.) R.T Sawyer lilackburn K.K itotn MaGirl ..: QB Downs Van Ness . . . .R.H.B.Krudun (capt.) Davis L.H.B Gill Franks F.B Bllssard Substitutions Evans for Van Nesa Touchdowns Shields, Franks. Goal from touchdown Stubble" field, Krudup. Tlm of nuarters 10 minutes Officials Referee, Young, Illinois Wesleyan; umpire, Muhl, Illinois .head linesman, Adams, Chicago field Judge, Admlro. e Two Grid Games Will Be Played Here Saturday A double header football game will be given the fans of this section of the country next Saturday when Bloomington high school meeta Clinton high school, and Wesleyan opens her season with Augustana. Just what game will be played first has not been decided. Coach Muhl and C-ach Phillips will make an agreement some time this week. The only school day game ached-uled Is for tomorrow afternoon when Normal Public high meets University High school. Bad Weather Causes Game to Be Cancelled Rain caused the postponement of the championship baseball game scheduled for yesterday afternoon at Fans' Field. Manager Kalahar of the All Stars and Manager Kraft of the Cheap Charley club agreed to end their attempts to .tage the contest thi. season. Manager Kalahar state, that any time any farmer, cf the country want rain Just to let him know and he will arrange a ball game, and rain will certainly fall. It was the second successive Sunday that rain or wet ground, caused the postponement of the contest. NOTICE CH4BLES DENBY CIGARS Now 8o, 2 for 19o. GLOBE DEMOCRAT . CIGARS Now 8c, 2 for 15o. HARLAN BROS. CO. Distributer. . V f " j A O v sit ..............., 1 .! V.t DA.D. 0, The Mummy of Rameses Would Wake Up To Congratulate You If yon went twinging by his sarcophagus In on of vox nw model Overcoats. Overcoats this year are fairly alive with the lines of perpetual youth. The Overcoat pictured is the ."Grit No. 2" one of those happy hits that flash into the style-sky like a bright meteor. Young men from coast to coast will wear it with china up. If you're along about the warm-hearted age of man, you 11 like your looks in this coat. There's no question about the wear satisfaction it will give you; it bears the quality assuring label ' "We've a goodly lot of other models in Overcoats, some for sons, ome for sires, all suited harmoniously to the ages they were designed to groom. "We'll be glad to show them and we'll make you glad with prices .. $35 to $55 All Series Games ! to Start at 2 O'clock Cincinnati, Sept. 28. Chairman August Herrmann of the National Baseball Commission, Issued a statement today In which he said the world's series games between the Chicago White Box and the Cincinnati Nationals would begin In each city promptly at 2 o'clock. Herrmann said the time for starting the world's series games In 1918 was 2:90 o'clock and that this time was by some oversight allowed to remain In the bulletin for this year's games. Instead of being changed to 2 o'clock, the time agreed upon for the game, to begin. Uncle Sam Will Garner $18,000 From World Series Washington. Sept. 28. The United States treasury la expecting to benefit at least J1S.000 on the world series baseball games. Each purchaser of a ticket will have to pay the customary admission tax of one cent for each ten cents or fraction thereof, which on the basis of laRt year's attendance will mean enough to pay the salary of the president for nearly three nionths. Officers of the bureau of Internal revenue will go to Cincinnati and Chicago to check up returns. Brokers, it Is believed, will find the business of "scalping" tickets this year at rxorbltant rates much less profitable than heretofore, in- i asmuch ss there Is a tax of 60 per cent on the excesa charge. brokers will be required to register with the collectors of Internal revenue of the Cincinnati and Chicago districts before doing business and any violations of the regulations will be dealt with vigorourjjy, . the law Imposing a punishment of one year", imprisonment or S10.C !9 fine. Supt. Stableton Heads Committee on Football An Intimation In a Sunday paper that the board of education had gone over the heads of the school authorities In considering a football arrangement between Bloomington and Normal high schools. Is pronounced wholly wrong by those In a position to know. This fact Is attested hy the placing of Superintendent Stableton as head of the committee to consider the proposition, which a. Is well known, has been tinder consideration for some time. Prof. Goodler, principal of the Bloomington high school, Is another member of the committee, and the members to represent the hoard are Jesse Hoffman and H. Q. Bent. The present plan Is to have a game In the morning on Thanksgiving day between Bloom ington high and one of the Normal high schools, and the usual Wes- leyan-Normal U, game to be played in the afternoon. Maranville Injured. New Haven, Conn., Sept. 28. ".Rabbit" MaranvlUe, shortstop of the Boston National League team, fell j,.st befor. the start of an exhibition game here today and It Is thought that his collar bone was fractured. An X-ray will be taken to determine the extent of his In-ury- . Tractor. Win Firet Came. Peoria, 111., Sept. 28. The professional football season opened here today with the Peoria Tractor, defeating the Clinton, la., Athletics 27 to 0. Roberts, former Annapolis star playing halfback fear Peoria, featured with long runs. SPECIAL SALE Football Jerseys All WOOL $5.00 Value While They Last $3.50! Sizes 30 to 42. Colors Navy, maroon, gray, maroon and white, orange and black. Let us supply your athletic needs. (Jnjjm & JYtarquis 315 North Main Street, J9 uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiii: 1 NOTICE FOR THE PUBLIC FAIR CONTRACTORS: 5 In order that the public may know the names of those per- E sons who are fair and unfair to organized labor in Blooming- ton and Normal we invite its attention to the following lists: Victor Johnson, Buck & Dun gey, Rcholi & Hall, R. M. Hufflngton, T. Hunter, Naffzlger Sc Ealctk, Robt. McMllllan, James Lamb, Kreugor ft Son, J. L. Simmons. 0, 0. Morgan, UNFAIR I 5 Charles I, Hall, general contractor; 0. Bates, brldi eontraetor. Building Trades Council niiiiiiiiiiillllliilliiiiiiiliilliiiliiiiiliiilllliiiiliiilliiliilillililllllilllilillliliiillliiilr: The Bloomington Co-atructloa Co. H. M. Salch, M. E. Foreman, Fred Garllng & Son, Geo. Oil. er Son, Tyler Greenlee, John Barth, Steve Glldner, Dole Evans, A. Laps, West Bids Planing Mill, P. O. Morats, Tate Newlan, 0. J. Waterstreet, J. A. Livings (Jobbing), O. Beetner, F. A. Hufflngton, W. T. T.itman. 'Announcing the arrival of our first Fall shipment o Manhattan Shtrts Forerunners ef a eomplete collection, matching the qnsSity standard ol the makers and this store. Evidencing, anew, those traperioritles of material, design, eolei, fit finish fo which Manhattan shirts are famous. Fist colors guaranteed in every way the equal of the fteeirt dostom shfrta $3.00 to $10,00 , GRIESHEIM'S The Home ef Hnhtn Shlrte, Hart haffner & Marx Cloth.e, 9teMN end Borweflne (Italian) Hats and Ev.rwear Ho.lery. Ifllllll lllllllllllllliii HP The Final Sport Summaries in the Peoria Journal are on sale Here at 8 o y clock Rad TODAY'S NEWS TODAY In The Peoria Journal sport edition on the streets of Bloomington by 8 o 'clock. Checked base ball scores and authentic and final race results are published complete. The Peoria Journal carries Into Bloomington NEWS ETfiTTT TTOITRS FRESTTER THAN THAT IN THE CHICAGO PAPERS. Read the full wad complete market reports for the day in The Peoria Evening Jourcnl The Dominant Paper of Central Illinois FOR SALE IN BLOOMINGTON BY B. ROEMER. n s fr'sl ,1 A- i4i yjrajy jiternoon r

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