The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on March 9, 1928 · Page 17
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 17

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1928
Page 17
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THE DAILY PANTA GRAPH, BLOOMINGTON, ILL.. FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 1923. SEVENTEEN PHONE 24f0. Canada Committee Visits European Livestock Markets and Makes Eight Recommendations for Legislation B ii f Rf ports From Nine Co-Op-frativei Summarizing Their Operation! the Past Year and 5howing Steps of Advance- ment Items From U. S. D. A. Cooperative marketing la the first of iht meaeure recommended by r-nskatchewan Overssae LJre- , ., marketing commiilon to the lf, :iur or Saskatchewan. Toe f mission was appointed early In jv; cy the Piktchwn AstIooI-tj l Reeearcu foundation and dl- p. ,1 to make an Inveatlgatlon relate la the marketing of Canadian l!wtofli In Creat Britain and to ,-lv co-operative bacon factories in Lngland. Ireland and Denmark, j r commission waa mad up of five , , who Investigated condition In countries namd and alao In Po-, i, Germany and Holland. ' i e data collected by the InvestI--i' rs mad report of 700 pas. 1 r"inmlaalon'a conclusions ara ;r.,nif1 up In tha eight reeom-n .n Utlnna to tha legislature, which f.iltnwa: i rn-oDeratlve markatlnc of I'vwtnflc " A complete survey of livestock . i.i.j - .ki hn'ltnaa in iiwiu " pmvinca with a view to discovering the moat aultabla area In which to -truct an experimental baoon fac ' 'i Eetabllshment of feeding ata- ns In proilmltr to cantral mar-i,. ui or to locallttea where fead la r, Lilly available where livestock Mnt be held and proparly finished In'l central markets can absorb t'A'ti, 4 Adoption of something akin to Panleh system of connecting ,rr,..r of purabrad plera with tha T.marclaJ farmara through tha me- im nf testing atatlona. S. Improvement of beef cattle onlltv through Importation of pure-h'M etre or outstanding typa from ls:rd and Scotland. Inatltutlon of aoma measure of sr-Mlne livestock under Dominion a'iplra. for overeess export trade. 7 fixation in Canada of a ds-utment or bureau of agricultural eonnmlrj to atudv data on mark't-'-e and other prohlems. a Closer harmony between tha federal dapartment of agriculture nrn tha dapartmant of trade and rrnrrerre, with maintenance and 'Vnr on of tha service of tha acrl-r iHurnl producta representatives, In I innon. Moat a Million Caaai of Egg In summarising tha 12T hiislnees if tha poultrv producers of California. Ban Francisco, tha general manar rporta that It waa the ni"t aatlafactory yeaf that tha aa- aflon aa a bualnaaa ortanlMtlon ria aver upariancad- Unfortun-n'cly. onr mamhara aa Individual producara hae not had profitable yar. dna to relatively low aelllnj nrloea for a and hUher feed and -eplarnment coata." lt year there wore 11.191 memhere and tha naaocla-tlon handled STT.Oflft eaaea of eeira 'nvlnc a ivalua of nearly four mll-'hn dollar. " Ttilrty-fltght par cant of all re-elpta war aold at retail. Nearly r rent of the area war aold tn tern marketa thronah tha Pa-ifie Eitf Producara, Inc., New Tork '-. Hundred Rural Flra Troopa Nearly ona hundred rural flra ioopa hava baan formed In Indiana r rural flra prevention and protec-on. and hava proved their valua In n.:-fully combating flraa. These roopa ara organized through the inn Bureau and each troop la made id of from 8 to 40 farmara banded tether for mutual flra protection. iore than 3,100,090 pounde; the tn-is been saved through their efforta. 8eattla Grange Wholeaala Net aalea to tha amount of $105,-i ara reported by tha Orange Co-i.eratlva Wholesala, Seattle, Waah, ur 1B27. Oparatlona of tha year resulted In groaa earnlnxa of $18,977, and net earning of (1,785. Thla aum was applied to tha deficit which ;i mounted to 5,I37 at the close of leaving tha deficit M ma ana of 1827, $4,062. 29 Million Pound Butter. Larger quantities of butter, dried milk, cheese and eggs wera handled by the Challenge Cream and Butter Hssociatlon in l'J27 than aver before-The Increase In butter handled waa more than 1,100,00 pounds; tha In crease In dried milk waa mora than 400,000 pounds; In cheeae, more than 200,000 pounds; and In eggs, mora than 172,000 dozens. Gross aales for ion showed an increase over 182$ of 1.102.083. The Challenge association waa formed by a number of co-operativ creameries In 1911 to function a a co-operative aalea agency on the L,o Anseles market. S.nce 1920 the quantity of butter handled annually haa increased from less than Uve million pounds to nearly 29 million pounds of butter, and the gross returns to tha association from aala of all producU waa more than 12 millions. Million Refund to Mambara A refund to the amount of 1,37Z, 537 tg now ready for distribution to member of the Saskatchewan Cooperative Wheat Producers, Ltd., Re-Rina. This sum represents the rnlngs by tha Saskatchewan Pool Klevators, Ltd., from handling more han so million bushels of grain in the 1928-27 season. It Includes the earning from both country and terminal elevators after deducting expenses, depreciation. Intereat, and reserve fund. Buying Farm Supplies Farm euppllea to the value of $64.-306 wera purchased through the Franklin County Service company, Columbus. Ohio, during the year ending September 80, 1927. The more Important Itema were: feed. $.9-fertilizer, $12,040; seeds, $4,423; twine. $2,247; and seed potatoes, $2,- CENTRAL ILLINOIS FARM AND STOCK SALES lirrl, Andrew Mrnltilid. Normal. SUrtli 10 FrmS CIIImpH. Colfil. SUrcl U ; riofd KllfOorUi-Mirch 14 Mm. Rohm Hltt, BI"emtnftoe. Mitrb 14 II SI Miirrajr, monmlnstall. linn 14 Hnih Hurrln TXnr'rf. Hurrh IS C. R, H,wkini. Irmr. ' March 1 5 (tjhrnck annul Uirkrt DT gll rh.ak Much IS fflmeff Lonjberry. Downs. Mwh IS Rlmtr Lonibtrr, IVwrw. Mir.h IS K KrHiH, F-rniw "Ky. Farm and Rural Interests Th. Fantagnph'i kg Must Keep Out Stock IfWoodlot Is Wanted Sprlngnrld, III., March $. OV- Injury dona to Illinois woodlota by ualog them for paaturt la greater than th Injury from all other rauaa, In th opinion of R. B. Millar, atata forester, . About II per cant of th fVm woodlands of Illlnnla, Millar said, are rated by cattle and hoga. "to their lasting damage both to mature treea, young timber, and th aoll." Mr. Miller haa juat returned from a national meeting of tha American Koreatry aaaorlalinn, where the damage dona to woodlanda by allowing grazing mas stressed. Ilia poatT won an honorable mention at thla meeting. "To appreciate th damns resulting from grazing," aald Mr. Millar, "It must be umlaratood that graaara and treea ara conflicting klnda of vcKetation. A very alight agenry La able to upset the balance and determine whether a forest or th aod shall hold tha conteeted alte. "Tha first effect of grazing Is In Jury to small tree. A grazed wood-lot Is strikingly free from underbrush. More sunlight reaches th ground, and sunlight I iM effective a fir In deatroylng th Kit mulch. necessary for proper growth. Destruction of mulch and Inrreaaed eunllght raves tha way for grasa, to take up tha molstur and prevent tree seedlings from starting. "First th grazed woodlot becomea clear of underbruah. then grasse ap pear and a aod forma. Ilia tope of large treea die, and eventually theae treea drop out. and the area la cleared. If wooded areaa are dealrad, live- took muat be kept out." RAISING PIGS ON SHARES INTERESTS 'AG' BOYS A very practical method of get ting the buye Intereated tn a project and at very little coat ia tha shar baala of raising plga. Smith at Sona of C.Irani agreed to furnlah as many pure-bred Chester Whit gilt as th boy wanted on the following terms: L Th gilts ara to be kept, cared for and properly fed by tha boy until weaning time. 2. Tb gilt ara all bred to Smith A Sons pure-bred Chester White boar. The gllta are all eligible for reglatratlon. 3. All loaaea on tha gilt aa death or Injury are to ba taken car of by Smith & Dona. 4. At weaning time th plga ara to ba divided aa follow: Th boy get first choice of any boar and th breeders get first choice of any gilt. Afterwards equal division la to be made ct th litter of plga. In cas of an uneven number jf piga ex ample seven the boy gets four and the breeders three. 5. All sows ara to ba returned to tha breeders at weaning time of th pigs. s. Reglatratlon win be mane ny th breeders of any of th pig tha boy want to keep or aell aa breeding atock. Ktght gilts war let out to four boy and they should have soma In teresting result early In March. Should they desire to sell or ahow any of the pigs, they will have sn early start and with pure-bred pigs. This appears to b a very good proposition to offer any boy and affords him a good project at very lit- tie outlay coat. It increase his re sponsibility by putting a business proposition before him and affords him ample chanca for good returna In pork production, for atartlng a purebred herd or selling breeding stock. The boys appreciate th fact that they will own plga which are pure-bred and eligible to reglstra- tlon. N. C. Smith, Waverly high school Instructor In agriculture. FIND WHEAT IS KILLED IN GRIDLEY VICINITY A good share of tha wheat on the Gilbert Dodsort farm near Gridley la reported to be killed. Thirty acre drilled Into standing corn last fall la In good enough shape to let stand, But other fields will be reseeded. Farmers In the Gridley vicinity ar Betting their dlHks sharpened for the spring work. Quite a rush of disk-nharpening Jobs has turned up at the Gridley shops. Farmers have taken advantage of the excellent weather th past week to start dragging and burning corn stalks, burning fence rows and cutting hedge. Not all farmers ara well caught up with their work, however. In the vicinity of Towanda aome corn husking waa in progress this week. HEDGE FENCES TO MAKE CORN BORER WORK HARD Th very best treatment for a hedge fence I to back a steam engine up to it and yank It out, in the opinion of Helke Harms of Weston. Whila trimming his hedge Wednesday, a Pantaztraph reporter stopped to ask him about the task. Hedge fences will certainly be In the way when the corn borers come to this country, he said. Pointing to the litter of stems and trash at the base of the hedge ha commented that there is no way to burn or destroy that trnh without Injuring the hedge Itself. When It becomes necessary to clean up all such trash to kill corn borers, It will almost b necessary to pull tha hedge and put down a wire fence, ha believes. 02. The management report that 80 ner cent of the feed waa taken out by truckers who had brought In livestock or milk. Large Cain in Michigan Large tains in volume of business wera made In 1927 by the Mlohigan Farm Bureau Supply aarvlca. un feed alone there waa an Increase of approximately BOO tone per mouth over any previous year, nom m net earnings a patronage dividend of (14,266 was declared to Its co-operativ organization dealers. Among the supplies purchased for Michigan farmers are the follpwing: open-formula dairy and poultry feeds fertilizer, coal, twine, and miscellaneous articles. A first venture into the field of farm machinery was made late In 1927. rfculroraj Department. CHAS. A. R0WE TAKEN BY DEATH a Very Succe$$ful Jacksonville Farmer Wat Foremost in Farm Organization Sen ice. RECALLING HIS LARGE WORK Charles A. Row a, prominent farm er Juat northweat of Jacksonville, died, Tuaaday evening after a long lllneaa. He waa prealdent of thallll- cola Association ft Mutual Inautanr companies, and his fellow officer, Vic I'reslJant 8. B. Msson of Bloom-Ington and (Secretary Charles llolz of Huckley, will go to Jacksonville Friday to attend tb funeral at 1 p. m. Rev. W, E. Keanaa of Blooming ton, a personal friend, will also attend tha funeral. Mr. Jlowa was on of th foremost men In th atal tn working out practical farm Improvement. In co operating with the V. of I. rullrga of agriculture, and In aervlng th various 01 ganlsatlons of farmers. II waa (2 year of ag at th time of his death, and from the first an nual winter gatherings at th U. of I. colleg of agriculture. Urban. 10 years ago, ha attended tha aeaalons and was on of th first group of corn Judges that helped conduct thoa short courses. Ssrving th People. Th Jacksonville Journal says of Mr. Home: H was ona of tha flrat farmer In Morgan county to carry on agriculture on a eclentlflc baaia. For yeara h has been known aa a grower of fin aeed corn, and ha ba not only provided many ouahela of flrat claaa seed coin for Morgan county fields but his advice given In lectures and dtmonetralione at puollo meetings throughout a long period of yeara haa resulted In the growing of other fine gram In th county and atata. "As he gained knowledge of farm ing, particularly corn growing, be applied hi knowledge to good advantage and waa considered one of the county a moat prosperous farm-era. "Mr. Row also found time along with his manv farming dutlea toS devote aome attention to civic and church affairs. Ha waa a faithful member of the F.henezer M. K. church and 'a al-wav active In It welfare. H waa often called on to aing at funeral and alwaya gave of hi eervtca gladly. He waa a member of the church choir for several years. He was a close atudent of the Bible and was abl to quote many passages from memory." Charles A. Row ha heen personally known to th agricultural editor of The Dally Fantagraph for many yeara. He waa a very modest man and a grant atudent of his buslnaas, and wall liked by all who knew him. a moat careful, conacienimus ana useful citizen, widely known. The Rowe Farm Plan. Mr. Row' father, W. H, Row, developed a very Intelligent and successful system of farming, scarcely Improved upon by th latest methods studied and recommended today. He divided the go acres of tillable land In his 120-acie farm Into four equal fields, and followed a four-year rotation. One of those fields waa In clover pasture every year, and plga were raised in the clover; tha next year tha clover and pigs wre In another field. Sow and pigs occupied the aame field only once In four vears. The simplest movable equip ment was used, and great pains tak en with every detail of th worn, Th business prospered so that second, a third, and aa th writer remembers, a fourth amall farm waa purchaaed and all operated aeparate-y on tha aame plan. Seed corn and hogs have been tha principal pro ducta. The Rowe farm. Its metnons and results, have been written up several times in this paper, beginning about 2$ year ago. Subject of U. 8. Bulletin. TVl... lrMnu'leAffA Af thlfl VrV aCO- ful plan came to the attention of the U. B. department of agriculture. W. J. Fplllman published an Illustrated bulletin upon the Rowe farm.' In careful practice, Mr. Row had hit upon nearly all the essentials of the McLean county system or nog aanua tion, which waa developed here 25 or 30 venrn later and la the best system known to agriculture today. Charles 9. Rowe grew up in this work with 1,1. fnrhar and continued It after the later's death several years ago. The I I Particular Feeders Cta cheese from tha moat eosi-plat Has of high quality feeds In Cantral Illlnoia if you flew with na. Check your requlremrnta and mail for ear latait quoUUona. TANK AOS OIL MEAL COTTON BEgD MEAL MIDDLINGS, BRAN, STEER KATENA PIO CHOW H0.MK8TIAD BOO FEED MCL CO PIQ AND 8H0AT HOMESTEAD DAIRY COW CROW DAIRY PILL8BURT DAIRT Slit'HEMC A MIX) DAIRY DAILY NEED DAfRY QUALITY FIELD SEEDS MED. RED CLOVE! MAMMOTH CLOVER ALBIKI CLOVER W B 8W. CLOVER GRUNDY CO 8W. CLOVER ALFALFA GHIMM ALFALFA TIMOTHY DWARF ESSEX RAPS Order earl; and fancj selections. choose from Phone 350 Call or Write. GEO. AGLE & SONS, Inc. 207-209 S. renter. Bloomincton, 111. , a e t a a r f i . How James T. Wise Advanced to Place of 'Master Farmer Champaign. I1U March I. UO Thwarted tn hi plana to become a doctor. Jam T. Wise, a echool teacher, decided he would follow hie father' trade and become a ucce- ful fanner. That he aucceeded I atteated by th fact that h waa choaen aa on of th Muter Farmera of Illinois by Pralr'e Farmer, agricultural Journal Aa th eldest of It children, Wlae waa too busy working to go to school He waa "top hand" en his father's farm until ha waa II yeara old, whan h alerted out to get an education. After few winter terma In echool Wlae took up tha aludy of medicine. He lacked, however, the money to continue hie medical atudlea. so be applied for teacher' certificate. On hla first examination he failed. On bis second, he waa given a ccrtlflcat. Th next few yeara h spent In teaching echool In th winter and working on farm In th aummer. Shortly after hi marriage, he de cided to take up farming aa hla Ufa work, and went Into debt IIS.OVO to buy a Ill-acre farm In Champaign county. When Wlae acquired the farm. It waa one of th moat run down in tha country dilapidated bulldlnga and fencea, barren aoll. I! promptly di vided the farm Into four tract, ro tatlng them In com, oat, wheat and clover, and aet abttTit repairing th farm' physical aaaeta. Today, Wlae'a farm which he ha Increased to 271 acrea, la ona of th show place In Champaign county. Buslnesa-llke efficiency and up-to- date farming methods have been auc-ceaafully applied by the ex-achool teacher and atudent of medicine. Wlae alao haa taken a great Intereat In community affaire, serving aa an official on th varlnue farm groupa and on the district school board. II Inaugurated th move to ship th first carload of corn from tha county, and otherwise haa been a leader In rural affair. It waa upon hie diversified interest that Wlae'a Master Farmer award waa made. Man, Killed by Victoria, Diet at Home in Ireland Ballymoney, County Antrim, Ira- land. u fenll McCoy, whoa proudest boast waa that he waa kifeed by Queen Victoria, ia dead. The great queen wa alnapectingi the Sherwood Foreaters regiment In last when ahe spied th young McCoy, a trumpeter and not yet If year old. gtooplm, ah rave the lad a motherly kia. then aald: "I think you ar too young- to be a aoldler. It I at home with your mother you should do. Rowe'e grew soybean for pig feed 20 year or more sgo. Most Valuable Lssdsr. These men, father and aon, represented the best farm life and citizenship we have today. They were thoroughly intelligent, atudloua of all Itema and developmenta in their field, seeking for practical knowledge everywhere it could be found, economic and thrifty, but liberal In carrying anything they knew to thousands of their fellows. They were all around men and pioneers In the best farming and wholeaome rural life Their work and i deeply interwoven with th vry bet of Illinois grlculrure. Frank Gillespie's Surplus Stock Sale Cattle, horses and other stock I a sal a pwWIe t-tl ae m torn. t mOm sorlhe- Calf. a tfca raTal T" SATURDAY, MARCH 10 V BeeHmhif at t 0 9 . ha foOoarhitt 4 HEAD OF HORSES On. trtr Pwer sridini. aostla, t Tara old. -irta JS00, 1 iter .. " '-" .M. ..IhTrOOOi t tn, anrb.1 rliM Pwon on.. Tha . a . Fi t- oita. 24 HEAD CATTLE On. tn. Onr-, sulk T F-.4 oli. -iB ba fr-h -T aa. r-d ntari ,JT' fr-w , ,.. ..If bp rid. sood mllkw: a. MmU ghWborn aoa with Bol.taln 'Z Z: T:',: .Wh-,. fr-h. ea,, W ride, on. r.ll by aida: on. l-taar-old Bhorthorn haifar. fr-hi on. t-jaar-old Herfort UI a " ZL. wondrrW awllker; on. l-taaraM Ouam. heifer, -til b. traah loon. fin. aula ateoil aa. l-raar .Id spotted Shorthorn aow, a boot 1.000 II. sood atooh aow. BULL One a Mood nd ghorthora hnlL II aioetht eld. 000 It. alleSe ho ba rclaUrl Abost 14 fabler., eooln. rlm n, In -WfM hetw. 100 al .00 TISMI OF SALI-125 and end. eub. AD ens atw IDS. f oweth. arllfc SlTltit Mta with approaad aarorltr taarla( T par eant lnte.t 1 per oani diacoeat for aue. Ka Bropartr ta be ramortd from premise) antU tarma a, eomplie wtth. FRANK OILLEtPIK. COU 9. L. MOWN and BTEICRY MTEB AsoUanewa, TABMEBB STATE BAMK. Clara. FARM LAND SALE 1, 0 SATURDAY, MARCH 10, 1928 NO. 1240 ACRES anpratt.. S?X sU'C .onV'". MM. f 2!SJ & ThS't.m win b. nid .W-t t. a mt,. of .80,000.00. b-rlni t ft v tatar-t. wtlch ia not do. until Sept I. Ifl. wHh jg g w-t.AeM farm, tented IA nllea aortheart with ZJZ. soS Kai b.;' wUb and U'rsi ih-d .Ion, o. ..da. soad ... Jltehan d .toVaToo oJrkan bowa. TLi. I.rm to rollins. but oott all ran ba famed. A food daJrr and rtncli farm. Th. leaal dwrrlption la- u . . outj m swh. alio the W of tha W 14 of tha AW14. alio KB H oC tha SW VI of th. SW . "to th. N H of tha SE It of th. 8W -4 l.o 13 1J aerea ' off Si 'the wmi '.'toot th. IWIi 2 th. E of S. a. T28N, R3E of tb. rd ThlUrnTwIir'ol US "hiS"'. 14,000 00 b-rtn. I pw eat U,-t. which la aot doe ntt H.rcb 1 jq' JJy'QRES Tl Aoraa of lolllni putnra Und! northweat of DaWUt, TH il. i-.iuit raiaxm linnlv BMU fOT Ultla UlOf W 7"tn. i uie m i nth-TA. tint lmorod Tb lal annef.. ...J V U ,t thd KKU VA t of thff HT. 4na 1 H lf m( n 24 CHOICE BUILDING LOTS Tw,ntT-fow fin. batldtn, Iota la th. B..le, A CltF. of Urw. Th wa.a P--. r" 11 fSt'l". - n aid US to int. de. To. I.l der.ptton : tM i T 10 II IT. IS. IS 5. S. 84. IS. 7 . . 40 Blorh On.: fyrto Tl Bii. Three let. 18 14 15, l. Bl.h .'out: lot. TO. 21 82. Bloeh Lf IT. . a.. . k.1.... a.llnra of A.ed Ahrt.aet win toZr? Radio News Highlights in Tonights Programs fiee p. n wta Tt aiiaMa. " aieat. Tito a wast m nodi u. m. f Tn 0'ff4 BmIMMII m, 0 a aio Mtrwoag me Anata. eteiaea .iwtlal ieuM. S 00 a - woco t aei MaWeX. Peal CLASSICAL CONttKTS S O B KMA lt4 Tl gailsAnh. Prti-u. f 1 time jp,i, WW tit) sou, UiiMk "Micawaa ItisM " J a-riF IW!I Kaw Tats. WJ. MM J, .W Imi. OX aUMiet tf4 Xe S.4I a. WIBO (1010) CaMMW aoa racnaL ia a ai wan. (jaS IITOl Km Tart attt.wl SiftiMalsaa. "Tba Mriftae af !." T.O a m atj ntrrwoat Thu. Berraa forvn 'irr'mt iU r'aonen I' m Urn M. kVoo With., kli'll tW'At. KM.I. tWAA. Ml.a. Wl.llll. Vt I IT. '(,'. Will., WBAl. W T AM WTIC WnW WUJ KOA BLtr. "rwtig biiin u.-Uo S.tkA. KIW. WAIIi CM I (ISO ) ColuwtnA Cttkaea. 1 rift t rC ! :oi pniwUr Inn WLW MIS ?O0l rinrmuU. vb'i its:, aan ra M himm-WSNT (l.ttjot. Ntw TchS. Mae, Wi'R itJiflo, Krauk. CUi 1 liable 111 i BJLt R UtTWORg While TihAU WHAM Kl KA. Wjg, WLW. KWJ kk. MIN U ! Il Ci.i" Tie Aas'h"-, T:l a WAMl W-illi u 1'wl. Hul l lle.tlixi rr . SUl I tueasill LblOMO UhHHaL l0 m. tD NKTWoHg Whit'sU Anf'a- Ihu, ir. wrfci jt"A. WJ WI.IT Win', WtSM. W'. WKli, WIA.I, WW'; 4.HH WIAII. jM. Willi W1MJ. Ht,T. !,. CtiLt u'bIA CHAtM Tr tner Hur WraO WFI. !.. WoF. WJAiT V KHl , V MAS. WMAO :.t t. nHtvuiiS- wtUi. !;. lit. AriuoIlK-w FnlM Ff J7t. WHA, Hl't. ni i. u i ir kju H i Cwk" wsr.)i. whhw itikA. WRVA. v.aM. WB w Mr. win IM (?, HIUl .un. Hi BHU tsaS TTO) Caltee. Amat re Wrl!' I4M 030) CIucmw Fuplr l ie '"'i-WO! I4ITJI Chleaea. Coo-WiaU (IIO TtOI irkmrwlr. OiUil WBfborii atO) WuhlMfa. ' Ler4 Cat ei.nt, a 1:41 p. oi Wi'U IJ7J 11001 auaati uir. Uilm u.o tVi'iNr wiAv.yrAr..VMV wihu Ml. III'. - vwio WNr. wowti BE El .NtTWiiiik ! liuoii.a Hour, ffma r a t mil mil' WJAIt. W'TAI. wren. wlit' w Hi. wi.r. n. i: W1AU WWi. WAI. WIIMM. wim', whiiWhw "'.ri TV.- Wl !', wen. "I", - Wli ... '. wra MgC Sitii unllim Mpla-ai. Fal WJSii",444 0) - York. Oanla IrtU-knikA. - a 10 p m KOA tiaaaaoi Jiw WC.' ,4 :40) Mula F.ul 0-r- WHM I4I40) Tort. WJx"l4R4-ani Ni- Tarh. ''eiraund tha Puna ' WFHH- 4 . m P U'HIWI ijiu v.v. 100 PACtF.ri.CHAIH-wlw. a WJZ 0f454kal?' Kr. Tort. Bluwhw Wwl'''l2T0 11101 MUwasar Cnrrt. 10 JO p iii w w J (ass asui vnmi. n- p 4T M0 Atlanta. J" HUP HI a.iua. NOTICE . ....-.i. artn ka lauaind M tha (St. et Bioominitoa. DMaoM. at tha " . t'i,m Urn rilna Ml U eV"V 7. VivSVm1, it . MuifBu ui'iT i'yiviiua uilliu VIUK. arrotlllM to the uaelfi'" tiitM anl tmiilreniaiitt now a Ilia In ua W el tha Citj uwra. a. ..i. .Mimnanlad ht eertlfled , ,, -I ika ininlt of i . fnrfai-M ai llanMaiaS ihouia tlx hliMar fall la antat lute aonuan ab-ljl the MM ha award 10 ' hlra. Tha nt et Blnoanaaton. Ilnnoia the frht t. rrltct mi aod all bma. 1M' BTERMAt BOTE, CITY CLERE at Oowna. and 3 mile, nortn n aa p. imnntTsn an i tl guiai w -i " " - - ' Jircript,on u: ftlWI . ml A ibt W of tb. BE 14 at tha - .. Krt '"dU " ui ia " Fes. .-.U h. pjjd h, jb. bt h"i;go pfitze.vmkteb. Survittna Partnar. and Program s . av oa isie-siei 11 ie . . eaoiria nirwo Laae aa giNM KMifKt anar T a avi caof, tnwf. aeuo, aoa. at tnt waa. o, Mfo, avA, wear, ,, WW NO. Victor Radio Artists A araerlal Victor Herbert program will be the feature of ti Ictor hour at o'clock tnnlanl over Die Blue network. Among the art ate to appear on the program will he Lewia Jnmee. I-am-bert Murphy, Lucy Murah, Ollie Kline. Virginia He a. H.Ian Clark, Ulady Kic and Nathaniel tlktl-Brat, tooductlng, ' A dinner, honoring rtenator Honnorat of fYanc. with aU dreaae bF the fienatoi, Charle K. Hughe and ottiere. will be broadrwat at o'clock ton ght over the atatlona on th WJZ chain. Th cities service hour will be broad rest at T o'cluik over the V KA' hookup. 110 p WAWf) I138 1II0I Mit, RADIO TALK FE ATI EM 4 00 4 l p at WAIU nit toaoi f All. Ull ( -IIW 4l(0l Buffalo. B AA Wait 4liOI PalU. 18 p av WOT (1.0 7801 BrbaaaeudT. ar.f I i,..n 4 48 . WSAI I Sei-aaOl CloetnuU. T! 7 8 p ..iball RH UTS tinoi CrbUA. Baa- PA. iUlBM. DANCE TO TIIKSE f p BMA IISS-TSOI Shaaaadatk. IHinre or'i..tra. TJO p m WIIN (84tt0l Nw lark koamaad t'frUat. , . 1:00 p ai WHO i8 8801 tae Mouaa. I.atM e "in tra Wimi iS oui 1'bilad.liihJa. Woo Da- JO "wT"ktf MTWOHK I. Fr.n- ( rl..lrt lr"n, Wt.t k"l 'AH. WPA?. IBH WiB. WHO. Hill' WIHV "TAJI WT1W. WJ :4 p WLW laI00l CtocnanatL t .AIH) I I'm orrlii'a J p WBBkt isau IiOl Chios Pane. WihI I84-80' rallAdalphia. Daw IQ1X p ia. BFP BFTWOgg Ran Bwai. flrtintr. (rnwi HF.AF ll Willi Will". WO. Will.. WTaU. WASH l-.l H'UI ' PauI Kaav. WIi'ii U08T4UI litiav-bl. r.iu. fjuar Pr'Taai Wllto I10e"0l Chlrw Otekaalr Wla 94A .Tin Cbicat-' "Showboat WHAt 180.480, C.arlaoatl. Br IS IS J'"-wrBH 1888 8501 7hkA(a Rearn 1 80 p m. t. Ala; JIT 840I CaltaiF. Or- rhr. Kl (428 870) Ckmso. CoasMee ae- rlimU Win i .'78 1 1001 AtJantla City. FoUies 1100 p . WC8X 1484-CO) Ckleasw Or- WJJO 8 ajl MonartiMrt. Tictariaaa. iti.Ki'"i laia.t Th flrat Feal picture painted by Michael Angelo waa the one on the subject of the temptation ef St. Anthony. p j."" CHICAGO EVERY SUNDAY Via Chicago & Alton Teave Bloomlngton 2:53 a. m. or 7:00 a. in. Sunday. Good returning 6.15 p.m., 0:30 p. m. Sundays: alao 12:15 a. m. or 8:15 a. m. Mondays. STEAMSHIP AND CHU1SB TICKETS ALSO SOLO VV. B. CLOONKV. Ticket Agent CewBeite feetue. Boulder. Col iP A total of tl?S.. 000 I earned annual!? by 100 I'ril-varally of Colorado atudent whs enara their way ttiroush hooi. e Paaoamahae Unwelcome. Marl.le ead. M aa. 4P The only thank Thma Oravea got waa a park on the lead wnan be eepe rated a weMlp-OMer and an owl floundering in ion. hat. Th word 'q ilt nrtginat4 In Ire land. Excess Fat . Is Folly Reduce a your friends did Look about yon not how slervlef. , riewa prevails. Eacrta (at is the etcrpttcxi ' now. Yod moat realise that aome great (actor hi helped ta bring this change. That (actor ia embodied in Marmola , preerripnon tsbleta. It ia s subaiance which, in the body, turn (ood into (ucl I and ner(rr rather than into fat. Marmola . aupplir it to thoa who have too little. , Medical science discovered thi factor i over two decade ago. For over 20 year people hare used it in Marmola and told , other the result. Million oi bone i have been employed in fighting esxesa (at. Now almost everybody haa (tender ; friends who can tell what M annuls did. No ahnormal exercise or diet is re- 1 quired, though moderation aids results. I Simply take (our tablets daily until weight come down to normal. Then ctaec, unless you start to gain again. Try Marmola, in juetica to yourself, i Watch it results in new beauty, new I health and vitality. Yon cannot afford to stay (at when natural reduction haa become so easy. The complete formula ia Mated in every bog, also the reason (or results, to banish any (ear of harm. Order now. before vott forict it and you will alwaya be glad that you read this. . . ,-..-. M.raxMa pfeairtpiw noivni are eld by all drusaia at l per bo. Il yaw drussiM ail. be anil sat tkwai at ax. itaea hi. lobbsr. A gaaw VVaTi7F-B;ityi .MiMarif Vsj fsojonf lifay toiWo She Takes After Her Mother-But her twin sister may resemble her father. Can you pick out the resemblances in twins? If so, join The Sunday Paragraph's great twin matching contest v It starts next Sunday. Cash prizes for readers! MARMOI -FA. The Market Is On HAVE YOU MAILED YOUR BABY CHICK AD? Buyers of Baby Chicks, Hatching Epgs nd Foultry of all kinds know that Pantagraph Classified Ads offor them a most convenient arket place. They are reading tke ads now. They are placing orders for immediate or future delivery. Are you getting your share of the business? Write and mail your ad today! You will find rates at the top of the first column of ads on the Classified Page. And do not forget The Pantagraph 's New Liberal Cash Discount proposition! Here is the way it works. A statement is mailed you the first day your ad appears showing the last date the Cash Rate will apply j if your remittance reaches this office on or before that date you make a nice savings. THE DAILY PANTAGRAPH "Classified Ad Headquarters for Central Illinois" PHONE 2460. Don't Keep Half-Emptied Bottles of Cod Lirer Oil New kind of cod liter ol baa a fl cluicnlaiF tan that children kv. Mothara how need not firr Bially flahj oU on chlldn-a tinlrF d.x-tor s or l.-ra I'or thla pure rod liver oil. Curt CtU ba all the meded tltsmlna. In full traiig'h. let Ita Ut H aa ideaalng thai flilltlren ii-eze tti bottle fur more. Any dru "re ran supjly Corn Cod. bls.l's Dnig St.irpa, 117 No. Mala t Ml N. Mi in If. Adv. Why Ktery tear IWomee Irlenal -Never ba any otiier cotiuh mdl cId acted so qnlcWly and ! factorlly as loley'a Honey ami Tsf Compound: BBd It glfes cKuilel satl.facttoo to fr1-nds who na It on my rec"mmiidilon." aay J. l M comb. Toledo. Ohio. It spreads healing, soothing roatlr.g in an Irrl tatt-d Inflamed throat stops coujhlcg. arise fhlegm easily. No opiate tn cs.ia font!pston, no rlilrtifrm. no "dope." Yon take do cham-taa with fongh or cd when yon buy Filer' Honi-y and Tr Componnd. Ak for it Sloratg Medicine More. Adv. i . . . J SEEDS Best values otitaltmble In homegrown red cloTer, Usinmotn clover, Alalke clover, sweet clorer. iluham, Grlnim. Pskoia. Idaho or Hardy Northwestern alfalfa Marquis ,D'1 ininols spring wheat, Wlaconsln pedigreed and velvet hsrble-s barley: fir va-rletlea oaf. 11 vsrletle seed corn, ten varieties any beans. Inoculation. Improved Hemes n. 2r Funk's Mineral Mixture; tnrrc-tlon aolldtod; caulng free. Funk Bros. Seed Co. Itlonmlnrfon. HL niONE 173. mwm vara . ... STBJ ' m i f i j n i II f 5 ! i, ! i . i I a 4 I IF Tou are a painter, yon are interested In Pantacraph Classified Ads for it is there that peop' are) look ing for our services nnder Services Offered." rhone 24H0 and ask about the new Cash Discount. 1 .'.1 -a- j-1 .ae , .. i-eu ; ar-a v v " 5. . . . . i ..... IT II

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