Ellwood City Ledger from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania on August 10, 1931 · 3
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Ellwood City Ledger from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania · 3

Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, August 10, 1931
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- l.obn aW111Q ·to · up with sore .bead· i feet ud ~nent. ·ae. llDa OD tJie tbla:pUt~ talL • ·., f .,.· ... •, --:~ .. Qvef: ~undre.t At :cRos.fFAMitv. .. ~: .. Familiel ·Hold /, · ·' ·---N~et'Gatliering , HOLDS REIJNJON Local Man· Wed.r Pittsburgh Girl queta. \· .... · · .--~l~UaJ ,ReUnion ·, ~ - - -. : I .. \ ·~ .. ·~ " · · l)llll - I More ., thou one hundred ·were. ·The Cross family flBSembled An lnterestin" 1\•e<ldlng Sntur­ d a y afternoon nt Homewoo() United rrcsbyterlnn church, Pltts­ bnrgb, united )lis' .roscp1ltne Vnn Tine, llnnl!hter or Mr. nnd 1\!r<. George )1. Vnn 'flue, Pltt.~burgh. nn<l Tbomns F. Hnlnl son or Robert C. lltllrd, U1l~ elt 1·. 'fhc ('t't't..'mony took 'plat't' nt 3 ;ao. the Rm·, It. ~1. Offult, or lrultmm, l'n .. o([!clntlng. Chnrlee Bnlrd, . tbbl city wa1 best mnn, nud R. Wayn& Baird; this City, ami Stanley Price "". ed tts ushers. '£he soloist wa1 ~llss Belen E. Baird, Plttabargli, n cou•lu or the brldcg1·oom, ~ . present at the aDIIWII reunion ·•it IUinunl reunion _.:~aturday nt til~ . The sh:teenth snnunl reunlvo of I the Nagel family, w~lch was .. neld old homestead a!t' Moore's corner, ::llr. anti l\lrs. Harold ~cGowen, 'l( ('nrncgle, an.l Mr. ani .Mrs. AI· bert Keller·, of Detroit, were hon· or guests nt n. corn ·and wiener 1·onst which wns hcltl Saturday night. nt tho thlrtl bridge In Wur­ h·mhurg. :iwlrtunlu~ nml l10rst~~hoc pitching were I he ttlvet·slons o( lho . t.lie Benilett-Wdro fnmllles .wos S!ltnrdoy at the \hOIDO. of George with more thnn. il:!ty-rl'l'e present. held Saturday at the tiome of Ber.t . R. No;:el, In Perry ·township. A A chicken dinner wos. served' ·at Coates '>'l the New Cast!e:Youo;:s-dinner wns served at noon, with noon, and Immediately nft~r din· t.lwn. road, with· one huudrdl and tnbles plnced .on the barn floor. Af. ner, n lmslncss meeting wns hell!. thlrty-fi'l'e l'feseu,. A large dinner_. ter dinner: n busln~s session wn~ No new officers were elected. 'wu servetl ; 1 t noon, aJtcr which 11 held, nt which t.he followln~ otfl~ Swimming wos ·enjoyed In the nf­ tOiloees meeting w.~s held, and the cers were elected for the <.ornlo~ ternoon. 'l'be cext re_unlon wlll be following officers ,for ilic coming year: John Nagel,· presi!Jent; C. held at !,lw SJIIUI! ·.plnc~ the ·second :rear were elected:' ·IIavld Walker, :\I. Stacy, 'l'l<=e-presldent; Lllllnn · Saturdn~· In August. president; c. B. Kingston. vlcP-Nev.'n·, secn•tayy; G. W. Nagel c\·~nlnl{. 'l'hosc present were ~lr. nn<l ~Irs. Husscl Crunc, nut! fumlly, uutl :\!Iss l\lnrgut·ct <.:ule, of 1:\cw Ctril­ tlc, :\lr. nntl ~Irs. Ctumnce ::!colt null .tlnugtl!cr, ~It·. nntl Mr>~. Gcuo .Arbuchon, uml fnmlly, llr. uutl ~Irs. Wnllncc \'owctt nnd fa:nlly, :\Ir. null ~Irs. H. '1'.' Dnlr, :'\Jr. orul :\Irs .• Jof Duncun, 3lr .. nlltl 31rs. '.rbu hrlde 1\'or., n gown o! 1\'hlte HUtlll and CUIIOI'Ohh!l'Ctl net and u ptdurP hal, :rnfl cnr;.fleil an arm bouqut•L or. 1•lnk roses ·:tnt! tlllk• oC ttw vutlt•J, Jlor• attcufl· nuts were ~lrH. lilnnll'y IJoWitt !'rice, of Wllkir"!Jmg_' gownctl In blne net, nnu :\Irs. Thorvald Ot- Afll•r the ceremony a wedding •llnncr "'"" served ut tbe Penn• · Lincoln hotel, Wilkinsburg, with corers lnlrl ror the 'lmmedla~ fnmllles nn•l a rew Intimate ft•lcuds, the guest itst tucln91~g ltuhe1·L C. Halrd )Jr. nod Mrs. R. Wnync llulrd. n'nd Chnrlc" Dnlrd, LhiH elt.v; Mrs. )Jary 8t.ephen•. Slmruu; ~Jr. and' )Irs: Joseph Cnmpl>ell, JJcunr; and. ~Jls~ Ag· u'e" Love, New Cu~tl<'. -• president; Velma Kingston. 'lN'- treasurer. , ' · .. · . rctary and Mrs. Jobr/ Webrna.:, nellce whlcb bud been In the --- treasurer. · fnmUy ft.o~ ,real'~ were brou~ht' io The sports cominlttee, comp!'lsr 1 d thl!! ·rtunlon, r.n:l !lUt on drsplny. ot ·Vesta HousellOlder. Vera Brll· Wlillnm Nagel. Sr., ~nrc nn ln_ter ock and Edwlu oud John Kln:r-Pstlng }ustory nf on old nflc, . 11 to~. hatl plannNi' 11 pr,}grum c>( which blld beeu ln !he family !or Wiley-Nye Clan llold ~atheriilg l'~llowln~; n post·lilllltiul trill to t.hc enst, Mr. Baird nm1 hi• hrhle wlll lllnke tbctr llomc·lo this city .. :various contest. lind rnccg._A prize sev,ernl gcneratlou3. . '",'~ 8 glvc!l;'tO th.{ olrlest· \nod Th~ 1!!32 reunion will be held 'If . I youngest . persons present, who the ·en me time, tl•e p!nte to be Je· ·were Charles Wurd, aged, 83 of clded bter. Ohio, and Detty AI- -----aged nine months, of. Puluskl. 1 1\fr. nod .Mrs. Lrm·rence Neu· committee rompr!~ed of Mt·a. man, of Wheeling. W. Vn. spent . John Wehman, Mrs. C>trl Kingston· the week-cud .. us girests. of. · Mr. . ud Mrs. Hnrlun Gllle!pJ~. w~s_np- Neuman's uncle, ·;\dolph Neuman, . pointed to haTe ~bnc·ge ot the on the Ellwood-:''thv Brighton sports nt the nexf i·eun•oll. which road. will be beld nt 'tho' en me ·tim A TAXI-CALL' 600 ~ 'r .__ MAJESTIC ... , · .. , 'STARTS TODAY. . For Two Qaya H•ll ·~on The Border .1.00% ./ -T-HRILLER '•·,._~ So~d ~cture ~ Step1J 111 ..,.,., .. ,,,...._lltta.. .. .._>- ,,. . ._ ............ ""'~'~ .... , T-~l Duucnu, ~Jr. uutl 31rR, As11 jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ... · The Wiley-Nrc reu~;~lon' was Hook, 31r. mul ~IrH. Jim 'Honk nml fnmlly, 3£r. ntul :.'l!rH. Ololso ilnul;, anti fumtly, nn:J :'llr. nntl ~h·H • Wnltcr Ilouk . Jmld nt Edgewood Pork Saturday "W,..., d " uted the...._ _ _- 1 ~with about one hundred se.:venty· on .. er; l'e)J . , _,to:be ·• . ~-c · l!J pomed for tho Chleago flTe present. Both dinner and eup· est llteeriln·t~e,lwo~;-'lt~p;a tlie, :\\lorlllls ·fair in 1-933. ·'A purt Jler wEirc served nntl 0 musical sc~les ab ~:SOOi·~~·I$R.e. IIi· ~~.Holstein, he Ia ee'Vtn yean program was enjoyed In the after-. O":Jl_C~ ~y J;."E. Huff~ •• Mi.p~e,~ ~~~.,a~nds six feet two and hl·tp ~.Craven Reunt·on Is Everything For tess Monday an'd Tuesday . At The noon. The r,nuslc wns furnished by ·~-~ 'Jirl~~ anll•ia now be- I feet eight Inches long. the WHcy.lllll string orchestra. A------------------"-------- H Jd o S d 'bnsiness Resslon, In chnrge of Mrs. A' . e n atur ay Hnlll~ ,Riggle, wns held, an<l offl· ctivities At u. p. ABOUT FOLKS cers . were elected for tit() COII!Ing - 1 Ellwood Cut Rate DRUG STORE year. The 1!>32 reunlo11 w111 . be Ch. ' h F w k h~ld 'nt th 1 ~·~'-"" plnro_ nn•l. time. urc · or 'ee YOU ·KNOW More tbnn on~ lmudrcd uttend• lr1 tho nnnuttl reunion or the era· VCII fumily, whlcli WDS Jocltl Sat· urday ut the hon"' of wim~iu CLUB· MEMBERS HOME. FROM VISIT TO LAKE Members of the Pl·ogrcssl'<'e club returned ,to their hDmcs llere ~ast night nfter spending the greater part of n 1\'l'ek us guests of Mrs. Ji. D. Turner at her cottage at Conncnut Lake. ·In tbe party w~rB Mrs. A. J'. Dambach, l\Irs. W. C. 1\forrlson. 1\lrs. T. V. Barnes. !llr8. George Nlcklns, )\Irs. AI Jordnn, Mrs. Frnok Richert, nntl Mrs. Dn· , vld •.rbomns. Meneices Celebrate Wedding Anniversary lllr. und Mrs. J. P. Mcneice were treated to n surprise celcbJ;atlon of their 25th w!lldcllng anniversary Saturdny nlgltt. when 40 relatives and. friends "'descended on ·their home In Ctescent nv~nue and hi ~:Activities of ijte United Pres· --~~-r-. -n-t-lti-~-~--·-.-T-.-I-I.-B-o_y_ol-, -o-'tl Dowers, neur Jolm~town. Dinner b t I f · 1 k · 1 d wn~ llllrvl~l nt 1roon nrtcr which 523 La..,..ence Avenue y er nus or t m wee Inc u e: 11 . D 1 \1 1 , 1 ~ · ,. • Bereao Dible cluss meeting nt s •:t:cr, r. 'IlL · t·s. nu .J.P. a imsint'ss s!•>slon was held nod ··--------------::---::----::---:-:---p. m. ln. tbe .basement or th'e· wright, of .\;·;f.ona, ItolJCrt "r.vans ctecttou or ·:otrlcers took plane. Camels, Luckiea, church. A business session to!- or Detroit, ~lr. rul•l ~Irs. Rny WI· New orrtccr• nrc: President W. Ch f ld lowe~ bv n soclnl hottr. G. 'l'illln: Vlr.e-Prcsttlcnt, .John· SOc eater ie s,J m<·:·, of Duyto:~, ~J!'~ ~Innrle EvnDs · . M d-wcek prayer service will Ttllln; Sccretnry, Snru Wll~ou; Pepsodent 2 for 2 tmLl Mrs. Cutlw.·la~ lluun, or Wll· Treu~urer, Anue Ketterer. Swim· ' ' ' ' • • •. • • • •• be. held Wedne;tlny evening Itt s, A • • 25 c· ] o'clock In charge of the Bible kl!!sbu"g, WNe c:tl!M hero JJlrldny mlug wns cujoyctl by tho young~r ntisepbc , C 0 gates school officers. oo uccount of the serious lllncss peOple, und 11 Jllcnlc t!Upper was 3 6 T th t 16 ser'l'ed ln tho evening. C . 00 paa e . C 'l'be Hannull P. McDonald class Jl Mt·s. T:Jom!la D. Ev:ms of of the Bible scboql w!II hotel their The 103 2 reunion will llo h~lrl 25c Liaterine . :,;i.•rlng av~·Jue. M•tny fdend~ of tb 1 s t 1 1 • t anounl picnic 'fhursdny evening, 6 ~OCODt u ur< ny II ,.ugus. T th 19 at Huber's beacb. Every member .Mrs. Evans wut ~o glut! to know tho plnco of meeting to bo dccld- 00 paste C uud fnttly, urged to be present, tJ,tit ller cond lt t •u Is sowo lmprov- cd Inter. 60c 2Sc Milk of and brl g well filled baskets. 11~ today. · Watkt'n. 1 Maaneaia •.. 13c 'l'hos .going will meet at tbe Fifty at the Hazen • church at 2:30 p. m., nnd those Mr. and Mt·~. w. G. Duncnn, or • Mulaified SOc Prophylac• not having uuy conveyance will Gill • R • ti•c Tootl.:' notify Mrs. J.,, c. Barnhart, Glen avenue, motored to Sundy espte eUDIOD Cocoanut Oil n Phone tH.u-:u. Dinner will be Lnko and Foxburg Sunday. . Shampoo Brush , ... ' 34c served at 6:30 o'clock. '-Chol>· will meet for rehearsal Mr. an\1 lllrH. yr. c. Bower Jr., Fifty member.; of tho Hn'zen nntl 3 7 C . 30c Lyaol •. • . .. 21c at 8 :00 o'colek Fl'ltluy cl'enlng. Gillespie fumll~cs gathered nt llw· 30c Bromo ent. ,, Sellllckley, cclebrnto their fourth unnunl ro- Seltzer r•t. 21c Each member ·urged to ·he pres· of Smiley street, spent Sunday in lng Pork Saturday afternoon to ~=::::::::: ·Union. An early Rnpper W88 sorv. so·c $1.00 Citrocar· the courBe of' nn evening of games .. s.·g·· Gathert·ng At nod music presented them with n • chest· of sliver.: ·· · ~ · F • R • . · Norman G. Nagel returned home Saturday after spemtlng four days nt the· forty-sixth uunuul conven· Uon of· the National ~leat .Assoclu· tlon, which was held nt West Ba· tlen, Intllnna. "l\Ir. Nngel vlsltcil tho various Cblcngo packing houses ~nd reports mnny Interesting ex· \IP.rl(mces. ed a!ld tho remainder of tho ·evening wUR spent 11.1 games, riices, Unguentine bonate ·· . , 6~c Th~ concluding festivity IV(""· nu rancts.. eumon an'nlversnrv luncheon fenturlnog n ·bl~ silver-decoratEd cnke_ snrmount ecl by a ~bride ·nod· bridegroom fig. urlnes. _ . The annual ~·rnncls reunion wns ~~ ~a&a ct•nrles Hazen wu~ elected pres: 36C , Baby Talc 13c' . 1dent, succeeding Edward Colllna1 · Har\-ey Httzep wna nnmcd vtctl-11r.:::::::::: 30 w· oodb ' president, MrH. "Georgiou Hazen c ury I Recretnry, nnd E. El. Hazen trens- Cream 21c ur~~; wna decided to hold tho 1082 40 c SOc Armand, a .l\lr. and ·Mr;;, Glenn Rtugs, of ·reunion nt til~ sume place, the sec· Bayera Face Pow. 39C B1·ookvllle, Jc,trcrson count;, mo- ood Sntu1·dny ln .August. ' · · Alpirin · $1.00 Melloglo tored het·e ycstf.rdny, nod were 2 6 overnight visitors ·nt the home of WURTEl\WURG U. P. I'ICNIO · C Face :Po., 79c. The. colebrnnts were married held Saturday nt thQ homo of Aug 1. 1906 in the oltl st. .Agnthn Frnnk :Duribnr, Hlvervlew stop, Roman Cnthollc clmi·ch Jly,_ the with 115 members .present. ··-'ltev..-.'l'~. -~e~sch, nnl!"'had. as. nt-The nfteriloi>n and cvenlug were tendnnts Miss Knthcrlnc Mcneice sP..nt In ll'(ln_ws nnd contests, the (now Mrs. TIJOmns McCullough), sports program featuring n mush· n sister of tlte· bridegroom, and· ball game. Addresses weru made by Frank 1\Jorgnn, n brpther of the tho retlrinl( president, Fruuk Dun· , ·bride, both of whom. belped them bnr, nod tac Rev. H. D. K. Hu~ celebrate the nnnlversnry. l•~r. pastor of First Ohrlst.lnn ~Irs •. Higgs' pOl:ents at tho Bnp-Tho Suntlny school picnic ot $1 00 M IJ J F · tist parsonage, lu NortJi· Sewickley tho Wrurtemlburg Unlled l'resby·~=::::::::: . • e Og 0 ace l terlnu church wnH held Saturday C 1 79 • ·' at ~•te Alturcl\, A ball gnmo wns ream ,.... c Profe~sor James ll. Liggett, of '"' ' 85 75 p • p W~d., 'fh\irs-::-"Men Call It Love" With Adolph Menjou l\Irs. ~Ienelce Is the former: l\Inr~ church, the latter ·also favored ll[orgnn. w ith two vocnl •olos. , th~ mechuaical engineering depart· played' lu tho morning and dlonet• c . c rlnceaa at TAXI-CALL 600 _ .•. ::.'b.... ' LIBERTY REVIVAL . .... . ' wo WEEK-I \ • ' Attend all the shows at th~-Liber~y this week and voritea back Qn the· screen. THREE pig shows all . ,I I I . ' "-it's got the whole town talking~ · , , see your fa- · in· one ,week WED. - .THURS. FRI.- SAT. Is a· scream as . · n Jewish ·In-· dlo!L Zlegff)ld. , has · outpo~ ·.lhlmself · ln' 'he most gorgeoo!lj ~acle of r.ll time. .-. · \• The Smash Hit Sen' · sation 'of .. the · Film Season . -AMOS _n', .ANDY in ,.· "Check .And Double Check'' · This is .· pos-­ itively the I~st · time these be· shown Officers were el~cte4 Ki! follows : Edwnr ll Smith, "resident; Frank Dunbar, vlce-r,r·e.•lrlent: Mrs. James Cogley, s c.cretnry. nnrl Cinrence Deemer, treasurer. The offlcers will detcrmlno the lime nncl place ,,f t!Jc Hllll reunion RAILROAD TRAIN WJNS IN RACE WITH STORK SYR.AOUSE: N. Y. - (UPA New York Central railroad train beat the stork here by 83 ml'nutes. As the trnln ·left· Utica, Mrs. Edward . Cn1lnhnn, . enrouto from Springfield. .Mitss., to East Cleveland, : 0., with her four children, became IJl noel the engineer was urged to make n rapid trip to Syracuse. · ment, of Lelun!f Stanford Unlvers-wns served at noon, Mtor dlouer Kruach'en C . . . 59 a •rnorts pr. ogrntn, In chnrgo ot ream .• "' .C· tty, Palo Alto. Cullforola, and his _, Sal $1 00 0v · wife, vlsitctl f'rj!luy uud Saturday tibc nov. Cnult!ley and Flao~es ta • aJtine 69c at the Baptist l'ursondg~:. l'rofes· lllehnrd, w,ns enjoyed. 59 C Palmolive Soaw.~ sor Liggett is a cousin or Mrs. · I" Routlcdgo nud 'they, had not seen TEXAS WELL COST ' 1 !:?0° d 11••••••••1 3 for .... ... . . . 19e each oUter alnca cltlldhood.' DALLAS, Tcx . ..:..(Ul') ;...._...oun C d Dr c· . r -.- $28,000,000 wlllllave been apent In P.uritan ~.Jllt., 39c ana a y in- ~, It! f tire east Texas oil fields for drill· AI ~~Dr. nod Mrs. H. S. Go , o . I ger e . , . . . oM; Wayne avenue, and Dr. Gold's lng If present ntlvlty continues t 10 Blue Ribbon Malt s . c· · · ( ' u D remainder of tho summer, It , was aeaertown I"•· parents, tho Itcv. nod ~ rs. .... , D .,.. s. Gold, of Kaylor, Pn., rctutnetl estimated here., .With l,GOO wells 2 for . , • ;, , ... r·· 89c ger Ale 23c last night a !tel" . spending two due to bo completed, and the aver· • • ,., • ·• weeks In Greenll!nf, Knn., n~ ago cost estimated by tho Depart­ guest~ of Dr. Z. H.· Snyder, broth· ment of Commerce at $19,000, the cr of the elder Mrs. Gold. above estimate was reached. A Word to the \VIae-Advertise Prescriptiona Carefully . Compounded By a Registered Pharmacist nlllliUJII!fliUIIJIIIIJIJIIIII'JIIIUIOIIIIIlJIBIUIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIJJIUI)lllll1lllitlnlllllllliiiiiiiiiiiOIIUIIUIIIIDHIIIIIIIInllllllnlllllllliiUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDIIIIIIIII111liiiiNIIIIIIIIJIIIIIIRIUIIIJHUllllllliJJQllllifl!f Exactly 33 minutes after the trnln arrived here ~frs. Callahan ' gave birth to a b~by girl. · Mr. nod :lirA. !\Iyron B. Gel- Mr. and lllrs. John L. Zehner, ot Indiana, Pa., nrc visiting at tbc borne Df their tlnughter, Mrs. W. Rny ·smith and family on the Ellwood-New Brlgbton rond. · ''Advance Showing of . New Fall Foohvear" 1 FAIST JI'AILED TO HELP SEAT'l'LE _: (UP) - llrs. Ladola Cm:ey did not get 'any sympatLy trom the· judge when sbe . fainted after she was· de· nled custLdy of her 'two chllcl· ren. As soon ns she had beer1 reviTecl Superior Judge ·calvin S. Hnti su.ld, ."Stop this tulotlng · busiqess and · don't' : be r'tlfJIInsh. ~here's too much fainting going on In the. courts. " · SEEKS HUSQANQS INBUR,\NCE SEATTLE, '-(UP)~ .. Thfl in· surunce or a mnn ·wbo hns been missing for 26 years. is. being sought by Mrs. llarget :\1. Otis, w ife of Lieut. Frrink I. Otll;, who ;hns neyet · been 'seen since be le ft New York tor Snn Frnn· cisco In · September, ··100l'i. .Urs •. .Otis believes lier' ·husband ··is dead, and seeks his $5,000 In su rance, with Interest. BOOKAJIIER REUNION The sixth anntlltl reunion of tbe Booknmer tnmlly wlll be held Snt· urday nt _J.dkewood Bench. GE~ REMEDY STOPS 30~YEAll CONSTIPATION · "F~r 30 yenrs l hnd a· bntl stomach and constipation. Sour Ing food from stomach chokL'<l me. Slne4> .. taking Adler!kll. I am a new · woman. Constl;patl9},1 is thing or tll!l. past."-Alice Biirns. :&lost remedies ·teach only lower boweL -'llbat Ia why you must tako them often. Bat- this simple Ger· man remedy Adlerlka washes out BOTH uiJl)er 'and lower bowel. It brlogs out all goa and rJds Y911 ot polson you would never believe was In your ljYstem. Eveu . tbe F IRST dose wllJ , surprise you.­ Schweltzer's' Pharmacy. -(A.tiv). bach, of Beechwood · boulevard, vis ited their son/ Junior Sundny. He Is '<'ncatlonlng nt n camp near ·Erie. l~ts. Joseph Bloomer, of Foun· talri' n venue, Iert this morning 'to B(JCDd a. month or six weeks at. Appleton Wis. She accompanied her mother-In- law, ~Irs. Theresa Bloo~er, _and Miss Ethel Bloom er, the~ elder and Ml•s Etl.lel Bloomer, the· younger, o! Appleton, and !\Irs. l'l!ter Metz nnd s ou Junior, of Kaukauna, Wis., who have been !,'11eats at Ute Bloorriel' ·· l!Qme here the post week. " :llrs. Henry-. __ Scbenek has returned to Quigley Park, Chan· 1 tnuqun, New York, ·arter spending 1 the week-cud In this city, Ches ter Wnllace, or Gary, Inti., Js Spending 11 feW -day~ here as II , guest of his mother,· ~Irs. R. L. Mellon, In ~ountnln avenue. )ft'. nod :Mrs. Hnrclrl McGowen, n! C::tn.eglc, have rr •nrued hom•J after ~rrendlng a ""ek. with. lin ~!~Gowen's grau<lmoth~r, . :'llrs. J. W. Book, In C1ovtr uvfnue. They were uccoD)pnnl c:tl 'he.me by l[lijH Kntltlten Hou:., w!Jo will' spe~!l her ~:tcaUon with them. 'l1he' many friends of J. De Witt Bennett wlll bo scrry to learn that be ls .In the .Jocol bos• ;r1tal suffering froln nn · infectc:l ha nd. We take great pride iD an~ouncmg the latest acientific development in ~nufactariDr of Women's fine footwear. , Cem·Pro iho es ue deaigned expressly for fashioilable feminine feet. Cem·Pro jolea are stitchle Is and no~ a tack in th~m. That waring freatel' flexibility and perfect amoothnesa to the foot m the newelt lhadea and ttylet. AA to C.. . See these b~fore you buy. , . \VO~!!n'll . Arch Support Shoes In soft black kid leather ivlth bullt-ln urch sup[iort with all l eather heelH In 'Cuban ot• lop, C to EEE. $1 95 Pair'.......... . ·· • ·: Dr, Davis Shoes for Women in New fall styJcy hrtve stin·terl to arrivo In blrtciC and tlnrk · Dro.wu In StrUiP'I, Pumjl~ uud . Dress Tics. 'l'hls Is ouo of tho best A.rcll .$ 4 . OO Snrf\<lrt . Shoes • mnUo nf .; .. :. Boya' Shoes and Oxfords with leather .or $1 95 rubber . heels-., ·all sizes ..... . 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Va., where they s pent the week-end wltll friends;· :605 Lawrence Avenue -. Opposite Citizen's Bank Ellwood City, 'PeMa. I fllllllinnMIIIIIIJJIIIUlllmllHfllllfllilllllllllllllllllllfiiiiiHIIIllllllllmlllllltiiiiiiOIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIOIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIHIIIIIlllriiiiDIIIIlllllllftiiiiUIIIIIIIIIIIIUWIRIIIIIICIUIBIIIIliQllltJI!III!ItllliiiiiiiiiiO I

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