The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1955 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1955
Page 20
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4^-Algono (la.) Upper Des MolnesThurtday, February 10, 1955 Tidbits From Evelyn Now I've heatd everylhingl Women borrowing corsets! The story Is quite simple after all, and it concerns two women who complain of haviflg weak backs. One woman remarked that she was going to have to buy a second garment while she tubbed a corset, mentioning that it made her most uncomfortable to go without one. To which the other woman replied that it wasn't necessary for her to buy one, she'd loan her one. So-<-woman number one borrowed it, rinsed it and returned it to the owner. And thus a backache was avoided. Oh, I'm afcicl I don't have to surround my torso with stays! Large families have gone out of vogue, for (he most part, but it must be nice to gather on festive occasions. The Charles Clark family consisted of 12 children and Sunday, Jan. 30, nine of them and their families gathered aj Britt to honor the father on his 92nd birthday. At the table of honor was Mr Clark and nine of his children, Mamie Fitch oi Burt, Eva Potter, Algona; Hattie Hartzell of Dows; Daisy Stevenson of Britt; Leo. Clark of Brits; Howard Clark of Grandmeadow. Minn.; Floyd Clark of Webster City; Robert Clark of Humbaidi: ajnd Ronald Clark of Cirwith. 1 Others at a distance who were JIB- ! able to ba present were EJfeel Johnson of Oregon, Roy Clark c*3 Henderson, Minn.; and Hsrae , Clark of Woburn, Mass. ;] Ada Malueg wen! lo Chicago recently via plane from Ft. Dodge. She is going to visit her wxo-!n- iaw /and daughter Mr and Mrs Kemper Huber and was joined there by another son-in-law and daughter the Rev. and Mrs Owen Parrett of Portland, Oregon. Ada hasn't fully recovered from a shoulder injury suffered in a fall in the basement several weeks agcrand it was a quicker, easier method of travel. She plans**"to be gone several weeks. # * # Mrs Clinton Lighter and I were discussing travels recently and wishing we were going somewhere far away. Since we have no intention of actually doing it, I said, " Come over and we'll look at some folders I have, Texas, California, Chicago, etc. That's a cheap and easy way." She told me that Mr Lighter gets an urge every now and then too, and to satisfy his "wander lust", he gets out some folders and atlas things and he goes "traveling" that way. Or maybe it's pictures and listings of the best courts, hotels, parks .and such that he pours over. « • ¥ Such odd things happen to these bodies of pur but this is, to my way of thinking, one of the top oddities. Some time ago Merrill, eight /ear old son of Mr and Mrs Carl Grisham was helping his father unload oats. Awhile afterward he began to complain of an ear hurting. Various diagnosis got him nowhere but it was finally discovered that an oat had gotten into his ear, and had begun to grow. There laid all the trouble. Fancy that! Odder still is the grain taken from an Egyptian tOmb hundreds of years after being placed there. AND THE GRAIN GREW! Many ,Algonans MaoW Willis Bradley who grew up here, was graduated from high school married, went into the law business and now lives at Minneapolis, Minn. He and his "wife were here so call on me a year or so ago and i saw theon at the centennial breakfast. If you want to know what she looks like, look at a pieSTire of her sister, Governor Hosgh's wile. They might easily oe laiea for twins. « • « When John Jordan called his mother Jfcrs Olga Jordan to tell her about her granddaughter, he was so excited he didn't tell her tne inianrs" name. John is a nephew jof Ellen and' Alma Carlson and he is on the east coast awaiting orders for overseas duty. » • % This baby story is a sad one/ for %vhen little Georgie Lynr, j Kuyper was recently baptized in! she Lutheran church at West [ Bend, she had no Daddy To stand J by proudly. Her father George I Kuyper had died suddenly just \ a day before she was born." i * * * I Clyde Lloyd had the surprise j of his life when he went to the | city library recently. Growing | up in the country and having. * no occasion to use the library, he f had never visited It till 2 short t time ago when he wanted a parti- I THESE WOMEN! ' ird-Afewb, ...,....,lit.. Y-•• •- ii- "It isn't a total loss, Dz?r; !o^'> — yoftr picture jocieiy j.-i.^v :«li o,.r.uLig:" was on the cular magazine in which he hsd started a continued story- Not knowing where to get the desired magazine after various inquiries about finding one to finish the story, his write suggested the library. He acted upon hes^suggM- tion and a complete new world was opened to him. He was amazed at the numberless books and periodicals, the beauty and d'gnity of the rooms. His enthusiasm is an inspiration, and surely a source of pleasure Jo Bela Anms and her assistants. * * *You who have T.V. sets'could have seen Mr and Mrs H.srniais Leeck. 2<ir and Mrs George Kernen, Mr and .Mrs Harold Fraaabach and Mr and Mrs Richard Fraara- bsch on the bam cases prograsn a week ago Saturday nighl. 15 ;s a sort of >ndc cjj>?a affetr, just so long as the £l3or can feold a certain number of ecaplss. As I Horns From Hospital Lester Wehrspaan has returned home from Lutheran Hospital iu surgery. Visitors to see him since he returned home were Mr and: Mrs Adara Cross of Rolfe. Mr and I Airs Alike Hinz and Henry of JL-u Verne and Sirs Martin Meyer I sad Henry, ali Sunday evening. >sud iir and Mrs H. D. Beascrs I Sunday evening. 'Mr and Mrs Arnold Bratland and daughter, Albert Bratland and Austin Mitsven of Bode spent Sunday afternoon at the home of Mrs Mina Wehrspanh. : Mr and Mrs Lawrence Schriber have moved to their home in Fort Dodge. Moving on the farm are Mr and Mrs Conrad Johnsoit of Humboldt Mr and Mrs Percy Watnem and Mr and Mrs Chester Alme visited at the Merle Faulk home at Es- terville Sunday. Saturday afternoon Mrs Percy Watnem visited her brother, Mrs. Manda Mits- ven at Bode. Mr and Mrs H. J. Nielsen and son, John Wayne, were Sunday dinner guests at the home Of Mrs Minnie Nelson at Rolfe. Mr and Mrs Magnus Bratland visited Sunday afternoon at the home of their sOn-uVlaWj and daughter, Mr and Mrs Richard Christiansen at Humboldt. I A week ago Sunday evening ' supper guests at the Fahye Gress ! ncnie were Mr and Mrs Harold f Fra,Tibach of Whittemore. Mr and,Mrs James Berber and family o! West Bend were Sunday dinner guests at the home of i the latter s parents, Mr and Mrs • Oliver Kinselh. 1 Mr and Mrs Donald Cooper and family were dinner guests •at the nonie oi Mrs Cooper's mother, Mrs Frank Henley at Emmetsburg. I Recent visitors at the Herman JKrame rhome were Mr and Mrs I Philo Tabor, and Mrs O. C. Tabor Anoxrersarf Club MrsK d the AEJ a" tfcair house cij-ginrsniz with a seven o'clack dinner- Those ore=e~," •s-^'v Jit and Mr= Edward ZiEEeL Mr and Sfas EuisE.»'H*i- i«s, Mr and Mr; Mike Owle Mr and Mrs Boy Teserf. Mr sbi Mrs ^fri.*** f TT; ^?^~£ET- ^tCJT £^/"^ Ji^'""'••• JO*C**^~ i ak£ Larsca ssd Mr =->i Mrs Iraa S-aBSGC. Mary of West Bend. Sunday diriiser guests at Kramers were Mr and Sirs Roy Telford 5.E<j LeKoy Wolby. Thursday afternoon Mrs Kramer visited her father. O. C. Tabor, at the Sisson XursJEg Home ia Humboldt and her mother. Mrs O. C. Tabor, at her home in Hurnboldt. Dinner guests at the Gordon j»-«-.•" *«?•".«» v.w<« Mr and Mrs DsJcert WkhSendanl and Mr and Mrs Henry Wichtendahl of Whit- and Mr and Mrs George :!esdahl of West Bend, Mr Mrs Ben Block. Mr and Mrs Robert Block. Mr and Mrs Julius family. Mr and Mrs Mrs Lawrence Anderson and Jo* lie Ann,. Mr and Mrs Leonard Anderson and Pamela, all of DulJ» cutribe and Mr and Mrs 1 Henry Olson and fioris. ROBBER Northwest Iowa sheriffs jdifted in a drag-net recently tb catch a bank robber. The robber car:-' ried off $1240 from a bank at Harrisburg, S. Dak., and escaped-the drag-net. To Get Top Prices For SCRAP IRON BATTERIES OR METALS of all Kinds Caii 843 or See COOK'S SCRAP IRON & METAL Algorta, Iowa 6-7-8 i -Texas produces about 80%of the nation^ sulphuf.^ ""PHONE 1100 - YOUR NEWSPAPER S p t CIA L! i$S4 MODEL RAN0IS BIG REDUCTIONS Beautiful r - PEft 36* * 40" anges Priced For Terrific Savings! RAPID Thermogas CO. Phone 16 So. Phillips St. oe i Hosts si KO 9 it and Its ^vr-sa Ccocer ec- c f^TTtslv were SciTz^*£v di*^n£r t ibe borne o* Mrs Han- Mrs Marie Moitagh and I sare Jag behind affairs- ITT. jj;ne rse sitting hsrs itr'this a fr^ bkcis of a raging Cre and ~ESS-S-^.I -.;thing ztKui it. I had c=llir? vr_s-. e crfc-ii': -ere Mr ssa Mr oSs C;c=-er. it ard Mis K. R. cLrjes. Mr ard 3fe> DaVer« *TriccL. llr sni 3*£rs Oscar Cte- s Howard Hei i c=l:ir?'-.?_i-. ; lic-isas. Mr zx£ Mrs Kaal Opce- ' ! ~-'" HsIBesson ai Hardy, ilr arxi iJLrs Kowaja Kelik-kson arrf izsa- •i :Iy »«~€re thsre in the aitrrceon. Hat-Kit aimer suesss s? 1 she ^ *c^ v^i^'&r&sr^ £^J£TV^ ^^ ^ic*?^or - ; Ci! WsJi£ce"s bir!£*dl3,v. w2nch was Frb. 2. wsrs iir and iirs Orlis O_s.u£i C'» DB^O^^ Cii*". J>£r ^^-*^ 3»trs Eeaiy Aaserssa. Mr asd And Now Again ANOTHER 2!4% DIVIDEND HAS BEEN ADDED TO MORE THAN 6,000 SAVINGS ACCOUNTS HERE Are You Among These tf you do not have a Savings Account here, open one now. If you have an account, add to it now. • ' • Your Account Is Fully Insured Up To $10,000 37 Years Continuous Service — — Assets Now Over $6,400,000.00 You can save and invest your fund's by mail with Home Federal. Simply mail your check or money order. Your account will bs opened and verified for you at once. Money received by the 10th earns as of the 1st. WRITE OR CALL ON HOME FEDERAL TODAY! Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. Algona, Iowa We Help Your Community To Become Home Owners ££W£R££flV/G£ srx CE« TT \ out the iron: •arisd:--ar, d:di : ~.-^ Wr.r= lh£T is ft, c-=* r'i- £ii Hr aid Mrs Clvti Haag, sxs. •Mr arji Mrs Vrrcec: SsJz. Mrs >eV-er-e ?**Trt«K ard Oscar s Tumi Saves sewtn. • Ka Kt&cx ifeljji w tjjgj ef sener f,>. • Mo iacMrtswstt tw Ua ri itetof U- eilifiej. A NATIONAL SERVICE AVAILABLE LOCALLY COWAN ROTO-ROOTER Serving Kossuth County Phone Algona 101 Collect : Dau's garage- I sss s !.:*. •:: ; saioke. Vfe'3 ariTe up isat T?a;.-." oid tirs'cr K-S& L^~ ifcsrsg/ £.-.: [arid sn£:--•"*.-.:-=d :h=re was s, S.1G Ca.ll theatre b'jrr.i'd, .;rir.i- d&'jgh".er Juiy v/as 'xi\ •-'. -..-••-' house and :p-cr.: tr.e aftcrr.:-:."... and WHAT a :;.~-i :: •.<.•=_:' * * • Olhar "birds" who vent south av/mk- ago zr.d arc- r.'s;; -*>. r.-.rr.-: ag&in are Iir and Mrs Eiri M..- kr, .Mr and :,£rs C. .V. E-vrjiru.-,:. and now tha Jarrx-j -.J-er:y.T.a.i^ have gone to Florida for 'a Jtv/ W-IC-K = . Oh v.-cii, :.; -:m :\L way and wi &T<- •.voadtring 'nr.'-.r. the r.b.n v.-;.I v.=:: our c: = ir fc-od box. J,v rtis-in to c'j::.^.^.:. li-.i'^-j nu.'r.b : .-.-i and .* :; r.•:'_•?.•.• .-.a: 1 . lo r,ut i'jod ;,ul '.v/j o.- !.;•-?-:- t.^ .•-". •»•«& sie a itr 7=1' ct &=n -"• — _• • _ •* y f. __1 . i .«S &± i—.^.^rTsCS XSVjrj,-: •-^. y..~j£s six Sh- a-ends WaiHcri c'-Hc-^-i at ; rc.-.-4~: C:ty. IOWA'S V/ONSERSHQV/PIAO CLEAR LAKE , IOWA Uhi: n-.-ji-ry.- '.it.-•-•.-., ar.d a/; i i'j-xl .^ p:, : c.jd ;.-» .:, :.-.'-••/ darih tor "cr. ,w. ' If you wish to order PIONEER HYBRID seed corn, or increase the order you already have For PIONEER, call or see - R, I. MawckSy Algona C. L, Bailey Algona Aaron Steussy Algona Eugene Kollasch Bode Harold Jones Swea City T, O. Johnson Swea City Wm. Martinek _ Wesley Walter Vaudt Whittemore Ottosen Club Gets Letter From Peru The- p;'.;greS-::Vi.- Ck:!i nit-t at the home of MI-J JC-SSL- VanBiis- kirk. A liter received by th-; aroup from Lima. Peru v.-as i-ead. Thi.-; letter was translated bv Rev Rameriz of Poc-ahontas.' \lr~ Ralph Rithai'ds gave th-j U-ssun prepaied by Mr.s Le-:tei Wetu- ann tntiili.-d "Your Kid.> Are Too Much For ?Jo." Guifiti weie Mrs Vf. G. Coo-j..-:-. Mr.-: Merit- Holt and Mrs Irvin Movick. The nexl liuroting will be Febiuaiy !0 at the home of Mrs Le^te'i Wehrspann. THURSDAY. FEB. Lets Dance Again With RALPH FLANAGAN and HI* Daaceablc Orch. FRIDAY, JAM. llth KENHY HOFEH and His V/ SATURDAY, FEB. 12ih / KE'JHY CHAHLES and His Orchestra Siuder.t Nurses — Pariial TUESDAY. FEB. ISlh Farm Bureau Fajnilies Fun - Hite Lutheran Aid Meets ^ Mr.-: Olvin HiK.g and Mr.- Ivan Evanson were hostt-sst:.-; to the Lutheran Ladit-s Aid in the church parlors. A committee of three was appointed to look into the needs and costs of improving the kitchen and church and will report to the next meeting. The committee is Mi's Sylvan Jacobson, Mrs Percy Watnem and Mrs Melvin ElHngson. The next meeting will be Feb. 9 with Mr.s Mel- . vin ElHngson and Mrs Jake Hyg ho&tcsses. WEDNESDAY, FEB. ISth JULES HERMAN ORCH. M. C. Fireman* Ball PLANTATION BALLROOM WHITTEMORE. IOWA New Arrival Mi- and Mrs Duane Kropf LJTC the parents of a daughtui- born Jan. 2tf at Lutheran Ilospital in port Dodge. The baby weighed seven pounds eleven ounces and h;,s been named Pjtiie-ia Ann. Pale: nal gi audpai ent^ arc Mr and ill's Sam Kropt oi Otloaeii. Friday, Feb. 11 DUANE'S ACC. BAND Sunday, Feb. 13 JAY BELLAIRE Friday, Feb. 18 EDDIE SKEETS Sunday, Feb. 20 VANCE DIXON No Dances During Lent Except *. . St. Patrick's Dance TONY BRADLEY No Advance Booth Reservations Doorj Open at 8:30 50 Brand New Dodge Given Away in "Get / dfott a Dodgi 11 took command I I rtottf "got tht, Ihritt" firtthandl It'i 9vtr/thing Q car thovla 1 be / i i i i • Drive the New Dodge and Finish This Jingle! Head for your Doage dealer. Gel an entry blank. Drive the new Dodge—"Take Command . . , Get the Thrill Pint Hand!" Then fill in the last line. New contest each day I We'll double your money if you buy a new Dodge during the contest period—and win) You get back • Kery penny you paid—doub/elYou have o new Dodge. You have your money bock. And Dodge matches that amount as a bonus. Come in TODAYI Custom Royal Lancer V-8 in dramatic new three-lone exterior styling. Custom Royal Lancers The thrill" Contest! • ' Dodge has never done anything like this before! But then— there has never been a car like this be/ore! We want everybody-yes, everybody-to get the thrill of driving this great new flair-fashioned Dodge I We want yo.u to get the thrill of commanding a car so long and low and dashing. Get the thrill of driving with full-time Power Steering. Get the thrill of a "New Outlook" on the world through the sweep-around windshield, i here s a new contest every day- a dashing Custom Royal Lancer to be given away! It's fun! It's easyj It's going on now! • DRIVE THE NEW DODGE Take Command,..Gel the Thrill Fir«t Hand! PERCIVAL MOTORS -- 800 S. PhlliSjSltrtet

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