The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on January 13, 1941 · Page 2
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 2

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1941
Page 2
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TWO THE DAILY PANTAGRAPH. RLOOMIXGTON. ILL.. MONDAY. JANUARY 13. 10 U. rilONT. First Family of State MASON vrr ; aV t j T I , Italy WC Shifts W M r jr - s jVW JrV , V" a uw.'-- . ;;UJi u l" L.--- i 1, x . Ki - ,.,. , i 1 f, - W J. Confused; Generals Causes Loss Of Confidence By Soldiers s LEAVES FOR INAUGURATION- Governor-elect Dwight II. Green of Illinois and members of his family and official party wave goodbyes as they leave for his inauguration in Springfield. Mr. and Mrs. Green are in renter and their two daughters are to the left of them. A- p- P&oto FIGHT'S OVI'.K. HUE A SMOKIL Italian prUoiwTH rapluml a lh luitl-h Nrth AfrWaa drlv rollcil iksavl Itrraui rrli liimrrilr far f Inrrlfr offrrnl ki ml Ikrir f ihJaf MACKENZIE Climax in War Seen Within Few Month lm ;? t-r- U f '..j jf,,., Uul IW fcicfe n I K4 tmmtrtmfty4 i aKltc la IW AakU WW UIm a4 aaf it;nil MrU(y wai W W m A.i I r IW I rf. )t lfc f . ftl jf4 la S-r f i ' srjf -: 1 ;4 f. I 1 i ! voasx ouara Tries fo Free U. S. Liner V.". r V f. l I c f . V4 '". - g ! s Hitler Must Hurry to Beat Aid From U. S. BY DEWITT MACKENZIE. Boc:a:ed Pre&s Foreign 'wa Editor. (Informed Opinion.) Developments over the weekend tend to support the assertion of British Minister of Economic Warfare Dal-ton that the war will reach a climax In the "new few months, perhaps in the next few weeks" a point which this column has been rr.phasizir.K for some time now. Hrrr Hitler'a projected invasion of Enpland undoubtedly has been the Bubject of the destructive argument between Nazi and British bombers. The nature of the objectives upon which they have been unloading their freight of hate lend substance to that view. - For Hitler the operation represent the necessary prepa- mm & 1 . raj it' . M if1 . by MAJOR BOWES and his internationally famous Amateur Hour rvery Thursday night at 8 P. lie sure to listen to: Petticoat Parade daily Sat. and Sun. at 2:30 P. Women of Todav daily Sun. at 8:30 A. M. M. ex. M. ex. Town Crier daily fx. Sun. at 12:13 P. M. fifl YMiB Bintn U 1 MIM.WCHS N1TWORK ration for the actual attempt to land troops. For the British it Is a question of stopping the Invasion before it starts, but destroying transports and supplies accumulated for the assault. That the German dictator should be looking for an opening at this unfavorable time of year Is indication of the urgency of the matter from hie standpoint. Flying condi tions are bad and the English channel is a raceway of peril for the transportation of hundreds of thousands of seasick troops and their mountainous equipment and supplies. Speed EssentlaL The fuehrer is spurred to take extreme chances by the determina tion of the United States adminis tration to go all-out In aid for Britain. He is rushinjr against time in an effort to crush England before American help and her own esourcee give her sufficient strength to stand up againfit the might of the German war machine. He will be lucky If fortune gives him a maximum of six months. Every day now is a golden one, for the turn of the war probably isn't farther away than that. He must strike quickly and surely before the combined Anglo-American resources descend on him. Hitler's preliminary strategy must provide for the weakening of the defensive system which the British have constructed to ward off invasion. His weapon for that is hla air force, since he is very weak in naval power. With his air fleet he must, eo to speak, blast holes In the British ramparts to make .way for his landing forces. For the last two nights the Ger mans have been pouring hell into London again. The point of that is twofold: It is a continuation of the effort to break civilian morale; it is calculated to put this control center of the country out of action before an attempt at invasion. The answer of the royal air force has been to slash savagely at the so railed Invasion ports, from Norway down to Brest on the French coast. Brest has been raided several times in the last few days, and other objectives have Included Flushing, Dunkerque, Calais and Rotterdam. It U at these ports, and others of the occupied territories, that the .Nazis have assembled their barges for the transportation of troop. and the supplies of all kinds neces sary for such an adventure. John Bulls strategy hart been to allow his enemy enough time to collect a lot of equipment, and then he would plaster it with bombs. The royal air force also heavily bombed the German naval base of Wilhelmehaven. Here there Is a great ship building basin with three Immense drydocks. The Brit ish air ministry Monday further announced that low flying fighting planes had attacked German troops in trenches near the beaches. Yes, I think we may take It that Hitler Is getting ready to strike. This Inn't to say that the attempt at Invasion of England necessarily will come first. He has alternative projects, and is an opportunist. However, one thing still remains certain England is the v -rf k ' t . t- lv rut ti-f- it r. t ...... .. ... ........... U , n I Jt j iMef IU u'.jv a!ti n ... ,. ........ ,, , 5 I J i I i iftri: i tnnil W W I .,! IW I . - ......... )i 2 : . i ; - in i mi hi i j CAPTITSEI) ITALIAN TKlTKSCapturrd Italian nol.r trnr-rt iUrranl on the way to the rear as UritMi uftrr ronlinue. ectlve. since only through crush ing the mother country could Hit ler achieve a conclusive victory. All other operations are subsidiary, and directed to this same end. Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly If you tufter from meumtle, arthrttla or neuritis plan, try this almpla lnexpen lvt home recipe that thousands are using. Uet a package or ru-ei Compound, a two-week supply today. Mix It with a quart of water, add the Julre of 4 lemons. It s easy. No trouble at all and pleasant. You need only 2 tahleipoonsful two times a any Often within 4S hours- -sometimes overnight splendid results are obtained. If the pains do not quickly leave and tf you do not feel better, return the empty package and Ru-Ex will coat you nothing to try as It la sold by your druggist under an absolute money-back guarantee. Ru- Ex Compound Is for sale and recom mended by Walgreen and drug stores everywhere. Adv. DOWNS Gas . . . Poison Attack From Air Will Precede Attack BY KENNETH DOWN?. WASHINGTON. D. C. UNS When thousands of poleon gas bombs begin dropping oa England. laying their dread blankets of garlic like fumes, you can bet the hour chief ob-f invasion is finally Then Invasion The! fact MOeMt ff W faUare a W gv al W Wta I IW ul foe- e-a4.al4 Il aiwLJ ea If Vfee4t Irateg la IW ml taia W- rala l AlVtat Kae4 la iieW. 11 W 4i site la. nrl4 earaaral mi iel IV IW ttaii ix -r sm4 e-y4. T if e ! !' e 'tixr-j ti aie l Cimii T- at, fi"' 4e J 1 ' !, I(t,4l l a. I t i i '. 4-r l t ; 1 4f' eii.-e s It t";.- - t t I-' -" H I e f". ilkfie j t !. ' : t t al :t !-.- 4 lt ; I ei. e . re f I '" ' ' at '.; . . 1 .., i , . i . i V a i i af. ' ete for chemical warfare, army clrc'ee I wj lr. je-.::jr te j i.e I. at efe here treat with e;:ic;im ever-j c-ther cor e?o&..ia'.. t tr, t recurring rumors of r.ew ar.l di-! mention cf it. It aas etf :.e4 Uer gae. There has been fv rsil-jthat if ge get i-.ta tie h ::. cal development In th:s most ua- !!- ft.jM t a '.trt tit f-pleasant department of war jr.. anj 4eef f tl". j ai chetiv.fal warfare Aftr..e. I'ae Utile (. tJ u gae et.-e;t la it'in j. Use f gss ha been virtmXr ui- ( known In this tsar to date When) WJ the :UM It A V. e.J I was with the Krer.rh armtee lat j hc:j,r I'e on ii'i er-ov! winter I hearj cf a few l.:t t , keep tr.e Lf.wa'e self, l-.ttie Instances In which the Germsra'at ih.s rt.a-.t ut.1 ke:y i t'trm. tie t.'.-a; I' a I a .- f" e- a. (V!:; aa ;a -4 -: at f4V- Sfi! T i eefala U r 1. 1 j f i.: i t t i.( ;:r er w.-s ga ta Jjvtl V-r v tfti 1 e -'- 'f Il la alasf iert. fr a arwef la I ' eaarisarw la I We tmmmm is ew TW r- I f geawtal afv g.a-eal ayjgaaajpBMsjsaaajsjp PiiSlipifJ tt. t r v: ;rr sT(Mlt lemie V,aOe rr" CW.1 Vst X- I wa. a. -. 1 1 r Thre Vehicles Reported Stolen Bloomington police Monday were investigating weekend thefts of two automobiles and a truck. Vehl cles stolen were those of Ted Earl son, 802 East Mill street, a Mercury coach; Fred Morford of McLean, a 1937 Plymouth coupe and Maurice A. Goodman. 106 Wen. Ironist treet, a 1939 Dodge truck. The Morford car was recovered Sunday morning in the 200 block of North Howard street. t hand, ac cording to the latest and best In formation In Washington Unlay. For. on the hais of confidential reports here, it la expected the uai.t flpae atfaka that ran h launched from the air will precede I sA Nrr3tin,l the German move on England. sUV I G OTralQlll uh.n anl if It nmea I m ina atiacKs wouia n um experimented with gas en a small , Tboea who !. r.l scale In Kurri'.'.a RtChtinf alt( he j to e i r" I lnaa lif.i )t real weetern front. Ceneral a'.aff efl-jcf wlieereai dat". ia;t.f rera admitted the Germare hat aln Tt-en. tf gaa te w"l. used gaa In a few attarks on o it jcal. r or Ihea laa..ej tm, t s'arl poets beyond the Maxlnot line It at i at ar.y r..jjf 1 MM , $ , e rt n.'ur a restricted number of specific Jectlves, principally air bases. It Is said. Air Itaae Important. Mass gassing of civilians trapped In large metropolitan centers, and similar horrors conjured up by the thought of chemical warfare art discounted by army esperts. They say It simply Is nt pomltle to lay down enough gaa from the air to be effective over any wide areas The only object which could be served in dropping gas bomb on London would b that of terrorlza-tion. Since the British don't appear 2. Lex-1 to terrorize well, military observers Sunday atrike out the likelihood of km at- in'cViGets National T. K. E. Post !,C. M. Aldridge, Blacksmith, Dies Suitcase Stolen Patrick Hardeety of r. r. ington, reported to police night that a suitcase containing a UcK, on Rritish cities 1 S7 W I suit and several articles of cloth- But alr bases art a different mat- Portly. He i:i wr.i.n j. b.a d r: New Secretary Will Establish Office Hero I!e StraaM. f.rmef m'.umI preel tent. I mm t-een r a't.e I r a'- ' l eiectitHe secretary .f the Taw Kap pa Fp.lrtn fratetr.lty. I', waa art- Panday r.'.ifct at a cent ers day at the ffa'.errn'j how. US') North Ma.n fee-Mr. SrraijM aatt ra:;o-j! headquarters would be moved to ::jt. :r jrton and crfT..e w,:j h rrf! I inK was aioien irom ms car eany ter. It Is believed that If hundred. Gnnrlaw airantn. wKil. aatA . a. a I . """ -.v. of bombers could b brought over the Circus park roller rink. -ftn.ln,.mi. Havtieht raids kev s Ka aaa aanyl a n m at I r4 a f ai1 taniftft TU- TmUJ Ctal.. V.I J. tfrt I wa .e w, w a w w . . a. w t" m n.os w prp ulJ b- r.nj-r-d temnorarllv use- cent of the world's total stock of gold. do FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? FASTEETH. an Improved powder to be sprinkled on upper or lower plates. holds false teeth more firmly tn place. Do not s.lde. slip or rock. No rummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. FASTEETH Is alkaline non-acid). Does not sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breaUi). Get FASTEETH at any drug store. "THE BEST IS EVENTUALLY RECOGNIZED AS MEADOW GOLD HOMOGENIZED." There You Have It The Prize Jingle of the Past Week! MRS. A. JONES 1002 X. OAK ST. Is the Lucky Winner. Every morning for three weeks an "All American Basket" of Meadow Gold Dairy Products with the red, white, and blue caps will be delivered to her home. What a help to the budget! You, too. mny be a winner, so send in yonr jingle. For full details tune in WJBC daily, 9:30 p. m. SNOW & PALMER -- MEADOW GOLD FRAGRANT PIKE VAPORS RfllfVt MISERIES OF CHILDREN'S COLDS Made especially for children. Pine Halm brings the happy relief that mothers seek. Its wonderfully soothing pine vapors, with ten other quick vaporizing medicaments that many child doctors use. go direct to the air passages with every breath. Smells delightful Its pine tree fragrance promotes restful sieep. Won't burn or blister the skin Thousands of srateful mothers know bow de pendable Pine Balm ta. Try It yourself Get some Pine Balm. In the pine cooe Jar. from your druccut today. The Volatile Rub fPORlE SAIMI U Cost Only 25e U 1 less as a prelude to Invasion. No mysterious new gas Is anticipated. Mustard gas, which killed and disabled many In the first World w ar, .Is the gas to expect. Laid down In heavy quantities. It could neutralise air bases for ae long as 10 days. Absolute control cf the air over England in the daytime must be won by the Germans before, they can dare Invasion, the army experts say. At this writing Germany lacks this control. In fact, since the severe defeat the Iuft waffe received from the It. A. F. over England in September, all German raid of any consequence have been limited to nUht time. Kdfe a Irllrat Nevertheless, the It- A. F.'s edge In this daylight control Is a delicate one now, and should that so much as slip the Germans would assume air mastery, not gradually, but with shocking rapidity, military observers believe. When the Germans could send over vast fleets of bomb ers in the daytime Including the deadly accurate Stukas then, they say. would come intense high e plosive bombardment of air has followed by gas attacks to neutralize them and thus paralyze the It. A. F. while the Invasion got under way. Although the Germans are known tn.Tofd M AltU'a-e , I Wet re s'ttet 4 it uaw r t at I 31 a m V.e.4, He rat been in iJ ta""H eiefl .' '4 da'h was 4e U, ;-rj t.. -e The t- e waa te ,- 4 Is I Ve I a rr e t-ii r- itl t 'ee 're ..). I at i' f t Vf '!! I sitUh i le II ; ceeretery Mr Al as Win at llae - - ni a- f - s- a a i If f-;..ihio.4 as J ye. -Si f s;r.t at Kti .ii-if a? 1 te t.e f.l Me Wjf.e M-;--ef tfa ifae Jt. n li l57 lie was e fr ; ; - e J at te A . h : e U tttii at tlai.T.'V draft Kard No 2. Iue.4a t.a w.a. !.. im.m As rat. oral eiecuUve fJJf Mr I: a iV;e ne rep.aces narro:. r. t.u:. I H I Nk,t1 t.fJ.A C M bard, who to rettfir.g A:4flde Jr. - . r,noncennerit or Mr -fa:i;t as ch.ief cletk c f the M.Lean eo.f "y Mow : Kay A;.'f .!- 3 Piointment came at trie f njer " , X'Attm at ( is-. day meeting attended by m o ,r Kt,., a4 -e la peraone Irinral s;eker waeeruky Te a., ate l Kvan ll.:l of prlf.f.ei t. who' trvrets. K' e M f l.J faz recently was e-te. t. the r at on-1 ? e ) mf K- 4'e wi. K . al home ft epteentatlea a Ma :4 Atsrcf U4 J National ffaterr.itf off.'era at- K a 1 t - r a i,r .. .;i?e tend. "a! the n:r'.r. InrUt Mr ' 1 I a f I j aw- t w. I f M-UliAi,,,l i tic CkHm X:st KZs'l ' sw. aa. " , ' wsw L..I - " r' hwat ( ' e N, a & (A SU1AVAH .!. t i: STEWART TOUHG MOEGAS I Flint. L. W. Tjesurg. In!iac, national vice fte.dr,t. r're 1 ItaS' ter. Cbicaro. national tfe.-jrf. and C. V. DiehJ. iHcatttr. e.at5!r. scholarship effjrer Ir. J. C MrNutt of ::-r..r ton. one cf the f mn lera of the fraternity, taxe tha lntw',(9 Chapter n-enrvere fr.-j the tVs-.f. Sity of r..ino!s ar. t James M.:..a.fti unlvrrs.ty alien. 1 I ' Bbdder Weakness tf yea r-.?ee fraa CVt"-e r a. j lu r. Krie..ita. le y s.' ' 4ti ao4 m a l eA.. ( ar.4 to l"-. a.1- aaS a-4-f I kiea. iMit Ire 4 4 tH M e Vt -ne Ses 1 . ? a -. ' Sea aMf-M l yaa lar. I Va, 1 -RUMMAGE SALE' Tuesday. January 1 1 ! 917 Wot Market Street .Me t e saa tMM 4 iwt D w T 1 waa It at M h mi i r w "v -y I Ue i..f.Hi i.tttit-t ?i e- wk",'J' rieaC ti4if Ss2rt .I FAYE -CRADLE V ""vat . Ifca.ffl'6' '''('sWPIsa . !r s Alt' iinv tt i .1. W..-a-ir 7 m-r tit I K v TW Mat t tar la 99 VA - V f Raj LUUri Patricu I!:ris: Alia TnTrcf unTAr.i eXrnw - , -, VriUtiM ftisltlT Jilt CltMtU ED e to have a formidable organization A. M.

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