The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on March 29, 1933 · Page 1
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 1

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 29, 1933
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1 A pertinent diftrtfssion ef affairs presented In pictorial form i offered Pantagraph readers emrh day through the eartoon on the editorial page. Turn to Page I for today' sketch. CENTRAL HOME 11 JVaSVSPAPER SINCE 1VHAS80CIATED PRiSS lUB-llNlTED PRESS (INSI -INTERNATIONAL NEW! STRV1CB 87TH YEAR. NO. 88. BLOOMINGTON, ILL., WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29, 1933. FOURTEEN PAGES. SINGLE COPY 3 CENTS I FINAL I Todai Latest New mm ILLINOIS k& 1846 Jl MARTIAL LAW UNOFFICIALLY ESTABLISHED Franklin County Sheriff Mounts Machine Gun in Zeigler City Hall. ALL PERSONS QUIZZED Late Bulletins (BULLETIN.) SPRINGFIELD, ILL.-U No troops will be dispatched to Franklin county, scene of recent factional mine union violence, pending a conference between lov. Henry Horner and Sheriff Browning Robinson and Bute's Attorney Marlon Hart f Franklin county here Wednesday night. It was announced hero Wednesday. ZEIGLER. L'.El Sheriff Brown ing Robinson established a eounty nollre svstem that amounted virt ually to martial law Wednesday as new a tnlsnce tnreateneo in in. .i noisA.. ttonal mine war. iiAnschlne gun was mounted at tha city hall. Special officers rnled streets. Questioning all per sons whose actions appeared auspicious. Crowds wsro not permitted to gather and firearms wera ordered confiscated. At Benton. West Frankfort. Orient, Royalion and othsr coal mining towns In Franklin county, more than 2.10 special deputy sheriffs ....... irt to aunoress any renewal of outbreaks which caused the death of two men and the wound ing of another. Mayor Visits Horner. Tha funersl wss held In West Frankfort Wednesdsy for Frsnk Ward, progressiva miners union leader, a few hours after the dssth of Elmer Doneldion. Eldorado minor, who was fatally wounded In a street fight that resulted In the desth of Ward and the wounding of Clarence Cooper In West Frankfort Monday. Donaldson died In a hospital at wt n-rsnkfort Tuesday night. Cooper, also a United mines union worker of Eldorado, la In a critical 1:30 p. m, PHILADELPHIA, 01.10 Llbby Holman Reynold will delay decision regarding ' her return to Broadway aa long ss her two months' old son needs her attention i.tS p. m, WASHINGTON, D. C. lP) Secretary Ickes Wednesday summoned coal operators, labor leaders and congressional group, including Senators Hayden, 'Dem., Arte.) Logan Dem., Ky.) and Representative Lewis (Dem., Md., to the Interior department to discuss measures which may be taken for stabilisation of the coal Industry. . HOUSE PASSES SALARY CUTS County Officials Would Feel . Brunt of Springfield Measure. ANTI-SEMITIC WAR GOES ON IN .GERMANY Sporadic Boycotts Against Jews Reported in Various Communities. VETS' BAN LIFTED SPRINGFIELD, ILL. JPi The house ended a lengthy session Tuesday by passing In rspld succession a series of salary reduction bills introduced by Representative James Burns, (Dem., Kankakee). Tha hill occasioned little argument. They now go to the senate. The bills, as passed, would mske tha following sslsry reductions If enacted Into law: Members of county boards would be cut from 15 a day to $4 a day with the added provision thst no member can receive mora than ft for any on day's service Irrespec tive of the number of committee meetings h attends. Judges of county courts were al- i slashed approximately 1600 a yesr -each, depending on the class of th county. Ths salary of th secretary of the aeronautical commission was reduced from $4,000 to $3,200 a year. State's attorneys were cut from $1,100 to $1,600 a year, th amount of th reduction varying with th population of th county. Member of th athletlo commission wer cut from $0 to $4,000 and th secretary of th commie- worker ei " """7A , slon from $3,400 to $3,100. condition. Hospital uthorltl .said hou M he probably would not recover. Mayor Murphy Smith hurried to Springfield to confer with Gov. Henry Horner. Befor leaving he Md ha would ask that a provl-atonal government be established h,nygltokM Commissions. Mkor Smith said he woufd pro-i. tha eovernor against Sher iff Robinson's action In aatabllsh-Ing headquarter her and policing th city with county deputte. He eh.rrxl th sheriff had ueurpd tha nolle rlghu of th city, Th machln gun at tn city nsui rommandsd th ntrnc to th headquarter, of th; Miner.' union dlretly across th street. Sheriff Robinson and. hie deputies earlier visited th Progres-lv headquarter and confiscated quantity of arm and liwratur. Deputy Sheriff Stanley Mundell. In command of law enforcement her, was busy Wednesday revoking pclt commission Issued by dsy passed a bill reducing salaries of probata Judges in counties of less than 100,000 from $5,000 to $4,400 a year. Federal Pay Cut 1$ Ordered for April 1 by F. D. WASHINGTON. D. C tn President Roosevelt Tuesday night ordered a IS percent cut In th sal aries of government employes, f feet I v April 1. This action was taken under provision of th recent emergency economy act authorising th chief executive to reduce salaries by a maximum of 1$ percent in order to aid In balancing tha budget. In hla proclamation Mr. Roose velt said that th cost of living hd declined 21 7 percent sine lIKta. BERLIN. t'J Demonstrations against Jewish elements increased Wednesday, with sporsdlo boycotts In various German communities, desplts the government's announcement that Its program of "retalia tion against atrocity lies" would not begin until Saturday. In Essen, home of th famous Krupp armament works, proprietors of Jewish department stores closed their estsbllshments hurriedly, on orders of the brown shirts. In Wittenberg and th province of Bradenburg, Hitler's storm troopers plcksted Jewish shops and forced them to close. . Boycotts of many chain stores wera effective. All storss owned by Jewish proprietor were closed In Darmstadt. Jews of Glelwlts vol' untarlly closed during th morn' Ing and found their plsces of busi ness officially closed by tha new dictator' atorm troops when they sought to open them In th after noon. Pear Near. Difference, between the Nasi, and th. Steel Helmet In Bruns wick appeared to be nearlng an amicable agreement The government lifted Its bsn against tha war veterans' organization, effective April 1. The Steel Helmet organisation announced that henceforth no application, from men adhering to Socialistic principles would be accepted, and that applications for membership by followers of Ksrl Mars now pending would b Ignored. Twelv hundred Steel Helmets arrested at Brunswick hsvs been released, it was announced, but 150 leader of th organisation. Including many antl-Hitlerttes, remained In custody. Frana Seldt. leader of th Steel Helmet, and minister of labor In tha Hitler cabinet, returned to Ber lin Tuesday night Pre Continues Defense. Th German press continued Its defense of th governments deter mination to meet "unexampled (Continued ea rag 4. Cel. 4) a Jesse L Livermore Wedding Is Revealed Economic Reflections Drive Him to Bigamy LEIPZIG. (INS) Michael Renner, a gardener, was driven to bigamy for economic reflections. He married th first time In 1903 and moved some years later from his home state, Bavaria, to th Rhlneland. His wife refused to follow him there. As In the Rhlnelsnd married gardeners are generally preferred, Renner married a second time In 1929. His first wife died in 1931, but the "widower" did not hear about It The court decided that Renner was not to be sentenced for bigamy as it wss Clearly proved that he did not act by criminal Inclination but only by economic plight, and the amnesty bill of Dec 20, 1932 provides dropping of such cases when the offender acted under economic plight Renner'a second marriage, however, was ruled void, aa his first wife was still sllvs at that time. Now he has to marry hla present wife one again. MAYOR BILL SENT AHEAD TOPASSAGE Republican Amendment for Special Election Defeated in House. FINAL VOTE THURSDAY CONTROL OF NEW STOCKS AND BONDS TO PROTECT INVESTORS URGED BYF. D. SUPERVISION NEED CITED YOUTH FREED OF MOUNTS British Officer Faces Seven Charges in Treason Hearing. He wss authorised by tha econ- Maynr Smith. Flv wer taken up jomy act to eut salaries In propor- r....j.w Hirht and Mundell said ther were M other h apctd to tak p Wednesday. Break I p Meeting. Msyor Smith Is reported to have totd a legislative investigating commute last week that no special commission had been Iseued by him. It was assumed, thea, that they wer Issued sine th commute was here. Hiatal officer, under Mundell 1st Lfesdey broh up an attempt of 3wT Progteaelves to hold a mealies- her. Th Progressive' hall waa dark Tuesday night, but It waa MMrtal Procrsselve from other counties wer n rout her. At the conclusion of a Progree- lv meeting at Valler Tuesday night Jamea E. Edelman. leader of th meeting, waa arrested by deputy sheriffs and lodged In )ail at nextnn on ehargee of Intoxication and disorderly conduct Dsputlss uis Edelman pockt wer filled wtih card pledging aiteglanc to th Progrslv union. AO Road Guarded, wvtt efflrlals a-av littl. awa to the report that a large caravan of Central Illlnoi. miner. wr en rout to Franklin county, a guard waa posted oa all roads leading Into th county. N ' v. Urge or mll. will be permitted tn enter the eounty to "Inter-fer with wht w consider purely a Pranknn ounty affair," officials said. PANTAGRAPH PHONES 4500 Tit Weather Mu mnu UVCATMBS roaMAT. nxjNoi.i Meir s"""4r """ WMMMar M4 s im wetfaeey eewressl erae. f""" w""u " TvmH-s sui. si . -t a m. H e M SI ' a.MMe test lt sm tut wieei.s.r el 14. aa rises Tssressr am TIMMJUTI at. I Uveal t P K. Niakest Ut Vases. Teeeear, PuM. Ma ss SI M dew Tera jaekeMiniie VI IS ee m onesa rte M m a M fiatHMt ,.,,,,, (4 M e rwiesn a 4i as Meatsxi. M K eases (Mr et s is one one .... ti ts ss omm as si ss MiaaeaSaM 41 ss si t.ieae 44 e as See rvaaiees .... 4 SO SI wast. ........ M M It tlon to th reduction in the cost of living since th first sis month of 19JS, provided the total cut did not exceed 13 percent Th Investigation or th relative coat was mad. by tha department of labor. Mexican Communists Attack U. S. Appointee MEXICO CITT. .T Potem at tacking Joeephua Daniels, tha new American ambassador to Mexico, appeared onewalls la Mexico City, Tuesday, Tha potter were cautioned "Out With Daniels and they called him "the murderer of Asuet and Urlo." These mea wer Mexican. who wer killed la th fighting when United Statea fore landed at Vera Crus In 1911 At th time Mr. Daniel waa secretary of th navy. Th poster were signed "th Central committee of th Commie nlet party of Mexico section of th ; Communist Iatarnatlenat Th overthrow of th present Mexlcaa government for permit ting Mr. Daniel to eerve as ambassador wss urged In th pollers Mr. Daniel, tha author et th pollers asserted, la coming to Mexico to eiganite tha Mexican army and navy to light an Imperialistic war for th United State. Col. William Hoynes of Notre Dame Dies SOUTH BEND. IND.-4.D-OI William Hoynes, K.aVQ, IT, dean emeritus ef th Note Dem uni versity college ef law, died at St Joseph' hospital her Tuesday. Bora near fallen. Inland, Col Hoynes, during hi carter In the United SI else eenred In th Civil war. edited eeversi newepepers, practiced tew and Anally attained bis high position a an educator. Tha . oldeat proreeeor at wotr Dam, hoi h to actual g and the number ef years h bad taught CnL Hoyaea, until strleksn a year ago with infirmltie ef aga, took lively Interret in campus arrair II wss removed to th hospital early this month. TKompMi Reiipi WASHINGTON. O. C Mi-Sam H. Thompson Wedneedey an-nouneed his resigns! loo ss a member of the federal farm hoard effective April t, I r CHICAGO Ut Jess L. Liver-mors, 53 year eld grain markst plunger, waa revealed Tuesday to have been married to Mr. Harriet Met Nobla of Omaha. Neb, last Thursday at Geneva, III. Th ceremony waa performed by th Rev. Fraxer Bell, pastor of th Congregational church at Geneva, with Mr. and Mrs. John M. Huteh- Ins of Chicago aa wltneeeea. Livermore esld In Chicago Tuesday they had planned to announce th wedding la Omaha next Sat urday at a celebration of th eev-entleta birthday ef hi bride' fstber. H said they would make their home In Chicago. Mr. Livermore. who aga wee given U en th msrrisg li cense, I n concert singer and returned only recently from Vienna. where ah had etudled vole elnce th death of her hueband In 1930. D.B Get Exchaif t Stat CHICAGO. Tl Curtis B. Dan. son-ln-lsw of President Rooeevelt wss formally elected Tuesday to membership en tha Chicago hoard of trade. Tha (lection took piece t a regular meeting of th directors. Dall la n member also ef the New Tork atock exchange and tha New Tork eetten exchange. LONDON.-av-Trial of one of th strangest esses In th annals of th British armed services concluded Tuesdsy In a finding of not guilty on three of tha 10 charges brought against Normsn Ballls- Stewsrt, lieutenant of the Seafortn Highlanders accused of selling military sscrets to a foreign agenu No announcement waa mad of decision ef th court msrtlal concerning th remaining charges, but mllltsry custom mad It clear that tha findings would be ether than not guilty. Otherwise they would hsvs bsen made public. Th. case now goes to higher military authorltie. If tha d clalon. of th court martial ars con firmed by ths army council and ap proved by th king, th war office will announce th penalty to be Imposed. Thl may tak severs! daya. perhaps va weeks. Brother Hear Report, la tha meantime tha youai Scot tish officer will remain under gwdj her bn In th tower ef London ss b did during th 7 dsy h awaltsd his oourt martial. Th finding were returned after two and a half hour ef dellbera tlon. Ha officer brother. Lieut Ene Stewart Wright heard the court findings with aet and serious fee Th defendsnt changed hla name from Wright to Ball) l-8t wart In 192. Outsld th Duk ef Tork' head quarters In Chelsea, where the trial wss held, an unbroken line of peo ple surrounded th railing enclos ing th barracks. Indicating the Intense public Interest la th ess One Decisive. Judge Advoeat P. N. Sutherland Graam Instructed th court mar tial to return finding ef not guilty on three ef th chargee. Concerning tha ninth count that tha lieutenant "communicated to Otto Waldemar Obit ef Berlin Information which might be ueeful te an enemy" the Judg advocate aald: "I think X ehouJd net be far wrong If I aald that your findings on thla charge probably would be decisive en the whole, Th charge that Lieut 81111-Blewart eold military secrets hv centered around 90 pound sterling (100 which h received In lettere from Berlin. Hla defeae waa that thla money was in payment for hie lovemaklng and that It came from SPRINGFIELD, ILL. (t:.P Rejecting an amendment which calVed for a special election to name a successor to the late Msyor Anton J. Cermak, Chicago, the house of representatives of the stats gen eral assembly Wednesday advanced to pssssge stage a bill which allows ths Democratic controlled Chicago city council to select a successor. Tha measure, already approved by the senate, la expected to be considered on final passaga Thurs- dsy. Th vots on rejection of the amendment sponsored by Republicans, was 78 for and 69 against. Voting was suspended In the hous Tuesdsy when the roll call showed there were not enough votee for a house bill, on third reeding. Final action waa taken on an Identical bill, in the senate, how ever, and Wednesday th senate bill was approved In the house. THOMPSON BUST. CHICAGO. JP With th pri ence of "Big BUI" Thompson In Iths background, Chicago's political factions appaarsd Wsdnesdsy to be split wtds open over tha selection of a world's fair mayor, A bill before the state legislature which would authorise the city council to elect from outside its own membership a mayor to serve out th unexpired term of Anton J. Cermak was th chief point ef contention. Sponsored by Gov. Henry Horner and Democratic National Commit teeman P. A. Nash, ths bill would LABOR PLANS TOBEOKAYED Members of Congress Already Have Received Requests From Idle. Spice of the News (Picture on Page I). WASHINGTON. D. C. t'R President Roosevelt's proposal for enlistment of overalled battalions of the unemployed In a reconstruction army 250,000 atrong waa ex nected to receive final congres sional approval Wednesday, Members of conxTees already have ree.ived hundreds of letters asking Information on how to Join ths "back to work" corps. Smll busl-xeeemen broken bv economic re versals. Idle factory hands, farmers and even a scattering of clergymen wer among th first applicants, Tha tnbless relief plan Is designed to provide work for a quarter of a million men In the national forests r An other federal projects, with sufficient pay to maintain their dependents. It Is one unit tn a com-nleta oroarrsm which Includes crea tion of a five hundred million dol lar fund for direct dlstreee rener in the states. Debate on tha latter meaaura will besln In the eenate Wednesday or Thursdsy. Sweeoa Throuih Senate. Th reforestation bill comes before the. house with the wy rreaaed for CDOedy PSSSSg Tuesday it awept through the senate In record time without the formal li v of a roll call vote. House opposition will be no more substan tisl Dr. F.lliabeth BaU. state physician, wilt speak before a number of audiences In McLean county Page 9 Sam H. Thompson says rank and file of farmers are for new farm relief bill and want to "go to town" to buy things. Page 11 Most pretentious schedule In history Is announced for Wes-leyan baseball team.... Page 19 Great effort ueed to Insure e r r e t time for railroads Pag Elimination of Dishonest Practices, Restoration of Confidence Aims. Officer are elected anal Optimist club by Nor-. Psge Germans continue campaign against Jews, despite announcement of delay Pag 1 Dr. Brady presents table of anhedonle americana aspects Page 4 Gen. Forh was given command of Allies IS ears ago, Pantagraph file reveal. .Pag 4 Artificial feeding safeguards needed, Mrs. Kid red write Page t Grandmothers have n right In children' children, Angel Patrl point eut Page REGllTTOfS ARE STUDIED illlon will be no more substan- . .. et-i- n -J Leaders predicted that before ACtlOn On State Beer dnQ adjournment Wednesdsy night It will b written inio me siaiui th fourth major atep In tha President's plan for economic recovery. A compromls criminating the mandatory and much disputed fl a day wage destroyed most of ths ones substantial opposition. It took th sting eut of ths asssult. of th. American Federation of Labor. which maintained th wsg scsle would dsstroy free Ubor and chorused -HiilerUm" at the provision for enlistment and discipline. as Blanket Authority. We will pasa th bin lodgy, provlds means of selecting a chief executive until 1935. Also. It has provided the grounds of a free for all battl with no holds barred. May Net Run Himself. Already th council hss fleeted from Its membership a mayor pro-tsm. Ha Is Alderman Frank J. Corr, retiring, little publicised char acter until he succeeded cermak. tha victim of an assassln'a bullet meant for President Roosevelt Thompson so far baa remained far In th background, but report ... .tak. tie. - M planning n political comeback. BoMkr Rainey predicted. gardlng a personal candidacy bis '-ctainly It win pass." Majority oft-repeated statement In last fallaU,,,,,,. gyro echoed, campaign was recalled "I will be Th labor tnd war department ready when Chicago needs ,r Ml to put th measure Into again as msyor." effect Immediately after th Preel- Although Thompson ha dsclared ..,. , aisaatur. in inicaco mayoralty 10 do uie only job hs wants. It was believed h might eonnn himself la thl campaign to electioneering for another candidate. There have been reports that the former "cowboy mayor" had made negotiation toward renting a downtown theater for speeches if a campaign materia! lias. As for th possibility . of ether candidates, they are legion. Te mention a few Ch arise E. Mer- I riam ef th University et Chicago. veteran fighter for low public util ity rates; Corporation Counsel Wil Ham H. Sexton, Health Commis sioner Herman N. Bundeeen, Aldsr- Wine Measures Expected This Afternoon. The President has blanket au thority to organise the "army." pro mulgate regulations for tnsir on-position and discipline, and fix th com penea tlon. MAT TRnTAtTHORlTY. WASHINGTON. D. C.-U1-A compromise farm rsllef bill ready for the ent by Friday or naiur-day wss th aim Wednesday of Chairman Smith as th sensts agriculture committee turned to revising lb administration plsn. Indications wsre that the broad authority given the secretary of agriculture under th houee p-oroved Roosevelt bill, would bs S. Trud and National Committee man Patrick Nah. e Cnmmiui Will Rcnula WASHINGTON. D. C. d'PI Homer Cummlngs will remain aa attorney general in th cabinet ef President Roosevelt and will not ge te the Philippines aa governor general. It waa reported from au- tborltativ sources Wednesdsy. e Beer Stamp. Skipped WASHINGTON, D. C.-tV-Th flrt Intsmsl revenue beer stamps n young Gorman woman known to were shipped Tuesday te St Louis. him only ss "Marl Lout." 'Philadelphia and Hartford, Conn. man John 8. Clark. Judge Daniel trimmed censldsrably. The new measure waa expected to retain tne cotton-pool plan and possibly In clude some form of a domestic al lotment and prlc guaranty pro posal. A number ef senators, among them McNary ef Oregon, tha Re publican leader. Indicated they would seek to hsvs th commodities la th revamped plan limited te wheal and cotton. Hearings Fad. Hearing! wer cone Aided Tuesday, with nearly n dosen wltneese testifying, mainly In opposition te giving Secretary Wallace unprece- 5 DAY WEEK, JOBLESS INSURANCE PROPOSED Old A.e Pension, Prevailing RaU of Wage Scale, Prohibition of Married Women With Able Bodied Husbands From Holding Employment in Public Offices Before Assembly. r folleiriMg article is port ef a serte nai-ieg I de srtt legislation pending beor er approved by tfte IHaeis fee-em! essemslif af srisfield. Tedny's article atU itk sva-jerfs afferfiaf taker and rJtoets.-sTdifor. BT G FORGE E. SCHl'PPF- SPRINGFIELD, ILL. VX-Pro posals for a five-dsy work week, unemployment Ineurane. eld aga pension, n prevailing rate ef wag eel and t prohibit married women with able bodied husband from holding smploymsnt In any public office comprise tha chief program of organised labor pending befor th Illinois general sembly. Repreeenlstlvs R. U. Bod erst rom (Rep, Rtreetorl president ef the Illlnoi State Federation ef Labor, la tha personal poaaor ef the pro-peeals for the five day work week and th eld age pension. Flv Day limit Set. Under th Bv' day work week proposal employment ef mor than flv day n week would be barred tn the following classe ef work: Mechanical or mercantile eetsb- llshment construction sntsrprlse, mln. quarry, mill, hnp, factory laundry, hotel, restaurant telegraph or telephnn office, railroads, theaters, publia uttliue and publto of fices, except In esse ef publl em ergency. Th meseure would requlr em ployers le keep a time bonk ehow- gency legislation, will according to; Roder strom. aid In reducing unemployment beraus It will tend to crest mm lobe and provide tot Ing th number of day which earh.mnr distubution of work, employ work during a wea. Hie proposal that big industriee which shall be open te Inspertioa are In favor ef it because of the bv tha state department ef labor, tart sum larts ennrerne la the MaMMfartMpees Oppose It east are underetood le have adopted Th proposals, effsrsd as smer- the Mn In prlneipl. t eppoeed. Looked for by Readers of All Ages Never Carelessly Discarded Th newspaper i the on major medium f local (lvrrtiinf "which enterg th liom daily under condition! ismrinj th advertiser that very communication included in it will b available to aver member of ths family at s tim of hi er her own choosing. Who 'a doing" what, and why. It tha unfailing appeal that make tha newspaper th mot important pier of printed matter entering th hm each day,' fA'e. ef fa 4sslsi'l ef Tee Psa'ayee SS idferfleteg Sfedloai, SPRINGFIELD. ILL. lJ!i Action on state beer and win regulatory measures pending In the Illinois general assembly was to be takea at aa afternoon session of tha heuaa ef representatives Wednesdsy. Representative R. V. Llbonati (Rep, Chicago), guv notice thst he-would celt -Use isf,ulsoey btlm late Wednesday for consideration oa second reading. The bills wsre expected to be advanced te passage stags Wednesday and given final eonslderstion Thursdsy. Suggest Lenal Option, Cities would be permitted te submit th question ef local option in regard to proposed sal of beer and wine te a vote on the filing ef a petition containing namee ef 36 percent of those who voted In the last gsnsral alertton under a bill offered Wedneeday by Senator T. P. Gunning (Rep, Princeton). Gunning said bis proposal would take tha eub)ect of local option out of pontic and allow th voter to determine whether or not ssie of liquor would be permitted In certain areas. The bill would also permit a vole en tha proposal ef making dry ares wet by the filing ef a petition calling for a vote ea tha question. May Charge (Me. Regulatory proposals provide for tat regulation ef th saft ef win. allowing th stsi te placs sa annual tax ef 1100 en beer and wine tores and te collect a tax ef cent n barrel on maaufactur ef beer and wine. They also broaden power ef munlrlpelltle in regulating local a. ef beer and wine. Under them a downslat community may charge aa high aa IJno a year for beer aad wine license aad Chicago may fix Ita own license figure. Th regulation ellmloete license claaalnrailon putting all stores wher beer I sold for consumptlo i en th premise In th sams category a storss wher It Is sold for consumption eft ths premises. They also provlds that th beer may be consumed only In place where food la eofd. Administration or th new law la placed in th hand of th stat department ef nnance and persons who hsvs been oonvtcted of a felony would be however, by Themes Hmmond. "Dm ving n iicenee. Chicago, president of the Illinois! F.seeettona Med. Msnufseturer' association. I Whlls the bills prohibit location "Serioue curtailment ef the earn- of beer stores within certain die-Ings ef Illinois fsetories and their jtancee of schools, rhurrhee, rime employes and reduced employment tst lee end welfsr institutions, i would lesult from a compulsory maxe exception for hotels lor sled witnin mis arsa bfrs tn measure la enacted Into w. Other provisions In the law are Licensee may be issued to plsee outsld ef munklpelrtie by th county board. Ssl ef beer al the world fair t Chicago call for a license fee ef 12M. Baleen Barred. The earn fee te provided for (Continued en Page If, Col a) five dsy week, eays Hammond. "It will deprive Illinois industry of me elasticity ef operation absolutely eeeentlal la many llnea ef Induetry which neceesarlly alway hav been seasons! in character. Sertesw Disadvantage. 'Illinois Industry would be placed at a serious disadvantage la competition with ether state not so restricted as le mployment condi-i places In tt psrks. lions, both in reepect i cos is or; county boards srs authorised t production and the mability to re-lirenee and regulate outside of the lain skilled employe who would corporate limns. unquestionably prefer etate where Licenses shall apply to th sale ef beveragre en railroad train and team boats. rawer ar prohibited from setting person up In bualnse aad th word ealoon I barred. Children under II year eld cannot ebteln beer unlee with th n restrictions wer Imposed upon their earning power. Th bill' passage waa strongly urged at a recent legislative eom-mitts hearing but I equally strongly opposed by mployr who wer erheduled te reeumt their argument before the committee this consent ef parent er guardian, nor afternoon, Ths meaaura has been 're beer be sold to any person ad-offeied in both houses but so fsri dieted by hsblt le th abnormal hss not progressed In either beyond. us of Intoxicant. Bret readina. Violations ef ths act srs punish. Hod erst mm proposal for old aasahle by a fins ef from lis to l.v J rentiad en rag It, Cei I) to si month or both. WASHINGTON, D. C OTJ!'- President Roosevelt placed befort congress Wednesdsy a program for control of new lssuss of stocks and bonds aa a safegusrd for ths In vesting public. The President In a specisl me- sge recommended federal supervision of Interstst trsffle In ss eurities snd ssld: In spits of tne msnv stat stat.' utes ths public In the past hss su tainsd severe losses through prse- tices neither ethical nor honest on the part of many persons aad cor porations selling securities." "But On Step. Mr. Roosevelt said that th pre ent program Is "but one stsp In out broad purpose of protecting Investors and dsposltors." "It should b followed." he (aid, "by leglelatlon relating to th better supervision of ths purchase and sale of all property dealt tn on ex-chsnges, end by legislation to correct unethical and unsaf practices on the part of officers and director of banks and ether cor porations." "What ws seeks." ha continued In his WO word messsge, "la a return to a clearer understanding ef th ancient truth that those who man- ags banks, corporations and othsr agsncles handling er using ethsi people's money are trustees acting for others." Provide Fall Publicity. Th President outlined a new policy for full publicity regarding all Issue of new sscurltlss, with crlmlnsl penalty for violators whs attempt to mulct tha publl by mls leedlng claims. Tha Roosevelt program waa designed te reitor publl confidence In th ssl ef securltiss by giving n Impetus la hont dealing. .n4 putting rssponslbllty qurly upon th seller. A bill te provide the legislation recommended by Mr. Rooeevelt a eompaaled th meesag. I'. 8, Cant Guars tew Them. Mr. Roosevelt made It clear thai the federal government "cannot and should not tak any action which might be construed approving er guaranteeing that newly Issued securities ar sound t th eenee that their value will be maintained or that tha properties which they represent will ears profit" "Ther kt. however," h continued, "an obligation upon ua to in slst that svery tsius of new securities te be eold In Interstst commerce shall ba accompanied by full publicity and Information, and that no essentially Important element attending the Issue sbsll b concealed from the buying public It waa tha eeventh msssage Mr. Rooeevelt ba sent to th epeclsl eesion ef congress sine It convened three week go. Already three m)or pieces "of leglelatlon have beea enacted Into law th emergency banking act th erouo. my act and Volstsad act modifica tion! Farm relief and unemployment bill ar pending la congress, with prospect ef early enactmeat Tst of Mea cage. TH text of th message was: 1 recommend to the congress legnlstlon for federel supervision of Ire f fie In Investment eecurltle la Interststs commerce. "la plt ef th many t taiutea th publl la th past has ustalned severs losses through praetle aslther ethical nor honest en th pert ef msay pereone and corporation selling eeeuritie "Of course th federal government cannot aad ahould not tak any action which might be construed as approving er gusrsniee-Ing that newly iesusd securities ere sound la lbs seaee that their val ue will be mslntslnsd or thst the properties which thsy represent will earn profit Cites Obligates). "There Is, hewsver, aa obligation upea us te Insist that vry Issul of nsw sscurltlss to be eold In In-tsrttst commarc (hall b aceo sops n led by full publicity aad Information, aad that no esssnualiy Important element attending the Issue ahall be concealed from th buying publl. "Thla proposal add to th an-clent rul ef caveat emptor, th further dortrlae let the eeller als bearers.' It put th burden el telling th wbol truth en th eeller. It ehould glv impetus U honest dealing m securities and thereby bring pack publia eonfV dene. "Th purpoe et th legislation I auggeet I te protect th publl with th lest pesslbl lntrfrnc t honest businesses. Financial Agencies True tee. "This Is but one etep la our brnsd purpose ef protecting laveetere set depositor. ' It should bs followed ( (a tinned rags It, Cei, l

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